Active or Retired LEOs – What’s Your Take On The Anti-Police Movement?

Anti-Police Movement

Are you a Law Enforcement Officer? What’s your perspective and opinion on where we’re headed with this anti-police movement?

How can it be that here in the United States of America we have big city mayors (and state governors) clearly in support of a anti-police movement.

Washington (Seattle) and Oregon (Portland) being among the worst as rioting explodes there, coinciding with a neutered police force.

Spreading Fast

But it’s spreading. Fast. So far it’s seemingly concentrated in far-left cities (and states). All under the guise of “social injustice”. The anti-police movement (stunningly) seems to have wide support among many politicians, big corporations, Big-Tech, mainstream news and media, professional sports, and most of today’s youth – even into middle aged… It is metastasizing.

“Black Lives Matter”, an apparent political organization mostly funded by a man named George Soros, is largely behind the anti-police movement in my view. It’s spreading like wildfire across the nation as huge amounts of money are dumped into this assault.

How can law enforcement take the abuse? Especially in the affected city regions. It’s crazy.

Do these people not have any idea of the thin blue line between law-and-order — and chaos without rule of law?

Have they actually been convinced that all cops are bad cops? Don’t they realize that there are bad apples among every profession and all of humanity?

Was the George Floyd death really the straw that broke the camels back, or was this organized movement in the play book just waiting for a spark to set the fire?

Do the “social injustice” warriors really believe that eliminating the police will actually result in some sort of utopia for them?

Do they not understand how evil people will rise up and fill the void in a lawless society?

LEO’s, Let’s Hear Your Take…

There are lots of questions and suppositions. I could go on and on about it (which I have in many previous articles). However I’m curious to hear your perspective as an active or retired LEO.

I invite anyone to comment below. But if you’re a LEO, let us know that too, if you would.

What’s your take on all this? Where is it going?

How can you do your job when these people (and your leadership in some regions) are spitting on you (and worse)?

How do you feel about the police officers seen kneeling with Black Lives Matter? What’s that all about?

Are you beginning to feel like more civilians are against you than for you?

I’ve asked a lot of questions. I’ll stop here. Lets hear from you…

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Not Law enforcement but i am not a Citizen of the USA so this question is for my deeper understanding ” are you still drawing a wage ? ” and if you are why are the riots happening uncontested in clear violation of your laws? . Not trying to cause an argument I see the same thing in Britain and fail to understand why Property is being destroyed and very few arrests or even police presence on the streets.

Also not law enforcement, but the short answer to your question is that the commies these cities have elected are ordering law enforcement to stand down. now, don’t blame the police, they are people just like us, they have families to take care of and rent or mortgages to pay, they need their jobs…the political class is failing these cities, not the police.

27 years as a LEO…..never seen it this bad. Being told to stand down and not be proactive. Politicians don’t want us doing our jobs. The plain truth is LE isn’t pretty and there are bad people. Sometimes it gets physical and people get hurt…us and them. I’m glad I’m at the end of my career. Now you are concerned if you defend yourself that you will get indicted and end up losing everything you have worked for in a stellar career. We care, we hate not being proactive and chasing bad guys and going after the predators in society! We never did the job for the benefits..we do it because it has to be done! We are human but we make our living running towards the sound of gunfire…we know it’s dangerous and accept that. I have never judged anyone based on race or religion but if the are an A$$hole….I’m a nice guy so if you are being treated like crap you have to ask yourself why….. this isn’t going to get better anytime soon!

In the very near future we will all be required to enforce the laws that it will take to survive, protect our property and family by any means necessary.

Forgot to add “BADGES?….We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

“Treasure of the Sierra Madre” Right?

Yes and also “Blazing Saddles”.

Retired LEO here.
It’s a Far Left plan to destroy America…create chaos, deny it’s happening, demonize police, demonize everything and everyone who opposes their agenda, turn people against each other, i.e. divide and conquer, disarm the public so there is no way to resist, then “step in” to save us when all seems lost… with Socialism or even Communism. Democrats are completely comfortable with the plan…see who they support!

It’s been done before, for those of us who know history, this has played out many times.
Wake up, America. The only way to defeat this evil crowd is to vote Democrats OUT in a massive rebuke in November…and I mean ALL of them everywhere. Crush them! Then, allow the Police to do their job and shut down the violence and riots, jail them. Right now, that should be the top priority. Think about it… crushing Democrats will scare the bejesus out of the Republicans… and make them aware that we the people have finally reached our limit. Throw out the politicians who have been in office for decades and replace them with real Conservatives…we can win this… but not all at once!

Once that job is done, we can start working on Republicans who are not Conservative thinking, and reverse all the craziness.

We need term limits for congress, 2 terms and done forever. No ongoing benefits. We are supposed to have government of, for and by The People, not a buncha lying crooked professional polititians,,,,

Totally agree. 21+ years LEO. Now retired. BLM and Antifa use outright lies about who kills who with regard to police officers. This is a Marxist movement intent on destroying our way of life, and the cheerleaders have been the Democrat Party starting with the Obama Administration. The progressive movement is what Marx called communism.

Most Black people are killed by Black people. Police officers kill more White people than they do Black people by far (CDC, FBI, DHS, etc.).

In every case, it is Democrats who allow anarchy to take over the streets of Democrat run cities. Lawlessness must be stopped at the earliest possibility. Failure to do so is tantamount to giving the lawless permission to burn, loot, attack innocent people, and to use such attacks to silence opposing views. The racism accusations serve the same purpose.

Without police, lawlessness will grow. The release of prisoners has already begun a major uptick in crime. So too has the exponential expansion of special considerations for minority groups, giving them free passes and special rights. The majority of Americans do not support the direction our country has taken.

Meanwhile, the 2d Amendment is being trampled. This will deny the masses the ability to defend their families, and what they have earned through their labors.
No nation in history has endured by allowing the lawless and their supporters to rule.

Not a LEO, did work in a County Hospital for 8 years and got to know a few. The picture shown above of Ghetto Rats makes my blood boil.

On another note, lived in the greater Minneapolis area for ten years, just saw an article on another site that said the people in “The Cities” aka Minneapolis/St.Paul are forming militias to combat crime now that the Police are defunded. Sad but true

Looking forward to read what Dennis says about this, and others.

Seminole Wind,
Ghetto rats!, please do not insult rats. This is a respectable site.

Texas Boy
Please excuse my use of the term ” Ghetto Rats”, is ” Pond Scum”, ” Monkey Boys” , or ” Low Life Losers” O.K?

Please advise, maybe just Cockroach Crap?

I know, I must repent for my White privilege’s, ” Lord forgive me my sins, and be with the pigmies in our cities” (Larry the Cable Guy)

Retired military and current parole officer. Blm and antifa are Marxist orgs and are not being hindered by marxist politicians in the big dem run cities. Most Americans dont want anarchy and marxism but will they stand with law enforcement? The next couple months will decide the fate of this nation

im not a LEO but i have had some not so good experiences with bad cops or what could be called over zealous cops i also had a cop save my backside before and will stand with em without law enforcement we WILL descend into the law of the jungle and if these slime that are demanding there be LESS cops dont have a clue how brutal things will become there will be MANY that will end up dead or wishing they where dead street gangs will just roll into cities and take over EVERYTHING and NOBODY in that city will truly be safe unless this stops fast i am scared we are looking at the end of the us as a country

I can not blame the people in law enforcement when civilian legislators including mayors and Governors tell them to violate their oath. Officers have families that depend on them, investments in homes, retirement funds, …. a lot to lose if they just walk away. I hope many have already applied to positions in conservative States.

The same applies to most citizens these days as opposed to the civil war era. We are now tired by our dependence on the financial system one way or another to be able to feed our families – SS, welfare, SNAP, 401k, wages, … I dream that a million of us could walk to the Capitol to affect change, but I know there are not enough citizens that would give up everything to attend. we are resigned to live in servitude until change is forced on us in a horrific way. Less than 100 days to save this country.

The hope of the marxists is that they can provoke law enforcement into another “Kent State” situation to garner enough support to blow the country up.

hermit us – I’ve been pondering the LEO situation, too. I hear what you’re saying about not blaming them for violating their oath, as they have families to support. I have compassion for the tough situation they’re in, but the fact is many of them *are* violating that oath. It’s an impossible situation, and I don’t have the same one to face so I can’t say what I’d do, though I hope I’d do what was honorable. One thing’s for sure, though, ‘just following orders’ will never be an excuse for violating constitutional law, or God’s law for that matter, and it won’t guarantee anything at all – job security, family safety, financial health. It is literally all on the line now.

Regarding citizens rising up in non-compliance with tyranny – what many don’t get is if we don’t turn this around, we’ll lose everything regardless. There will be no safety in compliance, history bears that out. It’s a matter of what one’s life stands for, and the choice to live or die a free human being, or to live or die as a kneeling slave.

With respect.

So I’m not misunderstood, I have tremendous respect for law enforcement, and have friends local that are LEO. What they do every day has given many of us the luxury of not even having to think about the chaos that would be our reality without that thin blue line. I’m also not blaming anyone for their choices, knowing they are in some cases impossible choices. It is important, I believe, to understand and name what each of us is choosing, and to do so with full awareness of the reality we are facing.

I don’t buy that the LEO’s are allowing this to happen because they have families, mortgages, car payments, or a cat to feed , etc..
When I finished college, I became part of an organization. Called ‘The Order of the Engineer’. It’s has no legal binding or anything but more of a reminder of where our focus should be as an engineer. In a nut shell, I promised to not take part in any engineering where it could possibly hatprm the public health through cutting corners or apathy. I have been tested multiple times over the years at companies I worked for and with customers who wanted to do something because their main concern was minimizing cost. I had customers gang up on me three and four at a time wanting me to ok a procedure when I knew that people’s lives could be negatively affected.

I stood my ground.

I didn’t want to go to my coworkers families and tell them I okayed a procedure that got their loved one killed when I knew it had a high risk of failure.
If I okayed it and someone got hurt, not only could I lose my job but I could face legal action as well.
There were times when a company wanted me to okay the use of equipment when I knew it was beyond its safe working life.

I stood my ground

I did not allow the use of that equipment and was reassigned to a different project. I did inform others about the situation who took over and left that decision to them.

I would rather lose my job than have someone die because I made a decision to cut corners. If I lost my job, so be it nut it didn’t happen.

A friend once told me at work,

‘This isn’t my first job and most likely won’t be my last’.

Again, I don’t buy the ‘I have bills to pay so I am going to compromise my integrity’ arguement. Not from the situation with law enforcement now or anyone else for that matter.

You Sir are an engineer with ethics and integrity. I hope you are a registered engineer (PE) in your home state. (If not, make it a priority when you get stateside again. America needs professionals like you!).

Thank you Sir

Much appreciated.


I think you may have gotten the “just following orders” backwards. LEO’s are not being told to go out and kill people, beat people, arrest people, … but are told just the opposite: disengage, re-deploy elsewhere, no weapons to be used, … They are being told to not cooperate with Federal officers, not to protect firefighters, not to protect EMS, … So, the LEO’s must stand an take the abuse and many are being injured.

Is it against the Constitution to not rush into a war zone against direct orders from the leadership?

hermit us – My ‘just following orders’ comment was related to the first sentence you wrote in the original comment about civilian legislators telling officers to violate their oath. It was not at all related to orders to stand down and not engage rioters.

Over the past couple of months, there have been occasions where people have been arrested for going to church, playing in a park, or refusing to close their place of business. I consider these acts to be unconstitutional, as there is no language in the constitution allowing for the violation of intrinsic rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – due to a declared medical emergency. One cannot defend the constitution and enforce unlawful orders at the same time. To their credit, many in law enforcement chose not to enforce those unlawful orders, some declaring that publicly, some just quietly turning a blind eye.

Absolutely agree with you that what is happening right now is just awful. I can’t imagine the turmoil for the officers and their families, knowing that even when they are ‘standing down’ they are often sought out and targeted – sometimes even at home when they’re off the job. They are being used and betrayed by the people at the top of the command structure, and it’s despicable. If I indicated anything otherwise in my comment, it was poor communication on my part.

If integrity is not restored to law enforcement the game is over . Three cops argued over whether to bust me when a couple drunks accosted me on my own farm and I took my little .22 out of my back pocket , racked the slide and safetyed it in my front pocket after the older , bigger of the two thugs told me he was going to f–k me up . I am 70 years old and don’t walk well.The two guys lost to the young liberal lesbian cop . They shut their mouth and tucked their balls and let her cost me thousands of dollars for a good hard working lawyer . If any integrity had been there the two cops would have unfurled their ball sacks and told the judge what happened not to mention busting some drunks ass and hauling them in . They are reaping just what corruption they have sown . I grew up in a cop home and the cops of yesteryear are nowhere to be found . They stood down for no man . They kneeled to no man . They served with honor and if they shot you , you needed shootin’ .

Folks here at MSB know I’m retired police. Never ashamed or apologetic, always proud of what I did.

When you become a police officer, it’s a life changing experience for you, and probably more so, for your family. Your social life takes a hit. Some, not all, but some, lifelong friends suddenly distance themselves. Some no longer want you at social gatherings.

Some of this is due to the odd hours and demands of the job. Shifts that rotate monthly, days off in the middle of most folks work week, always working on holidays, called to court after working the graveyard shift..when you should be sleeping, or on your days off, on call 24 hours a day……I could go on.

Most folks, the overwhelming majority, are good decent people. That’s drilled into you at the academy. We were told that 80% of the people, we would never have an adverse interaction with. The other 20% would account for almost 100% of the crime, with some 2-5% accounting for the majority. I never found reason to believe that was not true.

Police seldom get good press. Every foul-up or misdeed, real or imagined, gets reported. If later found that the officer did no wrong…….silence in the media. That affects the image people draw in their subconscious. Even on these pages, I have had conversations with folks that had poor opinions of police in general, but when pressed, admit they’ve never had a bad encounter themselves, but they’ve heard so much bad stuff, there must be some truth in it.

The anti-police rhetoric we are seeing today is, in my opinion, hand in glove with the perfect storm we are seeing develop. Of course, people who espouse anarchy dislike police. Of course, people who tout communism/socialism embrace anarchy, because historically, communism/socialism only comes about through anarchy. Deep staters are embracing the movement in a desperate move to keep in power. All these actors are targeting police…..mainly because they are easy targets.

Police act under restraints. Always have….and rightfully so. Police are having more and more restraints placed on them….and in some jurisdictions facing threat of bogus felony prosecutions. Whether you defund, defang, or do away with police, the result is the same. The criminal is unrestrained, the helpless are undefended, the anarchist hold free reign, communist/socialists grow stronger, the deep state maintains it’s control of government.


The 80% of the population who never asks for anything except to be left alone to prosper by the sweat of their own brow, build a life and a degree of wealth based on their efforts……is left without that “thin blue line” shielding them from the 20%.

Makes me want to cry…….not for myself…….no….for those who can’t see what they are allowing.

Well said Dennis.

Excellent post Dennis, you will always be held in high regard.

Well said Dennis

Perhaps the “80%” need to take personal responsibility for the defense and safety of themselves and their own families, instead of relying on LE to “shield them”.

I have not always been one of the good guys. I have been questioned, arrested and taken to jail on multiple occasions. Even in my wildest days I can not say I was ever mistreated by LEO’s. Now that I try to be one of the good guys I can look back and see that in all of these situations the LEOs were professional and courteous even when I was not. I now have LEOs as friends. Most LEOs are good men and women that do their best at a very difficult job.

My take? this is what we have earned,the fruition of generations of no discipline in the home, in the classroom, now on the streets.This wil lonely get worse until they are met with greater force UN, Military? As long as they can get away with the destruction, disruption, distraction they will continue to take it to the next level,city.

32 years in and looking forward to retirement. I’m blessed to work in a Texas community that is very conservative. We have seen some BLM protest, but all have been peaceful to date in our area. Concerning BLM, I don’t know of any officers that would bow/kneel to BLM where I work. We’re concerned and regularly talk about the Marxist/Socialist movement that is on the move in this country. We’re seeing a lot of interest from officers in the Democrat controlled cities, where the riots are occurring wanting to move and work in Texas.
One of our biggest concerns over the next few years and decade is shortage of officers. After all who want to enter this profession with everything going on, but than again that exactly what the Marxist/Socialist movement is counting on. They want to weaken law enforcement and local control of law enforcement to justify the need for a unified national police force.
We live in interesting time for sure!!!

As a retired LEO, with local, state, and federal experience (30 years total), it disgusts me to see how the politicians have treated the police. The final straw for me was the incident in Atlanta when 2 white cops tried to arrest that black man who was sleeping, intoxicated, in the drive-thru restaurant parking lot, and the man fought with the officers, ending up on the ground. Let me tell you, when it gets to that stage of the arrest, when you are on the ground with the arrestee, you are literally fighting for your life. There is no referee, and no ground rules. If you lose, you are dead ! The arrestee then took off running with one of the cops Taser. The cop had no choice, but to shoot. Had the man escaped with the Taser. a weapon, and used it to assault someone in the future, the cop would have then been held responsible. The cop was doing what he had been trained to do. And then the cop was being charged with murder ! That’s when the ‘Thin Blue Line’ decided enough was enough, and
decided to let the politicians get what they asked for. No cop in his right mind was going to risk going to prison for doing what he was trained to do. Do you know what a cop’s greatest fear is ? No ? It’s going to prison, where he’s hated and a marked man !
That’s why the cops are holding back today – because the politicians are throwing them to the wolves ! OK. Give them what they want. If it’s Anarchy, so be it.

JoeFriday, great handle, some that are not aged a bit may not get it.

Let rioters burn and wreck their neighborhoods, drive out businesses, then let them live in it, you did it-you own it.

I support law enforcement, if the law walks away and finds something safer/better to do with their lives, more power to them. For those that stay in, they are better than I am, I could not remain professional and withstand the environment. Walk away and let them have “utopian dream”.

Well said Joe.

Joe, I agree with you. The man was a felon and a danger to police and civilians alike.

The politicians are nuts. Just today I caught a glimpse of the A G Barr hearing. (Was on FoxNews watching something I taped & when it ended I caught a minute. Had to turn it off ASAP to save me from a high blood pressure incident.) Anyway, the Dem asked Barr, “Which is more important — Protecting a protester’s first amendment rights or protecting a building?”

I turned off my tv before I heard Barr’s answer.

Nobody mentions that just perhaps, the officers stopped a drunk from killing a family or child while driving drunk.

Mrs. U
Of course the media would not say they stopped a potential drunk driving incident resulting in a fatality(ies). That would be too obvious. There had to be something more sinister there like racism, didn’t like the paint job on the car, the car was dirty, or something.
One thing definitely not mentioned in the media, the guy either got drunk sitting in the parking lot or was already drunk when he arrived which would mean that he already put the public in danger before the first officer ever arrived at the scene.

I have papers saying….’You Are Appreciated’ on them and place underneath the windshield wiper on police cars when I can.
Hope to make an officer’s day..and hoping he/she will share that sentiment to other officers that we do notice.

I’m retired LEO , did my part best I could. Love this blog Ken and so many of you regulars.
It’s hard to take , watching the police in Seattle / Portland and other cities being told not to enforce the laws. They are forced to stand by and allow criminal behavior to continue night after night because spineless mayors/ govenors/ and police chiefs cater to the will of the mob , to the will of the puppet masters.Bombarded with rocks,bricks, bottles
sometimes fired on, they try to keep a lid on it. .Every day that this is allowed to go unchallenged only empowers ( soros and assorted socialists communists. )
They talk of defunding or eliminating police. Sounds like choas.

So I wasn’t a real cop, but I worked 10/12 years as a reserve officer and deputy.
I see the law enforcement agencies, no more than a business.
You have your chiefs, sheriffs, county prosecutors,
mayor’s, governors,etc making all the calls, not law enforcement.
Case in point:.
Newly elected sheriff.
“You pulled this citizen over for a reason/suspicion. Write them up”. No officer discretion, nothing. Write them. Well, he ‘retired’.

I met a running sheriff, hopeful at a shooting match.
We talked. He sees our own distruction coming down the pike. He wants to imply the reserve program once again, making we the people that are law abiding citizens, hold our section together. Not the high falutin, that hold titles….and run with the said program.

We vote primaries in two weeks.
I’m voting for him. I’ve worked with his opponent for years. I like him, but with things coming, we ain’t in Kansas, anymore.
There needs to be a proactive approach, not a reactive, in law enforcement.

Coming to a Podunk county near you.

Lord, help us all

Not a LEO but part of and ancillary to regional security operations overseas. Took a very similar oath several times throughout my career. . . .

Here’s some thoughts some politicians might be having: . . . Reduced numbers of police means . . . .
less $ to payroll, uncontrollable overtime, benefits, and overhead . . . .
less $ to long-term pension programs . . . .
less $ to support costs – vehicles, facilities, training, supplies . . . .
AND fewer potential defiant ones with training and arms when the revolution kicks off.

Anony Mee – I’m thinking your last reason is why politicians on the left are supporting the ‘defund the police’ rhetoric. After all, they can (and do) always hire their own personal security who answers to them.

Makes sense Anony,
But it sure is one crappy way to cut funding. Maybe the politicians should instead cut spending in the arts. Who wants to see a jar with a cross in it filled with urine and is called ‘art’? Or a play portraying the murder of the POTUS and calling it ‘art’. The world does not need more ‘actors/actresses/artists. There are already enough of them pushing their socialist/Marxist/progressive ideology. We don’t need more.

However, I fully support music such as piano, trumpet, guitar, etc. No rap music.

Active LEO with 24 years and counting from behind the enemy lines in CA here. I’ve worked three agency’s doing 1, 10.5, and over 13 years respectively at them. I’m a sergeant which one could argue is the most important position within a department as they have the responsibility of keeping the officers working safely and professionally within the law and policy, responsibly developing them over the course of their careers, and help guiding their morale buy positively interacting with them but also having to snap their carrot and keep them in line if they get even close to stepping over it. With that said, these last few months have been stressful and tiring for us. But, it’s what you do during the struggle as a leader is what defines how you and your people come out of it. What keeps our officers going is the support they enjoy from their supervisors and management at our agency. I can’t stress enough, (especially in CA) how rare this is in a modern day organization. Our agency gets it and hires only people we feel will make us better and knows how to treat people like human beings while still knowing how to take care of things directly when the situation calls for it. It sounds so simple, but many agencies simply have gotten away from that and that’s usually the root of many of the agency’s problems when they end up on social media or worse, national news. We stay on top of each of the latest events, discuss them (and how to navigate them) with our people, and re-iterate our support for our people, (and their families). We break down and de-brief many use of force incidents caught on camera so their minds are not caught off guard when/if they are faced with a similar situation and can be better prepared to handle it safely and professionally. In my opinion, an officer who is consistently mentored, trained, (and training does mean having the difficult conversations they need to hear when they screw up) and above all, supported by their supervisors creates a more professional and PREPARED officer over the course of their careers. With that said, there are things that appear on the horizon, (or closer) that are simply beyond our control that will likely have a major negative impact on the profession in the near future. All the internal support in the world will not help officers in this state or others if/when lawmakers remove “qualified immunity” for them if they are forced into a significant/deadly use of force incident. Qualified immunity is legal protection when officers have done the RIGHT thing. This removal will allow officers to be sued personally. Colorado and Connecticut have already made these moves and I can’t imagine CA will be too far behind. This governor never fails to disappoint. From the passage of laws that have de-criminalized narcotics, keep nearly all misdemeanor crimes, (and you’d probably be surprised as what’s called a misdemeanor)… Read more »

Silver Lodge.
Good post

Retired LEO here. Left a few months early because I could not turn on the boob tube with the talking heads shrieking about evil police murdering a poor innocent child. Remember the photo of the Ferguson felon taken when he was about 12? Far cry from the reality of the 300 pound violent aggressive murder machine the officer had to shoot. Remember the five officers charged with manslaughter because the freaked out felon in cuffs decided to batter the door of the transport van open with his head and broke his neck? Officer charged with murder for shooting a violently resisting criminal who snatched a tool capable of paralyzing the officer? (Taser) ok, I’ll put it out here and now. I quit, cut and run, got while getting was good. Haven’t regretted it one moment. Oh, I’ll always miss being a young officer going out to hunt monsters. If you take offense to the use of the word, you don’t get out much. The trick in hunting monsters is to not become one.
My take? Long game of destabilization, started in the 60’s. Encourage drug use, destroy nuclear family unit, minimilize churches and religion. Mainstream formerly fringe, radical philosophies. Pedophilia is next to go up on the platform, it’s a child’s right to choose issue. People tend to romanticise criminals. Robin Hood, Billy the Kid, James brothers. Plays directly into the narrative. Reality is different. This may be “It”. The final push to eliminate local law enforcement, to be replaced with a federally controlled armed civilian service. Once all three government branches are under socialist control, the radical agendas will be forced upon the people by this arm of government. We local yokels were your last line of defense. You saw us in church, at the kids school functions, had coffee with us, spoke to us on the street. Just as some sherrifs won’t enforce mask decrees, there was a limit to what we would do. Not so with a federal unit from Maryland deployed to Mississippi. They are “Them” not “Us”. Treasure your local PD. Cops grow immune to bad treatment, but never forget a kind word. If your Govenor supports officers, support them Votes have consequences. We are headed for another face off over states rights to govern themselves. If it comes down to it, if the blue line has to face off against the organized agents of chaos, look behind you, guys. The old greheads, wearing worn leather gunbelts with holstered 357s, carrying shotguns and worn polished rifles, will step into the fight. Yes, we’re old. We didn’t get this old by being stupid, or easy. We’ve used up most of or lives anyway, all the good parts. Why the hell should we be afraid of dying?
Stay Safe.

I would stand with you any time…thank you for your dedication to your community.

Buck –

That is about the most realistic, relevant and thought provoking passage I’ve ever read on the subject. Thank you for your service to the community! You mentioned immunity to bad treatment and never forgetting a kind word. It reminded me of an encounter near my home a few years ago. I rolled up to a blind three way stop near my home that was notorious for drivers rolling through and causing terrible accidents. Half way through I noticed one of our city’s finest tucked behind a bush waiting to catch an offender. I had just enough time to wave, give a thumbs-up and say “Thank you!”.
The officer fell in behind me and followed me a short distance to my home. As I exited my vehicle he called me over to his patrol vehicle and asked me if I had some kind of problem. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on… Apparently the poor guy had taken so much crap from people that he thought I was being rude to him. I had to remind him that it was a wave of appreciation, a thumbs up, and a heartfelt genuine thank you for patrolling that intersection. He looked confused and shocked. After a moment of silence, he said: “Oh?” … and then he drove away. What a sad state of affairs.


Some young officers have developed rudeness and over sensitivity as a defense mechanism. Not justifying, just explaining. They are a product of their generation. They never had the experience of the elderly father of the FBI Director walking up to them in a public place and thanking them for their service. Never had the same from their governor, or the DEA Director. Never had a young man in military uniform about to head for the sandbox do the same, and request that we take care of his young family while he went a hunting. Don’t let them kill my kids, he said. We didn’t. All LEO’s and military swear an oath. Some listen to what they say, some don’t. I remember what I said.


I admit that an officer defense mechanism is an interesting explanation for the encounter described by tmcgyver. It is one I hadn’t thought about in much depth.

When I read that the officer followed tmcgyver home to ask if tmcgyver had a problem, my first thought was the officer was asking if he (tmcgyver) needed assistance. Cool! Then, I was saddened to see the officer wasn’t seeking to help, but wanted to confront someone for being (he thought) rude.

First of all, I am sure that the officer knows that rudeness is perfectly legal under the first amendment (with some fairly well-understood exceptions). Knowing that, there would be no apparent articulable reasonable suspicion, and much less any probable cause, to engage tmcgyver, other than to apparently show him who is boss.

Perhaps that is where we as a society have regressed, where rudeness and attitude are, if not celebrated, almost so, leading to a game of one-upmanship: You dis me, I will dis you more! That is bad enough for the general population, but it becomes arguably worse when one of the gamers is a government actor possessing a lot of force-multiplying tools.

I don’t think anyone here, and I certainly include myself, thinks that the job of an LEO is an easy one. It is most assuredly not; it is tough on one’s personal life, one’s family’s life, carries a high risk of injury, is often the object of scorn (see: Portland), and is very often thankless. But, the public perception of the LEO is not enhanced when engaging in the behavior by the officer as described. Maybe, hopefully, he was just having a bad day working traffic. I hope he is generally bigger than that.

I’m with you Buck! I’m retired LEO with 40 years, Retired fro State Police with 31 years and a stent as Chief of Police in small Texas town for 9 years! Now I’m a retired professional hunting guide and full time exotic sheep rancher on my family ranch and a full time grandpa!
I’ve watched all the crap going on and will strap my 9mm back on, load my Benelli and protect my family to my last dying breath. Like Buck said, us old timers can already see the sign at the end of our road and it says, “Dead End”!
I made my mind up 40 years ago when I took my LEO oath, if my life or another’s life was in danger of harm or death, I would pull that trigger to protect those I’ve sworn to Protect.
We’re still the Sheep Dogs till the day we die!

You are correct. I’m Retired Deputy Sheriff. The bad part is the city and county where i live has degraded to liberal democrats, the police here are not happy and the people are suffering for it.
The police would dolove to be able to do their jobs but are stopped by the new laws and regulations placed on them. I’m old but I can still shoot and support the boys in blue.

You are correct. I’m Retired Deputy Sheriff. The bad part is the city and county where i live has degraded to liberal democrats, the police here are not happy and the people are suffering for it.
The police would dolove to be able to do their jobs but are stopped by the new laws and regulations placed on them. I’m old but I can still shoot and support the boys in blue.

oops double tapped that one , sorry ’bout that

As a retired State Corrections Officer, I can only offer you my opinion on those I see rioting. I would warn anyone that when confronted by these Bolsheviks they should assume nothing and expect anything. It’s a good bet that many of the Blacks are convicted felons while the little Soy Wiggers are borderline psychopaths’ and the women are stone cold Feminists who just hate…period. I’d rather work the floor in a maximum security wing than have to face these people on the street unarmed. Just my opinion.

One of the many tactics that the fascists and the communists have used historically, is to de-humanize their targets. Hitler did it with the Jews, Stalin and Marx with the bourgeoise (middle class), pro-abortionist democrats de-humanize the “fetus”, and historically, democrats de-humanized blacks (only be counted as 3/5 of a person).

Why would it be a surprise to anyone that these people would demonize, de-humanize, attack, and seek to eliminate police officers? The answer is………they wouldn’t……. if they didn’t see police as a threat. Not a threat to them personally, but rather, a threat to their goals of “fundamentally changing America”.

What is sad to watch is these mis-educated, propagandized middle class white folks that buy into this movement, not realizing they, as members of the bourgeoise, are next in line.

Will people EVER learn that the 3/5th person count of Blacks in bondage was an ABOLITIONIST LAW…and NOT a law backed by slave owners or slave States? This was a way to TAKE POWER FROM the slave States….and has NOTHING TO DO WITH DE-HUMANIZING BLACK SLAVES.

It was an ANTI-SLAVERY tactic….not an ANTI-BLACK tactic.

Just so you know….

Do not expect the Police to be there for you, once the risk becomes greater than the value of their paycheck. The same city councils which de-fund police, can remove existing police and replace them with new personnel from ANTIFA. The Police shall become the strong arm of the coming tyranny, as they always have been in the past.

Remember the Obama statements about creating a civilian police force as large and as strong as the U.S. Military? This is coming. They shall be the enemy. They are why you have bullets.


You are 100 percent correct on your history about the reason for black slaves only being counted as 3/5ths!!!

Source? Curious because I have read that slave states were refusing to approve the Constitution which formed a republic as opposed to a loose federation of states. In order to get the slave states to agree, northern states, anti-slavery, gave the 3/5 slave count.

In other words, the motivation was getting the Constitution approved, not necessarily anti anything.


And you would be right. Abolitionist played no role (1787), it was strictly about who would be counted in the census to determine the number of representatives the individual states would be allotted. Southern states wanted slaves counted, northern states didn’t. 3/5ths was the compromise.

The 3/5ths compromise was about who would control congress. It remained in effect until 1865 and the 13th amendment.


Sorry. Reread you history. 3/5 was a compromise to get the slave states into the union.

So, the Northern Anti-Slave States (Abolitionist) tried to remove ALL slaves from the count and settled for a 3/5ths compromise in order to create a stronger Union? It is as I said, no contradiction at all. Had it not been for the Abolitionist movement and FREE States, there would have been NO need of any compromise, as there would never have been an attempt to lower the political clout of Slave Owning States.

The 3/5th law was the result of the efforts of slavery hating political operatives, trying to do exactly what I said.

The 3/5 compromise was adopted in1787. The earliest organized abolitionist group was the American Colonization Society founded in 1816. They proposed freeing the slaves and sending them back to Africa.

After the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the abolitionist movement started gaining momentum. The “Great Awakening”, of spiritual Christian revival in the mid-1800’s increased the abolitionist movement greatly.

While there were undoubtedly a lot of Americans that opposed slavery at the time of the founding of our country, the 3/5th’s compromise was about power in the new congress of a new country. It was about who would exercise control, the more populated northern colonies/states, or the agrarian southern colonies and states.

Hey’Buck’ :

Your words about leather holsters and buckling on the ‘ol .357, resonated with me.
When I started, back in the early ’70s, it was all leather and 6 guns -no semi autos.
And all patrol cars had that trusty old 12 gauge pump in the front, attached to the dashboard.
Funny story : In my first year, with my first partner, I was riding shotgun (front passenger seat) late one night. As we cruised through an industrial area of warehouses, as we came around a corner we spotted a guy running like hell and ducking around one of the buildings. My partner jumped out, yelled at me ‘Get the shotgun !’, and took off running after the guy.
I grabbed the shotgun, attached to the dash and tried to yank it free. It wouldn’t budge.
I pulled and pulled, but no luck. ‘Damn’ ! So I gave it all I had, and when I did, the whole dashboard ripped free, with the shotgun still attached. (The cruiser was one of those old beast Dodge Diplomats. Not kept in good shape to begin with. Nothing like the Police Cruisers of today.) So, there I stood, just inside the open passenger door, with the shotgun in my hands with the complete dashboard still attached, with all the wires dangling off of it.
At that point, my partner returned. He was still laughing at the end of our shift, hours later.
I became a ‘Legend in My Own Time’. (Later, I was shown the Release Button that was located under the dash.)

I remember those days. The S&W Model 19s, Colt Pythons, and Detective Specials. Remember the batons we carried on our belts? Then the tonfas? Remember not having BP vests?

Your story rings so true. We had locks on our twelves.

Joe Friday
When I first started, the shotgun rode in a pouch under the bench front seat. No semiauto handguns allowed in the basic academy. You could use speedloaders to qualify, but had to demonstrate the ability to reload out of belt loops. Some rounds were fired from 50 yards barricade position. Hip shooting was required at three yards. Baton training was with a wooden stick, and instructors showed how to use a leather “slapper”. We we taught never to “head hunt” with an impact tool. If it’s that bad, time to shoot. 26 years in service, by the Grace of God, never had to kill anyone.

Damn, Joe Friday
You must have been pretty buff back then.
The whole dash, wires, and everything?
Anymore those shotguns are fairly secured. And dashboards, too..
Nuts, bolts, even a Phillips screwdriver.
I’m so impressed!!!
No, really.

Joe c –

No doubt Joe Friday was tough. … But it was a 1970’s Dodge. Hit a good sized chuck hole and they’d shed a dash.

Hey JoeFriday

That’s a hilarious story! My son in law is a LEO. We have no crazy rioters in our city. The police would not put up with it. 🙂 (Iowa)

Thanks for the giggle

One of my State Police instructors told me years ago, “enforce the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.” I never forgot that in my 24 years on the street. I got taken out early by a drunken Indian who was in the process of several felonies. He got a split skull and a lengthy prison term. I got a career ending injury. Like mom used to say ” next best thing to playing and winning…….. is playing and losing.” (from the movie Hard Times). The thing that most motivated me on the street was the good people I was serving. They were my people, and NOTHING was going to happen to them on my shift. What on earth do those brave souls in blue have to motivate them today when half the people they defend could care less whether they lived or died?

Example: then vs now
Got dispatched to bar fight “reported going pretty good…. no backup available.”
Exited the cruiser and waded into the “redneck” standing room only crowd toward the pool table area in the back of the bar. Two guys were slugging out. As I was pushing through the crowd, I bumped into a guy I had arrested about two weeks earlier for DC. His name was Gary and he (no lie) looked like Mr Clean’s dirty brother. He said “where’s your boys?” I said “busy… guess this is gonna hurt a little.”
He smiled. I continued on and when I got to the two guys fighting, I figured I would grab the bigger of the two. Would rather have the little one on my back. As I was grabbing the big guy… they froze, and with fear in their eyes, they backed against the wall. Stunned at their action, I glanced behind me. There was Gary and his biker friends, arms crossed, standing right behind me. Gary said “we got your back.” After I got the fighters outside, I found out just how close I came to having my ass handed to me. The fighters were brothers having a brotherly contest to see which was tougher. What do you suppose would have happened to me today under those same conditions? Lord, please have mercy on the EMS and Police.

Soul survivor
I pulled over a car once loaded down with what we called “weird birds”. I got ID from the driver and retreated to the rear of my unit to run him and wait for backup. A local factory had just changed shifts, and a polished blue hot rod pulled up beside me. The guy had dark, trimmed hair and beard. Blue checkered flannel shirt with sleeves rolled halfway up. He eyed the occupants of the “birdmobile” and asked “Officer, do you have backup coming”? I assured him I did. He told me he’d hang around. He pulled to where the birds could see him and waited. They may have thought he was an undercover officer. My other units arrived, the driver raised his hand and left. Probably had a big handgun under his seat. Besides birds, we got guns, drugs and warrants out of the car. One warrant for assault on an officer. The other driver probably kept me alive until my backup got there. Those were the days!

SoulSurvivor –
I know you’ll suit up again. And when you do, as you find yourself in another unfair fight like the one you described here, look down and pick up the penny lying on the ground. It’s an old wives tale about facing a challenge and having a penny show up in your path so that you can be reminded of the words inscribed, Trust in God.

Put it in your pocket to remember Who fights with you, as well as to assure yourself that I’ll have your back this time around with prayers for your safety and well being. Bless you warrior as you venture further into this fight. My thanks and my respect go with you.

Silence is golden, but my eyes’ still see…….

Yep – Those were the good old days.
The .38 ammo we carried were in belt loops, just like the old cowboys.
Never heard of speed loaders.
And 5-cell Maglites, for bopping heads.
We didn’t carry batons. All pants had that special pocket on the right side for carrying a sap (blackjack).
And there was no such thing as taking a Patrol Car home. Everybody used the same cars, and they would get pretty trashy. They were treated pretty rough, with no regular washing or cleaning.
And we all took a turn at Dispatching. A Radio and a Log Book – that was it.
Ah – memories.

When I retired after 30 years sometimes people would ask “do you miss it”? I would ask them if they had ever had a boil on their butt and did
they miss it when it went away.

Has anyone ever called the police when there are no problems and everything is ok?

Thank you to all of you LEOs for keeping our communities safe!

A common feeling among LEO’s . I have two old friends, one a cop and one a firefighter…the cop laments that the firefighters union bought them all brand new recliners and everybody is happy to see the firefighters when they arrive on scene…no one is ever happy to have to see the cops…

Training officer told me:
Cops are like fire extinguishers
We are in the way until we are needed.

Hey Guys –
Want to hear another ‘Cop Story’ ? (I’m on a roll !)
Back then, there was a local ‘Adult Entertainment’ joint, with a band playing so loud that sitting at the bar you couldn’t even hear the guy sitting next to you talking. So, one night this guy sitting at the bar just topples over, hitting the floor unconscious. The local ambulance service is called and the guy is carted out, assuming he had a heart attack. Well, at the hospital it is discovered that he had a bullet hole in the back of his head, with a bullet in his brain. Dead, of course. A subsequent investigation revealed that a female undercover cop in the place at that time, had dropped her purse, which contained her .25 caliber semi-auto. (Notoriously unsafe weapon.) The gun discharged, striking the man at the bar, the loud band noise
obscuring the shot. Nobody knew the man, not being a local, so the whole incident was kept secret. The female cop had a reprimand (RIP) placed in her jacket (file) for having an unsecured weapon. The man remained a heart attack victim.
End of story.

Used to be a cop…all I can say is there is life after a justified shooting. Just be ready to go back to college or trade school afterwards. For me that was so long ago most people no longer believe me if I told them.

I too started out pulling over cars with a S&W revolver on my hip in a leather Bianchi holster. Glocks had yet to be invented yet.

And Calirefugee,
We are glad you are here! I know i am,,,

My take on the anti-police movement? There is probably a plan to replace them with another force that will be unfavorable to all.

If all police officers were above all reproach it would have been an anti-military or anti-corporation or anti-Christian or anti-any group that gets in the way of their agenda.

Police were an easy target. Police investigate themselves. Like JoeFriday said “so the whole incident was kept secret”

Military investigates themselves, congress investigates themselves, churches investigate themselves, even some corporations investigate themselves.

No police, is a stupid move, unless there is a backup plan. They could have picked an easier target to start their movement. The question should be who is next? Who is next, should really be supporting the police.

The Nazis and Brown Shirts started with weakening law enforcement in Germany. It worked for those Socialist and will work here if we don’t stop the bleed of the thin blue line!!!!

Police, like some others, are public servants. Yes, they take an oath, but they are hired into a position with a specific job description. They work inside a hierarchy and, depending on the position, that hierarchy is more or less formalized and rigid. Sometimes that hierarchy incorporates politicians, sometimes union mandates. LEOs are trained to exercise judgement but such exercise does not guarantee a predictable outcome. . . . .

Once I was assigned (nonLEO position) to nutcase of a boss. Failed to follow policies, including workplace safety and HR. I went right out and purchased professional liability insurance. I had enough oomph at this point in my career to be able to say “no”, but potential blowback from her actions on the rest of us was sufficient to justify the insurance for me. We live in litigious days.

When I was little, our town had a kind of local sheriff. I don’t know how it worked out since the town was unincorporated but he was considered the local law. He really didn’t do much of anything. I don’t think he ever gave out a single ticket. His car with the single big light on the roof was always parked in front of his house down the street. We would sometimes see him drive by very slowly as he didn’t like my dad (influenced by the 60’s) and looking to see if he could find something on my dad. He wasn’t very friendly to us but it was nice knowing he was there if needed. To me (a young little turd) he seemed like an old man but as I thought about it years later I figured he was just about done with his law enforcement days and just wanted to be in a quiet place where not too much ever happened.

Back then, we left the keys in the car, never locked any doors (car, house, or garage) and we knew that when we got back home everything would be as we left it. Back then we never saw a county or state police officer roll through town unless they lived there.

Fast forward many years—-
Now, everything gets locked and that is still not a guarantee everything will be where you put it before leaving. We see county and state police roll through daily, even the ones that don’t live there. Over the last few years there have been several heroin overdoses and regular car breakins. Still not that bad of a place, fairly quiet still. Just a few local kids that like doing things a little outside the law. There are a couple that pop up every few years. If something gets stolen, go to the kids house and get it back or they know who has it. Usually those kids grow out of it when they get out of their teens. A few that liked that lifestyle too much would move to other places where the pickings were better and they were anonymous.

Not a LEO.

It is hard to believe what is happening in America right now. It must have been really hard for people in 1983 when they were warned about this by Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezemenov. In his lectures and interviews back then he plainly laid out the playbook for subverting a country. Watch on youtube.
There are 4 steps:
1. Demoralization – this is a process which can take about 15-30 years to perform (a generation). During this stage, the moral fibre and integrity of the country is put into question, thereby creating doubt in the minds of the people. A key part of that is undermining confidence in law enforcement and military. To do so, manipulation of the media and academia is required to influence young people. As the younger generation embraces new values, such as Marxism and Leninism, the older generation slowly loses control simply through attrition. Again, true facts no longer matter during this stage, but rather creating perceptions are of paramount importance.

2. Destabilization – the purpose of this step is to change the status quo, particularly the country’s economy, foreign relations, and defense systems. The intent is to create a massive government permeating society and becoming intrusive in the lives of its citizens. This can take from two to five years to perform, again with the active support of academia pushing youth in this direction. Here, entitlements and benefits are promised to the populace to encourage their support. Basically, they are bribing the people to accept their programs.

3. Crisis – this is a major step lasting up to six weeks and involves a revolutionary change of power. This is where a cataclysmic event upsets and divides the country thereby creating panic among the citizens. Recent examples include the 2011 upheavals in the Middle East, most notably Egypt and Libya. To Americans, symptoms would include circumventing the Constitution and altering the checks and balances of government, and possibly martial law.

4. Normalization – the final stage is where the populace finally acquiesces and begins to assimilate communism. This can take up to two decades to complete.


So glad you made it through the gauntlet. I think a lot of people really don’t understand what it is like to be on the line. Military, EMS, Police, see the worst society has to offer, sometimes on a daily basis. People have come up to me and said “thanks for your service, you are a hero.” I say “your welcome” while smiling to myself thinking if they really knew how scared I was at times, what would they say?
But as you (and others) know, you can not display fear or emotion on the job. You gotta push through your task and shake or cry in private, or the ones you defend, or work with, may lose their confidence in you. Can’t even let your partner see that stuff, so you bury it. Bury it deep now, so even the “night demons” can’t find it.
Buck, again, I am glad you made it brother.

Having served as a police officer in both the military and the civilian world, recruiting and keeping high quality officers is difficult in the best of times. In the world we live in now, I’ve seen recruiting officers of any kind, much less keeping the ones you already have, become drastically more difficult as the days go by. Departments all over the country have openings (some a very large number of openings) with few if any answering their recruiting ads. Where “defund the police” is going in the country only time will tell. I feel that, as Ken has suggested in some of his articles, regardless of who gets elected in November, it’s going to be ugly and we’re going to need every cop we can find….and then some. If President Trump doesn’t get elected, I believe the “cop world” as we now know it will come to a painful demise and our Nation will be changed for ever….and not something we will be able to recover from.

I considered becoming a LEO several times many years ago. But each time before my friend and I would go to apply, I would watch on or two episodes of ‘cops’. That quickly brought me to the realization each time that I don’t have the temperament to be a police officer. On the show, they would catch some dirtbag who is a multiple convicted offender who was caught red handed and is playing the fool. Me I would just shoot the perp and save society a lot of money and possibly save some future lives from the perps destructive path. Like I said, I don’t have the temperament to be a LEO. It amazes me how the LEO’s are able to remain professional under such circumstances when encountering those scumbags, often on multiple occasions.

In these turbulent times, the active duty cops out there in uniform need to know that I will have your back should you go down or are outnumbered. If I am in position to help you, I will help you/render aid/ treat your injuries.

I have been a civilian for a long time now. As stated above, I was a cop long enough to remember the oath I took decades ago to serve and protect. I took a similar oath when I became an RN. ( becoming an EMT/EMT-2 or Paramedic required no such oath ).

This was an oath made on a stage or auditorium made before God which I take as seriously as my marriage vows. When I die, I figure I will be judged by the life I lived and how hard I tried to fulfill the oaths made so many decades ago.

If you lose sight of the principles outlined by the oath you took upon signing on and being handed your badge, you become simply a mercenary if you show up just for the paycheck. Being a cop is a difficult job. It was never easy. One can argue that it is even tougher these days.

Sadly, I still advocate for many young people going into the job that you have a trade or skill as a backup in case your career goes south. Sometimes your career can be derailed by association. ( what if you are a rookie that has been sent to a corrupt precinct? How about bad practice by your FTO? ). These days, all these possibilities are coming too light.

When I went into police work at age 21, I already knew I was a good medic. After police work, I went back into the medical field.

I had some friends who were in a family that had several members in law enforcement. They would describe how it would be very political at times. Such as when there is an election for a sheriff. Whoever was behind the winner got special treatment while the losing side suffered. They never went into detail on things but said that if your choice for sheriff lost, they were kind of put on the s–t list.

As a retired FF/Paramedic, I did have to take an oath within the fire service. I always said I never wanted to be a cop because I know any weapon I had could be used against me, and I would have to shoot everyone because I believed they were out for taking away my weapon. I have LEO friends who say they would never run into a burning building. I would never run toward a gun fight – or any fight. I so respect the LEO’s, current duty or retired. You all did what I could not, or would not. You all had my back with those who shot at us and tried to fight us.

To the current LEOs out there, I have so much compassion for you. You are dealing with the worst of people on a daily basis, and the worst just keeps getting worse and worse. And yet you stand and take it. To those who have retired early — sooo glad you could get out!!!!

There are many of us who have your backs. Godspeed.

You, and those like you, are the best of the best in my book. Especially the volunteers. They do it for no pay. Never wrote one of you for a summary offense. Always got a friendly warning. Never had a repeat offender. All my best to the best.

That iconic picture looks like the CHIMPS are having a banana luau over a cruiser they destroyed


Well said. I’ve taken several oaths in the past, but only needed to take one (the first one) cause I meant it. Never climbed the “ladder” too high as it would have taken me off the street and you have to kiss ass (in some cases) to get that promotion. Didn’t much care for the power trip. I tried my best to do what was right. The powers to be never messed with me. Near the end they were pleading with me to take the tests telling me I was already their pick. The Lord had other plans for me and took me out. Think he knew I had seen too much already and wanted to give me a break before “the big show” started. I was able to buck the BS cause I had fallbacks. I had been a commercial bricklayer, welder, and dabbled in blacksmithing. Hint: If you can blacksmith, you will never starve.

– Never considered myself a LEO, even though we were granted “Police” powers. Just an underpaid guard whose job took him all over. I transported classified paper and weapons; occasionally people who needed to be protected. Made a grand total of one arrest, a drunk wanna-be driver who insisted.

Was asked to apply for a Federal Marshal’s position, and declined. I saw in my life too many die, and chose instead to fight Death any way I could.

That said, I have the utmost respect for those who chose the LEO Path for their life. What is going on right now? There is no way it will end well.

Soros and his ilk are trying too hard to eliminate the United States, and form a national police force answerable only to the overlords. It is, in my humble opinion, all part and parcel of the New World Order they are trying to forge.

A one world government, a one world police force, and no one able to oppose them.


– Papa S.

– Was offered a gold shield with Army CID, as in, “I just need you to go and qualify with a .38 snubby, I’ve already seen your scores with the .45,” as well. “If you want, we’ll send you to the FBI Academy, or you can go to Scotland Yard. Other schools are available, but you would need to qualify in the language first.”
Still sometimes wishing I had taken them up on that.
– Papa

In the end they will get what they deserve and they will not like it. Once some of them will wonder after they finally mature is “What the hell was I thinking”!

In California no LEO is required to make an arrest, normally we would always arrest dangerous felons however if Antifa was busy throwing paint, rocks or shooting fireworks etc. at the home/office of an anti-police legislator…. After all, they should experience what the little-guy suffers from their piss-poor leadership.

The rule is: Political leaders talk smack, Political leaders get smacked down. Simple.