Virginia has been at this place in history before, but will it repeat?

Virginia has been at this place in history before, but will it repeat?

Watch the following 8 minute video. I found it to be interesting. You might too.

Most Patriots already know the backstory of what’s going on in Virginia right now. If you don’t, and the fact that you’re reading this right now on a preparedness site, you might want to dig into it a bit.

Why? Because it may be history repeating itself.

The short story:
The far-left Virginia governor, and now democrat-controlled legislature, are together pushing through legislation which is (in effect) intended to disarm Virginians. 2nd Amendment be damned.

The citizenry has risen up in protest. However the governor there is ‘tightening the screw’ in response. This feels like it’s going to be bad.

The 2A is, and has been, the line in the sand for Patriots and most conservatives. The far-left controlled governing body is apparently about to cross that line.

I previously wrote about it here:
Virginia Ground Zero For Gun Control Fight

Here’s the video. I came across it this morning while doing my daily browsing.

Civil War 2 Beginning in Virginia?

Enormous Civil Unrest in Virginia is growing. If Left Unchecked, History says Virginia is ‘on the brink’ of Civil War. Watch to the end to see how it applies today.

Hopefully this doesn’t go hot.

Patriots will be gathering and descending on the capital in Richmond January 20th. For more information, refer to the Virginia Citizens Defense League website

Most of the counties in Virginia have become 2A Sanctuaries in response to the new legislation. Though the governor has effectively said that he will defy this during enforcement efforts.

I have not confirmed this for sure yet, however apparently yesterday January 14, legislation has been introduced in West Virginia which would invite the Virginia 2A sanctuary counties/cities/towns (in Virginia) to JOIN THEM. This is interesting, if true. States potentially splitting apart in response.

I have a bad feeling about all this. It has become quite evident that there are irreconcilable irrevocable differences within our nation (and increasingly within states). When the now (far-left) democrats seize complete control (e.g. legislature -house-senate- and governorship) one of the first things they do is attack the 2nd Amendment (among others). This illustrates who they apparently really are.

Anyway, I just wanted to put out the video above for your comment.