Treasonous Enemies: Will Trump Honor Oath and Invoke Insurrection Act?

This report originates from a recent interview via WVW (WorldView Weekend TV) with 3 Star General (retired) Thomas McInerney who said we’re in the most “Dangerous Situation Since The Civil War’.

The general placed the burden squarely on President Trump to use the emergency powers at his disposal and put down what he described as a coup d’état in progress.

“When you coordinate six to ten states, using cyber warfare, to change the outcome of the election in favor of whoever you want, these are treasonous acts,” McInerney said in a Nov. 29 interview with Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend TV.

3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason

There are numerous reports of this interview circulating the internet. Mike Adams has a good summary, which I will bring to the MSB readership:

General Thomas McInerney is openly calling on President Trump to recognize severity of the cyber war assault on America by invoking the Insurrection Act, suspending Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiate mass arrests under military authority.

This call by Gen. McInerney, a highly-accomplished military veteran and loyal patriot, appears to be stemming from a realization that much of the existing government has gone rogue and is now colluding with enemies of the nation. State governors have gone rogue, court judges have gone rogue and state election officials have willfully engaged in coordinated, treasonous election rigging in order to achieve the overthrow of the executive leader, President Trump.

When government officials go rogue, and courts cannot be trusted, military authority can be invoked by the President, complete with mass arrests of treasonous actors, military tribunals that bypass the civilian court system, and the military seizure of all corporations that are actively working to undermine the United States of America. This would obviously include Big Tech and most of the left-wing media that has been complicit in election rigging and acts of journo-terrorism designed to plunge this nation into despair.

Highlights from the Howse / McInerney video

All items in quotation marks are direct quotes from McInerney, during the interview.

  • What took place in America was not merely “vote fraud” but rather “cyber warfare.” These were acts of war against America, using cyber warfare weapons and techniques to overthrow the government via a rigged elections process.
  • McInerney calls for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, suspend Habeas Corpus, declare martial law and deploy the military to seize and secure all the voting machines.
  • Six to ten states were coordinated via cyber warfare to change the outcome of the election. “These are treasonous acts.” Russia, China and Iran were also involved, adding to the treason.
  • FBI and DOJ are completely AWOL on all this, not lifting a finger.
  • Chris Krebs from CISA was lying when he claimed the election was “perfect.” This is “complicity to treason” and Krebs is part of the deep state.
  • President Trump must declare a national emergency based on the EO from Sep 12, 2018, which names “foreign interference” in US elections.
  • Trump should also invoke the Insurrection Act. He must suspend Habeas Corpus as Lincoln and FDR have both done in times of war.
  • The Democrats, Russians, Chinese and Iran, have committed blatant cyber warfare against America.
  • The President must “start arresting these people right away, [under] this national emergency. I would declare martial law.”
  • Officials from five swing states were engaged in “pre-planning” of “treasonous acts.” Not just fraudulent voting, but treason. “They have tried to overturn this government.”
  • Chris Miller is in place at the DoD because “the military active duty is going to have to suppress [Antifa and BLM].”
  • The President should suspend the Dec. 14th Electoral College meeting, and the inauguration of the new Congress on Jan. 6th.
  • Estimates that 85 million people voted for Trump.
  • Military tribunals are necessary because the regular courts are not capable of sorting this out.
  • The treasonous actors should be arrested and charged, subjected to military tribunals. This is the only system of justice that is capable of functioning without the current level of corruption.
  • Suspend the inauguration until this election is fully investigated.
  • We the People demand this action from the President.
  • “This is the last free election we will have” if we don’t expose this election fraud. And Georgia’s runoff election will be stolen using HAMMER, Scorecard and Dominion voting machines.
  • The Georgia runoff election needs to be suspended until the election fraud is fully investigated.
  • “This corruption cannot be accepted. It is treasonous, and we must have a thorough investigation of it.”
  • The President must support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. These are domestic enemies. “Like Stalin says, it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.”
  • America’s judicial system people don’t understand how cyber warfare works. So they are missing a real grasp of the crimes and acts of war being committed against the United States.
  • “The ownership and leadership of Fox News is complicit in a treasonous act.”
  • U.S. Marshals should have seized all the Dominion servers the day after the election and secured them as forensic evidence.
  • People who changed votes in the machines should know that they will be prosecuted for treason and may face the death sentence.
  • The government is tracking the conversions of ballots to votes. “That’s where the manipulation is coming in. We’re tracking that. We have that information.”

Here’s the six-minute overview video:

(original source full length interview at WVW)

“We are talking about treason”

“These are treasonous acts. Not just fraudulent acts. They’re treasonous acts. Because it means changing the government. Then when you add Russia, China, and Iran, foreigners into it, you complicate it and make it even more treasonous.”

~ Gen. McInerney

McInerney also said the fraud seen on Election Day could easily be repeated in Georgia to steal the two U.S. Senate seats up for election there on Jan. 5, giving Democrats full control of the government.

McInerney said President Trump must be compelled by his supporters to “honor his oath of office” and employ the tools available to him to quash the insurrection that he believes is in progress.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, speaking in an interview with Lou Dobbs, the Dominion Systems machines were set to give Biden a weighted count of 1.25 votes for every one vote he received, while Trump’s votes were set at 0.75 percent of each vote he received. This means that 2.7 percent of the votes were switched from Trump to Biden in multiple battleground states.

Massive fraud was also reported with the mail-in ballots in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and now Arizona.

At a public hearing Monday held by state legislators in Arizona, witnesses reported their state had 1.9 million mail-in ballots that were separated from envelopes without any signatures that could be verified. Similar reports dripped out of Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The retired three-star general was very specific in what he said Trump must do to put down the coup. He must invoke the executive order that Trump signed on Sept. 12, 2018, allowing the president to declare a state of emergency related to foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

“He has got to declare a national emergency …He should also use the Insurrection Act because we have an insurrection right now in this country when you look at Antifa and BLM, plus other groups. He must suspend habeas corpus as President Lincoln did in 1861 and Franklin Roosevelt did in 1942 when World War II started.” said General McInerney

McInerney said a silent coup is being perpetrated in plain view. It could turn violent but so far it remains bloodless.

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O.M.G. And I hope Trump does it all.

i hope and pray he does to, but don’t bet the farm on it. the conspiracies against our nation from within and out run to deep. all we can do now an ordinary citizens is hope and pray. we have done our part by voting.

Don’t forget to do your part by fighting, when the time comes. Voting is not the only tool at our disposal.

Now is that time Mainer you said as supporters of trump we should implore him to implement the insurrection act, etc..

It is Past time to Spread “Liberty Seeds”!!!

we are readyfemo51


I’ve had that thought for awhile , if he does watch the rats start running to countrys with no extradition treaties , DO IT !

If it comes to invoking the Insurrection Act , I hope someone in the Trump administration would have already cancelled and revoked dimocrats’ passports and visas.

– I’m not suggesting that might happen. Rather, I’m simply reporting on what a particular General had said. Food for thought. And it triggers the trolls out there 😉

Would Trump actually do something like that? Who knows…

If all this is actually proven in reality, it would be absolutely treasonous, and “heads should roll” in my opinion.

This must absolutely be done. If we cannot trust the vote, this would mean the end of our Republic.

Brian Bell,

Sadly, the Republic ended quite a few years back.

Yes Mr. President, invoke the Insurrection Act until all the investigations are complete.

But I do understand the possibility of widespread violence against the Constitutionalists and that many RINO citizens may just melt away from standing up to the rioters.

Let’s see if there really are 80 million Bidden supporters out there – not a chance in hell.

So sad that ignorant people are blind to Socialism or just don’t know what human misery it has caused down through history. Ain’t free stuff great!!! So many useful idiots and so few Patriots! Trekker Out


32 Million FB Followers for Donald Trump. 
88 Million Twitter Trump Followers

6.6 Million FBook Biden Followers
20.8 Million Biden Twitter Followers

And Watch,,, The Democrat Socialist in collusion with Communists, will start lying about these Facts /numbers too.

The soapbox, jury box and now the ballot box have all been compromised so it’s for the ammo box. The swamp must be drained at any cost and the swamp dwellers eradicated with extreme prejudice.

Frederick Douglass for the quote! Right you are Sir!

The Tree of Liberty requires watering and the blood of traitors will do just fine.

Like Santa Clause some of us have lists just like AOC’s and the Squads lists.

Going to get messy but all fertilizing is messy.

If you don’t pull the weeds they’ll take over the garden and choke out the produce. Time for a heavy application of Roundup.

Yup, i was thinking more like Paraquat as its a little more long term

And a known Carcinogen!

Nobody ever said it would be easy, nice nor a clean endeavor, personally i would rather get this over with

you and me both friend. personally, the anticipation is killing me.
it’s gonna happen, its just a matter of when.
get ready because it’s coming.
good luck

I agree. It’s like a clogged toilet. It’s messy, it stinks, it’s no fun but the longer you put it off the worse it will be. Time to flush this communist s#$& down the drain.

a perfect analogy. yup

Trump is the draino

Now is the time, if we are to save the Republic !

Blood makes the grass grow, too.

There are no traitors except the ppl burning down the cities and democrats that aren’t democrats and haven’t been since the murdering of JFK

For, I hope, obvious reasons, I wouldn’t say whether I’m for or against the actions the general calls for. He may be exactly right in his assessment and plan for action….but if Trump were to take this course…we as a country will most assuredly cease to exist as united states……..

What he proposes is martial law…….replacing civil authority with military….ok..sounds good…as long as you agree with the target…and the target ain’t you……

But, what if?….what if a substantial number of flag officers refuse to follow Trump? What if they declare allegiance to Kamala Harris and the democrats (Biden is insignificant in this picture)…?

Then you have a civil war….then you have two militaries….two distinct factions……ground will be captured and held….civilians will die…….commerce, at least as we know it, will cease….I could go on and on, but the picture only gets worse………

Are we at that point in our history? I don’t know….maybe we are…..scares hell out of me…mainly ’cause ain’t nothing I can do to change it………I feel sorta like the character played by Mel Gibson in the movie “Patriot” did before the fight started…………

AS long as you react like Mel Gibson’s character. Once it starts it doesn’t end until it is over.

So very true Dennis! I am not a fearful man, but we are truly walking on shake ground. Ever watch any of the old civil rights movies, where vigilantes take a black or white person with the intent of killing them and then the Sheriff shows up, only to be on the side of the murderers. Well that’s where we’re at with all of these alphabet agencies, they’re not here to help us. God said this was coming and only HE can help us. We maybe close to the point where you won’t be able to just talk a little BS, but you may have to standup and take or give some Lead! Are you really ready for that??? Trekker Out

The government IS our enemy, why else would they have acted like they did for the last 4 years,,,

AMEN @Kulafarmer

But the government has been acting as our enemy for a long time now…

yup, decades

term limits on CONgress
no lobbying $
no more lifetime benefits for politicians but lifetime benefits for vets
no more corporate $ for politicians, no more favors or even conflict of interest no matter how minor
no more appointed mil brass, they got to earn that
federal judges elected by district not pres, not gov
streamline CONgress to only one item per bill, no more of this BS PORK CRAP
politicians subject to audit period,

I could go on and on

A few years back (15 or 20?) they passed a law that stated everything in a proposed bill must be represented in the title. By the time it passed, “and other purposes” had been added to the title of the bill.

Exactly right. See Federal Reserve Act 1913. There are hundreds of others.

I like the way you think, Trekker. I’m a Veteran who is ready, willing, and able.

Against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Trekker Out

Same here D,

It may the answer but I don’t think that things have played out enough yet. If that is what needs to happen then Ok. Consider also that Obama fired several hundred officers that he didn’t like and I’m just guessing but I bet he replaced them with people he controls. So, civil war may be a crap shoot in who will stand and who won’t.

What that would come down to is not what the officers decide to do but what the enlisted folks do. Remember each took an oath. They are to follow the constitution and any LEGAL order.

Problem is you will have any number of gangs vying for control,not to mention the gov whose smallest weapon is the peoples largest.Bombs dont ask if you are left or right,neither do fires.The gov will be the big hammer and all else are nails.Left,right and center.In other words,a typical civil war which ALWAYS includes genocide.
This is a very dangerous time and its way to quiet right now,my spidey senses are on edge.

Good way to get lead posoisoninglike the cia guys in frankfort

Correct on all Dennis. It sounds good on the whole, getting to the bottom of this and all that, But do we wanna live under martial law? I live in Arkansas but work in Idaho, I do not like the sound of restricted travel or ceasing it totally for obvious reasons. I have had a plan for several years to walk home from up here in case of an EMP, but I might have to do that if the military is locking states down. Looks I might be following the Oregon trail backwards.. but they can’t stop this country boy from getting back home. Be safe!

Scooter, keep that bug out bag handy, full and ready to grab at a moment’s notice, I want you back here safe and sound

You boys are always welcome at my humble lodgings! Be safe and be vigilant!

Scooter, y’all can stop in Kansas for a little rest on your way here

If I recall correctly there was a Obama era purge of military officers, many of the staunch old guard were removed and woke commanders were promoted.

I recall the military officer who was leaking trumps secrets from a few years ago was an Obama era holdover.

Your point about it’s not certain that the officers will side with Trump could be correct.

Very well stated Dennis

The Insurrection Act is NOT Marshal Law. It is founded within the Constitution and is in defense of the Constitution and the Republic. EVERYTHING must be done constitutionally so our enemies, foreign and domestic, have nothing credible against these actions. Marshal Law, i.e., suspending the Constitution, even to save the Republic, is outside the Constitution and is unconstitutional…

12th Amendment says otherwise …… if a Presidential Federal election can be shown to have been rigged , and it can be shown , Matial Law can be invoked until the Military can institute a new election ….. and if wholesale rioting breaks out , the Insurrection Act (1807) will be employed , all done under the auspices of the US Constitution and the lawfully elected President / Comm. in Chief

Not all troops and squadrons are being brought home from the likes of Afghanistan and Germany at the moment, but a lot of them are. President Trump knows full well that America’s very survival is at stake here, and as such is probably selecting for those commanders who are likely to do the right thing to be brought back home first, while those that would not are instead being brought back later, so they will be unable to interfere with what is coming, being on different continents entirely.

Are you aware that there is a new Sec. of Defense and a month ago a civilian , Trump loyalist , was put in charge of ALL Military Special Op’s unit …… Delta, Rangers, SEALS Green Berets, etc . There was also a recent mock assault on CIA HQ Langley, VA by a USMC Expeditionary Force of 400 , using choppers and Osprey aircraft , 500 hundred civilian witnesses saw this ….. you could well see Delta Force storming the Pentagon and frog marching Gen. Milley / JCS and his cronies out and being charged with insubordination and sedition …… I hope so ….. like they said at Lexington / Concord April 19, 1776 ….. ‘ if they (the British) mean to have a War , let it begin here !

I believe civilians will die with these ppl in office under communist rule either way. U have Cuomo already talking camps for covid. There not for covid, they are to round up anyone not complacent to their rules or dares to speak out. All the ppl that helped them will be rounded up too. They leave no witnesses alive to their crimes. Then u have agenda 21 that calls for deportation. . They sold
USA out long ago. You really think these riots are going to stop after Biden takes office,
Absolutely not,,
This has been a 50yr plan and last five Presidents before Trump were complacent in selling her out for a NWO where the 6 big tech are in control of everything, even a slice of bread that they’ll be able to tell u if u get or not.
Biden already putting these ppl in office.
Only way stopping this without civil war is to take control of everything media, etc and get on tv and show the world the evidence of election fraud and go straight into the trafficking. STOP lying , hiding, and covering up government corruption. Ppl need to know everything from drugs, arms starting wars.
They are turning USA into one corrupt shit hole of criminals that decent ppl wont survive in,

I think martial law and insurrection is going too far.
Unless absolute proof is already possessed by trumps lawyers
I hope they have it, would be wonderful to see dems
go down.

We lose.We lose the constitution either way.Coup,burka and slaves.Martial law,no constitution.I dont think I want to die on my knees,then again i dont want to die at all for the PTB’s agendas either.Too quiet.Big boom coming.Plus we dont have to worry who the troops side with,they will be UN blue helmets from africa and asia,we mean nothing to them.

They die as easily as we do

Yes they do

Not if you have the bug and they have the vax.Collapse civil authority and say hello to foreign troops.Immune ones.What,3 days or so for ebola to take you out as an example? Dead before you know what hit ya and who did it to you.Its not going to be anything like what we think it will.This isnt our fathers Oldsmobile.Its eugenics.Its genocide.

Go to for a LOT of info.

Whatfinger News site has an article that the Chinese purchased Dominion on October 8th 2020 for $400 million. The source is supposed to be Lin Wood, one of the President’s Lawyers. The is also an video by Tim Pool, which I did not watch, which states that Wood is asking The President to declare a National Emergency as well.

This is the only route out of this mess. Hang onto your hat, get your boots on and get ready for a rough ride ahead!
It isn’t the Trump presidency that is at stake, it is The United States of America as we know it that is at stake.

👍 👍

You’re absolutely right!

I worked for General McInerney back in the 90s when he was Commander of Alaskan Air Command . He is a patriot and I believe his accusations. That being said, I believe data has already been erased and it it would be necessary for cyber warfare experts to try and see if it is retrievable. I don’t know who can be trusted within the government anymore to find the data and give an honest assessment. I would love to see martial law enacted, but I believe the weak generals in the Pentagon would fail to implement because they are more liberal than generals of old, and they have been lobbied and bought by the Military Industrial Complex. Insurrection Act use against BLM and Antifa is long overdue. We are indeed in trying times. The next few weeks will be interesting to say the least. I spent 26 years in the military and was wary of conspiracy theories, but not anymore. Beware the “ides of March”!

Ides of March
The Ides of March is the 74th day in the Roman calendar In 44 BCE, it became notorious as **the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar**which made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history.

just a thought, them wanting Trump out at all costs.

Might work better if dementia joe was in the crosshairs

…with Kommie Harris standing right in front of him.

And then Pelosi would be president, no Thankyou!

i just heard on tv that in Arizona 75,000 Republicans claim to have voted but their votes were not recorded.

During these present times as they exist at this moment, I cannot bring myself to writing about how to rub two sticks together to make fire (for example). Rather, I am compelled to do as I have been of late. I currently have more than 2,000 articles on this blog – most about prepping type subjects. However the political times we’re in right now, are of top concern to me at this time. When that changes, my subject topics may as well. I write about the subject of whatever my inner compelling instinct feels like writing about on any given day. Tomorrow, it might be about my chickens. We’ll see how my fingers are directed on this keyboard come tomorrow…

Until then, I 100% realize that many of you don’t want to hear it. And I’m okay with that. I get it. You’re free to hop around the internet to other excellent sites. Hopefully you come back here once in a while. But I just cannot ignore my present calling. It feels like from Star Wars, “the force”. It’s strong. Can’t explain beyond that…

Whatever you say… You must know best. You are also free to change the channel. Though I appreciate that you have visited the blog.

I don’t always know what’s best, but I know enough to not trust people always telling me what I want to hear, making big promises and then never producing results. Met enough con men during my life to see them coming a mile away.

Whatever you may think, I’m not doing this for the sake of trolling. I’d never bother to comment if I didn’t genuinely care about you and this site, wouldn’t be worth my time.

I would likely fall into the category of; “more preparedness stuff please.” However, I tend to agree with concentrating on this topic. What could be more important than the fate of our republic? I too, am spending a lot of thought, time, energy, dealing with this very real potential. Your instincts are still good!!!! IMHO

many “cases” were supposed to fail, some republican judges just passed on what they were presented.
It speeds the process up getting to the US supreme court, where supposedly the real evidence and proof will be exposed.

Just because you want to see it is irrelevant.
Too much time wasted in lower courts and the process will be slowed.. bigly and people exposed too early before it needs to be exposed.

We all waited 3 1/2 years and over 40 million to learn Trump didn’t pee on a hooker or collude with russia.
Give it a few more weeks.

Believe what ever you want, it obviously males you happy.

I trust your judgement and appreciate the political information you are are sharing with us.

Ken, I stand with you. Long have I looked for a blog/website that is true to it’s readers. I have seen nothing on this site to convince me otherwise. Learning how to can carrots is great but we may not even have that right if the Marxists take over.

@Ken It’s your blog Ken and you have many loyal people following you here ( I’m one ) write about whatever the heck you want. You do some articles that don’t interest me so I pass them over. Just my opinion but you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone

No Ken,you are spot on.Nothing is more important,right now,than the overthrow thats happening.Thats our biggest survival challenge right now.

you and me both Kula

OK–If…If Trump were to follow this general’s advise I know I don’t have enough preps for what would follow. And, yet–I’m sure he is considering it. And I’m not ready if he does it. Some thing to keep a watch out for. If he did it, he would do it w/o warning, maybe in the middle of the night. No, I’m not ready.

Make a list, check twice…

All kidding aside, make a list, make plans. Things are on sale, as you go to the store or online look for opportunities. if ammo is a short fall it will cost you, look on Think if Biden gets in Feb 1st we get national lock down. There is no reason everybody doesn’t have plenty of TP….Ken talks about for years. Start with basics and work your list to prioritize needs..medicines, food, water and so on.

Prepping isnt going to stop bombs that are coming,we need to change plans,but to what IDK.BEST for survival I see is ….. I just dont know. Just dont ‘line up’ anywhere,dont get on any trucks,dont get taken,dont go to the camp for supplies,that doesnt work at all.Thats for sure the end of the line.We are in very dangerous times and its going to come FAST is my thought.TS has HTF already.

freddie –
McInerny was interviewed numerous times and in several he spoke about getting to the heart of the Schwerpunkt, or Main Thrust/Attack. He feared most wouldn’t expend the energy to look that far, which would leave them totally unaware and unprepared.

He felt that once all this evidence of what has taken place began to roll out it would cause a small percentage to quickly grab for arms. A larger percentage would turn tail and flee to the hills. While a huge number would grumble a bit, or fail to even believe evidence stacked all around, then just move on with their normal routines and hope for the best. All of which he said would play directly into our adversaries hands. But a sliver of people would have eyes wide open and begin a fast and furious search to identify the truth laying behind all the lies, so they could be forewarned and forearmed to face the real threat.

You’re right. Survival now depends on finding the real threat. And doing it very quickly.

Well grandee, at least you know where the trouble would start. That information may not be comforting but if you live in a rural area you might see the faint outlines of ANTIFA coming down the road. They’ll make enough noise so you’ll know where to point that 30 ought 6. 🙂

@ grandee All you can do is control what you can control. Start working on getting more preps. Every bean,bottle of water,book of matches you can add makes you that much stronger. If trump does do this no one really knows how it will play out so just keep working your plan and hope it turns out right.

I dont think thats going to do it.Cant hurt,but it isnt the answer.


I Understand your position, but if Trump was cheated and it seems that way, if somebody doesn’t stand up now ,then kiss all elections in future goodbye. Pepping is not just gathering skills and stuff, it’s about understanding your situation and readying your group for survival. The Biden/Harris administration plans will send us into A them at the top and Us at the bottom. I think IMHO that if Trump doesn’t do what the general says, it will be civil war as they come to take our guns. Socialism or Corporate Socialism is only fun for the top 1% and everybody else waits in line for bread and vodka.

These are the sadist days for America……Be prepared and Be ready


To bad I am too old. Used to be really good with a recurve!!!

“…and everybody else waits in line for bread and vodka.” *PERK! Just how long of a line are we talking about? 🙂 🙂 🙂

POTUS just released a 45 min statement on the fraud and how they have all the proof and evidence to over turn the current results. Lastly he spoke about how they are going to restore the faith in our elections.

Seemed to me to be a bit ominous and gave me the feeling that something big is about to drop.

You can find the link to the video over at ZH. It is on facebook watch.


OAN is broadcasting now.

I downloaded it as just audio.
Trump seems more calm than usual.
Not repeating himself and not overemphasizing as
normal when he’s upset or annoyed with something.

That’s what made me a bit more concerned then what
the usual rant does.
Eh, just my opinion.

Until they take it down:

“This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….”

Full Speech:


Both those links shut off after the preamble…never got to the meat of the evidence.


i dont do twitter or facebook. if someone wants to starve the machine then start with these two.
can’t do it can you.

Total waste of perfectly good tetrabytes

OAN just started another replay of the speech.

If your having trouble with the links Ken provided. The POTUS video is available over at NCRenegade.


If the information I have been reading, which seems very similar to what Ken has been reading, a lot of heads will roll IF DJT has the evidence and proof he needs. What a time to be an a patriot, this time will (hopefully) be put into the history books. It sure would be something to see if the dem pres candidate gets shuffled off in handcuffs for committing war crimes and treason against his country, wow. Talk about draining the swamp, DJT may be pulling on the drain plug!

Thanks Ken for the update, I feel as though all the articles you have posted over the years I have been following have been preparing us for this exact time. Sometimes SHTF is not just a power outage, storm, flood, EMP, but acts of war against our country. If you aren’t prepared by now a few more articles won’t help you either.

Hang on everyone, know who your fellow patriots are and band together.

The Insurrection Act must be used as well as the EO President Trump signed 09/18. I am not excited about suspending the Habeas Corpus Act or martial law but I understand the need, just have to make damn sure HC is re-established and ML suspended ASAP. when the president announces these acts on the emergency broadcast system, he must be through explaining everything. I would recommend Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas follow the president explaining the constitutionally of the Insurrection Act. This would hopefully soften the blowback of stealing the election or becoming a dictator. I doubt that but Complete presentation Is critical. This corruption has become in your face for years, we’re only a constitutional republic if we can keep it. God help us!

If there is anyone in charge at this point DJT is the only one I would trust to put those acts into motion and actually give our freedoms back when its over. I can’t say the same for the other side, i.e. mask mandates and shutdowns anyone?

I agree with all you’ve said. As unexcited as I am about ML and suspending HC, I am much less excited about the elites attempting to reestablish the feudal system, with all but themselves relegated to serfdom.

Yes, Trump will honor his Oath. And yes, he will use every tool at his disposal to do so.

There was a cartoon recently with Trump holding his finger in a leaking dam. Biden walks up saying “Come on man, it’s my turn”, while wielding a sledgehammer.

None of us really know what Trump is holding back. It is sinister. It’s been wrapped in convoluted layers so we can’t get a clear view of exactly what it is, nor its size. When Biden swings that sledgehammer I fully expect to repeat the phrase “We have been put on death’s ground. We either fight and win, or we will surely perish.”

If GHWB could use the Act for Rodney King, then Trump has every right to use it against the terrorist force of Antifa. Should the rumors of Newsome harboring enemy combatants in sanctuary cities and mounting the CA National Guard to fight our US troops proves real, Trump has to use the Act or we face a potential replay of a Tet Offensive. If AZ votes are derailed because Doug Ducey sits on the board of T-GEN and believes that the UN Medical Martial Law camps can be placed in the US for mandatory vaccines that will enrich him, then Trump can use the Act to remind him that vaccines in this country are voluntary and we don’t lock up people who someone “feels” might be a Covid risk.

As Comey arrogantly posted “So many questions.” while standing in the midst of a forest, we too have questions as the citizens who own the National land where these traitors have planted their roots. I not only feel it’s right to hand Trump a chain saw, I think it’s time to thin out the stand. Too many are poisoned. And if left unchecked we have nothing more than a giant Jenga that will topple in unskilled hands, creating catastrophic consequences when it all collapses. It’s always best to get in front, decide where to make the first cut and plan on the direction you need it to fall. Safety first.

Wait. What? OMG I have not heard about the possibilities you mentioned in your middle paragraph, though I would not put it past some of the Deep State players to be doing that kind of evil. Time to redouble my prayers for our republic.

Chipmunk –
That comes from Dave Hodges on his Common Sense Show. Article was titled “Red Alert! America’s Last Chance: The President Must Declare the Insurrection Act” from Nov 15th.

I had not heard of him so I began checking around and found other sources who were talking along the same lines. Much more is going on. I’m praying with you as a result.

I’m worried even if they show proof of fraud, will the states do anything about it? They’ve seen what’s been hurled at this President from the day he announced his candidacy. I’m sure some of them are just wanting the status quo back.


I’m personally ready to head to Atlanta with a pitchfork and some tar and feathers if our Governor and Secretary of State continue to carry on their shenanigans.

I hope Trump goes through with this process, aggressively.

No one wants martial law. Nobody.
We all see what could and may become of this so called Biden/Harris, demoncratic ‘win’. Cabinet nominations they are making.
We will be forever doomed.

Retaliation, for this fraud, will come with a big price.

If nothing is done, the future cost is unfathomable.

Trump Tuff

This whole affair of the last four years, of Trump being under the microscope, sickens me.

We ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Armor up. Ride hard, shoot straight

We have the 1st amendment for a reason, but what is not done is making those like Facebook and Twitter responsible for what harm they cause by taking away their protection from lawsuits.

Insurrection where buildings are burnt down, stores and businesses looted, statues destroyed and people are being hurt and killed while authorities do nothing should be a crime against the governors and mayors and should be prosecuted by Federal law.

When it comes to lies told on the media, we have the power to shut them down by not buying their advertised products. 73-74 million people plus their kids can put these fake news outlets out of business, but we have to be united.

We have the power to boycott Coke and Nike since they have publicly came out in support of slavery. They along with many big companies also are big Biden supporters as well.

Now I am not in favor of martial law unless the left makes a physical war against conservatives, a war on our country from foreign sources, or a national disaster. Most of the survival blogs I have read are against it because you don’t have a right to trial, no freedom of anything and be told what to do…. and it usually follows a confiscation of guns……

Yep, I don’t think Martial Law would be very fun, even if Hillary and Bill were locked up, I think more people would die due to the confiscation of guns. If you have a CCL license, bought ammo online or ever registered a gun THEY know who you are.

Bluecatmatt: You are correct. They know everything about you. They know every comment you make on any internet platform.
This not about the 1st amendment. This about operational security which seems to be grossly lacking.

If you have a plan STFU. Sadly many don’t how to.

Bluecatmatt and Ron and others

We keep talking about “They” know who you are and we must stay quiet. First, are we sure that all “They” are our enemies? And second, are we sure that “They” all want to confiscate our guns.

I suggest that millions of us start being heard as loud as possible to let “They” know what they are poking with that stick. We keep hiding as if we are the weak minority when we are truly the backbone of the country.

Time to stand up

if they want em, make em work for them.

hermit us: Yes “they” are our enemy’s. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. There is a fight coming. Those that bluster and blabber
about what they are going to do or would like to do will probably peek out the window and then go change their shorts.

The warriors will not shirk their duty.

Sad to say, but I don’t think Trump will do it. He and the rest of his family will have targets on their back for the rest of their lives, no matter where they live. I’m glad I don’t have children and that I’m on the backside of life, it only gets worse from here. For the Bible tells me so!

They’ll have targets on their backs anyway. He’ll be the first targeted for “re-education,” not the last. As vocal as his enemies have been about treason and him being an enemy of the state, do you think they’ll let it pass once they have the power in their hands?

AOC spoke about reaching the 70+ million Trump voters.

Quote from a movie comes to mind:

torture as a political instrument is no longer the crude and brutal extraction of information from one’s enemies. It has become a subtle and sophisticated specialty, to be carried out with medical and scientific precision.

100 heads,,,,

Great points. Dont worry it’s all talk nothing will happen. Same as it ever was.

JR,I think this time something will happen.And its going to be a real shocker.

Freddie remember the kid who screamed fire so many times when the fire happened nobody listened. Most of society is brain dead sheeple. Who knows if people will rise to the occasion. Everybody in the center or to the right backs down all the time.

It could fizzle,but I dont see how.No matter what side wins,the world as we know it is going to change.Its the great reset.

Yes, JR, someone has stepped up. His name is Donald J. Trump.

He is standing front and center. He hasn’t been beaten back by mobs, nor wavered in the face of relentless adversity. He stands tall. He stands proud. And he most certainly does care. He is hard at work to make America great again.

This will end up in SCOTUS. The nine black-robed Druids will pull a decision out of their backsides which will install Pedophile Joe and the Call-Girl-In-Chief. Why? They will be too craven, cowardly, and self-serving to do the lawful thing, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of massive fraud. The FSSA will move forward because the Deep State and the other PTB, remoras, and Wall Street Bankster/Globalist criminals know “The Deplorables” are too hesitant to initiate a Fort Sumter.
If anyone does, the Orcs and Orcettes with badges, camo, and M-4s will swoop in and the patriots involved will end up with the LaVoy Finicum Memorial Award. This Banana Republic will be Venezuela written large. If you have not already made plans to deal with the new reality, you are way behind the curve. Plan accodingly.

The events of the next two months (or two weeks even) will be historically monumental. Whichever way things go, there will be no going back.

Alot of interesting comments but I wonder if I were in his shoes and I worried about being a target of the deep state what would I do ? After four years of crap I’d remove the threat ! A military tribunal would be the way and treason the charge . When push comes to shove he can become quite unpredictable the same as you or I would , anyone that was in the military knows the first rule of defense JMO

True words. This is last chance to do something, 01/20/21 is too late. It is question WHO gets hanged. I believe McInerney came out just to tell what is coming

We’ve all known something evil this way cometh, that’s why we have been in overdrive to prepare. Look back – maybe 1.5 yrs ago. The liberals couldn’t take POTUS out with the Russian hoax, the impeachment, negative msm press 24/7-365, nasty name calling yet he fulfilled all his promises plus. They knew he would pardon Gen. Flynn, he knows where all the bodies are buried. He couldn’t be stopped, knew he would be re-elected, look at the Hugh rallies. The liberals ( Marxist) didn’t want that, China, Russia, Iran, No. Korea,Germany, etc either. So the money flowed, plans made.. corruption be dammed. China has paid lots of Money to corps., banks, media, politicians, federal/state, 100’s subject to blackmail. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Biden in the basement, CIA, FBI, DOJ, MILITARY COMPLEX, NSA, all 2gather, all planning, cyber warfare, all enemies foreign/domestic to defeating POTUS/American people. Time is very short, 01/20/21 comes quickly. Demoralizing Americans with c-19 lockdown, economies shafted, education, churches, closed, all social engineering, conditioning/beat down. Complex plan but working for 1/2 the nation. Trump has to pull the trigger with the EO 09/2018. No longer can we sit down, shut up, obey. Live free or die. Don’t think Supreme Court will touch this mess either.

Question: If President Trump invokes martial law, what would happen if something happened to him? Do you trust his successor(s) to ever lift it? Be very very careful of letting that dog out of the cage…….it just might bite you on the ass down the road. Especially if there are “blue helmets” involved. Martial Law is not something you want folks. It is in “their playbook”……and we are being “played” into a position of asking for it.

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help” is equally deadly on both sides. Being told to sit down and shut up by a “patriot” officer is just as bad. People get drunk on power (and I’m not talking about T, I’m talking about the people on the ground)–if martial law happens, do not assume that ANYONE is on your side.

do not assume that ANYONE is on your side.

Under the heading of treasonous enemies,
saw another website that was forced to change host, Alt Market,
the list grows, its time for a reset, and not what the elitist government bullshitbandits are calling for, we need a purge and reset to the core values of our constitution,
and some of you whine about guys sayin its time for the ammo box, sheep

Praise God for great American Governors such as Kristi Noem who speaks truth about Covid numbers.
Why are journalists not being held accountable for fake news.

Spot on. George Washington didn’t kindly ask the Husseins to leave or try to negotiate with them. He went into their barracks on Christmas Day and slaughtered them.

Everyone wants it’s to be a Patriot until it’s time to do Patriot stuff. Mercy and compassion is for Medics and Chaplains which I am neither.

If there ever was legislation moving in this regard, it would have two aspects – 1. the first reduction would be through means testing. Both programs are constitutional as tax programs funding general welfare programs. Even FDR knew it was BS the wealthy like today’s Buffet and Gates receive benefits. 2) Beyond means testing, any further reductions would be implemented over time. I never planned on participating in either until I reached age 55 which seems to be the age usually discussed for grandfathering changes in this area. Another likely change is to again extend retirement ages out towards age 70.

The last I checked the poverty rate among seniors is relatively unchanged since the program was created. The other thing I researched in the past few years is the number of seniors retiring without having their home paid off. Same percentage of about 25% if I recall but the average balance and remaining years of payments are much higher.

All social security has done is to create generations of people who believe the government will provide so they don’t have to plan and their family doesn’t bear any responsibility.

Imagine a society where grandma is living with her children and providing child care instead of hanging out in front of the AC in Arizona with her friends while her grandkids are running amok in institutionalized daycare centers. I think society would be better.

In historical context, a good portion of our population has been living like there’s no tomorrow for which they are ultimately responsible. Unprincipled spendthrifts operating under the motto – feels good, do it. MSM readers excepted of course.

MamaLark: “Imagine a society where grandma is living with her children and providing child care instead of hanging out in front of the AC in Arizona with her friends while her grandkids are running amok in institutionalized daycare centers. I think society would be better.” …….Unless you have a toxic mother like mine. My kids used to hide in the closet whenever she came over and tell me “Tell that woman we’re not here”. They’d hide in the closet silently until they knew she was gone—she’s that awful to be around. They still refer to her as TW (that woman) and haven’t seen her in many years (I haven’t seen her either).

Really sorry you had that experience, but in the various communities I have lived it must be rare. I can think of one toxic mother, but she was very different with her grandkids. My now adult children were blessed with an aunt, great aunt, and great grandmother for early childcare. Some of it was paid for at really inexpensive rates. Some of it was bartered for and my grandmother watched them for free. My kids keep wondering why their peers think so differently (unprincipled, ungrounded, spendthrift, self-centered) and I expect this had something to do with it. I hope you have had the opportunity to make better connections with older women in your community. I was also blessed with almost a decade of Bible study with a number of faithful women a generation older than I in my current locale. The common sense wisdom I received and the support for the lifestyle I live was much appreciated.

I have been a fan of this blog for about 8-9 months. but this is my first time posting…. I am a “prepper”, homesteader, survivalist, father, and general nice guy… ask anyone… 🙂 Through all this summer/ fall activities i have been worried eyes looking to the news, however you want to put it… but I have never been scared. Until now. I have read and re read the Generals list at least 5 times. While a general republican court challenge was never in doubt, or for that matter a democrat court challenge if they lost… The idea of a General, a man with resources who is openly calling for the use of the military in a constitutional republic should make everyone stop and pause. This is where the rubber meets the road. Are we as a society, as a group, as individuals, ready for what that man suggests? Because once you cross the Rubican there is no going back. Or to put it more in a modern context, Once you invade Russia, winter is coming…. are you ready for the hardships that brings? Because if you ask the Roman and German peoples, once you do this it will not be the same, it will be different. The political, social, and daily experiences that you have for the Rest of your life WILL NEVER be like it was…. That is what scares me… In fact, it scares the hell out of me… We have the first person to honestly say in public calling for the use of the military in a political fight. That is NOT good.

Will R Murphy,
i suppose a good way to look at this is context, as in what is this guys wheel house, he is military, so IMHO, naturally he will think military is best option.

I feel, no matter what, since DJT was elected 4 years ago, NOTHING has been or will ever be the same in our country, just look at the corruption from the alphabit agencies, the outright disregard by half the country, the outright disdain from leftist and RiNo politicians.

What we think doesnt matter, they have all made that abundantly clear. No, martial law wouldnt be good, not by any angle, too easy for abuse, and you can bet it would be. The reality, our country is never going to be the same again anyway. But what to do? And honestly, as well as sadly, what can any one of us do really?

No easy solutions to any of this, status quo changed the minute they started jabbing at DJT, the message, its us they hate, he was just the catalyst, so where does that leave us? Dont kid yourself that many on the left are rational, most of them dont care what you or I think as common good old roll up yer sleeves Americans, they only care about their vision of what should be. The worst part, most of them have no clue about the law of unintended consequences. That baby is going to bite them all in the arse, for us, hopefully, we have been paying close enough attention that we can fade into that grey area that goes mostly un noticed.
😎 🤙🏻

Yes, we’d all like this to magically go away. But we have to acknowledge reality. If we have to use emotion, perhaps anger would be more appropriate than fear. Do we let evil prevail?

Considering the alternative, doing nothing, I am willing to go with the course outlined by the general.

Yea, so what happens when the jackboots who follow the liberal commander in your AO, kick your door in at 2am? Remember, military gets told where they are deployed, so you likely have peeps from detroit or NYC stationed in your AO


Now is the time to enlist the support of the military (the Guard) because when the action begins it will be too late. Most of us probably know someone in Service and they are our neighbors that we can discuss the problems of the Nation with.

And the military are not exempt in this..their votes were stolen too.
1000 absentee ballots all for Biden is so obvious.

The only way the Constitution will be preserved is with the support of the military and LEO’s, to fight the poison of corruption that has seeped into every part of government. It is time to gather our forces to see exactly how much support we have. The Left has drawn the line, so now it is time for us to hold it.

For the glass half full perspective, aren’t we all glad there are people who are willing to take a stand for our country as it was founded? Liberty, freedom, justice, opportunity. A self-aggrandizing class has developed over time in a country where ridding society of the confines of a class system was a goal. It took one civil war to comes as close to a classless system as any country has been able. I, for one won’t run from the fight to be free rather then subjected to the jack booted thuggery of the Deep State.

Ya’ll are missing the point.We are being PLAYED to destroy ourselves while they sit back and watch.Its the unseen pulling this,they are the enemy.The ones going to the underground cities with the semi trucks running in supplies 24/7 for the last several years,they arent book repositories like they tell us.The Georgia guidestones….they want that.The technology to take us out,90% of us is just a bioweapons release away.So we have genocidal maniacs with the ability to actually take us out with the weapons we cant even see or even imagine as I havent seen anyone mentioning these threats yet….It isnt the blue/green haired drugged out freaks Im concerned about,they we can handle.Its the truly deep deep state that we need to worry about.We havent even identified who the real enemies are yet.My bet,its the billionaires and their ilk that are the real enemy.Not the enemy they are identifying for us.

Stop fretting yourself into inaction. It simply does not matter if people are being played, or not. The certainty of the situation is the threat of a criminal political party taking over this country, via a criminally planned election coup, and instigating a Marxist Hell upon us.

If they are play acting, I do not care. If they are not acting, I do not care. The fact remains no matter what is happening behind the scenes, the enemy is manifesting in front of us, and attempting to enslave us, now.

Just think of all this as “Evolution In Action,” and how GREEN it is to reduce our carbon footprint, by eliminating a few hundred thousand deserving Marxists.

Also history shows we always prepare for the last war which isnt what the next war will be.Drones are already being shown by Turkey that todays war isnt anything like the last ones were.It will be swarms of cheap drones controlled from bunkers on the other side of the world.And for sure its going to be biowar.Its the latest greatest killer yet.None of us are ready for that.Makes us darn vulnerable.Big out bags and AK’s are not going to do it.Not for todays battleground.Im saying the tribulation is coming,be you religious or not,looks like thats on the radar soon.Thats my bet.We had a great run,but humankind can destroy itself now,the tech is here for sure.

freddie – The Father Most High has an interesting way of leveling battlefields. Question is….. will we be hidden by Him or hiding from Him? Truly love, obey, and trust Him. He takes care of His Own. Psalm 91

Your love for Adonai is the foundation of your faith in Him. It is impossible to love Him too much…….but easy to love Him too little.

Mr. Murphy, welcome. After reading your post I am hoping that what the General proposes would be only as a last resort. It means all other avenues have failed. I have trouble wrapping my brain around this one. But it could happen. Should Trump concede and just walk away from the fight? I don’t know. Only he can decide. If he does, our republic will never be the same. The left’s intent is to shred our Constitution and dismantle our republic once and for all. I pray and pray and pray…..God help us.

Your post provokes a lot of thought….BUT, the dems drew the line, not us.

I watched Mike Adams HRR over past several days. I have not seen the Generals recent statements but he has been saying the same thing for a while. I am very concerned about the corrupted election. I fear we are going to have losses even grater then we can imagine before the dust finely settles on this election. If the President follows through with General McInerney’s demands it will be worse before it gets better. However if the Supreme court will not save the country from this fraud. The president may have no choice. I pray it doesn’t come to that.

Keep rifle and rucks read at a moment’s notice, just as the original Patriots did. We are the minute men of a free Republic. To fail is not an option.

Point taken my friend. Keep your knife sharp and your powder dry!

i have been saying for months to anyone that would listen that the left WILL cause open civil war i hoped and prayed i would be wrong but it looks like it will happen

ok this is a IDEA lets get the word out to ANYONE that drives TRUCKS any kind of SHIPPING service DO NOT DELIVER TO ANYTHING JUST STOP WHERE YOU ARE its simple

KEVIN: You previously stated the left will cause a war, but this suggestion is basically declaring war on the citizens of the United States who need food, medicine, etc. and will rapidly start to die off. (…and it won’t just be lefties dying — Republican citizens will be dying, too…anyone who needs food, medicine, etc will be affected and pay the price.)

i know all that but BUT do YOU have a better idea ??? because IF this turns into a shooting civil war there will be MILLIONS more that die in that AT LEAST this way it would NOT be so bloody and if you have a better idea lets heard it otherwise get lost

and by the time it gets to court it will be FAR TO LATE

Oh, like the lady with the inch wide slit in her throat found in the hallway but how can this be? There is no knife there.
Now, what do we say about that??

i will NEVER EXCEPT biden as MY president he may become the illegitimate leader of the country but he aint EVER gonna be my president EVER end of discussion

Unfortunately you have nothing to say about it. Likewise for all those who said the same about Trump. That is why elections matter. The president is who the president is.

not to me he will NOT be my president ever

LeAnne – Wrong is wrong……… I don’t care who rubber stamps it. When Obama won, I did not like it at all…… but I accepted it because it “appeared” to be a fair election and the will of the people. But this???? I may be slow…… but I am not stupid. BTW: I do not down vote anyone here ……. ever. I am retired……… you all are the cops now. I do enjoy the discussion.

Epstein says judges are bought and sold.Be it a take gold or lead,the top has no law that applies to them.IMO.

Kevin – I have eight trailer loads of emergency generators headed out today to try and replenish decimated inventory for awake individuals just like you who sense they will need those products very soon. Be careful where you aim your ball bat.

Yep, you truck drivers and railroaders stop work today, you may get fired, but what the hey, my pension check came in Tuesday, so all is well. Trekker Out

ok so then lets get the word out the truckers union and have em go on strike that way people will not get fired

One problem Kevin, the Teamsters support Biden!

What can I do? Get up off of my rear and get some food ready for the freeze dryer and grind some wheat for bread. What comes knocking at mine and Mr.’s door will be dealt with then. Let us focus positive thoughts for the senate elections in Georgia. Can the BIG MACHINE be exposed? What do investigators do,,,Follow The Money.

Mrs. U: I like your positive attitude 🙂

I just read Zuckerbird gave 350 million to election judges..believe It?? Probably.

Why else would a voting place clear all employees but 4 supervisors and pull out totes from under the tables full of ballots at 4 in the morning??

It’s on video!!!

My wife was just talking about that.But it doesnt matter.They are bought and sold to steal this election,therefore it will be ignored.

Another Question: Does anyone remember what happened in Turkey in 2016? Factions of military moved against Erdogan even to the point of occupying the government buildings. What happened then? He put out a call to “the people” to take arms and crush the coup. And that is exactly what happened. The people, with Erdogan’s blessing, kicked some major ass. Honestly…. If President Trump publicly called on “his people” to crush this coup, you would see the same results as in Turkey in 2016. So…… President Trump, cut the rope holding our ass back. We just need permission from our leader, we don’t need the military or martial law. This is our country…. WE own it.

Liberty-21 Virus. Once you catch it…… you don’t want “the” cure. 73 million already infected. GET SOME, otherwise…. get out of the way.

Keep up the great work.
Prepping/survivalism covers a wide range of topics.
This info simply gives us food for thought and helps in planning.

Folks, if this mess ends at the SCOTUS, remember who gave us obama care—Roberts.
He may well be the tie breaker vote
Do you trust him?


Bought & paid for marionette.

Roberts is a Deep state Globalist tool appointed by GW Bush and Kavanaugh has the same Bush family ties so I expect him to also be a CINO (Conservative In Name Only).

The SCOTUS will refuse to hear Trumps case and will let Biden be named President. No justice wants to be known as one that voted for Trump and started civil war 2.0

Your post suggests the Trump supporters will just turn over and accept this? No civil war??

tango: With the court being 6-3, even if Roberts votes with the liberals, it’s still 5-4 in favor of Trump. An additional conservative would need to be swayed to the left for Biden to win.

i agree with Romeo charlie.

Are you kidding? The way this has all been set up, if Trump does do this, people will be screaming “HITLE-E-E-E-R-R-R!” from the rooftops! It won’t matter that the real Nazis are the ones who set this up. All that will matter are the “optics.”

…This isn’t going to end well, no matter which side this coin lands on. All I do know is this; if WE let them get away with what they’re doing, we might as well sell the Statue Of Liberty for scrap…

May as well sell it.

The statue is a figure of Libertas, a robed Roman liberty goddess. Scriptures call her Ashtoreth, and she was known in Latin as Libertas, liberty. Libertas was referred to by Cicero, a Roman historian, as the Mother of Harlots. “Liberty” in ancient times was associated with sexual freedom and temple of prostitution.

Cultures have changed its origin to mean some other liberty, but its original meaning bothers me, especially when the last days come.

Stardust: Revelation mentions the Mother of Harlots and mentions her sitting upon the waters, among other things. Things don’t end well for those people.

The Beast.

“Declare martial law” huh? Well, what’s the first next step? Imposition of a curfew. And the crazies who’ve been in the streets for the past six months will do so again and target the infantry charged with clearing the streets. In Portland and Seattle those shot for attacking armed military will be white and not many will care. Military will take losses too as a antifa our here is increasingly heavily armed.
. . . .
But In Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Richmond, and similar locales, it will be looters of color who will be shot as antifa and BLMers target the military. Do we really want to deal with the long-term fallout from that?
. . . .
And there needs to be at least one easily accessible and well-known media outlet that will honestly report on what’s going on and give the government a platform for its announcements. Without an informed populace supporting and agreeing with the justifications for martial law success is almost impossible.
. . . .
Be careful what you wish for.

Just my personal opinion but I really don’t care if they shoot ” people of color ” for looting anymore than I care if they shoot whites for looting. The long term fallout should be ” if you loot we shoot ” I don’t think being a POS should have a color

My understanding was that he got on the bad side of the Secret Service by using his own personal security. I don’t know if that’s changed in the last 4 years, but since he’s still alive I’m guessing he stuck to it.

I see what you’re saying, but if Trump stays it will give 4 more years. When Trump is gone it is game over.

What I meant to say,we get 4 more years max if he wins this.Sure hope he does,maybe some of em at the top will die in that time.

“SoulSurvivor LeAnne – Wrong is wrong……… I don’t care who rubber stamps it. When Obama won, I did not like it at all…… but I accepted it because it “appeared” to be a fair election and the will of the people. But this???? I may be slow…… but I am not stupid. BTW: I do not down vote anyone here ……. ever. I am retired……… you all are the cops now. I do enjoy the discussion.”

SoulSurvivor: I also enjoy the discussion. However, it is rather odd some people who are so concerned the lefties will censor them are doing the same thing here via the down arrows. Obama was awful – and the second election I was so sad when Mitt Romney lost – I thought for sure he’d win. I was kinda “meh” on McCain, but voted for him anyway – but I actually liked Mitt Romney – I don’t always agree with him, but for me, he had a likeable personality.

LeAnne said ” However, it is rather odd some people who are so concerned the lefties will censor them are doing the same thing here via the down arrows. “

No, it’s not odd at all. For a better understanding of WHY I have the up/down arrows for comments, read the following analogy article:

The MSB Saloon – Private Establishment versus The Public Square

Most people (especially the MSB regulars) have the instinct to know when a comment is purposefully agitating, disrupting (perhaps a sneaky newbie coming in with a knife behind their back), trolling, etc… and thusly I give them bouncer authority. It’s my saloon… so to speak.

LeAnne – I do agree that sometimes folks tend to censor here, but that is the beautiful thing about this saloon. You pretty much know you are among like minded people. A haven. I love it when someone’s opinion gets “bounced” but their next entry gets up voted to the max.. Ken has a good system here…… maybe not perfect. But…..then again we are not perfect. I have learned (yes.. I am still teachable) to check my sword at the door and enjoy the good folks here. There will be plenty of opportunity to use that sword when this saloon closes.

Good morning all,
i wonder if there is any truth to the arrests and detainment of certain high level figures? Im sure many of you have seen this over the last couple days, more BS?

As President I have no higher duty than to defend the laws and the constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege.” said President Donald J. Trump, during his “most important speech ever”

Interesting interpretation via Mike Adams:

Then, about 30 minutes into the speech, he invokes legal language that clearly references Trump’s Sep. 12, 2018 executive order which describes remedies for foreign interference in U.S. elections.

Here’s what Trump says:

The only conceivable reason why you would block commonsense measures to verify legal eligibility for voting, is you are trying to encourage, enable, solicit or carry out fraud.

Note carefully the phrase, “…trying to encourage, enable, solicit or carry out fraud.”

Where have we heard something very similar before? In the 2018 EO, which describes who will be subjected to having all their assets seized by the United States government — and note that this applies to corporations, individuals, partnerships and even non-profits: (emphasis added)

Sec. 2. a (ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i)

Sec. 2. a (i) to have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election;

Thus, Trump just invoked the 2018 EO and sent an undeniable signal to Chris Miller at the DoD (as well as many other groups) that the Democrats, the treasonous media and the complicit Big Tech giants have all engaged in concealing, advocating or supporting “foreign interference” in

Treason, rendition flights and military tribunals

What is the remedy for such actions of treason against the United States?

Under existing U.S. law, it’s a felony crime to try to rig votes. Under military law during a time of war, it’s treason. And under the 2018 EO, each of the entities engaging in this behavior will have all their assets seized by the U.S. Treasury.

Translated into plain language, this could mean that Twitter, Facebook, CNN, the Washington Post, Google, MSNBC, etc., are all now able to be completely seized, shut down or taken over by the Trump administration, as they all engaged in the defined behaviors outlined in the 2018 EO.

Just wishful thinking?

Though Gitmo may be very busy right about now – and we would not know it…

I havent been paying very close attention to MSM, just quick skimming, noticeably absent is anything related to the election and CONgress, could just be im missing that cycle, but it seems a bit quiet, there is some stuff but mostly just fluff,,, no mention at all of any fraud, just makes me wonder if propaganda is what we are seeing,
Honestly, i believe very little of what i read on any media anymore

Propaganda is ALL we are seeing anymore.Pick your topic,like the seasonal flu fraud for example,makes 911 look like a fluffy kitten.

Gotta love that one.Now we are going to combine this years seasonal flu that started in October and call it covid wave 2.We need to wake up.

What is needed is portrayed in the film “Enemy At The Gates”. The young “information officer” suggested to Khrushchev that the country needed a hero as an example to the people. Someone to look up to, unite the people, and give them hope.

If this country could only find one strong example and leader for the citizens to unite behind. President Trump has tried but he has failed to give the marching orders to the patriots – not a George Washington.

I have to add that there is no real support to fight the corrupt system. It still appears to be every man (person) for themselves. Remember the planned trucker strike – me neither.


November Class 8 Truck Orders Third-Highest Ever

Why do you see any person as a cause? How about the cause of fair elections? Or preserving the Constitution? Or saving the country from tyranny? I don’t need a figure head to support what is morally correct.

MamaLark: Not many people would have been jumping up-n-down to unite behind a cause for Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter. Some leaders inspire citizens to unite for a cause – others, not so much.

My point is why not be inspired for the cause itself? You don’t need someone to follow to support what is right.

The fact that LeAnne lives in Wisconsin (did i get that right LeAnne?) says to me that there is a tendency to lean left. Wisconsin being one of the more radical, fundamentalist states in the union. Therefore it is prudent IMHO to take her remarks with a grain of salt. I’m not accusing her of trolling, I’m just saying she is not SoCalGirl. 🙂

Eli, you are wrong to assume Wisconsin voters, citizens lean left. Look at a map on how each county voted and it is similar to other states that voted left; only counties clustered around large cities voted left and the vast majority of counties voted Republican. I live in Wisconsin away from large cities and there was scant evidence of Democrat support. In fact it was so overwhelmingly in favor of Trump judging by the number of signs and the rally that we went to can only make one suspicious of the result.

True, Bummin’ if you’re just looking at the color (red and blue) on a Wisconsin map…. but those counties out in the hinterlands hardly have any people. It takes a LOT of red Wisconsin counties with only 5,676 people (Iron County)… 15,042 (Bayfield County)… 20,348 (Adams County)….etc. to add up to the 1,575,179 of the greater Milwaukee area and 605,435 greater Madison area…plus all the college towns that are very liberal and have a high concentration of population.

She seems to have no concept of the difference between population density and absolute numbers. It’s typical urban arrogance.

Lauren: “Wisconsin covers 54,310 square miles, with a 2019 estimated population of 5,822,434 people – 1,502,031 living in rural Wisconsin (USDA-ERS).” Here’s another: “Wisconsin is both an urban and a rural state. In terms of its people, less than a third live in census designated rural areas. Most are spread into 13 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), which means Wisconsin ranks in the top 10 states for its number of urban places. But at the same time, the state has vast areas of low population density that are home to more than one million people. “

I wonder if she is / would-be in favor of popular vote and abolishing the concept of electoral college. That way, her Wisconsin urbanites could finalize their political rule over the “hinterlands”. Those deplorable scoundrels…

Ken: I’m strongly against eliminating the electoral college. Without the electoral college, populous states like California, Illinois, New York, Florida, etc would be able to completely outvote the other states. The electoral college helps balance the states. Wisconsin is a swing state, sometimes the Republicans win, sometimes the Dems win.

I don’t understand the negativity regarding use of the word, hinterland. The word is descriptive, not derogatory.

Hinterland – Definition by Merriam-Webster: 1 : a region lying inland from a coast. 2a : a region remote from urban areas. b : a region lying beyond major metropolitan or cultural centers.

In my opinion it comes across as derogatory. Jabbing. It’s not a term used widely here in the U.S. during conversation. Rather, many might say, “out in the country”, or “rural” for example. I have never heard others describe rural areas as hinterlands during conversation. Though maybe it’s spoken among the urban elites – I just don’t know… Turns out it’s a German word – so maybe you’re German – who knows…

Ken: Hinterlands sounds much better than out-in-the-boondocks or out-in-the-sticks (which is the way others from around here would generally describe those areas). When I lived on an 80-acre farm in southwest Wisconsin, I told city folks I moved to the hinterlands. I suppose countryside or farmlands or your suggestion of rural is also descriptive enough.

Ken: My grandmother only spoke German until she went to school. I lived with her as a baby and young child. Maybe that’s where I picked it up.

LeAnne: My grandmother too, despite being from England, actually had German roots. ‘Hinterlands’ was one of many German sounding words I heard as a kid. To my mind it was synonymous with ‘rural’, or basically a place one would live if able to do so.

i would be in favor of abolishing the two party system and all of the partisan politics that go along with it.
vote for the best person for the job,and enact term limits.
then maybe we could all get on the same page and get something done without all of the political partisan infighting. just my opinion

Bummin’: I just looked up the lowest population county in Wisconsin and it’s only 4,232 souls. I’m looking out the window at a corner tavern up the block. Each year they have a Mitten Fest that attracts 10,000 people–again, it’s a corner tavern. The summer bash in my neighborhood attracts 26,000 – that is run by a tiny corner record store that closes off the street for a day. Those are just lil’ parties. Summerfest attracted 766,192. So all those red counties all over Wisconsin have to surpass Milwaukee, Madison, and all the college towns in order to win an election. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t – but I believe it has more to do with which way the independents decide to vote.

Eli: In Wisconsin, the major cities and college towns lean left. The hinterlands lean right. The elections swing back and forth — most likely due to which way the independents decide to vote.

I am beginning to wonder about a few things. Honestly, I’ve been hoping to see something happen in the courts to check the fraud and treason committed in this election. Notice I didn’t say, ‘committed by the Democrats’.

Why? Because I’m entertaining the idea that it’s not just the Democrats that are up to no good. There are Republicans, too, who have not lifted one finger in outrage at the theft of the people’s voice. Some Republican Governors are betraying the principles of the Constitution they swore an oath to preserve. Some congressmen have called for DJT to concede. Some are blocking discovery of election fraud and hampering clean elections. Judges throwing out election challenges because the evidence of fraud, sworn witnesses and actual videotaped acts of sabotage is ‘irrelevant’.

And some are attending a business summit next Thursday, hosted by the American Business Immigration Coalition, also attended by Dems, CNN’s Ana Navarro, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, big business donors and George Soros funded United We Dream. Their goal? Amnesty for all illegal immigrants. Yeah, a nice cheap labor force. While they’re shutting down small businesses left and right.

Meanwhile, we sit holding our breath, waiting, hoping something will happen to address the corruption and treason. Maybe that’s what’s intended. We sit and wait and hope, while the clock is ticking away the last minutes of freedom. Hope just may not be our friend right now. We need to be preparing for what I’m beginning to think is the probable outcome. We need to be connecting with others in our AO, making plans for having each other’s backs, putting up supplies to last for a while, getting to level 4 preparedness, building community support groups. It’s romantic to think the ‘lone survivalist’ scenario will work. I wouldn’t bet the farm on that, though. I also wouldn’t bet the farm on any kind of positive outcome, or that the tyrants will wait past December 14th to act.

Sure as heck hope I’m wrong, but I can’t help wondering.

Farm girl, I think your exactly right and wondering is probably optimistic thinking. I think bad times are coming and level 4 is what we all should be at, however, I’m not myself and probably not many are there either. I applaud you for doing what you did on your pulling up stakes and moving to a more safe location, sure hope you and your family stay safe in these dark times

David, rcb,

Level 4, to me, is kind of like the command to ‘be perfect’. A noble goal, for sure, but an ongoing process that’s never finished. Take one thing at a time, and see how it can be done with what you have on site, or what you need to acquire to make it so. Never stop learning. I was on my way to that in Wisconsin – self sustaining in eggs/stewing chickens, bees, plants, wood and other things. Here, I’ll have to do some work to get back to that, but for some reason I’m not worried about it. Some things are already in place in a way that’s even better than we had.

Think it still hasn’t fully sunk in on the pulling up stakes part, but it’s starting to. Sounded like a really crazy idea when it first registered, but that’s the Guidance I kept getting, so I just put the trepidation aside and kept moving forward. New location is physically ideal – castle with a moat kind of safe. Neighbors are like minded, very welcoming and have already checked in a few times. Just started unpacking in any real way two days ago, so there’s much to be done. Getting to know the AO has only been done on paper, and on-line. Lots of walks and hikes in our near future!

Sure miss some people, family mostly. My mom, especially. I have a feeling some might head this way, and maybe I’m here to help set things up. Guess we’ll see about that as it’s above my paygrade.

You go girl, will be praying for you

Farm girl, don’t forget to carry a weapon on your walks and hikes. Don’t know if your in mountains or not, but you never know when you might come across a critter, 2 legged or 4, it don’t matter, always be ready to defend yourself in any situation. My 2 sons are working in Boise, Idaho and went to a McDonald’s to get some lunch one day last week and there was an empty lot beside McDonald’s, while sitting in drive thru, they saw a mountain lion out in the grass in that lot, thought it was a dog at first but looking closer, both confirmed a cougar, so you never can tell no matter where you are

David, rcb,

Funny you should bring that up, as I’ve been thinking about that. Yup, there are mountains nearby, though I’m under 3,000 ft. Dorothy, we’re not in Wisconsin anymore, lol! Haven’t had time yet to get detailed intel about the local flora and fauna, though I’ve gotten some. I hear coyotes at night when I’m outside, and I’ve seen white-tail. The previous owners advised to check the fenced part of the ‘yard’ for porcupines before letting the dog out. I would really like to see one of those, from a safe distance, of course.

I’m guessing encounters with elk and cougars are possible, maybe rattlesnakes, not sure about bears. So…what’s the recommended carry for such a situation? May or may not have it, so a list would be nice.

So much to learn…and quickly. I’m a pretty fast study usually, though, so just going to keep the ‘git er done’ mental attitude going, and…git ‘er done!

Farmgirl: What part of Wisconsin were you from? I’m in Milwaukee now, but my family is from Glidden/Cable area and when I lived on a farm, it was by the driftless region (Wildcat Mountain, Kendall, Elroy, Tomah/Sparta area). Just curious if you were farming in the countryside in Wisconsin.


I was in the driftless, in the country. Garden of Eden. I’ve been in the Tomah area, taking Amish to the bus stop.

Farmgirl: The driftless is the prettiest area! 🙂 I miss the farm and also the Amish. One thing I found humorous when I lived there is the Amish would initially start speaking to me in their tongue—because they thought I was former-Amish and they would have then shunned me. When they’d realize I didn’t understand anything they were saying and was an Englishman, they’d say “You don’t live like the Englishman do”. I had probably a good dozen buggies pull into the farm on different occasions and all of them started off with trying to figure out whether I used to be Amish 🙂

For a sidearm , 357 magnum would be the least I would go if bears are in the area, 44 magnum would be better, but it has a really nasty recoil, anything less than bears, .45, .40, 357, 9mm or whatever you have. Rifle, anything 30 caliber would probably work, 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buck for close encounters can’t be beat. I’m not an expert like some on here probably are but I’ve been around awhile, hope this helps.

– I have a little girl cousin (well, maybe not so little; she homeschools her eight kids!) who lives in northern Alaska. She grew up in Louisiana and is familiar with weapons. She keeps an 870 with alternating slugs and buckshot leaning in the corner by her kitchen door for any stray polar bears in her yard!

– Papa S.


There has been many a times that I felt we are all just being played. Keeping the right in a lull hoping that law and order will play out and show up. Then poof nothing and we are screwed. Thats why I just try to stay focused on my AO and do what I can control.



I hate the thought of that, but there’s an awful lot of talking and not much changing, except to get worse. Our own belief in integrity and fairness, the idea that good wins out in the end, probably being used against us. Good does win out in the very end, but it’s not the very end yet, is it?

Hope you all are feeling safe in your AO. If I’m remembering right, you were concerned about that a few months back with all the shenanigans in your nearby big city, with that trial outcome. Are there like minded neighbors you can count on and network with for mutual support?

You’re exactly right. Morals,integrity, right from wrong are indeed being used to keep us from acting. The left have none of these stopping them. The ends justifies the means. They push forward with no moral compass to worry about. People assume judges and certain office holders must be moral and law abiding by the nature of their positions. Many are not unfortunately. They are beholding to those who put them in the position and their own latent ideology.Some are just corrupt money hungry scum selling out to whoever pays better. Sad but true.
We see fraud.They see best outcome for them. Deny and lie is their mantra. They lie and the media and pedocrats swear to it. Then you have that portion of the population who hope life will return to “normal” now.
The irony is that the underlings of the left and the sheep population will suffer terribly. As it should be. Reap what you sow dont ya know?
The rest of us will struggle as well but we have the skills to weather it. Look out for and help like minded folks. Save your compassion for them. The rest need to suffer…badly. Refiners fire. Some will make it.Many will perish.
As it should and needs to be…

Bill Jenkins Horse
Morals and honor are what are keeping us, the right, in check now. the left have no morals, as we have seen in the last 8 or so months now.
when the real American’s have had enough, and its coming, it’s going to be on and it won’t be pretty.

i feel the same way, in fact you and I are far from alone in that assumption. I would almost bet on this being the case, that once again the swamp will shuffle crap around to amuse the masses and nothing but business as usual in the swamp will happen.

Right here, right in front of me, right now, thats about all i can control, my cup of coffee, the list im jotting on ideas for the day and coming days, and my thoughts on what to make for breakfast. That is all i even remotely control.

This political Kabuki theatre, is just one more thing i put in the list of no control, really dont give a rip anymore, how far out of the mainstream can i get….

Soros has money and with money you can make dreams come true. And soros has dreamed long time to destroy Usa.

Farmgirl – ‘It’s romantic to think the “lone survivalist” scenario will work.’

I don’t know. But I do know that I am a coward….. I am unable to be present and watch others suffer. To watch folks take the wrong road after being shown the correct path. I just can not bring myself to that place. When I see that happening, in print or in person, my frustration turns to anger…… and then I am silent. I do not claim to be a “survivalist “……..but I am a loner. And I will die alone, in the natural, as that is my cowardly choice. I pray that I will not be alone in the Supernatural when my time comes. But……..what do I know……right? Not much, as it would appear.


For most who envision traversing the wilds, living off the land while the rest of the world crashes somewhere far away, it’s a romantic fantasy. There’s no actual experience of what that really means, in practice, to give that needed dose of reality. I’m sure there are a handful who could do it, and maybe you are one of them. Wasn’t meaning to say it’s a wrong choice, just that for most it’s not a realistic one. I know I couldn’t do it, determined as I am. The idea of being removed from the craziness of ‘civilization’ sure sounds good, though. People are hard to be around sometimes.

I wouldn’t think it cowardly to know oneself and choose accordingly. May you know Peace, and never really walk alone.

Farmgirl – I did not take your post in the negative…… but as truth. It is surely not for most as it is a difficult existence for the uninitiated. I have some experience in that area but do not consider myself as an expert, but a student. Who actually is an expert when it comes down to it ? I was just coming to grips with the truth of my reality. Adonai detests cowards. I shall do the best I can, with His help, to repent, but it crushes me to see people suffer when there is nothing I can do to help them. I must admit that I am drawn to His wilderness creation as it does offer peace to me. In truth… I will probably be in the middle of things as per my nature. After all… I did chose to be a cop….. not a monk. I will just have to learn to ignore the suffering and press on with the task at hand. I did it once, maybe I can do it again. I thank you for your kind words.

Has anyone heard more about the server, supposedly Scytl, that was seized in a foreign country (Germany)during a raid? Allegedly there was some sort of battle, and a few days later Sidney Powell was quoted as saying “We got it. We got the server.”

@ Desert,
One report *unverified that I heard (actually several) that up to 6 were killed during the raid. I have a feeling that lots has happened behind the scenes. Gitmo too. Time will tell.

Last article that I read stated it was in the hands of SF(Special Forces). Yet many mistake SF and SOF, which are not the same military units. SOF is a combination of different highly trained military forces.
Where the demon machines is located at this time is unknown. Knowing the make up that group, it is well protected at all costs. In addition it was not one unit but a total of 6 from the article.

i hope the servers did’nt end up in the hands of the FBI or CIA. if so then its lost

Those guys do not like to share their toys with those folks. Before sharing, they would be happy to hand them sandpaper for TP.

There was a news blurb on a couple of special force members turning up dead and possible homicide. Immediately I wondered if they’d been involved in securing the servers. Whether it’s Ruby and her daughter or boots on the ground investigating and securing evidence, they better watch their backs.

We are at War. Foundations of Freedom being eliminated in front of us by cyber/media manipulation &
treasonist Elected officials. Ga Frsud will be repeated. Proof is Kemp’s lack of action even when video shows Acts of treason. This nitemare has been co-ordinated. People wake up.
invoke Insurrection Act President Trump. You are our last defense. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Amen and Amen.

Clearly it needs to happen but congressional support has been insufficient. Since neither house recognizes that this election was fraudulent, convincing a majority in both houses that it is the very definition of treason seems an insurmountable hurdle. I wish he would do it but have serious doubts.

I’m more interested in McInerney’s explanation of his news flash regarding DOD vs CIA in Frankfurt.

That’s what needs to be done, We as American Patriots are sick and tired of these Socialists trying to take over our country and it must be stopped at all costs.. Or we’re looking at 1776 coming again.. Please President Trump save us from these Trators.

tmcgyver: “LeAnne: My grandmother too, despite being from England, actually had German roots. ‘Hinterlands’ was one of many German sounding words I heard as a kid. To my mind it was synonymous with ‘rural’, or basically a place one would live if able to do so.”

My grandmother wasn’t German, she was Prussian, but they were from an area of Prussia that was under rule of the Germans so they spoke German.

Eli: Get a grip, seriously, how you connect me using the word hinterlands with me accusing farmers of being third reich or whatever—well, that’s just unhinged LOL Seriously. I can’t respond to your exact comment since I can’t find it on the page anymore.

“Show me someone who gets rich in politics, and i’ll show you a crooked politician.”
Harry S. Truman

I hope that he does this appears to be very deep corruption within our government, that spreads throughout other countries something that’s been planned for several years I would see this as the only way of taking care of this. A lot of people will need to be arrested by the military.

Reading the comments…….our republic is in limbo, civil war was just a passing thought until about 2009 puppet Obama ushered in the soros reality and we now have the lefty’s spouting the socialist ideals in plain sight. Those few and I say few because like in most uprisings it’s the three or so percent that will give up everything to take action. I have a June 1949 American rifleman that gave a ominous prediction about future gun rights and crooked politicians that would rejoice at our loss of personal freedoms…….complacency has taken its toll and we now are at the edge of the cliff…….myself I have nothing else to give except my life in this war on our republic…how about you are you the type who will stand up and fight to the death, time will tell.

I know I’m an American, I stand proudly for the flag. If you all were Marxists/Socialists you would have kicked me from this site long ago. So I know most of you are Americans. There’s a storm coming and as it approaches it is becoming evident that there are a few on these pages who are not who they say they are. They hide behind clever speeches and lies gathering information and finalizing their agenda. In the coming weeks we’re gonna find out who’s who. It’ll be interesting. Stay tuned.

For our Liberty and protection of our Constition it needs to be done. When legislators wont honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constition, that is treason. Thousands and thousands of Americans have died Honoring their oath to the Constition and America. Don’t let them have died in vain!

PRESIDENT TRUMP Hs a duty to send in the military to protect the American people who are under attack! The human rights of the American people are being attacked. Send in the military now!!!

I’m convinced! Can’t let these globalists steal our country! Especially knowing that we could easily win!

Well said, Jeff. Insurection Act of 1807 + U.S. Army = Problem gone very quickly.

I’m just waiting for it. You know there’s got to be some group(s) of bad ass Seals/Rangers/Etc out there sitting around a bon fire drinking whisky saying, “Ya know we didn’t fight for this shit. We could fix this in about 10 minutes.” Then all of a sudden 50 top US leaders die in some “heinous” accidents. Been watching so far nothing. But I think the Capitol in MN was stormed a few months back so theres something.

here it is friend,
the conservatives- the right, have moral values. the libs. and the left have none. that has been apparent and proven for a long time now.
to do something now would be stupid and bring ourselves down to their level. it would not help.and in fact it would be detrimental to the cause. the MSM would vilify the patriots and portray the leftist’s radicals in the news as harmless victims and turn the country against us.
we are just waiting for this to go through the legal means now. that’s what we do as hard working Americans, we do whats morally right.
but after Jan. 20?. i don’t know. if Biden is sworn in, all bets are off.
stay away from crowds

Your point is true cid. But like i said before, Im just waiting and Jan 20th may be the day we see it happen.

On Dec. 8, the think tank updated its report with new data. The updated report showed that Biden won 509 counties, while Trump won 2,547 counties. Results from 28 counties have still not been finalized

This is why I believe the electoral college concept should be applied to county vote for president. This would negate the dominance of metro counties over rural counties. Each county, one vote.

More people will die if Trump does not invoke this act.Think Revolution with Biden running our military.
Probably for the same reason he leaves swamp creatures running the most powerful offices. It is just stupid.

It is definitely time for insurrection. 24 of my local buddies here are ready. We are not real organized but we have the weaponry. 80% of all guns are owned by right wing patriots and they know how to use them. The time has come. We’ve known this all along but now we have confirmation. A friend of mine who lives next to a southern military base said the actions as posted by Scott Dennis, ex-military and cyops guy said the plan is already done. Trump’s speech on Dec 2 was code for get it done. He quoted the EO of Sept 2018 in that speech which was mumbo jumbo except for about 4minutes in which he mixed in code words for TAKE IT BACK. My only concern is that the military MUST step up and defend us in the process. These dudes are constitutionalists so I predict Trump will declare martial law right around Jan 10-12. GET READY BOYS! It won’t be pretty but things will get back to the USA we love soon after. It is going down!!!

I am 100% behind whatever it takes to stop what we see happening. I understand we have military intel that backs the ingo we see
I am 76 yrs old and was a lifelong democrat. Now I am terrified of my govt.

I pray the President does this to save this great nation. So afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t!!! Please Sir Do This On Behalf Of The Patriots That Voted For You!!!

Maybe I’m naive but why cant we just have a revote in person with ID?

{{{ GASP!!! }}}

@Farmer, That’s a Shocking thing to say!



What?…..and have all that money and effort to undermine our Republic go for naught?……first thing you know, we would have representation of the people, for the people, and by the people………..

You got a beef with totalitarianism or something? I guess you want equal application of laws and freedom of speech too?

A revolt
im in, whens it start,,,,,

As I’ve said before. In person, Id and some sort of hand stamp in ink that won’t come off for a couple of days

Farmer: I don’t know that any of the laws or Constitution allow that – I could be wrong, but I don’t think that’s an option. (Plus, mail-in voting has been around since the Civil War.)


That’s RACIST! You can’t axe black and brown people to get an ID! What are you gonna suggest next? That we actually follow the Constitution!?!?!

(sarcasm over!)

Please consult President Trump General because it’s clear to the majority of Americans that courts and Judiciary will continue their dereliction of their oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution , please sir hear our call

Go green Mr. President we got your 6

Will he do it

He swore and oath before all of America that he would. If he doesn’t, history will hold him in disdain forever.

Your figure: 2.7 percent of Trump votes being switched to Biden isn’t correct. That’s less than 3 of every 100 and It would be much more according to the other figures

Data says that President rumps votes ran thru the machine were counted as 3/4 a vote and Bidets were counted as 1.25 votes for every one. 650,000 votes in mi more than registered voters.. nothing to see here move along…

We the People of the USA have been robbed of our legal votes by the fraud that has occurred. I don’t feel like we will ever have a legal transparent election again unless Our President sets all this Right and fair. We need the people responsible to be held accountable and sentenced for their corrupt part . We need government held responsible that has allowed it to go on. We need judges and legislators to be held accountable. Our President Trump should NEVER have robbed of legal votes . We Americans went to vote believing it counted only now to find out that crooks and criminals robbed us and the President of our legal votes. They are now mocking the supporters of President Trump and the President like they are getting away with the evil acts against us all. If this is not resolved fairly and legally I will never vote again for it does not matter and the unjust will have whatever way it wants with the illegal voting fraud that has been done this 2020 election. It should matter to have the constitution followed and that the elections are transparent and all legal. Mr. President Please start the Executive Oder Now and Stop the Steal. Let Truth Prevail.

Yes, please do sign it. Where I volunteer at is full of biden supporters and I caught the end of the conversation that was very derogatory to Trump. I’m so done with this.

Won’t happen

It must happen.

Please President Trump sign the insurrection act! If you do not, we will LOSE OUR COUNTRY! You took an oath to defend our country from all foreign and domestic enemies!

He won’t do it . The corruption is too deep n vast . He was in over his head from the beginning .

Don’t be too sure of that. President Trump has made history as a man who takes big gambles… and wins.

There comes a time to depend on God and not fear man. “The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear…” Psalm 27:1

This is a Rubicon moment in US history, decisive action must be taken to combat the deep state and those under its control and preserve our constitutional republic “that this nation under God have a new birth of freedom and that gov’t of, by, and for the people not perish.” Abraham Lincoln.
“In times of universal deceit the truth is revolutionary.” George Orwell
“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16. Now multiply that by hundreds of millions worldwide!

I too agree to the insurrection act!!!! They have pushed it to this point and please President Trump go ahead do it !! Needs to he done!! They left you with NO CHOICE. ❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

At this point our government is completely off the rails, any who refuse to look into validity are guilty, they ALL NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

This sounds to be the way for Trump to stop this takeover from happening. Most certainly there are players in the courts that have not done their job, even those that amTrump seated are not offering any help.

I wrote letters to my senators and Trump asking that he invoke the Insurection Act, like Generals Flynn and Mcinerney are calling for.

Now is the time for all good Patriots to come to the aid of their nation. Give Me Liberty or….

That is very near the typing practice sentence we had to do for warming up in typing class …daily multiple times ..way back yonder..change patriots to men, and nation to country.

Many of those involved in setting up the Biden Administration may be very surprised to find themselves in front of a tribunal.judge. As well, many Secretaries of State and Governors will join them. Penalty for treason is execution. Maybe we can relax that a bit and give them 20 years instead with loss of all voting rights!

Relax it?
Screw that, make examples of them

The time is now!!! Just do it!!

Excellent, Informative..

My sons best friend is National guard, he was given orders 2 hours ago by his sergeant he will be deployed soon as a result of the insurrection act. He was given no other info, and usually isn’t.
Pretty sure only a sitting president can invoke this, anyone that knows please advise

Go to monkeywerxus dot com Go to the blog and look at Insurrection Act from yesterday

Tell Him many Patriots are standing behind them.Many no longer wth eyesight or physical abilitys have been praying for successful efforts of return to Republic instead of corporate government.

Not likely. Even if Trump has signed and invoked the Act (as some claim), the military will not cooperate immediately. The generals will demand some quid pro quo before carrying out Trump’s orders. Rumour has it that the Pentagon wants kinetic war with China in exchange for it’s cooperation. If true, that puts Trump in a very difficult position (as a rare president who has not started any new wars) – choosing a ‘solution’ that would put the US on a war footing with China. Such a deal might save the Republic, but sacrifice America’s peace in the process…

BUZZ, Chyna has already declared war on us , we are late acknowledging as a nation. It is their plan to take us over without firing a shot…have so stated for years. Purchasing families in power is one such way it is possible to do that. We are being attacked on every hand by those who would shut down the amendments to the constitution.Even our President is silenced by big tech refusing him service.. There is NO PRESENT peace. only if we submit to slaughter.

I hope Trump Acts fast, Uses the military & gets the treasonous traders all OUT!

Was The Insurrectionist Act put in place by President Trump ?
Why are certain State Governors, Mayors, Legislatures being allowed to run blatantly fraudulent elections without restraint, as they Defy Our Constitution of The USA, and our Legitimate Duly Elected President of The USA ?
Why isn’t our Military Protecting The USA, The People, The Constitution, & Our President of The USA from Foreign & Domestic Enemies of The USA ? WHY ?

JLC, you ask the same question we have been asking for 4.5 years. Why were they so surprized she lost.? What is/ has been done.. we will have the true answer before the end of this month./probably a good idea before the end of this week… either a tremendous sting operation or a psychological operation or possibly both. sit tight If you consider yourself to be for the documents you ask about, protect your family and AO. Have supplies you need on hand for 3 weeks to 3 months.minimum.I have been asking why are 30k Military from many states- at DC which is 10 sq miles? Q is…are they expecting an invasion or has there been one they are going to take care of.? can make no other questions when it comes to bomber goups, fighting pilots and drones, special ops marines, NG.. over a small area.. borders between Canada and Mexico are closed til Feb 24th? And nasty nancy is beign escorted by 3-4 Nice looking and alert ladies who have special plates…(info via picture.)

Thank you for this informative article.
Is it known or when might it be told to the citizens whether President Trump signed the September 12, 2018?

he actually did invoke the insurrection act, also the EO 2018 to go after foreign crininals, and he declared a national state of emergency, what that means is he IS the president in definatly, eventhough joe biden was sworn in biden has very limited power because trump is still the president till all the arrests and deep state actors are arrested, trump is still using air force one, and marine one, and trump also still has the nuclear launch codes and football. March 5th was the original insugeration day, and before trump left office he restored it to march 5th, and if you havent notices it was sen green who told the press that the excutive orders biden has been signing were all BLANKS and they fired her, this is a huge coup attemp and it is not over by a long shot

Even General Mclnernay stated after a military meeting at white house, to some press that pelosi’s laptop has been seizd along with 15 other cause the special forces went in capitol woith ANTIFA and seized laptop and a slew of documents, what they fond on pelosis laptop were that the us capitol breech and riot was planned a week in advanced, bu pelosi, schumer, mcconnel, and dc mayor muriel bowser, the planned this prior the jan 6th riot to oust trump and over throw us government AND THEY GOT CAUGHT the other person that was involved in the coup was justice roberts. the secret service, the NSA along with homeland security and the pentagon all know about it, also james comey sold china the top cybersecurity program the Hammer nd Scorecard to CCP in sept. hes a traitor, he will hang. the hammer and scorecard, youmay want to look that up and see what that was made to do….RIG ELECTIONS. WE ALSO KNOW THE ccp,russia, iran, and germany all planned together to unleash the covid on the world to overtrown elections in us. IT IS NOT OVER YET!


Stop. No one is going to Gitmo. There is no plan. No hammer is going to fall. There will be no executions. The executive orders are on the web for everyone to read. AF one is not sitting around in FL at the former presidents beck and call. Please get a grip.


“Former” president”? Isn’t your argument that he still is? And if the Democrats agree with you on that, it makes perfect sense for them to want to impeach him.

It sounds like your hair is on fire, if you’re going to circle back to this discussion locate the shift lock on your keyboard and deactivate the caps lock. Also whenever you see a word underlined in red, such as treasion that means it is misspelled and you can correct it with a right click on that module in your hand.