AOC Discovers Massive Green Energy Breakthrough

“We can absolutely achieve 100% renewable energy,” said Ocasio-Cortez in the demonstration while holding a common extension cord.

The mainstream news media has confirmed via the Truth Czar, and are now reporting that “scientists” are in consensus… that this will produce 100% renewable energy.

Reporters were amazed and wept openly throughout the demonstration as  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  held up an extension cord power-strip. The tears became torrents as she slowly and deliberately plugged the cord (wait for it)… into itself! Genius!!!

Nancy Pelosi has apparently rushed a Bill through Congress which is expected to be signed forthwith, mandating that every home across America be supplied with what is being dubbed “the AOC” Alexandria-Ocasio-Cord.

$1.9 Trillion is being made immediately available to not only pay for the Renewable Energy Cords, but to set up a new AOC Assurance Czar to implement and enforce the rollout of the miraculous energy device.

Citizens and non-citizens are eligible for the free energy device.

Distribution centers for the device are being set up all across the country at all Major League Sports Stadiums since they are standing empty and unused, given the Covid.

Massive lines have already formed since the media announcement. Government Officials are reminding the public to social distance while waiting in lines, and to wear at least 2 masks while doing so.

White’s are being asked to move to the back of the line.

This has been a public service announcement.

Filed under: Satire (in case it wasn’t obvious…)

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Thank you AOC for saving us.

Because of my white privilege I have several of these power strips, unfortunately they all seem to be out of power. I’m trying to figure out how to recharge them. Some are on the roof soaking up the solar energy and one is on a fan blade strapped to my flag pole. I figure by tonight they should be fully charged.


If mine fails, I’m gonna stick it in the bath tub….
with me in it.

Like hydro energy. Isn’t that how dam’s work. Let me know if it works. Mine are still charging but it’s getting dark. I think that light flip thingy lights up when fully charged.


Hee hee hee snork!

Like a Snorkasaurus?

I bet she had to try all six outlets before she found the right one.

I’d better hurry up and hold my plug outside now it is snowing for my hydroelectric power.

If you connect enough of those in series you can start a fire with a suitable load.

Yeah, well, I got one of the limited editions, number 13 of 25 produced, signed and already on eBay 24 hour bidding, my ship has come in, “Honey, order the Bentley!”

Or, we could plug everything in the country into Pelosies ahem, cause she has all kinds of power!

Every Republican in Congress and every conservative media outlet needs to rebrand this crazy taxation scam as the Greedy Raw Deal. Stop falling into the dems trap of using these cute little names that they name Bills/Laws etc. People, especially young people hear this crap and tend to fall for it…

All the more reason for me to change my ancestry.

If I walk across the southern boarder and get on the Soros bus…..

I shall be one of the first in line, with my 6 pack of Coke,
Cola that is.

This item is free, correct?

After what people that think(if you can call it that) like her did to Texas, it would be most gratifying to reduce the line frequency from 60 to 50 hertz with voltage of 100 instead of 120 VAC in her locality. Motors would run at 83.3 % of nameplate speed and allow a 16.6% savings in energy consumption. Flat screens would be iffy and microwave ovens would not operate. While resistance heat would be noticeably cooler the system could be synchronized with Europe and the rest of the world. That to me is a good argument for distributed generation. BYOG(bring your on generator and means of defending it).

I’ve got several of those in different colors….black, brown, and white….are the white ones the only ones that work?

A truly WOKE person would not want a white power strip as it would indicate you are one of privilege and think you are superior to others!


That is so raaayyycist. You should drink more Coke and be less white.

Good one.


AOC, you can multiply the energy generated by 1 wind turbine by powering 5 other fans to propel the blades of the wind generator with power to spare.

Yep, EMP and mass coronal ejection proof is what I hear

this is a joke? right?


Speak not the word s-a-t-i-r-e.

Read where ID legislature are drooling over the big BUCKS they will receive for putting these failing power alternatives into the Boise area. Nothing like tilting windmills for such a wonderful view(snarkey).
Wait until those things start destroying precious habitat for the animals, and killing off the bird populations but humans will be blamed.

I’m sorry, but after all of the hyperbolic rhetoric that spews forth from that wretch, I almost believed this actually happened! It took me almost the entire article to understand the sarcasm you were exhibiting! I needed the chuckle today, THANKS!

will someone PLEASE just b8643 slap this stupid thing really hard

Please note the above Photo is only useful for 110V lights and Appliances

For those that need 220V for things like Dryers, Stoves, and such.
Please take two of the “Power Strips” and plug one into the other in a Loop.
Poof, Instant 220V.

One last thing, I’ve been trying to find extremely long Extension Cords for the Electric Truck I plan on buying, Anyone out there know where I can get a 15 mile cord so I can drive to Town?

maybe vehicles like the Flintstones!
heck, the way the dems are going we will be living like cave men anyway


Yep, I’m looking into getting a bug-out donkey…

and llama carts


idk, don’t llamas spit? Is that green, or is it pollution of some kind?

If its a liberals llama its giving back,
if its a conservative llama its racis

llama’s burp & fart so not green compliant
like that innovative “free power” power strip setup.

You would have to check with Mrs. George Jetson. If you recall she had to find one for her dress that lite up like a Christmas tree and she needed that extra long one to attend the company party. Dress was cheap… the electric cord–well it was pricey. lol