George Soros – The Money Behind The Marxist Takeover Of America

Most of you already know this. But I’ll say the name anyway. George Soros. He is a globalist. His net worth is approximately 8 Billion. He is ranked the 56th richest person in America by Forbes and in the #162 spot globally. He lives in Katonah, New York (view satellite image from virtualglobetrotting).

Today George Soros is banned from entering 6 countries, including his home country of Hungary.

Soros is a well-known supporter of progressive and liberal political causes, to which he dispenses donations through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations. If he’s funding it, you can be sure there’s globalist, leftist, and socialist motives behind it.

His goal is to tear down nation status, particularly the United States which stands in the way of a one world globalist type society and rule. Thus he supports and finances individuals and entities to get the job done. His hand (money) is seemingly in nearly everything anti-American.

A few weeks ago the NY Times reported, “George Soros’s Foundation Pours $220 Million Into Racial Equality Push”. Mr. Soros’s group will invest $150 million in grants for Black-led racial justice groups, and another $70 million toward local grants for criminal justice reform and civic engagement opportunities.

The Washington Free Beacon recently reported, “Soros Pours Record $50 Million Into 2020 Election”. Liberal billionaire spends $30 million more than in 2016 with months left to go before the elections.

As you would expect from someone hell-bent on changing America to achieve his Marxist goals, he financially supports leftist political candidates of his particular choosing. What some of you might not realize is his (behind the scenes) support of persons who will also affect (his) change within the court systems. Such as far-leftist district attorneys around the nation.

His tentacles are everywhere. If you start digging, you may be astonished at the extent of his wide ranging influence. His money is filtered through a variety of proxies. PACs, the Open Society Foundation network and the many groups within, and various and often controlling interest investments via Soros Fund Management.

Why he is not banned from the United States of America should tell you something. If you’re not getting it, it’s because there are many within the US government (and the controllers thereof) who support his globalist agenda… The take-down of America as it were.

Oh, and apparently in 1944, 14-year-old George Soros went to work for the invading Nazis. He was Jewish and reportedly worked as a courier for the local Jewish council, which Nazis set up in many occupied countries – using Jews to identify and keep tabs on other Jews. During an interview on 60 minutes (decades ago) he apparently said that it was an experience for which he felt no guilt.

Why am I bothering to talk about this? To identify that it takes money to fund a war of this magnitude. LOTS of money. Especially one which essentially involves unnatural or big changes to the social fabric of a nation.

He’s “all in” right now. As are all the rest. Yesterday I wrote about identifying true enemies of the republic. In my opinion, it is an evil thing this man is doing. Funneling big money to tear up our social fabric into divisions too wide to reconcile. It’s all part of the play book. It has taken quite some time. But he has been remarkably successful at it.

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Pure evil. A enemy of the people that needs to be eliminated.

and done asap

America love it or leave it. Deport George Soros before he turns America into a Communist country.

Read the book the Phoenix program from the VN war….

Have often wondered where all of his wealth came from. Will leave that hypothesis to all you to figure out. Yes, I have an idea but it is so lurid that it hard to fathom sometimes.

Yes a little errand boy at the age of 14 for the Nazis is able to become and entity that can Crash the British Pound? Fund Thousands of Marxist, and Globalist NGOs which in turn facilitated the flood (invasion) into West Europe with Muslim N.Africans and Syrians.

P.S. Don’t Forget about the Dudes full grown adult Sons…. They will carry on It’s work. Unless somebody stops them.

soros has two sons…. to carry on….

Canada is falling as we speak, our “prime minister” is one of many bastard children of Fidel Castro. Yes that is real.

1. He is a hedge fund player 2. He broke the Bank of England. 3. He has many other billionaires working with him @Bill Gates.
Illuminati members have been at the “transformation” of America since the end of WWII.
Don’t you wonder why people Flood, legal & illegally for the American Dream…..quickly becoming a nightmare….when America is done, where do we go to live freely? God is in control….repentance inAmerica
Is necessary to survive. 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼❤️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️

A recent Breitbart news article refers to his most successful project yet, the installation of attorney generals on the state level. They have overturned elections in favor of Democrats.

This happened here in Hillsborough County FL. And also in Orlando Orange County FL

Hey Bow-Tie, Chevy
Didn’t he fund Kim Gardner in Missouri, who’s persecuting
the couple that were “waving their deadly weapons(that
didn’t work) at the peaceful protesters?

This happened in Hillsborough County Florida. His choice Andrew Warren won!!

I cast my ballot today and voted AGAINST Andrew Warren. I happened to read your comment and that prompted me to do research on Soros financed candidates like Andrew Warren. Thanks for alerting me. It is obvious Warren has much money behind him – with all his TV advertisements – and now I realize where all that financial support is coming from.

I heard someone say on tv that Soros had destroyed 5 nations. They didn’t say which ones.

Chances are England may be on the list, since his first big payoff was when he shorted the British Pound and earned himself the title of “The Man who broke The Bank of England.” But I doubt you’ll see any Arab nations on the list.

Pakistan, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Hungary, and the Philippines. Israel says he is not welcome there.

He broke the banks of England, (manipulates the currency causing a crash) Thailand, Georgia, and I think some others.

Ken, love the count down clock.

Saw a video where an expert in criminal behavior stated that the riots are being organized nationally. I’m wondering how much of a hand old Satan/Soros has in this organization?

Joe C
Too late, that was the “Obummer ” phone.

Also to Seminole, How many $100 million did he “donate” to blm, no, the
other one, not Bureau of Land Management.

So, so you mean no free $hit?
But, but they promised me. Bought my vote for free $hit in return. They lied.
Now, I haven’t a pot to piss in….
and no country I now recognize. Hell, I don’t even know what restroom I’m allowed to use.

That’s ok, the gooberment will be on its way to save me.

Yeah, so sorry.
And I used to be in aviation, our most feared words, ” Hi there. We’re the FAA
and we’re here to help.” No worries, the government going take care of you!


I hope you know, I’m only kidding on this truly possible outcome.

(I don’t recall the post name.)

Of course, thas why everybody over here is doing so well now and keeps getting cheaper and better,
Cause da gubermint been take care our kuleana,,, azzwhy da Kanakas doing so well an so happy, azz why all the born n raised locals like me are jus shakin our heads now,,,,
Azz ok, Ige and all da gubermint buddaheads on oahu get us cuz

anti Christ material?

Scum-of-the-earth patriotic CIA agents should take him out

the cia is ANYTHING but scum of the earth

Satan/Soros and his sons need to be cancelled and estates confiscated. Then no mention in the history books.

Rich Pounder – Actually, a mention in the history books might serve as a warning to future generations to not let something like this happen again. Those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

I think it was meant to read: Scum of the earth. Patriotic CIA agents should take him out. Punctuation is important.

Yeah, that’s for hire I read it too. You could go to the other extreme and string together six commas like another poster is prone to doing. Poor communications skills aren’t unique to the younger generation.

He Owns ‘Progressive Insurance’,,,Cancel , if you do:::I just Did:::Also,,Soros’s Son is Married to A Congressman from New York-Guess Who —Clue -His first Name is ‘Adam’ S,,,,,,,

Damn, I just shot my phone
I swear, that ugly mug had a bullseye right on his foremelon.

Hey, maybe if I vote democrap this term I might get a free phone.

I agree with that leftist, commy, Marxist party on absolutely nothing. Take my house. Take my land. Take my gender. Take my rights,
Take my nation to the toilet,,…but hey, a free phone??🤔

Just heard that an federal appeals court in Boston just vacated the death sentence of the Boston Marathon bomber.

You cannot make this stuff up. What in the HELL is this world coming to? Everything is absolutely upside down and turned inside out.

RE: Soros…I’m shocked he hasn’t been taken out by now. If ever a man needed to hang, it’s this man. With a very large world-wide audience watching. And cheering. He is evil personified.

If you are to “clean up” this criminal enterprise, you would have to “remove” his whole family, that have “trained” to follow “daddy’s” orders to the number, as well as MANY, MANY “bought and paid for” members from BOTH “sides” of CON-gress, that rely on his $$$$$$$ to fund their cushy lifestyles, as well as OUR Tax dollars they steal.

Breitbart has an expose on Karen Bass, a consideration for the VP position as Biden’s running mate. Full blown Communist. If Joe Dementia wins it could lead to a Communist president on January 22nd.

Bass was trained in Cuba back in the 60’s. She had a lot of nice things to say about castro when he died…. She is a devout Communist who if elected on the Creepy-Brain Dead Joe ticket will be a weak heartbeat away from POTUS…. Scary…!!!

This guy is behind all of it. He financed all of the elected prosecutors that have refused to charge rioters and looters, he has been pumping cash into BLM and AntiFa from the start. He handed his own people over to the Nazi’s during WW2…he deserves to be tried for crimes against humanity. Or maybe just Rule 308 should be invoked. That would be a good start.

For several election cycles now, Soros has been footing the campaign expenses backing far leftist candidates for local elected prosecutors (D.A.’s) and sheriffs. To what end you may ask.

Have you noticed the uptick in prosecutions of “supposed” corruption by conservative politicians? Or trumped up charges based on political correctness?

Kim Gardner. That name ring a bell? Prosecuting Attorney St. Louis county. Filed the charges against the couple who displayed their guns to ward off the BLM mob illegally trespassing. Did you know that she is also responsible for filing bogus charges against the prior governor of Missouri (a former highly decorated Navy Seal and former Eagle Scout), resulting in his being forced from office while bitterly denying the charges. The charges were dropped after the woman who filed the original complaint admitted she may have just dreamed that he had assaulted her. Kim Gardner’s campaign for D.A. was funded to the tune of $240,000 by Soros.

Both the D.A. and Sheriff in Dallas County Texas were elected with Soros dollars. The jails are being emptied and charges filed by police are never prosecuted.

This is being repeated all over the country. Soros is getting the results he wants……..Joe Blow citizen is getting the shaft.

Sadly, 240,000 to Soros is like us paying for a bucket of chicken and biscuits for a family dinner.

Andrew Warren in Hillsborough Co , Tampa, Florida, funded by Soros.

Look into who is married into his family– Pelosi family, Clinton family, and others

Don’t forget Shifty Sciff

When he dies, his sons are ready to take over what he leaves behind. Reputedly they are worse than him.

So when?
When will a purge begin?
When will everybody finally stand up against the corrupt DC and local political class?
When will jagazzes like sorros get cleaned up? When will people take a stand against the communist/marxist/socialist garbage trying to change our country??????????????
Folks better open their eyes and harden their hearts, that or they better get used to begging for everything, and im not talking about food, wake up,,,

Right on!!

Kulafarmer – In the last two days, at least two news items in the alt press about small towns running the Revolutionary Communist Party out of town, and standing behind their police department. I watched both feeds myself, and it was glorious to witness. One in northern Colorado, one in Oregon. There have been others, and probably many more are not reported.

Remember the MSM is not our friend in this fight, and won’t show acts of resistance and victory if they can help it. We are supposed to feel helpless, defeated and in despair. The fight ain’t over yet. The rules most of us play by aren’t the same rules the enemy plays by, and that is the problem. The Democratic cities may be burning; I didn’t see any of the vastly larger group of those cities’ residents even make a decent show of resistance. Their city, their accountability.

When the mob shows up in conservative areas, they are shown the door. I will say, it was hilarious watching the menacing mob turn into a group of whiny, spoiled children when they realized, in their own words, ‘This isn’t like Portland’. Even funnier when they complained about their cars being blocked by citizens standing in the road, and yelling for the police to help them get out. You should find one of those to watch – might cheer you up a bit!

As to the bigger fish funding the movement, it’s going to take our own bigger fish, and I do hope we have some, to bring them down. Every time we send their foot soldiers packing, though, it helps those above us.

Any links Farmgirl?

Mackatozi – Links to video for both were posted on Gab, with links to the media sites that wrote the articles and embedded the footage. I don’t think we’re supposed to post links to other sites, so I didn’t do that. I’ll see if I can find it.

Mackatozi – Breitbart, PJMedia, the Federalist, and the NY Post all had stories on the bible burning. Can’t remember which one I read. The northern Colorado town that showed up in number, along with their law enforcement on horseback, can be found on LiveLeak dot com.

Vote red in November!🇺🇸

The next question to ask…
who is pulling his strings?
He is a top player…
But he is not the “TOP PLAYER.
They never reveal themselves…
always behind the scenes.
Never in the public eye…
they put up a talking head. a puppet.
Hitler was the talking head…
NWO was a phrase used back then publicly.
The first time I ever saw it in print was in the propaganda of Nazis in the 40’s.Most likely the term is much older.
My personal observation is this…
There are different powerful groups who want to usher in the NWO. That they have in common.
The difference is the particular path they want to take to achieve it.
Their actions used to be clandestine. Now it’s all in plain sight. They are well organized. We are not.They use the media against us when we try. Either they vilify or ignore us. They control the media and the narrative. Censorship is rampant and quite frankly we are powerless to stop it.
The key to them winning is keeping everyone and everything in constant turmoil. People are mentally fatigued. People will vote for whoever convinces them that they can make it stop. That will be the mantra from the Left very soon. Vote for us and it all goes away. The cost is just a little more of your freedom. A small price to pay right? I have distant family that will jump at it. I’m betting everyone here has family that will too. Human nature of weak minds. Wear a paper mask or be arrested. Not about safety but about control. The removal of the individual and replaced with the hive mind.
Ayn Rand’s first book “Anthem” comes to mind.
Remember what K.Harris said?
“when we are back in charge we will come for those who opposed us.(paraphrasing)”
Now she might be the VP. choice.I bet she will make good on her threat.
If I were a betting man I would bet the criminals they are releasing in all these Democrat cess pools will be recruited to replace the LE. Yea,that should work out well.
Is Soros and his spawn evil POS’s? You bet! But keep in mind they are only middle mangement…

Bilderberger society

Subpoena all financial records of “ALL” representatives of the “AMERIKAN SOVIET SOCIALIST(ASS) mule party representatives!

I found a website called thewillcountynews dot com that lists more than 200 groups that Soros directly funds himself or thru Open Society Foundation.

What a list! Just a few examples:
– A DC think-tank that grooms and places young lawyers in key positions in govt
– All of us or none: Voting rights for current and past inmates
– Amer Fed of Teachers: Keep left-thinking leaders running nat’l teachers union
– Catalist – a group “building and operating” a national voter database
– Centers for socialist economic policies – pro-Venezuela and Castro
– Global Exchange-advised US to look at why we are resented in the world after 9-11
– Institute for Policy Studies: wants US foreign policy to be controlled by the UN
– Justice at stake: abolish voting for judges, judges appointed by “commissions”
– Malcolm X Grassroots: for separate black nation in S.E. USA, slave reparations
– Midwest Academy – trains people to target, confront and intimidate
– Voting integrity – against all forms of ID for voting
– Prepare NY: group led by Imam who wanted to build Muslim center at Ground Zero
– Prison Moratorium Project: abolish all prisons, release all prisoners
– Roosevelt Institute: Capitalism is unjust, reshape US to socialist system
– Secretary of State Project: Elect Dem’s to all State-level Secretary of State offices

In our state and others I think, the secretary of state is in charge of elections. Scary.

Mama lark,
Absolutely… he is funding those races for good reason. Remember the hanging chad issues?

Here in CA, the AG also composes the language in state propositions on ballots. Last election, CA’s AG worded a proposition that would have repealed an illegally initiated gas tax, but instead of calling it a tax repeal, he wrote it as a measure to save and repair state roads for passenger safety by not reducing funding.

After the stupid people voted to keep their roads safe, they realized they made the 12c gas tax permanent and cried foul, but to no avail. Then, our lefty governor grabbed the money, saying homeless needs outweighed road repairs. State AG’a wield a ton of power.

Isn’t it just amazing ?
Think about it.
All the responses here, all the people throughout the country, aware of what’s going on,
BUT, nothing is ever being done about it but talk, talk, talk.
The Titanic is going down, and all the passengers are talking about it while it’s happening.
All talk – no action.
Admit it – we have become a nation of Wimps !
It’s so true, when it’s said that a people get the kind of government it deserves.
The writers of the Declaration of Independence warned us of this very same thing.
‘It’s a Republic – if you can keep it.’

JustSayin’ – “Admit it – we have become a nation of Wimps !”

Maybe so……. but I think not. Please read Brandon Smith’s article “Is America Headed for Civil War? Of Course It Is” posted on 03 July 2020 on
I saw part of that article posted on this site, in the comment section, but with no mention of Smith as the author. If you read the article, you may find it interesting. I admit I was feeling the same way as you….. till I read that article. I see too many people here with “the fire” in them (including you) to believe they are wimps. I been around the block a few times, but if I had to face some of them the “pucker factor” would probably be about 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. They don’t call it “home team advantage” for nothing. So…… I recommend “Be young, be foolish, be happy” – by Swinging Medallions on youtube. I would add “Be patient”

I love that horn section.

this is a civil war on a global scale.

So we have another person going by my name… Just Sayin’

JustSayin’ vs Just Sayin’ . I replied to JustSayin’ ??????? IDK. Now I really am confused. Is this like identical twins or somethin’ ??? I gotta go, its after 04:00 hrs. and I am seeing double. Honest officer, I had nothing to drink. Yeah, right.

Can’t sleep. Ok Ok. I’m just sayin’ I replied to justsayin,’ but you are just saying’ . Oh shit…. now there is three of us. I am going nuts.

Hopefully the “silent majority” will have their say-so November 3. Rioting, destruction, violence from the left, although bombastic in the news is actually working against the left as it is being condoned and vocally supported by the left wing media and Democrats alike.

I hear what you’re saying.
It is sad isn’t it?

There are those that follow morals, beliefs, rule of law, common sense……and we are the ones, being demised.

Then you have the takers, the liars, the hidden, covered ‘peaceful’ protesters, that by rule of law, should be apprehended, without question.

I don’t believe we have become a nation of whimps.
We just don’t play by the same immoral rules, as the low life’s.

Touche` my friend!

Re-elect No One! Term limits!

This guy is a true POS. Not only for the reasons stated but also for allegations and evidence that he is deeply rooted in the child pornography and human trafficking circles. As Ken wrote “why he is not banned from the United States should tell you something” should be scary as hell. Just another elitist looking to destroy this country.

How many of you are aware that G S had an employee by the last name of Gates. Up close & personal employee from what the reporter discovered on the family ties.
No, not the Bill but his father. hummmm
Ever wonder where GS’s money came from, or Bill’s for Msoft to start it up. Certain cashes of stolen property from Europe was never found after WWII. hummmm

George Soros needs to be banned from the U.S. and ALL his assets in this country confiscated. He should be labeled the terrorist that he is.

do tell

Think, “What is black gold?” and where did that black gold come from. It’s
a question that needs an answer in his case.

Soros brings down and destroys economies That’s what he enjoys the most. It is no secret why he supports the demoncrats in this election and pays riot participants, arsonists, anarchists, and criminals not to mention Biden for his dirty deeds.

Soros is a traitor and should be tried for treason.

So, if your neighbor built an olympic sized swimming pool, using his money, on your land, would you say he was within his rights? After all, it’s his money…

The man uses his money to destroy countries and lives. When he supports organizations that burn down your house, is he still allowed to spend his money as he sees fit?

Ownership of the proceeds of thievery is transferred by that act. A good case can be made that it was not George’s money to begin with and he aided Hitler in the acquisition of wealth belonging to his own countrymen, whom he sold to the slaughter.

Good evening Patriots and trollers.
We are never powerless. We each need to vote and tell all our like minded brothers and sisters to vote.
Talk Politics as much as it hurts often speak in facts and in love. Remember Jesus can heal all things, do all things. The Bible burners can not mock Yahweh and will be consumed in the very fire in front of them in due time. For we know who wins this battle. Remember to vote. Start in your city and county and state and finally the Presidential election. No we are not wimps and we are not powerless but choose to speak the truth to what we see and know it is not over and Soros can not buy the election unless we let him by not voting


Ask yourself a question how come the American Government never went after this Communist pig

Better yet, Why hasn’t anyone, anyone at all,
gone after this scumbag. I agree with kevin,
disappear him.

“The Freedom Group,” owners of Bushmaster, Remington, DPMS, Dakota firearms
Harrington & Richards and now Marlin, also the owners of a number of ammunition
manufacturers. Do a little research and find out who owns the parent company of
the Freedom Group. It ‘ll scare the poop out of you. Perhaps it would explain the
shortage of a number of essential items for people on this site.

TREASON, can’t believe these charges can’t be brought against him. Must be some law about spending so much money on the elections. Why can’t we change the rules. Our freedom is going to be the end of us. Unbelievable.

We can change the rules! Voting was the way, but now they have
diminished that path. It might be time for the Patriots of this land
to say… enough. We need to adjust our thinking, we’ve all been taught
and rightly, the rule of God and the rule of law of man. Perhaps the
time has arrived to say that the rule of man’s law, must be TRUMP’d by
the rule of what is right.
(Yeah, I know, the pun was both intended and deliberate.)
I’ll borrow a line here.. Just saying…. (Credit, the original Just Sayin’)

Boy I’ll tell ya, what is it like, being such a piece of shit, and now “Jr.” ~ is just a dam exact copy ~ of You and Your dam ~ Evilness !