2020 Trump – Biden Presidential Debate Postmortem

Wow. What a circus. Though I did watch it for the entertainment value, what a joke. Sad for America.

I would hardly call it a presidential debate. It was anything but presidential. Yesterday I said that I thought it might be “cringe” worthy. Well, it certainly was. But not so much in the way that I expected.

I thought that Biden would embarrass himself to the extent of cringe. Although his mental acuity decline was apparent, he did not make any major gaffs.

The thing that was making me cringe the most was Trump’s demeanor. His constant interrupting and sniping. His lack of self-control in that regard. He was angry. Mad. This is what most viewers were focused on… Trump’s appearance of being the “bully”.

Listen, we need a strong person in the White House. Trump is a strong man and evidently takes no $hit. However his apparent lack of self-discipline towards how he appears – will hurt him to an extent.

Biden on the other hand, is a weak, empty, dumb, puppet. When he said “I AM the democrat party”, I laughed out loud. He is a marionette for his socialist, marxist, globalist controllers.

Back to Trump… One thing I liked about the man way back in 2015 / 2016 was his brashness. His wrecking-ball persona. The outsider not afraid to say uncomfortable truths in a swamp filled with loathsome slimy creatures. I still like that about him.

However my goodness… can you hold it together during a “Presidential” debate? It’s one thing to whip up a crowd during a rally where most everyone there is an ally. However it’s another thing while presenting to the nation (world) when both sides are watching and listening! It’s a different animal… a different situation to be aware of.

Yes, I get it. He has been raked over the coals for 4 years. ALL of mainstream has been against him. What horrible odds. So he’s bitter. Angry. Mad. Who wouldn’t be? Who among us could have held our own during this constant attack?

I wish that Trump would have let Biden simply speak his empty minded thoughts (uninterrupted) during each of the 2 minute segments. Let Biden show the world his dumbness (which he did to an extent). Instead, pretty much the entire “debate” was not a debate at all. It was a shootout of accusations.

Did we find out anything from each of their future plans for America? Not much.

A few points that stick out in my mind:

  • Trump apparently unleashed Covid on the world and all fallout thereof, including all deaths and the current faltering economy, is his fault.
  • We will be off “fossil fuels” by 2035? (apparently jet liners will become all electric? / sarc).
  • The “Green New Deal” will cost about $100 Trillion? (Hey, whatever… just print more money).
  • “Everything” Trump says is a lie.
  • “Will you shut up man?”
  • Trump indicated that we might not know who the real winner is for “months” due to the legality issues with probable mail-in ballot fraud. (This will cause unbelievable chaos if things stretched out to this extent in my opinion)

Do I think this “debate” (which it wasn’t) changed anyone’s mind? No. We are so terribly divided already that none of this matters in my view. I can’t imagine there are any “fence sitters” at this point.

My Takeaway

In short, the contrast between presidential choices remain incredibly evident. Continue the battle against the swamp rats and globalist/marxist takeover, or give up and give in to the overthrow of the Republic as it were.

Trump did not help himself last night.

Biden did help himself, given the bar was so low…

Today there are 33 days left, at which time we will enter a new period of turmoil in this country as the presidency will be in question. The longer it drags out afterwards, the worse things will get. The democrats have a clear plan to seize power (information sourced via multiple sources beyond the mainstream – Bongino is on top of this too).

If the marxist side manages to pull it off, their changes to our lives will be mammoth / monstrous. We will enter the most tumultuous time of our lives as their oppression, regulation, and taxation will strip you of your livelihood and liberty. The greatest depression of all time will take firm hold as we enter a period of time likened to “The Hunger Games” whereby social class will be whittled down to the elites and the serfs. No one in-between.

That’s my opinion.


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Tell me, what year did the fourth estate become a fifth column. I’m don’t want to add zoo animals and road kill to my diet so I’m still going to vote for the republic such as it is. I believe I would be bellicose too after the diet Trump has digested.

Hey Feral Wallet,
i think it would be better to put these two in an MMA ring and let em go at it,
after all that DJT has had to put up with,,,
would love to see him beat the snot out of that jagazz lifelong bureaucrat.
people like biden are to blame directly for the sad state of affairs we find our Republic in

I agree.


Ken, you are spot on correct in your opinion as I see it. The only one who can correct the divided state of America is our lord and savior Jesus Christ, and that he will do sooner rather than later. However, I think we will go through some very tough times before he comes back for the final battle. May God bless and help us in these perilous days ahead.

Agreed David. There is no political solution to a national spiritual problem.


If I listen to Trump I always dislike him. If I watch what he actual does/accomplishes, I love him. So, there I am . . .


I believe you have stated the opinion of many Trump supporters in the fewest words. Well done.


That’s kind of where I stand, too.

@ HerbieGrandma, you pretty much said what has been on my mind too. Yes I voted for Trump the first time around, only because there wasn’t anybody else to vote for and the same holds true again this time. there isn’t anybody else to vote for.

I believe you really hit the nail squarely on the head, with your comments Ken !
I couldn’t possibly agree with you more.
We are all headed right into a maelstrom !

“I can’t imagine there are any “fence sitters” at this point.”

I am undecided. There is no way I will vote for biden. I like the libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen. She is for less gov. and more freedom. But does she have a snowballs chance of making it? Will voting for her just take a vote away from Trump and make it even easier for biden to win? Don’t get me wrong I like Trump and the fact that he puts America first but he ain’t the greatest thing since sliced bread like a lot of people are saying. I wish I could vote for freedom and have a good chance of winning.

I am with you. So I started researching Jo Jorgensen this morning. Too bad the media will not allow her to join the so called debates. Very,very,very,very disappointed in our President.

The problem is that the two party system is entrenched. The majority will not vote against “the party” even if they don’t like or disapprove of the candidate. Most years and in most races I vote against the incumbent unless I have a very good reason. But most years and most races are not deciding the direction our country will go for the next two generations.

Biden and Harris have both made it abundantly clear that they intend to strip away our rights and give those rights to whoever will give them the most power. They have made it clear (even in that travesty last night) that legalities, economics and the Constitution mean nothing to them as long as they get what they want. And what they want is absolute power.

In the name of “safety” they have said they will strip away our right to defend ourselves, deprive us of the ability to make a living, hold us prisoner in our own homes and decide what we can eat, do and say, whether we can work and how. They will increase the national debt in the name of the “environment” and drive the people of the country into the ground in doing it.

Last time I voted for a third-party candidate. This time I will vote for Trump because the alternative is disaster.

You are right about the 2 party system. The 2 party system only gives the illusion of choice. The “Ds” are for big government and the “Rs” are for big business. I have talked to several people. Most of them have never heard of Jo Jorgensen and many have never even heard of the libertarian party.

I changed my registration to libertarian after McCain sabotaged the ACA vote. Maybe the only prolife antipot member. Unfortunately a vote for anyone other than the President is a vote for Biden and the DeepState agenda. Maybe in 4 years but not this year.

Then my 72 yo neighbor that voted for Trump and is again this year is an anomaly–she told me she was disgusted with the dem party and what they have become. She voted for Obama at least once and said they just were disgusted with him–she also mentioned the party and its abortion policy.
This was a democrat, she and her husband, for life!!!!

The answer to your first question is no. The answer to your second is Ross Perot.

I was laughing, mostly in shock. After the first five minutes it became abundantly clear that Trump was going to be shut down by the moderator no matter what he said or did–there was no “two minutes” and Biden was allowed to interrupt with impunity.

So Trump interrupted and made a fool of himself.

Biden was more coherent than I expected, but still pulled stupid statistics out of thin air. I think my favorite was 1 out of 5 black people have died of COVID? Corrected himself to 1 out of 1000? Are you kidding me? Apparently not.

On Hal Turners website there is a photo up and it appears to show a wire coming out of Biden’s sleeve at the wrist and then a little bit again up by the lapel.

I was wondering about that, bc at one point I noticed he reached under his jacket and was pulling on his shirt, I told my husband I bet he had a little voice telling him what to say.

Yes, someone was talking to him. Several times he started to state something (usually a number) and then corrected himself. (“20, I mean 20 million, I mean 20 thousand.”) Someone noticed that he always had his back to Trump like he was trying to keep the audience from seeing his left ear.

What I just saw, his defense of both items are:
The sleeve item is some type of an IV stint, and the item near the lapel is
suppose to be his Rosary.
Someone will know if that’s an IV or not.

I can tell you that wasn’t a rosary.

I don’t think that IV stints etc are black. Last I saw they are sort of opaque to be able to see through.

IMO, the best line of the whole mess was the President— I have done more in 47 months than you have in 47 years.
Mathews showed his bias as usual.

As the meme says: If Biden knows how to fix America, why didn’t he tell Obama??

Conservatives have been respectful, disciplined, erudite, and, as a rule, followed the rules. And over the past few decades have had our backsides handed to us on a platter.

If we want this nation “so conceived and so dedicated” to endure, it’s time for some changes.

Trump is the beginning of these. He’s given conservatives vertebrae and gonads. He’s brought our military and diplomatic activities in line with our goals. The world has realized that when the US does well, so does just about everyone else. No longer do we want to be the world’s policeman. It’s time to be the world’s mentor, and to stop the Obama-like apologies for our exceptionalism. Focus on the substance people; ignore the style. Truth is truth regardless of how it’s delivered.
. . . .
The alternative is that the new segregationists will rule, not govern; the party of oppression will oppress with glee any variation on their devilish themes; pre-digested pablum will be the sole educational fare on the menu; and, because flame never loses its hunger, our country will continue to burn.

Trump is our Samuel Adams.

Government is a doubtful servant and fearful master.

Does any thinking person believe that Biden wasn’t medicated last night?
Does any thinking person believe he was not being fed answers through electronic means?
He kept looking left and it sure looks like an earbud in his left ear.
I saw the pics of the wires as well.
No wonder they wouldnt agree to drug test and no electronics search.
This morning he’s back to his “old self” sporting a drug induced hangover IMO.
The Democrats stole the election from Nixon on behalf of JFK with voter/election fraud in 1960.
They are doing it now with the MSM covering for them.It is going on all over the country with the help of the corrupt postal service members.
If by some miracle Trump pulls it off some of these bloated government agencies need to be gutted and these useless eaters on the taxpayers dime need to be out on the street…

Maybe its time to take matters to hand rather than hope for a miracle?
No, thats not ideal, nor desired, but then again considering the alternative?
That sounds even LESS appealing,

Kula, in October of 2016 I posted here on the weekend free for all that I ( my group) was going into Shtf mode .The hatred that came out against Trump and the country during the campaign was truly disturbing. I expected to see “protesting”(what is going on now) in 2017 when Clinton was President and in the “spirit of cooperation ” she would push through all craziness they desire. No one was more shocked than me when Trump won. He messed with their time table but their plans havent changed.
The previous18 months I saw an exodus of my very wealthy clientele. The family would go on “vacation” but didnt return…ever.Not even after Trump won.
A mentor shared with me that a problem that can be solved is just an expense. A true problem is one that money,even alot of money wont solve.These people would routinely spend more money in a month than most people make in a liferime. They should be able to weather any storm if enough money was thrown at it.Rich Jews found out that was not the case in Nazi Germany. They were not just dealing with greed but a deadly ideology. Sure, the elites pushed the ideology as they grabbed money and power. The problem was the everyday true believers(sheep)were used to kill/destroy anything or anyone who dared to go against them.
This is what we are seeing in our country now. The clueless sheep pushing the ideologies of the Left for the power hungry elites.
We are in a fight to the death but most dont realize it yet.
whether they wake up in time is the conundrum.
We got 30 days to speak up and out and we better do it LOUDLY or wait for the self righteous mobs to burn you out and kill you and yours.
Time to make a stand…

My 2016 was the same. Preparing for the worst. Keeping my mouth shut. As the election results came in, I felt like 100 pounds were lifted off my shoulders. Decided this time not to be quiet.

BJH,,,,,,,, agree 100%,,,,i was in Chile in 72 and 73 saw the bodies piled high on the army trucks ,heard the screeming from the interrogation and rape rooms , my ‘job’ was to remove American citizens and put them on a plane out. For them a live or die situation
The fashbacks come back now in my sleep , But then I was in college needed the work I never talk about what I really saw ,,now it’s coming here ,,stress brings it all back ,
The election is only just the start of things ,,what we had just a few years ago is gone and it won’t be back ,think of the forest people in ww2 , my gerat aunt was one of them as a child I would hear about the time by sneaking to listen ,

It’s coming here

yea,I understand fully Old Homesteader. Seen some of that evilness on that continent. It hangs on you like a weight you can’t shed.Everyday folks have no clue how brutal mob mentality people can become.
Bad people with guns against defenseless good people. Whats happening in the cities is nothing compared to how it can be.Its hard to wrap your head around it even when you witness it.
Knowing how bad it can be troubles my sleep and my soul..

Trump is known for flying of the handle (so to speak) but he also knew that he was being had and that probably pushed him over the edge. The whole charade was stacked against him and he apparently dove right in.

I just told my husband..I have an average IQ, taught public school, and I can not read with the tv on—seriously. I have been this way forever, and I know I could not carry a conversation with one person, listen for cues to questions, and also a person mentoring me with a device in my ear.
I just can’t do it. So, do you think dementia minded Joe could??

I agree. I think a squawking earpiece would only confuse Joe more.

Sad indeed. Felt like I was watching a talk show where people come on to accuse each other. Only thing missing was the audience yelling in the back ground. Will say Biden looking into the camera is an effective technique… except when he would NOT answer on packing the court.

Jerry Springer needs to moderate the next one.

Michelle Malkin????

DJT is aggravated, rightly so IMHO,
He is human, he has been called every name in the book and drug through the mud, at this point I would be homicidal,
So yea, he wasnt very “presidential”
Would you be? Honestly??
I was reading something linked to off of WRSA, the jist of it was that everything conservative will be blocked come election day.
I wouldnt put it past them.
Make a plan, talk to your like minded friends, make more plans with backups.
Leftist have a history of murdering their opponents, so put that in your pipe and smoke it

Well said. This is something people forget. Trump has been blasted since the 2016 campaign. Bet he is just tired of it. I would be.

I totally agree with you. We are in a massive war right now, folks. We are witnessing the epic battle of good vs. evil, freedom vs. loss of our God-given Constitutional rights. Trump is a fighter and he is exactly who we need right now to be our champion! He is feisty and he and his family have sacrificed everything to save America from destruction. He chooses to get paid $1 a year as president to put up with all the disgusting attacks against him day after day, year after year. Come on, patriots! Our country doesn’t need “presidential” right now if it means he should act like a poetry-spewing, weak-kneed politician who we have all been trained to expect. “Presidential” at this time in history needs to be a warrior!

When all this lawlessness and corruption is brought to justice, history will vindicate our President Trump. He needs our support and appreciation, not more criticism from the peanut gallery. A tree is known by its fruit, and President Trump’s accomplishments speak way louder to me than his words.

I think most normal folks have no idea the severity nor grave danger posed to our republic and way of life from the current marxist/socialist/communist ideology. They happily go about their daily business with the thought of its way far away and cant happen here. Its sad really when considering. Is hard to get them to see it as well.

Love your statement about our president.
Friend in SD, put it this way: We are not in high school, and this election is not about being the ‘right crowd’. General summation of his notes to his fellow military contacts.

Amen. I totally agree.
What do people expect him to do when he is called names and constantly lied about.
Promises made promises kept.

The President can go into the next debate and fill the entire time with the successes achieved in the last three years. He can then state how he will attempt to build on each of those improvements to; health care, economy, VA, employment, immigration, military, ….. there is no way he can be bush-wacked if he stays with the facts. Stay away from personal attacks and family. Let Biden talk himself into more lies and unrealistic promises – the facts will come out and show him for the weak leader he is.

I wonder if the 911 glitch a few days ago was a test run for Election Day. The D’s will do everything to steal the election, with help from the MSM and from FB & Twitter. Even if DJT wins, the media may not declare him the winner.

I was wondering about that 911 incident as well? Very strange, nationwide. Also have noticed there have been more of the emergency broadcasts systems test/ checks going across the television lately!

As one meme says, No matter how conspiracy-minded you are, whatever the government is doing to you is much worse than you realize.

What is sad is that many people vote for the “likability factor” rather than governing performance.

Trump must keep this in mind for the next debate.

It is like he said regarding the way he won the election; he campaigned for the electoral votes. If the election was based on the popular vote, he would have campaigned differently – he seems to have forgotten his objective and his past strategy.

I had to stop watching after the first hour and went to bed kind of depressed. My husband commented that anybody that WAS undecided would be probably lean towards Biden now, after Trump spent so much of the “debate” interrupting and talking over Biden. Really, all he had to do was just let Biden talk and show how incompetent he is. It was all such a mess, though, I’m not sure Trump would have had his time to refute the crazy things Biden said.

It was two against one. If someone is still undecided at this point, I don’t know what to say. They have had over three years to judge Trumps performance and 47 years to judge Biden’s. Biden has done virtually nothing in 47 years.

Now there are almost no media outlets not spouting the DeepState line. For those who don’t want what Biden/Harris represent, this one will be won on the ground and each of us should consider the role we may be able to play. If you are so disposed, arm yourself with the accomplishments of the past 3 years and honest numbers on the issues. Be prepared to share whenever the chance arises. Make certain those leaning toward Trump get a ballot or get to the polls. Have a list of down ballot candidates who are freedom minded to share. The American people can still prevail despite the overwhelming hot air gusting our way. And won’t it be delicious to hear them choke out the words again President Trump. I pray everyday that America will survive these times.

I found it interesting that Biden got angry and resorted to name calling. That further reinforces the idea that he has dementia.

If you don’t agree with Joe, he insults you. He is similar to “loose cannon” McCain in this regard.

Word Context Correction: mammoth / monstrous.

As read in a sentence: “If the marxist side manages to pull it off, their changes to our lives will be mammoth / monstrous.”

Four years ago I voted for a common man. One who loves this country and the principles upon which it was founded. A man who I fervently prayed would never stop fighting for us, or our way of life. I didn’t need him to be a polished politician. I didn’t want him to conform to any normalcy bias about how things ran or were supposed to look in Washington. I merely wanted him to fight his way through the swamp, shed a glaring spotlight on what he uncovered and show us what is truly taking place in all the backrooms where shady deals have been made to undercut us and enrich the true politicians.

I watched with pride over the fact that my President remains a man. After all that has been thrown at him, he fights on and will not be silent when lies are spoken. He showed me that he not only has the stamina to go another round, he will not back down from being just a man as he fights. His jaw was set in the final minutes as the wives came onto the podium and the look in his eyes as he watched Biden told me all I needed to know. He will finish this fight. And he will finish it strong. Not by being them, nor by letting the optics of the moment silence him or alter what he intends to say, when he intends to speak it. There’s plenty of politicians out there to choose from, but there’s only one Donald J. Trump. And I thank God for giving me the eyes to see that what sets him apart from all the others is the brashness that he exhibits every time he finds himself in the viper’s den. If he didn’t act like a pit bull on a short lease in the presence of their evil, then the end would be near and we wouldn’t stand a chance. But thankfully he still knows how to fight like the street fighter that it takes to win the fight at hand.

Well said M’Lynn. No it wasn’t a pretty debate and those who expected as much are surely disappointed. But I didn’t vote for Trump the first time for his passive behavior and peaceful demeanor, I voted for a fighter and a man who could take on the deep state. I’ll vote for him again because to give this country to a bunch of leftists who think ANTIFA is an “ideology” and not a terrorist organization is saying that America as we know it no longer exists. For those who desire a Socialist regime, I say go for it. Your beans and rice won’t last a week.

I agree 100% with your assessment. I expressed similar views to my family throughout the evening. Two in my family chose to vehemently defend President Trumps behavior, given the attacks he has endured, beginning prior to his first day in office. One was highly critical of Chris Wallace.
What President Trump and many supporters fail to understand is that the debate was not meant for those viewers who support President Trump.

  1. Allowing Biden to speak would have given President Trump further ammunition to make key points, if he chose to listen and reflect.
  2. Trump was so focused on his charges he failed to listen for key openings Biden provided then respond when it was his turn.
  3. While Chris Wallace could be charged with some bias, as many on Twitter are pointing out, clearly Trump was a handful for anyone to manage.
  4. As one conservative author noted today, President Trumps attack were perfect for Hilary because there are so many “Anyone but Hilary” people, including myself. Biden, while clearly a puppet and piece of clay depending on circumstances, does not fall into the hate category like Hilary. Consequently the slim segment this group of voters comprise was the target audience. President Trumps behavior did not win that group over.
  5. Trump clearly did not practice or listen to those who would coach him..
  6. Your target audience is the undecided and weak Biden supporters because they are unsure about Biden.
  7. Speak to that audience, not your base. Your base will support you no matter what
  8. Practice, practice, practice holding your tongue so that when you do speak you can make your points without being interrupted, as well as referencing Biden’s refusal to answer directly, outright gaffe, or any number of key areas where Biden speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

Trump may lose because some independents who voted Trump in 2016 will defect as well as some conservatives who are disgusted with his behavior.
We can only hope Republicans retain the Senate!

I agree with everything you’ve said. Good comment.

Especially: “Speak to that audience (the undecided and weak Biden supporters because they are unsure about Biden), not your base. Your base will support you no matter what.”


Too late…

If conservatives are disgusted enough with Trumps behavior to not vote for him. What will they get out of a Biden/Harris administration?
Some people are just too sensitive.
if Trump loses, look to lose your F/A’s, be forced to wear masks, blm and Antifa running rampant abusing people at will, deep state back in total power, more wars, heavy persecution of those on the right etc.


I have been thinking about the Left’s preoccupation with masks.

Bear with me for a minute:

The Left has been projecting; everything they accuse Trump of is what they have been doing. So the Dems colluded with Russia; they accuse Trump. The Dems refused to accept the results of the 2016 election; they accuse Trump of planning to refuse to accept the 2020 election. The list goes on and on.

So now they are accusing Trump of being Paul Joseph Goebbels. That was Hitler’s minister of propaganda. Goebbels shut down the free speech of everyone who disagreed with the Nazi party. That is what the Left is doing today.

How does that relate to the use of masks?

Well, I can tell you as a senior citizen who is hard of hearing. It is hard to understand anyone who is wearing a mask and in addition, masks keep deaf and hard of hearing persons from reading lips. It is just one more way of shutting down our First Amendment.

Masks do other nefarious things, too. They interfere with facial recognition — both by human eye-witnesses and electronic surveillance. It make it harder for law enforcement to do their job and arrest rioters, arsonists, and murderers.

Remember that before the China virus, there were some communities who were thinking of passing laws against face masks. How the world has changed!

Exactly. Well said

Caught the new documentary “Social Dilemma” on Netflix last night instead. If you have 1.5 hours to soak it in, it may confirm what you may have already suspected about social media’s role and ability to cause disruption in various countries, (including ours).

Caught two minutes of the debate and my takeaway appears to have been just as accurate as if I’d watched the whole thing.

Biden started the name calling with the first question. “Clown” Trump and the Republic still has my vote!

Just to be clear… Biden called Trump a “Clown” (more than once) not me.

I likened it to chalk screeching on a blackboard.

So after last nights debacle, I want to ask everyone;

Is anyone doing anything different today (or over the next 5 weeks) than what you were already doing or planning to do? Any more or other changes to anything: supplies, networking, financial adjustments, training, security, etc…?

Absolutely, we’re going into high gear, mostly in the grocery category.

Did not watch but did tape it. Busy moving our son closer to us. So glad he will be out of NYC!

Had some empty canning jars and canned some chicken today. Can’t have empty jars about !

Starting on canning the 50lbs of peanuts I bought last week. Canning boiled peanuts.

Thank you to all who answered. I was curious to see if anyone was doing anything more than they already were.

I feel a heightened sense of urgency, much as I did 4 yrs ago. I have been taking this time to add more than usual to supplies (food and otherwise). I am also on heightened alert for supply disruptions and civil unrest.

So Cal Gal:
Beleive Ken is doing an Article tomorrow about this subject

NRP, thanks for the heads-up!

. . . So Cal Gal
. . . .
Right with you on the heightened sense of urgency.

I wanted to watch the debate. What I saw wasn’t a debate. I had to turn it off after ten minutes because I was so frustrated. What was sad was that I was frustrated with my candidate! When it comes to policies, there’s no question of who I will vote for. I did not like Trump’s behavior, though. Starting with the second question, when he wouldn’t even listen to the question, I just cringed. For anyone who was on the fence (surely there are some), Trump was not a person easily liked. I remember watching the Reagan debates and being so happy to cheer for my president. I miss those days!

Trump knew Wallace was gonna ask another biased loaded question to try and trap him.

I loved Reagan during the 80s, too. But we live in a coarser and more intolerant era now. Reagan would not be the President we need at this time because this time in history shows us that civility is no more. We need a warrior like President Trump to be a wrecking ball to destroy the foundation of corruption in our nation. Love both Reagan and Trump, and they were/are uniquely gifted for the season of history to which they were called to serve!

I spent an adult lifetime dealing with dangerous people in chaotic situations. Early on I learned that strict military courtesy seemed to embolden some adversaries, whereas “I’m about to blow your g**d**n head the f**k off!” Seemed to get through. Nice? I wasn’t. Alive? Still am. I saw youngsters fresh out of college who tried to look and sound like Reed and Malloy on 1 Adam 12. They got eaten.
I really wish the world wasn’t like this. It is. I spent 26 years trying to fix it. I failed. When I was a rookie, an old grey head told me, “You can’t win a real fight by being nice.” He was right.
I don’t want President Trump to be nice. I want him to win. Respectfully,

That’s one thing I’ve always liked about Trump. He’s a fighter.

His base is already won over. The potential benefit of the debates is to win over undecided fence sitters. In that regard, it takes a certain kind of communications skill. It’s not common among strong men. Though those who have it, are even stronger for it…

Next debate he does need to point out his accomplishments more. Many people watching the debate probably watch the fake news and never had seen or heard of his accomplishments.

Amen, Buck. Amen!

Every single time I see Trump act and speak like Trump, I am grateful that “they” haven’t swayed him from being who he is at his core. We sent him to do a job that only a junkyard dog can accomplish through true grit and determination. The time for prancing little coiffured poodles who heel to a puppet master and roll over is done. We have a country to save.

What a beautiful day on the mountain….bright sunshine, low 70’s, gentle breeze…it don’t get no better than this. Even worked in a 50 round therapy session. Ringing steel reassures my neighbors that Dennis is still alive and kickin’.

On the debate….’bout what I expected. Never had much use for Chris Wallace….he didn’t disappoint.

Trump was Trump. Love him or hate him, they ain’t no guile in the man. He says what he means, every word has a purpose. You may not know or recognize what he’s accomplishing….you can bet that he does.

Wonder how many listeners last night heard for the first time that Hunter Biden got a money transfer from the wife of the Mayor of Moscow in the amount of $3.5 million dollars? You can bet that no one has heard that tidbit on any media other than FOX.

No way that Chris Wallace would have broached that subject….or allowed it…if Trump hadn’t forced it out in the open….Biden mumbled something about that having been debunked…twice…but it ain’t, it’s public record.

Other tidbits about the dealings with the CCP enriching the family would not have ever been heard by some voters……had Trump not been Trump.

Oh, well….wife made a fresh pot of coffee….believe I’ll have another one of them chicken fried round steaks and cream gravy my daughter fried up for lunch…some of them green beans and mashed cauliflower…I’ll pass on the buttermilk biscuits…I’m on a diet.

Yep…..life is good on the mountain.

Dennis: One of the Chinese ladies at the office is a rabid Trump supporter. She has honorary certificates from his campaign – posted prominently. She’s also the one who sits outside Cabela’s on the weekend with her “Recall Newsom” petition. By this morning she had already identified Biden’s comm-aid as a product of SAVOX corporation where their motto is: “You are never alone”.

I’m voting for a President not a best friend or a polished turd so again I willl vote for Trump. The man and his family has been through over 4 years of hell from the most evil and anti-American POS on this earth and is still swinging. God bless him and give him the strength to continue because our Nation is depending on his victory to remain a Constitutional Republic.

Got together last night with some gals in my old stomping grounds. Ages ranged from 60s to 90s. Been friends for more than 40 years. Great potluck, old tv, shouted at the moderator, talked over the debaters. Door open to the cool night air. What fun! Live theater and no fussy ushers shushing folks. Will do it again soon.

Notice Biden said nothing about blm and antifa? Trump just had to CONDEMN white supremacy and militias and Biden referred to Antifa as an IDEA NOT AN ORGINIZATION.

When was the last time anyone caught an idea throwing bricks and burning police cars, asks a friend of mine. Or getting off its skateboard to try to murder someone with it I ask.

My criticism of Trump’s performance was that he interrupted Biden so much that Biden did not get a chance to make an ass of himself.

not me as my Grandmother would say “Such a PROBLEM”. Or maybe Paul Harvey saying “And the REST of the Story”. I’m sure there is a lot more to the story but you’ll never bother to look.

ENJOY your “Peaceful Protestors” burning down your neighborhood as the demoralized and Defunded Police DO NOTHING. Maybe you can call in the unarmed de-escalation team member with a degree in Gender studies to talk down that angry Mob intent on destroying all you worked for?

THINK Before you vote. You can only VOTE IN Socialism ONCE, then like the plague it remains until everything is destroyed and people riot to kill off the Socialist PARTY, like in the French Revolution where all the Leadership had a lovely date with Madame Guillotine.

Maybe you should take a break from worrying about Orange Man BAD a while and read a few books. I SUGGEST Animal Farm and Orville’s 1984.

BOTH in live action coming SOON to a town or city near you narrated by Uncle Creepy Joe Biden.

not me,

So you hate the Inuit peoples? Are you a bigoted racist bent on imposing your liberal white privilege on natives? I’m sure you’re not. Let me ease your concerns.

What Trump did was remove federal restrictions imposed on the state of Alaska imposed by Obama, in violation of the agreement when Alaska joined the Union, that said the state, not the federal government, would regulate fish and game laws on all lands, including federal lands.

State regulations allowed native peoples, mostly living a subsistent lifestyle, to practive eons old practice of hunting food, including bears cubs in dens. Obama’s liberal friends were offended by this practice (guess they figured folks living 500 miles from the closest grocery store should starve?)

Trump, being the compassionate human he is, decided since only a handful of people practice this method of harvesting food to survive, and the State of Alaska only permits it in limited areas, to allow state’s rights to prevail.

Now, aren’t you glad you came by and posted your concerns? There’s a whole world of information when you wisely stray away from left wing publications, and seek the truth.

No thanks necessary. Just knowing I helped someone is enough for me.

Dennis, ya beat me to it!
Those pesky facts over misguided feelings.
The Inuits are good stewards of nature and their local resources.
Its only when well meaning clueless idiots from the city get involved that the environment and people suffer.
The fires are the result of piss poor forest management by clueless idiots.
Many years ago the everglades became flooded. Deer and other animals habitat were literally underwater. The herd were getting diseases and dying.They called a special hunt where any size,sex,age deer could be harvested from your tag.Idiots were enraged and their mantra was let them die in peace.Well,we know how long it takes for an animal to starve to death or die from hoof rot. So common sense prevailed, the herd was thinned out and the deer bounced back due to proper responsible management.
The idiots tried to save some deer using a helicopter for live captures. The deer died from shock and exhaustion trying to be rescued …

Bill Jenkins Horse,

Love you brother………you reckon “not me” is outraged by the liberals’ practice of killing human cubs still in the mother’s den?


Thanks for the detailed information. I wasn’t aware of either of these events but if I had herd only one side I would have researched to get the whole story unlike the super educated (sorry I meant indoctrinated) liberals. It amazes me how people will jump on any ol bandwagon without giving the cause a second thought as to it’s validity.
Awesome point concerning the human cubs, much more serious than the creatures God gave us dominion over.

God Bless and thanks again for the great comments/facts.

Bill Jenkins Horse,

A concession granted the State of Texas, that the federal government agreed to when Texas joined the union, and Texas reserved the right to secede over if ever violated, was that their treaty with the Alabama-Coushatta tribe never be violated. It remains the only treaty made with an American Indian tribe that has never been violated and lands never encroached upon.

What a farce last night. I was wishing Trump would hold his cool, but if a person is constantly bashed, the defensive comes out….with a vengeance.

He needs to take these next debates with a cool hand..Let Biden speak and bury himself.
I believe in the vice Prez debates, Pence will drill Krapmilla in a calm cool manner.

These debates, no matter how they go will not impede my vote.


The POTUS may be compared to a disease of the skin. Biden and his slattern VP are a terminal cancer. We will always have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Stick with the devil you know. The stakes are way too high. Bleib ubrig.

I didn’t watch more than two minutes of it.

I could lament about two dirty old men with questionable competence bickering like two fat kids trying to not get picked last in dodgeball… But.

Did you guys get the ad where Biden alluded to Kyle Rittenhouse being a white supremacist? Jesus Christ, he must really want to lose.

It seems that we have two delusional and incompetent carnies running for office, just one seems to think they’re taking the high road while seemingly unknowingly wallowing in their own excrement.

Can we exhume John McCain? I kind of miss him.

John McCain lost almost all respect from me when he voted against repealing the ACA after campaigning on doing so – all because he was pissed off at Trump I thought. But now his widow is actively supporting Biden. And he was used by the FBI/Clinton campaign to start the Russia hoax by leaking the “dossier.” So no I don’t miss him. The liberals hate me so much for who I am and how I live and refusing to bow to their superior BS. If someone (the President) is giving them a little of it back vocally – thank you!

. . . Dennis . . . Rock on! You’re on a roll tonight.

anony Mee ,
I agree. Dennis was full of piss and vinegar wasnt he?

Very well said. I am afraid we are in for a ruff time till the results of the vote are known if ever. I pray that the American people will wake up to the fact that like it or not Donald Trump is the only choice we have to save our way of life. God help us reelect him.

Are you kiddin’ me???

Media and demos are in melt down over Trump supposedly refusing to denounce the “white supremacist Proud Boys”.

Did just a quick Google search……the head man/grand pooh-bah of the “Proud Boys” is half African, half Cuban descent. Must be a weird white supremacist group if it’s led by a person of color………

What’s next? Obama was really a white guy?

Excuse me……I need a therapy session……….

I dunno- they keep saying Kamala Harris is black and she isn’t. (shrug)

That gov of Cali is now suggesting that reparations be given to a certain race. Guess what? I now identify as a black person so I can get some too. I’m sure that some time in Denmark my great great great ancestors had a mixed relationship.

Some Dems are as racist as they claim the Republicans are – judging and paying people based on the color of their skin!!!!!

I feel bad for for non-liberals living in California. I don’t know how you can stand it – unless you somehow simply ignore the political climate there – until it affects your wallet…

Its truly unbelievable. I am so glad we are no longer business owners here, and there have been some pretty serious discussions had. If not for the IL’s, we would already be gone. I’m itching to go, but do not want to go back on my promises.

We(I)was in the middle of packing when acdh broke his leg. It tossed those plans into the cement mixer. In the mean time fixing up the place, will we see whatever comes.
NO, I do not like living here but somethings are out of my hands. Unfortunately!

nope, forget it. I am not moving to Cali, even if they pay me as a person that identifies as a person of color.

But just look at the ones that have “stolen valor” or identified wrongly as a minority, or … just to get an advantage.

Hermit us,
He’s not just suggesting it, he signed a bill last night that directs a task force formation for this purpose. I posted some excerpts on the open thread on this, so that I dont get too far off topic.

Based on the way this law is written and the powers given to this task force, I believe it has the potential to be wealth redistribution on a massive scale.

So Cal Gal
That is what he is best at along with his minions. Stealing out of the working persons wallet to fill the thieves bank accounts.

Did Trump toss the election with his performance?

Bummin (Old Chevy, Chevy, and my suggestion “crank case”)

Did not appear to lose his base. The rally last night was well attended and the ones on Friday/Saturday will tell more.

I think he may have learned from this experience about the optics in a campaign.

hermit us; I do deserve the cranky tag; but often when I read what I have posted it sounds really angry and pissed off when I wasn’t; I was just being really adamant and asking hard questions. I’m not a big cranky guy, just got to ask questions.

So the “edit” option is good! : )

where is that?


“crank case” not meant as a slight but just an analogy in reference to the auto theme you use. Meant as a bit of humor when you asked for suggestions for a tag.

That’s how I took it, good fun.

President Trump performed like he usually does. It’s how he got elected the first time.

“My Donald is a fighter.”
– Melania Trump

Just in: POTUS and wife have testd positive for ccp virus..

IMO Biden spent the past couple weeks going to bed in the morning and getting up in the evening in order to reset his circadian clock. This to avoid sundowning at 9pm his time when the debate got underway. Notice how often it looked like he was reading from notes? I bet he spent his waking hours these few weeks practicing a repeat-after-me process. To engage both eyes and mouth he needed to disengage his eyes. And as DaisyK pointed out he stuttered through numbers more than once. Getting ahead of the little voice in his head.


Maybe…….if she develops the cure for socialism………