Vaccine Passport – How Biden Regime Will End-Around The Constitution

Filed under “Big Business”, given the Big-Pharma agenda for massive profits while facilitating the tyranny over the rest of us.

The Biden Regime cannot do it directly. The pesky Constitution is in the way. However, most of so called Big Business are run by globalists. They are more than happy to assist the Leftist communist-licking Biden regime to “end-around” the Constitution for Vaccine Passports.

In a sort of Public-Private Partnership, the Biden Administration will set “guidelines” for the development of vaccine passports.

However, there is no public call for such passports and privacy watchdogs are in a frenzy to oppose it. Technocrats are pulling out all the stops to make it universal. ⁃ TN Editor

~ TechnocracyNews

Biden’s administration is not (directly) creating COVID-19 vaccine passports. But they are working with private companies (Big Business) to set guidelines for the (Vaccine Passport) systems. This would require people to show proof they’ve been vaccinated.

“There is currently an interagency process that is looking at many of the questions around vaccine verification, and that issue will touch many agencies, as verification is an issue that will potentially touch many areas of society.” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

For starters, “companies and groups” are developing (Vaccine Passport) technology. This, with an eye on requiring vaccinations to attend or utilize a variety of functions or services in society. For example to fly on planes, attend concerts, and for other venues where crowds of people gather.

New York state became the first state in the nation to roll out a vaccine passport last week. The technology, developed with IBM, will be used at entrances to stadiums, arenas, and businesses to prove the holder has received a COVID-19 vaccine.

This is just the beginning to what will, in my view, eventually become an encompassing requirement to participate in a normal society.

Coming soon to a checkpoint near you…

“Your papers please”!

Even former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf said that a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passport would be the “end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

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  1. Yep.. It’s coming. Had a family discussion on this yesterday. The .g o v can’t dictate “compliance” so they work with all their subsidized industries – if they want more hand-outs then they must do their part, in the name of getting things “back to normal”. Start with travel (flights, cruises) then move to trains and subways, all public events, then down to big box stores, then grocery stores. The net will constrict to the point we can’t get medical care, buy food, fuel, etc… without a vax card.

    And the federal .g o v will be able to say that it is not a government mandate.

    There are MAYBE a couple of ways out of this. Some states can try suing to stop the mandates. Or, horrifically, if the people who have been jabbed become deathly ill in mass numbers in the coming months, that may cause such an outcry that plans are forced to be put on hold. But, I sure as hell don’t wish for that. I still can’t believe we are going to be forced into this.

    1. Or possibly a third way out of this: After endless broadcasts complaining about not enough vaccines, and how rural areas had more vaccine than urban (keep sowing division), the local news station had to report the huge FEMA mass vaccine center at the “Dome” had a “lower than expected” turnout on opening day, and are now accepting anyone with no appointment needed. Footage showed a convention center with rows and rows of tables occupied by bored looking medical staff and national guard. It did show one victim being vaccinated at one table. Hopefully enough Americans will not get the jab, and the passport will be scrapped.

  2. When did the bar for “safety” get set so low that “safety” = “back to normal”?

    Everyone involved has said we’re not getting back to the previous normal, but to a new normal. And they won’t talk about what that means beyond absolute compliance.

    If you won’t comply, no normal for you.

    People will buy it, literally. They will pay to get this tracking app on their phones so they can be told they aren’t fit to shop or go to a movie because of their social scores. You know it’s going there.

    The .gov will say it’s not them and people will buy it, just like they did with Common Core.

  3. “…to participate in a normal society…” is a statement that is truly frightening. It is not unreasonable to think that the requirement of a “vaccine” passport will be a reality in the next six months. Already many large airlines are in full support for such a requirement to board their planes. What this may lead to is broad Federal, State, and Local laws requiring such passports for everything from attending football games to purchasing firearms. The globalists know a good thing when they see it and the control of entire populations under the guise of “personal safety” is the perfect cover for their evils.

    1. “to participate in a normal society”

      This society hasn’t been normal for decades.
      I would rather not participate in the so called norm.

  4. The push back will be monumental,
    Many will never comply, like gun control laws, people will flat out refuse and find work arounds. Period

    1. It truly amazes me that so many seemingly ‘smart’ people engage in what is called Static Analysis.

      You know, we are raising the BeeButt Tax to X% and we know there are Y million BeeButts in the US so that will generate $Z billion dollars per year. Calculator Math, right ?

      It never happens,…never.

      People get rid of their BeeButts, smoke ’em, or bury them in the Deep Woods.

      That is Dynamic Analysis where you take into Account the Normal Human factors of Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome…

      We DO and we WILL !


    1. As like KEVIN and many others,

      I will not COMPLY.

      An article I read,

      Democraps pushed the ‘My body. My right.”
      For pro abortion

      I guess that same phrase doesn’t apply to experimental, life threatening ‘vaccines’.

      This plan oughtta go well.

      Seems the thousand cuts are becoming deeper

  5. Paul Joseph Watson has a good video on this. He saws that these “passports” are the one step to a Chinese type Social Credit system. In China your score goes down if you don’t get the needle. A low enough score has all sorts of negatives attached to it.

  6. We don’t need the .gov to kill us off. We will do it to ourselves.
    Their constant tightening of nooses, turning of screws, pushing of pins, will eventually bring this teetering, unstable society to its knees.

    Memphis, Tn
    A woman gets out of her car, fires a couple hand g u n rounds through the drive thru window of a Burger King.

    Why? Taking too long for her order.

    These on coming
    pressures/regulations will make the stable, more unstable.

    Wanna shop? Get a shot
    Wanna attend sports, movies, bars, restuarant? Get a shot.
    Fly/travel? Work? Get a shot.

    Has anyone considered becoming Amish?

    Stand your Ground
    Hold Strong

    They’re out to get us and the future don’t look pretty.

    1. Did just that (Mennonite) 12 yrs ago. I am Christian and walk out my faith in a Mennonite church.

  7. New Report “246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead” at the Epoch Times.

    And this is after the two week period when they are supposed to have the immunity response. At least 129 of them were hospitalized. So I figure the Jab can not help some at all, or maybe a cover up of autoimmune disease? ..some information hasn’t been released.

    1. Stardust,
      According to reports, the city I work in has the highest record number of covid, in the nation. A college town. Depending on reports, first or third nationwide per population.
      In my workplace, we have three confirmed covid. Six or more on lockdown because of exposure. Probably, 12, 15, 20 employees, total.
      Lockdown of 10 days has now become 14 days.
      Each positive test, of an individual, becomes a tally number. Not as one individual subject.

      So if you test positive once and have two or three reoccurring tests that are positive, one individual counts as two or three positives, for the tally numbers.

      ….and the workforce, ever changing rules, are a joke.

      1. Stardust,
        Covid update in our area hotspot …neighboring small communities.

        Several bars, restaurants closing, due to suspected covid and/or covid contacts. Lack of employees on staff?
        One school is back to online only, starting Monday.

        FWTB has a coworker testing pos. Small employed we both have positives in our work places.

        “But she had the shot, why is she now positive?”

        Shall I be a spokesperson?

  8. We ALL must stand up and say “NO.” Push back! If the airlines want a passport…I’m never flying again. Boycott all stores and business that want you to show ‘proof’ of vax. Same with sporting events, etc. STAND UP and say NO right in their faces! Be loud and vocal. Do not let ANYONE take our rights and freedoms away.

    This has got to end.

  9. Hey Ken,

    How about a survey of those who/will take the vaccine or cave because of the passports.

    I’m curious about the amount of people the MSM reports have taken the vaccine and are in favor of a passport.

    Personally I think the numbers are exaggerated in both. I think they are trying to use media pressure to force people to take the jab. I know of 12 people who have taken the jab, all but 3 over the age of 70. None of them agree to a passport.

    Just a thought.


  10. So, ID for so many things is mandatory but for voting is racist, a passport used to regulate people in “free America” is not?
    What about all those poor people that have more limited phones or can’t afford smart phones= oh paper proof is available.
    I will get a copy or make my own.

  11. Gotta wonder…….reckon how many folks who refuse to eat genetically modified foods…..are lining up to get their genetics modified……….

    …….ok……I’ll go do my chores………….

  12. Here we go again.

    Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’ on Lifesite webpage.

    1. Stardust
      I read the same article, today.
      Different site.
      A lengthy article, but pretty much what we have all assumed, from the get go.

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