Democrats & Republicans Still Agree On One Thing… The Money Spigot

“There will be exuberant expectations of stimulus until kingdom come.”

“Even at full-tilt war, Democrats and Republicans still agree on one thing — i.e., that the money spigot must remain open no matter what. They differ only as to a timetable and how many trillions of dollars should be force-fed into the economy in the next round.”

~ Rick Ackerman

There is no doubt (at all). The money spigot will remain open. As they say, it’s always about the money.

The latest approved and signed spending bill. They threw us peons a bone. 600 bucks. That’s supposed to appease us (distract us) while they throw hundreds of millions and billions to other countries for all sorts of insane “programs”. “Foreign Aid”. All while our small and medium size businesses are being oppressed and crushed by the same tyrants and overlords.

Money greases the skids. Hundreds of billions scattered all over the place. A trillion. What’s the big deal, right? But you and I just need to shut up because we’re getting 600 bucks. There have been grumblings. So they may up our piece of the pie so that we really shut up. Some saying maybe 2 grand. Hey, why not send us each 100 grand? Whatev’s, right?

Hey, don’t forget — when too many people are “hungry”, they tend to create pesky little problems for our rulers and overlords. So I suspect that we will continue to see the money spigot turned on when needed.

Baby you aint seen nuttin yet. Just wait till China Joe starts mucking up the works…

Now the reason for my post.

How might this affect you and I on the street?


The cabal’s chosen president and puppet-masters have already made it clear that there will be major tax increases. In addition, they have promised that the tax breaks of recent years (which were mostly for the middle and lower classes) will be repealed. The tax burden for EVERYONE will likely go way up.

You should know this… When taxes are increased, the effects trickle / flow / cascade down. When the cost of products, goods, or services go up, those costs are always passed down to the consumer. That’s YOU.

Price inflation goes up when the value of currency goes down. The value of currency goes down when more money is “printed out of thin air” and debt is created (the simple explanation).

To make matters worse, if and when the cabal’s chosen president (China Joe) gets their meat hooks into “transforming America”, watch out below… They will destroy what’s left of this economy as they herald in their Utopian version of ‘Green’. That, coupled with endless lockdowns (they’ve made it clear), the economic picture for 2021 looks pretty grim to me…

Politicians Are Dumb

With that said, it really feels like we’re at the end of the economic rope. Apologies to the few who are not. But Politicians are dumb. Stupid. Rejects. But they are good at one thing – being a crook. Hands out – making deals for the highest bidder. Not only does their paycheck continue to roll in (because they work for the government), but they get filthy stinkin rich being their crooked selves.

They’re so dumb, that they have no concern for their egregious spending of our money. Or the consequences. Why? Because they believe it’s their money. They use it to dole out their favors, grease the wheels, all that stuff… all while skimming for themselves. They laugh in our faces as they suck us dry…

It’s too late to change it. It’s done. What is inevitable will be in our face soon.

There is going to be a LOT of people (there already are) hurled into lower effective income and even poverty. The government is going to desperately throw money at an increasing rate. But it’s not going to matter. How long is 600 bucks going to last anyone? Even 2 grand? We’ve already slid over the waterfall. Too late.

Standard of Living Paradigm Shift

The cabal fully intends to lower the standards here in the U.S. to be “more equal” with those of the third world. That’s one reason why they hated Trump so much. He’s “America First”. They certainly are not…

There will be a paradigm shift upon Western populations which will lose a much higher standard of living than the rest of the world’s populations.

Western countries have artificially supported a massive, unskilled, unemployed, and unproductive…parasitic…population, as they could afford to do so. These support mechanisms keeping the un-working population are predicted to fail, forcing this population to take effective action to sustain themselves…or, fail to sustain themselves.

The attrition of the population will continue until a new balance is achieved. As you may have guessed, none of this will be tidy and neat.

Imagine the impact on upper education. How many academic majors will simply become utterly meaningless? How many skill sets become suddenly worthless? Will they take barter for an education in Business Administration?

~ Ision

My suggestion?

  1. Take a look at your skill sets. Determine if those skills will help you or not during the rapidly approaching crush. If not, well you might think about that.
  2. Know this >> Prices will go up. Should you purchase now? Or wait until higher prices. (Don’t go in debt).
  3. Do not assume that this insane government spending can continue forever. Have you heard of the ‘Great Reset’? How’s that going to affect you?
  4. Be as self-reliant as you can. Rely on yourself and your abilities to the extent that you can. Learn more practical skills.
  5. Be more self-sufficient. It’s challenging. But do something. Anything…
  6. When we all slam into the bottom of that waterfall, no one is going to save you but yourself.

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#7. Send your stimulus $s back to Uncle Sam.

I will look my grandkids in the eye and say, “Grandma sent it back. I didn’t take what I didn’t earn. Starve that beast any way you can.

grandee writes; “Send your stimulus $ back to Uncle Sam”,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve paid Uncle Sam LOTS of money over my 40+ years of working. AND, they’;ve wasted a helluva lot of the money that I EARNED and gave it to shat-hole countries that hate us.

The way I figure it, Uncle Sam owes us Tax Payers a lot more. Its the non taxpayers and the foreign countries that shouldn’t get a penny. …

We don’t get it anyway because we’re “rich”. Never mind that we’ve worked our butts off for years, saving a good chunk to remain debt free while those that worked a fraction as hard as we did consistently get free stuff from .gov because “it’s not fair!”

As much as I pay in federal, state and local taxes every year – $600 (or even $2,000) is just a tiny little refund of taxes I’ve already paid.

This is not a gift, nor unearned. If I paid nothing in that would be different.

Any way you slice it, these small “stimulus” payments represent a fraction of our governments’ annual revenue. Just a token gesture attempting to keep them from being overrun by angry citizens screaming at them to “do something”.

The “us against them” is not based on race or political views or any such thing. The real battle is the citizenry versus the politicians and the financial elite who own them. They continue to enrich themselves as they turn us against each other.

and your grandchild will all have to pay it back.

Remember that on the way to the bank.

You don’t even have to wait that long. Everyone will pay that back and more in the form if higher taxes and inflation in the near term. It’s just a big shell game and most people can’t see that because all that see is the $$$ being waved at them. Nobody is getting anything out of this financially.

It’s the same as someone bragging about their big tax return in April. Fool, that was your money all along…

The gov here in Oregon raised taxes an overall 20% from last year. The money that was supposed to go for rehab for all the voted in legal drugs didn’t get a dime.


While I understand your point, I simply cannot agree with the thought that if we all give back the $600 that anyone’s grandchildren will be better off. I believe smart individuals (such as those here at MSB) can make a better decision than that. What about buying $600 worth of PM’s or something comparable (I won’t go into all the options, you know what they are) that you hold in trust for your grandkids?

You would control it, it is likely to be of equal or higher value in the future, and I believe that bird in the hand would be far more valuable than the hope the . g o v does something responsible with all of our tax dollars.

I would much rather see each person here in control of that money than D.C.

grandee and they WILL anyway even if you “return” your own tax refunds.

While I can honor your idea the reality is THEY DON’T CARE and will simply pocket that money somewhere in the bowels of the Beast.

Your grandchild would be happier for the several one hundred thousand calories of canned goods you set aside for them to eat than the pride that grandee GAVE it Back.

yes they would–and I already have that taken care of.

If your worried about the grandchildren paying it back why not give the money to them. The 600 will buy much more now than it will when they are old enough to work

Lets see,thats a 900 billion dollar covid bill. 600 to each us us comes out to 1.2 billion Im reading?If thats correct we are getting 1/10th of 1% they have put us on the hook for.

Take the 1/10th of the 1% we are paying for.We are paying for it either way.

Yep, we’re screwed and didn’t even get kissed. I’ve lived for 76 years, at least I can say I had 75 good ones, starting back in January we ain’t seen nothing yet. Gonna get really ugly from here on out

What to do with a stimulus check if you are not in dire need of the money?

Send it back, but you will still be eventually taxed for something you refused to take.

Give to a charity or someone in need of more funds than you do, still will be eventually taxed for it.

Spend the check on yourself or preps, and eventually be taxed on it.

Save it in a savings account, but it doesn’t pay interest but .005 or .50% and $3 a year on $600 or $10 a year with $2,000.

Buy Gold, which in this new administration will increase in value due to their flooding of money into the system they don’t have, which increase may pay for the eventual tax from it. From Dec 29 2019 to Dec 29 2020 gold has risen from $1,557 to $1,879 oz, gaining $322.

Gold is a hedge against inflation, even though the Feds will artificially keep interest rates down. Gold will have value during the Great Reset where currency will not.

Stardust. – Yep……but don’t forget the poor man’s gold – Silver. Junk silver (pre 64 dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes) is what will be used in day to day transactions. The best bang for your buck these days. So take that government handout and convert it to real Constitutional money – silver.

Or use it to finance your trip to DC for the Protest Days.

Unless the pull off the digital currency and that looks really possible.

Or like the previous generations, people may be told to turn in their paper currency at pennies on the dollar or lose it, thus decreasing the amount of money in circulation by calculating based on the offer price rather than face value.

Bingo on the money collection, they make more and we will receive the scraps.

Keep re-electing them for they are doing such a great job!!!

A thought just nagged me. Outraged Americans are emailing, writing, calling these bastards and whores that call themselves representatives of Americans.
Why?? They laugh at you. They have something stronger than you. Dominion voting system.
STOP!!!! STOP it right now. Let them wonder where are the complaints, the emails, the letters, the phone calls screaming about their incompetence and complacency about the steal..about our voices becoming disenfranchised.
Let it be a real ‘nightmare come home’ when they learn of our new party. 73 million voters is a good start and after JO and Ho screw over the democrats as they honor China, maybe a few more millions??

Actually it will be better to have a business in China than under Biden’s corporate tax increase. China doesn’t tax that high so maybe those big business Biden donors will stay there and never come back from their re-education in the slave camps.

Two projects on the table right now, just waiting on resources (and time to dig big holes). Outdoor kitchen and chicken coop. I just dumped the worms in the greenhouse–either they will survive and thrive, or they won’t, and in either case they won’t be cluttering up the floor of the greenhouse any more. I think the chickens will provide a better use of the kitchen scraps.

The outdoor kitchen will allow me to cook without heating up the house, without smoke (rocket heater), and without using gas or oil.

I’m cutting off the faucet to the extent possible.

AWESOME Lauren.My bet the worms make it.

Probably. They’re a little lethargic at the moment, but the ground will be warmer than the bin they were in.

The political pukes threw us scraps ($ 600) while bribing foreign countries and their favorite institutions.
I do not think they are dumb as Ken stated , they are greedy and unscroupulous liars and seem to be good at it . Our citizens on the other hand are foolishly asleep.
Sad state of afairs.

All these millions going to other countries is money laundering and kick backs for all the congress…minus very few.
Spread it out to governors, mayors, high officials.

They take the money from the U.S. working class and send it to the ruling class of foreign countries

Who then give some of it back to politicians here. The big circle of corruption is alive and well in the US.

Its called payola.I remember my Dad talking about it when I was a little kid.And it stuck with me.

Take every dollar that you can get from the government and spend it topping off
your prepps.We are in survival mode and what is coming at us will be hellish.If you can stockpile food and medicine that treats the COVID disease your kids and grandkids will thank you.

This is a war without any doubt. It will be fought on many fronts all at once. Our enemy’s want us to be weak and sickly.To save our country we must stay strong and healthy. Do whatever it takes.

already have done that fb doesnt like me i posted to many FACTS they didnt like so i dumped fb 3 years ago so they whined to some government agency so now my computer and phone are tapped hell they most likely know more about me and my family than i do

Never went with f#c#b##k. They are the govs spying and propaganda arm.Folks you need to understand that.

Grandee…You cannot starve the richest people in the world.So who are you starving?

Probably nobody, but…

It’s a way to throw the tea overboard. They will know we’re out here.

contributions to ken?

Read MSB home page at the bottom.


You’re sounding a lot like LeAnne with this. Some respect for Ken and what he’s providing here is in order. If you have perspective to share, lay it out, based on its merits. You can do that without sniping the host at whose table you sit.

. . . .
Stardust asks a legitimate question that deserves a thoughtful response. Who are you trying to starve? All capitalism – well, that’s real red of you. The big, bad, Richie Riches? Well, that’s real green (with envy) of you. How about the biggest employer in town that keeps 10% of your neighbors in food, clothing and health insurance? Well, that’s real socialist of you. All choices have downstream impacts we may just be unaware of.
. . . .
Free enterprise is just that – free to operate. Which people are free to utilize, or not, as they wish. Atlas Shrugged, to some, is prescriptive like a handbook. To others it’s just a novel, and a very boring one to try to read.

You can frame it the other way – Feed Freedom. Direct your dollars to businesses that fight for free enterprise, support individual liberties, and provide what you value with virtue. And no one is demanding anyone do this.

Concerned about big tech? Your response could be as simple as scrolling past the search results with the AD icon beside them to the search results for the company without the icon depriving the search engine company (as in G00gle) of the ad revenue. Takes seconds of your time. This is one of the major sources of revenue for the search engines. G00gle has a large footprint locally with server farms but there are few employees. Interestingly the employees include armed guards. Wonder what the woke crowd thinks about that.

Anony Mee,

Thanks for your feedback. I re-read what I was responding to, and realize I probably misinterpreted the intent of the post. My comment wasn’t even directed at a particular perspective, just took the presentation out of context evidently.

It’s impossible to withdraw from a system as complex as this one without impacting others. Not sure what the solution to that is, except for all those of like mind to attempt it in a coordinated effort. And how likely is that? We’re each going to decide how to engage the Beast, hopefully based on guidance from our better selves, or Creator, depending on your practice.

I read Atlas Shrugged several times in my young adulthood. Had Galt’s speech bookmarked so I could just read that. It was a logical thing of beauty, that speech.


I have started a list of businesses I will use. I never buy by links as I never know for sure who’s getting paid. I go directly to their website. And I let them know where I found them plus I have donated towards Ken’s efforts directly. Sales are tracked by location. How many not buying at your local big box would show up in sales reports? You may be surprised how few. Maybe just a few hundred in a metro area.


If I misinterpreted your post, my apologies. Should have re-read, as it seemed out of norm for you (as I understood it). I read your initial comment in a quick site-check while multi-tasking in the real world. Not a very thoughtful, or accurate it appears, way to engage. Anony mee graciously (thanks!) laid out what you were most likely saying in nice simple words I could understand, lol. You make a good point, and one I sit with a lot. Anyway, I’m sorry for the unwarranted response.

Politicians are definitely dumb,
they all need a slap and be shown the end of a rope

Agree with Kulafarmer!
And dumb enough they’d want to sell their country out? Why?
for a few extra bucks?
this part makes my head spin…

Where we see freedom, they see power. Where we see patriotism, they see opportunity to exploit while waving the flag. Where we seek honor, they seek a way to lie, cheat or steal. We are the American dream and they are America’s nightmare.

We can never trust the Republican or Democrats as they are on the same team just wearing different uniforms for the benefit of the crowds. From now on we are Americans without a political party and we are on our own.

RC – Jerome Corsi at Corsi Nation talking about how President Trump already seems to be starting the MAGA party. Interesting.

Thank You SS,I will watch it tonight.

You left out kill.

“No one is going to save you but yourselves”.
Very true. Very true.

The way I figure it, I pay more than 600-2000 dollars a year in federal taxes. The government would not give me anything, I would be just be giving them less. I will take said money, pay off any outstanding debts and put the rest towards preps.

I agree with the amount we pay in taxes, but if you give millions of people $2000 that wasn’t already budgeted for (whether a tax cut or a rebate) you don’t think you’re going to pay for that in the near future as increased taxes and inflation?

Good point.

Yooper.Of course we will.Buy a house an inflation will be your friend,crazy as that sounds,but as long as you are working thats how it plays out in a set mortgage payment.Even if it seems high now,its going to be a lot cheaper paying it back unless the whole game collapses,and it could IMO.

Ill take it, not proving anything by passing that up

Most liberal realtive among us righties died and left behind est. $70000 in unsecure debt no one knew about! She had no assets, no plans for end of life, Reminds me of our Government. Let someone else inherit and deal it.

Observe the debt clock really let it sink in you realize it can’t be fixed.

My college minor was economics my realitive made a suggestion one time worldwide debt jubilee.

Keep your eye on the debt clock dont fall for politicans and the MSM once Biden is in sheeple will claim economy healing.

The economy is fake much like the norms in society.

Our area had a huge food donation event before Christmas.The line consisted of mostly newer $40k+ suv’s and pickups. When the line backed up everyone using I-phones.

Afford a 40k vehicle, I-phone yet no money for food?

Because they were living the American Dream….nice house,nice car,….and now the rug has been pulled out from under them.They will soon be homeless….let that sink in.

Heres the thing, unsecured debt is just that, un secured,,, so they have no recourse should the person die or default, all they can do is send it to collections, but last time i checked dead people dont answer phones unless its to vote

It is not “ no money for food”, it is simply getting free sh&t

Thanks SS for the Excellent analysis on Jerome Corsi at Corsi Nation, I am listening to the dec 28 podcast about China. Sure wish the Biden voters had done their homework. Now it’s up to us. I pray it’s not too late!!

At the 53 min mark, on the Dec 28 Corsi nation podcast, the guest speaker is saying we need to be in DC or state capitals on Jan 4,5,6 (at least the 5 and 6) so the media can get coverage before the vote. He also says this is our last chance as we could be labeled domestic terrorists in 2 months !!!
Old Homesteader’s remark on another post about the chain link dog kennels comes to mind!

Karen herself – As I see it…. this government handout money is necessary to those folks who have lost their jobs. Every little bit helps I guess. But in the long term it is one more step to the destruction of our money. They keep printing more and more. Taxes? They don’t need em. They print what ever they want. Taxes are just one of the ways they control you. Just like oil. You depend on it. That is BS because they have zero point energy but won’t tell you. It is all about control of the masses. That handout money is used by them to condition you into that FEMA cage eventually. People are waking up to the game. That is why they are turning up the heat. They realize it is do or die time for them. Well…. it is do or die time for us too. As for Dr. Corsi……May God bless and protect that man and all like him. As for President Trump. He will be sworn in on 20 January if he is the man I hope he is. Question: Why did Dr Fauci just admit he lied about the masks and the Vax? Maybe he is a rat looking for the exit knowing the hammer is about to fall.

Maybe.None of us have the playbook,your theory is as good as any.

But I think we are about to find out all of it in a grand reveal thats coming real soon.That my opinion on it.

freddie – Well said.

Karen herself – I have been listening to Dr Corsi off and on for years. Coast to Coast with Art Bell I think was the first time I heard him. I thank The Wuz for tuning me in to him again.

This guy knew all about the carrot and the stick – and human weakness

“Stalin once ripped all the feathers off alive chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was bloodied and suffering terribly, yet when Stalin began to toss some bits of wheat toward the chicken, it followed him around. He said, “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people, they will follow you no matter how much pain you cause them, as long as you throw them a little worthless treat once in a while”

Here is your $600 sheeple

Excellent example Hermit us.

hermit us – Just forwarded to some of my PRC ex-patriot friends who came here to escape exactly that.

TMC,LOL,I just did the same,great comment!

Most are too stupid to see it.

Personally, ill take their $

why not, is not like anyone cares

The stupid thing is that the gov bureaucracy thinks the money is theirs to do with as they like and especially for their own personal benefit – because they are important – and we let them (so who is stupid?)

i had first hand dealings with 2 US senators from New York who insisted when they endorsed me for a $200,000 grant for my business from the government, I’d have to pay them $20,000 of it under the table. Of course, I refused the deal because of their corruption, so I wasn’t that stupid.


I’m surprised that $20k was not all they wanted from you personally – the swamp is full of snakes and perverts. Congrats for you for standing up. Good thing you did not have to deal with the Clint**s – some found that suicidal.

He was in office at the time….and it was both republican and democrat senators who tried tp steal from the government grant.

Usually, the graft is given in the form of election contributions, via some fund raiser, like a dinner party.

In order for you to be allowed to do business in their districts, you had to buy so many tables at the council person’s next fund raiser and hire certain companies, as subcontractors. If you did not do so, your project was blocked and subject to all sorts of delays and added conditions.

It did not matter what party you belonged to, or the party of the government person, you paid…or you did not build.

This is why you cannot predict the political stance of an entrepreneur by their campaign contributions, to any level of government. It is all graft and blackmail.

Truly truly an evil man.

I am personally going to learn something new with the stimulus. Yep, will need for tinctures and trade as I do not imbibe anymore. Being on the back side of 60 one has to have some value should they decide your not viable. Think it can’t happen,, think again.

Smart Mrs. U smart. Just remember Matthew 10: Sheep among Wolves
15Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that town. 16Behold, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17But beware of men; for they will hand you over to their councils and flog you in their synagogues.…

Misinformation is a skill useful when evil people are your current rulers.

We dont need that stimulus for this but my story.When wife was a little girl she started learning how to play violin but it wasnt in the cards unfortunately.She is going to buy a violin at age 70 and learn to play it.We all have expiration dates so its now is the time.

I like that,a lot!

that expiration date is why im doing as many of the things as i can off my list, just never know when our number is going to get called, might as well do what we want if we can

Darn right.Im too old to be living in fear.Im enjoying every last moment we have,they can bite me.I dont need to be living in a media narrative false reality simulation like Elon Musk says we are,and he is right.Let that sink in…..We are living in a simulation,amazing!

That doesnt mean Im oblivious to it either,Im watching…and like you Kulafarmer Im still going to live my life regardless of their wishes.

The Matrix


the farther i get from the main stream, the more i enjoy life,,,

Good for her. Never too old to take up an instrument. I have played the violin since I was 6. This last year I have been learning to play the guitar.
Since the grandboys have been learning from home, I decided to get each one an instrument to learn to play. 2 chose the drums, which makes it a way more noisy house than usual. I put them out in the shop for practice. They all are really enjoying the learning. Never too old to try something new.
Good luck to her!!

WELL DONE MadFab. Very inspiring,very wise.Best to you and yours,you are an awesome grandpa!

Learning to play will be healthy for her and that is a positive thing to do.

Thank you Mrs. U.She is very special to me.

If you dont have your house or property BUY IT NOW. We are getting massive inflation and in a few years that house payment will be nothing when minimum wage is 60 dollars an hour.

This happened in Israel where the inflation was so bad your house payment was the equivalent of a couple dollars a month! It cost the banks more than you sent in just to process the payment.Banks offered to cancel the loans but people wouldnt do it,they loved watching the banks squirm,LOL!

Wife just saw Calif lockdown is indefinite now.Turning the screws hard now.We are at where we were in March with the media claiming we are all going to die from this coronavirus.Now its version 2.0,hospitals filled with coronavirus cases done on the equivalent version of a Dominion PCR testing machine.

Big squeeze,big media lies but the reality is no one is dying anymore than any other seasonal flu,total death numbers are flat,there is no great death going on,just lies from the propaganda media telling us there are.

The big smackdown is coming,and that vax is going to be mandatory.The gov is already being deployed.And trump told us that if you were listening….he said it will be done by the military.

freddie –

Keep a secret? There is no effective California “lockdown”. That word is actually a prison term that has no place in polite society. I’m in California right now; mask free; roads are very open. What we have is a government sanctioned excuse for the stupid and unproductive among us to avoid work and collect government dole.

My reality is as soon as I post this message, I’m going to launch my ass up on the freeway, aim in the general direction of home, and I will be there in 17 minutes, instead of nearly an hour. Because all of the lobotomized sheep are hiding at home, waiting for welfare to arrive.

Forced Vax?? I don’t think so freddie. In my case, legitimately and provably, that would be attempted murder. Should it come to my face, it will be treated as an attempted murder. That is the moment when I shall post no more, anywhere, except posthumously on the evening news.

Tmc,I understand you 100% on all you wrote.Cali here too.

I try to wrap my brain around why there has been no outcry or rebellion from folks who have been laid off, furloughed, whatever….due to these “lockdowns”.

My guess is, these “non-essential” workers are drawing unemployment benefits plus added federal supplemental stipends.

I’ve never lost a job, or been unemployed in my life, so I have no idea how the unemployment pay compares to the pay someone had been earning before. Could it be that some….especially folks on the lower end of income (the so-called “working poor”) could be doing better financially while under “lockdown” than if still working?

Anyone know first hand, or know someone who who has been locked out of a job?

….my question is about hired workers, not business owners or self employed….I know they have raised hell….righteously…

I was one of those people you speak of.
Was laid off for nine weeks, making state unemployment @ $360+ a week and the additional Fed money @ $600.
I, also, fell into the trap.
Actually making a decent wage. Making 2+ times more than working at the present 31 yr. position.

I wasn’t stupid with the addional income. I knew I would have to pay back the extra unforeseen tax, although I had the state and fed tax taken out. I didn’t buy a new tv, chainsaw, vehicle, quad, toys.
I took that and made additional payments on my mortgage. Bought extra preps, that we would/might need, not the things i had a ‘want’ for, as many people have and are still doing today.
I didn’t go anywhere in those weeks, just to the farm.
And on the return to work, we had the double weekly expense of paying for our kept health insurance, that we were lucky enough to keep for those nine weeks.
For some, that have the family plan, that extra double payment would have been more than half of their regular take home pay.

Not arguing, because I know where you are coming from…I was there for a short stint, and my thoughts were that of NRP, also.

I’m glad Dennis brought this subject up.
In the woods for a last crack at legal venison….un disturbed…..maybe.

I’ve worked for a world wide corp for 31 yrs. They were pretty cool, up until the last couple decades or so. Family oriented. Good to the working piss ants.
Then the corporate greed took over.
They became the ‘nobody can touch us corp’
I was elated when the state shut them down.
More so than getting that extra money, that I didnt know to expect.
We, in our dept. are not in our twenties any longer….hell, we’re not in our fifties, but yet the pressures and the workload increase.
Now, they can’t follow the rules of known covid carriers, within the facility. Notification of close contact. Extra disinfecting. Taking precautionary measures. Favored office staff still ‘working from home’.

I was more grateful for a plant shutdown than the ramifications of a virus.

Corporations, as well as our government, are the demise to this nation.

(Movement in the woods)

And cold fingers

Bingo, there you have it.
Socialism at it’s finest.
More $$$ for not working than for having a job and working.

There was some of this, initially. People were getting covid payouts for being laid off, and also collecting unemployment. My BIL was laid off during this period (not covid related) and was making nearly twice what he made while working, between the covid payments and unemployment. That ended after I believe 8 weeks, I’m not sure beyond that. My sister also was laid off, but she was given a severance package so the covid payouts didn’t apply.

I don’t know how it differed for other states. I’m guessing that some states have continued the programs longer.

And, no child care fees, no clothing buys, no lunch meals to buy, no gas bill.

The new bill includes an extra 300/week federal pay if you are still collecting unemployment is my understanding.It was 600/week federal PLUS state unemployment.Low wage workers were making a LOT more than when they were working!Made for a very well paid army of anarchists now didnt it,wow!!

Well there you go Dennis – freddie was typing up the same thing as me, but more succinctly.


Last I checked, unemployment benefits in California are about 70% of last income, up to a certain limit. BUT, unless you specifically elected to have taxes withheld, they won’t be. The net result is that the payable amount on a UI check is pretty close to the net, after-tax amount at the job. So to an idiot, that’s a wash; they don’t even consider year end tax liability. Most in that station of life don’t file a tax return anyway. Now, take standard UI benefits and juice it up with extra Covid money?? Oh goodness, there was a time from April through about August when I couldn’t hire anyone at all. Life was just too easy sitting on ass and living the virus drama.

i lost the job i had just gotten back in march, been unemployed, not elligible for squat, im just lucky i have help from family. With my arthritis i cant do full on construction anymore and thats my gig, so it was a real bummer to finaly find work where they would work with me on it all,
but hey, im moot to the rest of the world so whatever

Another aspect of the response from the original CARES Act was a moratorium on evictions or foreclosures if the property was financed with a government backed loan. Also some states imposed bans on evictions. Also many utility companies announced they wouldn’t shut off utilities or charge late fees. Schools were given money to provide free meals to students but some districts expanded it to any child in a district and distributed these in drive through settings. Student loan payments were not required. So unlike other economic downturns you weren’t facing homelessness, loss of heat/water, or hunger. Add to that many receiving as much or more for unemployment plus no child care or transportation costs. You have a dumb and happy group of people willingly voting to sit on their a$$ and live on welfare trough. Also the PPP loan system kept many employees working who would have otherwise been furloughed. The latest legislation made those loans forgiven but not taxable AND businesses can still deduct the expenses paid with the forgiven loan. HUGE windfall for the fat cats who took millions. Yes it will help the mom and pop businesses as well.

For the most part the first package didn’t help the small businesses at all. Those loans were on a FCFS basis, and most of the banks gave precedence to larger borrowers. People applied as soon as the deadline hit, only to be told that all the money was already gone. And the .gov, predictably, said they don’t have the resources to determine how the money is being used or if the banks are following the rules.

That’s a function of geography. One of the largest lenders nationally is a bank from a local university town in the Midwest. They lent all over the country. All of my clients that applied received funding and many already have had forgiveness approved. None of them would be what I consider large. Local banking relationships also helped. Loan officers literally contacted business customers to start the process.


It can not go on much longer. When there are more people sitting on the wagon than pulling, it will soon stop.

There are so many indicators of the red line at which time the depression will hit and violence will escalate. I can not even begin to list all the challenges we face.


I understand stand a 2k per person will put the debt down the road for our kids and grandkids, but I also don’t think we will survive as a country for it to matter. Give me back money that I already paid and I will be better of now and the near future

Found our stimulus check in the bank account this morning.

Sent it right back to them this morning.

Mine is pending- available Monday. Will withdraw it and put it with funds saved towards a new roof.

Inflation is ratcheting higher through higher prices, smaller packaging in the grocery store, and poorer quality.

Some good ways to protect your savings is to buy now:

1) large quantities of consumables on sale, to buffer the effect of price increases.
2) Precious metals like gold, silver, and lead (the shooting kind). These will stay steady in value as the dollar collapses.
3) Durable things that can bring in an income, like new tools for a side line business, or real estate to rent.