Tyrants Use FEAR To Seize Power, Your Freedoms, and Control

Tyrants Use FEAR To Seize Power, Your Freedoms, and Control

You’re Not Getting It Back Without A Fight.

I was pretty surprised to read a statistic from polling data (gasp! Polls!) which revealed the high percentage of people in my State who approved of our governors lock-down and handling of the Covid. And unlike this article’s featured image of a handful of tyrant governors from other states, I live in New Hampshire!

I know, I know, polls can be off, and wrong. They probably polled people just in the liberal city of Manchester. Who knows… However this one prompted me to think of the title for today’s post. Tyrants use fear to seize power (and control). That’s the truth.

First, I’m not suggesting that the the governor of NH is a tyrant. He’s not (so far as I know). However many of them (politicians) have a taste for it.

Also, I’m not suggesting that the initial reasoning for Covid quarantine was wrong at the time. In fact the original “official” estimates were suggesting horrific death totals while overwhelming all hospital and health care facilities unless we quarantined.

Governor Sununu of New Hampshire (R) locked us down for two months. As did every other state governor to varying extents. If I remember correctly, the “partial” slow reopen for our state began June 6. Many businesses still remain very restricted.

I believe that approximately 89% (or thereabouts) of those polled in New Hampshire approved of the lock-down and Sununu’s handling of Covid (the handling of which is still ongoing). New Hampshire has one of the highest percentages of Libertarians. “Live Free or Die” state? So what’s up with that?

The financial carnage has surely been tremendous. Everywhere. Tax revenues are going to be hit, hard. So many new unemployed. So many businesses shuttered and/or debilitated. Yet many governors and mayors still hold a firm tight grip around the necks of “their people”. Why is that, I wonder…

How could so many people agree and submit to complete lockdown in the (un)United States of America? Answer: FEAR.

Again, I’m not here to argue the merits or justifications for Covid lockdown. I don’t agree with how it was handled and believe there could have been a better way. But that’s another story.

Instead, it struck my how EASY it is for a tyrant (a government?) to seize power and control others. Control a population. How? By instilling sufficient fear (or taking advantage of existing fear) in the minds of the people. They will roll right over…

Tyrants enjoy the taste of power and control

(and that’s just for starters)

Some people have a desire to control others. Many also have sociopath tendencies (lacking in remorse, other traits). They often rise up in politics, and in big business. You might say that many (or all to an extent) who have risen to the top (e.g. mayors / governors) have played the game well. And when the opportunity arose to have unprecedented (in American history) control over the population, they salivated and took it.

I can only imagine the “really bad one’s” out there (some of whom have shown their true colors within our own nation and/or those watching this unfold globally). Others waiting in the wings. The ease at which the people within the US succumbed to all this without nary a whimper of challenge or resistance. You might say this was as test case of sorts (even if by accident).

Now they’re instilling renewed Covid fear as they whip up the frenzy for CR2 (Covid Round 2). Fear.

Okay. I didn’t mean for this to be entirely about Covid. But I do want to point out how certain state governors and mayors were (still are) especially tyrannical having seized this power due to ramped fear among the populous. Worst offenders? Washington state. California. New York. Michigan. Others…

Heck, our governor is a Republican. It could have been much worse.

However here’s the thing…

They have all gotten a taste for it.
How are you going to take away their steak without getting bit?

When you give up some of your freedom, you rarely get it back without a bloody fight.

This nation gave up a lot during the past several months. Our enemies have seen how easy it was. I fear that FEAR is going to be used again. Maybe much worse. We’re ripe for the pickins…