Deagel Forecast For USA – Population Drops 70% by 2025 is apparently some sort of global military intelligence site. They have had an online presence since 2003. They report on high-level military equipment assets and keep track of military expenditures by country “with nearly impeccable numbers”.

One additional aspect of their site is to “forecast” financial outlooks for countries around the world. They track GDP (gross domestic product), defense budgets, and even population (forecasts) for each country.

No one knows for sure, but I’ve read that their sources are “the ‘deep state’ with the CIA, US Department of Defense, US Department of State and World Bank contributing data for their forecasts.”

According to their own website, Deagel provides news and intelligence on international military aviation and advanced technologies.

Little is known about the real owner(s). The site name is registered in France. All online information about them is “redacted for privacy”. The site hosting company is located in Old Tappan, New Jersey.

“Hey Ken, So what?”

I just thought I’d first mention the mysterious aspect of Deagel. I came across their site years ago. Many of you may already know about it.

However, here’s something quite, well, “interesting”? …or ALARMING?!

Deagel Forecasts Massive Depopulation in the USA by 2025

They have been forecasting a huge population drop in the United States for several years. I read about it back then, but never posted about it. I ran across it again. So this time I thought I would throw it out there.

Current population of the USA is about 327 million.

Deagle forecast for 2025 is 100 million. That’s a ~ 70% drop.


So, what do you think of that? Or the Deagel site legit factor? What’s that all about?

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Unless they are planning massive genocide I don’t know how they get their numbers.

A collapse of the grid would accomplish that. In fact, with a long term grid collapse we would be very lucky if that’s all we lost.


Oh, implementation of agenda 2030 as agenda 2021 failed miserably.

Sorry, didn’t complete that thought.

Agenda 2030 + the green new deal.

Calls for large area’s of the USA to be people free by force, massive city’s, massive reduction of petroleum use, total control by the UN.

Look it up.
Not conspiracy.

Yep I agree with your statement of Agenda.

Who now owns our state and federal lands….?
Not US

The United States is a ‘corporation’ and WE are property!

Preppers and survivalists were saying the exact same thing five years ago in relation to JADE HELM 15.

And no one listened.

What’s your point?

Oh yes, it is a conspiracy, but it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact.

And these people know that majority of the population will not believe it; and call us conspiracy nuts!…..Just look at how easily they have everyone wearing a mask..
Scare tactics work!….Fauci/ Gates/ Zuckerburg all globalists….Mandatory vaccines with RNA, that changes our DNA!….Do your research people…Turn off the lying media box!…George Orwell’s 1984!!!…Is happening.

Yeah tell me about it. It’s bull. BULL. Fake numbers and Leftists eat this crap up. Reality – if it was this bad – none of us would be typing on our laptops and smart phones – plus they’re testing for the common cold/flu. It’s pathetic. It’s all Luciferians collectively behind the scenes – it’s a spiritual battle – Luciferian are laughing….for their end game is becoming complete.

bingo. Satan isn’t backing any one army. He knows it is far more effective to turn us against ourselves so we destroy eachother and his hands remain clean.

You nailed it.

All VERY VERY TRUE and much more! Look up new world order, we have already been in it for years. Covid is joke, the FLU is more of a killer but Americans are sheep.

It’s Bible Prophecy…..Not 1984. Check it out before its to late….PleasE

NY resolution. Quit misusing conspiracy and conspiracy theory.
1) conspiracy theory does not mean “crazy BS” it simply means there is a suggested conspiracy, not admitted or proven
2) Conspiracy does not equal conspiracy theory. What the hell do you think a marketing campaign is? A bunch of people conspire to create a promotion via media persuasion, in an effort to take money in exchange for purchase of some thing. Are they crazy? Nope. Or war? Conspiracies are everywhere.

In 2021 lets reverse the post JFK assassinaton CIA attack on the word conspiracy and its combination with theory.

There better be a lot of people ready to die! Because I don’t see Americans taking that.

agenda 2030 id part one of agenda 21 (21st century)

Trump the Punisher is the only reason AG 2021 failed. They did not forecast an America first President coming along in the simulation games. We must get him 4 more years or AG 2021 will come back like HERPIES.

Well we didn’t, how could we ever win against trillions of dollars the MIC has? If they want to ill 200 million of us it’s well within their power to do so.

with 5G, we will be ill

Agenda 2030 is a sub agenda to Agenda 21. Agenda 2030 is to be accomplished by 2030, and Agenda 21 is called that because it is the “Agenda for the 21st Century” to to be completed by an oddball year of 2021.

Was told 5 yrs ago that agenda 2030 was moved to 2024..

Agenda 21 did not fail, what do you think Covid-19? The only thing holding back the full implementation of their step agenda was trump, had Trump not become president, Agenda 21 would have been in full swing. Why do you think they fought so hard to cheat in the election? Why do you think Biden and Kamala Harris have such big plans for executive order?

Your right .it is still on. Look how they murdered people in Paradise CA. The fired were from dew weapons. They burned people alive. They were found in cars as if pulled to the side of the road and couldn’t get out. It’s on the map as to wear it off for the train tunneling

The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset is in full swing.

Agenda 21 was for the 21st century , not 2021

A single EMP to destroy the power grid is how.

People need to start thinking Survival. Judd is so correct but there are many options at the governments disposal. Stay away from any vaccine unless you want to join the identity crowd and take the Bill Gates vaccine. The covid 19 is bs. Not that it isn’t real but the flu goes around every year people and no body has been wearing a mask up until now. Control. Control You. Control Them, Control all. Look at the population of most all dem controlled cities. People are moving out and not just in NYC. Just start thinking survival people. Do your research and you will start finding reputable sites and check your sources. War is going on big time right beneath our own noses.



Believe it

May be true NWO plans

Planned by NWO

Grand Solar Minimum..

Adam & Eve Story by Chan Thomas…(Unsanitized)

Pole Shift.

Only problem with that in relationship to the Deagel report is, Grand Solar, Pole shift, and micro nova would wipe out more than the U.S.. Deagel’s report shows the biggest drop in the U.S.

If you look at the actual site you’ll see that it targets majority white countries. Western Europe, the US and Canada (Mexico is spared), Australia and New Zealand. Japan is greatly affected but they’re the only outlier that I found. Everywhere else looks to be either spared or actual growth during that time.

Think they are going to kill the people who can think and won’t be sheep.

It also shows Europe, England, Germany, Ireland, dropping by a huge number.

I listen to Christian sources – non mainstream Christian sources. Scott Johnson and Dean Odle are really good. Cable tv is trash. Youtube – the best person is TIm Poole. They kicked all of the Conservatives off – he’s the closest I could find.

NYC and California – all Blue areas are going to feel the judgement. It’s judgment time- when judgement occurs its not possible to take the heat. Biden’s fake covid hysteria – it’s all theatre.

A certain doctor,we all know today, wrote a paper some 12 years ago talking about the Spanish American flu around the end of ww1. It was his conclusion that more people actually died of bacterial pnuemonia, brought on by the warring of masks, than died of the flu itself. Wanna guess his name? Hint: it ends with Fauci. And how does that make you feel?

Wow I got to look it up and share. Thank you

Also the Spanish flu ended in March 1920 and Covid started in March 2020. That’s exactly 100 years to the month.

Masks are never mentioned in Fauci’s 2008 report. Please don’t spread stuff you didn’t check yourself. Being misinformed is worse than being uninformed.

And now he wants us to DOUBLE MASK!!!

Unfortunately going to the woods will no longer be safe. They burn the woods. Pray to God he shows you a way when the time comes. Ammo for the guns, food, water ..etc they run out quickly.

Covid vaccination

Thats exactly what they are planning. Get ready for a huge war

They are

Viral hemorrhagic smallpox, similar to Ebola and Marburg

rob, that is why they are trying to weaken everyones immune system now, so everyone will be more suceptable to the next virus… Masks lower immunity, isolation lowers do aluminum, mercury- thimerosol, formaldehyde and various other bacteria(s) used as carriers of a viral load in injections… . they make fun of the thngs that are in herbal world and site them as not tested… WE..e-e-L -L, they don’t make money off natural items- only big pharma…Nothing to SEE here, Move along, Move along.. ( sarc off)
rob, that is why they are trying to weaken everyone’s immune system now, so everyone will be more susceptible to the next virus… Masks lower immunity, isolation lowers do aluminum, mercury- thimerosol, formaldehyde and various other bacterial used as carriers of a viral load in injections… . they make fun of the things that are in herbal world and site them as not tested… WE..e-e-L -L, they don’t make money off natural items- only big pharma…Nothing to SEE here, Move along, Move along.. ( sarc off)

It’s scary what the plan is for us. Obama ordered how many guillotines?

Look up FEMA box cars with shackles

The Covid vaccine will be the genocide

Bea: What if it’s the opposite? They know the compliant-types will line up to take the vaccine – which might offer immunity for something else which hasn’t been unleashed yet.

Or it is method for killing off those who take it with some future virus or other means. Their vaccination goal is 70% plus or minus, of the US population. That would leave a population of 100 million.

Holodomor 2.0

Maybe they are. ???

It’s called a VACCINE!!!!

Binary Weapon

They ARE planning massive genocide through the vax for fake COVID

Would really like to know what they base these forecasts on. Only massive world war (full NBC), asteroid impact, successive crop failures leading to starvation, or a real plague would have such an effect. There maybe some other things that would cause 7 out of 10 people to die in the next 5 years but what?

Deep South,

Those numbers don’t compute. The forecast is for this massive drop only in the U.S. It looks like the rest of the world would not be much affected. So world war, asteroid impact, plague, or famine would not be the cause.

The only thing I can think of that would cause this massive drop in only United States numbers would be an American civil war.

Not enough would die in a civil war, look at this covid thing as a dry run.

A real plague is the only possibility I can see aside of nukes used within our boarders.
Unless you can come up with something more plausible ?

I have seen in the past our Gov ordering hundreds of thousands of body bags.

Small pox we dont have enough meds to cover

… have plenty…natural anti virals.

’dark winter’ from jo last night-2001 sim of smallpox epidemic

Dark Winter references by Biden is a simulation of a small pox outbreak in the US. This is from 2001.

That’s true, guillotines,and black containers,boats that take shipping containers out to sea. FEMA camps. Time is around the corner I’m afraid

Actually they are foretelling a population drop for Germany and France as well.

What about the UK? I haven’t seen forecast for us.

a power outage or real deadly virus ( not COVID) would reduce population

UK will drop to 14 million people according to report.

Lori, a power outage is easier to accomplish and control.

The company is based in France. When did we ever believe anything the french say?

Still trusting what your country has told you about france?

A civil war would not reduce the population by 70%.

Maybe it’s just a typo. Or maybe its just some fake BS that somebody put out. I’ve heard rumor (although I haven’t confirmed it yet) that not everything on the internet is actually true.

It’s not a typo.. part of Ga Guidestones.. that is the plan to reduce the world to only the “most elite and worthy” populations that have been preparing by taking our riches / of the 98% of humanity for many decades. Only the prepared will survive all the things they have planned for us lowly peons.

Some one should knock the damn things down and brake them up. Their damn airport has symbolism as well

That’s right. If you subtract all the numbers from all the countries it comes out to 500 million just like it sais on the Georgia guidestones.

It seems the UK will suffer the biggest drop. Big drops throughout Western Europe. It could be something to do with 5G.

Wrong. The UK down from 66 million to 15 million all the countries in Central Europe and all English speaking countries as well.

They raised tensions but its government vs people. Democide..

How about a deadly vaccine? I’m not a biologist, and don’t know the make-up of the one that’s coming, but it would be one possibility. Just a big ‘oops’, oh well, we said there might be some deaths, just the price we have to pay, etc…

Although, the way it’s going with agendas not even being hidden anymore, they might just come out with it fully and require certain categories of people to self-select for ‘retirement’. I know that sounds outrageous, but think back a year and imagine someone telling the general population we’d see what we’re seeing now. Few would have believed it. It would be for the good of the many, the planet, the children, etc…

Idk, shows world population dropping by 500 million with 237 million of that in the U.S. These numbers seem a little off, especially the fact that the U.S. is the number one exporter of food to the world. If we’re not producing food than the world is starving.

I would like to see their data source!

Don’t look at the USDA farm reports, Teucarium Wheat Futures, or the USG strategic grain reserve… 😉

Correct they have tunnel’s that store mass qualities. They would have food etc not us. They also have sun simulators ( why you wonder) to bring intense heat on the surface and other weapons DEW Lasser, grids in the atmosphere.

YouTube you can see fake history, resets, destroyed buildings melted, mud floods. They have done this before

They are evil psychopaths

They use already weather manipulation as we speak. Sheeps call it ´climate change´though it is 100 year old technology from Nikola Tesla, to ionize atmosphere. No, they don´t tell this in MSM, they are part of the cabal.

Still be 100 mill to produce food. If you notice the country’s with population growth are poor country’s where the people will be easily manipulated

Yellowstone went Progressive.

Take my spot hero.

I believe you are correct as it was the very same thing I was thinking. Deagel also says that the depopulation is not due to strife or natural disaster. Could it be that the vaccine, without time trial testing for long term side effects, brings on medical complications resulting in death? And, if first line responders are among the first to get it, then they would be among the first to die off. This leaves the rest of the population without providers, which leads to their early demise regardless of cause. Lastly, any country that accepts the vaccine has agreed to indemnify the pharmaceutical companies from all lawsuits regarding disability or death. Imagine that!

And they take out US military personnel and law enforcement with vaccines. And after that march in Chinese troops ( 600.000 already based in Mexico, 300.000 in Canada ) and UN ´peacekeepers ´.

Couldn’t be that because the world figures are not showing a similar reduction. 525 million for the numbers they start with doesn’t even come close to losing 2/3rds of their population. Even the world Power Purchase Parity is stronger. Whatever is being predicted is aimed at US. The fall off elsewhere is collateral damage. What gives?

A reset. They go to the tunnels and kill the people on the surface. YouTube has so channels to check out.
Mud floods
Lost and fake history
Dew weapons
Weather weapons and sun simulators
Project blue beam
Guillotines bought by US
FEMA camps
Black box’s thousands for bodies

Italian scientist says that the flu shot that’s coming from Bill gates is going to do it

Probably a good idea to start research. The chem trails they are using to block out the sun (yes, they are actually doing this in case anyone hasn’t noticed) is spraying with God only knows what toxic, poisons—not to mention the NANO-SMART DUST PARTICLES. Nano-tech, people. Combine that with the 5G that I cannot believe, President Trump signed into office the day the quarantine’s started—which is over 60hz. Look that up. It is toxic/deadly to human tissue and they are using the COVID to cover it up (same symptoms)—Wuhan was first 5G roll-out. Than there is MK-Ultra and other really spectacularly horrifying EM terror methods our government has developed to use against us. Combine any or all and…..

I was actually optimistic until this evening. Now I’m totally bummed. Need to sit with this. We can’t rely on anyone to save us. I don’t know if anything can save us. We need to make peace with ourselves and our loved ones.

Prepare for the worst. Gosh, I miss the time, oh not so long ago—when I could say Hope for the best.

Yes they have already poisoned us with nanotech. The vaccine sucks depending if its kill, sterilize, or chip. Could be all. But Americans dont want to & psychopaths of world know & want us down. Vat i can owns most places atm.


Your not alone. I feel battered and as I find out more and more ,helpless. Trust God. Pray to him because he truly will help and is the only one we can count on. Keep strong.

It’s not 70%, or seven out of ten people. Do the math. (100 is ony 33% of 300.) It’s about a third. But ask yourself, “Why is Donald Trump pushing for a ‘wharp speed’ vaccine when he was anti-vaccines in 2016 when he ran?” He appointed RFK, Jr. for pete sake! Then he abandoned him. RECONCILE

Nevermind. That’s wrong.


I read somewhere that the money Trump held back from the World Health Organization (when he terminated the U.S. relationship with them) went to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (of which Bill & Melinda Gates, the World Bank, the WHO ironically and UNICEF are core partners).

That was a mighty big donation. Sit and marinate on that for a moment or ten.

I don’t think the people are recognizing what their eyes are seeing about Mr. Trump, I’m afraid. And it pains me to acknowledge that. But something’s not right in Denmark. I’ve just got some funny feelins’ only I’m not laughin’.

If Trump gave that money where you stated said proceeds were donated. I would believe it was brought about by the underhanded pushing of Fauci(sp). That man is a mini King Cobra in human skin, something is not right about him. He reminds me of a Hydra from the the tv show, pure evil. Appears he is a partner in a pham business & probably best buds with G ates folks. mho

Fauci is a evil Jesuit and BGoates and him are on the Board of WHO and have just millions to Big pharma, and he is in with depopulation plans, dont beleive anything he says

Their buddies from same school.

Former roommates. Psychopats attract each other.

God will truely punish him the worst.

Optics, Trump said the vaccine would be optional because hes also pushing hydrachlroquine. Rumor is hydrachlroquine and zinc will cure many ailments. Also heard it will break down the fluoridation of the pineal gland. Fluoride is poison and used to dumb down, make population more docile.


They base it on what they have previously done. Holomodor (Ukranian genocide through famine), murder of 60 million Christians by the Bolsheviks. Famines are planned. Depressions are planned. All since the illegal privately owned Federal Reserve was created by the same people. How many Americans died in WWII? Vietnam? These wars are planned genocides.

2025 seems to be the year. Even the deagel site expires in 2025.

It’s already started. Just going get worse. World Bank wants tryrant module of governing with A.I

Americans are anti everything about it so eh…

Then 2025 is the year

Exactly. And I believe a mixture of all thise things. War is coming 2025-2030. Maybe sooner, you already hear the China rumors. Food shortages coming by shutdowns, power outages, more serve weather events amd cultural fighting all combine for a recipe of a fall of a nation. Coming soon.

Maybe they don’t die, maybe they get Raptured🤔🤗

‘Do not call ‘A conspiracy’ (confederacy) all that this people call a conspiracy, nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. The LORD of hosts, Him shall you hallow; let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread. He will be as a sanctuary. . .’ Isaiah 8:12,14;
‘Therefore, since we are receiving a Kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire.’ Heb 12:22-29

Eyes UP.

‘Even so, come, Lord Jesus.’

Possibly forced vaccinations?


Nuclear attack of USA by Russia China North Korea all at once before we could retaliate?

No, nuclear attack against the US would cause a large decrease in world population — not just US. Remember the book “On the Beach”? Such a large scale attack would cause radiation to travel worldwide — first in the northern hemisphere, later reaching the southern half.

The projections mostly take the previous numbers and subtract the US numbers. A few discrepancies can be explained by the fact that, for instance, GDP would be less than the previous world numbers minus the US numbers because Americans buy so much from other countries. With 70% fewer Americans, they would purchase much less from other countries, maybe nothing at all.

Remember EMP is the way we would be attached, not ballistic missiles. The satellites, which are large enough to carry the proper EMP devices are already in Earth Polar Orbits…right now. They circle the Earth at exactly the correct height for maximum EMP generation.

N.Korea has two of them in orbit. Other players do too.

Most likely the EMP attack would not be totally effective, as it might show on paper. No need to kill 90% of the population with a totally effective EMP attack, 2/3rds will do just fine.

Remember, we need to address all the nuclear piles and storage areas, after the EMP…. Otherwise, the resulting LOCA melts would simply kill everyone on Earth.


You are both right and wrong. A nuclear attack high in the atmosphere above Kansas would probably cause 90% of the mainland US population to die and not affect very many people in other countries. Maybe a few in other North American countries and of course non-citizens who were visiting us at the time.

— except…. You told us the problem: “We need to address the nuclear piles and storage areas…The resulting LOCA melts would simply kill everyone on Earth.”

So when are “we” going to address those piles and storage areas? I think it would be too late after the EMP.

Well, you see…

There are already teams of people designated to handle the nuclear storage and piles in the advent of an EMP or a CME. Control of these piles would be the first concern of ALL the forces involved in a deliberate EMP attack, and is the first concern of our response…everything else simply is less important. What would it matter of you won, but died anyway?

I know this as I was once a member of such a team.

So, let’s say you are assigned a site in say Kansas. How do you get there? Take a commercial airliner that has gone out of business? Then rent a car from a car rental place gone out of business? Eat your meals along the way from evacuated gas stations? Use your cel phone to call for more instructions using cel towers with no power? 🤔

. . . .
Thank you. It’s a comfort to have that information.

Having written a few articles on this……take a sec to understand this….a few emp blasts would render electronics useless except for the military hardened equipment, with over 100 nuclear reactors in the u.s. and about 84 east of the Mississippi these reactors and backup systems would be toast, now imagine the overlap of reloaded radiation due to meltdown the midwestern and eastern states would be unattainable for little or nothing. We don’t need a nuclear war to sustain a high percentage of life lost or injured in this scenario. The only states with a possible higher survival rate would be or, wash state, Id, parts of Wyoming and Montana. We currently have in the u.s. one portable generation capable power unit……hmmmm who would get that on a list of 100. Living in the eastern u.s. is a ticket for failure in this scenario. End of story.

We have nuke subs deployed, so if we suffer an EMP attack, several nations will be glowing within the hour.

Read “1 Second After” for this scenario. A collapse of ther grid would result in up to 90% casualties within a year due to starvation, disease and disorder.

Problem is: Who did it? There would be no launch warning, for example.

Yep, that would leave about 37 million American, not 100 million as projected. I think someone, somewhere is pulling numbers out of their dark side in this projection.

It wouldn’t matter who did it. Plans are in place to automatically respond under certain conditions. If the US goes black, major adversaries will automatically be incinerated in retaliation. Guaranteed. That’s also why nobody has ever tried attacking.

I thought I saw somewhere that The ruskies have something like that set up. If they don’t receive communication from the kremlin, their nuke arsenal automatically launches.

Yooper while the silent service’s Nuclear Weapons is a major reason America still exists, in the age of cyber warfare do you not think that the Orders to Launch might be subverted or the targeting data rewritten? As I understand it the codes to the subs and missile farms doesn’t tell them WHERE that Nuke is going…..

Our enemies (both foreign and domestic) are not stupid and a bit of code hidden or protected by paid for traitors might be their “insurance package”?

I fully expect that in addition to the riots destroying our country to see the lights go out if the Socialist-Democrats see they will lose and or go to jail for being traitors. Seems a lot of US taxpayer has gone to underground bunkers for “Continuation of Government” who says the traitors don’t have the keys paid for those?

When the lights go out I will go dark until the smoke clears. No sense being the only artificial lights on when all is dark around you. Draws pests, dangerous pests.

You don’t get it. The pro Americans are targets. The left will obey because their good slaves.

They hide in large bunkers underground…cities with tunneling etc. They could live there for years.

DaisyK, okay maybe not nuked to blow us up, but a lot of theories state that a major EMP could result in a human loss of 70% due to loss of electricity and infrastructure etc.Let’s face it the USA is hated by most Governments, And the majority of our citizens are not equipped to live without all modern conveniences we have.Since we may lose our freezers I’m going to buy more salt . Peace.

I don’t believe so because destroying our natural resources, that they need, would not benefit them in the long run

The drop in U.S., and it Allies, populations are due to the advent of a drastic economic paradigm shift, which results in rapid and dramatic lowering of the population lifestyles, along with internal social chaos. These dramatic changes are going to cause population declines, due to social violence, personal suicides, failure of medical support systems, and shortages of all sorts.

The reason for the unbalanced ratios of population reductions is due to the more drastic impact of this paradigm shift upon Western populations which will lose a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world’s populations. Western countries have artificially supported a massive, unskilled, unemployed, and unproductive…parasitic…population, as they could afford to do so. These support mechanisms keeping the un-working population are predicted to fail, forcing this population to take effective action to sustain themselves…or, fail to sustain themselves.

The attrition of the population will continue until a new balance is achieved.

As you may have guessed, none of this will be tidy and neat.

The more messy, the quicker the population decline.

I believe that is the most likely rationalization for such a forecast decline.


Heck, why not just say it – if the divisions in our society continue much longer, the damn depressions (no, not the economy) will kill us en masse by our own hands.

There’s a news blurb from 2014 in which they expected a lot of suicides because people couldn’t handle expected changes.

Seems to have come out during Obama’s presidency. Guess they were anticipating many “from my cold dead hands” deaths.

I think a lot of those suicides were prevented through installing safe spaces where the cool-aid drinkers could cry their worries away for a bit with their favorite stuffed animal. I would cry too if I had just graduated college with a degree in Trenssexual Studies and 100G in debt.
Just a thought

They are 4 years behind schedule. These things were supposed to happen during HRC presidency. Hidden hand from our Savior gave you 4 more years to prepare what is coming, otherwise you were already executed by now in FEMA camps.

Thanks for the analysis Ison, While reading about the massive amount of slackers in the U.S. My thought went to the onset of the Portland Chaz/Chop/Cuck zone in Portland OR

Some Hippy Girls thought they could create a garden in a small dirt plot along the urban side walk and feed everyone… The biggest fail ever! They started pleading for outside food shipments within 48 hours…

So you are saying that if I plant a tomato seed today, I don’t have a full harvest tomorrow morning? I am crushed. I better go to my safe space now and reflect.


Dont trust news their already on propganda mode.

Shouldn’t this be in quotes? It looks like the comments Deagel made in 2014.

Sounds very plausible, With the debt continuing to rise exponentially an economic collapse would force a change. Not for the better!

Ision, and a few others get it! If you look at the website where this info comes from just western countries lose about two thirds of the population and GDP and per capita income. Russia’s pop stays the same, China’s pop gains 8 million. It is just western pops that decline and look at the lock downs of these same countries. I started watching the main website in 2015 and it was basically the same number decline in the west. It is disturbing but I am glad I am not alone in this thinking… Peace!

This is the best explanation, and matches the explanation that came directly from the deagel forecasters. Prepare to weather a survivor type situation for a few years. Those that can’t will try to migrate out of the US. Or die. Crime is going to be our worst problem, as those who didn’t prepare try to kill those who did for their supplies.

It wouldn’t take much. Civil war is an option, but think of the standard of living changes for such a simple thing as losing reserve currency status. As Ision said, more suicides, more violence, a loss of everyone currently being supported by medical technology that probably won’t be available. 4 million (? The numbers range from 1 – 7 million depending on the source) just insulin dependent diabetics. Not to mention all the other diseases and disorders that require constant medical care.

Well, when you completely destroy everyone’s Normalcy Bias, you also obliterate many hopes, plans, and dreams.

Imagine the impact on upper education. How many academic majors will simply become utterly meaningless? How many skill sets become suddenly worthless? Will they take barter for an education in Business Administration?

What may one do, when they have nothing left to lose…and they cannot get enough food…and the lump on their neck keeps growing and they don’t have the clout to see an actual doctor?

Yes, many people will self terminate.

You telling me all those gender study grads, future social workers and the like won’t have a glorious over paid bright future ahead filled with ocean cruises, frappuccinos and avocado spread ??

Maybe they will find god, or at least reality.

Have you all forgotten how a population increases? Babies. And what is happening to the new population? It is being aborted. The population just gets older and dies and there are not enough new babies being born to replace them. Thus, a population decrease.

Yes abortions will cause the population to decline 70% in the next 5 years. What a brilliant comment. You were the only one who could figure it out.

Yup, just raise the allowable age for abortion to 50. I know a lot of people with teenagers who would raise it to 18.

Love your name here and that comment.Now i need to get me some name,,like: hmmm

Maybe you are a genius – that is definitely a blessing I wish I had. Now, please consider treating others with kindness. Thank you.

Since this is already such a harsh topic maybe you could not-double down in same, and instead afford to ration a little kindness in your response? That will be the most coveted commodity going forward IMHO

or perhaps another planned pandemic.

Figures like this? First thought….misprint. Second thought…wishful thinking…..third thought…what if they’re serious?…..fourth though….what do they know that we don’t?…are they thinking a series of events resulting in so many deaths?….or a single cataclysmic event?

We are being bombarded every single day with bad news. Civil war would be devastating, but 70% die off? Covid-19? Nowhere close. Some other plague? Not with modern medicine.

I believe we are on a non-reversible collision course with China. I don’t believe China is near ready for a toe to toe with out military.

I’m not the greatest tactician, but I’ve thought on what China might do if we come to blows. My best guess is what every prepper dreads…..they have the ability to shut our lights out…most likely using an expendable proxy like N Korea or Iran. Really wouldn’t make much difference….are we going to get into a nuclear exchange when our country is already in chaos?

Our wonderful media and outstanding cadre of politicians don’t seem the least bit worried about EMP’s and nationwide blackout lasting multiple months, even years…….but folks who’s job it is to worry about our defense do…..big time. It’s the goblin everybody knows is there…but doesn’t want to confront…..

Many here at MSB started prepping when they discovered that particular threat… ain’t going away.

I thought about the Chicoms too. One thing they have, the US will never have is numbers. Could the US defend against a force of 30 million or 100 million. Even if everyone was a sniper (one shot, one kill), there might not even be enough ammunition. 100 million is like 7% of their population while 100 million is around 30% of the US population. Even if a human wave of 10 million was employed, that would be tough enough on its own not even including numbers multiples larger.

“Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. The best victory is when the opponent surrenders of its own accord before there are any actual hostilities… It is best to win without fighting.” -Sun Tzu The Art of War

Yes we are at war with China now and have been and most people don’t realize it. The people who are supposed to represent and protect us have been commiting treason to line their pockets and for power. People Wake up!!!!

Yes, being that our representatives sold us out to China. They have infiltrated all aspects of our government and society.

The Chinese have outstanding publicly known plans to attack the US in order to clear it for repopulation by China and to drain it of resources to feed their senseless expansion of useless duplicative capital.

It involves a “deniable” viral or germ attack, such as we had just experienced in mild form, and an EMP to cut down the US Navy without killing sailors and marines so that they don’t get nuked to oblivion, which I doubt would deter a US counterattack.

The potential EMP weapons in space are all multiply targeted by US space and ground systems. I don’t know how they are set up to identify an activation to trigger their destruction.

On the economic side, the Chinese system is far overbuilt so the idea of China etc. surviving while the English speaking world and W. EU crash is not a likely outcome as the production figures would indicate. China’s population can’t survive without trading goods for food and energy. Any decimation in the West would literally kill the Chinese. India is self sufficient. The CCP conceit that owning the production is key to power and prosperity is simply bogus. The loss making industries they build out till the global market for their output is saturated, produces financial losses that manifest in the physical economy as shortages in what the market DID demand as opposed to what strategic policy built. Thus prices for the in demand product rise while demand for overbuilt capacity’s output must fall accordingly. That is what happened to their food production, which the summer floods in the Yangtze basin had devastated. It is only the export boom and continued construction investment by soon to retire Chinese boomers that keeps the economy from having to mothball capacity, and enables the purchase of foods.

In other discussions of the Daegel forecast it was argued that a financial crisis in the West would bring about a crash, that 65 mil people would migrate to Mexico from the US, etc.. It requires a Marxist misunderstanding of how economies work. It would also require China to be either food self sufficient or have a navy and BRI system that functionally circumvents US ally control of the seas. As all China trade can be stopped at the source and target markets without any presence in the S China sea. Their Navy and missile systems aimed at taking Taiwan and breaking a blockade is strategically idiotic. It shows the Chinese have no idea how to run a global empire, nor even preserve their own existence.

Their planned long range navy reach is via supply vessels for fuel etc. Which means that each navy group would be made to anchor as so many rusty buckets by taking down a central supply ship or two and the replacements would need to be escorted with as much fire power as the groupings they are feeding.

It should be clear that replacing China’s magnificent industrial capital base is far easier than they suppose, it is simply far cheaper to operate industry in the US where regulatory impediments are taken down, as they siphon off 80% of capital costs. Somewhat less cheap in Europe.

Remember that on a gold standard preventing currency manipulation it is the US that ended up with everyone’s gold reserves because of its natural advantages, which produce mountains of capital, much of which went to build up China since 1980.

I am more inclined to take Peter Zeihan’s view that rather than dealing with the CCP giant in China, we will be dealing with an independent Shanghai, Guandong and possibly a Sichuan. Each taking along a couple of provinces for the ride. China’s demand for these key province’s production is actually vendor financed and produces a local loss to the producers. They would do far better to divert their commerce out to the world at large.

There was already some discussion about the idea of increasing the U.S. population up to 1 billion. Why? Sheer economics. A billion taxpayers are needed to counter their newly prosperous billion. (Thanks for giving them so much of our technology Bill Clinton!).

I’m thinking it will not be just one element to cause the above forecast, but the convergence of a few, released simultaniously.
In my humble? The fastest way to bring about population destruction of the above magnitude is EMP.
The disappearance of potable water and legit medical care and needed medication would decimate a large portion of our population within the first 2 weeks. Disease, starvation and the battles for the remaining resources would do the rest.

We’d have to nuke them or they’d be landing on our shores as fast as they could build ships to come to “New China”. That way they’d be distracted from shipbuilding for a few decades instead.

All of the above, Like cid said another plandemic? China is pi$$ed at us and I would put nothing past them.I absolutely believe the good ol days are gone , it’s straight downhill from here. Frankly the way this country is headed I don’t know how much more I want to see.good luck all!

Wouldn’t put is past them either. Much more efficient to take a country with less people.

Mrs.U, that is exactly the reason ,easier to take the Country with less people.Which should be the main reason for Politics to not disarm the American people.We would be the only hope to save the Country from foreign invaders of there was enough of us left after an EMP. After all we really would have nothing left to lose.

The election of Biden/Harris when ‘they allow ethnic cleansing’.

Where would you bury 100,000,000 bodies? The horse is saddled and ready to ride!!

Hitler figured out how to dispose of millions of bodies. He didn’t bury them; he burned them.

In China everyone is cremated!! That way families don’t know if their family member died from Covid-19 or a bullet to the back of the head. Very efficient way to eliminate dissidents.

Yeah… The sidewalks and front yards of America would be a bit untidy for a spell…. Lol
Mass graves and large burning pyres would be my guess.
Hitler had the problem of trying to shield the evidence and activity from the rest of the civilized world. Thus the crematoria.
We wouldn’t be operating under those covert considerations…. We would simply be trying to remedy a mass disposal problem post- apocalypse.
Via the above numbers? We would be looking at quarry-sized, football stadium-sized mass graves…. Something most folks could never wrap their heads around from sheer horror….

This site does seem to be mysterious, and there’s quite a bit of speculation on the web about who they are and how they reach these numbers.

I found a couple of sites that listed an old explanation that appears to have disappeared… language talking about high rates of people leaving this country, and suicides. Hmmmm.

The site also shows declines in the UK, France and Canada – while other nations hold steady or increase populations. I’m skeptical, but it does make you pause. Do they really have modeling with the US and UK having a 70%+ population reduction? And if the US had issues that reduced our population that much, I don’t think it’s possible that so many other countries would remain unaffected. I would think if we went down a lot of other nations would, too.

But hey, at the rate we’re going who knows? We seem poised to destroy ourselves from within… other countries may not even have to lift a finger to take us down.

I took a look at some of the other country reports for comparison. As noted, US and the UK are predicted to take major population hits. Canada takes a dip, but Mexico does not.

Russia doubles its defense spending with stable populations. Other stable numbers go to China, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

A zig zag swath of pop/defense numbers wander through Europe. Middle East has Israel at losing half of its population.

Hard to think of any natural disaster would account for these scattered numbers.

I think I fall into the what do they know that we don’t know group. Or at least giving the impression that they know something.

And we can’t forget all those out there that ‘predicted’ a total economic crash in the US and world before Y2K. They at least had more evidence of such an event than what we are seeing from this Deagal outfit.

I think it is more of an analysis question than a knowledge question. The migration issue and US allied depopulation are supposed to be a result of an economic breakdown, presumably due to to collapse of the dollar financial system. While that collapse is structurally trending towards that kind of end with US dollars owned by Americans at 1/3 of the total as of Q2 2019, We are notching that up with the “stimulus” programs, which already brought that fraction up to 40% and could easily go up to 50% naturally or via another round of stimulus.

The logic behind the analysis of the financial collapse is flawed.

So cal Gal,
Great post,
Personally I think that site is just propaganda. But, if that was going to happen, I would think that half of that number would be from deaths due to pandemics, vaccinations, and nationwide civil unrest. The other half will be most likely from mass migration due to the dollar collapsing and hyperinflation. People try moving before they starve. But like you said, who knows.

Perhaps genetically engineered viruses or other diseases that target Caucasian DNA? Reputable news sources reporting that China is engaging in both unethical biological warfare such as the above, as well as rapidly acquiring DNA from Westerners by buying companies such as 23&Me or just their info. And also by hacking medical databases etc. make that combo a looming threat. I doubt very very highly that China will use thermo-nuclear weapons here because I’ve listened to actual (translated speeches from past Chinese generals) saying that they will take over America’s land & resources for themselves. So they won’t want the land tainted by radiation. If I remember right it’s an EMP and multiple engineered viruses that they plan. The genetically-specialized virus part was not in that general’s speech, but elsewhere (ZeroHedge)but my faith is in the Lord. Sad for if you don’t know Christ-investigate! Be a Truther about HIM🙏�

CSyftie – One doesn’t need genetically engineered viruses and disease to attack Caucasian DNA. The American media and public school systems have that well under control and on schedule.

I listened to a blip by the WHO talking about how even with a vaccine for covid the world will not go back to what we consider normal. The whole deal according to WHO is to basically dismantle the world and start it over in a more fair fashion. Does that sound a lot like BLM/antifa?

Sounds more like 10-289 “The Fair Share Act”. Only those who are in the kissing derrière class will be fed by the populous.

Reminds me of Hunger Games, the Capital and the others……aka lower class.

I think that the following quote from Tucker Carlson covers what I was referencing:

“But Carlson noted that World Health Organization head Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is once again engaging in another coronavirus bait and switch.

Doctor Tedros is now claiming life can never return to normal because of so-called “climate change.”

“The World Health Organization says that finding a vaccine is not the goal; reordering society is the goal. Quote, ‘We will not, we cannot go back to the way things were.’ That’s a direct quote from the leader of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros, who by the way it is not really a doctor,” Carlson added.”
Sounds like we referring to the same thing?

Sounds like mark of the beast to me (Tribulation).

I don’t know.
If BLM and Antifa tried their crap in other parts of the world, they would quickly be erased. Here in Chicom country, protesting is illegal. As soon as they started a rally, they would be rounded up forcefully and ‘disappear’, as in they would never be seen or heard from again.

ZeroHedge is also out of New Jersey, via Sofia, Bulgaria, with connections from Russia.
And they constantly portray the U.S. situation as doomed. It’s to their advantage to frighten the populace.

All here are contributing greatly to the discussion so I figured I would
throw my thought into the fray.
1. Asteroid Strike…. such would be a world killer even if a small hit centered
in the US, still would effect entire planet….
2. Plague, nah, take for instance, the “Black Plague” took about 25% of the European
population, so the worst pandemic in the known history of man didn’t achieve 70%.
3. Nuke confrontation, most estimates from back in the bad old days, stated approx.
30%-40% mass casualties. So here too I would eliminate this.
4. EMP, now as we all know, this is a highly variable scenario, High-level detonation vs
low-level detonation (line of sight-cone of shutdown) This would effect everyone to
profound changes, but I don’t see it wiping out 70% simply by attrition of starvation.
5. Planned Genocide, although highly possible, to make such projection with certainty
means to me, this requires a plan. Now that’s downright sinister.
6. Enemy invasion, nah, don’t see that one either. Should the Chinese/Russians/ both
invade, Uyghurs, would be example of using indigenous population for induced labor.
So I guess I would go with a combination of planned genocide coupled with a Chinese
invasion under the auspicious of the incoming? demoncratic administration.
Just my thinking…

K-Bay current population with grid up 330 million plus illegal’s US Population pre-grid 63 million. Not for lack of large families but due to the limits of the food system to feed them. Massive oil powered and electricity use allows our current population to be fed.

EMP can indeed drop our population into a back hole of death by starvation or serfdom to the Deep State IF they have the massive food storage some speculate using our Tax Dollars.

Seems the Deep State-Globalists love to drop little hints to the little people. Must gratify them that we are too stupid (for the bulk of us) to understand their hints.

So an another note what Exactly do the Georgia “Guide Stones” say again?

1 Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3 Unite humanity with a living new language.
4Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5 Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6 Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8Balance personal rights with social duties.
9 Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10 Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Im willing to sacrifice all the big cities to get the population in check,,,
Just being honest

We are nature at its evolutionary finest. Why would we want to return to slimy goo?

Sounds like what Heaven is.

Yes we are at war with China now and have been and most people don’t realize it. The people who are supposed to represent and protect us have been commiting treason to line their pockets and for power. People Wake up!!!!

my idea: couple this to Gates second pandemic which he predicts will be a bio-terrorist attack. Based on the numbers it might be America that is the target.

And some of those already vaccinated may react with a cytokine storm, overwhelming their immune system.

I agree with Ision, an EMP attack would be the issue that would reduce the USA population but not effect the rest of the world’s population. Refer to a congressional study completed in 2008, reviewed again 2014. That study inspired the fiction book, One Second After, which contained nuggets of fact. That congressional report and articles, conferences thereafter started my new life of preparedness and awareness in 2010. Lots of my own research of CME and HEMP (EMP) possibilities from civilization, military, and science references. Our electrical grid is very venerable, much 50 yrs old, civilian owned by over 3000 electric co./Corp. through the US. Imagine trying to gather over 3000 chickens into a neat and tidy circle, not going to happen, same exists between civilians and feds regarding elec upgrades, cost and authority, won’t mix, so no EP hardening, perfect target for US enemies. EST. 90% death rate from CME/HEMP in the U S, too dependent on electrical life necessities, we’ve become too fat, soft, to spoiled and dependent. That’s why GOD “woke” the preppers to be self reliant as possible, the 10% ers. IMHO.

Maybe it’s been said, but what about secession and or regional break-up. No mass deaths, just a redefinition of who on the Continent is considered “in” the US.

Conventional wisdom, including DoD estimates, are that an EMP that took down the electrical grid in the country would result in the loss of 90% of population within one year due to starvation, disease, and civil disorder. Pop would drop very fast if vehicles are inoperable; more slowly if otherwise. Jury is still out on that detail.
. . . .
With 4% of the world’s population, we are 15% of the world’s economy and consume 15% of the exports of the rest of the world. Depending on whether and to what extent our allies come to our aid, our continental grid from the Arctic to Mexico City would be down from years to decades. The impact on the global economy would be tremendous; dominoes would fall.
. . . .
We’ve seen in these past few months how quickly civil disorder can be upon us, and how much an uncontrolled fire can consume in just a day – whether downtown business districts or forested hills in California. Those in the cities, of course, are most vulnerable. And anyone not far downwind or down river from any of the 100 nuclear plants in this country. The meltdowns would not blanket the world with fallout; it takes a weaponized detonation that sucks up cubic acres of dust to do that. Those in the northern tier states with inadequate resources to survive the winter cold without electricity would be lost.
. . . .
Would be interesting to know their predicates. This could all be based on a perceptions of our adversaries’ instability and ruthlessness, and not on much having to do with our country.

Anony Mee

One almost wonders whether or not there aren’t a few sadistic, live war-games going on right now….We need to use our new reality to prepare and adapt for our world tomorrow.

Modern Throwback
. . . .
I think so, too.

IMHO it could be a series of events that cause mass havoc and the same end result, like this COVID and the election and perhaps a natural disaster or two added in.
The unrest in cities due to DJT winning could well kill off most there.

From what I can determine Deagel has forecast their numbers based on military equipment and military contract awards. Their own words:
“The data has been gathered using information available on the internet from governments, the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms, internet news media and contractors such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and others. ”

Deagel is not tracking epidemiological data, nor are they tracking human migration. (Not that they’re admitting to.) Deagel has collected basic population and financial data, but from what is available, that’s the limit to Deagel’s data collection outside of their business with the armament industry. Deagel’s claim-to-fame is their worldwide databases of military equipment and contract awards in the world’s defense industry.

That said, Deagel could be modeling their forecast based on the history of civilizations and societies. (Poor choice, imo) Personally, I put no weight on this model. However, I totally agree with Ision’s assessment of population decline and how such a drastic decline could be feasible.

Whether Deagel is legitimate or not remains to be decided, but somebody’s paying the bills there. On the surface, the group appears to have decent data sets to extract information from. If their military-business records are up-to-date, their tracking system could be very helpful to the MIC. But the Deagel population forecast is rather extreme and that model has provided no substantiation for their forecast. The chart which is included in this article is of no value to me — they’ve not only excluded their data sets as references/sources, but they don’t provide any information about the modeling used. Remember, models are only as good as the factors (or guess-work) on which they are based.

If Deagel is tracking trends, where are their data sets? If Deagel is using public govt disclosures, where are their references?

I’ll take Ision’s explanation (and Lauren’s follow-up) of population decline as the reasons to stay prepared and watchful. Deagle doesn’t even qualify for a Firefox Bookmark, imo.

Maybe this is authored by whoever put up the Georgia Guidestones? Or maybe the numbers were just a “typo.” This info by a mysterious group (probably related to Al Gore and George Soros)…well, not giving them too much thought. JMO.

It kind of reminds me of something someone once said. ‘Of all the apocalypse/disaster movies like alien invasion, natural disaster, etc…. How come the majority of them occur in the US and no where else?’ This article is like that. The US gets hammered back to the virtual Stone Age while the rest of the world for the most part just keeps on ticking as if nothing has happened. Evidently, if it’s an alien invasion, they will only target the US. If there is a huge natural disaster like plague, drought, flood, earthquake, it will only affect the US. I call BS on that.
If it’s an EMP? The US won’t retaliate? I call BS on that to. Besides, what would we have to lose at that point? nothing.

Because most of the writers are in the US.

Edwin A. Deagle, Jr., Ph.D.
Director, International Relations
The Rockefeller Foundation

Different spelling of “Deagel”/”Deagle.” Don’t know if there is a connection but there’s a Deagle dot com and then the website that this article references — Deagel. That much has even been referenced as it’s confused people, evidently.

Most of the decreases in population are associated with NATO countries.

That is the idea. They also share a financial system, but it is China that is most dependent on sea trade and least capable of defending it. We should note that though Europe ex UK has done little to revive defense spending, US UK Japan Australia and India have and they are all engaged on expanding S China sea cooperation around controlling China’s fleet. As Deagel’s original projection dates back before any of that, it is a question of whether the model still works as they believe.

On the financial and economic front, I think they were all wet from the start and remain so now.

Before any potential Covid vaccine comes out, you all need to be reminded of the Tuskegee experiment in Alabama back in the 40s and 50s. The US government also conducted the same experiments in Guatemala in the same time period. In 2010, then Secretary of State Clinton apologized to the government of Guatemala for these experiments (NBC has an article on this from 2010). I am not an anti-vaxxer, but I do find it strange how the left wants to make the Covid vaccine mandatory, despite a mortality rate estimated to be 1% – 3%, depending on the data used. Just be aware when the moment comes to make a decision.

I do wonder how a mortality rate from a covid vaccine being higher than the actual covid death rate would sit with the public.
Guess it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

I hope we’re allowed to have a choice. I have already made my decision.

The mortality rate is in the 0.2%range, and less than that of the flu for those under 65. Most people can’t benefit from it.

Think about it. If the electricity were to go off tonight….and not come back on, what would happen? First thing I can think of is no potable water for most people…present company excluded of course. No drinking water, no water for sanitation. No sanitation means decease. Think of what would happen to any population center under those conditions. Remember the rule of threes. Three days without water? Chaos. How many folks in the US right now would know how to purify water to drink? How many would have the means to do so without electricity? Especially in the cities. I don’t think Deagle is too far off base if they in fact know when the lights will go out and thus their projection. China / Russia are not going to nuke us. They want the turf. Hell, China has dibs on at least half of it for the money we owe them. I’d be looking at an EMP as a kickoff to invasion after the Deep State preps us with civil war, economic collapse, etc.. Potable water is the new gold. Just a thought.

Soul, actually it did go off about 90 minutes ago…we had a bad storm come through. But our generator immediately kicked on. And I had four freshly filled 5 gal containers of water sitting near me because my husband had just refilled them yesterday from our deep well. Sometimes I think having that convenience makes me get a little complacent about losing electricity because we are not inconvenienced.

We truly need to do a turn off the breaker weekend.


I have read that if the power goes down, 90% plus of US people will die in the first year due to lack of drinking water, water borne decease, sanitation issues, water related theft / violence, etc.. Pretty scary stuff. I make water my primary focus.

Soul, yes, I have read that also. And have also read quite a bit of fiction about how it plays out – all of which is very disheartening. I think the riots have clearly shown us (if the grid goes down) things will escalate much faster than we thought AND that many will have no problem shooting us or hitting us with a skateboard if they want our stuff. So we best be able to mentally handle what is coming.

Part 2 of the electric going out….as we are driving up the road to go to our farmstead, a dead ash is laying across the live power line. We may not care if the power is off, but We do care that our one access point To our animals is totally blocked with loose and active power lines. Next on the agenda – create a secondary access for emergencies. This is something we have not considered in our six years of owning the land. Live and learn.

. . . .
Years ago beloved offspring flew the coop and left behind a skateboard. I’m ready.


Hey, look at the bright side. You got some ash wood…..and a new project building a road to take you mind off world events.

If the grid goes down, so do the gas station pumps. These clowns driving around the country going to the next city to ‘protest’ would end. The violence that would ensure would be from restless locals, not out-of-staters contributing to the mayhem.


I thought we were safe from local insurgents, here in the most red county in the country. (94% Repub, 3% Dem, 3% Other)

But in yesterday’s paper it said we are having a rash of vandalism to Trump signs and homes of Trump supporters. I don’t where this is coming from. It is miles and miles and miles to the nearest infestation of Democrats.

Daisy, I am really shocked at what you have shared. Not only are you in a low population area, but Wyoming???? Cowboys and horses? Guns?
“Hello?” “Bueller?”

This tells me that either some local yokels are adapting the Antifa/BLM ‘movement’ as a fad for their boring summer or there’s even more stupidity out there than I think. Heck…maybe both!

Be extra cautious, Daisy.

If I didn’t know better I would take offence! “some local yokels.” Not this Loclyokel! LOL

Modern Throwback,

One of the incidents was a Town Council member who had a Trump flag in her front yard. Someone came in the night and set it on fire. The fire was inches from her front porch and near her daughter’s bedroom window. A neighbor’s camera caught it. About 11:30 pm someone walked up with a flashlight and set the fire. What was shocking was that she said one of the County Commissioners said she deserved it. That she shouldn’t have put up the flag in the first place. The paper didn’t say which commissioner. One of the three just got voted out in last week’s primary, though.

All 3 incidents in this town were on the north side of town, about a half mile from me. I am on the south side and don’t have any signs up.

We must have at least 2 crazy people in this town of 1,800.

All it takes is one cool-aid drinker. Sounds like the cool-aid drinker has support from local politicians. Sounds like Portland or Seattle where the politicians support and even encourage property destruction.
It’s sad to see that in Wyoming.

Melt snowflakes!!! it might take a hell of a filter though!! lol! that could be the pop. decrease?

if the power grid went down for good that would do it


Yep. What are all the cities gonna look like in say 4 days? Remember too I was just talking about water to drink and sanitation…..what about food….of which in some cases needs water to cook it. Yeah, people should focus on water, and how to get it. Hey, you might have to collect water every day with a sponge sweeping the grass at dawn. That would do it. But how many city folk know that?

SoulSurvivor ; Four days?? … try less than 12 hours. In 1972 NY city lost power when a sub station in the city caught on fire, it caused a cascade effect on the power grid, knocking out the grid all the way up to Niagara Falls. It took the “street people” less then 12 hrs. to realize “hey, burglar alarms don’t work without electricity”. Then, the “fun” began, it took the NYPD and the NG four days to calm the city down.
What do you think NYC will look like if this happens again, since WE are more dependent on electricity now then we were back then?


I don’t even want to think about it…..NYC or any city. I worry about the good people and all the kids. The four days I was referring to was water issues only. If that ain’t enough, right? Talk about the perfect storm. I remember that NYC outage in 72. You are right, it didn’t take long.

SoulSurvivor, I get it, but, BUT, you can’t get water up into the top of those high risers (where the water tank(s) are with out electricity (I don’t think anybody has/can make a “ram” water pump big enough to pump water up there) even thou the water system in NYC is a gravity fed system.

I’ll throw a religious aspect into the list of possibilities. What if Deagle is using figures based on the Rapture of Christians? America is still has a large Christian population and even if 40% are Christians having 40% of the population disappear in a second will create a panic and hysteria which will lead to massive confusion, depression and destruction on a level never seen before. This vacuum would instantly lead to a dramatic drop in critical services (water, electricity, medical) which will create diseases, dehydration, crime and a huge amount of suicides.

Romero Charlie a Christian Nation? A tree is known by it’s fruit. What is the fruit in “modern” Post Christian America?

Matthew 7:22-24 A Tree and its Fruit
…22Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness!’ 24Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.…

Yes, there are still Christians in America just as a Virtuous Man named Lot was in Sodom. But the tree’s fruit is live abortions on demand? Rapture is a nice thought but as discussed earlier last week no scriptures were found to support it. Or did I miss a few posts?

Many nations have fallen in history. No doubt many peoples of those nations thought it was the End of Times. We are going into a Ugly Time of Troubles but too many scriptures about the rebuilding of the Temple where currently a Mosque lives has not been fulfilled. So not quite the End of Times.

Hello NH Michael,
I agree that America as a whole has turned from being a Christian nation and is by no means a Godly nation. There are still Christians but our numbers are dwindling and unfortunately will most likely continue to do so.

I read the discussion last week but didn’t participate because I am not a theologian and understand that religious beliefs are personal, Biblical interpretations are far and wide and people have the right to believe as they choose.

I do believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of times and our nation will face severe judgements for turning away from God and embracing evil. Hopefully we will all be better prepared for the evil that will be coming our way very soon.

Romeo Charlie I wish I could disagree with your well spoken statement. However you and I agree on too many points.

He said there would be signs but no one would actually know as he will come as a thief in the night. The one big sign that hasn’t happened is the rebuilding of the Temple where currently the Al-Aqsa Mosque is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, is the third holiest site in Islam. The mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount. (a cut and paste).

Winter is coming. I hope you’ve tested your preps friend with a weekend power OFF test. Very Eye opening.

Praying for the revival of the church. Praying many will awaken.

Romeo Charlie,
It’s interesting that you mention the Rapture, since we talked about that just last week on this site. I very much doubt that 40% of the U.S. population would be taken, and I think that there are higher numbers in some other countries than here.
Because of our discussion here recently, I’ve been thinking about how Satan would cover up the Rapture. People have tried for years to figure out how he would do this. Surely, if so many people disappear, it will be obvious to all what has happened. What if, as soon as it happens, there is a CME that affects the entire world? People would know that their neighbors were gone, but would they know why? They might think they were out at the time and got caught in a traffic accident or were killed on their walk home or some such thing. There wouldn’t be global reports of people disappearing because there wouldn’t be much communication. Airplanes, where it would be obvious someone vanished, would crash and no one would be able to report it. Just a thought I had.

Hello Wendy,
With all of “new revelations” the government has been releasing concerning UFO encounters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they blame it on alien abduction and release a bunch of “Top Secret” documents to prove they have made contact in the past but couldn’t reveal it to the public. 😀

Romeo Charlie,

Most of those UFO sightings are our own craft. Triangle shape ones are TR3s or TR4s. They can even cloak. Go on youtube and check em out. When government finally discloses the UFO info. the little green men will say they seeded earth and we are their space cousins trying to get God out of the way. My question……..well who made them?

Correction: TR-3B Aurora

YouTube videos:

Triangle UFO Top Secret TR-3 Astra Video 1

US TR-3 Aurora Anti-gravity Space Technology on google patents

This idea is also plausible and might turn out to actually be correct.

ham radio?
Nah, I don’t need it. Might require a little effort. Just not worth it. Unless………..

Sorry Wendy, there is no “rapture” mentioned in the Bible. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself. Let me help you out a little.

The second coming of Jesus will be:

Literal/Real –> Acts 1:9-11
Visible –> Revelation 1:7 / Matthew 24:30 / Revelation 6:14-17
Audible –> Matthew 24: 31 / 1 Thessalonians 4:16
Glorious –> Matthew 16:27
When? –> Matthew 24:44
2 Groups –> Ecclesiastes 12:13,14 / Matthew 12:36,37 /
Matthew 24:31 / Revelation 6:14-17

The greek translation is taken up or caught up. No one knows when but we are to know the season.

Your imagination/supposition may very well be correct. Somehow I’d like to think that there might actually BE that many people in the U.S. that will be raptured, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Where is the Rapture mentioned in the bible? It’s not, so discount that reason.

13But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. 14For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.15For this we declare to you by a word from the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will not precede those who have fallen asleep.16For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.17Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. 18Therefore encourage one another with these words.
1 Thessalonians 4:13–18

Many think 90% mortality rate when the lights go out for a long time, but how many would die if just the internet was lost – just think of those riots.

The mysterious Deagel forecasts are just that to me, mysterious , and I do not get too excited about them. Certainly food for thought though.
I can see a large population decrease from a man caused EMP event. An EMP wouldn’t destroy as much infrastructure as an atomic event or nationwide warfare. The EMP perp could simply wait a short time and come in with lots of manpower and take control of who and what is left.
Lots of our self reliant planning is for a no power situation.

Yeah, I donno….
My cell phone won’t enlarge the graph, or what that may be.

I’ve always feared an EMP, even before reading ‘One Second After’.

Why not?
Destroy a country, destroy a fewer and more manageable population and leave all the resources for the taking.
The 90% death rate the first year after an EMP seems a little high to me. 70% seems more reasonable.
Could this happen within 5 yrs?
Probably even sooner.

The pushed mandatory vaccinations idea seems plausible, too. A ‘flawed’ vaccination could have repercussions within a 5 yr span.
They are even pushing flu vaccinations this fall.

Contaminated foods/water?

There is abundant evil everywhere.
Trust no one of the, “I’m here to help” crew, in particular.

Joe C, I am also concerned about the flu vaccination that they are pushing for this fall. I can easily envision people without scruples testing the new rona variety in with the flu vaccine without advising people. Because who in their right mind would take the vaccine that has a 3% chance of killing you when the illness only has a 1% chance of killing you? The vaccine people are not held liable for complications or deaths.

I have also felt 30% EMP survival ratio more realistic, which is also inline with the numbers from this report. We have a hard time accepting that many in this world already know what is coming…we just are not included in that group. So we better prepare our homes and our hearts and our minds to handle whatever may come.

BTW, has anyone had the flu shot yet? My friend went for her appointment to get it and the doc said she had not yet received the vaccine. And the doc is the one who scheduled the appt for my friend to come in. I asked my friend why she needed the vaccine because she stays in her cabin, doesn’t go anywhere (except doc ofc for appts), and only sees a handful of people. None of them enter her home or get close to her. I am the only person who gets close to her or comes into her home and I don’t get the flu (or the shot) and would not come near her if I ever felt sick.

I dont trust these companies,
I bet there is one shot for democrats and another for conservatives,,,,,
Something to think about anyway.
Personally, i wont be getting any shots other than most likely multiple gunshots


“Shot in the arm or shot in the head…..either way you end up dead.” – Steve Quayle

OTOH . . . Maybe the report is off by one zero, should read population forecast 1 billion. How do we get there? Biden gets elected, abolishes all border enforcement, in four years 660,000,000 aliens relocate to the US, crash our economy, eliminate our purchasing power, and the defense budget is reduced to just enough to cover a fraction of military pensions. Feel better?

Anony Mee, The defense budget is reduced to just enough to cover a fraction of military pensions. Military pensions??? WHAT MILITARY PENSIONS? That would be the first thing that gets eliminated.

Blackjack22 pensions is why the police are taking all this BS and still obeying orders from POS Politicians. Publicly dropping Pensions would cause a massive walk away of their Enforcers. Same with Military.

Even Communists have to pay pensions. They know thousands of soldiers walking away with heavy weapons *might* be bad. That actually happened during the break up of the old Soviet Union. Pay and Pensions were cut and whole units walked away under their commanders leadership for better employ.

Now Democrats and Politicians in general make promises they don’t intend to keep. So they PAY the Pensions, the Military, the Police and the Retiree-Social Security pensions BUT they allow Inflation to eat all the value of those Dollars so in effect they PAID NOTHING.

Welcome back to hyperinflation where fixed income seniors have to choose between paying for their medicine bills, eating or electricity to keep from freezing. Cat food for dinner AGAIN????

Winter is coming prepare for a decade of nastiness

NH Michael,

Bingo. And that is exactly why one should acquire PMs if they can. A little will go a long way. In my opinion Trump is a Trojan horse. One might say, “but look at the good he is doing.” Yeah…that good will disappear the minute he declares martial law and most will be begging for it soon. Suck them in and close the door. Question….Why did he appoint Wilber Ross (of Rothschild fame) and others to his cabinet? Because he owes Ross. Look it up. Four D chess with the deep state? Yeah right. He is either the stupidest guy to take a dump between two sneakers ……..or he is complicit.

NH Michael – For those close to the ocean. Try a sea dump. No need for TP. Works every time…. but swim against currant after, of which I am trying to demonstrate here.

SoulSurviver both of your comments are so odd. Been testing your Organic parts Solvent early today?

PM’s only work IF there is Rule of Law and they are accepted a “money”. Have you tied to pay your property taxes with PM’s lately? Food and other tangibles work better. I can easily get somewhere over two MAN years @2K calories and plenty of protein for hard work worth of basic storage foods that I pack into 5 gallon buckets with vitamins and seasonings for the SPOT Value of an ounce of Gold. But then again I like Beans and White Rice plus my extras to vary the menu.

Sea dump in NH chilly at the peak of summer, no thanks.

NH Michael

PMs work now by conversion, and later direct. PMs are a lot less bulky than food buckets. History demonstrates those in power know the value of PMs and will gladly accept same if they don’t kill you for it first. It is know globally as a store of value. I don’t need to carry what I eat on the move. And, yes to the other for those that regard it that way. The smart ones know what I am saying.

Or use a tree overhanging the water…slightly more sanitary?


Yes. Butt only in salt water. We like to look out for friends down stream in fresh water. One might wonder why I would do that sea dump thing in “chilly” water. Answer: Because I can. Have a good day Lauren.

SS, my nephew was on a small island near Guam for several months. Total population less than 100, as I understand it. No latrines or running water, everyone used the same “dump” spot, a tree hanging out over the water.


Yes ma’am. The real survivors tend to survive without creature comforts and don’t much mind. Sometimes a little rough around the edges. Like the Pennsylvania Deutsche. They won’t miss a beat for the most part when things go south. A humble, simple, and determined people. I love their sense of community. I just ain’t got the hang of that “turn the other cheek” thing yet.

SS, even if you don’t have the “turn the other cheek” thing down, you can start with “Pray for your enemies.” Even harder in some ways, but you don’t have to smash down your very real instincts to do it.


You are so right. I see one of my prayers was answered on the newly scrubbed open forum page. I think I shall rest now. Bless you.

Many years ago I emailed to the address I found on that sight ” Deagel ”
I asked something about why is that population info up.
The response was beyond rude, bitchy would be more correct.

Never got an answer, just something about stupid people emailing all the time.

I don’t know, to me I only see this big of a die off with some sort of grid down scenerio. There would most likely be retaliation with a nuc or EMP. Cyber attack on our system could be just as devastating on the grid and much harder to track “who done it”. Wouldn’t even necessarily have to be the whole grid just a majority. We’d still be able to potentially truck in diesel to keep generators at nuc plants going in order to avoid total meltdown which would then turn into a global event as many have stated. That’s a big drop over 5 years, doesn’t seem like a major shift in the way we live, even if there were a Great Depression could accelerate that quickly. Who knows, major hack attempted before the election goes totally wrong and the lights go out in half the nation? But then again the way 2020 is going maybe we’ll see a massive zombie outbreak from this miracle vaccination they’re going to start mandating lol

Agree rb
A cyber attack is definitely a possibility. I believe more likely than a EMP.

What if they already know about the next plandemic?
What if they already know the vaccine will be the delivery mechanism?
What if the WuFlu is a dry run?
The only thing left blocking the NWO Gov is the US, don’t think a few hundred million deaths would stop the satanist globalists.

‘Give or take an idiot or 3’.
The next question would be, What villages would claim those 3 idiots? My odds or on NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Wouldnt it be grand if the leftist disappeared somewhere overnight.
Beer n brats for all and a harley in every garage!

That would be grand indeed.

A direct hit on the north American continent from a CME (coronal mass ejection) would wipe out the electric grid. There is no one to blame or retaliate against.
Think about it how many people do you know that can provide for themselves, large cities like LA and NY would become grave yards. This would account for about 2/3 of the US population.

I agree but wouldn’t a CME event hit Mexico and Canada pretty hard as well?

A CME could hammer the entire northern hemisphere and not just North America.

. . . .
Yes, given that a CME can last for a few days while an EMP has a duration of about a nanosecond.


Depends on altitude of detentenation as to how much downward cone coverage. Thirty miles up might do it for half the country. And they only have to do a portion. Domino effect on electric grid. Half the country down would ruin the other half. Just a guess on my part.

. . . .
Rather than guess you might be interested in the reports from the Congressional EMP Commission.
. . . . All can be found here . .

Anony Mee – Thanks, always willing to learn.

Russia is making an AK-19 that fires a 5.56 round. NATO gun manufactures will be upset at this more affordable option to compete against.

Good stuff Ken.

Eli Wags. – Is it possible maybe they plan to re-supply as they sweep their enemy as the primary reason? Good thinking Ivan………it works both ways. Move light and let your enemy hump what you need till you need it.

But Yellowstone going kaboom would be felt globally. Just look at Mt. Pinatubo. I remember the summer after in the 90’s wearing a jacket in July and not my usual BBQ stained tank top shirt.

I’m guessing a giant earthquake happens, causing the left coast (California, Oregon, and Washington) to float away and become its on country. Then people from the major east coast cities and Chicago decide to join them.

Food For Thought

Folks from major east coast cities may be distracted if La Palma in the Canary Islands lets go. Mountain half sliding into Atlantic? Surfs up!!!!!!

I believe ision is right. We don’t need any help to take down the US. We will do it to ourselves and it has basically started and will go into high gear this November.

I was just making a joke.

someone finally forecasted what would happen if the democrats win in November.

How to depopulate Usa 70%? You need two things together: Nuclear device and Yellowstone caldera. Not sure if it will work, but Yellowstone do have potential for mega eruption and that may kill enough peoples without damage elsewhere in this planet

This is easy to understand and the timing seams pretty spot on. They only explanation is…


Even thought the USA is getting wicked, the math would line up with everyone who has believed in Jesus at some point in their life.

The Bible declares that the redeemed comprise a “remnant” of the population of the earth. A remnant of a piece of cloth is just enough to identify the pattern of it. Sadly, no, 70% of our population is far too many to qualify for that status. I quote Jesus, “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads unto life; and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:14

Yes we are at war with China now and have been and most people don’t realize it. The people who are supposed to represent and protect us have been commiting treason to line their pockets and for power. People Wake up!!!!

Does the current covid swab up the nose to the brain also collect D N A for the new “Federal Data Base, and is it cross checked with the National Crime Labs D N A data base?
Recall the former female presidential candidate from the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) communist mule party. You will also recall, she rsn the White House while her adulterous husband was doing what ever it was he did best in the Oval Office!
“SHE” designed the health care for children to 1. Demand Federal Inoculations before attending K0-K12 indoctrination compounds. 2. Because of her love for “lost and missing children, inoculations must include a GPS tracking device.
Therefore. When a covid test ts taken to include Capturing D N A, will the covid immunization include a G P S chip to track and monitor “WE THE PEOPLE?”

They don’t need GPS tracking device in a vaccine. Everyone has a cell phone. Nuff said.

You can ditch your cell phone, not the bioluminescent injected ‘chip’

vmat2 gene
will only taeget those who have a belief system or are morr inclined to religion
most likely will have little to no effect on those who already have little connection to that area in their brain. So when those who are vaccinated to not have a moral compass , what will ensue ??
check out tEd talk:
the vaccine to end all wars
also funvax…

Does the current covid swab up the nose to the brain also collect D N A for the new “Federal Data Base, and is it cross checked with the National Crime Labs D N A data base?
Recall the former female presidential candidate from the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) communist mule party. You will also recall, she ran the White House while her adulterous husband was doing what ever it was he did best in the Oval Office!
“SHE” designed the health care for children to 1. Demand Federal Inoculations before attending K0-K12 indoctrination compounds. 2. Because of her love for “lost and missing children, inoculations must include a GPS tracking device.
Therefore. When a covid test is taken to include Capturing D N A, will the covid immunization include a G P S chip to track and monitor “WE THE PEOPLE?”

At 3 1/2 times lower income for 2025 I’m wondering what happened to your job?
My official income will be $0 because I will be hiding out in a cave.

. . . .
“After all, we have access to all the knowledge necessary to survive in such a scenario. Most everyone has the intelligence to absorb and understand those skills necessary.”
. . . .
Same applies to building a house. Access to the knowledge is there, it’s not rocket science. But if I’ve lived all my life in a rented apartment in a big city could I do it tomorrow? No, because that’s information I have never needed to access. Plus I have no land, no tools, no supplies. And if the grid is down starting today, no way to acquire or transport them.
. . . .
Along the same line, the day the stores run out of food it’s too late to plant a garden. Thus starvation, disease, and civil disorder. Therefore the prudent prep. The five foolish virgins knew the sun would set; it was their normalcy bias to believe that the bridegroom would arrive before then. Thus they were unprepared for the reality they faced. Heard James Lindsay say the other day “Reality always has the last word.”

Could it be that the Covid-19 vaccine turns out to be a “bust,” and actually causes the unintended deaths of millions of the US population? A vaccine that did not get the 8 years of testing all other vaccines have required prior to reaching the general public. A vaccine that will be released prior to completing Stage 3 trials. Yep, the same one targeted for health care providers and other first line workers — first. If they are wiped out, who is left to care for the sick — regardless of source of illness? That would really be a great “save” (sarcasm). And, did you know that big pharma has a bubble indemnity on the Covid-19 vaccine from every country that it will deliver to? No one may sue them for any negative outcome, including death, period. Just warms my heart! I can see America standing in line for it with their sleeves rolled up with that last nugget of truth revealed. Count me out.

China has had a vaccine for some time, I believe. In fact, I’d bet they had it well before the “outbreak.” No way they created this thing without it. No way. I think therein lies the answer as to why it’s being fast-tracked. Because it’s a ruse. It’s already ready to go. Just my two cents.

Who says they did? I didn’t. Read my comment again, but slowly this time.

For the exact same reason WE would offer CHINA a cure for a pathogen WE created, as a reward for doing as we wish them to do.

We have several pathogens in our inventory for which we have already developed a cure. This is the nature of biological warfare.

Now, if China wanted to use the cover of their created pathogen to purge dissidents from their population, they avoid looking the monster to the world. They all died from the disease, of course…. All they had to do was to discover a dissident had a “temperature” and eight men carried them off to the “hospital,” never to be seen again.

China appears to be getting ready for war and to invade Taiwan. So, offering a viable vaccine, or cure, for the pathogen to the U.S. could be related to allowing them to invade the island without U.S. forces getting in the way…for example.

We used this same technique against the Soviet Union.

Unlikely it was planned, they are expending enormous espionage efforts to obtain vax info from the pharmas etc. They obviously don’t have one at hand, and the vicious attacks on HCQ/z is an indication that it is the treatment the high ranking get, which is why they don’t want it available

They shut down the use of Hydroxycholoroquine because it along with other common theraputics work to stop the virus. China did release the bioweapon to hurt the US.

Seriously people. Take a deep breath.

“both evidence against the conspiracy and an absence of evidence for it are re-interpreted as evidence of its truth”

It would not be too difficult to happen as over 1/3 of the USA population is over 65.

Ok, so you have accounted for 1/3 of the drop (we will simplify it to a current population of 300 million, 100 million of which are seniors). Where does the other 100 million come from?

A snap of the fingers.

Only a little over half a billion deaths worldwide from the big war when over two thirds of the U.S. population goes poof . I was expecting somewhere between one and three billion people to die do to the overpopulation problem in order to buy a decade or two more on limits of growth since the projection is 2032 but so little when China alone has something like 1.3 Billion people itself. Granted that over seventeen trillion GDP loss could just mean most of the richest half of the U.S. population along with most of the out of state/country moochers leave do to lack of financial incentive and goes back to their various countries after a couple of big metropolis’s get nuked but it seems such a huge drop in the U.S. and so small for the worldwide when Nukes let alone all NBC warfare is on the table . Not to mention it barely does anything on the overall overpopulation problem when War, Famine ,Disease, etc. is standard results/ solutions for overpopulation and we are just delaying the inevitable for such a short time when we already murder over a million babies with abortion every year just in this country for population control disguised as right to choose.

Go re-watch the Matrix

Take the red pill

You sure that not a forcast increase amount?

This is great news as long as the furries and NBA are first to go!

i think that the world economy will evaporate before 2025

All it will take is for the derivatives market to collapse.

Sterilization ….fin

You’re willing to see over 200 million people die? You must be one of them.

Its so obvious To me they need to kill off americans. because we are in their way of complete global enslavement. Bomb us with propaganda, get a civil war going. Shut off our supplies. EMP us then invade. China and our other enemies. Then steal the oil coal gas ag land, divide it among themselves.

I agree that we are in their way so whatever it is they plan, it is going to be big. We are the last man standing, so to speak. And with our national story being one of freedom, we won’t go down easily, so their plan is going to have to be BIG. C-19 isn’t it, although it is creating more division. It could be a part of it but I don’t know, too early to know. They could release something MUCH deadlier since many of us are already seeing through the scamdemic and we will be blindsided by a much deadlier virus, China could stop manufacturing our medical supplies which is a national security issue, it could be a massive EMP, don’t know but it will be BIG.

I read somewhere that they explained their forecast by stating that the population decline as due to the fact that people could not live under the way the world had changed. So, I guess they meant suicide?

With the distinct possibility of massive illegal flooding across our southern border, I don’ t see that a likely scenario.

This is simply Financing buy Switerland & their bank accounts. They have pro Russian pictures saying it’s their friend.

Sadly Switerland is underworld evil that people in poor areas will jump at USA. They GAVE our jobs too China because they were first too betray & chip their people. Most places have high chance of going down by knowing its complete slavery for anyone having a somewhat normal life.

Rest are already supported for lower nations. By their logic we need go down. Yet no one likes China. Their going to be cocky dicks to all Asia & wherever they go.

They are primed to win. But were more sacrifice for their new normal. Depends if they let us fight normally, I dont trust their not in on it. Blackwater going help with their new name. France & Russia were killing each other over something in s scrimishes. So things is dark have already begun..

They will line up in droves because they are SHEEPLE

Deagel has removed the forecast information. Didn’t want too many of us to wonder what they know and how do they know it??? Between Agenda 2030, the World Economic Forum’s agenda, the election, C-19 scam and all that brings <cough, cough>, and the aftermath, etc, must be some big things planned for those pesky Americans and their pesky MAGA president who won’t let the globalists put us under their thumb like they want to. Buckle up Buttercup, things are about to get bumpy.

This terrifies me. I found out about this Deagle Report earlier this year. Biden’s going to lock down this country with the fake Covid hysteria- fake numbers, etc. if his election cheating is successful. Combined with the Civil War that’s going on and the China+Russian UN invasion that will destroy this country this decade- this will definitely be a reality.

I told my bosses about this – they don’t think much of it- China+India on top and the USA a post power. This country is so powerful it can’t be beaten overtly but has to be taken from within by Luciferian worshippers.

We will take some heavy lossess once the UN invades during our Civil War; we will essentially be exterminated but we will ultimately win. So the “What If ?” the USA fought the entire would – who would win? The USA wins; we recover and prosper again. Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell saw relayed a vision George Washington had regarding all the major wars of the USA- Revolutionary, CW1, WW1-WW2, CW2(Now), UN Invasion (2020s?), our recovery and flourishment.

Most people are for the hear and now- they will be slaughtered.

As of 11/17/2020 there is a long disclaimer at the end of the forecast country list that describes how the numbers were derived. Some highlights:

The collapse of the Western financial system – and ultimately the Western civilization – has been the major driver in the forecast along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome. As COVID has proven Western societies embracing multiculturalism and extreme liberalism are unable to deal with any real hardship.


The stark reality of diverse and multicultural Western societies is that a collapse will have a toll of 50 to 80 percent depending on several factors but in general terms the most diverse, multicultural, indebted and wealthy (highest standard of living) will suffer the highest toll. The only glue that keeps united such aberrant collage from falling apart is overconsumption with heavy doses of bottomless degeneracy disguised as virtue. Nevertheless the widespread censorship, hate laws and contradictory signals mean that even that glue is not working any more.

The authors note that either way the election goes, there will be trouble falling out of that.

The authors also raise the possibility of a sneak attack from the Russia/China axis, either conventional or nuclear post 2025. We have driven those countries closer together. Ooopsie! For the most part though, it sounds like we are our own worst enemy.

Personally, I think in an extended grid-down situation we could easily reach these numbers without a civil or international war. No need for COVID anymore either. In time TB, Cholera and smallpox will come roaring back.

It’s been speculated in the past that if a large solar flare hit the earth directly instead of going off in a random direction into space it would basically cause a mass extinction event. If a massive solar storm hit the earth directly, the entire planet would go into darkness. The solar storm is a giant cloud of hot plasma and electromagnetic radiation that the sun ejects when it opens its coronal holes. The phenomenon is called coronal mass ejection (CME)

it is obvious forced genocidal inoculations

read the book “One Second after” where a EMP hits the U.S., with out power 70% of people die especially in the big cities all cars are inoperable, no AC units work, nothing that has a chip will work.

People, STOP DRINKING TAP WATER. Research the mind control effects of flouride. Flouride is a heavy metal poison that increases complacency and reduces mental capacity for resistance. Switch to flouride free toothpaste as well.

Another reason to stop drinking tap water is that a terrorist could decide to poison the water supply.

I drink the reverse osmosis water from the grocery store, but I have some filters including a Berkley and a Life Straw and another filter that came with a one-month food supply from Augason Farms. So if the grocery filtered water is not a available, I have back ups.

You are right on top of it Missy. Which is why I invested in a whole house filtration system.

They have since removed the forecast from their link.

The purchasing power parity change they list is the key to understanding this report. The collapse of the US dollar and the institution of the SDR as the global reserve currency are the reasons for these changes. As it relates to the military spending figures, this will end the ability of the US to finance its massive military and project it globally, forcing a reduction in its size. The reduction in purchasing power is the result of the US dollar collapsing as its revalued in the marketplace against the SDR and other global currencies. The current USD to SDR rate is $1 = ~0.70 SDR and continues to decline. The drop in purchasing power parity they list is about 70% so we still have a ways to go. This revaluation will lead to the population decreases they report due to prices rising faster and higher than the population can match with their earnings, resulting in starvation for millions and possible emigration out of the US. The end to dollar hegemony has been talked about for years but is now being openly expressed by the IMF, World Bank, Russia, China, Iran, etc. mainly due to its use as a weapon of war via economic sanctions. To put this simply, all the other kids in the school yard are tired of the bully and have formed an alliance to destroy him. Without the dollar, without the Saudi’s selling oil for dollars, which is another issue in and of itself, the US government loses all its clout internationally and domestically as it will no longer be able to finance all of its endeavors. No empire has ever survived with a weak currency, while all have collapsed under their own weight due to excess levels of debt, etc. Historically, the world is over due for a new monetary system and the recent calls for a new Bretton Woods supports this. When this new meeting is held, look for China and the other BRICs nations to form an alliance which will muscle the US out of its position of power. Gold and where this meeting is held gives insight into who will be the new economic po

And Biden is the perfect demented puppet to accomplish this New World Order goal.

It’s the vaccine that will kill most. Been the plan since 2010 Rockefeller “Lockstep”.

From what I have read, the “vaccine” will do its “killing” by causing a woman’s body to attack her reproductive system, making her unable to bare children. This is on top of everything else.


Bill Gates has a history of developing vaccines for one stated purpose, while mysteriously causing sterility as an ‘unfortunate’ side effect. The story of his family history, and his progression to the position of influence he holds today, reveals much about what his motivations might be.

There was a video (I believe a Ted talk) where he stated and I quote “if we do a good job with vaccinations, we can decrease the world population by x%).
we’ve seen it in third world countries, we will now see it begin, in mass, here..

The one I saw he said something like “We can’t reduce world population until everyone is vaccinated.” I can’t remember the exact words.

See my post. Click on You Tube link. I’m surprised You Tube still has it up.

Ww1 and Spanish must know that those times there were also vaccines..and they come from Rockefeller.

Well their projection for the U.S. population in 2025 went up from a few years ago. In 2017 they projected from that point the U.S. population in 2025 would be 54 million. They did say their projection did not use/include a pandemic or nuclear attack. Interesting none the less.

It’s very interesting that the forecast has been removed from deagle.

(They have posted an explanation at the bottom of this link.)
Doesnt matter though, More than 800,000 of your army and +40 million plus civilians have been genetically altered for absolute slavery, not only them, but any kids they have from now on. And its on