Bullies of the New Left | An Organized Opposing Force of “Brownshirts”

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” said Barack Obama.

Brownshirts of Nazi Germany

In my view we are witnessing a rising similarity to The SA of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

The SA — Sturmabteilung, meaning ‘assault division’ — also known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers, was a violent paramilitary group attached to the Nazi Party in pre-World War Two Germany.

Bullies of the New Left

The “Bullies” of the New Left are groups like Antifa, BLM and others. It has been exceedingly clear. Their violence and rioting has gone unabated in cities governed by far leftists mayors and governors. They are, in essence, the enforcers – the intimidators – the agitators for New Left ideals, goals and aspirations.

In fact when attempts are made to quell or disparage said violence and chaos from these groups it is met with ridicule, resistance, and condemnation from their backers.

Clearly pre-planned, organized and funded. Recent (embedded) rioting all around the country. They just wait for opportunity to disrupt. In this instance, the death of George Floyd was the catalyst. It has happened systematically over recent years. An organized disrupting force opposed to existing law-and-order, the Police and anyone who supports them.

Anti Police Sentiment

Anti-police sentiment among the public is growing. Focused sensationalism from their mainstream backers – the news media. It fuels the new “Brownshirts” and the mission.

Shockingly we are now hearing talk of de-funding “dismantling” the Police in some cities! (Minneapolis) What?!

Several members of the Minneapolis City Council this week have expressed support for radical changes to how the city handles law enforcement, including a move to “dismantle” the police department and replace it with “a transformative new model for public safety.”

Minneapolis City Council members aim to ‘dismantle’ police department

The SA (Brownshirts) were instrumental in the Nazi’s rise to power. Today we are witnessing a well funded and supported movement focused on tearing down our present system of law-and-order. They wish to install their own system. One which fits, supports, and enforces the narrative of the New Left.

Why do I say “the New Left”?

It has been quite apparent to me that today’s “left” is quite a bit different from the left of old. Decades ago. “The left” from many decades ago would be considered far right today in comparison. So I sometimes call today’s left “the New Left”. They are generally quite anti-American (traditional values, Constitution, law-and-order). They more accurately (in my opinion) represent Socialism, Marxism, even Communism). Globalists control them. They wish to bring down America (we’re standing in the way of one world rule).

“The Right” Does Not Have An Organized Opposing Force

Though I don’t like to throw everyone into a category like “the Right”, it is the most convenient for making a point. The left (and the New Left) have always been better organized. More vocal. Visible. Why? maybe partly because they are an emotional lot. In many ways emotions govern their actions.

“The Right” on the other hand are more law-abiding, perhaps of a moral character which keeps them “quieter”. Not wanting to be bothered, but to live their life with minimal interference.

There are many sweeping generalizations to be made. But the fact is, people on “the Right”, however you want to label — do not have a large funded organized opposing force.

There are plenty of individuals, smaller groups of similar-minded Patriots. But nothing at all like the organization on the left.

The New Left is crushing the Right in it’s messaging and visibility. There’s evidently no Soros-equivalent motivated multi-billionaire on the right to oppose. Will there ever be? I doubt it. Why? Because if you’re in the billionaire’s club, you’re part of the globalist club.

Will the New Left succeed?

There certainly is a lot of favorable wind. They have embedded to a great extent within America. And there is little to no visible opposition. There is an increasing force (and support) of equivalent “Brownshirts”. They have massive backing and support from many within government and their propaganda arms (the mainstream media), all major digital platforms, and most all big corporations (globalist machines).

All I can say is, it doesn’t look good for the long run at this time…

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  1. But they don’t remember what happened when Hitler got to power, “Night of the Long Knives”. He got what he wanted from them and fearing their power it became goodbye Brownshirts and hello Gestapo.

      1. Even in the old Soviet Union and China today, the internal intelligence agencies spied/spy on each other. In Dictatorships everyone is out to cut each others throats without themselves getting theirs cut in the process.

    1. Hitler didn’t come to power or stay in power without money. Armies don’t fight unless they have food in their bellies. Who do you think it was who financed Hitler? It wasn’t the poor folks. You need to know who the power elites are. And it isn’t Hillary, Obama, and George Soros. You need to look at more sites than Fox or Infowars.

      1. Very cryptic Mountain Country. If Soros is not one of them, then who is? As Ken says “There’s evidently no Soros-equivalent motivated multi-billionaire on the right … Because if you’re in the billionaire’s club, you’re part of the globalist club.” He’s right, Soros is the up front billionaire that is funding most of what Antifa/Black Leftists Matter does. Give the sites we are supposed to be looking at. I’ll look, and I’ll bet many here will too. Don’t just do a Nostradamus and expect everyone to get it.

  2. Tom Arnold: Time to Get Rifles to ‘Go Nose to Nose with Trump’s Gang of Misfit Tools’

    “2nd Amendment is for everyone including black men with long guns but it’s f—— time for us white liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters,” tweeted Arnold. “Borrow our dad’s hunting rifles & go nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools.”

    “Let’s do it [Rob Reiner],” added the actor, who tagged fellow actor Rob Reiner’s Twitter account at the end of his comments.

    1. ha ha ha I know what Mr. would say those whiney so and so’s just need to come on and what the hell do they know about ANY sort of gun toting and REAL battle. They would crap in their pants and run like an SOB. You know there are many who read this and post who have seen the reality of war. They have killed for real and it wasn’t a movie. When these pitiful little boys say such… well I just need to shut up now…..!

      1. Yes Mrs.U you are right about War it is not for the weak minded , When you take another persons life it stays with you the rest of yours, I hate to say this but it did get easer each time , but I can still see each one as if it was one second ago.

        1. Secondrecon,
          You’re right. It isn’t easy to take a human life. It sticks with you, and it does get easier. The vast majority of people hesitate, that first time. I did. However, I had to do it, more than once. I didn’t pause the second time. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on perspective), the first time someone points that weapon and contemplates, that will be all it takes for the more experienced to get off their shot. I loath the thought of what my Country is coming to. But, like all great civilizations, this too must end. I just hope it’s later rather than sooner.

      1. Most on the right are already armed. Some on the left are too, google for example the John Brown Gun Clubs or Redneck Revolt. There will be a few bad ass leftists that will have to be taken down when the balloon goes up but little Tommy Arnold/Robbie Reiner aren’t in that group. They are actor. They have to have someone to show them how to load a “hunting rifle” and they’ll expect to be able to do retakes if anything goes wrong. Those little TWITS can just keep on twittering, talk is cheap.

    2. Paid to play!!! Do they know how to do anything other then ride their high horse!!!? And be over paid for it! These people need to be boycotted!! Not only that I believe me
      mr.arnold is a felon?

  3. Excellent article. The scary part is the amount of, “high level leftist” embedded in every institution of our society” submitting and supporting this insane movement and ideas.

    The mayor of Minneapolis, “being shamed and forced to leave before a mob as he grovelled for acceptance” is one example..

    There seems to be a complete lack of individual reasoning, “with blind support and instant repetitive talking points” as the brain wash mob, obediently march right along.. The Maestro leads and the orchestra follows..

    Most rational citizens think in terms of legal protesting or filing grievances. The left gains power through terror and by mob rule..

    We will see if their will be enough freedom loving patriots to stem the tide of anarchy headed our way.. In any case, “we have only seen the begging of a much bigger storm” headed our way…

    Dig in folks, the storm is coming….

  4. Well now if the police force is done away with its open season on perps. of crime . I can hear the crying media already ” he was such a good boy he didnt deserve this ” . When mans law is ignored dont expect those same laws to protect you . People are fed up and arming up . Nuff said

    1. Every day when I drive past my local gun shop there 20+ people lined up to get inside. And I’m in NorCal. Guns and ammo are the new toilet paper.

      1. Nor cal here also
        Went a few weeks ago to buy a new rifle.( Didn’t really need it just treating myself) Saw the same thing. When I went into the store there was a line of about a dozen people to buy guns and another line of about 20 people picking up. I didn’t wait around because as I said I was just buying another weapon by choice not out of need but I was rather suprised at the amount of people there

  5. Throughout history where there is a power void a strongman always steps up to fill it. Majority of the time they will not have the people’s best interest at heart. Minneapolis will be such a place without police.

  6. If there was no police force, there is something that would fill the void but it may not be palatable for many within American Society: Vigilante Justice. This is very close to Mob Rule marked by a lack of due process. The Koreans on the rooftops was an example of life going on during civil unrest.

    While I am not a big fan of our current system, it is the best one we have for now and until something better comes along, I will vote for it. Until that time, I’ll keep my eyes open and be prepared to stay in place or relocate.

    I wonder how people of jewish or polish heritage think of the picture of the Brown Shirts and remember stories told to them by their grandparents. I remember stories of how my relatives were loaded on buses and were housed in the horse stalls at Santa Anita prior to being shipped to internment camps away from the coast after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

  7. Anytime any conservative or right wing group organizes, it’s always labeled a “Nazi” or “white supremacist” group by the media.

    I will lay low, vote, pray, and prep on.

  8. Wow, the game is changing by the minute. Thank’s for the heads up Ken, I had seen this John Brown thing before, but never understood it. Refreshing to see a real undercover reporter and story.. Funny how all these revolutionaries, “never talk about going back to original intent Constitutional law of individual freedom” but push a collective, mob rule of terror for every solution. Scary times for these United States….

  9. I would say that us…. “on the right” even though we are not organised or have a central main leadership we are more like tribes in Afganistan. Decentralized but we have greater numbers.

    When the time comes for push back remember… We are military trained, well a lot of us… I would imagine neighborhoods in burbs would come together quickly to form local militia with or without consent from the County Sherrif.

    Since a lot of us are Military we would go by current Rank for Command structure and MOS for Coms, medical, engineer, logistics, infantry. This would quickly come together because we have already received the best training in warfare that this country has to offer.

    Brownshirt antifas don’t even have a clue what it takes to launch a sustained campaign into the suburbs. Sure they would win the fist couple weeks of battles. After the local militias come on line… the slaughter will begin … with no quarter and no mercy for this domestic enemy…

    1. There was a documentary a few years ago about how some gangs actively send their members to the military so they can be trained in war tactics. They showed video clips of encounters with police and these military trained gang members. They were showing some of the tactics the gang members were employing when in gun battles with the police.

      My point is there might be a lot if upstanding folks trained by the military and willing to continue to honor the US Constitution. There is also an element that was militarily trained as well with a goal of destroying said Constitution.

  10. Yeah, these guys definitely seem a lot like brownshirts / blackshirts to me.

    Do people on “The Right” have funding or organization? No not really.

    This is kind of a more “radical” idea, but shouldn’t “The Right” get organized as a group for just in case? If things aren’t going anywhere good, then shouldn’t everyone prepare for the possible “worst case scenario”?

    In my opinion the most important prep is good friends and allies. No man is an island. No single person would be able to stay alive by themselves alone forever considering that they would (at the very least) come across other people in opposition to themselves. What’s a family on a homestead when a mob of marauding criminals come to burn you out? Security comes from numbers more than anything. If that’s the case (while there certainly are communities that are closely knit and could easily act in such a way) then why aren’t people organizing in a larger scale before it might be too late into the game?

    1. Each attempt to “get organized” has either been suborned for the purposes of the left, collapsed because of social disapproval,or disbanded by gov’t decree/defunding/loss of legal status.

      1. Again, a more “radical” idea. But why not just do it in secret without any obvious public face or easy way to take it down?

      2. Lauren/Youngster
        I have to respectfully disagree. The Constitutional Militias are gaining volunteers/numbers by the day. Most are ex-military. There are many units in many of the states already. So I tend to think that even if the cops are completely dis/un funded, I would hope that the Constitutional Militias would take over the “policing”.
        They are doing it quietly because the Sheeple don’t want to know about it. I’ve seen it already. The Constitutional Militias are already starting to protect people and businesses. The MSM won’t publicize it because they don’t want the sheeple to have hope.

        1. I’m not too sure. I’ve always been somewhat skeptical when it came to the militias. I always thought it to be naive to think that another group or party will just “make everything okay” or “Take care of it”. Now granted, I am not an American and I am not in these militias. Maybe you’re right. Maybe the militias have a redundant communications system, run in relative solidarity, and have the people and equipment to do what they need to do. Maybe they are far more active than I think and are actually working for the better.

          I would rather have a more widespread and basic system that can unite anyone and everyone that is willing to actually take action when they need to to protect the country.

  11. As of this day, an Antifa group has taken over a police precinct and a 6 square block section in Seattle. They’re calling it ‘Free Capitol Hill’, an autonomous zone, and are asking folks with guns to help man the barricades in shifts. Suppose the mayor, or governor will do anything? If the federal government comes in, will this be an escalation towards an even more overt civil war? I kind of think they should just starve them out and block their comms, shut off utilities, etc…

    This was at the gatewaypundit, and it seems to be true. How this situation gets handled will be an indicator to me of how far gone the ‘brownshirt’ situation has become.

    1. Farmgirl

      BFF called to say Seattle City has given the East Precinct Station to AF and BLM as a headquarters and community center. Perhaps to keep them from destroying the building.

      There goes the neighborhood.

  12. For what it’s worth. Mike Adams (Natural News) is saying that antifa is planning attacks in rural areas this weekend, supposedly to show rural America that they are not immune. Says that Sparta, Illinois area is the target.

    I pass this on only for informational purpose. Not a Natural News follower, just ran across a link to the story today on ‘Ol Remus’s site (Woodpile Report).

    1. Disregard………. Went back and re-read the story, noticed it was posted 6/3/20 (last Wednesday). Warning was for this past weekend.

    2. Don’t forget that Mike Adams is a fill-in commentator for Alex Jones and if you follow Jones and Infowars you must believe than the Annanaki space aliens are taking over the world!

  13. When there is finally an armed confrontation between Antifa or BLM and Americans (these radical individuals may be US Citizens but they are NOT Americans) the gloves will be off, it will be a bloodbath and then the carnage will spread with calls from the MSM to arrest all armed “racists and white supremacists”.

    Just like a rabid dog, these communists are diseased and there is no rational way to deal with them and they must be put down. When a person has to defend his house and family they should use any and all means necessary to permanently eliminate the threat.

  14. Those two groups were purposefully attempting to confuse people into believing they were Sheepdogs in the beginning. Just good ol’ boys protecting their flock since on the surface they looked the same and seemed to be saying the same sorts of things about protecting our country. Those Bernie Bros took on the same look. Underneath all of them are wolves.

    They excel at blurring the lines though. The opposing force intentionally twists and distorts anything they can find, merely to blur the lines because that equals control. That’s their tactic to recruit people to join their movement.

    Five year old white boy goes to school and is read to by a Drag Queen for story time and cautioned about his own toxic masculinity. He’s made to celebrate Black History Month, while being told he has White Privilege that he needs to feel shame for and not speak. He can work harder, be more deserving, yet he is precluded from ever filling a quota in any realm. Looney Tunes cartoons are too violent for him to watch but playing a shockingly real video game centered around killing is made readily available. He sees sports heroes discount the flag, reads history books that have been altered and very likely never once learned a scripture verse or attended Sunday School. The little kid has no bedrock on which to stand and look out over the horizon of his own life because every single place he turns his eyes, the lines have been blurred so that he cannot clearly make out who is who, or what is what. All of which has to be lonely and confusing and threatening.

    Enter a group where he has camaraderie. So what if he has to wear a Brown Shirt – at least he belongs finally. He’s part of something, even if it means he has to turn on some people whom he may love. He needs it as much as he needs the adrenaline of smashing a window to release the pent up frustration that a society has foisted on him at every twist and turn, so he’ll submit that BLM more than all lives matter. They set out to capture him. They invested years! Yes, they have been organized and he is their payoff. Their time is now. Too much went into this and if the fail, they have to start again, after we’ve long forgotten how successfully the wolves got to our doors the first time.

    Everyone has felt it, everyone has said it, this is about destroying evil. The lines aren’t blurred for me. I see these people for what they actually are and know the hatred that exists in their hearts. We are one nation under God. He can use dry bones to raise an army, so He will have enough warriors for this fight to right our country. Evil will never triumph.

    1. Excellent summary, well done…This only works if the parents are irresponsible and neglectful.. The problem is, we are seeing the results of parents who also went through the re-education process with no parenting filters. Amazing how cult like programming can completely erase the ability for self thought or constructive thinking. You are correct, we use to call it good vs evil…The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  15. Ken, I work in shelby nc. and it is gang land here. 30,000 maybe. But but after dark you better have a gun for protection. Antifa every. All I can say is be ready for anything.

    1. These 30K you mention might want to go to another state…NC…home of Ft. Bragg and probably more than 30K veterans – MANY of which may be combat veterans and former SpecOps! I’d feel safe in NC! Have faith backed by ammo!

  16. I be woke…….
    I be watchin’…..
    I be weaponized………..
    I be waitin’……………

    Nah, I be kiddin’……………………but might make a good gate sign

  17. As ken mentioned “The “Bullies” of the New Left are groups like Antifa, BLM and others.”

    Antifa and BLM are just the small foot soldiers. “The others” behind them are the New Black Panthers Party, the Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakan) and CAIR. Which we all know is a front for Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Those are the more organized and their main army. They train for war and once the foot soldiers get the demands they want met then you will see them start to show their faces. Wait till you see Sharia law enforcement groups take over Minneapolis. Of course they will be called something much nicer.

    Please dont underestimate what you are seeing now and think it’s nothing to be too worried about. A bunch of soy boys and mindless thugs. There are many better trained troops coming behind these initial waves of attacks.


    1. +1 on the Sleepers.
      I also wonder about the 6 million “visa overstays” and the other 5 or 6 million illegals…

    2. The ones we are seeing now are classed as ” cannon fodder “.Most don’t even know what they are fighting for or the real reason why. They are used to determine the strength of the resistance

  18. The Right does have an organized force. We go to the ballot box instead of demonstrating. We are the Basket of Deplorables the Hildabeest spoke about when she was running against Mr. Trump. I wonder what metaphor Creepy Old Joe will use as he hits the campaign trail?
    That is a good photograph of the Hitler Youth. The Nazis had Horst Wessel and the Jews were their scapegoats. The Democrats have George Floyd and White America as their scapegoats. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Do not get into any boxcars. Civil War Two is indeed upon us. Plan accordingly.

  19. Ken,

    Saw a Tom Arnold “tweet” this morning, him saying that white liberals need to exercise their 2nd amendment rights, borrow their Dad’s long guns and join black lives matter. Rob Reiner tweeted his support.

  20. If citizens allow police departments to be defunded then the people will get what they deserve! Anarchy.

  21. The Marine Corp. banned the display of Confederate symbols, even on personal vehicles. Now the Pentagon is open to considering renaming all Army bases that were named after Confederate generals – Ft. Hood, Ft. Bragg, etc…

    I’m not sure any part of the country will be spared from the insurrection, even those parts with active Patriot militias. This is a difficult thing to make peace with; guess that’s a prep I need to work on more.

  22. Just wanted to say “Thank you”. I’ve been saying this since the beginning of our little, “socialist experiment”. Too bad it usually falls on deaf ears till it’s too late. Haben sie Ihre papiere in ordnung?

  23. Im just going to wait and see what November brings.
    There aint schitt i can do about almost all of this crap.
    So ill put it in the perifory, have Enough other stuff i absolutely have to deal with before sweating this bullshit.
    The leftist think they have the answers, let em lead us right into the turd cauldron, cause thats where that always goes.

  24. Its like has been said many many times before,
    Let them make the first move,

    Then steam roll em.

    This will get way ugly. Just ignorant if you ask me.
    I honestly dont see how a person could justify staying in the force in an area like that.

  25. Here is a snippet from Breitbart:
    “Protesters who are part of a wave of unrest across the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police on Monday took over city blocks in Seattle, set up barricades, and some have implied on social media that they will use armed guards to secure their occupation.”
    and this:
    Seattle @MayorJenny is allowing a dangerous situation to fester. #Antifa militants have taken over & created an “autonomous zone” in city w/their own rules. Police precinct abandoned.

    Fanatical liberal governments are facilitating violent riots.

    1. Chevy,

      I think Seattle situation will be a big “show case” for what Antifa can do. When the whole thing collapses into a S%@t show, everyone will see the reality of it. Likely the National Guard will be called in to fix it, unless the Antifa people relent and slink away. Once this happens, and American Public sees the result, they will demand that it does not happen in their area.

      1. minerjim

        I agree that the Seattle situation is a high profile demonstration of Antifa capability. The good news is, family and friends I have been feeling out for their take on things will have a harder time normalizing the current situation. It will now be that much easier to align with others to form mutual assistance groups, and to get family on board with preparing.

        1. Farmgirl,
          The seattle situation is a display of failed liberal policies and a wussified police force.
          No balls

          1. Kulafarmer

            Absolutely, agree. To those who aren’t paying as much attention, though, it’s a scary wake-up call. Whether the thugs secured a zone because they were allowed to, or because they’re so ‘powerful’, will have the same affect on normalizers. Hopefully, enough people will scare into getting truly woke, there will be more push back on these politicians. It will also make attempts to spur deniers into action a bit more fruitful. I hope…

      2. minerjim

        Funny thing, though, the mayor of Potland, who has allowed antifa free rein in his city for years, is building a literal wall around city hall. Ha!

        So much for him saying walls don’t work, we need to build bridges.

  26. Wonder how all those liberal starts would feel if that crowd turned north into the Hollywood hills and started looting. They might reconsider their idea of de funding the police then.

  27. Western civilization is collapsing because allegations from the least credible sources carry more weight than facts. Emotions have displaced facts as the basis for understanding. Emotion routinely shouts down facts. It has become commonplace in universities for distinguished authorities to be shut down because the facts are unacceptable to the ignorant woke students, backed up by a roster of administrative thought police.

    Universities have abandoned their mission of searching for truth. They have become propaganda ministries that spew the acids that eat away foundations of civilization.

    In Western Civilization today, the best way to destroy yourself is to stand up for truth.

    1. The idea of a full on civil war is a very worrisome thing! However if we are forced to defend our selves many stand at the ready. I am such a one. I pray for peace but prepare for war. “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.

  28. I really cannot see how America will avoid internal armed conflict, as the Cultural Marxists continue to exploit their chance to enslave all of us. After all, these scum have been getting ready for this for the last 40 years, and have now firmly established their propaganda and misinformation and corrupt values and vile philosophy in the “minds” of so many.

    They have waited for our youth to be thoroughly infected with their bile, and for their political power to grow in their controlled cities, as their most potent enemies have aged, and effectively silenced, by shielding their own “meat puppets” from contrary thought.

    Now is the time for them to strike and they know it, especially as doing so will effectively blunt any administration of Justice upon its political operatives, which will only be “prove” to its ignorant base…the virtue of a Marxist Revolution.

    Buy more ammo and make sure your weapons are properly sighted in. It is not a matter of it being better to be RED, than DEAD. But, a matter of it being better the RED being DEAD.

  29. I wouldn’t worry too much about the boys in the black outfits, there are a lot of men in camo who will only tolerate so much before they push back. The cry from the Left will be racist, white supremacist and all the other labels the Commies use to gaslight and misdirect but they will reap what they sow without mercy.

  30. Guns are not necessary to take over a country, nor are they a guarantee that it won’t be. History says so. If you don’t understand that, you need to do your homework. This takeover currently taking place is not going to be stopped with firearms.
    “Mao shut down China’s schools, and during the following months he encouraged Red Guards to attack all traditional values and “bourgeois” things and to test party officials by publicly criticizing them. Mao believed that this measure would be beneficial both for the young people and for the party cadres that they attacked.” Encyclopedia Britannica

  31. The latest on the takeover of Seattle by gangs:
    Remso W. Martinez
    “Seattle has competing warlords fighting for territory now. This is a thing.”

    This is going to be interesting.

  32. When I read about that last year, Antifa was not mentioned. Instead members of these groups are doing what conservatives do–they are preparing. They are training as they should.

  33. The people who really run the country are the ones with money. In the past 6 months Trump has met with Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink, Fink is the head of BlackRock which is currently worth over $5 trillion. There are currently over 18 of these worth over $1 trillion, and I doubt many here have ever heard of these. The managers of these groups are democrats and republicans. but they all have one thing in common. They all want control and they have it. They even have private militaries to keep them safe. And Jamie Dimon is the head of J.P. Morgan Chase.. Smart folks. They keep the republicrats fighting each other while they and their lobbiests get the perks they want from government in either party and keep the middle class in slavery to their wishes.

    The other big problem we have now is the rise of China, India, and Russia. China will soon replace the U.S. as the number one economy and their plan is to replace the Great American Empire with another empire. They are building infrastructure across Asia and Africa tying Moscow to Bejing and expanding their hold on the South China Sea.

  34. The question isn’t really “can it happen?” or “will it happen?” – it’s more a matter of when. What can we learn from this anarchy we now witness? We could find ourselves completely on our own and we should proceed as though we will be.

    We need to be prepared to be our own first responders with regard to emergency medical care, low-level Opsec, and home security, and everything else I can think of. Wake Up America.!

    Another thing to consider in times of revolution and widespread tensions is OPSEC. Not so much the kind where you’re being very careful that nobody knows you’re a prepper ,although that is always important. but more the kind where nobody really knows what your thoughts are on volatile matters. Head down, mouth shut, eyes wide open.

    So, now isn’t the time for your political bumper stickers and t-shirts. It’s not the time to publicly announce your support of causes that could one day make you “the enemy.” You may want to tone down your rhetoric on social media because the internet is forever and this stuff can come back and bite you in the rear end. We’ve all heard about the so-called “cancel culture” in which a person can lose his or her livelihood for having an unpopular opinion. It’s pretty extreme now – it can affect your whole life. Imagine how incredibly dangerous it would be in a world ripped asunder by a violent revolution.

    When the mayors and governors won’t do their jobs, and the police are ordered to stand down, and the National Guard is disarmed in order to appease a group of Black Lives Matter / Antifa terrorists who are burning America’s cities, the U.S. Constitution allows for one final defense against tyranny, violence and terrorism: The Second Amendment. This is America. We don’t negotiate with terrorists or tyrants. We defeat them, and the Constitution has already granted us all the means by which violent anti-American uprisings can be halted to restore order and defend the innocent. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    There is no option remaining. We cannot live in a lawless society run by lunatic left-wing mobs that seize cities and declare themselves to be immune to all existing laws. That’s anarchy, and freedom is not possible under anarchy. If we do not defend the rule of law, then America collapses into anarchy.

    Patriots, prepare to defend yourself, your family, your personal property, and your Civil Rights. The time to choose is right now.!!

    1. Uhm… you’re pretty much 100% wrong. It’s Trump and the GOP traitors that are drooling over the Brownshirts and their comeback.

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