I Don’t Care How I’m Labeled – I Will Not Back Down

This morning I pulled a recent comment here on the MSB Open-Forum, which deserved its own stand-alone post:

Guest post by “Prepper Dan”

I went to bed one night thinking I was just a regular person, a good God fearing Christian conservative with strong morals and values that loved their country. When I woke up the next morning, it seemed like the whole world had changed. I now find myself labeled as evil and an enemy of the people.

The below post comes from myself and several posts I found from social media sites and MSB.

I was born white into a two-parent household, which apparently makes me “Privileged”, “racist”, and “responsible for slavery”. Speaking of “white privileged”, I was never given anything and the few breaks I got, I considered as well earned.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s standards, makes me a “fascist” because I plan and budget. But I now find out that I am not here because I earned it, but because I was “advantaged”.

I am heterosexual, which according to some people now makes me a “homophobe”. Does that make them a heterophobe?

I am not a Muslim, which now makes me as an “infidel”.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, which makes me “a threat to the liberals” and I subsequently get labeled as being “part of a militia”.

I demand the justice system be fair and balanced. To apply equal justice among all citizens, which now labels me as, yes, you guessed it, a “Racist”.

I am older than 40, making me a “useless person with outdated ideas and values”. I think, reason, and I doubt much of what the main stream media tells me, which makes me a “Right-wing conspiracy nut”.

I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, making me a “xenophobe”.

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual’s merits, which today makes me “target of socialist and Antifa”.

I think males and females should go to the restroom based on their birth sex, so I am labeled a “sexist”.

I believe our system guarantees freedom of effort – not freedom of outcome or subsidies, which makes me a “borderline sociopath”.

I believe in a strong defense and protection of America for and by all citizens, now making me a “militant”. I am proud of our flag, what it stands for, and the many who died to let it fly, thus I stand and salute during our National Anthem – so I must be a “racist”.

I think the Confederate monuments around our country symbolizes history, so I’m labeled as having “hate in my heart” when some are suddenly offended by their presence (which have been in plain view for YEARS).

I’m labeled as “racist” when thinking that the erasing of history will potentially cause us to repeat the problems.

I think that ALL lives matter, which also makes me as a “racist”. I refuse to put the lives of one race above another, so I must be a “racist”.

I think the riots and destruction of property around our country is wrong and is just an excuse to push a political agenda, so again, I’m labeled a “racist”.

I support the good cops, which also labels me as a “racist”.

I believe in a small government and push for less restrictions, so now I’m looked upon as a “domestic terrorist”.

I question how fear is being used to control us for political gain during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I’m labeled “careless and unsympathetic”.

Liberals have tried to make me feel bad about who I am. Based on everything above, some want me to believe I am a bad person. I’m not, I’m a good person who loves my God and country!

I work hard every day just to make a living and I don’t have time for their PC BS! I don’t go out looking for a fight but when it comes to my door, I will not back down. There will come a time where you must choose, stand and fight or GTFOOTW!

If you disagree, I could really care less!!!

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Prepper Dan
Awesome analogy!!
Per Edith Anne from Laugh In years ago:
“And that’s the Truth”
I do not do razzberries very well.🤗

Or as Bill Murray said in the movie stripes ‘that’s a fact Jack’.

Thank you AC!

Prepper Dan
Actually ‘thank you’ for putting the words we all thought, but were unable to convey to those here at MSB.

Prepper Dan,
This is a great post!
Over and over we older, white, conservative and patriotic citizens find our beliefs and values trashed. We are dismissed, belittled and outright attacked for standing up for ourselves, our liberty and our country.

I think many of us can relate to the sentiments in your post. Thank you!

Your so right So Cal Gal!

Amen Prepper Dan!
I am not amused nor swayed by the constant attacks, it started getting my attention when clinton labeled us all as “a basket of deplorables”
I actually have to work for stuff, be competitive, keep up to date with my trade and pay attention to quality and detail. So to be attacked and generalized just boils my blood, it happens more and more,
I say they better watch what they ask for, they might just get it ten fold.
If im accused of being a deplorable because i want whats good for our country i will be the best damn deplorable i can possibly be and then some…..

I know what you mean. I feel the same. Great post Kulaframer!

Prepper Dan:

Sir, I have to say that was one of the best and most honest Comments I read here on MSB.

There are a LOT of very good and honorable folks here on Ken’s BLOG. I truely hope each and everyone reads and totally understands your post.

Thank You, very well done.

Thanks for you comment. It means a lot me. You and Ken were the first ones to welcome me on this blog. Both of y’all opinions like others on here are well respected. I recently found out that 600 rolls of TP, it’s not going to be enough for my household. Nothing against girls but mine sure do use a lot.

Prepper Dan:
Your Welcome, you will find a lot of folks here are kinda quiet these days, me being one of them, but rest assured we’re around.
Please if you or anyone else has truthful questions please PLEASE ask away.

PS: The 600 rolls of TP thing is honestly to get people thinking about being prepared. I would bet not many here on MSB were running to the stores in a panic….
You are doing well.
Thank you for preparing for your Family.

Totally agree with everything written. It baffles me how everything that is right and good has been labeled the opposite lately. Evil and hypocrisy are not even trying to hide any more, and so many people seem to not notice. Strange world we live in.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Agree Chipmunk. But them not hiding it anymore is a good thing, it will just make it easier for me to find them.

Funny how the libsiders, esp the young, clamor to be free of labels, questions, criticism, and “micro aggressions” and demand new segregated safe spaces to ensure they are thus free. Yet they do not hesitate to pour invective on anyone perceived to be even the slightest bit different from themselves.

Hypocrisy is hard to spell, I guess.

I believe in the words laid out in the Quran, the Bible, and the Torah. As a result, I am labeled a religious nut, a bible thumper, a Jihadist, a racist, a supremacist, a homophobe, a Q phobe, or what ever crap they come up with next.

One thing is for sure is it will be something that will further divide us while claiming to be under the banner of inclusivity. Dividing us has been the left/socialist/Marxist game all along. Their divisions are not just exclusive to skin color or sexual preference. Their divisions involve the rich/poor, college educated/non-college educated, religious/no religious, city/country, paper gags/plastic bags, gun owner/gun hater, smoker/non smoker, global warming/global warming hoax, a giver/taker, and I could go on but you get the point. If you don’t agree with their ideology or beliefs then you are considered a pariah of society and backwards or old school.

Since that is the case how things are, I welcome being a backwards pariah.

Brilliant post. You’ve said everything I was thinking. This isn’t the country I grew up in. Not even close. We left keys in cars & trucks & didn’t lock the house! Everyone had a job that paid well, no reason to steal. Wish you were my neighbor because I’m not backing down at all.

If getting up at 4am and coming home at 6pm five days a week all the while having to wear steeltoe boots is white privelage, I really don’t want it!

I agree BlueCatMatt,,,

Reminds me of something I heard years ago. Where is the best place to hide a welfare cases government paycheck??

Answer: Under their work boots.

No offense intended for those who truly NEED assistance.

I’m with you bluecatmatt

These attacks on honest hard working people is of no surprise to most of us.

As Chipmunk said, “and so many people seem not to notice”. Why? Because half of the population are holding their breath and turning the other cheek until the election. Many will not declare their opinions on anything anymore because some self-righteous idiot will make a big case out of it whereby you will be threatened or worse. Who of us would tell a pollster anything????

Hermit Us,
You’re right. I get phone calls to be polled all of the time. I never answer any questions. It’s hard to believe they are truly anonymous. People like me are the reason Trump won the last election, even though the polls pointed otherwise.

I believe you are 100% right hermit us.

Prepper Dan


It’s unfortunate that a lot of patriotic Americans are going to be lied to and conned by the Democrat/Communist operatives in elected office; these traitors have turned the mobs loose on this nation to foment fear and disunity. If the Commie’s win the 2020 election brace for dystopia. Patriots, now is the time to stand for the Republic, the Constitution and our nations heritage of values, traditions and borders. Pray hard, stockpile food, water and ammo, lock and load.

They are already doing that. They will just gloss over a story about Biden and his sons dealings in Ukraine but will go on non stop for days about a tweet Trump sent out. Example: when the looting starts, the shooting starts. How many days did they go on about that tweet. Never mind investigating nepotism or a VP openly admitting to holding funding hostage to another government to get the outcome they want.

NO, there’s no double standard in the media (sarcasm intended).

love this post, it is so true

Saw a video the other day where a bunch of shinny young ” White Girl” BLM members broke into an upscale restaurant and started yelling ” BLM!-BLM!”. An older Black Gentleman told them to pipe down and ” All Lives Matter”. They then called this BLACK MAN ,……. a Nazi!

A storm is coming, by calling us all sorts of labels, they cancel our humanity and target use, YES TARGET US.

The goal is to destabilize, cause crisis, then Civil War and break up the United states into several smaller countries.


Seminole Wind

Ugly, we have. Butt Ugly is coming! 😉

(Sorry – not usually so crass, just feeling ornery today.)

Two fanny, I mean funny Fartgirl, er…I mean the lovely and charming Farmgirl!

Guess I’m not the only one feeling a bit ornery!

I love you in Christ Jesus Farmgirl. Lived in the state next to yours for 10 l-o-n-g cold years. Love the people of the Midwest for their common sense and work ethic.

God Bless, not trying to be ornery, just joking.

Seminole Wind – I knew you were joking, no worries, just being TIC. And it was funny, lol. It’s definitely cold, though there are plenty of jokes about our tolerance. We don’t say things like ‘Cold enough for ya?’ until we hit -20F. I’ve seen guys in shorts in the 40’s. I grew up in a neighboring cold state, so though I’ve lived in different places, the MidWest is my homeland. I’m so grateful to have been brought up here, and it tugs at my heart strings to watch it change around me. Blessings to you in these interesting times.

Your right, a storm is coming and they are not going to like it.

I think the goal is obvious – the Globalists want to sweep away the US resistance to the planned NWO governance.

Mr. Trump, and to some degree part of the R party, and people like Prepper Dan represent a bump in their road to accomplishing that. Get rid of him/them by whatever means necessary – including promoting/financing radical, leftist revolutionary behavior to disrupt everything imaginable to sour the electorate on Pres T and all Rs.

The Ds are all in on the effort because they want to regain their power, which they believe rightfully belongs to them forevermore.

They are all fools in that if/when we are subdued, all of the radical elements will suffer the same end as the infamous Brown Shirts (SA) in Germany in the 30s after Mr. Hitler consolidated his power.

Then they will come for Dan and others who share his position.

In fact, if the Ds regain power they have promised to start the revenge/persecution process against anyone who has supported the current administration probably starting with the most prominent T supporters first…


Oh Oh, a lesson from history, that they cancelled. Well stated.

Cancel Culture.

If you openly espouse a different opinion than “theirs”, you will be cancelled. Lose your job. Your income. Your social status. You will be shamed, blamed, and shouted down. Shut down. Cancelled. This is Marxism 101. It gets much worse from here.

They are all fools in that if/when we are subdued, all of the radical elements will suffer the same end as the infamous Brown Shirts

Exactly–I have thought this for decades….remembering mafia movies and just knowing those guys were really stupid to watch joey kill one of their own and not even thinking…that could be me??

I want to thank you for featuring my post. It was a collaboration of comments from some very intelligent members of the MSB community. I have been a faithful reader of MSB for almost a year and without your help and the help of the members on your blog, I would be nowhere near prepared for uncertain times.

Thank you!

Prepper Dan,
We got your back…
Thanks for your input to the blog.

Pepper Dan, well said. thank you

Thanks alfie.

You speak for so many us. Well spoken. Time to stand up for what we believe in.

Yes it is, thanks NW 406

Preppier Dan, I’m with NRP, and Blue, one of, if not the best ever posts I’ve ever read. Also for Farm Girl, very well said, we haven’t seen butt ugly yet, but it’s probably coming sometime in November, if not sooner, just depends on a lot of things most of us have no control over. I personally feel whatever happens, it’s all in Gods plan and we have to ride it out the best we can. Some say there will be civil war, race war or whatever, if so, a lot of good people will die along with lots of innocent people. Just remember to keep praying and prepping and do the best you can with what you have, and look forward to our next life in heaven with our lord and savior Jesus Christ, plus all our loved ones that have gone before us

Thank you David!

Would it be wrong to ask if anyone has the version of the Bible that has a color chart?

Racism is condemned by God. Look at the problem Mariam had when when she was badmouthing Moses’ wife, who was Ethiopian. God got her attention…just Sayin’

Just Sayin, Wondering if Ezra Chap. Could be called Racist

Make that Chapter 10. Trekker Out

Ezra 10:11 …and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives.

Probably has to do with “religion” rather than racism.

God always commands separation unto Him only. Followed with John 3:16 with includes an offer to everybody to belong to Him.

Prepper Dan, you speak for a lot of us. Well said heartfelt words.

Thank you Maggie

Good post ken. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

Well written. I believe whichever way the November election goes it will not matter. Either one side will completely lose it’s mind (more than it has to date) or will come after the other “side” (which includes me). I’ve been done with the attempts to label, insult, manipulate, destroy and harm. Cities are falling, let them fall- New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, LA, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, etc…don’t come to my area with your stupidity. Stay and live in the mess you are creating, you demanded it, so live it.

Thanks Grey, I think you’re right

Good post Dan.
Thanks Ken for putting it up for us.I think most readers here are in agreement with Dan on his statements. I believe things will get butt ugly no matter who wins the election in November . All the people and forces promoting one world government and an economic demise of the U.S. appear to have pulled out all the stops to achieve their goals.
Our greatest fears are martial law and long power outages nationwide. These would be almost impossible for the population to deal with.It would truly be YOYO time.

Thanks Bluesman

Good write up, Prepper Dan!
I’ve been called names all my life, what’s a few more labels, aye??
-Like water off a duck-
I get your point.
But if the name calling furthers to violence, that’s a whole different ball game.

I’m right with you Joe c

This topic of this post has touched me also. I can’t get the refi without a driver’s license or a photo id.
So, I went to get one and only done on Mondays. But, I can go any day to get photo id with ss card, proof of address, and birth cert. which I have ready and will do.
Now, I know you all are prepared in so many ways and work on that continuously.
I just read from a prepper site the wife was warned of shortages coming from a grocery owner.
Sodas, because of tin shortage.
Flour, and Gene is gonna stop on way home to get me two 5 lb. bags(I have one in freezer)of White Lily.
Canned soups; I have plenty, veg. beef, sirloin beef, chicken noodle, cream of mushroom and chicken (is this because of tin shortage???)
Pasta…I have it in buckets.
Rice….I have been trying to give it away–I have wayyyy too much.

Hope this helps someone as I know I’d appreciate a heads up and Gene saves change, I have a console full, and we have saved $1 bills for two weeks. Our change is separated and in those Crystal Light plastics and lots of quarters.

Oh, I was canning tomatoes and left out stuff–Haven’t had valid license for 5 years–yep!! and must wear mask and I haven’t done that in Ky yet…so, yeah, I have to do what boss says to get business done. I will go and get a id photo before 3 weeks.
Back to watching tomatoes boil.


Heard the same thing about the tin. It’s scary how many complements of our food here are made over seas. Tin cans, jar tops, even the inner lining in some cans to help preserve food are made in places like China. Scary

Wondering… Will that impact canning lids??

I’m still waiting (over 2 mo) for my bulk canning lid order from Lehmans.

Regarding canning lids/rings/jars. I am fortunate that I live near several Amish stores. I just counted jars in the room I store food and I have many cases..canning tomatoes tomorrow and already canned yesterday. As far as lids, I have them in shoe boxes stacked on shelves.
I have no worries about the new lids only lasting a year after used.
Mine are several years old from the Amish stores.
Regarding pasta, rice, and canned goods…For years–I started stocking food, etc. as early as 2008–I laughed at the time, cost, energy used in all I have for many years.
Now??? I am so proud and pat myself on the back a lot.
Wish I’d bought ground beef last year from the slaughter house.’
I watch for DG sales–when the $6 ground beef is 2 days to best by date, I get it for $6 a 3 lb. roll. $2 a lb. is a real deal.

Thank you all for the comments! If it wasn’t for a lot of the members on this blog helping me with preparedness by direct comment or me reading something you wrote, I would be nowhere close to being as prepared as I am now.

And about the post. I decided that I really needed to understand the other side so I read a lot of what they were putting out. I just got so mad at what I was hearing. It just simply amazed me how someone could hate me that much just because of what I believe and never meet me. So, if you hear of some skinny white guy taking out some group of Antifa’s in LA, don’t think anything about. Thanks again MSB community!

Prepper Dan, good post, so true. And, you are so correct, this messed up world we find ourselves in, only reaffirms my convictions and moral compass.

When I see and hear someone with half their head shaved, the other half dyed a neon color calling folks like me foul names……it only makes me feel better about myself. I would be embarrassed if they actually approved of me.

I do worry though. Eventually their violence must be confronted. It’s obvious, at least for now, that won’t happen in the large cities.

Seminole Wind mentioned the BLM attack on a restaurant. That occurred in Dallas, and bless their hearts, several patrons did carry the fight back to the “protesters”, forcing them out of the open air dining area and relegating them to hurling epitaphs (and objects) at the patrons from the street.

Will the insurgents/revolutionaries/marxist fighters bring their violence out from the protection of sympathetic socialist mayors/councils/prosecuting attorneys of the big cities? Personally, I doubt it, at least not at this point. If they do, I offer a possible scenario…….

It probably would be a well planned assault (for lack of a better term) on a smaller town or village with some ties to an historical event, maybe even having a monument or statue commemorating the event. It would not be publicized beforehand. Massive numbers would be bussed in under cover of darkness with the goal of overwhelming local law enforcement. They would be bussed out just as quickly, after the destruction is done, and before sufficient law enforcement elements can be mustered. A hit and run, if you will. Scare tactics.

Why would I believe this scenario is possible? Because I believe this phenomena we are witnessing is well funded, centrally organized and commanded, and has a specific goal. I also believe the command structure includes former, and current elected officials, and bureaucrats.

Dennis sadly I agree, part and parcel of a CIA Handbook Color Revolution or as I’ve mentioned it before over the past year or so a “Make it STOP” campaign. The Socialist-Democrats are going for the Golden Ring of total power over all three branches of our government. The Antifa-BLM street troops are their Brown Shirts that got Mr. Hitler VOTED into power to make the madness of Post WW1 Weimar Germany go away, make the trains run on time etc..

We the people are being arrested and disarmed when we defend ourselves by liberal DA’s and Politicians. Hate Crime is the weapon of choice as you have lost the “Innocent until PROVEN Guilty” with Hate Crime. Even if you “win” the case your family is ruined by social media attacks, job loss and legal fees while the Government uses OUR Tax Dollars (unlimited money) to out last us in court.

Have back up defensive tools put aside as even the Rooftop Koreans were disarmed during a lull in the Rodney King riots of LA by the police. Look at what folks know about you as liberals’ don’t mind using your weaker neighbors to rat you out for a Red Flag or such.

When I say Don’t fight from your front porch (Doxing, Legal issues), don’t stand in front of an enraged elephant (Mobs and government) and any group large enough to have meetings has informants or weak people inside to betray you it’s intended to make you ponder that a bit. I’m not telling you to surrender but look at what is really happening (and has been for years just ask Stand My Ground about informants) and think before you act.

I want to see all of you after the smoke clears or at least hear brave tales of how expensive you were to the Liberals’.

Max Manus was a mousy clerk in the Quisling Government. Never worked with more than the same 2 trusted people as betrayal was a thing even then. His actions were credited with seriously damaging the German’s heavy water project needed for the Atom Bomb as well as keeping badly needed Wehrmacht troops tied up chasing their tails trying to protect the power grid, roads, motor pools, railroads and troop ships that kept sinking. He recently died at the age of 90+ after building a successful post war Office Supply business.

Pray for wisdom and think before you act.


You had sparked a thought with your post.
(Yes, I think aloud from time to time)
The Jewish were forced to wear, ‘The Star’.
We, as conservatives, are labled, verbally.
Will we all wear the ‘Star’ sooner or later?? in one form or another?

Yes, I believe so.
History does repeat

That was one of the things I said to a neighbor a few days ago. My comment was about churches/ Christianity and how long will it be before we have to wear a big “C” armband or something. I got total silence.

I’m a man of Faith, but not one that can quote scripture.
But I believe there is a saying,

I will not deny my Faith in the Lord.

I believe, we as Christian conservatives, must take that stand this day forward.
We won’t deny our Faith or beliefs toward the support of our Constitution, come what may.

For these beliefs, we hold strong.

Joe- I can’t quote scripture either (shrug). I’m just trying to get them to think about it. It’s going to get worse and what were they going to do. I believe based on past behavior that they will go along with it.

I believe if we give subtle hints, to those we care about, may cause them to see the broader spectrum of the goings on. Open their tunnel vision, a little bit. So to speak.

Good job, on your part. 👍


I completely agree with your assessment of what is a very likely scenario!
However I also think that our local Chief would call local vets to help. He has stated he Hope’s for backup if he was in a bad situation during a stop on a back road.

North Woods,

Your comment brings a thought to mind (this would apply to anyone living in or close to a small rural city). Many 911 systems have what is called a reverse 911 capability to auto-dial every land line in it’s jurisdiction with pre-recorded emergency messages. Might discuss this with your local leadership if they are folks who you can get behind and trust.

Just a thought.

In a conversation with our local Chief of Police about two years ago, we were discussing that very thing, at night, we have our one city cop, there is maybe two or three Sheriff’s deputies in the two counties our town lies in, and each County has about 900 square miles to cover (so about 1800 sq. miles total) and maybe, just maybe, a couple of Highway Patrol State Police. (They tend to come in pairs of cruisers out here.)

I asked if that didn’t bother him when making a stop out here, and he said no, especially not in town, where he has a few, including my own, vehicles that will stop maybe a block or so away and watch when he has those stops. They don’t normally do anything but watch, but he knows that several, including my vehicle, have armed occupants that would come to his assistance if it turned out he needed it.

He is now semi-retired, working just 20-hour weeks, and is not the current Chief. The current holder of that office is also a friend as well. as is the Sheriff of the County I live in. so is the Chief Deputy, who is a retired Sheriff and grew up with DW, and my son and his son were best friends growing up. I am not terribly concerned about that matter.

– Papa Smurf

Awesome post Dennis!

“Why would I believe this scenario is possible?” Because it’s happened before.

If you would like to add more to P Dan’s post.

Visit utube:
Buddy Browns explanation of being “privileged”

Prepper Dan. At this point I think the bloom is off the rose and the train has left the station. We are at a true turning point in the US. We have already started down a very scary path. If you give liberals any credence you are giving them power over you. It is best not to be even worried any more what these liberals call you or say to you simply walk a way and prepare. You all want to be around when the party starts right?

If a libtard engages you. Attempt to deescalate and simply walk away. If you do know them make sure to keep track of them. Know who they are who they associate with. Take note of their car make model and plate. If you can, get a photo or video of them.
Build local intelligence in your community so that you can create a safe community when things go south.

Infiltrate your local Antifas and BLM twitter & Facebook feeds for gathering local intelligence Names, hangouts Fav places to eat.
Organizers will probably list their real names. Look up on your county property tax auditors website where those local individuals live. Keep track of them and know your enemies.

Make sure that you are now networking with like minded individuals to form a large defense force if needed. Stay local control your AO. Keep gathering intelligence.

Exactly. Take note of everything. Now is the time to understand who your enemy is. And that means, specifically who.

Know your enemy is high on the list in the book ,The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a very good book . Only by knowing the enemy can you defeat them.

Totally agree!

They all live somewhere,,,,,

III, If you are unable to get the property tax rolls, try getting a list of water users from the water dept.
Even if they rent a house or an apt. they may/will have a water bill.

Prepper Dan,

Right on Brother!! For those of us that do the right thing, work hard, treat others as we want to be treated regardless of Race, Finance or anything else, it has gotten so frustrating. Having to watch history be erased, our children being taught so much garbage, having to watch how we act so as to not be misconstrued…. It actually is easy to begin feeling resentment and anger at the whole situation. Personally I’m nervous as hell about November and think that this will become a pivotal time in our country. This is Man’s world (not being sexist 🙂 and we aren’t managing it very well. The Lord loves us all but it would be nice if he gave some folks a boot in the backside to get them THINKING….


I’m afraid that’s just what He’s doing. But look at Revelations. “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not…”

KUDOS Prepper Dan one of the best posts I’ve read , they are sowing the wind , so be it !

Thanks Trapper Dave


Awesome Pioneer Woman! Thanks

It is amazing that the harder we work, the luckier or more “privileged” we get. A man who has passed told me that after building a major company and keeping his morals intact. Integrity. It is what we have that they do not.

This country is changing as we watch and I pray we all make it through. Evil is working out in the open now. Thanks Prepper Dan for putting that evil so precisely.

Excellent post. I believe the PC hate crowd is the result of decades of marxist education in our education system and in particular, the elite schools. The “in-crowd”, their wannabes, and hanger ons are intentionally marshalled into action by a hidden group or groups to shout down any traditional beliefs. The goal of this effort is to make everyone question their beliefs or, at least, make you afraid to express them openly. Along with creating crises- economic, crime, rioting, a society with no strongly held beliefs in fear will not only welcome strong leadership by a totalitarian government but be a blank slate to be indoctrinated into the “correct” belief system.

Thomas Jefferson said “There is a natural aristocracy among men based on virtue and talent.” Notice it’s not virtue or talent, but “virtue and.” Every person with a skill employed to maintain or improve their lives and those whom depend on them who also lives a moral life is an American Aristocrat in my book.

We can vary in our degrees of openness about our beliefs, but the best expression of these beliefs is to live your life accordingly and therefore display your beliefs without saying anything.

I am choosing to be very expressive because I am in position to be able to risk all. My civil civic conversations are always with an understanding smile because there are very few people I “discuss” issues with who’ve thoroughly thought through the beliefs they espouse or are motivated by true evil. Most are like ignorant undisciplined children whose lives are like a never ending temper tantrum. With the exception of the evil thugs, most can individually be persuaded to agree to disagree or eventually quieted by ignoring them.

Thanks MamaLark, great comment!

Thank you Prepper Dan. It’s good for us to be reminded of who we really are and that we aren’t alone.

Will not back down?

When the senior police officer is hit on the head with a wood pole about the diameter of a baseball bat, on that bridge in NY, an not one officer shoots the attacker, that city is screwed. That could have resulted in death and maybe the officer will suffer ongoing brain injury. Open season on the police now in the major cities.

If I was attacked with that weapon, I would defend myself with extreme prejudice.

I hope the folks who are LEO in NY go on strike and just walk away, that city deserves that

Ken and the MSB family – you all make me proud to be an American! Awesome post and comments.

Anyone noticing that people are asking personal questions more than normal? Several times in the past few weeks I’ve been asked where I’m from or my personal favorite – what am I. I live in the south but was born in MI so yes I still “talk funny” to some but the comments were based on looks not speach. Not wanting to be outright rude due to the situation I just smiled and said – America and American. Anyone else seeing this?

Well written article and comments. Keep in mind that it is the media that wants to make everyone think that sentiments like these are the minority. They are not, the majority agrees with this.
But there is a serious disagreement with this amongst a younger generation that got an indoctrination instead of an education.

Totally agree with you Chevy! Thanks man

Prepper Dan great post. Wife and I were talking the other night how it’s come to the point that an opinion is no longer an opinion anymore depending on which side you stand. Feel like a lot of people back in the day could at least “agree to disagree”. Now if you disagree with some of these yahoos on the left your immediately labeled as a racist, Xenophobe, or whatever else they want to label you as. Then if you dare to actually debate your stance and stand up for your beliefs you’re socially shamed and ostracized for your beliefs. As I think some others have already mentioned the irony in this is unbelievable. The side that cries and whines about free speech and wanting to be heard wants anyone that disagrees with them to remain silent and just follow the herd.

Do not blunt your speech for the benefit of protecting the feelings of the enemy, and, do not associate with the enemy. Remove the enemy from your home and your confidence, no matter who they may be. Do not inform the enemy, or teach the enemy, or aid the enemy in any way. Lie to the enemy, misinform the enemy, and hide knowledge from the enemy. Have no pity for the enemy and no concern for their well-being. Do not give the benefit of a doubt to an enemy. Peace shall be achieved when the enemy no longer exists. Mercy is always a corruption of Justice, and only warranted to prevent Injustice.

Wow!!! Copy this and put on fridge to read every morning!!


No mercy. Good post.

The enemy is no longer in uniform, but may be the son or daughter of your friendly neighbor. They may be relatives of yours.

This war is going to hurt many and the only outcome must be total obliteration of the traitors amongst us.

Ision and hermit us,
Your right. Time has passed for talking or debate. There is only one course of action left. The left has made it perfectly clear how tolerant they plan to be towards opposing opinions.

The enemy can be your own son or daughter, too. The enemy can be your own wife or husband. Anyone can turn out to be an enemy. It simply does not matter who they are and how they are related to you.

I have already lost a daughter, myself. So, she is dead to me, as are all of her family members.

To Love is to Value. I do not value my enemies, who are identified by their attack on my values and my principles. There is no such thing as “Unconditional Love.” It is a form of insanity, and not Love at all. How do I know this? Consider the idea of “Unconditional Hate.”

Rational Love and Hatred are ALWAYS conditional. Conditions can change, and change those you love and hate. I shall always hate the enemy, even those I used to love.

Thanks rb308

100% AGREED i am afraid we are staring straight at the end of the usa i am afraid we are gonna end up in open civil war and the country will become for lack of a better way to put it become balkanized and the enemies of the us will come with guns blazing and there aint a damn thing we can do about it

kevin, so be it, stand before thy enemy with fortitude and firepower!

Great post Prepper Dan. curious are you in La. or LA Cal.

To my fellow “all of the aboves”…Geez, I’ve been analyzed w/o going to a psychiatrist or psychologist or priest! I’d put my title down after my name, but the list is too long as they’re all mentioned in this post!

Prepper Dan

Have copied and passed your most excellent post.

thank you

Great job, you have eloquently stated how so many of us feel.
Wait until those of us that just want to be left alone get involved.

Thanks KevinH, your absolutely right. I don’t think they have any ideal what’s about to happen!

Thanks Dan! Great piece. You wrote about me! Many years ago, I swore a lifelong oath to uphold and defend The Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic… This old dawg still has a lot of fight left in him!

prepper Dan, Good post with a lot of info. Me, I’m just waiting/watching and getting my “head” ready for what is coming. Still filling holes/stocking up when I can. BUT mostly just watching and waiting.
Found out today big sister is a big Obama supporter (she posted a picture of him on her FB account and said she wished he would return) so, I’m guessing she also supports BLM.
Thank God she lives in Massachusetts.
I read a report that was put out by the state (MA.) ag. commission back in the 70’s that said “the state could only grow less than 5% of it’s food that would be consumed in the state.” A lot of farms/dairies/orchards have been sold off and made into sub divisions since then. God help them, or maybe it should be bend over and kiss your azz goodbye.

Great post. I think it reflects how a lot of us here feel. It can be such a lonely thing though to be reading MSM sites and feel like such an outsider. I’m pretty much keeping my views to myself except for among a few trusted friends and family as well as sites like this one. I drive around and see all the BLM signs everywhere. They painted BLM on the street in front of the statehouse. Cancel culture is a big thing in my state with anyone who posts something on their private social media accounts that is found objectionable by the snowflakes at risk of losing their jobs.

Was driving down a back road this week and someone had hung a huge American flag in the road. It felt good that they dared to do this. What a strange time that displaying the US flag is an act of bravery; so much easier to just go along with the tide and jump on the BLM bandwagon.

I’m not going to apologize to anyone for being white, Conservative, straight and a hard worker. It’s funny how all of these things have become reviled. Something is so wrong with this country.

Could care less: you still have room to care less
Couldn’t care less: you’ve reached your capacity for caring

100% agree with the article. The “micro aggression hypersensitive” culture has gone full mainstream with the leftists. Not sure how the USA is ever going to break free of that.

We all know the cure. Just waiting to be called upon

Well Dan, you can state all these things you believe in today.
Tomorrow, when the company you work for defines your thoughts as dangerous because they have joined the new political movement, then you might be considered dangerous by your co-workers. Thought crimes (Red Flag Laws) via your HR department, woke cat-lady could come for a visit. When they hold your social media statements up to their criteria, you lose.
Wouldn’t it be better to know what must be done, and not tell the world who you are? Remember the rules, nobody talks about fight club.

Thank you for your comment Not So Sure.

I understand what you are saying and I know what must be done but I believe we no longer have the luxury to stay quiet. They are surly not! I have stayed quiet for way to long! They tear down the statue of George Washington and yet I have stood by not saying a word. They are going after my culture by calling all whites racist and yet I have stood by and done nothing. They say I don’t have the right to free speech but they do and yet, I stood by and said nothing. They talk about and actively push for restrictions and a total ban on my 2nd amendment and yet I stood and said nothing. They are passing laws taking away our rights to freedom and yet I still wasn’t saying an word out of fear for my job, my friendships, and my livelihood. Well, I can tell you, the time has come to let the world know who I am. I am an American that’s proud my country, my culture, my heritage, and my rights that have been given to me by my creator and not the government. There comes a point where not opening your mouth does more damage they speaking your mind. As I said at the beginning, I know what must be done but I don’t want it to get to that point. If I can open my mouth and take action and be as loud, if not louder, then them. Then maybe (not maybe) we can change the course that this country is heading. I don’t need people that stay quiet, I want people to stand and fight, if they can’t do that, then they need to GTFOOTW!

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and it reminds me of a saying.

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

I will never forget (when I was very young) when my dad would try explain to me “The squeaky wheel gets the oil first”. That is very generally true in life.

I also remember him similarly saying, “Don’t be the wheel”. Why? Because what do dogs do to wheels??

Once, a long time ago, I was fussing over a procedure at the office. It absolutely needed to be changed. Was told to cool my jets. Looked up at my boss’s boss and said “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” He looked me right in the eyes and replied “the squeaky wheel gets replaced.”
Boy howdy, that shut me up. At that time, on that subject.

Lol love it. At my old job (teacher), my boss would eventually give in to the “squeaky wheels,” even if it was not what the majority wanted or thought was best for the kids and staff.
Very frustrating lol.
I feel like we have to find a way to be “squeakier” about some things, but honestly it is scary.

I just discovered that in my small midwestern town, there are ‘social activists’ in town taking pictures outside of Walmart and a couple other essential businesses. They are taking pics of folks not wearing masks, and then publicly naming/shaming them on Facebook. I guess with the mask mandate, everyone going in to Walmart will have a mask now, but I still see people in the hardware store and local grocery store without them. Not sure how widespread this kind of doxxing is, but something to be aware of. Might need a wider brim on that garden/cowboy hat!