How Much Is 1 Trillion Dollars

Have you ever really grasped how much $1-Trillion dollars actually is?

The United States National Debt is currently $17.5 Trillion dollars, our unfunded liabilities (Social Security & Medicare) are $129-Trillion dollars — numbers which are mind-boggling for people to fully realize or comprehend.

Here are a few real-world visualizations to help you see the enormity that ‘just’ $1-Trillion dollars actually represents…



A distance of 96 Million miles – the same distance from the earth to the sun.

$1-Trillion dollars lengthwise equates to 406 earth-to-moon lengths.

The same distance as 3,892 trips around the earth.

$1-Trillion dollars rolled up into toilet paper would be about the same as 10 billion rolls!

The same height as 518 million Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each-other.

The same distance as 18,043 flights from San Francisco to London.

The same length as 32,486 trips from Los Angeles to Boston.

The same height as 85 billion people standing on each others heads.


111 million square feet.

2.5 million acres.

4 thousand square miles.

The same footprint as about 55 million homes.

The same footprint as 2.3 million football fields.

The same footprint as 588 lanes side-by-side of freeway from LA to Boston (1.3 Miles wide!)


A stack of bills 68 thousand miles high.

40 million cubic feet.

A football field entirely filled and stacked with dollar bills 831 feet high.


If you can count 3 bills per second, it would take one person to live 124 lifetimes counting nonstop from birth to age 85.

If counting $1-Trillion dollars was your ‘job’, it would take a person working from the age of 18 to retirement during their normal career work hours – it would take 1,022 lifetimes.

Zimbabwe One-Hundred-Trillion Dollar Bill

This is what we’ll eventually get as money printing continues unabated…

Incredibly, this is a Zimbabwe One-Hundred-Trillion Dollar Bill, 100,000,000,000,000.00, which is barely worth the paper its printed on due to hyperinflation.

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So, if they dropped a trillion dollars on the crowd at the Superbowl, everyone would die?

Exactly! Imagine a stack as tall as an 83-story building with the footprint of a football field! Mind-numbing…

Seriously, They’re killing us, our children and grandchildren with this debt by dropping it on us anyway. All to feed the greed of Politicians who just don’t care what the people want anymore. Grim future for our country.

As an aside: Of ALL of the reasons to prep and disasters that can happen, I believe this , a tyrannical government hell bent on destruction, is the one I REALLY didn’t want to happen at all (not that I wanted anything to happen but…). I truly believe this will be the hardest to get through. Harder then any natural disaster because, instead of people banding together to get through it, it makes enemies out of all of us, It divides with suspicion (see something, say something), It demonizes those trying to fight it. Going to be a very,very hard number of years ahead.

The debt can never be payed back by taxation – ever.
The authorities will one day just make it disappear. Mind you the country (and probably the world) will go down with the disappearance

I have seen a couple of these explanations in the past. People in masses have become so dumb, ignorant & lazy. People don’t have a clue to the consequences & what is in store for them for their actions or inactions. People have learned the word entitled & once the people get cut off from ALL the free stuff & pensions we were all promised, SWHTF. This is one of the reasons you are a Prepper and on this site getting ready. This & power to the so called elite is the reason past civilizations have collapsed. When the collapse comes, and I’m afraid all too soon, there will be a depression, revolution and/or war. It is in our history of man.

I have a 100 TRILLION, yes 100 TRILLION Dollar note from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Previously they had 100 BILLION Dollar notes. The 100 Trillion Dollar note is worth about $1.20. I bought it for $2.00 from a coin shop.

Can you put up a pic of the actual note for us to see in the site? That’s absolutely amazing.

I’ll send it to Ken and see if he will post it.

Posted on MSB’s Facebook Page.

I just added the image to the article above… Thanks Rick!

That note is the damndest thing I have ever seen in my life!!! 100 Trillion Dollar Note!!! LOL It’s beyond comprehension!!!! Jesus.

I’ve read that the term “conspiracy theorist” originated in 1964 when people started questioning the “official narrative of the Kennedy assination” and CIA (Crooks In Action) developed the term is to counter the truthers of that period… God bless those truthers!!! We owe them… I think Mr. Mark Lane who was an original truther is still alive and has worked for the last 50 years to help expose the truth… He wrote his last book on the subject recently called: “The last Word”. God bless him. If we survive the coming onslaught we owe him a debt of gratitude.

I hope everyone has heard the “Kennedy Conspiracy Speech”, on You Tube, it’s very chilling. JFK opposed “the powers that be” and we know the rest of the story. He asked the American people to help him… Today 50 years later, I fear we are about to learn it’s true meaning…

In November 1923, one American dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks.

In November 2023 One new German Mark will be worth 4,210,500,000,000 U.S. Dollars

Very interesting article and puts it in perspective…trillion has always been just an incomprehensible word, now the media and congress throw it around like it was nothing. I fear that the Federal Government will soon come after private company pensions, IRA’s, 401(k)’s and other forms of retirement funds to redistribute wealth and pay for the crazy programs that the zombies have gotten used to getting.

Federally backed Student Loans may be the next bubble to burst and God only knows what will happen when the feds write a 20 Trillion Dollar note to China?

PS…Rick S,
I think you overpaid for the Zimbabwe note! 🙂
God Save this Great Republic

I’ve heard you can buy the Zimbabwe 100T notes on Ebay. They were never issued. Zimbabwe threw in the towel on their currency before these were issued.

Hard to come to grips with the fact that $1billion is now a rounding error.

So what will the Chinese do when they hold all of these worthless dollars that no other country wants anymore, who do you pawn it off on. Us, they will simply come and by our land right out from under us and own the country without firing a shot. I hate to say it but that is happening right now. A Chinese business man came into our neighborhood and bought and abandoned factory, then he went around the neighborhood asking people if he could buy their house. He can’t speak english so he had interpretators with him. As far as I know besides the factory he had also bought 2 houses and is looking for more. Once they own enough property, they will bring in their own, then the next election they will have enough of their own to vote in anyone they want, then they can change the laws to suit them, and before you know it we will have lost our country.

One theory is that the Chinese will take our dollars and then begin to arrive at our shores legally by the thousands. Illegally by the millions. Legally they will inflate our money and buy strategic assets. Illegally, they will infiltrate our population and our liberal marxist socialist politicians will be party to their infiltration. They will take over in a generation after that. They need women because their population has been out of balance for years…man to women ratio. They also need our farmland, the food basket of the world, to feed the billions that they have. The borrower IS slave to the lender in more ways than one.

Actually, they already did this.

And it was pretty slick too.

Remember when gold used to be relatively cheap? Ever wonder why that changed? It certainly wasn’t because of a few preppers and gold-nuts. The Chinese started taking physical delivery of gold, and used dollars in the futures markets to hold down the price. And kept ‘losing’ in the futures markets, which moved their dollars to other investors (probably young hot-shot American and British traders), while they kept getting cheap gold.

Of course, eventually dropping dollars like that became cost-ineffective.

You’ll note they’ve been buying the hell out of strategic assets worldwide. Note big moves into Africa, and mining companies worldwide.

They don’t have to come to the US, they can make everyone come to the US. That’s what a market is for.

Here is another analogy of a Trillion Dollars.

If you made a million dollars a day, everyday, and went back in time it would take you until “727 years” before the birth of Christ to make 1 Trillion Dollars.

Check my math. 1000 days to make $1 billion. Then, $1,000 billion to make a trillion. So, that is 1000×1000 = 1,000,000 days. 1,000,000 days/365 = 2,739.73 years. It strongly appears the borrowing is a planned scheme to destroy the economy, the country, and our way of life. How much longer before the balloon pops?

My buddy thinks I’m a conspiracy nut… I asked him in a text the other day. What is a conspiracy? Please define. The answer verbatim response from his text is: “To make something appear different than it actually is”. I’m not kidding. I feel a lot of people may think similarly to him and have no real concept of the actual definition.

Sounds like the Weimar Republic to me. Get your wheelbarrow tires inflated and raise the sides to buy a loaf of bread.

And why do we have so much debt?

Because we have to, in order to ‘save’ social security payments.


When you ‘take’ money from worker’s paychecks, to fund SS, where does it go? By law it can only buy US Treasury (special notes). So the government now has a huge pile of money from the debt that’s now in 30yr notes, that pretty much must be spent (you can’t sit on a pile of fiat currency and have it do its job). And then you have to make it worthwhile, hopefully making a large enough economy in order to pay it back when people retire.

Some of this problem is just an accounting problem. But the pile that had to be spent, was not always spent wisely, and is still being spent poorly. We should be spending on upgrading / repairing / replacing our infrastructure – bridges, etc, etc. Investing in new technology. I would say education, but there’s so much waste, fraud, and shoddy shit going on in there, that I think it’s a black-hole.

The only good money (or gold) gets you, is what you can buy with it.

And, for you gold bugs, can you imagine a world like 1800s England on the Gold standard (everyone (60%+ (IIRC?) of the populace) thrown out of work every decade or so – food shortages/famine (all the produce going overseas to get gold), starvation, etc.)? Fiat currency has been a lot nicer to every working man, period. Granted, if SHTF, having solid, hold-in-your-hand assets will be much nicer. But a gold standard? Do Not Want. A responsible fiat currency is much nicer for keeping people and industries working and food on the table – the only problem is how to get responsible people running it.

ALL fiat currencies fail eventually. Every one ever used.

In 1960 there was 3 billion ounces of gold above ground. Now, 5 billion.
1n 1960 there was 8 billion ounces of silver above ground. Now, 1 billion.

ZIRP (and soon NIRP) have destroyed the currency so it is rather irrelevant if SS is fully funded or not.

Destroy the Fed before it destroys you. Oh, and take fractional reserve lending with it.

I’d keep a decent fractional reserve lending system. FYIW, I don’t think where we are is a decent one.

For example, the banking/security stuff that was Glass–Steagall worked pretty well. You’ll notice that we only started to get into trouble when we repealed that (Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, thanks Republicans!) in 1999. Notice who cloned our 1933 legislation, and *didn’t* repeal it? And didn’t run into banking trouble like we did? Canuckistan.

That said, banking is pretty complex and I doubt any of us have degrees in finance, much less experience running a bank.

Not saying we should let the pointy-heads (I’m one) run it. But I do think it’s a lot more complex than a mere forum firing potshots is going to be able to handle.

If you’d like an article to get your blood boiling on bankers:

And here’s another thought that the ‘run the printing presses’/’value of paper’ people don’t want to talk about (even ignoring the rapid increase in paper / printing / security feature costs; priced a 10c comic lately?)

Digital currency has no baseline value.

You can run the ones and zeros as far as you like. Just mandate that everyone use plastic, or biometric logins to electronic accounts.

Now there’s a scary thought.

It’s annoying how everyone keeps saying the govt has all this debt. Much of the “debt” is money the government owes to itself. That’s not real debt. That’s just accounting techniques. If I move money from one account to another, does that mean I have debt? Nope.

That is why “they” suspended GAAP and FASB 157 in 2008. There is NO accounting.

->Chris, I don’t even know what to say to you. Never mind.

Folks most of this problem of being so deep in debt goes back to the politicians in office that we have voted into office to take care of the People’s business , but have not done a very good job of doing so . I am sure that most of ya’ll realize that most of the Senators and Representatives in office are Attorneys , not accountants , which is what we need is the accountants half of Congress should be divided this way , because lawyers just don’t understand frugalness , this would have done us good years ago but it is too late now . I do have questions about how most of the members of Congress go into office making 174,000.00 per year serve long terms then leave office Multi-millionaires , well there is the law about not having to disclose any monies given them by lobbyists , the members of Congress made this law for themselves , then there are the many foreign businesses that do business with Congress and pay loads of money to these members don’t have to disclose this either due to more laws that protect them by advising that they don’t have to disclose any of these monies either . And the band played on ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

I can’t help but just shake my head. How can anyone NOT know this is going to end badly? I have children and grandchildren. What kind of life are they going to have? How bad will it be when they’re my age? It almost makes me want to cry.., and there’s NOTHING we can do about it.., NOTHING. Preparing is great, and I think everyone should continue and prep as much as they can.., but it’s not going to stop “the crash”. Sometimes it just seems so hopeless.., so hopeless…

They just keep printing more money! At our small business,people pay with new 100 dollar and 50 dollar bills all the time! It blows my mind at all this new currency being distributed. Any normal person can see that this is NOT right. something is going to happen. When? Who knows exactly, but it will. There is starting to be no middle class. People are not saving money and not prepping even a little. Watching tv and being so involved in social media.

I am starting to try to be even more frugal myself. It is very hard to give up stuff. But I know its for the best.

But nothing is hopeless with Jesus. As long as we long we look towards him and continue to trust him, he will provide. Doesn’t mean we will not go through hardships. But having him in our heart will make things easier.

Texasgirl, all the new bills you see are just replacement bills for the old worn ones, for every new bill that is printed another one is destroyed, a country can’t just print more money because that would drasticly decrease the value of the currency they use…


“a country can’t just print more money because that would drasticly decrease the value of the currency they use”

I’m guessing that you are joking, yes?

In case you didn’t know, for every dollar that someone deposits in their bank, that bank is allowed to loan out 10 dollars to someone else, thus creating 9 new dollars out of thin air. Just like magic. Poooof. Talk about currency dilution…

Ummm, @Currency Dilution – I think you’re misrepresenting fractional reserve banking. Which will eventually stop that growth of money (but I think we’re at like, what 5%? – in the early days of CA it was 50%) – of course the amount of growth is dependent on reserve ratio. At 20%, $100 turns into about $500, before it tops out (of course at smaller ratios; like 1%? it grows *quite* large).

As to whether the US is just running the printing presses (which @Mazhufvgj implies is not happening; ie: strict bill replacement), that’s a good question. We do know that they’ve stopped some reporting (M1, M2, M3) on how much money they’re printing (2006? for M3)… The government says, “Trust us!”, right? 😛 I have to come down on the side which says ‘more than just mere replacement’. Ie: How does currency reflect inflation? It can’t do it solely thru money-velocity, so there are more bills (of higher denominations) being printed… But that is not necessarily bad – ‘bad’ would imply that the economy is a zero-sum game – and it’s not, or there would be no reason to work with anyone else/organize businesses. Specialization and synergy are not just buzz words, and value *can* be created. Otherwise we’d all have the same resources that used to support a couple million humans on this planet, divided up by 6.5 billion. The ability to do more with less adds value (ie: use capital to become more productive – using machines to farm instead of hoeing that dirt with a stick like the Indians did), and that needs to be reflected in the currency.

@cossack55 says ~= ‘all fiat money fails’

True, but so do other methods. Debasement of your gold. Deflation, and serious frequent depressions – which will destroy your capital investments, and idle your factories and workers – who will riot when they can’t afford to buy bread. If you do that, you end up destroying value, as the saying goes, on a cross of gold. I’m not interested in worshiping the golden calf at the expense of humankind.

Not saying I *like* fiat currencies – but like democracy – best of the bad choices. Of course there are varieties of fiat, and I suspect we’re going from a plausibly sustainable one (many, many years ago?) to one that’s much closer to collapse.

And I do think that as an individual it would be good for you to own physical goods. Property depends on the solvency of the state to guarantee those rights. Chattels are better, and things that nobody can take away from you are the (heh) gold-standard; knowledge, learning, and skills. Perhaps some of the electronic stuff will near that gold-standard; highly distributed data, self-organized over highly distributed networks (of which we’re losing a *lot* of) might become as hard to stomp down as the knowledge in your head (torture, drugs, surgery, etc).