Hitler’s Nazi Book Burnings & Big Tech Silencing Non-Conforming Voices

How many people know your history? Do you know about the book burnings ordered by Hitler during the 1930’s? Have we learned from history? Answer: Seems not.

The book burnings are no different (in my view) of what has been happening on all Big Tech platforms today. Silencing non-conforming voices. We are quite literally witnessing a parallel of what Hitler did. Except information exchange in his day were books. Today, it’s the internet and the voices of many people.

One of the first targets of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi organization were books. This began in 1933, shortly after Hitler seized power in Germany.

He ordered leaders of the regime to confiscate and destroy any literature deemed subversive to the National Socialist agenda.

The elimination of these documents was carried out in a ceremonial fashion. Public book burnings were held for all the citizens to view.

~ totallyhistory.com

Sound familiar? Yes indeed, it does.

I have written about this quite a number of times since NOV-2016 when it all began in earnest. I’m writing about it again. Why? Because it has ramped up to a frenzy. A clear and present danger to our Republic.

Destroying Our Nation

The BLM movement and “cancel culture” is destroying this nation. Right now. It’s all fitting quite perfectly with the CMG (ChicomMarxiGlobalist) agenda which they intend to fully implement NOV-2020.

All Big Tech platforms are aiding and abetting the silencing of non-conforming BLM / CMG voices. These voices range from ordinary individuals expressing opinion on these platforms to very large and popular websites which challenge their agenda.

There is a very powerful push to demonetize anyone or any site that is “non-conforming”. How are they doing it? They’re going after the advertisers on these sites. Google is banning all of their ads. Many advertisers are caving in under BLM pressure (just one example) and pulling their ads. Additionally, entire profiles and sites are being taken down entirely from their platforms.

Modern Day Book Burning

This is modern day “book burning”. It’s clear as a blue-sky sunny day. It’s happening. And it’s happening right now.

The “woke” crowd is targeting anyone and everyone they find who is non-conforming. Of course the “bigger fish” are their preferred meal right now. But they are coming after ALL of the fish. Once a target is identified that person or site, business, organization… is publicly ridiculed and essentially told to bow down, take-a-knee to BLM (or whomever group is doing the targeting) — or else…

The “or else” is a lot of things. However their rabid attacks are largely effective in silencing the targeted non-conforming voice. Because they don’t want to lose their income.

I am stunned by the extent at which this is occurring right now. Statues and historical symbols are being torn down. Companies of all sorts are removing any and all potential references which might upset the “woke” crowd. Packaging is being changed on so many traditional products we’ve become accustomed to. TV shows are being taken down because they’re about cops (for example). Cartoons that have guns are being taken down or the “gun” removed (Elmer Fudd is one).

There are just so many examples of the insanity. We are literally being attacked. Our culture. Our history. We are being told to conform or lose our revenue stream. But they won’t stop there. They’ll get physical. And they have.

Headed to a Takeover

It is so crystal clear to me. Everything that has been happening. We are headed straight to a takeover. The books have been burning for almost 4 years. But these past months have amounted to a record pile of smoldering books.

We’re at a point where the CMG arsonists (mainstream media and others) are throwing gasoline on the books and lighting them on fire in plain sight. For all to see (reference Hitler’s Nazis who did this in the public square). They are NOT hiding it. They DO want to scare those of us who are non-conforming.

You Need to Choose a Side in this Fight

Well guess what? They can pound sand. I will NEVER bow down to an organization like BLM who wants to de-fund the police. Who chants “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want it? Now!” We are witnessing a spiraling out of control attempt at “revolution”. Except this one is all about the CMG’s.

Here’s a related Bongino video on this topic. I recommend that you watch/listen to it if this topic interests you.

It Will Come To Your Door

It WILL come to your door sooner or later. You will be placed in a position where you will be forced to express which side you’re on. And then face the consequences. If you are discovered to be non-conforming, you will be targeted.

You need to choose sides. Right now. And get ready for what’s coming, because it is coming. If you do not go along with this craziness, you are going to have to stand up and fight for yourself. Be it figuratively or literally.

My high concern is knowing there is a very large number of people in this country who are extremely fed up with this crap. Most of these people are not the type to throw the first punch, so to speak. But once that real fight begins, it’s “all in” baby…

So, don’t let these “woke” pukes shout you down. They’re a bunch of brainwashed brownshirts who are being the “useful idiots” of the CMG’s. Don’t let them win. Because you’ll lose your country.

Ultimately this comes to fruition in November (unless they light it up sooner).

Prepare now. Because they might try and lock us all down again. The messaging in the mainstream is indicative. They’re riling up the Wuhan “2nd-wave” fears as we speak. The Chicoms are playing a role in this. Plain as day. MSM is lapping it up and will attempt to scare the daylights out of everyone once again. More lockdowns and control. Shortages (worse this time). We shall see. Prepare for the worst. Prepare for November. Do it while you can.

End of Message.

Google tries to censor content it disagrees with:
Zerohedge & The Federalist are the latest victims…

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The latest Supreme court rulings, “have exposed the two judges Trump nominated” as part of the swamp. This is a big loss for freedom loving Americans..

The corporations are all hopping onto the CMG boat and are abandoning the Constitutions ship..

Aunt Jemima brand of syrup is changing their name, Loony tunes will no longer show Elmer Fud and Yosemite Sam with guns, the NFL and all pro sports have rolled over,Tucker Carlson is losing sponsors in droves, Holly weird is completely insane, etc,etc,etc..

Corporations are donating to the leftist, racist, immoral BLM movement,and anyone one who even remotely criticizes them gets fired immediately, with too many to post here..

The Scouts, ” formerly known as The Boy Scouts of America which I obtained my eagle” now requires a diversity merit badge, since they became the commie youth..

Big tech has had censorship and zero tolerance for anything Constitutional or critical of the CMG with predictable results with the dumbed down masses of useful idiots..

We are in the mist of a very dangerous civil war and I too will never bend a knee to these CMG infecting our nation..

(December 23. 1776)
“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”

― Thomas Paine, The Crisis
1776, december-23

“Aunt Jemima brand of syrup is changing their name…”

This is so sad. She was a favorite of mine as a child. Such a warm and loving individual with the best bottle of syrup ever. I used to sit and look at her as she graced our morning breakfast table and wished I could go to her house. Wished I could sit with her and learn how to make pancakes.


We even painted her likeness when the syrup was gone for flower vases. We never painted her black. Always pink or blue with added sparkles from the crayon box. She was beautiful with daisies and a fern leaf.

She NEVER represented racism to me and my family in any way. Just a dear old lady.

Why don’t they ask us out here if we are offended? And if anyone is – well that’s their problem. Leave her alone !

OK. Rant over. Think I’ll go see if I can grab a bottle from the grocery store before they get removed.

Switch to Log Cabin syrup, no high fructose sweetener crap and needs no refrigeration. Of course the roof on the cabin may be considered racist as it’s white from snow…

No, log cabin represents Abe Lincoln, they have a beef with him too. He’s rolling in grave second guessing his decision.

Now Cream of Wheat, Mrs. Butterworth, Uncle Ben’s.

Man oh man.

It’s an historical pattern. First they eliminate the history, eliminate the culture, remove all laws and at the same time make everything illegal (so those in charge can cherry-pick who and what they want to prosecute).

Essentially, they’re creating a subservient, conquered population. Rome did the same, as did the Aztecs, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Muslims. England tried it. In some areas they were successful and in some areas not. The US managed it with the american Indians, it didn’t work with the Irish and the Chinese. The Democrats did it with the black population. The Catholic church did it quite effectively in South and Central America. Destroy the culture and most of the population will fall into line with anything that can replace what they have lost.

Ken-Excellent article and right on the mark! And Wolfgar is absolutely correct too! Aunt Jemima syrup….really! We have gone bat-s**t crazy!

Wait. The Aunt Jemima thing was real? I thought you all were just playing. Really?! I better get back to work.

Ken ,
I have been archiving what I believe to be important information, books ,movies ,videos pictures for over 4 years now. They are actively destroying any opposing view points or ideology. Do you remember what I emailed 4 years ago ?

That money,even alot of money will not protect you from this ideology . They will extort money to fund their agenda. That agenda is to destroy you and your beliefs. The irony is all these companies,small businesses are funding their own destruction! All of you are are funding your own enslavement as well. Your appeasement will never be enough.

A fair bet is many here have children and grandchildren who are actively participating in the streets destroying the Republic.I can only imagine the mental gymnastics you jump through to rationalize their behavior. They are a direct threat to my family and other freedom loving people.

When the real violence comes there is a real chance they wont make it. Reason being,either they will die by the hands of those they are trying to destroy or be discarded as the useful idiots wont be needed by their so called leaders.

Adolf’s brown shirts were expendable useful idiots he used then killed after they were no longer needed.

Adolf correctly knew that if they were willing to destroy the old government they might turn on him as well.

Many will be purged once we are gone.There will be no resources or reasons to keep them around. Starvation disease and vaccinations will be the vehicles if I was a betting man.Let them kill each other off for the scarce resources first then finish off the survivors. Only then can utopia be achieved for the “worthy” few.

Kind of a cross between the movie “they live” and Ayn Rands first book “Anthem”. Luke 12 comes to mind as well.

I was prepared for Cackling murder lady in 2016. You better be prepared for one of her cronies being in the WH.
It doesn’t matter who votes… It matters who counts them…

They have been scheming and plotting and planning for 4 years now. You think they are going to let YOU DECIDE who wins?

Just like these protests ,riots and chaos were not spontaneous but well planned in advance.

Our collective arrogance about freedom taking care of itself bred generations of traitors.

Quite frankly, 20 plus million people may need to assume room temperature to save this Republic.

Sounds like a bargain to me…

Bill Jenkins Horse,

Interesting parallel here. Remember a couple of years ago when ISIS (Islamic terrorists) was destroying ancient artifacts and statues they saw as insults to Islam?

Dennis, BJH

And the Taliban the Buddhist statues at Bamiyan.

Spot on. The weeds are taking over the garden and it’s time for some Round Up.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this in progress fight, is that everything appears backwards. Law enforcement in multiple riot situations, stands down, doesn’t take action against rioters destroying massive amounts of property and hurling deadly weapons at them. Seems if somebody is arrested, the charges are quickly dropped. Less lethal weapon systems? Can’t be used and are being taken away by politicians!

And in Albuquerque New Mexico, get chased down by multiple persons as you run away? Then they begin landing multiple kicks and punches as another hits you with a blunt force object, (skateboard) and another is holding a knife? And you then defend yourself with your firearm? Immediately arrested.

Of course the best strategy is to be nowhere near the chaos in the first place but the rules of engagement appear to have changed drastically. I can see how many would hesitate to handle the fight if it comes right to you.

Beyond frustrating to see.


imagine driving Central up to Tramway, the Downs area especially, God forbid you look at anyone, they walk in front of you just so you can hit them while driving.

Is the tramway open?

T in TX, yep still closed

Has anyone seen these lists of demands from the Seattle WA takeover??

This is amazing and frightening.

from the FoxNews online article: “I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met,” Grayson continued. “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

FoxNews article:

the list of demands:

This type of thing will go nationwide if they get their way in Seattle.

grandee, they will never get all of those demands. Never.

It’s right back to history. As a race, our record for rebuilding after we “tear it all down” is abysmal.

Americans did a pretty good job rebuilding Europe and Japan after WWII.

We are witnessing a globally backed, directed and funded takeover of the United States. The goal is to render the US Constitution invalid, destroy capitalism and replace it with communism, remove any resistance including law enforcement, smother voices of dissent and blackmail major companies into compliance.

The war started in 2008 but it has been kicked into high gear as the Coivid-19 provided the perfect launching pad. The battle is being fought through social media, the MSM and the battle ground has been primarily restricted to democratically controlled cities. This will change as our enemy grows more empowered and it will be coming to every doorstep like it or not.

I have permanently severed all communications with several family members and friends who have shown their true colors over the past couple of months by showing sympathy for the BLM and Democrat initiatives. They are no longer welcome in my home and neither do I ever care to have any contact or association with them again. I suggest everyone take a deep, hard and honest look at those around you and decide if you can trust them with your life because that is exactly what you will be doing and ask yourself do these people have your best interest in mind or are they brainwashed and sympathizers of a movement to destroy our Country.

The American Civil War pitted brother against brother and this one will be no different. If you think friends, family or neighbors that have chosen to support BLM, the Democrats, Antifa or any other liberal marxist/socialist/communist agenda will not throw you to the wolves when push comes to shove you are in for a terrifying awakening.

Romeo Charlie,
we are on the same page.
I just posted something similar.
A meteor might be our only hope…
or copious amounts of expended ammo…

I think this will end up with us knee deep in brass. There is no reasoning or rational discussion to be had with someone who says your life doesn’t matter. At this point an asteroid might be a saving grace!

I work for a larger utility on the east coast. We were told last week that any posts on social media even on your own time or your own phone that the company thought did not fall in line with the company’s Viewpoint and management’s thoughts on culture could affect your employment status. i.e you’re fired if we don’t like your thoughts. Never thought it would happen here.

I’m reading about similar happenings elsewhere. One’s livelihood is being threatened if you don’t comply with their thought processes. Non-compliance will be punished. CRAZY!


Saw where a man was fired, California I believe, for displaying a “white power hand gesture” while driving a company vehicle. Had his left arm hanging outside the driver’s door, absent mindedly cracking his knuckles by going one by one, cracking them with his thumb, while sitting in traffic. Someone complained, he was fired, no allowances for his explanation of a habit he had from childhood.

Heck, I bought a 1200 lb. Angus bull at a cattle auction once, because I scratched my nose during the bidding. When I explained what had happened, they laughed and started the bidding over.

I am genuinely curious, do you think it’s unacceptable to fire someone for, say, a racist comment, but perfectly fine to fire someone for being trans?

lovelypoet, That is an invalid question in relation to his comment in my view. You are twisting/changing the argument. Classic (transparent) move.

Troll alert, sorry but we won’t play that game.

This is as bad as one of the stations I listen to while doing yard work airs one democrat ads running against McConnell. I almost puke listening; I changed stations. Her mention of how democrats helped her achieve her life’s dream of becoming a fighter pilot rings of hypocrisy!!
I want to address her PSA.
Hey, who voted to NOT free slaves? Hey, who voted to NOT allow slaves citizenship?? Hey, who voted to NOT give blacks the right to vote??
These votes of over 90%, one being 95%, belonged to the DEMOCRAT party!! So, shut up!!

The principal of a public school in Windsor Vermont was recently fired for posting the following message on her personal Facebook page:

“While I understand the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives, what about our fellow law enforcement? Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign, should not mean I’m a racist”

The superintendent disagreed and described her post as quote, “outright racist”. And fired the principal. By the way, the town is 97% white.

This is the insanity that is occurring all around the country, right now. People being fired for this. It’s stunning that we can no longer express an opinion without fear of retribution. Is this America? Answer: apparently not the one you thought it was…

If you dare to say “All Lives Matter” to a crowd of BLM, you will get beaten to a pulp. Why? Because apparently ONLY black lives matter. Which is itself, extremely racist.

We have gone off the edge folks…

Here in whacko CA, a new hybrid term was created in Hollywood last weekend. Seems a large gathering was held with the theme “All Black Lives Matter”, combining black and gay rights groups. I guess the protests down there were losing steam so they had to come up with a new term to bring from fresh participants into the mix. These groups will stop at nothing to keep their names in the news and the donations rolling in.

It seems horribly ironic and sad that by their actions BLM makes white people so powerful that only those black people killed by a white person are important.

Lauren –

Zing! with that erudite observation. Let this serve as a reminder never to get on your bad side with your beautifully/brutally weaponized thought process.

I usually think sideways from most people. I don’t often say what I think. This whole thing is wearing away my filters.

BLM…only if non-Blacks take them. Otherwise, no so much.

I suggest people confront their fear of death, and temper it, with the proper application of your profound hatred of the Cultural Marxists, who are conducting this current coup.

They just announced that the Atlanta PD officers who were attacked by Rayshard Brooks as they attempted to arrest him will be charged. The officer who shot Brooks as Brooks attempted to shoot him with the taser he took from one officer during the fight is being charged with felony murder + 10 other lesser charges. The other officer is being charged with aggravated assault +2 lesser charges.

Atlanta has effectively killed their police department. No officer, of any race, will put themselves in the position of having to arrest a back person again.

Rest assured, officers in other large cities with liberal politicians in charge are paying attention.

We are rapidly descending into lawlessness. The more that the lawless are empowered, the more they take. And it’s happening fast. Obviously this is starting in the Blue Left Cities. But it is and will extend outward. For those who live in a very blue state, you are in peril.

The mainstream media is dumping tons of fuel on this. Things will explode as a result.


I believe that was the same officer caught on hot mike in his cruiser, as he approached the subject, he said to himself out loud: “Do I really want to deal with this dude?”

Very telling. That officer had a premonition.

@Dennis, could not agree more. The fired officer was also charged for shooting AND MISSING. One of his rounds fired during the threat hit a vehicle.

And the death penalty?? That is reserved for premeditation, lying in wait, torture, etc.. LEO’s would be foolish to try to arrest ANYONE at this point.

The cops, fire fighters and EMT’s in all of these “defund the police cities” should have a sick out starting on this Friday evening and have the unions put the word out on social media there will be little or no law enforcement for these cities for the next 5-10 days. Give these rioting/looting citizens, mayors and city council members a dose of reality when they burn these democratic cesspools to the ground and there is no one there to stop them. Then maybe the ones who are left will appreciate the need for law, order and civilized behavior.

My mom and I were in town this morning, and I noticed for the first time that our local coffee bistro had a part of their name painted out. This afternoon, #1 son said they had done that a while ago because the name, which is the name of a well known river in our area, is from a native american tribe and folks were complaining about it. Town is almost completely white, with a contingency of ever growing ‘progressives’. Population is less than 5,000 people.

Wonder if we’ll have to rename the river now, the many, many, businesses and organizations that use that name (because of the river) and all of the cities and counties with native american names. Crazy.

Exactly. I’m sure we all could start thinking of lots of names of places, things, symbols, teams, whatever – that could potentially upset the PC progressives of today. Even though those words do not have a negative meaning to us (because they’re just places, things, symbols, teams, whatever…), the PC progressives have been trained to hate this. We are now witnessing the beginning of the culmination of a successful ChicomMarxiGlobalist indoctrination and subsequent takeover of America. The last power standing in the way of one-world rule. It’s close folks…

It should be noted that the goal of BLM is totally unrelated to the interests of black Americans.

Carver, Hopefully more black Americans wake up. They are being played. Pawns for the Marxists and their arsonist wing the mainstream media.

Farmgirl –

That is clinical insanity. The flyovers are making California look sane and stable by comparison. My town hosts rich liberal college students from all over the world, complete with their own uber-trendy downtown district. I haven’t heard a peep out of them, no protests, no chanting, no shaming businesses over a name. They’ve been remarkably well behaved. Makes one wonder what they are up to.

Also, my daughter works at a restaurant near the beach with hyper-leftist clientele. They too are quiet and well behaved.

All of the ‘Bernie’ stickers have dried up and flown away.

About the only thing out of the ordinary is the mixture of gunfire and fireworks, each and every night since late April. More than a few people are using the fireworks as cover for range practice. You can’t miss it. Crackle-bang-snap Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom for about 6 hours each night.

Wouldn’t that just be something if the uprising on the right started in California? After the things we;e seen so far this year, I propose that nothing is impossible anymore.

Thanks Ken for sharing your thoughts. The best way to deal with the other “side” is to arrange your life so you don’t need them or anything they produce or provide. When a corporation does something I feel is outrageous, I stop buying their products, visiting their physical or digital locations, and buying their stock. I don’t attack the company’s stakeholders, employees or vendors. Their relationship with said corporation is their business. I guess that is the difference between what I do and the so-called cancel culture aficionados.

I am going to try to focus on making those few purchases I do online from like minded companies through websites of like minded individuals. I look at it as a vote for that vendor to know where I am looking online.

One of the best things I have done since HRC’s defeat in 2016 was get almost entirely out of debt with more than enough funds in savings to finish paying off the mortgage if necessary. I have a website for my business with a page related to my personal philosophical views but I don’t rely on ad revenue to support it. The related time and money I consider an investment in society. If my business gets attacked by the cancel crowd, I know I have sufficient clients to make the minimum revenue I need to keep going. I provide professional services so my clients can remain anonymous. If this business is taken away for whatever reason, I have numerous skills and am not too proud to take any job if needed to provide for my family. When my time on earth is over, I know where I am going. I know I have provided for my family and the kids (all adults) are pretty self-sufficient. My husband doesn’t need my income to make ends meet. So I have no one to impress, no unfinished responsibilities, and nothing on this earth I love more than my God, my country, and my freedom to make me cave.

Well said. Thank you.

Well said Mama
That is why I cancelled and deleted my Fakebook account. When I first heard of their censoring of conservative views a couple years ago, I immediately deleted the account. Twitter, never used twitter, heard about censoring and so never set up an account. Amazon, I never bought anything on amazon (sorry Ken but I do gander through your other advertisers links). Fakebook, Tweeter, and Amazon are run by CMG elitists who don’t get a penny from me.
I vote with my dollars.
Just my 2cents

Like the suppression of publication under the Soviet regime.

“It’s an universal law – intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

What a surprise, who would have seen this coming? George Floyd’s brother is begging the U.N. to investigate racial injustice in the U.S.


The U.N. has convened in emergency session to do just that. Who needs police or National Guardsmen/women when we have those blue helmeted peace keepers from……..who knows where?

Gosh, I bet the dems hope this won’t disrupt our elections……………..

Don’t know if it is true or not but I read that the UN had protestors out too. I believe the aim is to get rid of the ‘police force’ and make it a federal thing lead by the UN. Don’t think it will be to long before we see blue helmets in the streets.

blue helmits make great personal field latrines…
well,except for the one with multiple holes in them…

no I don’t think it will last, at least for now. I have to wonder if they will try it to see the reaction. All the defund police stuff with undertones of replace them ‘something better’ and I see that George Floyd’s family is asking the UN to get involved. All sorts of things happening that I never thought I would see and so far none of them good.

In most areas of the world his murder wouldn’t even have made a blip. Any videos would have been confiscated by the police, and any objectors jailed. These people are asking the UN for help, as if the UN is some kind of superior moral force. They forget they’re talking about a political farce which routinely bows to the highest bidder.

Sorry- after I posted I saw that Dennis had already mentioned it. Don’t know how I missed it.

thank you…

I hope that is not coming to fruition.

Antique Collector,

Can’t imagine it happening under Trump, or even under a democrat president. I have no doubt that the Floyd family is being coached on what to say by folks with socialist goals, with the intent of casting the U.S. in a negative light to the rest of the world.

Considering that many of the countries in the UN are visibly guilty of much worse systemic racism, I doubt it will come to much.

Also- did anyone see the video of the man being attacked by 3 gang bangers? They were beating him with various things one of them being a skateboard. Don’t remember what else. Looked like they had him down and he managed to get up and he shot them. Don’t know if he hit them all or ?. I know he got one of them. He had a cc permit. He has been charged with felonies and the attackers apparently got a pass.

And it begins…………………..

3 minutes ago ·” Reports — UPDATE: Reports breaking now that large numbers of Atlanta PD officers quit responding to radio calls earlier this evening, and now large numbers have reportedly driven to their precincts, turning in the keys, and gone home. The story below has to do with the decision by Fulton County DA Paul Howard to file felony murder charges against Officer Garret Rolfe in connection with the shooting on Friday night of Rayshard Brooks in the parking lot of a Wendy’s restaurant after Brooks fought with two officers, took a taser away from one of them, and then fired the taser at Off. Rolfe as was chasing Brooks.”

This is about to get real………

Where’s General Sherman when you need him.

Well, Fulton county is toast. Gwinnett may put up resistance. Wake me when the yoofs cross into Cobb county. I’ll stay up for the live feed of that.

Now I need some YouTube in my ear so I can focus on work. A little Marvin Gaye seems apropos. “Let’s get it on…..”


Not doubting you but where did you see these reports?

I figured something like this would happen after hearing them charge the cops with everything under the sun. Total BS.



My post was a direct cut and paste from redstate.com.
Also reported by Wayne Dupree, black conservative podcast personality.


Apparently the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) was also blindsided by the press conference today. They were asked to investigate and are still in the process of doing so.
Also, supposedly that D.A. is under investigation for diverting some 140K of state funds to himself?
Twitter is all over the walk out by the APD. Check shipwreckedcrew’s posts (you don’t have to have an account to read various people, just bookmark them).
Good time to NOT be in Atlanta, I think!

From the official Atlanta Police Department twitter account:
“Earlier suggestions that multiple officers from each zone had walked off the job were inaccurate. The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift. We have enough resources to maintain operations & remain able to respond to incidents.”

“higher than usual”…..

Other accounts monitoring scanners report dispatchers having to request “any available” multiple times before getting a response.

I wouldnt blame cops the country over if they staged a 1 week walk out, give these idiot people exactly what they asked for,,,,
To all you LEO out there, thank you! You deserve better treatment

Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.

Heinrich Heine

All this defund the police is just a path for them to institute a military or national police action. Once the sheep see the police defunded and crime spikes they will beg for law and order. You dont want the military policing your streets!! Be careful what you wish for, the .Gov is not on your side no matter the party. That includes Trump.


things being the way they are right now i am VERY glad i have more years behind me than in front of me because i not want to see what the left is going to do to this country

Same here. When I was young I listened to my grandparents and parents talk about “the good old days” and now I know how exactly what they were feeling. The future these millennials are creating for themselves will make the Stalin and Mao requiems look like a paradise but it is probably the future they deserve for their lack of appreciation or understanding of the past.

It would be nice to come back in 40 years for just a moment to say “We told you so but you wouldn’t listen”.

There are some people that may get what they wished for. They will regret it in the end.

Law is necessary for a civilized society. This means that law enforcement is necessary for a civilized society. When laws are ignored or de-emphasized society get less safe, less free, and a death spiral starts.

I do not mean that all laws are good laws, but they can be changed. When laws are ignored from the lowest to the highest of us sooner or later it becomes no law at all, i.e. no civilization, safety, or peace.

Since nature abhors a vacuum something will fill the void.

Sorry if I have stated the obvious.

Y’all remember the Wild West, right? Remember the lawless towns in all those Western movies and all the gun fights?

If there are no Police, YOU BECOME your own Police….as it is only YOU, your family, and your friends, against all the criminals, you decide to be criminals. But, then, the LAW also becomes what YOU decide it is, too. Just like those lawless towns found in every Western.

Where there are no Police, the only Justice at hand is Mob, or Gang, or Vigilantly, or Kangaroo, or, Personally Administered.

In fact, anyone attempting to Police you, could very well meet your personal definition of a criminal…and be subject to your own administration of your own guiding rules upon them.

Evolution In Action.

How come private business owners are forced to concede to federal statutes against their Christian beliefs?

How come media conglomerates that censor conservative media are exempt from the same federal statutes because they are “private companies”?

Answer this question: how come being a privately owned business in one situation makes it liable to federal regulations, but in another situation exempt from adhering to basic Constitutional rights?

Do, when the rioters move in to the Olympia mayor’s neighborhood and tag her house it’s domestic terrorism. Funny, didn’t seem that way to her the day before when they were tearing up another neighborhood.

Potland’s mayor, who has had police stand down from Antifa these past few years called them in immediately when they seat up an autonomous zone in his front yard.

Seems legit.

Seems that if one wanted loosened laws tightened up, it might be fun to take the argument to the mayor’s house rather than city hall.

Council members calling for homeless to be free to camp on private property? Camp and relieve oneself in their front yards and parking spots.

Petty theft no longer prosecuted? Jump their back fence and make off with the bbq and patio furniture.

A little civil disobedience never hurt anyone, right?

Anony Mee,

Right out of the rules for radicals composed by Saul A. and used by the insurrectionist thugs. Make the enemy live up to their own rulebook. I’ve wondered about the plausibility/morality of those very same ‘rules’ being used by Patriots to undermine the thugs. Someone on-line recently suggested exactly that.

I think it would have to be set up, though, so the ones who take it to the mayors and other sell-out civil authorities private spaces are the actual thugs. If you or I were civilly disobedient at the mayor’s house, we’d just be carted off and labeled right-wing extremists, and the show would go on. If the thugs are responsible, it might start to dawn on said leaders that the revolution often eats its own. Maybe some of them would think more deeply about who they’re supporting.

The coming fight might afford me the service of not having to sit around the house, waiting for the final cancer to show up. For this, I am grateful.

Although I cannot “run & gun” anymore, I can still “walk & gun,” which is okay with me, as who wants to die tired?

NLM…No Life Matters, if that life is possessed by my enemy.

When you sense you are in danger, stop talking. Be completely silent. Lower your gaze, as if cowed, to stare at the enemy’s center of mass, where you can see their entire body. Make yourself ready, then ask the LAST PROPER QUESTION of your enemy. Such as, “What is your IQ? 65?” Or, “Did you know the “N” word was first used to identify certain White people?”

As you observe the enemy roll their eyes upwards, as they think of an abusive answer, in that instant, attack…and, do not stop until there are no more targets at hand, or it is not possible for you to continue to do so.

May all of us old soldiers demonstrate our skills upon the highest ranking Cultural Marxists we can find in this coming civil conflict.

Another great article Ken!

I believe more stuff is coming, so stay alert for the next so called crisis, which we all know will be another psyop. As I have read somewhere, “TPTB will not stop trying to get the NWO established. They don’t have to worry about any government getting in the way because no government stands in their way, only we do”. It’s always been us! The government has always stood together, even Trump. Almost 4 years in office and no one has gone to jail. He plays good lip service but hasn’t done anything that really counts. Left, right, democrat, or republican, they are all the same. Things have nowhere else to go but up, unemployment, tensions at all-time highs, media ramping up the divide. They are forcing us to a point where reaction will be our only choice. They want civil war so they can come in and enact crushing laws and restrictions to keep everyone safe because we all know politicians only pass laws in name of our safety. There will be another event which will be used to escalate everything all the way to a civil war. Their plan is for us to kick everything off by defunding the police, letting inmates out of prison, and letting rioters and looters do as they please. They know there will come a time when normal, patriotic, constitutional, God fearing people will stand up and start protecting their own. And then, when communities fight back with their own form of justice (jury, judge, executioner) vigilante style, they (TPTB) will come down with the most extreme gun control measures yet. There will be a choice, stand and fight or GTFOOTW!

Prepper Dan,
You are exactly right. The next event will be the surge to completely overthrow the government as we knew it and force the Country into martial law. This coup consists of the both Republican and Democrat elitist and I think the Country will be in an all out shooting war before the election. We are in the beginnings of a serious SHTF situation and it is only going to get worse in the next couple of weeks.

Continue to stock up on EVERYTHING no matter how insignificant as it may seem now as you may not have the opportunity, means or ability in the very near future.

Agree with both of you all. WWIII has already started and guess who is the biggest threat to the worlds .Gov it is….the people. They want complete control over us. The virus was just the start and it all has escalated from there and will continue. Watch out for the word Biosecurity. It is the means to provide us safety but actually steals all our freedoms for safety.

It’s already been done the last few months and will continue, for ever.


Good advice…

I’m not a fan of Rowlings work but respect her courage. This is an example of peer pressure to cave to the party line didn’t work in this one situation: