BLM Co-Founder Reveals They Are Trained Marxists

Did you know that the co-founders of BLM (Black Lives Matter) are trained Marxists?

Well, here it is straight from the mouth of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

The original full length video is from TRNN, recorded during 2015 and put on youtube.

It has been floating around the internet recently, and I captured this portion to show you. I put it on my own server, figuring the tube might take it down on their site if this gains any traction. Though maybe not, because they are no longer hiding the fact that they are Marxists.

BLM Political Organization

In my view, BLM is essentially a political organization with Marxist roots. You might say one goal is to destroy America.

They established in 2013 by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors (pictured above) and Opal Tometi following the Trayvon Martin situation. The group stokes racial division and rage while galvanizing an organized protest movement.

BLM is closely allied with numerous groups that are fronts for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), a Marxist-Leninist entity that calls for the overthrow of capitalism.

You can do your own research on this. But having seen this video today, I just had to share it with you. In my view this organization is not so much about helping black people. Rather, to incite racist division. These people are funded and supported by powerful entities.

I DO believe that black lives matter. And you know what else? White lives matter. Brown lives matter. I am not ashamed to be white (though many are). All lives matter.

It appears to me that many people do not know the roots of BLM and their apparent agenda. They are being propped up as a social icon. And whoever dares to challenge their agenda is met with ridicule and worse.

We are facing a multi-pronged Marxist attack on America’s traditions, values, constitutional rights, and freedoms. Law-and-order itself is being attacked. They DO want to bring us down. This is what we are facing.

I believe that most who blindly support Black Lives Matter do not understand the roots and their apparent real agenda which is at work here. They are playing right into the hands of those who want to tear it all down. We need to speak out. We cannot remain silent. The truth must be told. Do your part.

Have you chosen sides yet? Yes, I believe most of us have…

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It is sad that a worthy cause has been purposely co-opted by commies. We are under constant attack by radical leftists, they’ll soon have their own caucus in Congress for goodness sake. This is going to get worse before it gets better…

kevinH — “a worthy cause” ???

Black Lives Matter was NEVER a worthy cause.

*** All listed marxist-communists named are involved with BLM from its 2013 online founding: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

*** BLM is closely allied with numerous groups that are fronts for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), a Marxist-Leninist organization that calls for the overthrow of capitalism.

*** Refer to the BLM website and see references to ‘comrades’, black liberation movement’, govt demands of prisoners, promotions of violence, racist ideology, etc.

*** Any donations to BLM are automatically diverted to ACT BLUE (full disclosure prior to donating). ACT BLUE then donates this money to the Democratic Party presidential candidates. (Fact check with the FEC)

The only one I haven’t been able to verify is the ACT Blue item. As I understand it, Act Blue is a political fundraising platform, similar to gofundme, which BLM uses for their fundraising efforts. Yes, ActBlue donates to democratic candidates on their own behalf, but the money collected through the BLM account goes back to BLM.

ACTBlue, because they are a registered non-profit, has to provide financial information as well as to whom and how much they donate. For some reason BLM (although also a registered non-profit) doesn’t have to do that, and I really didn’t understand the explanations given. No one knows where BLM’s money comes from, or where it goes.


The kid who was hitting us up for equipment donations last week – he mentioned in his email that they were routing donations “through a private 501c3 entity”.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have torpedoed him so quickly. I should have baited him to the next level, where the money handlers are exposed.

Probably better this way.

Their money comes from ACT BLUE, which is finance by George Soros and other Marxists/Communists Elites. It is funneled to BLM to hire protesters/rioters to destroy our cities.police, and our freedom! They want to take us down, so we will be ruled by communist/globalist’s order, with no rights and no freedoms or liberties of any kind, and even punished for your own thoughts. They want total mind control of all people they choose to let live.

FactCheck has a piece in this claim. Looks like there is more than one organization with BLM in its name. And that BLM is not a yet a 501(c) (3) entity.

Nothing donated through ActBlue can be deducted as a charitable contribution.

ActBlue is basically a clearinghouse that charges a 3.95% fee for processing donations. They are required to report political (candidates, party, PACs) contributions IAW FEC rules.

You are right. This is part of the plan of BLM. They don’t care about skin color. They only care about money and the power they have been brainwashed into believing they will have when they are counting on the communists/globalist destroying our people by dividing us against each other. Then they can take over and force everyone under a global government with no freedoms, liberties, rights of any kind. People will be punished for even thinking things they don’t approve of. The point of the virus contact tracing and tracking is to have chips put into everyone, so they will know your every thought and move. This is not for our good or safety!

The BLM.are the Trained Marxists from.South Africa the SA Communist Party which intergrated itself into American Society and together with Sudanese and Somali Terrorists Al Jabab and Hamas with Antifa they want a Civil.war in the US 8

Ken- I think you have called this exactly. On its face it seems innocuous but it goes much deeper should you choose to do a little research. I fear the growing control this group has over the larger population. I think the average joe is pretty scared to speak up in protest.

I’m in a bit of a predicament now over BLM. Both of my boys are in Boy Scouts and they have just released, along with everyone else, that they support BLM. Going further they will be introducing a diversity merit badge mandatory to obtain the rank of Eagle scout. I am so disappointed in the Boy Scouts the last few years with caving to many social pressures. On the other hand, my boys have had good experiences in scouts and the local troop can be shaped really by its individual leader rather than the greater whole. Trying to decide if this is a deal breaker for me and my boys.

I received my Eagle back in 1974. It is not the same organization, but an extension of the new leftist agenda.. I will no longer support this organization..

Exactly Wolfgar,
I was in scouting in the early 80’s and it is no longer the Boy Scouts of America but just another organization trying to push a PC agenda and indoctrinate kids into the leftist mindset.
Back then it was about learning about the outdoors, personal responsibility, service to community and country. Treating everyone with respect was a given no mater their skin color or age. Now it’s like you have to show special treatment to certain groups of people where once the opportunity was the same for everyone and now certain groups are given special status over others. And THAT is completely against the scouting I grew up with.

Try to look to the positive side of scouting and instill your values. As to the badge, sigh, I do not know. If being an Eagle Scout is important then it just is what is. Werther we like it or not our children/grandchildren are growing up in a different world and will have to navigate accordingly. They let girls in so this should not be a surprise.

I understand what you are saying Mrs. U.
It night not seem like much. But it is the first step or actually one of the first steps. At first it might not seem like much but as time goes on more and more changes will be occurring. The CMG strategy is not to accomplish their goals all in one day but to gradually implement their plans over time. Eventually their plans will be coming to fruition but it will be too late do do anything about it. Take California for instance. It didn’t become a s–thole over night. It took long and careful planning. Now, good luck anyone doing anything about Kalifornia. Nikita Kruschev was right about the downfall of Amerika. It is happening as we speak.

Nikita did brag on more than one occasion that they would take over america from the inside.

I remember doing the pledge of allegiance everyday in elementary school. Then some people complained. It was said they did not have to participate was all. Then the next and the next. By high school, we I’d not do the pledge of allegiance at all. Again gradual baby steps and before you know it “what is the pledge of allegiance?”

Doesn’t it start with something like “give us this day our daily bread?”, or ” on my honor I will do my best to do my duty to GOD and my country?”, I forget what it is. Just kidding! Of course I know the pledge of allegiance, but I bet most kids today have no idea that there is a pledge little alone how to say the pledge and where your right hand should be when saying the pledge (note: it’s not holding your phone).
But yes, I understand completely what you are saying Mrs. U. Regards

In Missouri, it is state law that kids have to recite the pledge every day (of course some abstain for religious reasons). I know some teachers don’t follow it; they “forget,” whether purposefully or not. I was already doing it in my class every day (along with a patriotic song that changed each month), but when the law went into effect four years ago, our principal had different students leading it over the intercom each day, trying to get it all of the teachers used to a routine of doing it.

Ask the boys what they think.

Montana –

With all due respect… if the pedo scandal wasn’t enough and their support of leftist, domestic terrorism leaves you in a quandary… – what else has to happen for you to take action?

I’d have that internal conversation with myself. Recognize that the organization isn’t what it once was and in fact fully supports things that I don’t , values that I wouldn’t want instilled in my kids and move on.

Take action, as in what?? I have been at odds with the Boy Scouts for many years.The Boy Scouts was a great organization when I was in my youth.. I learned a lot of survival skills, community responsibility and the difference between right and wrong.. Our scout masters were excellent and had the whole support of our small community.. The left destroys everything good, that it infects..This is not just a conflict of political ideas, it is a battle between good and evil…The charade is over and the sides are taking shape…..

I agree, I spent years in scouting and learned the basis for my survival skills there. We had great leaders, great outdoor experiences, we did a week every summer camping in the white mountains, even climbed that rock pile in some of Ken’s pictures. Today’s scouts are not the same, but I cherish my memories of when I was there in the seventies and early eighties.

Nothing is the same, pretty much everything that was good is being ruined by idiocy

Okay, coming in late to this conversation. I was never a boy scout, too poor. But, I taught myself all the skills that they used to teach (libraries are great!) and now I’m passing it on to my kids and grandkids. Teach your values to your kids YOURSELF. They are YOUR values, not someone elses. Parents need to quit relying on others to teach their kids! Unless you don’t care what they’re taught.

The International.Assn against Anti Semitism racialism.and Discrimination declares BLM a terrorist organization

tmcgyver, aka, wolfgar- just like cops are now being painted with a broad brush so has scouting. Of course I am crushed for the victims of sexual abuse but my boys have been in two troops and I have the utmost respect for their direct leadership. I try not to judge the whole by the few. The BSA’s support of leftist, socialist views is certainly not in line with my views or values, but I have taught my boys my values and to think critically and we have nightly discussions about navigating this world. I attend every meeting and the larger social issues are not a topic of conversation- the next hike and camp out, the latest knot, etc are. Thank you for the input, I have much to think about.

It’s also just hard for me to accept the BSA’s downfall, even though I can see it happening. My dad and brother are Eagle Scouts and I was in Exploring.

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do or not do.. Every troop is different and it is the parents decision to decide if the benefits out way the deficits. My son went into scouting and like you, “I attended the meetings and went on a couple camp outs” to help. The organization had changed completely, so my son decided to leave with my blessing. I was at odds all the time with the new scout masters agenda, as were most of the other parents. The focus had changed from a civics and survival skill mentality to a collective and environmentalist mindset. The young boys were treated more like little children that needed 24 hour care, “instead of the self reliance mentality” instilled when I was in the Boy Scouts. Now that this organization has adopted the leftist reverse racism thought police agenda, it wouldn’t be too hard of a decision for me today..Like I stated before, this is a civil war with sides being chosen. My loyalty has and always will be to the original intent of the Constitution and my creator. Communism and immorality has no place in my belief or nation.. On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. A Scout is:
•and Reverent. Proverbs 24:21-22, “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change: For their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?”

I know some people who are leifetime leftist communist followers. They are very good people with good morals. I will support those people as friends and family (from a distance). But does it means because I support them I will take up their cause? No way, not even when hell freezes over. They know my views and that I wanting nothing of theirs. Again, they are not bad people but what they stand for is pure evil. And the support I speak only extends to being cordial in conversation for family sake, that is it. Other than required family ties, I want nothing to do with them. Sounds brutal but when their ideology includes the destruction of many things I hold dear in my life, well I have a problem with that.

Can’t even recall the number of times I repeated those lines.
Of course it was back in the good ‘ole days. I started with Cub
Scouts went forward to Boy Scouts and then onto Explorers.
A thought, tell me I don’t have to burn all my insignia, merit
badges and neckerchiefs, which I still have.

Wolfgar,Sorry about missing letter.

Their not there – sorry

Yeah. I saw that too. I think I’d withdraw my kids from Scouts. Let them know why. It’s just pandering behavior.

Montana Home,
Do you recall that famous quote: “…when good men do nothing.” ?

Knowing that Boy Scouts organization is about our Nation, personal integrity and honor, would you say that this is what the Boy Scouts is today? The Left chose to target the Boy Scouts many years ago, and people within the Boy Scouts tolerated the Lefts actions and their tolerant-intolerance. The Left has just about completed the mission to destroy that institution. And in the process, those who continue to support the Boy Scouts are a part of the problem.

(Full quote: ” ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’)

A few years ago when I was working overseas, I read a story about the Boy Scouts in Saudi Arabia. During the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the Boy Scouts were there helping the millions of travelers with directions and assisting people who had physical problems. Very noble things. So yes, each troop may have the differences from the parent organization. Don’t know if Saudi still has Scouts after the whole pedo issue or not.

How can you teach the grey man principal if your children do not understand the culture they need to be a grey man in. By learning the diversity badge material, and then supplementing your own ideals will give them the tools to be a grey man culturally. With the state of schools, it might actually be essential for their survival.

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky

Isolate your target.

Target #1 Christian White Heterosexual Men.
Target there primary community relationships examples:
✔Boy Scouts of America
✔Infiltration of Homosexuals and communists in Church leadership.
✔Big Tech Firms / Social Media
✔Major Male Products ie Gillet Co. Using transvestite movement in commercial ads.
✔Hollywood…. Notice how you no longer really have movies with strong male characters? Its always a female strong hero.
✔Ditto Kids cartoon programming. No strong Males like cartoon GI Joe anymore.
✔Sitcoms wife cant get prego so they always blame it on the man shooting blanks.. speaking of..
✔ Constant NRA attacks linking the organization to mass school shootings.
✔MSM hates us including FOX always negative coverage when we protest for our civil liberties. we are called extremists, white supremacists etc… in an attempt to isolate us further.
✔ You fill in the blanks next but they these communist F_cks are doing an excellent job in isolating us. Good for them, however they may be on the verge of waking a true sleeping giant. As I have said in the past their hubris will be the communists and liberal democrats downfall.

Behind Every Christian White Heterosexual Man… There is usually an equally pissed off capable well armed White heterosexual wife…

⭐️ Gold star White Cracker! Excellent summation.


W.C. you are so on target , my wife is a better shot then I am!

This is probably off topic but, according to news sources, Al Sharpton is in Tulsa this evening to give a speech for the Juneteenth celebration & claims he has already had death threats! But was supposed to speak anyway!

Oklady –

Welcome! So on the subject of Al Sharpton, did you see him in the pulpit at the Floyd “funeral” wearing gloves? One was not fully pulled up all the way, as if it was a nod to OJ’s defense team saying “If it don’t fit, you gotta acquit!” He gets weirder and weirder, in my opinion at least. 😉

Thanks for the welcome! No, I didn’t watch him speak at the funeral. I guess he spoke tonight, just seen news clips & what he thought president Trump should address at his rally tomorrow night. Tulsa is expecting to have people from all over at the rally tomorrow. As I told antique collector they’ve been lined up & camped out since Monday.

Just saw the photo of him, but suspect it was his subtle reminder to us that Black Murder’s Lives Matter Too.

Stay away from OKC over the weekend. Fox is showing that their will be a Black Gun Owners rally set to take place and they’ve formulated their list of demands for their march to the Governor’s mansion.

Oh goodness, hadn’t heard that! Obviously too much going on in Oklahoma this weekend.

BLM is funded by global powers who are neither capitalists or communists. They have a goal of overturning our constitutional republic and melting it into a global government on which they will rule. They will use communism to procure followers and they will use capitalism to procure wealth; end goal is global domination.

BLM and it’s followers are useful idiots to those who are using them, being that they are a means and not an end makes them all the more dangerous. The agenda of BLM, which is to be found on their website, is in total contradiction to the morality and values of the vast majority of black Americans.


Perhaps these BLM fools, ought to re-read history, on what happened to Hitler’s brown shirts, when He was done with them.

The same thing that happened to the Kinghts Templar

Stand: they are too busy erasing history.

Daily Mail UK is running front page with clear video of a savage animal beast beating the life out of a Macy’s employee. Genessee Valley Mall; Flint, MI – where Fat Bastard leftist antagonist Michael Moore lives.

Don’t look at it if you are prone to violence or have heart trouble.

I want this shit **ON** and OVER WITH – THIS WEEKEND!

Seething with rage right now.

They always pick the people who can’t defend themselves, I’m 6’2 300+ I’m left alone.


That ever happens to me?

Meet S&W 357 mag. I’d shoot that SOB in a heartbeat.


I watched a video last week I think of a young man about my #2 son’s age getting beaten by a group in Oceanside, MD. Didn’t want to watch, but did it to give myself the dose of reality I need to keep from falling into nice comfy normalcy bias here on my beautiful, peaceful (for now) farm. They were enjoying themselves beating this young man, taking their time about it, and I don’t know if he survived or not.

Rage and despair is how I feel about it, alternately. It’s not in me to understand how one human being could destroy another that way. That’s the despair part. Standing by to film or watch innocent life destroyed? No way. That is what the rage is for. There will be a need for righteous rage to overcome what is going on in this country.

Farmgirl –

Thank you for roto-rooting the clog out of my brain stem right now. I think I’m ready to recheck my BP.


Model 19? K-frame?


Yep. And I can kill you at 100 yds, so, I sure as h#ll ain’t gonna miss at 2 ft.

Anyone remember oh, maybe 1 1/2 years ago Schumer making the statement about how the deep state has something like “seven ways to Sunday” to get back at you? He was referring to getting even with Trump. At the time it almost sounded like a threat. Well, here we are.

BLM founder a Marxist?

Shocking! (Snark)

Advice to those of us on the right; get used to orange jumpsuits and cold 3am freight car rides to destinations unknown. This is our future unless we alter our battle plan, like yesterday!

These recent riots were a massive win for the left! Massive! YUGE! Never underestimate the power of terrorism. It works exceedingly well at terrorizing people into submission! Don’t believe me? Just look at all the post-riot photos of the hordes of politicians, LEO and Nat. Guardsman kneeling and honoring before the altar of a career criminal who was regretfully killed while in police custody after being arrested for felony passing of counterfeit currency (a Federal crime). 5 years previous he was sent to Federal prison for using a firearm during the commission of a home invasion of a pregnant woman. His rap sheet had what, 9 felonies?

If the George Floyd was white, most of us would probably shrug it off and say something like “the jackass finally got what he deserved.”

Since he’s black, we make him a friggin’ martyr on par with St Stephen or St. John the Baptist.

Gimme a gotdam break!

Kneeling? F&[email protected]!ng cowards! (Sorry Ken).

Think the left isn’t well trained and well organized?

Below article is a fascinating read into Antifa/BLM tactical operations . Written by a “boots on the ground” leftist on the siege and fall of the MPD 3rd precinct station.

Never underestimate the enemy, NEVER!!!!

Fire For Effect,
Thanks for posting a very informative insight into what we are up against. This isn’t about black lives, George Floyd or racial equality. It is about what type of government and social system we will have in the future. Will it be based on the Constitution, capitalism and a civilized productive society or will it go the way of third world African countries ruled by warlords, chaos, poverty and squalor. A large percentage of the inner cities of America already resemble Mogadishu and yet they can’t see it was democratic policies that great those cesspools.

I am amazed at the number of white people that are buying into the BLM BS and are willing to except that their life doesn’t matter. It’s insane that corporations are choosing marxist communism over capitalism by sympathizing with BLM, which in the end will lead to the take over and control their businesses. The groveling and pandering we are seeing is the most pathetic and disgusting form of self-loathing one could ever imagine.

When the kids are misbehaving, we say “ENOUGH”

Well, when will American Citizens say “ENOUGH”

I, for one, hope that the Trump rally is the beginning of a movement to take the country back from the globalists, socialists, communists, …

This country was built by people wanting freedom and were willing to risk all for it. Now the anarchists are trying to destroy that history. Now the politicians and corporate pukes are using fear to lock down the general public instead of those at risk, just to gain control and power.

So, I am now saying to all that will listen “ENOUGH” and when there is a call to arms, I will serve in any capacity that my age and resources will allow me.

hermit us

Do you seriously want on the call list? I can do that.


Being located in the middle of Redoubt country near the US/Canada border, I will have some notice of trouble coming. When some adjacent States begin to be impacted, I can sent some supplies their way.

hermit us

Ok. Let me know if you want on that list

Chevy & Stand My Ground
Caught your posting about them destroying our history. Each and everyone of us should locate history books before they started altering them. Purchase them, protect them, pass them down to the younger generation as they are taught the actual version of our history. Good and the Bad.
We are in Fahrenheit 451 and Hitler’s Book burning. If those books do not represent the history/knowledge they are brainwashing into each an every new generation. Those books are gone, along with the teachers who represent the old ways and history.

These books are a prepping item just as if they were a package of seeds. Seeds are food, and so is knowledge. mho

I agree, our history and even culture are being subjected to revision. I have been collecting old history and literature books at yard and estate sales for the last 10 years or so. Some old Boy Scout Handbooks as well. Got some DVDs at an estate sale today that may not be available soon, given the current climate of ridiculousness (The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Disney’s Great Locomotive Chase).

If you have a Good Will in your area check them out. Found medical books that were lost in the fire way back, one of them was my favorite. Layman terminology for those with limited knowledge. If you are looking for a specific type of books, and I am not to sure about dvd’s there but worth looking.

Unfortunately yards sales are out because of dh’s health requirements. Will have the youngest sister & her daughters search for them when she is bargain hunting.

Haven’t read through all the comments, so you may have touched on this, but just saw this story about how the Boy Scouts of America will now be requiring one earn a new “Diversity & Inclusion” Merit Badge in order to become an Eagle Scout. This is all to show (prove) their support for Black Lives Matter.

With each new announcement (remember the last one?), they sink deeper into the cesspool.

I’ve never supported BLM. I find them to be racist, antisemitic and dangerous to law enforcement. No real surprise that they’re Marxists as well. Disgusted by the raising of the BLM flag at schools, churches and other venues here. They haven’t a clue what they’re supporting. Just a bunch of wokesters all dealing with their “white guilt”, busy virtue signaling how utterly virtuous they are. If only they were the only ones to reap what they sow.

Take a look for Yuri Bezmenos interview in youtube, he tells all you need to know. He was warning you, but you Americans did not want to listen

Tere tulemast Estonian,

Your right, the work of Bezmenos is very applicable today. His outline is essentially the playbook the Left is following.

Estonia, brings back great memories! My girlfriend from way back in University days was from a small village near lake Peipsi in eastern Estonia. I spent a summer there visiting her and even celebrated Jaanipäev there. What a fun holiday! We travelled to many wonderful places, Saaremaa island, Tartu University, the beaches at Parnu and up to Tallinn.

Ahhhh such fond memories.

Enjoy Jaanipäev, Estonian!

Will take a look as I have never heard of this person.

BLM and Antifa have focused on recruiting young white college females for several reasons.

1. They are more acceptable to emotional driven causes regardless of facts.

2. They are easily manipulated through social media and are terrified of being labeled racists, not woke or not trendy but their “friends”.

3. The parents, particularly Fathers, are reluctant to argue or condemn their “precious little darlings” and throw them out of the house because they want to believe it’s just a silly phase and she’ll grow out of it.

4. The white man has been castrated and will cower down to whatever his girlfriend believes as long as he can get laid and play video games.

The white “everyone gets a trophy” generation has been raised to expect everything and throw a temper tantrum if they don’t. The only difference is white parents have footed the bill for them and the government footed the bill for the black “gangsta rap” generation.

there is nothing to think about you are either pro communist or your not there is no fence sitting in this its that simple

Kind of off the subject here but, my first experience with black people was as naive 18 yr old farm boy going to college for the first time, there were 4 black guys that I had classes with, 3 were later arrested for dealing and the fourth went back to chicago ( not enough action I guess ). the next experience was when I was active duty in the army. I met a few that were nice guys, but I also met and was around some that weren’t so nice ( down right horse’s rear ends ) and then working in the packing house, I worked with every known race to man, both good and not so good. Until this B.S. started going on , I never paid much attention one way or another to anybody else. Am I just social distancing or what ?

My first experience with a black person was when I was 8 or 9. I was fishing at a local pond and not catching anything. I would cast it out then slowly reel it back in. Caught nothing. There was a black family fishing there that day which was strange to me as there weren’t any black folks living in the area at the time. There was a boy about my age and so I asked him if he caught anything with his cane pole. He said he caught a few small ones. So we talked and fished for a while. I still didn’t catch anything. He asked to borrow my rod and reel. Sure, go for it. I was dumbfounded. He started reeling in fish left and right. I’m thinking what is going on? I cast and cast and get nothing and here this kid casts and reels in a fish again and again. I watched and learned a lot about fishing that day. To this day, I am still amazed at how many fish he was able to get. He was a good fisherman.

Oh, and another thing about the above comment, I carry 24 /7 now

And in the latest example of corporations taking a symbolic knee – Dreyers announced the Eskimo Pie brand will be re-named.

In Board Rooms everywhere corporate managers are scrambling to purge their product names. Everything will have to have generic names and feature no people, no pictures, no nothing.

Between rewriting and purging history, and corporations outdoing each other to appear “woke” – I’m afraid to ask “what’s next?”.

So Cal Gal –

I went shopping this morning for dailies and deep store. Gee, it seems every last product on the shelf had a name and/or symbolism on the label, of some sort; defining who they are. With the vast resources of the Internet, it seems to me that a case could be made against, almost everything.

Do we really know who Campbell, the soup maker was? Arrowhead water sounds like a first nation smear to me. Bag of popcorn in front of me says “Pirate’s Booty”… Is this illicit snack food? Am I supporting high seas sex trafficking? What about all of those silly, stereotypical Italian names on frozen pizza? Cheerios routinely discriminates against other geometric shapes.

I propose a solution that us older folks remember from the early 1980’s when generic food and goods first hit grocery stores. Remember the stark yellow boxes? (Some were white – can’t do that anymore) that had the name of the commodity, practically stenciled across the box?

No? Aww, that’s right. “Lack of diversity”.

I give up.

Yep, my pantry is filled with potentially offensive products. The lady on my Contadina bread crumbs, the “Dixie Fry” mix I bought to try, the Clabber Girl baking powder, the Bertoli olive oil… I could go on and on.

DH flipped to a news channel briefly last night, that was a mistake. Statues coming down in SF as people cheered. Almost everything Southern being vilified. Aaaaargh!

So Cal Gal & Tmcgyver –

With the way things have been going, PETA will come forward with an objection to Morris the cat being stereotypical. Or the Black Drag Queens will petition to get Aunt Jemima changed to Auntie RuPaul. They’d be proud of that depiction and the company would be “forward thinking, with corporate bravery”.

Did either of you see the “Keep NYC Trash Free” wrappers that were placed onto trash cans on New York streets? White southern woman wearing pearls, a MAGA hat and clutching her bible to her chest. White southern man in a MAGA hat, holding a Chick-fil-a cup and sporting a heart tattoo with confederate flag. Images are still online. Never taken down as insensitive, or a version of hate speech. And there sure as heck was never any uproar about them. But then when you’re a Deplorable, you’re fair game.

The entire corporate stance is what really bugs me most. There’s too many of them to boycott, so I feel helpless in sending them the real message they deserve. We made them wealthy, yet they cater to the ones who live on EBT.

So Cal Gal and tmcgyver

Diversity is just so last century.

A year from now the only faces we’ll see on products will be white and the only statues left in America will be garden gnomes.

So Cal Gal

There’s a mischievous movement afoot to turn the tables on the useful idiot pc crowd. For example, did you know Yale is named after a notorious slaver? Sounds like Yale needs a protest!

I just read an article on the Fox News site that is their print version of Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night.

I don’t watch these shows, they tend to get me riled up, but this monologue is right in line with what we have been writing about here. About the takeover that is going on in BLM’s name, about the bigger picture of what is being allowed to happen as statues are defaced and destroyed. Here’s a quote:

“This is not a momentary civil disturbance. This is a serious and highly organized political movement. It is not superficial. It is deep and profound. It has vast ambitions. It is insidious; it will grow. It’s goal us to end liberal democracy and challenge Western Civilization.”

He talks about Joe Biden being the Trojan Horse they want to ride back into the WH. Anyway, it’s well worth the read.

Now this is an eye opener!

Marxist BLM terrorist gives America fair warning: ‘We are going to fight, we are in a war’ – prepare for all-out leftist mayhem in the days and weeks ahead.

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‘We want something for our vote!’

BLM co-founder (admitted & trained Marxist) demands meeting with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris saying the black vote ‘won this election’ and they want group’s agenda to be ‘prioritized’

(Get ready for their Marxist agenda — Know Your History)

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We are losing our “Democracy” and at 74, I am very sad and scared of my own daughter who has been brainwashed by the “left”!! They are “destroying” the family unit!! That is their goal and they are achieving it!!