Bernie Sanders Socialism Communism Plan For America | Is That What You Want?

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He won the New Hampshire primary. It’s indicative.

A system of governing that has been responsible for the death of literally hundreds of millions of people — who have been killed, tortured, murdered, put into forced labor camps — because that’s what central planning socialism and communism do.

Both socialism and communism revolve around central planning and the government owned means of production. Under this system, you work for them.

If you don’t want to work for them, don’t worry, they’ll put you in a forced labor camp or just kill you. Read your history. Seriously. Read it. Look it up.

By backing Bernie Sanders, the democrats are backing a system that has snuffed out the lives of millions of people.

“Our campaign is not just about beating Trump, it is about transforming this country” says Bernie Sanders.

I ask, “Transform into what?” “Transform what?”

Forced labor? Government planning and bureaucracy where they take over your businesses?

Bernie Sanders wants YOU to work for HIM. The government. Turn your businesses over to him. Your kids. Their education. Your healthcare. Everything. He is a socialist communist. Is that the new democrat party? Evidently yes.

You can take your socialist revolution and stick it up your caboose.

Do you understand what this guy wants?

He wants to make private insurance illegal. He’s recommending tax rates of 60 to in some cases 90% which will be necessary to finance the free stuff that he is recommending!

He wants a FULL takeover of the education system.

He’s a millionaire, raving and ranting like a lunatic, against millionaires.

Liberals — get you heads out of your arss. Wake up. He’s preying on suckers, like you liberals.

“Everyone has the right to free healthcare!” says Bernie. What does that mean?

Have you ever considered that that’s not possible? No, you don’t have the “right” to free healthcare.

Why? Because when you “create” a “right” to something like this, you confer or bestow an obligation on someone else. Servitude.

“I will pay for our military, I will pay for our courts, I will pay for our law enforcement, and I will pay for a basic social safety net – because in the richest country in the world there are going to be people left behind by no fault of their own.”

“But if you have two legs, a functioning heart, a healthy body, no kids and no dependents, get off your ass. Get off your ass now and get to work. Ass, get up, and get to work.”

Dan Bongino

Credit: Some of the comments above were inspired by Dan Bongino’s recent podcast, “A National Nightmare Last Night”

Bernie Sanders and other socialists like him want to enable a dependent class. They want power. Over you. The government is the answer. Freedom and independence is not. Get in line. Shut up. And take your medicine.

Is this where the USA is headed?

Not if I can help it…

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  1. You all think BS can’t win the Presidential Office????
    What happens when he chooses Clinton for VP?

    1. Though the Hildabeast screwed him last time – so probably not. But I get what you’re saying!

      1. Ken:
        Seriously he chooses Clinton for VP, gets the Libs and millennials vote, gets sworn in, than Who is second in line?

        Separate question, how many of Clinton’s “friends” have commented suicide?

        Just saying. No insinuations at all….
        BTW thanks for the SP check LOLOL

        1. Good point. Clinton enemies have had a way of “disappearing”. And that’s NOT tinfoil hat…

          1. Yeah, the suicides with multiple gunshot wounds are also especially compelling
            none the less,
            hoping Bernie gets sent back to the balcony with the rest of the muppets soon!

    2. Even Worse, Bloomberg as his running mate with deep pockets to promise anything to get empty minded people to vote for them.

      1. Needless to say, both Bloomberg and Bernie would most certainly take your 2A. But it’s all for the common good, right? Next thing you know we’ll all be driving the same, gray, cars. Equal of course.

        1. They could try,,,
          Theres more than one way to fight communist, the hardware store and Anarchist Cookbook are open to all

      2. I fear for my country…its only a matter of time before an SOB like Bernie is elected. We have a younger generation that has been brainwashed by the leftist school system, they are lazy, have been taught America is evil and the Constitution was founded by “racist” old “white men”… they have no fear of God nor want anything to do with Him. Many march to give their Rights away. Can you imagine these candy jazz soy boys defending the nation if we were attacked ? Sorry but the future ain’t bright….

        1. One of my biggest fears also, they’ll simply use “our system” to overthrow us. If you do some research you can already see that at work in areas heavily populated with recent immigrants such as of MI, MN, etc.
          At some point enough of us will die off that they can simply use the ballot box to take over

          1. They openly stated that they would do so, even laid out the steps, and they have followed those steps and we let them. Once they accomplish it there will be no voting our way out of it.

    3. NRP,
      LOL! the Bern with Hildabeast as VP! Not gonna happen. Ol Bernie knows that if got elected, he’d always be looking over his shoulder for fear of being “Arkancided”!
      How do you come up with these things?LOL!

        1. AOC is exactly who he will choose. Or it will be another plant chosen by “The Young Turks”. Don’t forget, AOC’s brother found an opening casting call for a “politically active social justice warrior”. He sent his sister for a casting call, yes they called it a casting call, and they identified a vulnerable house seat. She is a plant for the 2 goons that founded the young turks/turds. One of whom is now under indictment for his misuse of donations. Bernie the Communist is the god the young turks/turds worship. Not long ago there were several youtube video of the link between the turds, AOC, and Burnie. Many have been taken down, but a few are still up. They are worth your time to watch.

          Know you enemy and his tactics.

          Avoid crowds, keep your nose in the wind, and keep your powder dry.

          1. BG in TX

            re “AOC is exactly who he will choose.“

            Can’t. She’s too young.

          2. Too young? Since when does the Left follow laws?

            “Laws are for everyone else.”

          3. 35 and a natural born citizen of the USA.
            She is 31, im sure they will figure something out,
            However, there are plenty of other commy leftist turds floating in the punch bowl, im just glad im older and at peace with the Lord….

          4. She is too young, he will pick the intellectual Commie, Fauxahauntus. She will be his Trotsky.

    4. The fact that you think he would choose Clinton for VP shows that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  2. Doesn’t even matter anymore. What happens elcetion wise. We are heading toward the same path of Civil/uncivil WAR Brennie/Bloomberger will just accelerate the final outcome… The dems, socialists/commies and all deepstate .govs hate independent free thinking patriots. They want to control us and for the most part have already enslaved us. We are all a bunch of suckers to believe we are free.

    I know I will never be homeless or starve to death based on my skill sets. They could take everything and I will keep my family housed and fed without any help from these SJW woketards. I will simply not comply.

    At some point the worm will turn. Hell hath no fury. Embrace the SUCK

  3. I can’t believe there would be enough idiots in the country to vote BS. Into office as you said Ken, read your history do these people who would vote for him not know what Socialism is?do they want to go on a forced rapid weight loss program called starvation?or stand in a line for hours to see a Government Doctor?Whatever happened to work hard for what you get, pay your own way ,save for a rainy day. Do these idiots really want that much Government control over their lives? I for one don’t want anymore control than we have now.I FEEL A STORM COMING.🤔

    1. No, they don’t. They’ve never read the Communist Manifesto, they weren’t taught in school what Socialism actually is. They were taught it’s “equality,” and the teachers went no farther. Equality of what? Doesn’t matter, it’s equality.

      It doesn’t occur to them (because they’ve never been taught to think) that government control means control of THEM. Not just other people. Control of THEM, THEIR lives, THEIR property, THEIR healthcare, THEIR money. They think that equality is all about other people; other people being taxed, other people being controlled. They, on the other hand, will be the recipients, and they think no more of it.

    2. Maggie,
      Believe it. For there to be an average I.Q. there is people above it and below it. Not to mention the lazy index. They don’t actually know what socialism or communism are. If they did they would be against it.
      Unfortunately, they don’t know or want to know what work for your own survival is. They do know generations of social hand outs are. (and they didn’t have to lift a finger to get them) If SHTF they would be sitting on the side of the road with their hands out because they don’t know/can’t take care of themselves.
      Have you ever watched the movie “Idiocracy”? It is a good comedy. I got scared when I watched it because that is where this country is headed.

    3. Mrs. U part of the reason us Deplorables were able to vote in President Trump was the Democratic National Committees decision to knock Bernie out of the race to give it to Hillary for President.

      The Bernie folks (mostly Millennials) simply sat out the whole election for the most part.

      My hope is that the DNC does the same stupid stunt to keep Bernie out of the race and thus lose the Millennial voters again.

      As I’ve said before on MSB demographics show clearly the Millennials are the biggest voting block in America today. They can simply outvote everybody else, it’s math. Someone that can get them to vote for them with free stuff and debt forgiveness will be legally voted into office of the President of the United State.

      4 more years of Trump for the health of our Republic!

      1. I agree with that. They are in a similar predicament again. The socialist is too “out there” for many dems. But most millennials love him. “Free Stuff”. The party is divided in this regard. Which is good for Trump. Though the millenial group of victim voters will be an ongoing force.

      2. Or maybe,
        Bernie will keel over in one of his spitting fits and the problem will be solved, for a minute

  4. I repeat this because it fits into the long term plan of the socialist/communist globalists. But now it is China that is showing the true colors of their world domination goals – and they play the long game.

    Just over sixty years ago – Russia’s Khrushchev delivered his message to the UN; … prediction for America.

    TV coverage of him banging his shoe on the podium. At that time, the word ‘communism’ was feared throughout our nation. Now here is some food for thought if it does not make us choke! Do you remember September 29, 1959? THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE:

    “Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

  5. The schools, the press, the movie industry, etc. have conditioned the young that Socialism means everyone gets everything free, nobody has to work, and they can chill out on pot 24/7/365.

    1. I am surprised at the number of socialists voting for Bern in NH. It always seemed to be a conservative State.

  6. Hi, I live in Europe, I have free healthcare, work in a private company and none of my friends or parents has been sent in a labor camp.

    1. Markogts

      Please tell us more about your healthcare like wait times, treatment restrictions, total taxes, feelings of doctors and nurses working for the government, ….

      1. Hermit us,

        Im sure you won’t like this answer but I work in a very diverse place and work with people from all over the world on a daily basis.Over the years, I have asked several of them about their honest opinion of their system vs ours. I love getting their opinion as they have used both the US and a foreign system so they have experience in both unlike pretty much everyone on this article. They overwhelmingly talk about how much better their healthcare system is than the US. I recently talked to a guy who just moved from London to US. His wife just had a baby in the US and he said it was a nightmare compared to the system they have in England.

        Two other points to keep in mind with a socialized healthcare system.
        1. Private insurance will still exist. If you prefer it, then you are entitled to spend your money however you want. If you want to keep getting ripped off by insurance companies, you go right ahead.
        2. The US healthcare system currently sucks! I constantly hear oh but socialism it takes forever! Have you tried to see a specialist in the US? It takes forever. I had a friend who recently went to the doctor. He was referred to a specialist for an emergency appendectomy. Called the specialist to get the appointment setup. 4 months is earliest available, sorry buddy. Friend ended up in the emergency room a day later with his appendix out. So if wait times suck here too, then why do I pay so much money? The service isn’t better than Germany or any other developed country.

        1. Boof as I work in the US Medical System in the Operating Room your appendectomy story is pure nonsense. That is the most basic of General Surgery and would have been done as soon as medically safe I. E. the team was assembled if after hours.

          Also from reading your other comments I am amused at your lack of real word knowledge of basic medical services. When I was working at Dartmouth Medical Center in NH we Often did Canadian citizens surgery and their Insurance didn’t pay for it. Out of their pocket money friend. Cash on the barrel head so to speak.

          Some of those Canadian citizens were high ranking politicians so Yes, in that case everybody had to wait and wait to get their “free surgery” and medical care in Canada.

          Nothing “free” buddy unless your parents are giving it to you out of “love”.

        2. It’s taking me 3 months to get in to see a specialist. I have private insurance from a big health insurance company.

          1. I might add I’m here in SoCal, and we have tons of people moving in here. Many of them are Spanish speakers who bring along their interpreters. The masses of new people could be contributing to longer wait times. It’s only gonna get worse.

    2. Hi Markogts,

      Right. I worked for a Belgian company for three of the most masochistic, miserable years of my life. Surely it must be better for you, common culture and understanding; I’m happy for you. I found my coworkers to be haughty, arrogant and simply obtuse; cruel and ridiculous people. It is true that our healthcare system in the USA is pretty despicable these days. We have a Kenyan to thank for that. So much better, I think, to work for a company that won’t help put you in the cardiac unit in the first place. To each their own. Cheers!

      1. Country Personal income tax (%)
        Sweden 57.20
        Denmark 55.80
        Austria 55.00
        Belgium 53.70
        Netherlands 51.75
        Finland 51.60
        Slovenia 50.00
        Luxembourg 48.78
        Ireland 48.00
        Portugal 48.00
        Iceland 46.24
        France 45.00
        Germany 45.00
        Greece 45.00
        Spain 45.00
        United Kingdom 45.00

        1. Kulafarmer,

          I can’t find your numbers anywhere. Do you have a source for those? I only see above 50% taxation if you make upwards of $500,000. Is that how much you make? If so, I see why you are angry about the tax rates. You must hate paying so much on your massive paycheck. Care to tell us how much you make?

  7. I believe it will be a Bernie/ Mayor Pete ticket, thus they will get both the Commie male and Commie female vote.

    I have noticed that a number of Ministries like Moody Church and Truths that Transform have put out info on what could happen to Christians if/when a Communist takeover happens. (CHILLING)

    Rom 8:28 , always and forever

  8. I’m old enough to remember Khrushchev bangging his shoe on the table at the U.N. and raising hell. I also remember him stating that we won’t have to fight you ( the U.S.A. ), we’ll take you over from within. It looks like he maybe right again, although 60 yr or so later.

  9. Not to worry !
    Bloomberg has already bought the Democratic nomination.
    ‘Money is Power’
    Always was, always will be.

    1. Regarding Bloomberg,

      “Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has never liked guns, except in his bodyguards’ hands, and now he’s made Second Amendment restrictions his first major policy proposal since launching his 2020 Democrat primary bid.”

      Why is it that nearly every so called democrat makes it their #1 priority (or among the top of their priorities) to take away guns from the good guys? Don’t answer that. I already know. I know that you know too. Just saying.

      You can bet that Bernie would do the same thing.

      1. Ken,

        I believe paranoia plays a big role in many folks fear of guns in the hands of the masses. One of the underlying causes of paranoia is an exaggerated feeling of self importance, and with that, the unshakeable feeling that you are a target.

        Thus, billionaires, almost without exception, are willing to maintain a full time armed security cadre surrounding them 24/7/365.

        Paranoia also causes some folks to be willing to restrict other’s freedoms in order to feel safer from those unseen threats they are so sure mean them harm.

        One could say that it’s also paranoia, what I would call a healthy paranoia, that drives a 2nd amendment supporter. That would be people that understand that, yes, there are threats out there. I may have to defend myself from those threats. Being armed myself, at least puts me on equal footing with that threat. I don’t allow myself to be consumed in fear because threats exist. I don’t consider myself as more of a target than anyone else, but I rest assured in my ability to respond in kind if I do become a target.

        There will always be predators and prey. Disarming the prey does nothing to deter the predator.

        1. They need to rename their party… “democrat” does not seem appropriate for them.

  10. I really hope Bernie is the Democratic candidate…or is forced to run as a Third Party.

    Can you imagine Hilary as a VP..or even Obama…or, having won, the Democrats making either of them a Justice?

    How wonderful!

    “Oblivion is THIS WAY! Follow ME!”

    1. Dystopian nightmare,,,
      But hey, all the info we have accumulated in our minds and hard copy over the years will pay off for folks like us.
      I can wing it when everybody else is having to put their hand out to the state,
      But how do you think the temper tantrum entitled BS degreed millenials instagrammmers and x ers etc will fare?
      It would be spicy, i can say that much for sure.

  11. These kids need to remember that they can vote their way into socialism/communism BUT they will have to shoot there way out.

    1. Give em exactly what they want,,,,
      As i always say,
      Along with every single last unintended consequence.
      Its time they learn the hard way because apparently they have been coddled,

  12. Hopefully, if this lunatic gets elected, all the producers stop producing…pretty hard to redistribute what isn’t there.

    1. You can bet anyone with any accumulated wealth or assets will either liquidate or move them, a contractor buddy from the NE was telling me about his plans, and they do not include building any more subdivisions, but do involve a lot of blue water and winds!

  13. I watched a movie last night-”Child 44”, about Russia, 1933/1945/1953 time period- and everyone that thinks Bernie has the answers should watch it.

    1. jay jay, Agree and have mentioned this here before. Very very realistic and great actors also.

    2. Jayjay
      You get it,
      I get it,
      Most here get it,
      But these idealist leftist think they are going to do things better,,,,
      Arrogance and ignorance!

  14. I believe that there are a bunch of reasons why the establishment Democrat Party is so against Bernie Sanders. One reason is because their Party is fracturing prematurely and if the actual truth of their real agenda becomes public knowledge, the election (and the Party) will be lost.

    Bernie has a big following of committed Marxists, and as such, there is always a gathering of commies. This phenomenon can be difficult for the Democrat Party to tolerate (or explain) because of the ‘shock factors’ — case in point, the Project Veritas video capturing a Sander’s campaign aide talking about Gulags R Great. lol

    Bernie, being a bit of a nutjob, is also leaning a bit towards the neolib anti-white ideology. Should Bernie Sanders tilt any further in the ‘race discussions’, or utter anything along the lines of ‘white genocide’, the Democrat Party is done.

    Personally, I believe Bernie Sanders is much more of a communist than a socialist. But he has been a self-proclaimed socialist for years and hasn’t vascillated from his declaration. Of course, being the elitist that he is, socialism/communism is for everyone else, not for him.

    So, it seems to me that Bernie Sanders is too radical and too “independent” (like Trump, in a few ways) and he can’t easily be controlled. And although Bernie has a strong and devoted base, some of his more radical ideals are too premature for the Democrat Party to align with publicly.

    When the Democrat Party controllers decide that enough-is-enough, Bernie Sanders’ second heart attack will be his demise…

  15. I think Millenials just want the same thing Boomers had. Boomers has government subsidized education. Millenials were left to foot the bill. Boomers had affordable housing, cars, and appliances. Most millennials can’t afford houses even in their thirties. Boomers had access to affordable healthcare and really everyone did until the 90s. Now every year health care costs go up. And the largest costing demographic is the boomers. Maybe we should stop fitting the boomer medical bills and save this country trillions? Why is it so hard for you all to understand the younger generation just wants affordable living conditions? None of us want to live in a socialist system but we are forced to because of the greed of the boomers.

    So boomers looks like you have no one to blame but yourself for this inevitable socialist system.

    1. Boof,
      You are an uninformed human being (sorry if that triggers you – no disrespect). Or you are a troll.

      Are you a Millenial? (curious)

      “Most millenials can’t afford houses even in their thirties”
      Why not? Too much student debt? If so, why take on so much debt (dumb). I couldn’t afford my first house (barely) until I was 37. I did not buy a McMansion (which so many millenials do, or want). It was a up/down duplex (earned income on the 1st floor while we lived on the 2nd floor – what a concept). You gotta be smart.

      “Boomers had access to affordable healthcare and really everyone did until the 90s.”
      That’s a crock of $hit. Give me specifics to support your claim.

      “Now every year health care costs go up.”
      Same as it ever was. Every year EVERYTHING goes up. It’s called inflation. Been around forever.

      “And the largest costing demographic is the boomers.”
      The older generation (whomever they are called) have ALWAYS cost the most. When you are old, YOU will cost the most too. Same as it ever was.

      “Maybe we should stop fitting the boomer medical bills and save this country trillions?”
      Better yet, lets start killing them. Think of the money we’ll save 😉

      “Why is it so hard for you all to understand the younger generation just wants affordable living conditions?”
      Then WORK FOR IT. I worked my ASS OFF my whole life. You reap what you sow. (“sow” means plant, as in planting seeds – in case that word isn’t part of the millenial dictionary).

      “None of us want to live in a socialist system but we are forced to because of the greed of the boomers.”
      There is greed in every generation of humans. Millenials are greedy because they want everything paid for and free (or “affordable” – whatever that means). It is so leftist to be a victim. To blame someone else or another generation for their own failures to succeed. And that sounds like exactly what you are doing.

      PRO TIP: Instead of bitching about it, why not get motivated to get what you want. Get off your ass and figure it out. Do what you’re good at. Get a job at what you enjoy. Advance. Get better. Have the desire to get what you want. You WILL succeed if you keep trying and have the attitude to not blame others. It’s your best chance…

      1. Ken;
        Kinda figured that comment would get a reply from you….

        I personally don’t remember Life being easy, had to work my ASS off for what I wanted also. Maybe we’re the stupid ones??? Just think, we could turn to Socialism and be just like Venezuela, That’s where BS wants the country to be.

        Gata LOVE Margaret Thatcher… “‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people.”…

        1. Right on…
          My life has never been easy. Though I get it that “easy” is a relative term. Sure, many have it worse. Some, much worse. I’m thankful I was born in the USA and had the opportunities that I’ve had. Others aren’t so lucky.

          With that said, so many of these lefties don’t seem to understand that you need to go out an WORK FOR IT. That’s how you get it. Sure, some successfully steal it from others, or wish they could (Boof?). But to really be a success, you gotta work for it, be smart, and have some luck too 😉

      2. Ken,
        Spot On!! I worked for everything I ever got. Maybe if these kids didn’t want to have the home that people worked their whole lives for, right out of high school, they could afford a home. My first home was far from what I live in now.

        And BOOF, I worked all my life to be able to collect social security and Medicare, so sorry to burst your bubble of Boomers sucking your generation dry.

        Also in your other post about your friend who needed ” emergency ” appendectomy. That doesn’t happen unless he refused care. Emergency appy, is just that, an emergency. I call BS!

      3. Late lunch…. When I was a kid, ‘Boof’ was a verb which described an unnatural and vulgar sex act. Can’t say I’ve ever seen it as a proper name, or online nick. My vote? That’s a troll. Don’t feed the troll – you’ll never get rid of them.

        1. I’m not in-the-know to have caught that. If I had, I would have immediately banned him. Well, he (or she – whomever) is now gone. Thanks for the heads-up. Though the person will now likely keep changing IP addresses and alias’s to continue the game. We’ll see. He’ll lose in the end. Thought he is obviously already “lost”.

          1. Four years in juvenile detention taught me all kinds of neat stuff. Ha! Released at 16 to homelessness and total poverty. Since it is possible to pullout of that and make a decent life anyway; I don’t tend to tolerate his kind of sniveling. I cannot stand socialist entitlement schmucks. That was fun. Back to work.

      4. Franklin D Roosevelt, basically a socialist, and ‘Social Security’ I am a boomer and paid for MY grandparents SS. They never paid in, they were farmers. So it has become a pay forward deal as so many get ‘free’ what they never paid into. Lyndon Johnson gave low income mothers money for having any ones baby. I just heard from a car dealer that a woman with 6 kids was getting almost $6000.00 a month! He knew this as he sold her a car. Ohh and free food too. She is not married and the daddies drop by and cruise from house to house to see the other babies. Socialist, what happens when the pay forward stops? tell me,,, ohh are you in for a little anarchy in your neighborhood. Know how to defend yourself?

      5. Well said, Mr Ken, well said. I don’t have a lot, but what I have is mine, I earned every bit of it, and I am damn proud of what I have.

      6. I’m right with you Ken. I started working at 16. Before that I mowed lawns raked leaves and shoveled snow for cash depending on the season. I’m 62 now and still work 50-60 hours a week so I can support a lifestyle I want to live in and save enough so I will be able to continue it after I retire.Those hours don’t included repairs around the home,time spent on the garden ect. These people that want to whine that life is to hard need to understand IT”S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY.

        1. Yep, my first paying job was a paper route. Getting up at zero-dark-thirty. Actually I believe it was about 4:30. Riding my bike downtown to the paper distribution. Filling my bags, then riding for miles dropping them off. I believe I may have been ~14 yrs young. Of course my first real job were all the chores that I had to do at home 😉

          As a young teenager also recall helping at the Uncle’s dairy farm with the cousins – bailing hay, stacking bails in the flat bed, then off to the barn. Up the conveyor to the loft, then stacked again! That was hard work!

          Then worked summers at a downtown TruValue hardware store at 16 yrs young, through my high school years (learned a lot at that store!).

          Point being, I worked. My dad taught me about saving money (I had no choice in the matter). Good things to learn back then. These kids today to a large extent have been babied, coddled, given much of what they want. Spoiled. Sure, every generation gets spoiled a bit more than the previous (seemingly). But nowadays?! The children run the households. And now we’re seeing the results as they enter young adulthood – some already approaching mid life status.

          It’s comical (and sad) to see adults throwing tantrums. Unable to effectively vocally communicate with others.

          1. When I was in my early teens, some part time jobs were tough and did not pay well.

            Got up about 4:00 am to bike to a local golf course to line up with other kids to go out and caddie, carrying a big bag for five miles and earn $1.75 plus tip. How about setting pins at a bowling alley in the evenings for 10 cents a line for five pin and 15 cents a line for ten pin – and you really had to hustle. How about that summer job on a farm cleaning pig pens, throwing hay bales, moving sections of irrigation pipe by hand in muddy fields, …. for the grand sum of $100.00 for two months.

            And going to college right after high school was not possible for many – I had to save until I was in my late thirties to go. But that was probably good as I was able to learn about computers just coming on the scene – got me out of the construction trenches.

            No socialism in those days so you learned to do for yourself.

            Sanders says we should be more like Denmark, where my parents moved from. In those days, they tell me that every young male had to serve in the military for two years. Dad always told me that was the best experience for the young. I’m not sure of all the details but it sure taught dad and other immigrants about a work ethic.

          2. Hermit us,
            You got paid to buck bales and move irrigation pipe? Lucky you!😃. My Dad said paid? Did ya eat today? Then u got paid!
            B&_$#ed the entire time doing it , but made me and brothers and sisters much better able to navigate life.

          3. Mad Fab

            Why do you think I worked away from home – for years I helped my dad with carpentry/contracting without pay – but I did eat well, had a roof over my head, and did learn the trade as it existed in “old school”. But sometimes we don’t realize the value of experience until we grow up. 🙂

    2. Boof, it is apparent that you don’t know American History.

      The age of “entitlements” actually began with FDR’s New Deal during the 1930s, and then came the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act Act was legislated in 1964 — not exactly a “Boomer generation year”.

      The Boomer Generation is defined as individuals who were born between 1946 and 1964, during the post–World War II baby boom.

      So if you can do your basic maff, 1964 minus 1946 (the oldest ‘year’ for a Boomer) leaves us with an individual who is 18 years old….not old enough to understand Congressional legislation, much less vote for it on the House and Senate floor. Boomers did not write or create the Civil Rights Act, which was essentially the second largest GIVEAWAY to Americans in our history.

      However! An 18 year old male could serve in the Army over in Vietnam, or could begin college. But Boomers were not old enough to have even voted for a candidate who supported the Civil Rights Act, much less been a part of that Act’s development.

      And here’s something else to ponder, just so you get a little feel for a few of America’s events on the Boomer-timeline:
      “When Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated in the spring of 1968, no Baby Boomer had ever voted in a presidential election. At the time of the counter-cultural music festival at Woodstock [in] 1969, the youngest Baby Boomers were still too young for kindergarten.” (Source: Caldwell, Christopher, The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties. (New York, Simon & Schuster, 2020): Page 82)

      So Boof, stick around, and maybe a bunch of Boomers can smarten you up on what’s really going on and give you a smidgen of the education that you’ve missed out on.

      How about this — given that you are virtue signalling and are probably a SJW ( for “diversity” and stuff), have you ever considered that the Civil Rights Act essentially became a second U.S. Constitution, affording SPECIAL RIGHTS to very specific classes of US citizens?

    3. Boof,
      I can assure you that everyone did not have “access to affordable healthcare until the 90’s” . I grew up in the 70’s/80’s, and my parents could not afford health care. I had constant ear problems as a child, but my parents could not afford a doctor visit. My father was a construction worker, and we had no insurance.

      I worked three jobs while going to school full time, to put myself through college without any debt. I paid cash for my first car, which was an old beater. My husband and I bought a dumpy old two bedroom fixer upper for our first house and lived there until we paid it off.

      My husband and I managed to pay off our mortgage for our current home during the Great Recession on one income, even though his hours were cut during that time. We have continued to live completely debt free since then. Like Ken said, “WORK FOR IT”.

      My older kids are in their 20’s. They are working to put themselves through community college (although we are able to help with some of the cost), and they both paid cash for their cars. My son does not live at home, but pays his own rent. Because we taught them to WORK.
      It’s called Living Within Your Means.

    4. Someone out there is lying their azz off if this guy thinks Boomers had government subsidized education. Only if you survived service during Vietnam. My graduating class was the last one drafted so this hits close to home.

      My dad was crippled in his 40s; I got my first job and started working when I was 12. Worked all through school. While working bought tear downs and fixed them up as rentals. 52 years later I retired. Hell yeah I earned it – every penny.

      True that rain falls on the just and unjust alike. True also that eyes open or eyes closed doesn’t matter. Your choices = your consequences.

      1. Very true,
        I will freely admit that i have made some very poor choices over the years,
        But i am prepared to work until i can no longer move in order to support myself, God willing i will just keel over before becoming a burden on anyone i care About.

    5. @ Boof ( what the f–k is a BOOF?). when growing upon the farm and we had an emergency, Dad always paid cash when he had it. I started working in the packing house at $3.50 and hour and thought I had the world by the rear end on a down hill pull. I worked summer and winter in departments that ranged from 100% humidity to the freezer department moving frozen product to working 7 day weeks on maintenance. I paid in to SS from the time I started working out until I retired and no it isn’t an entitlement and yes I went to school while working straight nights ( talk about ball breaker. but you wouldn’t know about that would you ). We made do and managed our money, and it wasn’t given to me / us. So get off your lazy, dead rear end and get a job and stop being a wannabe, entitled crybaby.

    6. Boof, I’m not sure why you believe what you don’t have is anyone’s fault….other than your own. If you want something – work hard for it and make good decisions.

      Yes, a few things are beyond our control so we have to adjust how we deal with those issues. My parents home cost $21,000 with 6% interest when I was in high school. Eight years later, our basic (and way smaller than my parents) home was $41,000 and we paid 16.5% interest. Food costs for us with family of four was $100. We ate at home or caught our meals. We did not go out for any entertainment, but spent time with friends and family doing fun things. No huge phone bill or cable bill or intent bill. I didn’t have a phone at one point because $20 per month was too much in my opinion. If I had to see a doctor, we paid the bill ourself. I never blamed my parents or their generation for the conditions at the time of my adulthood – that was just where good, ole Jimmy Carter put us. Oh, and we did not have a credit card. We saved for what was needed.

      Young people believe a $600 phone is a necessity, along with full cable and charge cards. They choose to go to expensive colleges and rack up student debt rather than choosing a college that is affordable…or a trade (I.e. mechanic, plumber, electrician, X-ray tech, phlebotomist, banker, admin assistant, etc). Lots of good jobs do not require a degree. They won’t drive a beater car, but choose new with a high loan debt. Again, it is all about choices.

      Everyone is not the same, and some may appear to be more blessed than others. That is a fact of life. Work hard for what you want to achieve and do not look for the easy way out.

    7. So get rid of all the boomers? Reminds me of the movie Logan’s Run.
      I guess you think that you’ll never age.

  16. And now, our ‘boof’ troll has threatened me with a DDOS hack attack.

    Here’s what he threatened to me after realizing that he’s been taken down via filters. Though as predicted, he is constantly changing IP addresses and alias names trying to get his message through. Now throwing a hissy:

    “Ken can we run a DDOS (denial of service attack) test on your website?”

    “We”? They are organized. It’s “we”. And they are out to take down any speech that challenges them. Well I’ve just taken his speech down.

    This goes to show all of you here, the extent at which these people want us gone. And how “reasonable” they are.This is war folks. We’re just not shooting at each other yet. Rather, we are identifying the enemy. And they are within.

    Unfortunately, people like this one, are able to hide their identity. Cowards.

    1. Ken,

      That sort of explains the whole Freudian angle to umm… Mr. Boof – seems he was telegraphing his intentions all along. How is schmucky’s DDOS going? Let me hit “Submit Comment” and find out…

    2. Well, I guess the alias name, ‘boof’, was quite fitting.
      I woulda chosen a more appropriate alias, for this character, not suitable for this site.

      Good work, Detective Ken!
      There is a lot at stake….. everywhere.

    3. Ken:
      Tis an interesting and confusing world we now live in.
      Please don’t give up the hope we (the regulars here) depend on, I for one have learned a LOT from this BLOG,your hard work and other true Patriots here .
      This little POS troll is meaningless in the scope of the fight we ate in…..
      Prepare for idiots like this more and more for they know they are losing.
      Again Ken, thanks for all you do for so many

    4. Ken,
      Nothing personal here,
      Jagazzez like that are why i will be fine with everything going down.
      I can do with no power or internet, or phone, but ill bet most of them are useless beyond their imaginary little world.
      Id sacrifice everything to put the hurt on these lameos

  17. Cowards indeed and really do not care to REALLY participate in a real goal of learning facts. Sad

  18. Any one who believes anything the candidates say should remove yourself from the gene pool!

  19. Can you imagine the firearm purchases, if ANY Democrats win control?

    I would make any such purchases while the prices and availability are as they are NOW.

    The value of a weapon rises and falls with Democrat wins and loses.

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