It’s Election Night – You’re At Home – And Then…

You have voted. Maybe you voted early, absentee (that’s what we did). Or maybe you voted on election day. You head back home to hunker down.

You switch-on the TV to begin watching the unfolding future for America. If you’re like most regulars here – you’re probably watching the coverage on Fox News. This way you avoid regurgitating your popcorn if you happen to watch any of the other alphabet soup channels.

In any event, there’s suddenly a “FOX NEWS ALERT”

There are reports of violence and rioting at many locations around the country. Lots of voting locations are being targeted. Apparently ANTIFA and BLM are disrupting the process, and are targeting locations known to lean Republican.

Other rioting is underway in many cities. The chaos is boiling over as Law Enforcement cannot keep up – or are fearful themselves of being in a potential deadly altercation in which they will be targeted and not supported by their leftist mayors.

You knew this would probably happen. You’re not surprised. At least you’ve already voted and you’re safe at home in your castle.

But then there’s another “FOX NEWS ALERT”

There are now reports of sporadic power outages across the country.

Then reports start coming in of apparent massive cyber attacks taking place on infrastructure targets.

New reports are also indicating shots fired at large transformers of electrical substations around the country – reminiscent of what happened in San Jose a number of years ago…

Within half an hour, snipers opened fire on the Metcalf electrical substation firing more than 100 rounds – shooting for 19 minutes as they surgically knocked out 17 giant transformers that funnel power to Silicon Valley.

It took utility workers 27 days to make repairs and bring the substation back to life.

“These were not amateurs taking potshots,” Mark Johnson said during a conference on grid security held in Philadelphia last year. “My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal” for future attacks.

~ San Jose Power Grid Attack

As the reports of cyber attacks and power outages increase, the newscasters become increasingly and visibly nervous. You too are getting anxious about what you’re seeing and hearing…

This is really happening. Is it the “cyber Pearl Harbor” event that many have warned about for so many years??

Then, suddenly there’s another “FOX NEWS AL…”

The rest of “ALERT” vanishes as your lights go out, and everything goes real quiet in your castle…

You whisper, “Oh $hit…”

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  1. Oh my! I have never considered someone or a group would shoot at electrical transformers.

    1. Anyone who does cause trouble will be immediately shut down by police or the national guard if it did escalate to that point (highly unlikely)

      Talk about a good laugh! Just like LEO has shut down the looting in Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland etc. AFTER the looters decide to go home.

      1. Wasn’t instigating anything but I guess you just assume anyone that disagrees with you is causing problems. My head space is just fine and was pointing out the failures by LEO in democrat run cities.

    2. Exactly! These are critical for power distribution in this country, but are typically only protected by chain-link fences around the substations. We need to address this ASAP!

  2. Fortunately (or, perhaps unfortunately), my family and friends, have been preparing for just a scenario. After work, on November 3rd, we are heading to a “safe” location. We live in rural Minnesota, but you just never know how things will affect a normally, quiet town. We’ve been preparing for the election night, for about a year. Other situations, for far longer. I don’t anticipate any foreign involvement, on election night, but one can never be too sure. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

  3. Ken, You are wrong. It is not election night. To be effective, the outage has to happen on election MORNING (or the day before). Most Republicans plan to vote on election day. With the power outage that I am predicting, Republicans will show up to vote and find that the election machines don’t work, the lights in the room are out, and even the traffic lights are out, preventing Republicans from even reaching their polling stations. Now all the votes are from Dems and Biden wins. Also all the Democratic state and local candidates win. Imagine what that will do to the redistribution of House districts, the new congress, the state legislatures……

    1. DaisyK,
      For those who plan to vote in-person, I recommend doing what I am, which is go to your polling place and vote early. The polling place closest to me opens on Friday morning. If the line is too long there, I have an alternate place that will be likely be less crowded and is open over the weekend. Either way, I am taking no chances on trying to vote in person on Tuesday. Sadly, in my state, the trojan horse is going to carry the state’s electoral vote. But, I can still vote for a Congress person and against a lot of ridiculous propositions. Then leave the area, promptly.

    2. DaisyK, send emails to absolutely everyone you know to go and VOTE EARLY and at the polling place. We have sent emails to everyone in our (electronic) address books. Tell them to “Git ‘er done!”

  4. Shift into phase 2 of our personal preparedness plan, monitor the HAM radios and be ready for anything. If you aren’t prepared today it’s too late.

  5. Well my goodness. I was off today up thru the day after the election. I was really tired & was gonna just rest today. But after this post & another broadcast testing yesterday that have been more frequent you have lit a fire under me to get up & get busy !

  6. I had a neighbor tell me the other day, “Antifa and BLM are just a bunch of punk kids who can do nothing”. Then Philly happened and 30+ Cops got hurt in one night by these ” Punk Kids”.

    Ken is correct again. The plan is to riot in most cities until Trump concedes. ( Shutdown DC website)

    A few months ago, after George Floyd, the Police here in Fl. caught two different Bernie Bros. with cars full of homemade grenades’. How many didn’t they catch?

  7. Having the power go bye-bye should be old school for any prepper, by now.

    So, I’ll activate my defenses, engage the power system, get my M4 uncased, and go sit on my over-stuffed patio chair, which is on the balcony outside my bedroom, from where I can look down upon my property, from behind the frilly flowers atop the thick, slump brick, planters, and enjoy a nice glass of good scotch, as I reflect on Humanity and the evening’s events.

      1. Ision
        If I knew you and we were neighbours, I’d show up with another bottle of good scotch, no snacks, why kill a $100 buzz with a $5 snack!

        1. Well, I guess with the good scotch, I would need to drink more than a $100 dollars worth to even get tipsy. Maybe, $250 would do it.

          I don’t snack, either. Although, I do like a bowl of premium cashews with the scotch.

  8. IMHO, If there is any concern it should be in the large metropolitan areas like LA, Chicago, NY, etc. – I hope. I suspect that in LA for instance the BLM Warlord of the Week will be roaming the election areas targeting any Republican or conservative who would dare to show up and vote Trump. In the Pacific Northwest I think it will be even worse. A good friend who lives in The Dalles north of Portland has said that ANTIFA reps have been driving around their town vocally warning the residents who vote Trump that there will be retributions. I mean, really? Threatening people who choose to vote their conscience? Sadly, this is the Marxist/Communist way. Look at what happened in China in 1966 when Mao enacted the “Cultural Revolution” murdering millions with his “Red Guard”. ANTIFA, Red Guard, the same. Get ready. Kamala, Bernie, Nancy, Obama, it’s not going to be all smiles and giggles.

    1. No worry about that in L.A… or the rest of California, for that matter… The power-drunk “governor” of this once-great state did away with polling places entirely this year; all mail-in. True, we can still drop the ballots off at a “drop-off location,” but most of the people who can’t understand how Newsom got into office have already dropped our ballots off.

      For the record, I have YET to find anyone who voted for Pelosi’s nephew…

      1. TMcG,
        wasn’t me or anyone I know either. Or, at least no one I know is willing to fess up.

        1. Same here! I did sign the petition to have him recalled, not that it’ll do any good… except maybe put me on another “watch list”!

      2. TMG: China $ to Napa/Sonoma wine country to Pelosi’s mansion to dear nephew’s back pocket.

      3. “It’s not who votes that counts – it’s who counts the votes”
        -Joseph Stalin

    2. Tiananmen Square 1989. Chinese students rioting FOR Democracy. Young people consider doing a search for more info on Tiananmen riots . Now the under current riots against the Republic which gave them the right to protest. Humans are a fractured species at this point.

  9. Not much time left to Party…

    So, tonight is as good as time as any! Just decided to take the wife out to a favorite place, eat dead cow, and throw down some mules in mason jars.

    1. Good idea. I did basically the same just took the wife to lunch instead of dinner. Tomorrow it.s top off the freezer day then we’ll just sit back and see what happens. Not worried about power outages (just went through 3 days ) or food. If people want to riot I’ll just deal with it when it happens

  10. I’m retired Coast Guard. The Coast Guard motto is “Semper Paratus;” “Always Ready.” …’Good credo for all of us…

    1. Just remembered our family motto, “Not Without Dirt, The Victory.” Naturally, it sounds better in Latin.

    2. Tom, Absolutely!

      Here’s another…

      “Live Free or Die”

      (State of New Hampshire)

    1. Yep, get out the lantern and go back to my book. I’m as ready as I can be. Hoping my kids are.

  11. You sure do paint a picture with your words Ken! This will be one post I don’t share with my DW, she’s stressed enough already!

    I’m still living in one of the Sacramento ‘burbs and the scenario you’re outlining could very well happen in my neighborhood! There’s a “DC Shutdown” group talking about ramping up violence in the streets, Philly cops just confiscated a truckload of weapons intended for the rioters, and most law-abiding people are sheltered in place due to the pandemic, at least in the People’s Republik of CA.

    Needless to say, I don’t foresee a lot of restful nights of sleep for the next few weeks… no matter who is declared the victor after this election! I guess the best we can do is have a plan in place, work the plan and keep a constant eye out for unrest close by.

    It might be a good idea to check the batteries in the flashlights, pull out the portable radio and make sure there’s food in the pantry.

    1. Batteries… Just a heads-up; if part of your prep is a stock of Ray-O-Vac alkaline batteries, keep an eye on them. THEY LEAK! I have a bunch of them be cause they’re available in 64-paks at Lowe’s. The package says they have a shelf life of ten years. That’s hard to do when they start leaking IN THE PACKAGE inside of ONE year. These batteries have damaged quite a few of my devices, from smoke detectors to radios, to flashlights, sometimes within only a couple of months of being installed. If you have these batteries in any of your stuff, pull them out unless they’re actually being used. Just so y’know…

      1. Thanks for the information, I’ll be sure to check them. They’ve been on the shelf for about a year or so… that’s gonna be a pi$$er if I have to toss them!

        1. I stocked up on the rayovac batteries on past black friday’s
          24 pack for about 4$ was pretty good.
          Every single time I check on them now days I have to toss more out.
          Most have been sitting in a cool place for years, some for 5 or more.
          I have good energizer D cells that say 2013, 2014, 2015 on them
          with zero issues.
          But I have had more energizers ruin my things than the rayovac

          My stock of aaa is over 150, stock of aa is over 200.
          It’s depressing to put them in the plastic trash bin with the other problems where they grow a pretty colored fuzz.
          Rarely I’ll put the leakers in an old led light just to see how long it operates, they are already bad so why not.

          I’ll admit to the real problem being myself.
          If I removed the batteries from things I rarely use or don’t use there is very little problem.
          And I have for the items I was able to locate.

          Neglect is the problem, but people blame the battery’s

          1. I get it; if you’re not going to use a device for a while, pull the batteries. Trouble is, they ruined things like my smoke detectors, and almost ruined the remote status monitor on the whole-house generator, both of which are on line 24/7. They’ve ruined several flashlights as well. It’d be counterproductive to remove the batteries from those. That, and the aforementioned new batteries leaking in the package issue… These batteries just plain STINK…

            For the record, I store my batteries in a cool, dark, temperature-stable place…

          2. TMac
            ive lost so many things to leaky batteries, have pretty much gone to eneloops for everything now, that or Tenergy batteries, just not worth it,

      2. That’s why I have switched to the lithium batteries, while a little higher in price they also have a 20 year self life.

      3. Kirkland and their name brand that they sell have leaked a lot in the past few years. Just pulled some from electronics that had “5” years supposedly left on them. Agree that lithium batteries probably worth the cost and now keep batteries in battery holders outside of electronics. Not great but saves the electronics including flashlights.

    2. Also live in Sacto. sub. , only activity in my area was a peaceful assembly of blm protest march in large park next door, no problems, no litter – thankfully. Pulling in my American flag tonight, upsets me but don’t need to be a target. Election night I’ll padlock the front gate. Problems most likely will come out of So. sac. up Franklin Blvd., hope not. Stay safe.

  12. I’m gonna keep it as simple as possible. Breath, assess, and adjust accordingly.

  13. Getting transformers from China in a hurry might really become a problem with all the war instigation going on. We need all electronics and pharmaceuticals made in the U.S. asap.

  14. This is why I voted early. DH is in line to vote, as we speak, and I dropped off DD’s absentee ballot at the county dropoff this morning.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at any shenanigans the Marxists come up with.

  15. Most here on MSB are somewhat prepared for such a scenario. I DO NOT want any of this to happen. I’d much prefer to have all my preps be a giant joke on me. I keep walking around my home, checking things. Waiting, for what I’m not sure. Nervous energy. I live rural so rioting will not immediately affect me. It would/will eventually have an effect on everyone.

    Nothing much I can do now. Hope for the best. Make one last trip to top off supplies??? Where would I stack it? What have I forgotten? Have I made good choices? Deep breath, relax. It will be OK, or it won’t. I think our lives are about to change. I want badly, to be wrong.

    Seems strange. I always envisioned a scenario where one second everything is fine, the next ……..
    As Ken’s countdown clock has ticked away, well, ya know what I mean.

    1. Plainsmedic

      Agreed, I do not want this scenario to happen but…. well….maybe. I expect to lose power tonight as Zeta moves through but I have had practice for temporary, 1-2 weeks, of lights out, if longer than a few weeks things will get dicey even if there were no conflict in the country now. The electric grid has been a glaring weakness in the US for many years now. A soft target if you will.

      As with you I am looking to see what I should add to or top off. Though it is no comfort, what will be will be.

      Stay Safe!

  16. I would get up and go open the Water Buddies and set them in the tubs and fill them up. Yes we have a well, but would use the city water first. Next get my solar panels ready to put out next morning. Mr.’s training would kick in gear an lord help anyone who means trouble.

  17. We keep trying to get “everything” done by Monday. My Christmas present arrived early to make sure we had it in hand – a second All American 921. Price was up another $130 from when I purchased my first one. Pantry is topped off, supplies are topped off. And bam! Poor spouse came down with 24 hr bug. He is on the mend and wasn’t horribly ill, but cannot go back to work until we have results of his test. So neither one of us are going anywhere until we know for certain. I had to cancel my niece and her kids coming for a visit today too. Oh well, that’s life and we deal with it as it comes up.

    i also tried to get the two male kittens fixed but humane society is still shut down from doing this or rabies shots. Sounds like the US will have a plethora of kittens and puppies in the near future.

    1. Well, heck, Ken.
      I give you kudos for this scenario.
      Something I hadn’t even considered, I guess. All my mind playing games must be on the frits, with all the other goings on.

      Heard on the drive home news, swing states are planning for disruption in many certain cities, on election night. My state included.
      White supremacist, militias, etc….no mention of Antifa, blm, soros groups….


      Halloween and election night’s a comin’.
      Let’s get the planned games a rollin’.

      If it begins, let it begin here.

      Time’s a wasting.

  18. Yep,
    My thoughts, exactly.

    So what was I doing when you posted this same scenario, three times?

    Ole, Okienottacop,
    doesn’t have to worry.
    Republicans and Conservatives don’t play the demmy games. They don’t instill riots.
    The police and authorities will put out the protests, but it depends on the leftist government who so wish the flames of hate and distruction.

  19. OffkeyCop,
    I can only laugh at your posts.
    I can only imagine your mama screaming at the top of the basement stairs:
    “Offkey, the departments calling. Disruption at the township hall.

    Zip up your pants this time and don’t forget your radio.
    …..and wipe that Cheeto orange off your face.
    You embarrass your mama.”

  20. I won’t reply to OkieCop’s comment directly….guessing the downvote goblin is about to make it disappear.

    Would like to know where and how much cop experience he has. Mine is extensive and spanned close to three and a half decades, was at ground zero of two very “major disturbances” (we designated them as that, rather than “riots” so insurance companies couldn’t refuse to pay claims to the businesses).

    Cops, short of pitched deadly combat, can’t stop a full blown riot immediately…that’s the cold hard facts….and that’s even when they have the full faith and support of the majority of the public…which they no longer have…thanks to the activist…aided by folks who call theirselves conservatives, but are still butt hurt over a seatbelt ticket….so they attack the cops rather than the politicians who wrote those laws…or the courts that ruled them constitutional.

    No, cops can only hope to herd the rioters…absorb the thrown rocks and less savory objects…hope for no gun shots from the anonymity of the crowd….shots they can’t return for fear of hitting an unintended target…..and for what? Who would want to put themselves into that position? No matter what you do…you will be second guessed, criticized to no end, prosecute if at all possible…by some of the most cowardly, never been in a fight, wanna-be Rambo’s in our society.

    No….the cops won’t save you…there was a time when they would try…those times appear to be gone. Don’t blame them….blame the complacency of our society that stood by and allowed them to be sacrificed on the liberal progressive secular humanist chopping block. Never liked cops? Well, lucky you….your about to see what life is like with rabbits in charge of security for the sheep.

    ………..durn I wish this weather would break, I’m in dire need of some therapy…………

    1. Many years ago I met a LAPD Sgt. who was injured and disabled in the L.A.riots. I asked him how many were killed in the riots and he replied “Only God
      and the sewer sewer system will ever know”.

  21. Ththththt. Does he think you’ll be kicked off your own site? At least you know how many trolls (or troll sock puppets) are on the site. I was about to comment that the “1 down” club was striking again.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I hung around FB so long–one man I followed positively GLORIES in making fun of trolls. He said they aren’t to be taken seriously, or taught, they are to be mocked, and he has thousands of followers that pile on. It is amazing. I’m not good at it, but I love it as a spectator sport.

  22. i would wait until things had quited down some and gtfod as quietly as possible taking back roads all the way out of this city

  23. Offkey,
    I would love to have a person on person debate.

    Basement dweller with time for various IP addresses vs America Lovin’ Redneck.

    But this is Ken’s site.
    Ken’s rules. And I respect that.

    I’m sure, someday, I’ll meet you or your type, on the front lines.

    And you be nothing but that cigarette butt reference, I’m sure you’ve read, previously.

    Ohh, wait…
    Your mama’s callin.

    1. Joe c,

      I stand ready to engage this person…on his level…got experience playing his type of games…just need to know his preferences…pat-a-cake…go fish…old maids…..of course…would be taking a chance those are a little advanced for him……..

  24. Currently reading One Second After , for the 3d time. Kens article is appropriate for what’s going on right now.With all the violence we all know is coming,the elections, covid second wave, lock downs coming again, food shortages, Winter which would be the absolute worst time of the year for food shortages let alone mass electric outages the die off could be catastrophic. It would be the ultimate time for a Chinese EMP If Ken’s hypothetical situation comes to pass, I would put the grandkids in the basement and me and whatever help I have would man our observation posts and remove any threat we see.

  25. My Generac would come on and then I’d cut off the lights and outlets that we don’t need.

    I’d probably go for a ride around the area to see how widespread the outage is, then settle in for the night.

    PS Been lurkin’ for years! Really enjoy MSB!

  26. I’m an optimist. I don’t think we’ll see much outside of the big blue cities – and even there it will be isolated. I’m sorry for my conservative brothers and sisters there but otherwise I have zero sympathy for the turmoil in those liberal / Socialist areas. In a semi-related note I saw the following that I wanted to share:

    I never cared if you were ‘gay‘ until you started shoving it in my face, and the faces of my children. 
    I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems. 
    I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.
    I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems. 
    I never cared if you were well-off or poor, until you said you were discriminated against, when I was promoted because I worked harder. 
    I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong.
    Now I care

    1. Rickster64, I like but I have to comment on one point that I feel quite adamant about, this one: I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems.
      I would add to that a similar statement this is also valid (changes are boldface):
      I never cared what color they were, until you started blaming our race for their problems.
      The point being that white liberals have been indoctrinating blacks with the idea that we are their problem and therefore only we can help them. These people have been emasculated for hundreds of years under slavery and now under progressive liberalism. They have re-imagined the plantation.

      1. Have liberal realtives that think like this and reminded them of our own personal struggles and when our families arrived generations ago they had nothing and no safety net.

        As time goes on I dont even bother but I do listen to our local NPR which is very progressive to understand what the otherside is thinking. And they think exactly as Bummin says. In this area some of the biggest destruction during Floyd/BLM was white liberals from rich zip codes.

    1. old lady,
      Ya might consider one of those newer jump start gizmos. They’re easy to keep charged and re-charged. Small, lightweight and handy. The only drawback I’ve found, and it may be only the brand I have, there must be a battery. For example; even a dead battery will be energized with one of these, but they will not work as a stand alone.

      In shtf, all batteries will become weak at best, over time. I don’t have all the answers, but a few suggestions. Even a near junk harbor freight solar kit, will provide some dc power. They’re a lot better than nothing. I own a couple of their kits, one still in the box. Even a little power is really good. Years ago, I bought a HF kit to learn about solar. It helped me realize just how much solar is required to power things. Good luck

      1. Plainsmedic, Old Lady,

        The DW bought one of those “Halo” brand Lithium backup batteries off of one of the shopping channels on TV. My work truck had not been driven for a few weeks, and all the onboard electronics do not shut off, so the battery was drained. As i got out the charger, and the long extension cord, DW brings out her little battery, size of a paperback book, and hooks it up to the battery. “Try it now.” So i did, amazingly, the truck started right up. I now have one of those units on order.
        BTW Plains, I am thinking of using it as a battery source for my ham radios. Look up “buck-boost” module for supplying the right voltage for the radio from just about any voltage battery source. YMMV.

        1. Minerjim,
          Thanks, I’ll look into that. (news to me) I always run my ham on battery power. I have two older batteries 12vdc. They were getting some age on them and didn’t want the wife or me, to be stranded with a dead battery. I wired them together and trickle charge with solar. Not the best, using automotive batteries, but it’s worked great for over a year now.

          A few ham friends have teased me about not having a AC power supply for my ham stuff. I just smile. Besides, might as well get the last of the goodie out of those old batteries.

          1. plainsmedic,
            The “buck-boost” module i mentioned would be good for you. It will take DC power from any source, at any voltage ( range 3volts up to maybe 30volts), and you can set it to put out DC power at a set voltage. So if you say hooked up an 20 volt battery to it, it would convert (buck down the voltage) to say 13.8volts for your radio. As the 20 volt battery started loosing power and maybe putting out a few amps at say 5 volts, the module would boost this up to the set 13.8 volts for your radio. It would get the most out of your batteries.
            Have to laugh at your ham friends and their comments about not having AC for your radios. Hams originally ran radios off batteries, of several different voltages.
            (one was fairly high voltage, like 200 volts, for the grids in the old tubes).

  27. Just returned from shopping at WalMart and it’s a good distance away so I don’t get there but about once a month, went back and checked the sporting goods dept. and there was not a single gun, 22, or bolt action, or even a shotgun on the rack, and no ammo of any kind, not even shot shells. Is this something new at WalMart or is this just a precaution prior to the election. Kind of an eerie feeling, the whole country may look like this in a short time if the Socialist take control come next Tue. Trekker Out

    1. Mountain Trekker, When Walmart expects rioting, they pull all their weapons and ammo. Some Walmart’s no longer sell some items such as handguns in the guise of helping the American public. They are currently reducing their staff numbers significantly at all stores across this great nation. What do they know that we do not? I would think that would be the worst store to be caught in at an in opportune time. Take great care when shopping from this point forward. Perhaps order ahead and have them bring it to your vehicle,for quick in and out….not worth the risk to assess their levels within the store.

    2. Our local gun stores been selling crazy amounts of ammo and hardware. My girl decided to purchase her own weapons and the owner stated lots of first time buyers. Saw a twitter link not to long ago about record amounts of background checks for first time buyers. Actually surprised Wally world would carry anything that is not PC. Writing I realize how lucky I am to have a partner that’s a strong conservative women not afraid to walk in a gun store on her own.

      1. Always best to have a woman that walks beside you not in front or behind. Sounds like you have one. I do too.

        1. poorman, you know they always said that there are only two places in the world where the women walk ahead of the man. The United States and Korea, in Korea it’s because of all the land mines. Trekker Out

  28. SCOTUS John Roberts is okay with vote counting (vote creation) up to 9 days after election day with no need for a witness signature. We always hear that the court is 6-3 conservative to liberal, John Roberts is not a conservative and Kavanaugh is questionable. Thank God for Clarence Thomas and Scalia and hopefully Amy.
    We definitely have all the ingredients for a real mess come election day fallout.

    1. I heard a blurb on the radio that some state has 9 days after the election to count the votes. Don’t remember which state but it came down through that states supreme court. (shrug)

      1. Aka,
        That is North Carolina and upheld by the liberal SCOTUS. I believe Minnesota has 16 days. Plenty of time for fraud and subversion

        1. Sure is! I’m one of those that says “If it’s not there on voting day it shouldn’t count”. Everyone knows it’s election day and everyone knows that postal delays happen. Seems like several wins in Cali. were reversed when they just kept counting magically appearing votes for days and days.

    2. Roberts and Kavanaugh are both in the Bush families pocket and are globalist, NWO cronies. Someone must have pics of Roberts skeletons and they remind him every time he votes.

    3. hermit us…it’s beginning to look as if you might be engaging the shape shifter from the past…may be wrong, but seeing some markings fwiw…….

      1. Dennis

        You could be right.

        It is hard to not offer some help to someone that may not be aware of current events. Most States have given voters weeks to either mail in requested ballots or vote in person early.

        As for the abuse of mail-in ballots, maybe the ballot harvesting and forged signatures is simple a way for the dirtbags to maintain their illegal EBT cards – na, that would be callous on my part to even think it.

        1. Again- I heard on the radio of one state that either isn’t validating signatures at all or only a few. Something about their court saying only 40% have to match. I think I have that right.

        2. HermitUS
          Don’t worry about it.
          We offered suggestion, as any kind persons would do.
          Is the other side playing games…?
          Time will tell.

          Just gotta let it slide….for now.

          1. Not to my knowledge…but now…up until last year our postman delivered our mail on mule back, but now he’s usin’ one them new fangled motor carriages. If I had known I could pick up digital TV signals with my bunny ears..I would a got me a TV too

          2. LOL!!
            I got me a dang good pony.
            We can do some hard miles together

            I need a career change, anyways.

            Now, if I can only get the location to apply.

          3. Joe c

            I think that is Portland now. Things have gone downhill in the last six months. 🙂

          4. One important question, hermit.

            Am I allowed to carry….
            a six shooter in Portland?

            If so,
            we be haulin’ the mail!

          5. OMG, thanks for the laugh this evening! Perfect timing as my grilled steak is almost done, as I check comments…

    4. Bummin’, you do know that Scalia has been dead for nearly 4 years…did you mean Alito?

      1. Kevin, yes I meant Alito. I couldn’t remember Amy Barrett’s last either. Terrible with names, thanks.

    5. Yup, another troll looking for recognition, affirmation, validation, – look at me syndrome. As if a medical affliction has not affected others on this site and has prevented them from voting – I’m done with this person.

      1. hermit us

        Yep, something smelled funny after only a few comments.

        ” We only have one TV and no cable and few if any stations.”

        Which one is it? Few or none? His internet seems to work fine from that rural location.

        I don’t comment much but I couldn’t resist on this one. I do check in and read most days and appreciate the knowledge and insight that most everyone on here has.

        1. Billy P
          Yep, just a few questions.
          Rural, really rural. No UPS. No Fed Ex. Just USPS.
          Must be some really ruff terrain where you live.
          Your daughter must have some insite on the daily, since she has good internet service.
          What kind of news has she been sharing with you?
          It would be interesting to hear, from such a remote place.
          Things that we wouldn’t know or hear of.

          Don’t take any posts as personal.
          It’s been a few bad weeks with certain interrupters that want to cause havoc.

          We just take neccessary precautions.

          Seeing that you’re a good man, you would understand such measures from our side.

          1. Joe c,,,,,,,,, I personally know of a community that has no FED X or UPS and only bi weekly USPS drop , in the winter that would be a air drop, if the road is open (summer) mail is picked up by members at the country post office ,

            Tea and chocolate

          2. OH

            Okay, I give you that.

            Strike one against me.

            But Billy has been silent.

        2. Billy p,,,,, don’t let it bother you ,,,,if your cool you will get accepted ,make like a duck ,let things run off your back
          But then I personally know good folks that won’t be back because of flack that was uncalled for,of course if you are truly a troll look out

          As most often ,,,tea and chocolate

          1. Hermit,,,, let’s pick at this ,,,lets compare some things ,,,our valley in Idaho,,no broadcast TV ,,only sat phone ,,,by agreement no web (part of rent \lease agreement)the trading post handles US mail ,out bound and inbound , or you can drive 70 miles to a regular post office on a mostly dirt road for half of the trip and that’s to little country store/post office / gas pump, spot in the road ,,AM skip radio at night ,i have web at the Washington place , there now ,,,have spent most of the last year due to China virus

            Second point ,I’m 75. And don’t think its any thing to unusual to work 7 days a week 8 or 10 hrs days ,i take lots of brakes stopping for tea etc. Or did till China virus came to visit ,,,now I take things day to day ,selling off the cows ,four more gone tomorrow, after the cows are gone will tearing down the greenhouses ,think I may have sent you pix of them
            Tea and chocolate

          2. Old Homesteader, Very true. I know seniors who are like energizer bunnies and have a work ethic (even some with mild alz.) that a younger person envies. I mourn the loss of the silent and greatest generations. In their prime, I couldn’t imagine them liking what today has become.

          3. oldhomesteader,…….the mail situation you described for your valley….is that by agreement with those who live there…sort of a home owners association rule? Does the trading post have it’s own zip code or do the residents of the valley just agree to use the post as their mailing address?

          4. I have read what Oldhomesteader has written for a couple of years. The questions I have are:

            Is the main business located in Washington?
            Is the land in Idaho raw land with few if any residents?
            Is the desire to turn the Idaho land into a Gulch but there are few takers?
            3500 foot elevation and 70 miles to town on forestry road – isolation?
            If desire to go Galt, why sell to big box company?

            I hope he can make it happen but communes in the past mostly failed.

        3. SH in NC, yeah, I went back to read what I missed and noticed he answered in the middle of the afternoon but says he works 12 hrs a day…after having a stroke. I’m not biting anymore.

          1. Oldhomesteard

            He got you. Seventy five years of age, in farming and is not familiar with agriculture production around the country. Every farmer is always looking into production prospects – many follow others around their area. What crop are you putting in, what breed of cattle are you thinking about, …? Current prices for animals, feed, …. hell, some ship feed across many States depending on price, protein, availability, …

            Sure, tell him all about the Gulch.

          2. Billy p,,,,, I’m one of those land owners ,,,,,,i have assembled a ranch in central Idaho ,started 38years ago ,land was cheep ,ranching is /was my decompression ,not my day job ,needed a tax write off , one thing lead to another ,i have a home (cabin ) in Idaho , But my joy is the land ,i have most of the valley floor,as I can I add to it as land comes available , of the 28,000 acers in the valley I have 18,000 acres in trust ,for family and business reasons we have a place in western Washington ,close to business commitments
            Some thing about riding a horse all day and never leaving the place
            At a point I felt a need to open the place to others ,besides the working ranch people ,them came the trading post , we have never tryed to be totally self sufficient , no doubt we could be , But I have access to a major food store supply system , as for growing fresh vegs,were at 3500 feet frost can happen 10 months a year , we have large commercial type greenhouses , we can eat fresh year-round,
            As of this year we are being pressured to sell to a high dollar foundation,run by people I hate ,lot more to that ,

            Billy you stay with us ,

            Tea and chocolate

        4. Yeah, well there seemed to be some helpful tips to you that you didn’t acknowledge.

          A few questions asked to help your circumstance, you didn’t acknowledge.
          Seems to be no picking apart. Just trying to help solve your circumstance.

          Clear questions that presumably seem to be avoided.

          But then again, I assume everyone’s against me. Just my take.

          Having bad or no internet service at your residence and vacationing at your daughter’s, you just by happenstance stumble on
          to this site, within less than a week or so?

          Well, it is a blessing, for you and us.

  29. A couple of weeks ago my son wanted to layout some cross fences and show us a surprise on his land. So the wife packed us a lunch and my 2 sons,my 2 oldest grandsons and I loaded up in his 6 seater ATV. Lined out the fences then went to see his surprise.
    There nestled in the trees is a small rock out cropping. Water had found its way to the surface and he has a small spring now. The water is running over the edge of the rock.Not quite a quart a minute but over a month its slot of water. Can see that the wildlife found it already by the prints by the small pool of water. So we take lunch there.I’m watching brothers bonding,cousins bonding. Sons to Fathers,nephews to uncles. I felt lucky to experience it.For a short period there was no worry no stress.Just fun and laughter. Here in front of me is the future of my family. 4 men that I love and care for deeply.
    I have worked hard to prepare them for life’s turmoils. As I sit there I notice flies buzzing around my boot.I had stepped in a cowpie.
    I pull my M7 to scrape off the edge of my boot. It transported me back to a much younger me scraping the edge of my boot. It was blood and gore back then. That’s when looking back at my family men I resigned myself that I may have to scrape off more than cowpies in the coming days and months to protect what I love…
    We all know a storm is coming. We have had time to prepare best we can individually. Election day onward will be like a hurricane or a harsh winter storm. We need to weather it best we can. We can be amazed but not surprised by it. Grab the last few things you need,vote and hunker down. We topped off our fuel tanks on trailers over 2 weeks ago and they are both covered inside an open sided building. Propane too.
    My son did a couple test runs with the ice machines. The kids will be having a pizza /icecream party indoor camping night on election day.We can’t control what will happen.
    We can only control how we react to what happens.
    Be safe my MSB Friends…

  30. What I understand about the Supreme Court and the mail in votes is this. per Fox, this morning, the court said they did not have time to review the information. PA. will be able to receive mail in votes 3 days after election.
    The second thing I learned this week is 4 states let people change their vote, after voting and one state lets people change it more than once…..Whatttt!!! never heard such.

  31. Voted today at my early polling site nearly 2000 voted before me.Very busy but polling staff was excellent. So much better then prior experiences.

  32. FYI, apparently the most common reason for a signature review of mail in ballots in WA state is that husbands and wives are accidentally signing each other’s ballots. Oops!

  33. Friday headline: Exclusive–Leaked Document: Leftists Fear Trump May Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’

  34. My comment about the power outages affecting polling places and current cyber attacks vanished..
    It is happening to some degree.

  35. The “GLOBALISTS” are trying one last desperate attempt to prevent Trump from winning. They are knocking down the markets to make it look like the economy is not as strong as the President claims.

    Remember when the dems claimed the markets would collapse after the last election – it blew up in their faces the day after the election and it will do the same this time. Winning.

    1. hermit us
      Just like children who throw a temper tantrum before a test, another *hope full* distraction.

      1. Here is a quote

        “Wall Street has been pouring money into the coffers of former Vice President Biden’s campaign, but not at the pace seen during the 2016 election.”

        I will not give all the details but they are posted on Fox Business.

  36. Just went through 4 days without power and water from hurricane Zeta. It was a good test for our preps. We found we were relying way too much on the swimming pool for water storage – 100 mile per hour winds filled the pool with tons of leaves branches and debris. That was a wake-up call.

  37. Well folks…it’s the day before the storm rolls in. The day broke cold and bright on the mountain…full moon last night…clear skies…calm wind….quiet.

    Checked on the new chicks first thing…doing fine…clustered under the brooder lamp…35 degrees in the barn.

    Turned the hens out of their house…went straight to the water….then clustered around the back steps searching for any scraps that may have been tossed out the back door.

    Max went exploring the pasture for the best spot to eliminate his bowels…meticulously investigating each new scent he ran across..then sprinkling it with a little urine…scratching a little dirt nearby leaving a reminder to some night visitor that this was his turf…not theirs.

    Yep….it’s quiet here on the mountain…far removed from the angst of the cities…don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring…have already voted…just waiting now…hoping for the best…hopefully prepared for the worst…can’t think of a place I would rather be to face what may come….

    Yep…life is good on the mountain…believe I’ll enjoy this peaceful time…y’all have a good one….

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