Virginia Ground Zero for Gun Control Fight (UPDATE)

Virginia Ground Zero for Gun Control Fight (UPDATE)

Virginia: Epicenter for Gun Control Battle

Ground-Zero for “gun control” resistance right now is Virginia.

Due to public reaction from recent Democrat legislative branch takeover (and governorship) in Richmond Virginia — and their intentions to legislate overwhelming gun control measures in the state…

As of this writing, 90% of Virginia’s counties have become 2nd Amendment ‘sanctuaries’ as the movement expands to 9 states.

UPDATE (2/17/2020)
Virginia lawmakers shelve much (not all) of the gun legislation until next year.

Read more about what they (temporarily) rejected, why I believe this happened, and the gun-control legislation that did make i through.

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Original post from 12/19/2019,

Stirred awake by Democratic proposals to take, register, and possibly seize their legally obtained weapons, Virginia gun owners in just 43 days have pushed 90% of the state’s counties to become gun “sanctuaries,”

Since the Nov. 5 election that gave Democrats control of Richmond, an “organic,” pro-gun movement has prompted the governments of 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties, as well as 15 towns and cities, to adopt some type of sanctuary language,

It’s an organic thing that just took off after Election Day. 

It has also become the national model for the movement that has now reached Illinois, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and Tennessee. Illinois is credited with starting the movement.

Washington Examiner

“It’s not the NRA, as everyone might expect,”. Instead, it is a movement of people who feel their culture and way of life are under attack.

The language adopted in the movement uses words such as “Second Amendment Sanctuary” and “constitutional,”. And signals that police will not enforce anti-gun laws.

Proposals before the Virginia legislature include gun bans on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms. This includes the most popular gun in America (the AR-15). Gun registration, expanded background checks, limits on the size of magazines, and other measures. There’s also been verbiage threatening confiscation.

Ban & Confiscation

From, “The governor and his fellow Democrats are calling for not only a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” but confiscation of everyone who currently possesses one. Northam (the governor) also wants to greatly expand the definition of an assault weapon so that pistols and shotguns are also banned in addition.”

Governor Northam is now threatening to call in the National Guard, given the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status of nearly every county in the state as of this writing.

So here’s a side note… How is it that the Dems can have ‘sanctuary’ cities for illegal immigrants (no prosecution) But they don’t like the fact that 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties and towns are popping up all over the place? Especially since the later is actually IN THE CONSTITUTION while the former IS NOT.?!

This is an example of a small geographical ‘dot’ on the map (Richmond) in a state that ends up controlling 99% of the rest. A liberal city and legislature (putting it mildly) imposing their RULE over the Deplorables.

Will the governor of Virginia actually force the National Guard to enforce unconstitutional gun laws with regards to the 2nd Amendment (if they pass through their state legislature)? The National Guard is NOT purposed for law enforcement. So what are they going to do?

When law enforcement in 90% of the counties of Virginia will ignore the new laws (if passed), what’s next?

Evidently the Virginia Citizens Defense League has been coordinating transportation of citizens to town meetings, county meetings, etc.., regarding this issue. And the turnout has been overwhelming (check out the pictures on their site – scroll down).

They (the Dems) have really hit a ‘nerve’ on this one, and they continue to double-down. They’re not going to give in. The big cities voted in the Dems there, and the first thing on their agenda is GUN CONTROL. This truly is a battle for liberty and the constitution itself. They. Will. Not. Stop.

What’s going to happen in Virginia?

UPDATE (2/17/2020)

Northam’s Ban is Rejected (for now)

Governor Ralph Northam’s push to ban the sale of assault weapons fails. Virginia lawmakers reject “assault weapons” ban and the a ban on magazines holding more than 12 rounds.

Members of Northam’s own party rejected legislation — enough to shelve the bill for this year — “and ask the state crime commission to study the issue — an outcome that drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun advocates.”

Why? No doubt because of the very intense and overwhelming public reaction from Virginians opposed to this legislation. Certain legislatures worry they’ll be thrown out on the arss if they go forward with it. Though hopefully they’ll be thrown out next election regardless.

Four moderate Democrats joined Republicans in Monday’s committee vote, rejecting legislation that would have prohibited the sale of certain semiautomatic firearms, including popular AR-15 style rifles, and banned the possession of magazines that hold more than 12 rounds.

The bill was a top priority for Northam, a Democrat who has campaigned heavily for a broad package of gun-control measures.

~ foxnews

Lawmakers in both the Virginia House and Senate have already advanced several other gun-control measures and should finalize passage in the coming days.

Those bills include limiting handgun purchases to once a month, universal background checks on gun purchases, allowing localities to ban guns in public buildings, parks and other areas, and a red flag bill that would allow authorities to “temporarily” take guns away from anyone deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.

[Ken adds: They pushed for everything, and walked away with about half. Inch by inch. Mile by mile. They’ll get the rest next year – if Virginians do not react during the next election cycle.]