How Working Class Truckers Might Protest >> Shut ‘er Down

The Trump movement, “Make America Great Again”, has largely benefited the “Working Class”. Manufacturing jobs (among other sectors) were booming with record numbers as a result of his policies. A president who finally took on China stealing jobs. Resisting globalism over that of national sovereignty and identity. I could go on. However lets think about the middle class “Working Class”. You might call them “Blue Collar”.

Trump’s career as a real estate developer had him working directly with the middle class. Construction. “Working Class” through and through. He was (and is) well liked by many within the so called “Working Class” workplace. His rallies have left zero doubt to his popularity. I believe that his “gut” has always been with the “working class”. Though a billionaire, much of the “working class” love him.

Why is that? Well, his actions benefit them. It seems obvious that “he’s one of them” so to speak. At least in the context of being on their side, in spirit. Do you know what I mean? I think you do…

So where am I going with this? Well, I want you to think about something…

Red – Blue

Look at any national County Map of Red/Blue voting majority. The VAST expanse of geography appear shades of Red. Whereas the shades of Blue are generally highly concentrated in dots around the landscape. The big cities.

Most of the country is Red in this regard. The Blues are concentrated in the cities. That’s where they live. I have driven back and forth across the country east/west, north/south, quite a few times. It is AMAZING the stark difference when rolling on the roads… Most of our country is rural, sprinkled with highly concentrated areas of “human chaos”.

This is literally, Rural vs. Urban (for the most part).

This is not a revelation for most of you. However I do believe the effects have gotten worse. More states and their governments are being influenced by people moving from “Blue States” to “Red States” – and bringing their politics with them (that’s just one reason). They move to the Blue dot cities and suburban regions around them. Eventually and increasingly, the Blue dot political environment detrimentally affects the rest – the Red Counties – the Rural regions.

We are talking about sometimes drastically different ways of life and outlooks on life. Points of view can be quite extremely different. I have seen it CLEARLY with my own eyes, my own life experience. I’ve lived in BOTH places. It is very different.

So, again, where am I going with all this? Simply put, RED feeds Blue. In more ways than one.

Red Feeds Blue

Red regions are largely the Producers of sustaining product and consumables. Blue dots are mostly Takers thereof. Yes, the Takers pay for it as Red is compensated. However I’m just pointing out that most leftists live in Blue dot city regions.

Without distribution and product getting in to these cities, they would wither on the vine rather quickly. Isn’t that interesting?

Another interesting thing I”m reading about this morning is how ANGRY most of these “Working Class” workers are about this apparent election fraud situation. Would you agree that the nation’s Truckers are “Working Class”? Yes, I would say so. And I’ll bet a lot of them are pissed off what’s going on right now…

Trucker Strike?

I read that there’s apparently an organized Trucker movement to stop deliveries for 24 hours on 11/11 to protest “changes made within the industry to benefit drivers, as we are over-regulated, under-paid, and there are other issues as well; such as parking, elogs, and detention.” Apparently there is another planned for 4-days from 11/26 – 11/29.

Though the apparent plan is said to be non-political, one cannot help but wonder the additional motivation that may exist among most Truckers.

(hat tip to Organic Prepper)

How many Truckers will strike? To what extent, I do not know. However, again, isn’t it interesting how Red feeds Blue? Blue seems to hold a very powerful card, if you will… If and when things get dicey, this could unfold in interesting ways.

What other “Working Class” industries “feed the beast”, so to speak? I would think that many within these working class industries are none to happy right now. Worker strikes?

Are YOU a Trucker or in that industry? What have you heard about this upcoming strike?

Shut ‘er Down?

Until such time until facebook takes it down:

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  1. Bring it on! Begin starving out these urban cesspools and then sit back and watch them burn to the ground. Maybe someone that knows how could set up a Go Fund Me account where conservatives can contribute to help with their bills.

    1. If they get a service like paypal it can be transferred straight to them without a go between as friends and family…

  2. Your ending comment with link about facebook says it all.

    we need to develop our own “social media”

    until we do its at their whim

    1. You might want to check out Gab as a social media alternative. Completely user supported, though no mandatory payment required. Kind of the wild west, but I’d rather have that and free speech, than the alternative.

      1. It’s absolutely the wild west, but you can mute the Nazis and haters, takes a while but it’s a good resource, especially in these days of silencing right wing voices

    2. Kulafarmer, another very good social media is PARLER, owned by conservative Dan Bongino. His post today stated that over 1,000 people are dumping FB/Twit and signing up there per minute. PARLER does not censor posts but is mainly Conservative/Libertarian

      Also is a conservative answer to Utube.

          1. Parler is more like Twitter (which I never took to) but MeWe has an interface more like FB. I recently joined and am planning to axe FB as part of the mass exodus planned this Friday.

          2. I still watch some of FoxNews nighttime shows, but have stopped watching Fox daytime, and switched to Fox Business for daytime news. I just saw Maria tell viewers she is switching to Parlor and recommends all her followers switch. If Trump switches, Twitter might lose half its business — and half its income.

          3. I just found a site called but I can’t make it work. No matter what I click on, nothing happens. There was an icon at the bottom that looked like mail and I thought it might be a “contact us” link, but I didn’t get a contact link. I just got a link to sign up with Google Chrome or something else, I don’t remember what. I clicked on Google and I got right back to my Yahoo home page..

            I never signed up for Twitter or Facebook and never knew how they work. Now I can’t figure out how to access Parlor. I just have a computer, not one of those fancy phones.

          4. Make sure you are going to Parler not Parlor. The site has crashed a few times due to how many are signing up. Just keep trying.

          5. DaisyK,

            Had a conversation with my daughter this morning. Subject of Facebook came up….ironically, she told me that she had signed up on Parler yesterday. I told her that Parler had been part of the conversation here on MSB…she said for folks to be patient….Parler has been overwhelmed with folks signing up…I told her that someone here mentioned a planned “day of exodus” from Facebook to Parler…she said that it began in earnest a few days ago………

          6. Dennis,

            We need a day of exodus from Fox News, too. I looked up OAN and Newsmax and bookmarked their websites. Then I looked to see if I could get their television. It looks like OAN is online, which means I can’t watch it. My old computer doesn’t have sound.

            But I found out that a bunch of cable companies carry Newsmax, including Charter Communications which is available where I live. It is channel #616, which is why I never found it. It is after all the HBO ect. channels. Unfortunately, it is not included as part of my package, so I would have to upgrade to get it. I am already paying almost $200/mo for cable and internet.

          7. OANN has a streaming service Klowdtv. I think it’s free in 2020.

          8. DaisyK,

            Switched over to NewsMax yesterday (channel 216 on Dish Network, they don’t carry OANN yet). I won’t be watching Fox other than Tucker, maybe some Hannity and Ingraham (at least until they too slide to the dark side or are dropped by Fox)

          9. Dennis, don’t forget to watch Mark Levin!! He is still one of the good ones. He is a successful lawyer and has his own website so he has adequate income and doesn’t have to worry about being fired for telling the truth.

            Question: do you have to pay extra on Dish to get NewsMax? I have been thinking about switching. I have Charter

          10. DaisyK,

            Not that I’m aware of. Like a lot of folks, I had my “favorites list” in order to pare down the listings from 500+ to the 20 or so channels I might find something I would actually watch. Made the list up a couple of years back when News Max wasn’t on yet. Checked master list a couple days ago and found that Dish had added it to their offerings w/o me asking.

            I do watch Levin occasionally, but he comes on once a week…sometimes I forget.

          11. We cut the “cable” a while back but I always assumed that CNN and MSNMC (as well as the other channels that we never watched) made money through their deal with the cable provider regardless if we watched those channels or not?

      1. I attained an account on Parler but the next time I logged in I had to go through a confirmation process which failed. Since then I’ve gone through the log in process upwards of a dozen times; gotcha’ tests, phone call codes, email codes… on and on. So far I have not been successful at logging on to an account that had previously been verified and was operable. I will probably continue to attempt to log on so to delete the account.

      1. I have not found any that run on my computer without long lags.Sometime a whole sentence is blocked with three long pauses, so that someone not especially intent in listening may have forgotten what the point was re: ….If you find any that run well please let me know…

  3. Ken, I would hope the result of trucker strikes would be to wake up a few 1,000,000 people to the reality of what is really going on in our country as the communist soft coup proceeds.
    As someone stated on the blog recently , better to fight with food than bullets.

  4. Truckers can still deliver to the red states, but skip the red state blue cities.

  5. Here we go again…

    I’ll just say this (I’ll nibble at your prediction)… When that happens, it would be ridiculously easy to put a wrench in those works…if one were motivated to do so.

  6. Do you think white collar office workers in cubicles will be doing all of the maintenance on those automated systems?

  7. Just think of the disruption of each trucker slowing delivery by just one hour to the docks. This would still keep them employed but would drive wally world crazy.

    Other countries are busy making their train systems more efficient and faster but we are removing track as fast as possible without alarming the citizens too much.

    1. There’s an idea — Truckers slowing to 30 mph on the freeways across the land. If all of them do it, they just say “Hey, there was a traffic jam, that’s as fast as I could go”.

    2. 100% correct I unload trucks. And when they are more than 15 minutes late it sets off a chain reaction and then you have people standing around and then the higher ups want everyone working twice as hard to catch up witch usually leads to screw ups or someone getting hurt

      1. DBC
        I didn’t realize we worked at the same facility?

        It’s all too familiar, what you posted.

    3. The independents could simply refuse jobs that pick up or deliver in these areas. Of course, they would soon lost their livelihood.

      1. Maybe not- truckers are in high demand. They could say they have a cough, they could delineate where they won’t go, etc etc

  8. As someone who has made my living working on automated systems for the last 22 years i can say that with the current batch of people in the work force, automated trucks will be a joke. Once one goes down, and there are only a few techs to fix it, the supply chain will fail. Couple that with electric motors? Joke!

  9. In this way, the Socialists shall need to establish their own trucking supply lines, or the shipping rates will need to be raised to “Bribe” levels..the additional money being recovered from the end users of the shipped products. You know, like Hawaii.

    Eventually, there shall be two political trucking operations, which will identify themselves with some logo displayed on their trucks. The absence of a logo will mean the truck is fair game for either side.

    I shall market a magnetic logo for each political side, so truckers and easily change their identity, when needed.

  10. Probably most folks old enough to remember have forgotten, age and time has a way of doing that, but….way back during the Jimmy Carter fiasco and the Arab oil embargo…there were a heck of a lot more independent truckers/owner operators….diesel prices doubling, tripling, and more overnight…cash flow falling way behind costs of operating…big rigs parked everywhere there was a wide spot in the road…roadside parks and truck stop parking overflowing….fruits and vegetables became non-existent in the stores…as did other commodities….truckers slow rolled the interstate highways and blocked terminals….was a mess……

    1. 🎶 “Mercy sakes..looks like we got us a Convoy” 🎶 🚚🚚🚛🚐🚚🚛.

      We loved those guys so much we had songs and movies about them back then. Now we’re hurting them at every turn. They’re about due for some respect.

  11. Don’t get me wrong; this election was as dirty as the inside of a dumpster! That being said, if the truckers don’t deliver, the “feeder” doesn’t get paid. I’m not saying this strike shouldn’t happen. I’m just warning of the law of unintended consequences.

    Frankly, I think all of us Conservatives, “blue” state or “red,” should “not cross the picket line” of the truckers, as a show of support, and as a demand for rectification of this election… however that could be done.

    I live here in the Wild, Wild West. 9.3M idiots voted for Biden. What you won’t hear is that 4.8M people voted for TRUMP. I would LOVE the chance to piss off the Leftards who ruined this once-great state!

    1. TMcg,
      I would both support it and encourage it. I gave up FB years ago, so I’ll have to see if there is maybe one of the industry sites where the public can go to send emails or blog posts of appreciation and encouragement.

  12. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
    A trucker strike, in protest?

    It would bring this Country to a halt. In a few days, a week at the most. No fuel, no food, no consumer use products.

    It maybe the only means to do it. And the attention would be outstanding. Bringing the corporate mindset to its knees.

    We could get by, easily.
    Hardships here and there…maybe, but it would be well worth it.
    Let the Blue suffer. Make em think a little, outside their padded box, that they are so inclined to live in.

    1. Maybe the truck loaders and unloaders should take a couple “mental health days” too
      just think if we could coordinate it truck loaders take a couple days off
      then the truck drivers then the truck unloaders

    2. The problem with all this is not just the blue will suffer. How about all the people in the hospitals that don’t get meds, the seniors at home that the same thing happens to? How about kids and people without enough food put by ( they aren’t all blue you know) no gas means people can’t go to work so no paycheck. A lot of red are going to suffer also. It’s easy to be cavalier about suffering when we are sitting here on the computer but its a little harder when the reality hits

      1. People in this country have been through the type of shortages and disruptions of which you speak this year. Everyone should have their eyes open to this risk and be taking steps to lessen their suffering for the next time around – whether it be new pandemic shutdowns, rioting in their area, or disruptions in the supply chain. Ken has a number of posts that discuss prepping on a budget and there are reader posts addressing just that. As for the medication situation, discuss with your medical provider about the possibility of maintaining a reserve just in case. I would expect some docs and insurers are more open to increasing number of doses provided.

        What happens if the green new deal puts such restrictions on commercial forestry that TP becomes a precious commodity? Got an alternative? Not all prepping requires money. Repurposing designated wash cloths or rags for personal hygiene when TP is gone or in short supply doesn’t cost anything. Necessity is the mother of invention.

        Very few Americans have faced a real crisis of not having the true necessities. A producer strike – the makers shutting down temporarily – could be the wake up call to inspire everyone to rethink their role in the big corporate money machine conspiring to keep them in servitude to the Deep State.

        1. That whole green new deal is just another communist/socialist/marxist/whateverist way of controlling everybody,
          buy a 10 year supply and stick it in your attic

          1. And it’s about holding our factories to such high environmental standards where we can’t compete and people lose their jobs. While at the same time, buying cheap goods from China with little environmental protections and poor working conditions and strengthening their nation.

        2. Everyone should have their eyes open to this risk and be taking steps to lessen their suffering for the next time around.

          However, just after the Great TP Shortage of 2020 (TM), my workplace (a home health care company) was absolutely inundated with people who had repented of their hasty hoarding and now wanted to donate what they could not return. This does not suggest that they will be ready when the other shoe drops.

      2. Poorman
        I hear ya, and understand what you are saying.
        The problem is,
        We are all going to suffer…red, blue, purple, come what may…whatever the reasonable actions may be. What ever actions not taken.
        When reality hits, we will overcome, to the best of our ability.
        We’ve done it before….for some…on a daily basis.
        We’ll do it again.

        Your wife is a newly diagnosed diabetic, correct?
        Have you found a means to get a extended supply of meds?

        I’m in the same boat, bud.
        Same fears. But I won’t give in, without a fight.
        Lately it seems as if every day is a battle, at times.

        Not being cavalier, just being open minded on the possibilities of what may or may not come.

        1. not my wife Joe you must be thinking of someone else but I am type 2. Yes I have about a year supply of meds for both the diabetes and my blood pressure. I found early on ( at least for me ) I could cut back the dose of pills and not change my blood sugar that much

          1. Sorry, about the mixup, poorman.
            Maybe it was carguy.
            But, yes, I am glad you have a supply of needed meds.

  13. Ken,
    Great piece… thank you.

    The subject is getting some traction, looks like ZH picked it up, and when I searched for more info I found several other sites including industry news sites talking about it. Let’s hope it happens!

    1. JHL,
      Exactly – I am trying to find a way to at least show support that does not require joining a social media platform.

  14. A Transportation Industry Strike would send a clear message to the “Blue” Dots on the map.

    While we are at it, why not have a Federal Tax Withholding Strike? Stop paying into this corrupt system for a few months and lets see how these big government fools like that!

    1. Can you imagine no payroll deductions pay tax lump sum how many people would realize just how much we pay.

  15. Ever notice how everyone wants someone else to take a stand! Want to slow thing down, just get a half dozen pickup trucks or car out on I70 or I80 or I90 or even better all 3 Interstates and drive side by side in both lanes 45MPH which is the low side of legal and you’ll have your delays. No truckers will be fired, and you’ll have your slow down and you will probably go to jail, but it will accomplish what your talking about. Talk is so cheap! Trekker Out

  16. Sorry guys but if or when this happens it will ( as usual ) be the little guys that suffer either red or blue not the people that matter and in the end nothing will change. yes it would be a form of protest but the trucks will start rolling again either way as they aren’t going to just all quit their jobs and if they do the feds would step in and have someone like the national guard or the army start delivering product. Everyone is saying they hope it happens well I hope it’s none of your loved one’s that lose their jobs due to it or lose their lives because of a lack of meds ect

    1. The little guys have already been hit hard. People in the service industries have already taken a financial hit. I know others who had to take pay cuts during the pandemic. Many were thinking that after the election, that things would get back to normal, but it looks like the left wants more lockdowns. The media gave lip service about it, but no one really did anything about it. The only way to draw attention to it is to do something big to make everyone see how important the little guy is.

      1. Yep they have been hit hard and that’s my point. This won’t change anything and those same people will just take another blow. More people will lose jobs, more people will take pay cuts. Do you really think the left gives a damn about those people? I work in the retail sector so trust me I know about the layoffs ect. My point is a truckers strike is not going to hurt the people causing the problem it’s just going to hurt everyone else. if the dog craps on the floor kicking the cat doesn’t do any good

        1. Okay,
          So what’s the solution??
          With any type of resistance, there will always be suffrage.
          No, matter, what side your on..

          Good, bad or indifferent.

          You can kick the cat or rub the dogs nose in it’s own $hit.

          1. I don’t know that there is a solution Joe. I’m just stating an opinion that I don’t think a truckers strike will do any good.

          2. Poor man,
            I know,
            but there needs to be a wake up call and a stand, to those in power, that states, We The People, are the force of this Country.
            Not those that sit, rule and conquer from their easy chair.

            Not pi$$ed at you,
            Just overall pi$$ed.

          3. cid

            “are you willing to make a sacrifice.
            i think not.”

            If you really believe this, you are mistaken.

          4. cid,
            Not sure what happened to my original post. Maybe it got deleted or maybe forgot the post comment.
            Yes, I’m old too. Been preparing for decades as I’ve seen this corrupt $hit, explode.
            I’m just a Joe c, I myself, cannot do a damned thing more, than what I’m doing now and have been.
            What’s your plan, elaborate one? What’s your game plan? Plan to share….anything?

            I believe many on this site have sacrificed and continue and are willing to sacrifice, in more ways than you give them credit for.
            You speak as of a Hollywood Rambo.

            So your last half comment is bogus.

            To be truthful, I really haven’t cared that much for cid, right from the get go…..

            Just playing your same game.


    2. Poorman,
      whats that saying,
      you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet!

      do you think antifa or blm cares who goes without a happy meal when they burn down Mcdonalds?

      1. Kula
        I get that ya gotta break some eggs but then you get to eat the omelet. In this case we aren’t getting breakfast. You said it yourself ” do you think antifa or blm cares who goes without a happy meal when they burn down Mcdonalds?” So do you really think they care who goes without a meal or a paycheck?

        If we can do something that actually helps I”M IN but shutting down the country won’t help. Most here on the site won’t really be hurt on this. I know I’m not going to miss any meals or not be able to pay my bills because I’ve prepped for just these kind of things but a lot of good people will get hurt and it won’t change a damn thing. It’s not like we can say to someone do this or else the ones in power aren’t the ones it will hurt

      2. Kula, I understand the sentiment but they don’t care who they hurt and we do. We don’t want violence and lack of food for most Americans…. and they are good at using that fact against us.

  17. Hmm, my granddaughter and her husband moved here from Oregon and the first thing I sad to them was ” I hope you left your bull s— politics in Or before you left ” and his answer was ” I’m not a democrat any more. I hope he is telling the truth, he’s a diesel / tesla mechanic

  18. Why not just face facts ?
    Our nation has become a nation of talkers, not doers.
    It’s pretty obvious, with all these sites, people all talking about what should be done.
    But, it’s still the same old B.S., with Zero results.

    And, the Band played on.

    1. Retired Vet, thank you for your service. I come from a military family and understand the sacrifices you made and those your family made. You are respected. However, I do disagree that we are a nation of talkers not doers. Most on this site “do” on a regular basis to keep themselves prepared for what may come to their homes. It is a full time occupation with much to learn and implement.

      If you are talking about wanting our side to become as violent as theirs – it won’t happen in our household until we have exhausted all the other reasonable avenues open to us. Which is probably why the dems have been so successful. They know we are reasonable people where they are not. They are quick to lash out with words, illegal tactics, and violence. I don’t want to be that person.

      I have no problem to withdraw our funding of the “animal” that has created this problem. That includes individual people who think what is happening is a good thing for this country. No more of our healthy grown food products will go to them. They can search the market and eat crappy food like those they have consigned to this mess. Nor will we be willing to assist them when they have other life difficulties; most are clueless how to fix everyday home problems – plumbing, electrical, patch w hole in their roof, cut a tree off their driveway. Let them deal with the mess they have created. It will be a somewhat silent protest but eventually, they will get the idea.

  19. You are correct. The deeper issue is that THEY are part of the globalist cabal. And the demoncrats / marxists are a part of that (the useful idiots for the cabal). Big Business is absolutely against Trump’s China trade polices. Trump was / is anti-globalist new-world-order. His spirit seems to lie with the working class. Maintain U.S. sovereignty and independence form the ruling elite who would have us under one world rule. That’s not gonna happen without a bloody fight.

  20. JJ

    And the American people are happy to get that cheap stuff without realizing there is a cost beyond the wally world price tag. We did it to ourselves and even the trucking industry benefited by being part of the supply chain from the ports. Where does everyone think the switch to containers originated? I for one would sacrifice and pay more for goods if we could get back to more local industries.

    1. Great point hermit

      I shop mom and pops as much as possible. I have told people a hundred times that say how Walmart killed the small business that THEY are the ones that chose to save 2.00 and put their neighbor out of business

      1. What gets me is that people think the prices at Valdemart are actually lower, when price comparisons show a few items lower but most higher on a cycling basis. I took a friend grocery shopping once, and she’d bought into the fallacy that Wal Mart’s prices are lower. She was shocked at the prices at another local grocery store.

  21. China “stole” jobs is blaming China for what people like Joe Biden did; sold out American interests to stuff their wallets.

  22. Today is the first date of the strike that was listed. I have not been out yet to see if there are any trucks on the road. Has anyone seen or heard anything about it?

    1. Been watching the TDOT cameras from Nashville, TN. A big wreck has one side of I65 shut down, but not a word on any other kind of stoppage.

  23. No strike in my neck of the woods. I counted trucks for over 20 miles on the Interstate going the opposite direction. I passed over 185 trucks.

      1. Yes. According to FoxNews on line, today is just to get the info out for the big stop on Nov.26-29. They have now over 50,000 followers on StopTheWheeles2020.

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