What Will Happen if the Left Controls ALL Government | 2020

What Will Happen if the Left Controls ALL Government | 2020

Seriously, this could happen. I’ll explain how and why in a minute.

I’m asking you an honest question. This is not conspiratorial or too far fetched.

What kind of things will begin to happen and what will take root if the far left (there really is no center left anymore) takes over this country following the 2020 election?

The time period leading up to the election is still more than a year away. But I’m fairly certain that it’s going to get rocky around here as we approach.

Can Trump Lose?

Yes, absolutely he can lose the 2020 election. And he might.

How Might Trump Lose?

  • Economy downfall
  • Big Tech influence
  • Voter turnout will be less (on the right)
  • Failed illegal immigration promises

Trump May Lose 2020 (Collapsing Economy)

Most thinking people know that the current economic bubble is the longest in history and is WAY OVERDUE for a fall. Every president tries to influence economic policy to keep in favor with the voting public. Even at the expense of long term repercussions.

Have you looked at the debt lately? Do you recall last year’s budget? Have you seen Trump’s latest budget agreement with the Repubs and the Dems? It’s astounding. There is ZERO effort to slow down or cut the ever expanding deficit. NONE.

The problem is, they’ve been blowing this bubble larger and larger.

While the membrane of the balloon’s lining is stretched to it’s breaking point, the masses look in unknowing wonderment and glee at the pretty round orb.

Sadly, their ingrained normalcy bias prevents them from thinking clearly. It can’t go on like this forever. If it blows up before the 2020 election, Trump will be blamed. Count on it. He will likely lose the election because of it.

With that said, don’t you think there are powerful entities that want Trump gone? Why wouldn’t they blow up the economy to get that done? Just saying…

Big Tech Influences Millions Of Voters

Yes, that’s right. Most everyone knows this to be true.

Recently, Dr. Robert Epstein, a democrat and a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, said the following:

“Google not only has the power to shift opinions and votes on a massive scale but they exercise this power. This is what I measure in my research.”

“Google and similar companies like Facebook are completely unregulated in the United States, so, they can do whatever they please.”

“And if they all work together in 2020 to support the same presidential candidate, they can shift upwards of 15 million votes with no one knowing they have been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

And there is no doubt whatsoever that Google, Facebook, Twitter, will be doing everything within their power to oust Trump and usher in their preferred president.

Fewer Will Turn Out And Vote (for the ‘Right’)

It’s a natural thing. It’s more difficult for a Republican President to get right-leaning voters to get off the couch and go vote. Same thing (reversed) if it was a Democrat President.

Why? Because they’re already in office, the incumbent. Many figure that re-election will be won. They’re a bit less motivated. So many stay home.

Trump 2016 had a very motivated base and he tapped in to a angry middle class which got him the delegates to win the election. Perhaps this time around the motivation won’t be as strong (comparatively)? We’ll see.

Trump’s Apparent Failed Illegal Immigration Promises

What largely motivated his 2016 fan base was the issue of slowing down and stopping the massive illegal immigration on our southern border. (plus the fear of a president Hillary)

Remember “Build That Wall!”? Well, apparently portions of existing inferior wall is undergoing some replacement. However best I can determine there has been no new walls where there hasn’t already been existing walls.

There are MORE illegal immigrants crossing the border than under Obama. There are FEWER deportations (so far) than under Obama. So what has happened to his promises? Yes, he has been fought and fought hard by the left. But many on the right are looking for results.

When The Left Controls The White House, Congress, Senate

I’m telling you right now, if this happens (and it could), it’s going to be SHOCKING.

The new ‘Far Left’ is here. They are a reflection of perhaps what is to come. And possibly in a very big way. There are millions upon millions of additional younger people who vote each year. Most of them are indoctrinated into the new Far Left ideologies.

That means more and more ‘representatives’ who will be elected to reflect these ideologies. It’s a coming apparent tidal wave.

Incidentally the only way I see it curtailed (the new Far Left ideologies) is if we enter into another Great Depression. That kind of a life change will bring about ideological change. But I digress.

The Things That The New Far Left Wants Most

POWER. Period. Then they can get the rest of the ‘things’ done.

They Want Your Guns

It should go without saying. They always have, and always will, want your guns. The tools of resistance must be eliminated. That’s REALLY what it is always about. Just look at other socialist and communist countries. That’s what they do. And they do it early.

They will start with the most popular sporting rifle in America, the AR-15. The so called “assault rifle”. No, the “AR” does not stand for that, even though most of them think it does. Armalite Rifle (you can look it up). But I digress again.

Then they will limit magazines to 10 rounds. Then they will start the ban on semi-autos. On and on. That’s what they’ll do. They will have the congress, senate, and a president who will sign it all. Count on it.

Silence The Voices Of Opposition

If you think that “hate speech” is bad already, wait until you see what they’ll do with it after they control the presidency, the house and senate.

They define it today as pretty much anything that they don’t agree with. Then it’s used to silence the opposition. They’ve been doing it since Trump 2016 and during the next year it’s going to be stunning.

They will likely criminalize the use of words and expression of ideals to an extent that scares the $hit out of everyone else. This in turn keeps the potential opposition mostly silent – in fear of prosecution or deplatforming.

Buying and Selling Only If You ‘Fit in’

They’re already doing this. There are a number of ‘too big to fail’ banks and other banks that will not do business with other businesses which they don’t agree with.

They are using the power of money to forge and shape only the ideals of their own beliefs. In other words, if you’re a start-up gun shop business, good luck getting a loan or banking with them. There are lots more examples, but that’s the general idea.

Social Score Monitoring | Loss of Privacy Rights

They are doing this in China, right now. And I can see it being implemented here (though it already is, though in a lesser way).

Pretty much any of your so called rights will be based on your social score. That is, how you conform to the proper behavior of a good model citizen.

Technology and data collection already exists which collects unknown vast quantities of data about YOU and your BEHAVIOR. We are all profiled.

It is not inconceivable that this information could one day be used to enforce, allow, or limit you in your everyday life. Well, it already is, but I’m talking about a more encompassing way.

Intimidation | Violence

Look at how the violent Far Left has been beating on those of the Right. In some parts of the country they are going entirely untouched by law enforcement (e.g. Portland).

Can you imagine how empowered they will become after ‘they’ control all of government?

The new Far Radical Left really is a violent bunch. Some of what I see on TV appears so absolutely insane, I believe they’re possessed by devils. It will spread like wildfire if unconstrained.


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