George Carlin on Politics – They Own You – They Own Everything

Given what’s going on in politics right now, I’m feeling cynical this morning. I can’t bring myself to rehash what has already been said, and is currently being said all over the internet. Yes the election was stolen (unless you’re a denier of looking at the mounds of evidence). Are any of us really surprised? Sure, there’s always an amount of fraud in every election. Although this one was way out in the open and in-your-face, are we really surprised? I mean, really?

Do we really believe that we have a say, or any control of this ship’s direction? We only think we do when they want us to think we do.

Barring some sort of earth shattering intervention, yep – this one is extra bad because it will bring upon us “the great reset”. In essence, the final submission to global governance as the regime obeys and complies with their world masters.

So for some reason, the late (and very cynical) comedian George Carlin popped into my head. I recall some of his various statements towards government. I thought I would look it up and copy some of it here. Just because.

Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice.

You have owners. They own you. They own everything.

They own all the important land.

They own and control the corporations.

They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls.

They got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.

They got you by the balls.

They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying. Lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else.

But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right.

Sooner or later the people in this country are going to realize: the government does not give a (bleep) about them. The government doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare, or your safety. It simply doesn’t give a (bleep) about you. It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.


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Well said!

So true. We were repeatedly warned that a small count of corporations owing news media outlets would be dangerous.

The low count of social media companies are monopolies and control “non-news”.

Retail after Wallys and Bezos-zon are fighting for a slice of the pie.

All dump loads of money into the political system for manipulation, gain and power increase.

Crystal clear the ‘elected’ government does not represent the people, we are subjects to be “guided”.

Hard to think of one thing to do that does not have a law or rule attached, violate and then the government will “care” about you.

Politicians have replaced the poor old used car salesman (salesperson?, or Preoowned Vehicle Engineer ?, or Doctor of Automotive Recycling?) at the bottom of the respectable career ladder.

YUP and this aint gonna end well for anyone

When you ar at the bottom, the only way is up—

The problem is, we’re not at the bottom yet. No matter what it feels like, we have a long way to go before we hit Venezuela, or 1930’s USSR. It may come fast, it may come slow, but it’s coming.

George had it figured out many years ago. The Titanic has hit the iceberg and while some are arguing over where to put the deck chairs or their luggage I’ll be commandeering a lifeboat for my family.

I can’t remember who mentioned it early last week….but if you haven’t watched the Planet Lockdown interview with Catherine Austin Fitts better watch it soon. Youtube has pulled for violating their policies. (Imagine) but I found it on bitchute. Her interview brings all of our world happenings full circle and ties them all together. Follow the money friends.

I am wondering if that is the same interview that she just did for USA Watchdog? If so you will be able to find it there. I will try to find it on bitchute

Much of the same subject. The full interview is very detailed. Especially note her discussion of the origin of opportunity zones. Eye opening. Well worth watching.

Her interview with Dr. Sheri Tenpenny is also good info.

That was an excellent video. Also Clive Maund’s article “In Loving Memory of Freedom 1945-2019” was right along those lines. Connects a lot of dots.

These are renowned economists saying this. They know what they’re talking about and are factually accurate. They stand to gain nothing by saying what they’re saying. It’s no surprise You Tube pulled her interview.

Yeah its fantastic,its on bitchute as of yesterday,like 4 different downloads.

Glad others are watching Catherine! Her site is the Solari Report and you can find her videos there too. She was Assistant Secretary of Housing under Bush #1 and found that Trillion dollars were missing from the account. She blew the whistle and paid dearly with threats and poisoning. So like before I have mentioned you might want to give her a look see. She has a lot of knowledge about monetary system.

Video and Mp3 on her site, The Solari Report

A must watch!!!

The funny thing is, it doesn’t have violence, doesn’t even really mention politics or any politically or socially “sensitive” topic. It’s being banned simply for stating another opinion. All her facts are accurate, and while she does some speculating I didn’t see anything in it that a logical person would be offended at.

Pretty easy to find for now.

Here you go…

It will get much worse than it is.

Yup the events of this week stinks. However, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Watch out for the Commies secret troops ( Antifa/BLM) to do more outrageous events while wearing pro-Trump gear which will be an excuse to ( Ban guns, lock up known hard core Trump Conservatives, destroy businesses ) . Whoever is really running their revolution ( China/Soros/Russia/ all three?) will not rest until they have complete control/power.

In 12 days the Military is theirs, so don’t expect to win a fight with an armored Division using an AR-15 or M1A. Good Luck!


Harris starts similar pogroms like her great idol; joseph staln
I think in Usa will die/vanish millions of peoples.
They want only bloodbath and endless revenge.

Two can play that game… Antqueefa uniform is way cheaper too. heading to Walmart to buy a black hoodie and skinny jeans… although fitting into the skinny jeans may be a problem…
Just saying we might as well fight dirty too. Infiltrate them.

Loose fit or “relaxed fit” are more my style.

No,no more race war.No more violent revolution in the streets.Dem pols have handlers too.BLM will be thrown under the bus like they do to blacks after every election.BLM is nothing but the dem election army and fund raising arm.All that destroy us all race crap is BS talk to fire up their army and the fringe racists in the dem party.Now they dont need the army they will toss antifa under the bus too.
That the 2 groups were useless idiots they are about to find out.No more 600/week federal unemployment army pay for bored leftist manipulated anarchists that had nothing to do during the lockdowns.Idiots indeed,they are done.

However,the great reset,gun grabs,destroy middle class,control our movement,etc IS what Mr Global does want,thats happening.

Can’t agree with you on this freddie. I have a feeling that the Dems from commie Bernie to progressive patsies to droolin’ Joe have sown the wind thinking they can control the whirlwind. We’ve already seen murders in their cities skyrocket immediately after calls from political leaders to defund the police. All these publicly active libsider groups will not be satisfied being told to just wait a bit, or to wait their turn, for promises to be kept. They were never meant to be kept. Bet we’ll see a lot more burning as fire is never satisfied.

Oh no,the dems arent backing down on tyranny at all.It will be done by all their 3 letter agencies.But just like hitler got rid of the brownshirts ASAP after he got what he wanted and used state mechanisms he controlled fully to carry out his agenda,so will the dems.Know your history.
Do these whites in congress need a race war,hell no! They are coming for us ALL with THEIR genocidal plans and destruction just as theyve planned all along.BLM,antifa just useful idiots to get them there… same as the brownshirts.

And have no fear,the reps will be marching in lockstep with the dems in this NWO coup.Look how they are all calling for sedition charges for conservative protesters.

You must not watch the news, we have been over in the sand box for 20 years now, and with all our advanced planes, tanks and drones we still haven’t won that war and by the looks of things, we NEVER WILL. And we are fighting people who are only using small arms against our military, and most of their fighters don’t even have a 1ST grade education. If it comes to a fight in this country, it won’t be a stand up fight with Trump supporters forming battle lines on one side with AR15’s, and the U.S. military facing off against them on the other side with tanks. This will be a 4TH generation gorilla war against the lefts, and the governments infrastructure, and personal, and believe me, in this country, there are tons of spots to hit them, and they don’t have enough man power to protect all of it.No, this fight will be with small units, or teams of Trump supporters carrying out fast, hit and run engagements against high value targets, or persons.

Roger that.

While I agree about superior armament; I would note that the Afghani’s have survived the world’s greatest armed soldiers for nearly four decades.

Armed defense would not be what the liberal-socialist-fascists envision.

It would be bloody horror. I Pray to God we do not devolve to that level.

But even at my age; I will defend my family.

Awh. The only person that “owns” me is Jesus.

So true Grandee
and we go whenever he decided

George was a profit when it came to politics. He could not exist on social media today. He reminds me of John the Baptist. He was a voice crying out to us to wake up before it was to late. WE have to figure out how to repent our selves right now. I think we can fix the voting system but we have to get ready for the next election now. I plan to volunteer to be a poll worker or watcher. But we need good people to run for office if we are going to have a gost of a chance.

LOL on fixing anything, ROTFLMAO that Poll Watchers mean anything. We you ASLEEP through all the obvious fraud and removal of Poll Watchers?

Stalin was right. “It matters much the People Vote, it matters MORE WHO Counts the Votes”.

You cannot vote yourself out of genocide or Gulags.

Former Finland prime minister Matti Vanhanen said in interview (2009) that peoples should not have such illusions that they can change things by voting.
At least he was temporarily honest

243 years it was a good run!

Damn good run. Not over yet.

liberal amnesia

Well said in a nutshell. Demoncrats are doing everything in their power to eliminate us who have critical thinking.

They want us to be drooling idiots like their low IQ idiot supporters. To be gray, I have been practicing which side of my mouth for the drool to run, and whether to wear my depends on the outside of my pants.

Starburst, made me laugh. Drool out the center, just tilt the the chin down slightly. I’ll leave the depends subject alone, visual for sure, have to have a designer print though.

Stardust not Starburst, @#!$%@, &#%#$ spellcheck.

Glad to put a smile on someone during this gloomy future…..

” We’re all in this together. ”

(But, some are more ‘together’ than others.)

Am I the only one who wants to pop someone in the mouth when they say that?


While they go broke losing half their customers?
That helps no one.

I’ve turned off my fav radio station. Daytime DJ was saying it about once an hour.

When our local McDonald’s had a poster with this on it, they had it pasted on the door to their dumpster. Seemed apropos.

Go for it.

Ok so I’m so puzzled as to why the dems are so hell bent on impeachment charges. Just read they are introducing on Monday #waste!

My guess is Executive Orders. They do not want him to have the power to make anymore.

…Or be permanently barred from running for any future office.

Just my thoughts
They want to ban all his power.
The planned ANTIFA riot act in DC, was to blame Trump for instilling dangerous riots by his followers, thus the hasty attempt of impeachment charges.
His banned twit accounts, for him to be furthermore silenced.

If he is going to do something, it better be damned quick.

If I’m gonna be further screwed, I’d rather it be under Trump, than what chaos we have ahead of us.

If im going to be further screwed im going to spread that love around far and wide

Trump is first banned, second are his close supporters banned, and next the rest of us.

I wouldn’t doubt if Ken is looking into going private with membership and passwords to enter his site. Long ago in the 1990’s, some places were like that on the net to keep haters and government officials away, referrals and invitation only, all were screened to join.

Are you looking into it, Ken?

Contingencies are being looked into, yes.

I just signed up to your list, so I don’t take the chance of possibly losing you in “the purge.”

Is there anywhere else I need to go to keep in touch more than one way?

That’s exactly right. “If” the hosting providers start shutting us down (though hopefully I’ve picked one that won’t do that), I might be down for a bit – but I would move the site offshore. There are a number of countries where I could do this. I regularly save backups of the site – so it wouldn’t be down too long if I had to do it…

Ken J
Will we require your sites ip address?

@Antique Collector,
Hopefully not. If it gets to that point where they’ve literally shut us all down (even the smaller fish), then it’s likely going to be SHTF out there. (It already is, but I mean a big bad SHTF)

Just a thought, if you have Patriot friends that you share emails with but don’t have their phone #, might be a good idea to make a list and get their #. Some people that I know, live else where and I don’t know their phone # or address, so should/ or when/ Big Brother or Big Media shuts us down, there would be know way to keep contact with each other. Trekker Out

Or stop him letting America know what the traitors have done.

Which would mean IF Trump is going to do anything with the E.O or declare Insurrection Act it would have to be this weekend.



Everyone likes to party on the weekend.

Let’s get this party a rollin’

The DNI Report was delivered to Congress this AM. They’re all crapping their pants at what that could mean and they’re desperately trying to beat Trump to the punch — get him out before he takes them out. Also, if they impeach him, he’ll never be able to run again. They’re scurred and they should be.

Impeachment means charges..NOT guilt!. They will have to prove it ,

Don’t think they’re too worried about that being an issue at the moment.

As always, those who live by their emotions will cave because they’ve been told Trump is responsible for their “danger.” Most of the rest are bought and paid for.

Because they know they have been caught and are trying to mitigate the damage.They will stop at nothing. Hubs saw communication..was takn down within minutes but someone screen shot caught it. POTUS n taks with several outlets.There is no quit in this man and the traitors know it. Soon and very soon…
keep phone charged to emergency broadcast. sniffer planes are up often.per monkeywerkz.

Aaaaa I think you must have forgotten that THEY ARE important !! You riff raff can’t just come in and disrupt them! Don’t know how you could say such things! (sarc off)

ok so im sure everyone remembers when all the turds got up in every republicans face when they went out someplace
so let give it right back put up signs in businesses that say if you voted for biden i dont want your business lets see how well they like a taste of there own noise

Whoa! Jack Dorsey just pulled the plug on Lin Wood and Sydney Powell. Who wants to go march and chant slogans? That oughta show ’em.

TMac, supposedly Parler might get shut down too…
fun times eh

Kula, I just read on Gateway Pundit that Apple and Google are threatening to ban Parler unless they agree to ban all of us from their service. That is what happens when you have a monopoly of any service.

DaisyK – Linux and underground BBS sites are about to make a resurgence.


Start Page even better than DDG.

Kula – Apple is leading that effort. Gee, they’ve been sitting on my money for a month holding a spot for that sexy new M1 based Air Book or whatever. I really only needed it for one task; pretty sure I can get by without it. I’m very interested to take careful note of who else joins this bandwagon.

If you ask me the internet and lights need to have an incident,,, that ought to fix it

Just think if something like the 2013 Metcalf substation sniper attack were to happen to multiple substations outside of lefty cities. That would lead to some pretty severe consequences for those cities.

Interesting observation.

No American city is able to withstand a siege by determined troops, which can literally turn everything off….electricity, food, medicine, water, fuel….

it doesn’t take a siege, just some saboteurs. No power and nothing else runs.

Don’t forget the backup battery banks in the control houses. 😉

To the 3 letter agencies listening in, Im not advocating violence to control houses, white houses, or even outhouses!

I dunno yooper,,,
the outhouse may warrant violence,,
outa myway!

They were given an ultimatum to implement a “moderation plan” or be removed from Apple or Google platforms. Boy, they’re workin’ fast, huh? It’s almost like they know something’s coming down the pike and so they need to stop all communication traffic between the Trump supporters.

Also, Trump was just permanently banned from Twitter.

Exactly right. Attempting to squelch communications.

Damn, HAM is looking better day by day, hour by hour.

Freaking unbelievable.

Communist garbage always squelches their opposition,,,
can hardly wait for it

Also Gen. Flynn and a whole bunch of others that are pro Trump. FB is doing the same.

Some other conservative sites have also been shutdown or hacked today.


They do not want any of us talking to one another, parsing through the BS and putting our heads together. The collective of we scare them.

Also, supposedly, the DNI report was delivered to Congress this AM and so they’re legitimately freaked out.

I also read that Trump reinstated the firing squad recently. Every last one of them should be lined up for their treason.

I volunteer for the squad, will bring my own rifle and ammo

Count me in, Kula.

If he runs short of projectiles there is always the noose and he reinstated that as well.

11HE9, long time no see. This is so much BS. Conservative sites are being shut down left and right. This one may not last long either. The Demorats are on a sinking ship. They know Trump is fixing to drop the hammer of the special forces. China has infiltrated the election which gives him the insurrection act. It’s game on. Trump doesn’t know the word loose my friend.


Hey Thor,

Good to hear from you. IF Trump is going to do something better do it soon.



He’s got 12 days. The left can’t stop him and they know it. They are going crazy because they know their treason trials are coming. I’m eating popcorn and drinking beer watching the GAME. The Republican and Democrat party is done. It will only be a one party system, the MAGA party.

The FCC notice regarding emergency broadcast is probably not coincidence.

Nope. Not a coinkydink.

I dont think he has 12 days. Articles of Impeachment were drawn up today and they are wanting to vote on Monday in the house. I would not be surprised if it sails through both the house and senate PDQ. They can also use the vote to find out who they need to get rid of next.

I could be wrong but I think this weekend is it for him to do something.


It takes a super majority of the House to vote for Impeachment, at which time they must gather what evidence and causes they have..and refer the Impeachment to the Senate, who will conduct a trial, with the Chief Justice presiding. The Senate would then need to vote with a super majority to convict.

I do not think they have the time, nor the votes.


They will have the super majority in both the house and the senate. Look how fast they stopped objecting to the electoral votes after the capital protest. Many GOP pols caved like crazy and will continue to do so to hopefully save their sorry asses.

They will pressure all politicians to get on board or them and their family will be next. When the .gov wants something done for them it happens in hrs/days. Been done before. NDAA ring a bell.


Not enough time. It is not a is a trial..and even if Impeached in time…the result would be delayed and not even require a departure from office.

The people just elected to the House includes more Conservatives, and the Senate still has enough actual Conservatives to block a 3/4 majority.

It is all moot anyway.

I knew America was finished the first time Obama was elected…and any doubt was removed upon his second election. I was not for Trump, as I thought he was a shill for the Democrats. But, over time, I though Trump was mostly okay…and started to have some hope again.

But, the actions now taking place remind me the enemy, now scared to death, is coming to the fore to make certain their Tyranny.

It shall be time to go hot upon Jan 20th. Get your units together and scout your localities.

Yeah, like the last time they collected evidence? They’ll make up what they darn well please, and you can be sure that Twit and FaceSlap will come up with evidence PROVING, PROVING, that he incited violence. They’ll have everybody in the House onboard because they’re all “traumatized” right now. And Chief Justice? You’re kidding me, right? This’ll be skidded through so fast you’ll think the skids were greased. The fact that it will skid head first into a wall is secondary.

I agree 100%. It might happen this weekend.

Just these last few hours ALL of big tech is taking down one after the other… It’s lighting up sooner than I thought. The great purge has begun… They will be coming for all of us

And, we will be coming for them…

There are MORE of us…and we will not hesitate, give warning, take prisoners, or allow them to flee.

A few ditch interrogations will allow us to take out their staging areas and take care of those who sent them.

Don’t forget about Italy.


Disagreeable, You asked the difference. I will tell you.

Ken doesn’t have a corner on the conservative blog market. You do an internet search for conservative websites and you will find more than 100. There aren’t many social media options. Twitter is almost a monopoly. I didn’t look it up, but I think it was the Sherman Act that prohibited monopolies.

And a lot more. Dan Bongino just posted for the last time on Twitter. He’s headed to Parler like everyone else.

It’s my opinion that all the tyrants at big tech should be hung in the public square.

They also have special protection in section 230 other “house builders” don’t have and that special protection is only because they claim they aren’t discriminating in an editorial manner. Get rid of 230 and then I will agree with you.

Just heard that the Homeland Security Committee (which is infiltrated with Mossad/KM (the Khazarian Mafia) is now apparently calling for everyone involved in the “seige” on the Capitol to be placed on the FBI (also compromised) No-Fly List.

You can’t make this shite up, guys.

This is just beginning,
i want them to start confiscating weapons, that ought to get a few guys off the bench


New elected WV Delegate Derrick Evan was arrested by the FBI today for participating in the “storming” of the capital. He live streamed the event.


They shutdown the Virginia Defense Forces Facebook page.

They shutdown Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account.

This is going to get hot soon. They are following attack protocol of taking out communications, next will be infrastructure such as power grid…..

Lock and load, we need secondary communications such as SW and CB.

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!!

Who cares what you think,,,,
get lost donkey

Yep, it means for a long pause for your simple mind to grab hold and comprehend.


Will, in the future, call you stubby…

Ya got four fingers to count on.


Im telling ya, they are going to do exactly like Mao, stalin and Hitler did but 2021 version,,, thats the leftist mo
the charge will be led by our own government

Yeah well Down Detector just told me that Parler does not exist. I think I’m gonna wrap it up early tonight and GTFO of here. Somethings fecky, ain’t right; I’ve got a bad feeling all over right now.

Bongino’s on Parler saying it’s imminent.

MSG12B Can you excerpt it here?

I still show it as being up, TMC.

I’m wondering if Gab is down, though, because I’ve not had any luck getting on there lately.

MSG12B – the frame loads slow and all feeds are offline. SoCal area. Down Detector suggests a counterattack against Twitter is underway


Now at home, Spectrum, Parler Welcome page loads, no content. I-10 westbound was frikking empty tonight, maybe 40% of normal traffic, max. GLP also down

Tmc – I’ve tried twice to get on parler a few minutes ago and all I get is a white screen. No error message of any kind. Tried two different browsers, etc…

Yep… I think Parler must be on overload with everyone migrating there all at once. I opened an account there a few weeks ago, and just started linking to various people (including Ken 😉 ), and wanted to add some since people are being banned by the Bird… or leaving the Bird in protest… but cannot get my feed. It lets me log in, then nothing. Anyway, I hope its nothing more than overload. We’ll see. I saw that Apple is demanding Parler make changes or it won’t carry their app. But, I just go in through the net, I don’t need the app to access so that particular change may be invisible to me.

This is happening faster than I thought it would, I figured we wouldn’t see all of this until the 3rd week in Jan.

As of 2000ET Google suspended Parler from its app store. They are shutting it all down.


Best make plans of how your response will go in your AO,,,,
next they will be red flagging us all

buncha stupid asses

I haven’t read through most of the comments here yet, but what do you all think about the Chinese President’s very generous offer to send 250,000 of his best troops to help peacemaking efforts on Inauguration Day in DC?

MSG12B – The rumor around here is that Mr. Xi’s emergency brain surgery did not go well. We could be looking at a tornadic power vacuum; which nature abhors.

Seriously? What a shame.

As Forest Gump always said….you can’t fix stupid…LOL

Not sure if that was legit info. The original was a screenshot of a tweet, yet the doesn’t actually exist on that account. May have been deleted…or photoshopped to stir things up..

Nope. Definitely legit from my end.

The General/Mr. says,, The same will apply when we send 500,000 thousand over to make peace along with 5 Carriers.

Mrs. U
Oooh, good comeback! I know this is deadly serious stuff we’re talking about, but that did make me laugh and then cheer.

Hey dude Your Fight is Not with Us…
You are commenting to Patriot Americans who are Freedom loving, mind your own business, strong work ethic types…. We do not care if you like to kiss dudes or women… If you want to cut your wiener off it is OK by me….

We have identified the U.S. Federal Government as the enemy of the people.

D and Rs do not matter… That is irrelevant… The Feds aka .gov killed your hero JFK….

By the way JFK won via election fraud coming out of Cook Co. Illinois. aka shitcago.

Although I do believe he was a patriot too. He attempted to go after the Federal Reserve and then was promptly executed by the 1960’s deep state equivalent…

Then as history follows we were plunged into Vietnam and 50k US citizens dead 100k+ maimed and millions of gooks dead. to include the Cambodia Pol Pot Purge.

Your aggressions are not with us. Deep State .gov is the enemy.

Dang I was trying to reply with the troll ‘disagreeable bla bla’ and he got zapped by the auto down vote.

That’s OK

To all Democrat’s reading this blog or Antqueefa’s.

Your Fight is not with us. We are Hard Working Patriot Americans who mind our own business respect others and do not care what you do in your own personal life. You can kiss dudes, women making it with women is ok (just get video of it). You can cut your Weiner off for all we care… more power to you….

The deep state aka .gov MURDERED your hero JFK….

JFK won by election Fraud coming out of Cook Co. IL aka Schitcago. Although I believe he was a patriot.

He wanted to go after the Federal Reserve and stop the Vietnam military involvement/expansion…

As a result of his murder and election fraud 50k American citizen soldiers perished 100k+ were maimed or there lives ruined and millions of dead freaking Asians. Pol Pot killed many millions more.

Your fight is not with us. Deep State DC is the REAL enemy of the people… they have committed voter Fraud against the will of the people. millions will die again if this stands…

White Cracker. Interesting post. I initially thought of down-voting it but you are to an extent correct. I would add that the Deep State includes the Marxist-owned media corporations like CNN and MSNBC. These corporations have a direct effect on the young and weak-minded especially during this China-manufactured pandemic. Our fight is not with Democrats per say or even ANTIFA. Our fight is with the hidden radical element that drives them to violence against us – the people. Bernie and Kamala are big supporters of this hidden movement and their agenda is to wipe us off the face of the map.

Everyone needs to boycott Facebook and Twitter. They banned the President of the United States of America so we need to ban them.

President Trump just secured the Emergency broadcast system to inform Americans.

The Deep state may try dirty bombs in States that senators voted to stop the bogus election. Radioactive bomb sniffing planes are in the air.

Gab is now down, too.

I think both Gab and Parler are having issues handling the massive influx of traffic.

After the Prez was booted from Twitter, those two websites were inundated with people trying to access it and sign up.

“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. You ain’t never gonna be in it!”

But, I was in it….and I quit it.

Well, if Conservative sites are/aren’t being shut down at this time,
Just shows to go ya how desperate this worldwide leftist group truly is.

Battle well

The list of purges is enormous.
Hopefully ISP’s will not deplatform personal websites.

This appears to be a planned and orchestrated operation.

The technocrats currently appear to have the upper hand.

Don’t count out the Patriots.


Have these filthy bastards no shame or human decency whatsoever? Satanic slime!

Rush may have removed it himself…the message is “Account does not exist” rather than “Account suspended”. Not sure, but I’ve seen that distinction on other accounts that have voluntarily left on their own. His last twitter post I saw yesterday was from Dec 17th thanking people for well wishes. Probably won’t know till Monday for sure, if he’s well enough to do his program.

However, Facebook has throttled him because of a post he made about antifa. He has a note on his website considering it a “badge of honor”

Twitter banned Rush, didn’t volunteer to leave.

Twitter said why Dorsey banned Trump, his tweet that he wrote he won’t be attending the inauguration, “is being interpreted as further indication that President Trump does not plan to facilitate an ‘orderly transition'”.

This means they will ban anyone they don’t like for anything and anything they make up..

wonder how much data they would mine if they had no one using their platform?


tmcg, Please don’t be so kind to these vile critters,
Don’t want to offend any animals by saying which one but it brays and is south bound…they are very similar to the north end .

If you have not yet done so, you may want to contact Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse.

Regarding site preservation.

Heart’s heavy tonight.
Feel like the President really needs our prayers right now.
Care to join me in lifting him up?
I’ve not been very good at doing that lately; just so darn focused on my own butthurt feelings.
Need to change that.
Can’t imagine the burden he’s carrying right now.
Arrows coming at him from every direction.
Lord be with him.
No man deserves what he’s been through these five years.
I know this…God wins.

have been several times daily. Concerned abt him and family.and the necessary many swamp creatures and fighting so much filth and deceit.
KNOW we are with you POTUS! We are behind you…Thank you for being a strong leader.Thanks to those who are supporting you in all ways.

They shutdown the Virginia Defense Forces Facebook page.

They shutdown Tucker Carlson’s Twitter account.

This is going to get hot soon. They are following attack protocol of taking out communications, next will be infrastructure such as power grid…..

Lock and load, we need secondary communications such as SW and CB.

My friends,
My condolences! Free America is dead! Freedom of the speech is dead!
Who are Google and Twitter to decide what can be said or who can speak! I am grown up in that kind of sistem. This is disaster of democracy! Good help you and US!

Your Veteran Like myself, This is the opening salvo of WAR. First thing you do is cut off lines of communication with Command control and cut comms from the commander to his troops.

Best to wait and see what comes of this. Then regroup.

Merry Christmas to you Veteran.
Yet the accounts of communist China are still open along with the Ayatollah in Iran, the dictator of Venezuela and other destroyers of liberty and freedom.

It’ll be interesting to see how the MSM and Twitter/Facebook/Google survive after silencing their biggest draw over the last five years. Eventually, they’ll turn on each other and that’ll be fun to watch. They don’t realize it yet because they’re too busy celebrating a victory, but their day-to-day is about to take quite the turn.

I can get Parler on the commuter. On Tuckers show he spoke of Apple and Google taking Parler off of their app list.

What the left does not realize and especially the brown left, is this war on freedoms will seep over in to their world like skunk spray from 2 miles down the road. Ignorance is bliss, but only temporarily…..

I can get Gab on the laptop. Apparently ‘They’ are controlling the phones. Most people and MOST young people are phone orientated as opposed to home computers anymore.

On Tuckers show he had a message from Trump, sorry I cannot say it verbatim, but the idea I got from it was, after he leaves office he is going set up his own social media platform.

He should support one of the already existing ones.

If there wasn’t any other options, then I could see him setting up his own.

Looks like most people are going to Parler over Gab. It may be due to Gab being a bit strong on emphasizing their religious stance. It may turn off some people.

Interesting Meep, he certainly was a big ‘presence’ on Twitter an existing site. As a billion dollar business man he probably sees dollar signs with a new social media platform. Capitalism is the American way, the free way.

From Undercover Wolf on Parler at around 12:45AM…


i. The photos on Hunter Biden’s laptop have been authenticated by federal authorities (relevancy & authenticity thresholds reached per requirement by law)

ii. Due to the nature of the files/photos within, a warrant will be issued prior to his arrest Monday to secure additional evidence [both physical and digital] at his current location.

iii. Target H. Biden is considered a flight risk — agents have mobilized to contain/monitor — potential evidence considered highly valuable at current residence

iv. Expected Assange/Snowden pardon — DECLAS follows

Amazing how much “Secret Data” gets dropped all over. Hey let’s just TELL Hunter to take his millions and beat feet eh?

Q psyops again? Patriots hold until the “Whites of their eyes” stuff?

12 days until Trump is going to be a “Flight Risk” or in Gitmo himself as the Socialist-Democrats are going for revenge and lots of it.

Kill House Rules learn them.

have not seen any new comments for a day or two. Is this platform still in operation

Yeppers we’re still here.
Just slowed down a bit.
Time to reflect “the good old days”.

my comment just went away

love george carlin and agree

Well…..I’ve spent the last coupla days sorta steppin’ back and reflecting on all that has been happening….all that’s been predicted to happen…all that folks are hoping will happen….and I’ve come to a conclusion….

….whatever is gonna happen will happen, no matter how much I want it to happen or don’t want it to happen… what in the world can I do?……

…..I can keep on keeping on…keep on making provisions for the unexpected…keep on preparing for tough times while trying my best to take in and enjoy all the good things along the way….

…..keep on giving thanks for the blessings I’ve already received…all those yet to come….realizing that while I may be insignificant in the eyes of the “powers that be”….I walk with the Power that is….and that, my friends, is more than enough assurance for me……

So, good morning from the mountain, folks….today is going to be a good day…let’s enjoy it and try to do our part to make it better….

Hundreds of thumbs up Sir
Is going to also be a GREAT day here on Lightning Point.
Ole Blue and me have some fishing in mind, maybe a little therapy is calling also.

Thank You for always putting things into perspective.

See ya around the fishing hole.


Wise words for a gloomy morning. thank you sir!

Well Jim, if yad get out of that mine shaft and visit the sun for a bit…
Life really is good ya know.

NRP & Blue,
that is the nice thing about working underground….. the minute you come out everything gets brighter, even if it is nighttime!
Hope you and Blue are doing well and getting some fishing in. DW and I are starting to look around for another dog. Its been hard since we lost Jake the Farm Dog in July, we need another buddy around the farm. Give the ol pup of yours a big hug for us.

good afternoon to you , here in liberal indianapolis. It will be a good day here too despite them.

Dennis, right on my friend, your one in a million