Their Coup Attempts Have All Failed | What Are They Going To Do Now?

Something has me concerned. There’s a lull right now. The Impeachment conviction has failed. The president’s poll numbers are higher than ever.

They have been going nonstop since inauguration 2017 to get rid of him. The relentless beat-down bombardment from every mainstream network for years on end.

From one false hoax to another. Every one of them have failed. Their coup attempts have all failed. These people are dead serious. They want him gone. I’ve been waiting for the next manufactured controversy. I’m not aware of anything big right now. This has me concerned.

Why? Because they have not stopped for 3 years. Why would they stop now?

Answer: They’re not going to.

So what’s next? How in the world are they going to stop him come NOV-2020?

They have been beaten. They are dejected. Mad. They’re dangerous.

My question to you today:
Have they stopped? If not, what are your thoughts?

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