The Reason Why Big Business is So “Woke”

Why is it that most all of so called “Big Business” is so “woke”?

Why are most of these Big Business Mega Corporations going along with Leftist agendas?

How is it that they are promoting these agendas and implementing their own “woke” mandates within their businesses — and customers who utilize their businesses?

Don’t they realize that they’re alienating so many of us who are not Leftists?

Here’s why…


They are extremely powerful mega global entities. Markets. Money. Power. Control.

They do not care one tiny little bit about the USA, it’s Constitution, or our so called “rights” as Americans. Only to the extent of how it all impacts their GLOBAL profits. Period. End of Story.

From a GLOBAL market perspective, those of us in the United States who do not identify with “woke” Leftists – we are a smaller share of the overall big future pie of profits for these MEGA CORPS.

We in the United States (as most everyone) tend to look at things from our own fairly narrow perspective. As though the world revolves around us, or around our own culture, or country (for example). Well it doesn’t work that way for the global elites.

Here in the U.S., many people (consumers) tend to be persuaded that these big mega businesses are U.S.-centric, when in fact they are not.

Big Business will target ALL cultures, all countries, via their Marketing (where there are profits or potential profits to be had). Although the U.S. market is certainly a big one, it’s not the only show in town…

The mega-businesses themselves don’t give a rats behind about anyone’s human rights, values, freedoms, or lack thereof. None. Except… If it affects their profitability. Period.

They will just as quickly sell into communist regimes as they would into your local town USA. There is no morality or conscience in their decisions as such. It’s about markets, money, power, control.

In fact, they also INTEGRATE into governments when and where they can (can you say, USA?). INFLUENCE. You know that, right?

So why are so many of them promoting the Leftist “woke” agendas?

Because the ILLUSION creates good-will among those whom they see as affecting more of their profitability. Who cares about the “older” generation so much when there’s decades ahead of the younger “woke” crowd spending their money!

PLUS, and this is a very big plus (for BIG BUSINESS), there’s CHINA. They are stumbling all over themselves to get into CHINA (and many already have). You do know that the Chinese people are ruled under the Chinese Communist Party, right?

And in order to “do business” with the CCP, well, you need to better align with their way-of-thinking, right? You do know what that is, right? And you do know that this whole “woke” thing and the Leftist Marxist agenda is such an alignment (for starters), right?

Well I hope I’ve answered this question. What do you think?

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The U.S. constitution is a document written and dedicated to protect the people….not businesses, not families, not clans, or tribes…….just the common, everyday citizen.

In the push by elitists, the constitution is….more and more…being ignored. It’s protections for the people are being over ridden “for the greater good” (covid restrictions, gun control, etc.) while flagrant breaking of laws by certain groups and socio-economic-ethnic-racial classes is rampant….with no enforcement or penalty.

People talk of a coming civil war. That may be the answer, but the repercussions scare hell out of me…..and worse, our enemies would love to see us destroy ourselves.

We are in a catch-22…..damned if we do…..a damned if we don’t predicament.

Complacency….overlooking the incremental changes that we knew would come to haunt us got us here….it didn’t happen overnight. Complacency won’t get us out of this mess…and it won’t come overnight.

I worked for a few mega-conglomerates in my younger days. And they are all about profit. Period. Full stop.

The CEO works at the pleasure of the Board of Directors, who are in turn beholden to the shareholders. The Board and top executives see their primary function as providing return on investment to shareholders, who in turn elect them to the Board and/or keep them employed as highly-compensated management (with all the pay, perks, power and prestige that go along with those coveted positions). That’s it. Everything else is window dressing.

No Board member or executive wants to be ousted from their high-paying job for not going along. They have come to equate their social messaging as part and parcel with keeping customers, generating profits and ROI, and they get the added pleasure of feeling sanctimonious about their woke-ness.

I wonder how many of these executives and Board members privately shake their heads at the donations they make, the political messaging, the gullibility of the public for thinking they really care about all the causes. As they fly on private jets, have lavish lifestyles and look down their noses as all of us.

Well said, and this is exactly why I said goodbye to my corporate career last year. I couldn’t bear one more diversity class or week. I work-you pay me. You don’t own my moral compass or core values. That’s between me and God. I feel for those stuck with what they believe are few other options.

River Rat,
Congratulations on your move out of your corporate career. It is reassuring to know there are still people with courage .

China (as in the CCP) is not “Woke” in the sense we think of it. They will take the profits, undermine the businesses, then buy up the businesses for pennies and parade their superiority.

They don’t care about racism–they could care less what the rest of the world thinks. If you’re not Han you’re not human. They don’t care about “alternate lifestyles” except to kill those who practice them. They will force wokeism, not because they believe in it but because it gives them an advantage.

The companies that don’t understand what they’re dealing with will end up with nothing, no matter how deep they bow or how much dirt they eat.


“Who cares about the “older” generation so much when there’s decades ahead of the younger “woke” crowd spending their money!”

Not so fast. Don’t let the “older” generation off the hook so easily. This “older” generation in general are the very ones who have bought into the mask mandates, the social-distancing rules and the “scientific fact” that the Corona Virus is a death sentence even in healthy, elderly, individuals. This is the generation that has bowed to the fake news of the Kamala/Biden administration. And this is the generation, currently in a panic, because they can’t get an appointment for an experimental vaccine. To be clear. I am talking in generalities. I know many elderly who fiercely oppose masks and are refusing to be vaccinated. But there is a large majority of elderly who live in fear and who are being completely ignorant about their surroundings. You want to know who Apple, Amazon, Netflix and the like are targeting? It is the spineless, scared to walk out of their house, senior citizen. Sadly these mega corporations are spot-on in their marketing evaluation.


Interesting comment. I assume from personal observation?

Maybe it’s a regional thing. I’m 71, don’t know if that qualifies as elderly or senior citizen. Most of my friends and neighbors are as old or older. Only know of one that has gone off the deep end over covid precautions and she has lived off government assistance for the last 30 years.

Maybe it has more to do with prior lifestyles than age groups, like rural vs urban, self sufficient vs. dependent, independent thinkers vs. those who prefer being led.

Not looking for an argument, just puzzled that your personal observations are so different than mine. You may well be right. I’m continually amazed at the representatives some areas of the country elect and the freedoms they willingly forfeit for a government handout.

Let me clarify by saying that my remarks were targeted at large metropolitan areas not rural America. The town I live in is roughly 200 miles from the nearest metropolitan area. People here are strongly independent and rarely if ever put their faith in the MSM. My wife and I visit the “city” a couple times a year mostly to see old friends, sometimes to shop. It is on these occasions that I have witnessed some of the most timid and illogical actions of seniors. The big businesses have latched onto their fear and regularly announce on loud speaker throughout the city the current Federal regulations regarding the virus. Whole Foods (the Amazon grocery chain) has “monitors” who go around the story breaking-up groups greater than three people. As for the average senior citizen, you can see many of them cower in the corners wearing their masks and face-shields refusing to talk or acknowledge anyone. It is obvious that Corporate America has the senior citizen in their sites but it is also obvious that at least in large metropolitan areas the average senior citizen seems to prefer it that way. Btw. I am 60 years old a senior citizen.

Well said, but there is a backlash on these corporate CEOs who ignorantly protest and pull advertising or threaten to do so acting like bullies against the constitutional rights of the people.

There is a saying “Do to others what you want them to do to you.” and these CEOs know this. So in that case they are wanting to be treated badly. When someone bullies/threatens me, I will have nothing to do with them and there’s plenty of angry people who will do the same and not support these companies. Hit them in their pockets.

This all ties into the Great Reset. Glenn Beck just did a 45 min video on corporations and why they are going woke. You can see it at the Blaze.

It has to do with the ESG scoring that is being rolled out. E- Environmental, S-Social Justice, G- Government good example them working inline with the government to institute their plans. I.e. Vaccine passports are one way the corporations will force you too comply with taking the vaccine. Government can’t but corporations can impact you into compliance.

The corporations have to comply or the big banks shut them down, cut off their investors and have the SJW mob boycott them.

Even if you don’t like GB please check out his latest video from March 31 called comply or die how American will enforce total wokeness. Its pretty chilling.


Very informative about ESG scores from the BIG RESET globalist machine these big companies will be forcing us to comply…or you cannot borrow, buy, sell or travel when every business is forced to get on board.

Sound familiar?

You do Know the definition of condescending. Right!

Well, just came back to the house….been changing the oil and filter on the side x side…..saw that Texas governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Texas Ranger baseball management to take a flying leap.

Seems they had invited the wheel chair bound governor to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at their home opener…..Abbott informed them that even though it was the league management who had chose to boycott and falsely represent Georgia’s new election laws….he could not, in good conscience, participate. He further informed them that the state would not take part in any effort to bring the All-Star game to Texas.

so is there ANYTHING that we the little guys can do about this other than cry??

KEVIN,—Do everything in your power to stop giving your money to the corporate powers that use that very money to destroy us. Be willing to pay a little more to support a small business, especially a local one. Find work arounds to ‘the rules’. Transact personally and locally, in cash, or barter. Starve the beast, and start building a more local economy. Even if it costs a little bit more.

I hear what you saying, and I agree.

But you, me, KEVIN….everybody on this board, WILL NOT make a dent in all this corruption, at the
Fed, state, county, city, village, township level.

It doesn’t mean squat to them.

They’ll just make an example out of you, for those that remain, to forever comply.

Just or unjust

It WILL take a war, within our country, civil or uncivil, to dislodge this direction we have been headed.

Sorry to say, we have accepted, allowed all this corruption, we now face.

The pressure is on….
And it’s now coming fast and furious, and with a world wide vengeance.

thats all it took against the strongest country and military in the world


Don’t think that I’m busting your chops. I’m not.
You bring about good discussion.
I love to read on your upbringing of your children.
It is what we all need to do with our children (no matter their age), grandchildren, maybe to even some, great grands.
Our children have not met hard times. We protected them, to the best of our ability.
We need to teach them the real world and the world that may await them, when we’re gone.

Thanks for that, Joe c. I’m tryin’. In many ways, they’ve lived a charmed life. Not in the way one usually means by that. They can do physical work, and always help when asked. It’s just that they’ve always lived in the country, around people who are generally kind-hearted and pretty like-minded. They haven’t seen violence, really, or troubles of the city kind.

—We’ve been studying a lot of history lately; the rise and fall of empires, and the signs of decay that are characteristic of the downward slide. As things get more ‘real’ for all of us, I’m sure they’re noticing the change of focus and intensity here at home.

—We had a talk about money today, and some changes we are making. We talked about what happens with fiat currency at some point in its life cycle, and monetary cycles of inflation, and hyperinflation. I’m making it real for them, but in a way they can participate in. We’re talking about what we can put their dollar savings in, that will retain value. The older boy immediately said ‘gold and silver’. My youngest thought we should get things we need now, before prices go up more. Smart boys!

Joe c,—No worries, my chops are good. 🙂 I hear you, and I know the evil PTWB (powers that wanna be) have unlimited resources, but we certainly can cause some discomfort, if not pain. For an example, see the article at The Conservative Treehouse. President Trump called for a boycott of a list of companies who are opposing election reform, Delta being one of them. Guess what? Delta had to cancel over 100 flights on Sunday. In several different hubs. Their story is staff shortages, lol. We may still end up in a boots on the ground fight, but there are many ways to kill the beast, and every cut counts.

Big business can f- themselves.

Drive out, shut down small businesses….and make sure they cannot restart, as the Walmarts shutdown and move out.

Move out of state and/or country for cheaper labor.

Government grant’s are there for the taking for these types of businesses. The government encourages it.

Farms, food stores, partystore, gas stations.
Small businesses galore, continue to struggle, as these governors tie their hands. Threatening to pull various licenses, that keep them afloat.

no matter if they constantly fail, continue to receive their full wages.

Buy outs for them to leave.

Embezzlement charges with no more than a slap on the patties.

And who pays for it?


….and those corporate potato farmers. Yeah, in this area,
“They buying acreage at $4000 an acre. That’s why YOUR farmland taxes keep increasing. And of course the housing market is exploding. Thus the more you have to pay in taxes.”

Excuse me.
I’m not selling to a fricken come, then go potato corporate. I’m not selling my house for you to increase the property taxes.

Stop raising my taxes, because some other jackhole has the backing/credit to pay those ridiculous increases.

You do that, I might consider voting for those county millages, everybody and their brother proposes.

The longer we suckle at the teat of big business and the nanny state, the tighter the chains will get.

“The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.” – Lincoln

Yes, I know most people are not self-sufficient, do not have productive land, do not have the help and support of big families, many depend on that pension, most are tied to technology, we are energy dependent, the country doctor does not exist but big pharma does, …

So we put up with rising inflation, corrupt government, corporate control of goods, a healthcare monster, identity cards, …

We pay for our own enslavement, and rush to buy the next big “thing.”

Kulafarmer and Joe c, III% plus France, Spain, The Netherlands, and to a significantly lesser extent Russia, Denmark, Norway, and Portugal. Also plus far shorter logistical supply lines far less dependent on the weather.