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What is the “Two Minutes Hate” in 1984?

The Two Minutes Hate in 1984 is a daily ritual where Party members vent their rage and pent-up energy towards Emmanuel Goldstein and the enemies of Big Brother. The Two-Minutes Hate ritual is a method of directing Party members’ negative feelings towards an outside enemy while simultaneously solidifying Big Brother’s role as their savior and benevolent leader.

(simply substitute “Trump” as Emmanuel Goldstein – the villain)

Required Daily Ritual

(substitute all avenues of daily mainstream brain-cleansing)

In Orwell’s classic novel 1984, Winston Smith participates in a required daily ritual called the Two Minutes Hate. The Two Minutes Hate is a daily exercise. All of the Party Members gather to vent their rage towards Big Brother’s enemies. The Party members sit next to each other and watch the face of Emmanuel Goldstein flash onto the screen alongside marching enemy soldiers.

Villain Bad

(Outsider Orange-Man Bad)

The image of Emmanuel Goldstein speaks heretical remarks about Big Brother, which fills the Party members with rage, angst, and fear. During the Two Minutes Hate, the Party members behave hysterically. Yelling, spitting, and venting their rage towards Goldstein and the enemies of Big Brother. Even Winston Smith cannot contain his emotions and finds himself screaming at the top of his lungs.

Unify Against Common Enemy

(visceral rage towards the Orange-Man)

The Two Minutes Hate is designed to direct the suppressed anger of the Party members towards a scapegoat. Simultaneously unifying the people against a common enemy. The typical feelings of angst, depression, and frustration that Party members experience on an everyday basis are directed outward. This protects the government and allows citizens to experience a visceral moment of rage.

Equate Big Brother as Savior

(the Marxists will save you)

During the Two Minutes Hate, Winston vents his rage towards the Party, Big Brother, and the Thought Police. All while he is swept up in the hysterical environment. At the end of the Two Minutes Hate, Big Brother’s image flashes onto the screen. The Party members break into a rhythmic chant of “B-B!…B-B!” while they experience a feeling of relief and security.

Who is Winston Smith

Winston Smith is the pensive, fatalistic, and justifiably paranoid protagonist of George Orwell’s novel 1984. He is a member of the Outer Party and works in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. His job is to “rectify” historical records to align with the current rhetoric of the party. However, despite working for the Party, Winston secretly resents it. As the novel progresses, Winston becomes increasingly rebellious, coming to trust his own intellect over Party doctrine. He believes that the proles—short for proletariat—hold the key to liberating society. And that his job is to spread dissent in the hope that they will one day revolt.

1984 Mission Complete

The masses are now sufficiently and adequately indoctrinated. There are enough. It took decades. However the mission is now complete. The Cabal is ready to implement the next mission. That mission will likely begin the morning of January 21, 2021.

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  1. Equate Big Brother as Savior???
    Well… No. I have a savior. And Big Bro ain’t Him. While I don’t “hate” Biden/Harris or any of their supporters, I expect I will disagree with most everything they will be doing. I will miss Trump. Such a breath of fresh air he was.

    As an aside, I read this from another blog this morning. I quote it here:

    “As Kosh said, once the avalanche has started it is too late for the pebbles to vote. Or, to carry it in a different direction, you can’t change the fact that a meteor is going to hit in three months…what you can do is prepare for the consequences of that hit. In other words, stop bellyaching about the election and refocus on mitigating the results of it. While you’re frantically and self-righteously pounding your keyboard about election fraud, watermarked ballots, and more-votes-than-voters, the people who have moved past that are scooping up the things that you should be buying while you still can.”

    Wise words I think. And just what I’ll be doing 🙂

    1. Grandee,
      If you are just now topping off supplies you are @least a year late.We.have been doing those assessments/replacements , for some time.. I for one, do not have tunnel vision.
      During these times, those of us who were going to prepare have as much as they have been able to get.. we too will top off any supplies.. have been doing assessment and replacement in the Trump Economy. paying down all debt and trying to minimize any future monthly debt/expenses. Once the pockets are empty we buy nothing.. that IS every month…this month is no different.. anything not purchased -goes on list for this coming month..
      There are several sources that refererence fraud and sting operation. There are instances of people voting that died in 1984. and a lady who died on November 2nd applying to vote on November 3rd. and voting on Nov. 4th.
      We knew there was a plan in place, to combat fraud, if we were awake.The one media selected for coronation, has said he “set up the biggest election fraud operation in history” . is on video…Somone needs to take him at his word.!!! This is not over til the legal challenges which are substantial are completed.. ANYONE mentioning these on a site such as this is just making some who may not be aware of undercurrents.

      1. Been a Prepper since  Chernobyl. Because first in first out-always topping off everything 🙂

    2. Be careful about what we choose to believe in the times we live in...

      Remember that history tends to repeat itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

      Remember the story of the 12 spies that Moses sent to do reconnaissance in the Promised Land (Canaan)? You will remember that 10 spies came back to the waiting Israelites with an evil report that the people in the land we too numerous and big for the Israelites to conquer. They advocated for the surrender of the Israelites and for the defeat of God’s promise to give the Israelites the Promised Land.

      Only two spies, Caleb and Joshua, advocated for the Israelites to have faith and trust in God that they could defeat their enemies and take possession of the Promised Land. They refuted the prevailing defeatist report that the other 10 spies were spreading among the people.

      The 10 spies with the evil, lying report are our modern-day Media and Democrats and Rinos. Surrender! Biden won! Voter fraud is a conspiracy theory! Accept the media decision and move on!

      Joshua and Caleb are our modern-day patriots shouting: Have faith! Donald Trump won! The fight is not over! We will prevail because God is on our side! The fraud is being exposed, revealed, and will be removed, as well as all the wicked conspirators! Hold the line! Keep praying and never give up!

      Choose this day who you will serve. As for me and my house, we will choose the Lord, and his chosen leader.

      President Donald Trump wins in a landslide!

  2. Reminds me of what a neighbor of Italian heritage once told me years ago.
    His father, in Italy during WW2, would get up in the morning, go look out his window to see which flag was flying that day. Then he would dress appropriately (‘ uniform of the day’) and go out to do his daily business.
    The ‘Gray Man’.
    A lesson in how to survive.

    1. Hello Retired Vet,

      While the Italian Grey Man was waiting in hiding, US and British soldiers were dying to come and liberate him. While I understand the concept of grey man the question is do we want to hide and wait for someone to liberate us and if so, who will it be?

      Had the signers of the Declaration of Independence chosen to be grey men there would never be an America and John Hancock would be an unknown. The time has come to come out of the shadows and take a stand and not hide in fear and submission.

      As vets, you and I both know that it is foolish to run into a fire fight without a plan, but you need both a defensive and offensive strategy to win a war.

      Thank you for service.

  3. So much for the Durham report. The list of corrupt people that have now escaped prosecution is so long I will not list it, but I hope some honest people keep the records until justice can be done.

    Let them try to convince 70 million that Epstein, with his important friends, was just a nice guy that helped young girls into entry level jobs.

    I hope every FBI and CIA employee have nightmares for the rest of their lives for not exposing the corruption that permeated all levels of government. I hope they choke on the Oath they swore.

    1. Hermit,
      The so-called Durham report was nothing but a ruse to drag out the “investigation” until after the election and it will now silently disappear along with everything else uncovered about the Deep State. AG. Barr has disappeared along with the rest of the Dept. of Justice (I laugh at the Justice part) while election fraud is being committed in plain sight with no fear of prosecution.

      The Deep State which includes as many Republicans as Democrats are celebrating right now how they can get back to business as usual which means lining their pockets while selling out the future of America.

      1. I also think AG Barr was in on this all the time. America is over folks. As much as I am able I do intend to “Starve the Beast” if Biden is sworn in. Just doing my little part.

  4. The highjacking of this election was just the latest step in marching our nation toward a pre-determined outcome.

    Millions of our citizens watched the Trojan horse and his passenger on tv last night. I watched for a purpose (self torture, I know). I saw two political operatives, one on his way out, the other on her way in. TPTB have chosen them to usher in the next phase.

    Half our country is relived today, they feel better now. They can look at the last 4 years as a one-off. It scared them to be called on to think and do for themselves. To hear painful truths about people in power. To hear about threats to our sovereignty. To be told things that go against their sensitivities.

    Last night, the voters were praised for choosing truth and science and were told how we are all going to come together. And half the country lapped it up. And the rest of us read between the lines.

    We know what’s coming. I even made a list last night of probable outcomes so I can focus my mind on how best to brace my family, and what actions I can still take to prepare for what’s ahead.

      1. DJ5280,
        And that’s why most of us here are part of who I described as “the rest of us”.

        Those of us who know better, who aren’t fooled by the lying, cheating and stealing that has been and is taking place.

        Those of us who realize that this regime will do everything they can to keep the majority of people fearful, needy and obedient.

  5. What problems a new administration will cause they will be dwarfed by the coming global economic depression. All of the hand outs and entitlements that the Democrats so dearly love will do nothing to stop or slow down what’s on the way.
    No society or culture or country can survive the debt and insane monetary policies that are ours. Big Brother will try but will fail.

    1. Ron,
      And this is #1 on my list of probable outcomes to continuing preparing for.

      The new debt that will be added will be staggering, particularly if the Dems take the Senate.

    2. Ron,
      those derivatives that everybody was concerned about 5,6,8? Years ago, are still out there, add the collapse of that on top of a general dive in the production sector and it spells trouble. Trouble that may well take a decade to crawl out from under.
      There are many many factors that all flash red in our near future and present

      1. Biden thinks the middle class are just service workers. Without people needing to go physically to work there are a ton of service jobs that don’t need to exist at the level they used to. Clean trash bins to oil changes in cars. Even radio jobs aren’t necessary because no one is listening to the radio on the way to work. So he thinks he is going to help the middle class when he had never done anything for the middle class. Not that Trump ever did much, but at least he didn’t make it worse.

        I feel bad for middle management. They have no idea what is coming for them. Plenty of time to watch Tucker and My 600lb Life.

        It’s like the automobile recession that used to plague the midwest, but on a grand scale.

    3. Ron,
      A global economic collapse may be the perfect reality check for the entitled and spoiled GenZ and Millennial generations that have put their hopes in government control. Hopefully their dreams of socialism and globalism will be crushed and they will have to claw their way out the way the Great Depression generation had to except this will be 100 times worse.

    4. Ron and others – well said / Chris Rea – well sung. Youtube: Chris Rea – The Road to Hell Pt2 (Official Music Video).

  6. The crazy thinking by the left is that the gravy train and handouts will just continue forever. Wait until inflation overtakes the EBT amounts. The people with no morals will just start the rioting and looting again. The left think that the sheeple will just march like good little NK soldiers – ha

    No, I did not read 1984 because it might scare me to death or worse, turn me into an activist.

  7. Sadly, most that voted for the socialist do not realize that they have just initiated in this country, the very problems they wanted to escape from in their home country. Also the black community will find themselves in retro, a different kind of enslavement along with the rest of the underling Americans. Those at the top echelon, like Richard Burton in the movie, do not have to pay the same price as the underlings. Top echelon will have plenty to eat, doctor care, warm and cool houses and clothing of choice out of public etc etc. Everything cost something, everything.

    1. Mrs. U,

      When I was a girl there were 3 science fiction novels that were popular, Brave New World, 1984, and On the Beach. At the time, I wondered which one might be our future.

      I have been saying for years that we are getting all three.

      1. Science fiction is now reality. Have not read On the Beach yet. I have told my boys, we make movies of our future.

  8. There are times when I totally agree with you that we need to fight for the freedom of the country.

    But then I think things through and what that would come down to is, killing the next door neighbour because he has a Biden sign on his lawn.

    If a couple million people wanted to go to Washington and demand the DOJ arrest the people we already know are corrupt, hold for trials, and jail those found guilty, I will have no problem.

    Also they must defend the right to prosecute the guilty with weapons in the cities hopefully, with support of the Guard.

    1. Hermit us

      Who wrote anything about “killing their neighbors?” If we allow the lie that Creepy Joe won, the battle is OVER.

      Most preppers are tough and smart, and it’s time to be both to the extreme.

  9. For a moment I thought I was in Portland, Oregon. The only thing that clued me in was the audience was all white. That said, we can only hope that living under a Socialist Regime will produce a large underground movement. Mao’s world is gonna be a tough nut to crack but as they say, “…many hands make light the work.”

  10. I’m telling ya, for the last time and then I’ll shut up…… we will have to break the Biden economy. But if there is no $$$$ being spent in the economy, well, their government will not survive. We must STOP CONSUMING. Only buy the most basic items like food, meds, etc. Don’t forget: They STILL hate Trump supporters. They still hate us.

    Starve the Beast.

    1. paranoid in the USA
      I would rather purchase from the family farm than the grocery store. Which by the way I drive an extra 18-20 miles to buy locally. We are not the only ones, during the growing season they are busy every day. Shoppers do not care about the price of the fruit or vegetable because it comes from here–local.
      1) It is supporting a community member who put their love of the land and crops before the big corp who dictates what they will & will not accept.
      2) Family farms are better food for the consumer. We as a nation have been pulled away from that business because of the advertising and fast food–junk.
      3) When fruit/vegetables are not grown local as in not season to this area, or I know it is not USA produced I will not purchase it.

    2. Not so fast there paranoid. I AM supporting hard-working people in America. I just ordered a new dining table and chairs FROM THE AMISH made completely from recycled barn wood (and yes, made in the USA, btw). And I shop for a lot of our groceries at a Mennonite store in the next town over. If there are any people more hard working than they are, I haven’t met them yet. Also, a Mennonite-owned company will be building our new fences in the spring. I AM supporting our local community and hard-working Americans. You?

      I am just not going to support corporate America anymore if I can help it. And FYI, if Trump is out, the economy WILL FALL. Wake up.

      1. Hey, watch who you are calling stupid around here. If you have been reading ANY of the posts on this blog you would know better AND know what I have been saying here. And, I might add, that we are all going to be in a world of hurt soon enough if they give this election to Biden. Have you read “The Democratic Platform?” And you’d best start reading about the Global Economic Reset coming. Here. Ill give you a new clue. This is how it plays out: Collapse the social, economic, and the political order. How YOU and yours prepare for this is up to you. But you go right ahead and support the Biden economy if you want to. It is a free country. For now.

      1. Starving the beast is the only way to peacefully fight back. Every dollar that you spend is a “vote”. By purchasing goods made in other countries, you are supporting them. I’m going to do my best to not offer any financial support to any country that wishes to do us harm.

  11. A laugh for the day , go to you-tube & watch pallets full of ballots by Austin Forman!! Good for a laugh!!

  12. It ain’t over:
    1) Pennsylvania…..Alito ordered all ballots after 8PM separated ..that Pa. SC can not adjust voter rules, only Legislators can. At 8pm, we know that Trump was leading in votes.
    2) Nevada….throw out all votes from Cal. homeowners that have condos in Nevada, estimated in thousands. 3500 thrown out already removed from Biden count.
    3) Wisconsin has more votes than registered. Also modifying mail-in ballots is illegal and will be purged.
     4) Michigan has counties with irregularities in question due to machines switching votes…..6000 Trump votes given to Biden in one county…there are more. The 150,000 vote lead for Biden is in question now.

    Don’t give up…we still have prayer…no one knows where this is going and what it means. God does though.

    1. I figured they’d try to steal the election (Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not bear false witness) and I’ve been praying that any chicanery is made public.

  13. This might cheer you up. . .

    1. Thanks Anony Mee but given the Socialist-Democrats open use of paid street armies, Doxing and destroying peoples lives and in general “ANYTHING GOES” tactics WHERE are we going to Find Judges that cannot be Blackmailed or their families threatened to do the RIGHT Thing.

      Obama said on TV that Obamacare would pass the Supreme Court a full WEEK before Judge Roberts decided that “it’s NOT a Tax” nonsense and Obamacare survived the dreaded Supreme Court test.

      I’d like to cheer about this but the Supreme Court Judges are human and have Families to be threatened by Antifa and Burn Loot Murder.

      Now if we LOSE GA and thus the Senate ALL BETS are Off. Nothing to stem the Radical Left as they are already putting pressure to have drunken Nancy put out to pasture. She’s not a pure enough Radical for them.

      Show trials, people-webpages quietly disappearing and the flaming memory hole of Orville’s 1984 will destroy any “unneeded legal issues” from this whole affair. I suspect Durham and Barr would help shovel those documents into the furnace.

      Donald is quite literally fighting for his LIFE as they will get revenge on him if this Sock puppet is actually declared President-Elect. The Deep State has no limits on their hatred on the one that Dared to stifle their plans for Queen Hillary the First Deep State Presidential Puppet Ruler.

      That Meme of President Trump saying “There not after me, they are after YOU and I’m just in the way” has the ring of truth. He crude and bombastic and a fighter. We need to keep him in prayers.

      Winter is here, even if the Supreme Court bravely decides Biden lost the election the Radicals will continue with the FULL Support of the Deep State 3 letter agencies.

      Who watches the Watchmen has come home to roost.

  14. You folks are way above my reading, today.
    But some of you have been commenting on,
    a name on a list…renewing a CPL, etc.

    I’m on all sorts of lists.
    The $hit list, mostly.

    In order to get a hunting license…
    Offer your driver’s license to obtain such license(s).

    The DNR list.
    Possible weapons, hunts for food.

    Yeah, there is no escaping such lists.

      1. SMG

        No I’m no angel, No I’m no stranger to the street
        I’ve got my label, So I won’t crumble at your feet
        And I know baby, So I’ve got scars upon my cheek
        And I’m half crazy

        Greg Allman

          1. MadFab
            I was wondering, this past weekend, where you were.
            Now I know!

          2. Joe C,
            Yeah we have all been down with the Covid crapola. All but the oldest grand boy. Youngest and hubby and my mama got it first, then two of the grands and I tested + about 10 days later.
            Interesting how it affected us all differently.
            Some had fevers and coughs. Youngest had a high fever many days. I took him to ER twice.
            I had fever and blisters in my mouth and throat for 2 weeks. Quite the weight loss program lol. My mama is weaning off O2 now but I was very worried about her.
            All doing much better now.
            Anony Mee and Antique Collector have been checking to make sure I wasn’t dead. Lol
            Even heard from Sage.
            Thanks for all of you for your concern and kindness. Love this blog!!
            Hoping you and FWTB are doing we ell with all the craziness going on!

            Have a great day all

          3. MadFab

            OH MY GOD…I did not know. You are now on my prayer list. You go girl, remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s YOU, our TOUGH MADFAB….!!!

          4. Stand,
            Thank you friend:).
            It has not been a fun time, but we r all doing better. Read a couple times while down, but just had 0 energy to do more than that. House looked like a bomb went off in it,lol. Getting that back under control.
            Have a new grand baby that I haven’t even seen. He lives less than 500 feet from me, but can’t take the chance. Lucas is his name.
            Just got back from my first outing in a while. Feel like I ran a marathon. Putting a movie on for the little one and we r going to have a nap.
            Hope the energy comes back soon.
            Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes.
            How are you feeling?
            Better I hope.
            Whoops, wrote a novel. Should have put this in open forum.
            Peace and good health to all.

          5. Ohh, wow, MadFab
            I hope you all recover fully.

            Yes, we’re doing okay, amongst the craziness.
            I’m a little off my rocker, so I’m fitting in.

            Glad to make ya smile!
            Made my day

  15. I would like to remind everyone, this is not over. I am praying for the truth to come out regarding the election. Trump will be reelected.We need to expose the deep state programmers manipulation of vote tallies.

  16. Just a few observations.
    The media completely controls at least half the nation’s ideas and opinions.
    Any problems resulting from Biden/Harris, economy, wars, unrest. Will be blamed on President Trump.
    Any attempts of any patriot groups to stand up to any coming tyranny in any way will be labeled as white nationalist, racists, domestic terroists.

    I don’t know anyway to avoid this. History is going to record President Trump and everyone who supported him as trash.

    All I do know is do anything you can to get your children out of government schools. Cancel all TV and streaming services. Everything we are exposed to everyday is designed to form a thought. It has the most affect on children. Limit their internet time, don’t get them phones.
    If your kids don’t quite fit in with 90% of most kids in the USA today you are doing a great job keep it up.
    Talk with them everyday, ask what they think about different things. Don’t let Youtube and Facebook and other programmed children raise yours.
    I know it’s tough and sounds like an impossibility but just do what you can then a little more👍

    1. repost again,,,

      “Our Republic And it’s Press Will Rise or Fall Together”
      Joseph Pulitzer

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