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False Flag Operations Will Turn Gun Owners Into Domestic Terrorists

I have a bad feeling about this. Remember during the Obama years how there were so many “incidents”? Shootings? False flag or not, the Marxist Leftists (and their mainstream brothers and sisters) used them all to their fullest extent to vilify all of us who own guns. (As though it’s our fault it happened)… Guilt by association with the hardware.

Well here’s what has me concerned right now. Unlike those years, we will soon, apparently, have a FULL-ON Marxists Leftist government. Total control of the House, Senate, Executive, and Alphabet Agencies (and Military). ALL UNDER GLOBALIST MARXIST CONTROL.

I can GUARANTEE YOU that stuff will suddenly start to happen. Some or all may be false flag operations with the intent of accomplishing the communist’s next steps. Taking our guns. That is what commies ALWAYS do.

A “false flag” is a term that goes back to the days of Pirates. They would fly a flag of a friendly country and then when they were close they would raise their Skull & Crossbones. Thus, the term originated during the 16th century and referred to the deliberate misrepresentation of a ship’s affiliation and this intent. The tactic was originally used by pirates and privateers with great success.

They’ve already cemented (nearly cemented) their first steps (silencing opposition). Next will be disarmament. Be it slowly (step by step) or suddenly. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is happening right here in the USA.

Given what I (and all of you) have seen — how Big Tech, Big Corp, Banking…are interfering with, or outright blocking, our ability as conservatives to speak, associate, and transact — imagine their utter willingness to do the same (and more) to disarm us.

“Armed” Protests

I am posting this because I noticed about one week ago how EVERYONE in the media is preparing the public for supposed massive “armed resistance” around inauguration day or thereabouts… I immediately knew (suspected) what they were up to.

They’re parroting the same message

Whenever the mainstream begins parroting a message (key words), it always means they received their orders from the handful of elites on top who own all of these companies. They are preparing us for what could be a False Flag event or events in our near future.

So it seems to me that the narrative is setting us up. We may be about to be vilified in a very big way as conservatives / patriots. They will have the excuse they need to implement some bad stuff. They will have all the power. And they hate us and want to punish us.

If it were me, I would not go to any protest rallies of any kind around inauguration day. None. This is a setup folks… I smell it.

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For those who DONT think 9/11 was a false flag Please explain why WTC 7 Imploded. Do some actual research before you start spouting what the media said. After that think about it. a lot of the official story makes no sense! THINK!

You can’t be serious right? The building 7 conspiracy has been debunked many times over.

911 sure draws trolls.Much like mossad to a flame.Netanyahu got his,now our,war on terra’.

On a related note I see another israeli deep state mobster, Sheldon Adelson,international power broker who became a dominating force in U.S. domestic and international politics has died yesterday ….I guess Kissinger will have to go back to vetting US presidential candidates.

I am new and was hopeful this might be a site where I could find some like minded folks in some ways. But if this is an anti-Semitic or anti-Israel site I don’t belong here. So if Freddie’s comment speaks for the general group, let me know and I won’t bother you again.

No, this is NOT that type of site. If you’ll stick around for awhile, you’ll see…

Thank you so much. I’d expect that from a leftist site, was surprised. You all are a smart bunch on both sites. Hoping to learn.

Strange days
i will echo Kens post.
the family, is NOT anti Semitic
not even remotely

some newcomers we really dont know yet, but that kinda stuff is a non starter


Don’t let “freddie” ‘s comment run you off. Commenters on this site are diverse, many different backgrounds and life experiences. I’ve been hanging around for some years now…..bigoted comments are few and far between….and not tolerated well be the regulars.

These are indeed “strange days”….your nickname shows you are well aware of that….throw another log on the fire and pull up a seat…I’m bettin’ you’ll fit right in.

strange days,
Nope… not the way things are here. Welcome, jump right on in!

I have been “watching” this site for at LEAST a year before I even commented… and I can say that this is the LEAST bigoted site that I have seen in a long long time…. And I only started commenting since about this last x-mas…

William Robert Murphy

You have been watching this site for a least a year? It is a brand new site that just began last week.

But the people here are not anti-Semitic as you can see by all the down votes “freddie” and “not me” are getting.

DaisyK – I would assume William Robert Murphy has been watching the MSB site for a year, but is posting here due to Ken wanting to separate the prepper stuff from the non-prepper/political stuff. WRM most likely posted that comment here to keep with Ken’s request to leave MSB to prepper comments.

Set up an alibi. Maybe 74 million people could be on a zoom conference during their false flag?

Not that it would do any good. They’ll do what they please.

Somethings gonna happen. You don’t place 25K+ troops around a virtual inauguration and have a peaceful event.
TPTB need to make something happen. All eyes will be watching and waiting.

Patriots could dress up like an antifa and conduct false flag ops too. It can go both ways so who really knows what the truth is anymore…

MSM only has to continue to brainwash their viewers and that includes our newly found enemy over at FoxNez….

Jan 20th will be a complete Sh..Fest

The commies began beating the drums about DJT not leaving office many months ago and it set up the fiasco our country is now enduring. The control of all the major news media is a tremendous boost to their goals.
This is a time to keep a low profile, the dust will eventually settle .

Bluesman, Why did they start months ago setting up the lie that Trump would not resign. Because they knew all along that they would steal the election and that Trump (who is smarter than they are) would find out that they stole the election and make a fuss.


I agree, we shouldn’t go to any protest rallies. It won’t stop them from using agents of their own, and blaming us, though. And every single state has NG there, so every single state can hate on whoever is responsible for them being hurt and killed.

As I’m settling in and gettin’er done, I’m contemplating how to preserve food and weapons from being seized. Also, where’s the line in the sand for me, i.e. when do self-defense measures commence. Mental preparation is the hardest one, because it’s impossible to know how one’s mind/body will react in that exact moment.

Barring a last minute surprise, and I still don’t rule that out, we’re going to be set up anyway. They don’t even care if anyone believes their pathetic lies anymore. They are all in, all chips are in the pot, ours, too. We’ve got a bit of time to leap frog ahead and figure how we’re going to deal with the aftermath of the false flag and attempt to disarm us. Not much, though.

Farmgirl, you are right. They don’t care if anyone believes they are lying about who actually set up the false flag. They brazenly stole the election, kept observers out, and didn’t care how it looked. They have won so they no longer need to keep up the pretense.

Stay away from crowds. Trust nothing you see or read on the internet. Situational awareness is not paranoia.

Gun owners have been declared domestic terrorists, for decades.

The false flags just falsifies their measures of the NEED to disarm America.


Not necessarily a reply to RC, but….

Mr. Ken, as the old saying goes, “Great minds think alike” .

Where are Patrick Henry, Sam & John Adams, Tom Jefferson, and George Washington when we need them?

None of us know the future, but Communist seem to run the same playbook over and over so…….

The storm is here and it is about to get uglier.

God’s Blessings to all Patriots everywhere!


As Ol’ Remus used to say, Stay away from crowds.

FBI said armed protests in every state capitol. Then the Boston office says, no credible evidence in New England at all…then no credible evidence of specific threats anywhere…DC locked down like Baghdad’s green zone…NH Governor says come on out and protests, it is appropriate, if you want to be armed go ahead and be armed, us Granite Staters are responsible gun owners…what in the hell is going on? My opinion, they want more than confiscation, they are trying to glad the right into combat. I pray for those Guardsman in DC…I fear they are there to be sacrificed.

Top of the hour ABC news on the radio today: “Trump supporters are planning on kidnapping and murdering politicians”. That tells me what we can expect to see the left doing on that day.

Wait, what? Where the heck are they getting that idea from? Don’t tell me… I’m pretty sure they’re making it up out of thin air. “Unnamed sources” and all that. Good grief.

Stop watching fake news–ABC??? You are really brighter than that or you would not be here.

Even if you aren’t a gun owner or do not believe in guns as a means of self-defense and as an American right/privilege, you must know that the Left’s control of this country depends on the total dis-armament of the civilian population. Red flag events are a way to get the “entire” population on their side. You can bet that the media is chomping at the bit to cover any scenario about patriots defending this country. They will film it and edit it to their bias. Once they “create” a suitable story they will monopolize and saturate the airwaves and begin the fear-mongering they are so expert at. Bernie and Kamala will wait in the shadows devising their plans to refuse all firearms to the general populace. Once Puppet Biden signs the gun control law the final steps toward a totalitarian Socialist government will begin. .For patriots, the time to go underground is at hand. Take Ken’s advice and don’t fall into a trap.

well said

Thanks Ken, It sure can’t be easy moving the sight. I agree something smells funny! We can’t know the minds of who ever we think is in charge. Some are true believers. If their planing something? Looks like it’s going to be big. Or it could be they are showing off to cover their huge embarrassment. I don’t know. No matter why, they are so afraid right now and that alone gives me pause. They have my attention. Is this real deep state at work? Do they think any thing they pull off can influence me? There is a brake down in some way or other. Something is off. I am just Gods creation. I am just trying to get along. I pay my taxes and keep my head down. But please don’t make the mistake of thinking I am going to lay down and let any body take what I worked all my life for. No males, just fact.

Strange to think we are living in “historical times”. I hope and pray nothing happens to give the left a reason to escalate any further. They will do that soon enough.

If they escalate its time to shove back

Agree Ken. I’ve been feeling this also. I was on Parler following you. Very wise to move these discussions off shore. I’m sure it will still be monitored by U.S. as all communication are, but at least there is less chance to get shut down. Peace be with you. There should be no threats posted here.

we unfortunately didnt listen to sun zu well enough when we did not pay enough attention as to how low these slimy turds would go by that i mean if you know your enemy and your yourself you need not fear 100 battles if you only know yourself, for every victory won you will lose more than you win

Mo has just called out its National Guard to patrol the streets of the capitol. They could not do that while BLM riots in the streets but when it is their house all the security will be used.

I agree with you Ken, 110%

Whatever stimulus money received should be spent on a garden, be it aquaponics, hydroponics, permaculture, raised beds, conventional garden and done through your mom & pop feed store. Don’t give it back to the beast.

Was just thinking, During the inauguration the site is surrounded by a 7 foot fence toped with razor wire and over 25,000 + armed troops with all the Commi – socialist – democrat (and RINO) officials will be in this small, inclosed area. 

 If I was a bad guy I would think it would be a perfect time for some type of NBC event to take out all the anti-American trash now in both houses. Not that I would do something like this but I wonder if the bad guys are looking at this option. It could Iran, China, or any of the other actors that hate the USA. Maybe even a home grown group. Wonder who would be blamed for something like this? 

Thats one way to reset,,,,

the fBi and dHs cIa are the most likely culprits, they are not trustworthy, i dont care how many of them are legit,

I was at a wedding last night, and the facility had a TV in the lobby turned to CNN. They were discussing the “insurrection” and I could see the propaganda. I didn’t expect it to be so blatant. Shots of Trump and his family, the occupation of the capital, people waving American flags, and right there on the screen, “Who are they?” Who is the enemy? Who will we, the right thinking humans who support law and order, be fighting?

The first step of every dictator has been to establish an enemy, and this time the conservatives are selected to fill the role.

they already started this back during clintons reign,
furthered it during obammys with the SPLc and their BS and now they are accelerating it with their installation of biden and heels up harris.
its going to get ugly, ima non entity, cant effectively do squat here so am stayin the hell out the way, but up there on the continent theres millions of guys who will piss in the democommies cheerios to overflowing, thats what these people deserve.
They are all high fiving and chanting how awful Trump supporters are, my bet is they will eventually wish they hadnt been born

Newsmax article says The Demoncrats “will persecute Christians, make Fascist state”.

Next it will be Republicans/Trump supporters will not be allowed to vote. The worst thing in the world is this country turning into a NAZI type state with nuclear weapons and a similar Waffen-SS to enforce their tyrannical laws. Poland, Germany, and France have voiced their concerns banning Trump and conservatives from free speech outlets because they lived through this nightmare before and knows how it starts.

it will all explode first, a few million are ready to put their lead where their mouth has been

If the video about military recovering our nation from the traitors isn’t true–there will be no need for what you posted–Biden will give citizenship to 30 million illegals and dominion will do the rest to ensure China controls us.

I’m finishing Mad Men series because if the video is correct, I have nothing to do for 10 days with no Roku.
Be prepared for days of boredom. I have peach tea and much food…board games/ I play scrabble by myself and for some reason, I always win!!! Solitaire/crossword puzzles/picture puzzles.
Man, I miss mom and dad–G and I played card games all weekend sometimes.
Don’t forget, it is always darkest before the dawn.

The only protest that I’m planning on attending is the light blue couch in the back room by the fire place with a cold cup of coffee sitting beside me on the table.

Interesting or worrying?

At zerohedge: Armed Protesters Begin To Arrive At State Capitols Around The Nation
At least they’ve been identified as lefty lunatics. Boogaloo Boys and Liberty Boys

But, I’m guessing that MSM will say they are pro-Trump, even though there are videos of them saying they are not.

It doesn’t matter what they SAY. They could be MAGA people in disguise! ROFL

I Saw one youtube video of 8 men armed at one unnamed state capitol parking lot 5 hours ago.

Ohio, Texas, Michigan, and Oregon had a small group of protesters. The rest of the 46 capitals had none to speak of.

This came from the NY Times who wanted to see huge numbers today so they can vilify Trump supporters.

All of the people ive spoken to in my group of late have the same opinion if they try to steal guns like the election its game on. We have drawn our line and this is it. Come for my guns and the game goes hot. Find something communist and destroy it.

If you are Pro-Trump, Pro-Christian, Conservative and Pro-Gun you are already considered a “Domestic Terrorists”… So what else is new….

21Bravo you forgot us vets lol

trapper dave,

shhhhh! Maybe ‘they’ will forget!

Probably not, though. Stay frosty!

Having bought , sold , and traded guns for over 50 years I’d say good luck with disarming people . Latest sales were on the 8 th , no names lol and with the lack of weapons and ammo the prices are high I lost nothing in fact I made some ! They can outlaw weapons all they want the odds of finding them are slim and none , many have done the same lol lol

I expect quite a few will be turned in by alienated friends, family or be stupid enough to brag about what they have/had.
See anything, say something even if your making it up.

The internet archives will remain for a very long time.

I have seen so many stupid comments referring to guns, violence.. taking them out.. cold dead hands, only takes one round.. I got THIS much ammo.

Especially old firearms sales records.
If you had an argument with any family no matter what that can be reclassified as domestic violence, there go your guns… but you never herd of that new law? too bad off to jail.
that kind of bs has already happened.

It is well past the time where trying to hide and blend in with the enemy is an option.

The ONLY reason Hitler didn’t kill all the Jews…was he did not have our computers and the internet.

I, for one, can never hope to hide, as I am already well known to the government, and have been since the age of 19. I do not need to ponder whether I am being watched, as I have been specifically told I shall be for the rest of my life, this includes all my financial and medical information. I am also under travel restrictions for life, and cannot leave the United States, without prior permission by DIRNSA.

I am fingerprinted, genetically typed, and retina scanned. I held the highest security clearance this Nation possess for several years. I am government trained in various kinds of combat, including armed, un-armed, chemical, biological, radiological, and trained in spycraft, and a trained ELINT, SIGINT, operator, and HUMINT operative, plus I have Cryptologic and Cryptographic expertise.

I was 100% successful in my assigned missions and volunteered for missions where survival was not expected.

So, no need for me to hide, or worry. They know me…and they know what I am.

All my original tea party friends were offering to ride me to DC for the big protest and they didn’t understand my gut was telling me to go grey . My wife who has what the bible calls wisdom and understanding still says Trump was just another cog in the wheel of tyranny . She admired everything he did but as she says , ” it was all wiped out in one hour “. And my take on 911 ? It primed the sheeples with fear to enable the greatest tyranny in my lifetime , the so called “Patriot Act”. May “W” burn in hell with all his kin.