It Was Never About Trump

This morning I find it difficult to think about what’s likely to happen in the coming months, years. That’s not my intent for this post. Suffice it to say that never before in U.S. history will such an extremely far left government have full control after January 20th. That means there will be rapid and radical “transformations” pipe-lining into your way of life, be it directly or indirectly.

Never again will a non-conformist president, senator, or congressmen gain position in this new government. Seeing the establishment power on full display these months (and 4 years) has been, and is, astounding. Chilling.

Which brings me to the thought of my post…

What is the underlying reason why Trump supporters are so angry? Was this ever about Trump himself?

It was never really about Trump, the man. No. Rather it was about representing a set of ideals that resonated with so many. Some of which were anti-establishment (deep state swamp), the concept of America first, patriotism.

Trump just so happened to be the outsider that people employed as a sort of wrecking ball to the establishment. He was “just what the doctor ordered” for this, right? His strong anti-establishment demeanor, fighting attitude, being loud and obnoxious, abrasive, telling it like it is, no bull shit personality…

His election in 2016 was not only a shocking surprise to the deep state establishment, but it showed just how many people in America were (are) fed up with it (the swamp)(and 8 years of Obama).

The underlying problem that we have here is deep rooted.

The hundreds of thousands (some say possibly nearly a million) peaceful protestors in DC January 6th were there not so much because of Trump the man.

January 6, 2021

Rather, it was the culmination of a number of things…

  • 4 years of being bashed non-stop for one’s ideals by the mainstream and radical left
  • 4 years of non-stop false attempts to oust the outsider non-conforming president mucking up the works
  • the total lack of transparency into the egregiously fraudulent 2020 election
  • the specter of a far left radical government should Trump lose (which he didn’t – but he’s out via fraud)

So this morning as I contemplate what just happened, there are several thoughts:

They are all piling on… We who posses ideals of patriotism and liberty (basically the Trump nation of 75 million) are now vilified forever, given yesterday’s events which was largely a peaceful march by the vast majority. However the Capital Building incident – which was evidently initially instigated by Antifa infiltrator provocateurs – is being labeled as insurrection (though I’ve never heard of an unarmed insurrection). A grand mainstream opportunity to forever label ALL patriots as horrible, despicable, (fill in the blank). We are all targets now. Being a patriot has become shameful in the eyes of mainstream.

The problem here is not Trump. The real problem (to them) are the underlying ideals of his supporters. And this new radical left government knows it — and will do everything they can to discourage and/or dispose of those ideals.

Life will go on. However I do know that water and oil don’t mix. We live in a nation of largely two very opposing ideals. They don’t mix. One of them is soon about to rule over the other. I wish there were a better way or better result. But here we are.

All of the things they’ve promised (I’ve written about many of them) will be coming to pass, soon.

Yes, I am discouraged. However there’s one thing that (sort of) gives me some enlightenment at the moment. Do you know what that is? It’s kind of like pushing back from the table and saying “Okay, good luck with that.” and getting up and walking away. The damage they will likely cause while implementing their far left radical agendas could be epic. “Good luck with that…”

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I agree 100%. Both my wife and I are veterans, we did our part in protecting the Constitution, we have no children so now it is time to sit back and watch the train wreck. Hopefully it will be swift like a train going off a trestle and not a slow motion derailment.

I look at liberals pushing and begging for communism like the like the idiot kid playing in the road after being told it’s a bad idea. When the log truck comes barreling down the road and the kid gets squashed you have no sympathy since he had been warned but chose to ignore the danger. Same goes for the next couple of generations of woke pansies.

They will wake up in the hell of an evil dictatorship that they could never imagine in their worst nightmare and I’ll be laughing at and enjoying their misery on my way out.

All of that is easier to say when you have no children. My children are not woke pansies. They support conservative values and all of them and their spouses voted for Trump. I do worry about the times they and their children will have to live in when I am gone.

So true Donna, I weep for my babies and their babies. We are doing what we can do. History will be what it is for them.

I agree and I’m thankful I don’t have kids that will grow up in a communist dictatorship. There are a lot of good young conservatives out there that will have to fight for the rights and freedoms the Boomer and GenX liberals threw away.

Donna; All strong homes must be built on a solid strong foundation. You have been and provided that foundation. You have given them the tools through your love, experience and wisdom just as your family gave you and you’ve done well. When it comes time to pass the torch, know your passing it into strong, capable hands, trust your sons/daughters. We always wonder did I do enough, if you have done the best you could do, who would ask for more? I know you look upon them with great pride and joy. Far too many have had far less hence, why we’re in the the fight for our country.

You would do well to GFY


Honest question; What does GFY stand for?


BigT – It’s what you would have to do, if you wanted kids. You’re welcome.

“It’s showtime!”

Two red lines.. Forced vaccinations and 2A. Once they approach those lines, 75 million + will make yesterday look like, well, yesterday.

Silver Lodge, I’m afraid when they start doing those two that it will be 10 times worse than yesterday, forced vaccinations maybe not so much, but if they try taking away the 2nd it’s gonna be truly ugly for a lot of folks!!

As Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse calls it….it will be “The Big Ugly”.

War is horror and desolation. There is nothing glorious about it. Yet, if we are the last ones standing in the breach, then so be it.

We all will die one day. I truly hope that we are not forced to make the decision to take up arms, but we may have no choice.

I personally think that States rights will become more important as several States step to the forefront to peacefully decline the imposition of totalitarian rule by dictate.

(Man, I picked a terrible year to stop drinking).

You made me laugh, I quit 37 years ago. Best decision I ever made. We need to keep our wits about us now more then ever.

They are taking away the 2A bit by bit, day by day. Just look at the Red spreading across the USA in the form of RED Flag laws. Remember in the USSR professional psychiatrists condemned people as crazy and locked then up if they didn’t believe in Communism. I predict the time will come when our “professionals” will use the same basic scam.

Wrote a paper on this for a graduate level human rights class. USSR also performed chemical lobotomies on those found criticising the government because that was a form of psychosis according to the state medical professionals. I was a freshman undergrad in a class of already woke in the 80’s grad students. The woke crowd said it was okay because the communists were working toward everyone having the right job for them, right housing for them, right lifestyle for them – all determined by the government. Once all that was achieved – then the right to speak freely would be available. And they were true believers. That was when I decided I couldn’t lie my way to the easiest 4.0 GPA available and switched to pursuing a degree in the business college. I suspect many of them ended up in the swamp. Although I ran into one locally and she was an unemployed attorney.

They overplayed their hand.Stand strong,we will survive.

It isn’t about Trump…the man. It IS about Trump the “disrupter”. Please read an interesting book “God, Chaos and the Code”. We may have lost the battle….but the war has truly just begun. All patriots will have to be vigilant and may have to go the extra effort to create a true patriot party for the next elections to come. Republican/democrat one coin these days….and it IS NOT MADE OF SILVER.

How about the Constitutional Patriot Party, works for me Anything along those lines will be ok

Yeah, I like Lance and listen to his blogs a lot. The book itself didn’t resonate with me to much as I am not real familiar with the old testament but I do agree with him.

PW,agree with all…. but the ballot box is over for now.We must adapt to a new paradigm,and I dont mean violence.We have other ways to ‘vote’ and we will.

Ken, I asked you in (I think) early November what you would do differently should Biden and the “Left” win? Well, here we are. I am so ticked off today I can’t see straight. That will pass. However, I have been busy. Cutting utility usage by hopefully about 20%. My business – will be closed March 1. In Biden’s term. Already moving out of my place in town. All ‘freebies’ from the farm to liberal friends – over. Have always had friends in both political camps, but have distanced myself from liberal friends – permanently. (They hate us Trump supporters). Facebook: closed by all family members. Ditto Twitter and all social media. Netflix: cancelled by those that have it. (I don’t watch TV and despise all of Hollywood and their filthy mouths. I wouldn’t give them a cent anymore). No more shopping on Amazon. Have gone directly to the manufacturer for any items, should I need them.

February will be a “No Buy” month for us. Just minimal gas and a few groceries. We intend to do this a few times a year. If we truly need items we will try used places first such as Goodwill, church, and thrift shops. More to follow…….”Starve the Beast.”

DJ, I intend to do the same. Trying to figure out the best way to sell my farm products online without supporting the left.

You are in PNW aren’t you?
I’ll be your huckleberry for some farm goods

MadFab, Sorry, Im not in the PNW…I’m just trying to decide whether to do my own form of etsy for my goods. eBay and others take a huge cut. In addition, many with similar products undercut their goods making competition tough. Just thinking things out right now which is hard not knowing what is to com.


A few more things: Don’t buy anything from China, don’t go to movies, don’t use Google, don’t watch Fox News or any of the other networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC. I haven’t given up in Fox Business yet, but I’m getting there. If you own a business, make sure you don’t hire any illegal aliens. We have illegals here in town that do odd jobs and lawn care cheap. But hire Americans.

I still think if a civil war begins, the conservatives in rural areas should not sell anything to people in the cities, especially the big cities. Let them eat cake.

Daisy K, I agree with all you are saying. Especially buying things from China and Google! My DH dropped Fox, both their reg show and Fox business. And even he is sick of Hollywood. Just watching golf tapes, lol! Hey, he hit a hole in one this past fall!

Daisy Daisy Daisy….you just have been watching the civil war,its ongoing right now.They just changed how warfare is played.Where we always fail,preparing to fight the last war.

I am 76 yr old and still live in the city. Please remember me.

DJ..this sounds like my plan…all but Roku. I am 70, alone now with no friends/family. The only visit I have had since G died is G’s friend to buy 4 guns and tons of ammo.
I’ve never used Twitter/FB, have not bought anything and will not buy, cancelled Netflix years ago when Obamas got involved, search at flea markets for my needs first.
Food?? I have years’ worth and just had macaroni and tomatoes for lunch.
I will buy fruit and milk.

Please reconsider your statement about having no friends. There are many here at MSB that would be your friend. For what it’s worth put me on the list.

Of course, but no one is with me these lonely nights…it’s different.
But, thanks to all as I’ve said many times.
It’ll get better when I can get outside. I am actually shocked that I’ve had no visitors.
And then this event exposing traitors piled on top of losing G and it’s a lot.
Boxing clothes/things and cleaning keeps me busy.

For any wondering:
*the life insurance with Mutual of Omaha took 15 minutes and all was settled; the representative even called the funeral home while I was on the line. Check to me–not funeral home.
*VA was efficient and helpful and paperwork is in the mail; G’s disability compensation must be a certain % for me to get a monthly benefit(surely a yes @ 80%); the funeral benefit is $300 and can be as much as $2000, again considering disability compensation and need based
*SS was considerate and conducted a phone info gathering counsel and set an appt. for arranging SS benefit for Wednesday by phone; funeral benefit is $255; I receive my SS benefit and the amt. increased until the amt. matches G’s benefit.
*****bank caught me using debit card to withdraw VA direct deposit and shut that card down….so, G’s VA check and our stimulus checks are in limbo.
hope this helps someone because I had no idea how any of this worked until now.


I think you are in Kentucky? So am I. And you have friends all over the US. If you need anything, please let me know.

If you have the time to visit yard sales and estate sales, it is remarkable what you can find. Some stuff will be almost new, some might need a little elbow grease to get to acceptable order again (though often that’s priced less because of it). The advantage of yard sales is that you don’t have to pay tax. Oh, and there’s also Freecycle.

Chipmunk, excellent reminder to visit those yard sales and estate sales. I do want to be getting more yard and garden tools.

Also the items purchased can’t be tracked by big brother…

Barter and flea markets

They always overeach.ALways.
When the clueless useful idiots realize they are again disposable it will be epic to watch the meltdowns.
Folks just have to outlast them physically, mentally and most importantly Spiritually. (As your conscience dictates)
That’s why I live by the adage
“Hope for the best…
But plan for the worst…”
Ken,my sincere thanks and appreciation for all you do and have done for me,my group and family for the last 6 years.
May you and yours have a safe and prosperous future…

You got it Bill.

By the way, The GOP is finished. They sealed their fate.

You are right. There will be two parties, the far left and the totalitarians. Only the totalitarians will win elections because they learned they can brazenly get away with election fraud.

I agree.

A full list of the Few GOOD Patriots There were 7….. is posted via way of the Gateway pundit on Natural news.The whole article is a good one.It also lists the Republican Traitors,( I counted 81-House members) and cites all demonrats. titled “Trump did not…” I have not had time to listen to the podcast… He said the full list of traitors was not revelad until the end of the vote to POTUS.. and that VP pencil has been compromised much lke John roberts by pedo..and pics.
Forbidden Knowledge also has an worth reading..

Can I hear an Amen…I called and changed just days ago to Independent ….AGAIN!!

GOP- the G is for gutless. Anybody want to contribute their thoughts for the other two letters?

Gutless old poop? Git on pampers?


Oppositional Pussies

Gutless Oozing Pus

The NRA neutered itself by allowing Wayne LaPierre and his cronies to bleed the membership dry with lavish lifestyles while quickly becoming irrelevant.

Totally agree the NRA has always had the left after them. Nothing a strong and moral NRA couldn’t handle. The down fall is self inflicted from within.

The GOP sealed it’s fate when it elected GH Bush the original “New World Order” President. It’s been on the downhill slide ever since and Trump just exposed them for what they are…liberals hiding behind a different name tag.

Agreed. I have been mostly holding my nose and voting GOP for years, due to the Democrats running against them in all levels of politics (e.g. Stacey Abrams vs. Brian Kemp). They have shown that they don’t give a hoot about their constituents. Since it doesn’t seem to make a difference how I vote anyway, thanks to Dominion voting machines, I shall henceforth vote for the person, not the Party.

Ken, when the China Turtle said it’s not our job to verify elections, a part of America died. Jefferson was right about the tree of liberty.

I understand that POTUS and Lin Wood both already have Parler accounts… from things i have read and listened to today.. go on over and look them up.
Oh those voter rallies that were held in stadiums that held 10K, had that many outside every time and were broadcast on right side broadcastig and golden state times…with 100,’s of thousands watching..I watched some of them… wanted to see if any new info was out.. POTUS reached the people. He had enough votes to over come the corrupt voting machnes.They had to use every fraudulent method possible- That is why they shipped in – via truck ( truck drivers told where they picked up and where they dropped trailers.)to other areas.only included presidential ballots, nothing else….preprinted and voted ballots from the printers in Ch na.. filled in with the print ink…yeah, they even including the shipping labels

We need to change the voter rules don’t we?

Real patriots don’t give up on their country. They understand that the country is imperfect and always has been, but always strive to make things better through incremental change. Being content to sit and watch the country burn is the opposite of patriotism.

Not really, Disagreeable. Sometimes you gotta let it burn…then start over. I am content to let it all fall down for now, then start over. I consider myself an “Independent” politically, but there will never be liberals nor Dems in my circle again. We are too divided. I will not waste my time nor my resources on them. They voted for someone with dementia and who is also compromised with our enemies!!???!! And socialism?? Tearing down our constitutional rights? Excuse me? What?! I’m not okay with that. Just MHO.

There are not 80 million fools here… there was no campaign…sittng in the basement and drawing 8-12 ppl to a crowd does not get a landslide election.. the ballots were printed with votes already made in china….Tey had to resort to pre printed ballots when the machine algorythms were insufficient to overcome the machine fraud. THey had to make many efforts to do this… and POTUS needed to know who, how and why before it can be stopped. NVER EVER GIVE UP!

OJS, I am not giving up. And I agree we are not fools. I’m just not playing their games. I will not feed the beast. I will “Starve the Beast.” Cut off their profits. Cut off their money. That’s all they will understand. Amazon, Walmart, Google, Facebook, etc., etc., etc. all want profits. They want our money. We all know the election was stolen. And they all will be from now on – forever. We will never have honest elections again. Best to be “grey,” fly under the radar, and not contribute $$$ to their machine. Again, JMHO.

knock yerself out,,,
ill be watching from my lawn chair

When your kids are doing something stupid, sometimes you just let them. Dealing with consequences is a great learning experience. Tough love is needed for the thoughtless citizens who have been coopted by bread and circuses served with lies and propaganda.

MamaLark, exactly! So our liberal neighbors who voted in (yeah, right!) this $h!tstorm can deal with it as best they can….without the help of our animals products or other help. They are on their own. I will only assist those who truly care for this country. Wait till everyone finally figures out there really is a food shortage.

Mama Lark, We had a preacher once said… Sometimes you just have to tell your children to… “Go Learn It” . My DD was listening. When she started messing up pretty bad once , i gave her the message… Go Learn It” she remembered and finally got straightened out.. ( just glad it was not critical issue.)

Oh well….

Couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said here, Ken.

The left wants everyone to believe that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, freedoms, election integrity, etc… is all tied to failed “Trump” ideas… that what happened yesterday, and in the stolen election are all about him. Since they succeeded in suppressing info about how the election was stolen, therefore it was honest and not stolen.

Yesterday was about tying our set of values, the very values our Republic was built on, to a single person, one who has been thoroughly vilified in every form of media. The ultimate smear campaign that took out not just the man, but everything those who stand with him believe in. The swamp and illegitimate rulers-to-be must be absolutely jubilant today.

And, it becomes imperative for them to build on their momentum by trouncing people on the right into the ground – all ideas of freedom must and will be crushed. Censorship, poverty, bigger government – they are just some of the tools that will be used to control the population. The swamp and puppet masters have pulled off the biggest heist in political history – and they are rubbing their hands together with glee.

And SoCalGal, don’t forget that the globalists are involved in all of this also. It is NOT looking good for America.

SS, this is not over..
. He did not concede.It is not over.. Just one part is finished there is more to the show…I do not know which act comes next… or how many parts are left..Full list of traitors were revealed as they voted to comit and accept election fraud.
.Hang on , read those two other articles i posted above.
. also top off supplies, get money if you need it out of bank…..continue to plan how you will starve the beast in your AO.. should the butt cleaner (bidet) take office..
.PLUS>>> How you will assist LMI’s

the original Just Sayin’

I will read the articles you listed. If I jumped the gun here….I apologize to those here and to the President. When I am wrong, I own it. I hope I am wrong. Please forgive me as I am sooooo pissed. Thank you.

SS, Understand and agree, Just did not think you had information. I could be fooled. have no direct intel. Yes hurt, p.o’d..angry, old half blind, arthritic here.. I don’t have all the answers.
I look at it this way. PRESIDENT Trump made one promise he has not been able to complete yet,
He has been stymied at many different times as he has worked toward that goal.He has not forgotten his promise and goal to Drain The Swamp.
There were more swamp creatures than it appeared on the surface.
Every office and every “desk” has needed to be tested. If the Chinese decide to take over as joee blow gives them the access- they know some English.We who are patriots will be handed over to them..if they have taken our resistance tools.
Oh william mount2 has a u…and he reads a complete statement that has been cut and spliced on other channels.labeled with date of 1-7.

Did you all see the article this morning on zero hedge “FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False results, Prepares Ground for Biden to “Crush” Casedemic.”

So I’m guessing we’ll be locked down (really for the Inauguration) then the virus will mysteriously disappear.

ALL of Bidets procedures will be “VIRTUAL, ” no real events. and hence no real president.. should he take office. we will know by the 20th. do what you can to be ready… oh if you get stimilus money put it in something you can use or need…money in bank is no good if you can not access it.

Newton division? Punk.

“The damage they will likely cause while implementing their far left radical agendas could be epic.”

I don’t know. I just don’t know. The damage of this administration will, not could be, epic and at what cost? Those that have served our country will be shamed for their patriotism and courage. The true professional athletes who revere what the game is about will be vilified for their independence. Respectful, civilized websites such as this one will be harassed by Leftists and their many sympathizers. The question I believe is, Can we, as freedom-loving individualists survive, can we roll with the punches, long enough to take back the country? Ironically enough it was Josef Stalin during Operation Barbarossa who weathered the storm, did not concede, and engineered a devastating counter-attack thereby destroying the Nationalist Democrats of the time. Are we as courageous, as committed, as focused?
Some of my neighbors and I have made the decision to “go dark”. We will limit our contact with friends and family and try our utmost to live off-the-grid. I pray that I and my fellow preppers continue as we are. It is our only hope.

Hold on! it ain’t over yet, Trump did not concede. What he did was wait to see who were the final traitors in voting declaring for JoeBlow as Prez,(electoral college) and to “show” the american people just how far the corruption has gotten to the highest levels of govt. From here on out, we will start to see the “pendalum” swing in OUR favor.( One things for sure, for our future, we need to get rid of politcal parties. dems and repubs. their both traitors.) He’s got a team working with him since the day he got in office. they have been working since day 1 to take down the swamp, cabal, etc. – it ain’t over yet. “hold the line”… I hear mass arrests are coming….

I have been waiting for four years for the massive perp walks. At most only 13 more days before we must accept what has been obvious for some time.

We have all been waiting. I’m with you, it has been hard to wait patiently
.I have confidence POTUS is still working.He has to fill all legal options before he can go further, Proofs must be secure. He must show every legal avenue has failed. Our court at all levels have a degree of corruption- there is no need in making arrests if they will be swatted on hand and told “Little One, don’t do that again you will get hurt .” The serious things that have been coming out via various means are life ending for helpless ones.The dead, and abused deserve true justice. Patience, Grasshopper!

Pence is near the top of that traitor list.

On the subject of the specter of a far-left government, here are just a few of the items the incoming rulers have promised:

-Virus aid package along the lines of HEROES (another $3 trillion)
-“At least” $10k student loan cancellation, Schumer wants up to $50k
-Corp taxes back up from 21% to 28% (higher consumer prices on everything)
-“Comprehensive” immigration legislation including 11 million illegals made legal + dreamers, and DACA made permanent
-“Immediately rescind” the travel ban on terrorist states + outlaw any such bans in the future

100 days:
-Stop all funding for border wall
-Increased border personnel scrutiny, accountability for “inhumane treatment”
-Form the National Police Oversight Commission to oversee LE and prosecutorial misconduct
-Rejoin Paris Climate accord
-Pass “sensible” g u n laws, or will do by EO (This is a Harris line item)
-Rejoin WHO
-Host an int’l climate summit and have US and other nations agree to limit emissions beyond current promises, including in shipping and aviation

And with full House control it could all happen and then some.

“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world” Chuck Schumer, 11/7/2020

Don’t forget China, I’ll bet he drops the tariffs.

Bill Hemmer, Fox, just called out Debbie Dingle-Michigan, when she said Trump called for people to ‘storm’ the Capitol, no he said, he just called for people to ‘come down’ to the Capitol that is very different. One word difference is all it takes to make people get the wrong idea.

Grey….Gray….50 shades of. Time to go GREY

You said it, Pio. Everybody…get off of all social media, top off necessary items, and go grey. Time to learn a few new skills to pass the time for the rest of winter. And everyone – get your garden seed orders in!

this^^^ and lots of “going dark”, “going grey”, and leaving behind the big tech stores and internet stuff like Amazon. Make your own clothes. Learn that skill this winter.

Garden seeds, baby chicks, and canning jars and lids. Find a farmer and buy beef and pork from them. Garage sales, estate sales, local farmers markets.

Starve the Biden beast !!

Yep, I am cancelling any “Hollywood” funding (movies, Netflix, etc), stopping Facebook (I never did Twitter or Instagram), buy local more often (I do this anyway, but need to do more), go grayer than I am now. I am disgusted with the Republicans who did not contest the electoral vote. I am done with them.

Get this…I receive tons of emails from Republicans wanting donations. Well I received an email from Marsha Blackburn from TN just 8 hours before the electoral vote count. She asked for money and that “we need to stop this voter fraud” and that she “will contest this vote”…….Well, she is one of the slime that turned her back on us, and she said something different 8 hours before.

Of course I am disgusted with McConnell and Rand Paul from my state who did the same thing. except McConnell encouraged them all not to contest.

I am unsubbing to all of their emails, including Fox News. I have been watching NewsMax and love Greg Kelly.

I am thinking about changing my party affiliation to Independent…..been a Republican all my life but they let me down.

Check out One American News Network (OAN). They are very conservative and don’t waste their time interviewing a lot of libtards.

Too late you are already marked by big tech simply by posting online. Even online purchases of dehydrated food will mark you as a deplorable. Time to get ready to fight. There is no hiding… Only evasion.

WC,if they force you to fight,then thats what will happen.Their choice and they are making a bad one.

WC, there are MANY ways to fight…..

You are right – it’s not about the man Trump. He’s fallible at best, just playing his role at worst.

It’s about the ideal of life, liberty and the pursit.

Here’s an interesting perspective from someone who was in the Capitol building yesterday.

He is right. What are we suppose to do?? What’s left to do??

thanks for putting that out here.

Grandee, thats what many of us have been saying for years,,,
and still,
really, we are at a point where now about half the country realizes they have no representation, and have no stake in this, we are under no illusions that the government is run for our benefit, it is not, that is plain to see, and after yesterday and the rhetoric from media and the DC azzhats and leftist everywhere we see we are at that moment when we need to change tac.
None of this is good, nor is it a surprise.


I realized yesterday that we truly have no representation in Congress. Our side let us down and turned their back on fighting for our voter integrity. How do we vote in the future?? This election was so rigged and we have video proof, but our so called representatives backed down.

im not even sure its that they backed down as much as they were throwing the act to appease momentarily,

bread and circus as it were, toss us some crumbs then entertain us with their BS!

nope, we are not represented, not even remotely in my case, our reps are all on the bandwagon for impeaching,

i just shake my head.

this is why id rather watch cartoons or work in my shop or studio than anything else.

😎 🤙🏻

peace to you and yours Terra,

How about DINO (democrat in name only).

They have their own enemies in the dem camp.Look at the squad.They have an internal split thats becoming a growing headache for them.

Use to care then I realize society doesn’t care so all I care about is family. Let it all crumble the right is as bad as the left.

I emailed my state’s reps. in the House and Senate last night.
Good, bad or indifferent, I kept it short:

As of today, 1-6-2021, you and the Republican Party, repulse me. Both at the State and Federal level, Judicial, Law and Order.

Spineless cowards.

I did get a reply back this time, I just can’t open it without another added app.

Probably a $hitlist…
my name now at the top.

Ohh, well. Life goes on, ’til it don’t.

So true JC
till it dont,,,
im cool with it dont, tired of being tossed aside like so much trash, berated for my beliefs, beliefs mind you that were the basis for the founding of this country out of a bloody and violent revolution.
So yea,,,

to the politicians, those who say this is not American, SCREW YOU! Our country became the USA through the pall of gun smoke and fire and the iron scent of blood…
read your damn history you azzhats


Glad you let them know how you feel. I need to do the same thing.

The Republicans let us down. We have no representation in Congress. The left is now in charge. God help us all.

Hi and thanks.

Go to the open forum and inform me on how things are going for you and family.

it was about him and his ideals…he didn’t talk like a “normal” dc rat and he more often than not he actually accomplished his goals…he showed us the gov could really work for it’s people, not the other way around…we won’t have to worry about it happening again…the swamp hates us as much as they hate him and they will get their revenge…

Unfortunately their damage will affect us directly.
The idiocracy starts Jan. 20. Embrace the suck.
Be sure to fatten up your pets. They are tastier that way…

got my eye on my neighbor’s dog little f… broke through my screened patio and went after my cat.
gonna roast his carcass real slow and baste with soy sauce and pineapple juice. should stink up the neighborhood… serve him up to his master on a Kaiser bun. yup been thinkin about it.

And hide em from your liberal neighbors.
Was talking to a guy who has family in Venezuela, dudes a windsurfer, construction guy, known him for years, he said his mom and pop keep their chickens in the house so nobody sees them,,,
a few other things he told me made chills run up my spine

Great post today Ken! You are always spot on with your summaries, but you were really on target today! THANKS!

I think Trump has put up with enough of this crap from Democrats. The man needs a break, he and his family have been under attack from the left since he announced that he was running for president. Our deepest thanks for what he has done for America is in order.

Thanks Mr. President

He bought us four years of freedom from Hillary at least.

Now America faces a whole new beast, one that wants to raise our taxes to 85% of our income. To do this they must first disarm us. Never surrender your arms. I know I’m preaching to the choir.

If we are ever disarmed, they will work us as slave labor and then kill us, so I for one would rather die fighting.

So when they come for the guns, it’s time.

God bless America

Long time.
How ya doing?

Joe c

Pretty good considering a pandemic, financial collapse, government takeover by smelly swamp creatures and the start of a civil war. How are you doing?

Thor1, Agreed, a good summary!

now that the scrotus thinks we are moot and the democraps are in charge i figure it wont be long till they pass a ban,,,
they can have em lead first,,,
i dont care

Bring lots of body bags….😎

Thor – You and NRP are the based sound of reason tonight. It is appreciated.

There is a picture of Trump on whatfinger with the caption
In reality they’re not after me they’re after you

Pretty much says it all

Just saw a coin being passed by a white haired man to Pence on 1:34 pm time stamped video from C-span yesterday. Then N Pelosi rubbed his elbow like a Covid handshake. Was that Judas receiving his silver? Please help me understand it’s significance, if you can.

I heard about that and would love to know what it’s all about.

Just did further research regarding challenge coins:

“What does it mean to be given a challenge coin?
The simple answer is this: A challenge coin is a specially designed coin. It’s given to someone to confirm membership in an organization or group. A challenge coin can also honor a person for a special achievement.”

BUT, for me, the question remains: WHY. Is someone honoring his service or accepting him into an elite club?

Any thoughts??

I just got back from DC and I can tell you 100% the whole event at the capitol was “staged.” It was so obvious Antifa and maybe BLM had infiltrated the group. They looked totally out of place even with Trump garb on. Now I hear Congress wants to impeach bc he is too dangerous to have around. Well the real reason is they know they are all about to be found out. Pelosi’s laptop was stolen and several more. Am sure the 82nd airborne is going through it right now. This is all one big set up. There is no way Trump signs EO13848 w/o doing anything about the VERY THING it was written for. He knew this was going to happen. So it is plan B that is underway right now. Chris Miller is a strong ally of Trump along with other private contractors to carry out this operation.

Glad you made it home safe.

The Wuz – Bravo Zulu Sir! Good to have you back.

And what’s next..? Same what happened in soviet when stalin was “elected”. Blood, sweat and lots of tears. You do not understand what it REALLY means when marxist are on power. You must fight back!! One way or another, but fight!

For what?
Most people are ok with things going how they have and think it will be ok next time,,,,
So ill just stay wayyy off out the way, and fix some tea and bust out the chips and watch the stink develop through my cheap sunglasses


Not sure there is such a thing as “out of the way”, when the ‘way’ is intent on destroying everything and controlling or killing everyone.

Oh there is, definitely, wont be anyone paying any attention to a lot of places and people, when theres a fire over there, nobody cares whats going on over here,,,

Atlas Shrugged…..Who is John Gault?


I just heard on the news that after Wednesday, Mexico says they WILL pay for the wall.

And Canada wants one too.

Hmmm. Maybe they don’t want the socialists escaping from the US to their country :/

Trump at the end made it about himself. Dumb if you ask me. Voted twice for him the second time was hard.

People surprised Dems cheat? Is this new? Politicans do not follow the rule of law. Msm & Tech rule. That’s 2021.

Pretty much,
At this point none of this is a surprise, its pretty much broken and only azzholes want to be in the heap. Let em have their heap

Im beginning to think that he and his “attorneys” are just more FOS liars like the rest of the DC crowd,,,,

Why get so excited?

So, far a cop’s death is blamed on the rally, because he collapsed after returning to his office and was taken to the hospital, where he died. Basically, this cop died from medical issues, probably a heart attack, after exerting himself at the rally.

The three other people, listed as dying at the were Trump supporters, who died from medical emergencies not related to violence.

The ONLY fatality, who actually died because of riot violence was the Air Force veteran, a woman, who was shot by some security person, as she was standing, unarmed, on a window ledge.

I bet more people were killed driving home from the D.C. rally in traffic accidents, than during the rally.

We had more fatalities a WALT DISNEY WORLD every day!

Nobody burned down the Capitol. No rally people killed anyone. The greatest crimes committed were vandalism of public property, such as breaking windows and doors, and trespassing on public property.

The ENEMY is just SCARED! This is why they are so upset and angry…and yelling. GOOD!!

Trump is not responsible for the vandalism and trespassing at the Capitol, the Democrat election criminals are. You cannot blame the victims of Democratic criminal acts, if they get upset about them.

If you are scared because a small portion of the 700,000…or so…unarmed people attending the rally, and expressing their hatred of the criminal Democrats at the Capitol building, which briefly interrupted the confirmation of a criminal Democrat as President, got upset….just imagine what the future holds for you!

You Marxists must realize we are now beyond simple protests and rallies…and debates…and we can easily brush aside your defenses and protections, if we desire.

You shall be much more fearful, shortly.

My brother was saying they had called out the national guard, as if that’s the ultimate punishment. He said it like the 1100 “armed and armored” were going to stop the “insurrection.”

I snapped out without thinking, “Are they trying to start a war?”

He goes, “They called out the national guard! They have armor.”

“There are half a million very angry people with guns out there! Are they trying to start a war?”

He turned around and walked out of the room.

And it wasn’t an ‘Insurrection.’

For about the last 500 years such things called Insurrections have had the objective to bring down the current government, monarch, or dictator with Firearms and Explosives.

None of that was present in the instant example – a riot w/ vandalism.

The only people even remotely properly armed were the Government actors.


i suspect the SPLC is already warming up their new definitions and guidance for the preferred administration,,,,

Don’t worry, Trump’s got this.

Ision –

As always, a welcome ray of sunshine you provide, to part the clouds of our virtual captivity. Thor thinks we should chill. Metals are down, people are still making sick money in stocks. This implies more stability, not less; I think. Maybe this is Trump’s ultimate Oscar worthy performance.


Why did the left want to invoke the 25th amendment or impeach President Trump when there is only a few days left till the inauguration?


Because after exhausting all civil avenues the President is now left with but one option to save America from the evil Chinese/Democrats and Republican traitors. The insurrection Act. Think about it, He now has the list of all the traitors who validated an illegal election.

The ammo shortage isn’t due to primer shortages, it was saved for firing squads.

Remember, Trump reintroduced firing squads to executions.

Is there also a rope shortage? Hanging was also reintroduced.

God speed Mr. President

PS. Did he just pull a rope-a-dope?

he aint doing schitt

That is why he boarded Air Force One and went to Camp Pendleton. Otherwise he would have gone home to Florida.

enough speculation,
you ain in the circle so give it a rest

How do you know?

Ah to snatch victory from the edge of defeat.

Nothing like kicking the game winning field goal in over time.

He did promise to Drain the Swamp.

Does it look drained to you?

yea, didnt think so


They are all on the list of traitors.

Trump needs an Emmy for this one. LOL

Kuala, that swamp is a long way from being drained ain’t it, never will be in fact

Never will DavidRCB
never will

Can anybody help me! I am sure we could have won if covid hadn’t come along. Is anybody thinking how we can get back to in person voting ? I think putting some energy in to figuring out how to stop mail in voting is the thing worth doing. Other strong candidates will show up but we can’t beat the fraud of mass mail in voting. It has to stop. Also does any body else wounder why so many poles were staffed by democrats. Should it be a requirement for there to be an equal number of republicans? Just some thoughts. Time is short before the midterms. Write your congress men and senators and demand change in voting policy and volunteer to be a pole worker or pull back from the table and see how well that works for you.

It ain’t over till Stacey Abrams sings.

Lol…so true!

Only remotely will it work if 75 million people sign that letter “a Democrat”

demand PHOTO id
no mail in voting
paper ballots only with #2 pencils
NO machine tabulating ever
proof; purple permanent dye on finger
absentee ballots only for house-ridden,etc.

Some bragged ‘oh, my state had paper ballots’ and then ran the ballot through machines–that is not safe from fraud.

Now your talken

Thats Man on foot

Purple dye on thumb and forefinger print on ballot.

Man on Foot.

There will be changes to the voting system, but they will not help Republicans. Pelosi has already put some of her ideas into the first bill passed by the house last year — forbid voter ID, mandatory mail in voting, no signature verification — all the things used by PA, GA, CA, and some other states recently.

But there are new ideas, such as voter reparations where black people get two votes each. There will also be 16-year-old vote, non-citizens allowed to vote, prisoners voting from their jail cells, residents of US territories given the right to vote…..

I expect Pelosi will want the Speaker to be allowed 100 votes because of her importance.

I expect she could do voter reparations in Congress, too, where black representatives get two votes each.

Why not?

Well we have to figure out how to overcome using the system. Thats all I know.

We have a right to vote but not necessarily a right to vote conveniently. And that’s what legitimate mail in balloting is all about. It’s convenient. Our state has had it for years and my DH and I do it so we can sit down with the ballot and the computer for those local positions that are non-partisan as well as judge retention. So here’s my suggestion to work toward for 2024 and it includes some things that probably won’t be popular here. 1) Enable computer voting with biometrics – retinal scan or fingerprint – registered when you renew your drivers license or state id. You will also have a user name and password to access the voting site or application. 2) Mail in balloting with ballots that include both a signature requirement (enforced this time) and an ink blot and an area for you to affix your own fingerprint.again registered with the state. 3) In person balloting with photo id and once you have voted you dunk your finger in indelible ink. So all voting not in person requires something similar to 2 part authentication. The biometrics would be loaded in a national database to eliminate voting in multiple states.

We would have “won” IF the voting machines and fake b allots were not made in CHINA! IF this stands we will never have another election with meaning….NOR will any other nation.

Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

Money will be mankind’s last form of slavery

Money will be mankind’s last form of slavery.

JC, you are late! it already is the masses do not realize it yet.

Do you think someone can keep a promise in the DC swamp because they are surrounded by the swamp monsters and everyone under the sun is trying to undermine you in actually doing something good for the country? So, what are YOU going to do about helping the country? Its easy to say everyone else is drinking the kool aid. I am yet to see people actually taking concrete action into the right direction. People will stop participating in changing the country for the better as soon as its starts hurting their wallets one way or another.

What do I do: vote, pay too much tax, particpate in local government affairs, take care of veterans in and out of my family, specifically dontate to causes that dont suck off the gov’t tit, read, own 2 businesses with my wife, write politicans on all levels, advocate 2nd amendment rights, donate to my community, help people in need no matter situation, associate with the darkside to understand mindset. I think for being a nobody I do alot. I dont need to hear Rush pontificate or rely on Trumps false promises to fulfill my life. If conservatives were involved we would win hands down.

‘It was never about Trump’

It all boils down to this. When the time comes…….all we ask is that you plug our holes, feed us, point us back in the right direction…..and bury us proper. This evil can not be allowed. May the Lord have mercy on us.

Greetings All,

I once was in a movie theatre, the show was similar to what we have today… When the balloon popped… Everyone nation wide destroyed the elect goin to the cities . Amazing how no elect shutdown the bad guys.. Very simple idea. never forgot that movie………

t will not take a year. He can not accurately read a teleprompter now. we will have swamp-mala f he goes down and she was not elgible to even run? but what does that matter neither was obum.

need to have the press push his ass like they did with DJT then lie about everything like they do

i know this topic is closed now…there is a new one posted.
I have to voice this. What if all the traitors have family members missing, being held in a facility with other family members of the traitors. They are shown video of their loved ones. They are given orders and if not following those, their loved one will suffer and worse, be killed.
Think that isn’t possible? I don’t even doubt this has taken place.
I read an account once about a spy type individual that was drugged and equipped with a line running in his stomach…he had to have chemicals inserted every few hours or he would die.
He had to follow orders and assassinate someone. I’ll never forget what I read and it was told to be true.
In 2021 this is not impossible.

They do this sort of thing more often than we know. I think that it is fairly common to take someone like they did Flynn and go after him and cooperate or they threaten family. In his case they were going to go after his son.

Pence is near the top of that traitor list.

makes ya sorta warm n fuzzy dont it..

You are very welcome.
PS: I do “Read a book” most every evening, a LOT better than rotting the brain on TV. 👍

Id take one of him over 1,000 of you

Then show us the truth. Allow INDEPENDENT audits of the results, rather than just a dozen spot checks in an area that wasn’t in question. Allow the machines to be checked for tampering.

Make an effort to fix the problem in the future. Make sure that observers are allowed and cannot be removed by the police or blocked from the counting room. Make sure all counting is done in broad daylight, with cameras on it. If there is an “emergency,” the emergency must be documented by outside officials and ALL personnel cleared, making sure of the train of custody of the ballots.

If ballots do not have documented train of custody, they must be confiscated and not included in the counts until chain of custody can be ascertained.

A process must be established which does not consist of the same people recounting the votes. Documented cases of electioneering must be prosecuted and the votes for that district be pulled until the counts can be verified. Sworn affidavits of voter fraud must be taken seriously and not just brushed aside by the courts.


Part 2

“It wouldn’t affect the outcome” is not sufficient cause to let voter fraud pass without investigation. That just encourages the same and worse later.

Right now a full 2/3 of the US voting population believes that the election was stolen. This means that a majority have lost faith in the process. That faith MUST be regained, or we risk losing everything.

Being told that the adults know best and to go play does NOT fix the problems. It must be addressed. If it’s not, one of two things will happen–either a one party system, or revolution. Possibly both.

Spot on Lauren

i copied and am pastingyour reply that got axed because of the troll

Then show us the truth. Allow INDEPENDENT audits of the results, rather than just a dozen spot checks in an area that wasn’t in question. Allow the machines to be checked for tampering. Make an effort to fix the problem in the future. Make sure that observers are allowed and cannot be removed by the police or blocked from the counting room. Make sure all counting is done in broad daylight, with cameras on it. If there is an “emergency,” the emergency must be documented by outside officials and ALL personnel cleared, making sure of the train of custody of the ballots. If ballots do not have documented train of custody, they must be confiscated and not included in the counts until chain of custody can be ascertained. A process must be established which does not consist of the same people recounting the votes. Documented cases of electioneering must be prosecuted and the votes for that district be pulled until the counts can be verified. Sworn affidavits of voter fraud must be taken seriously and not just brushed aside by the courts. (Cont.’d)

Part 2 “It wouldn’t affect the outcome” is not sufficient cause to let voter fraud pass without investigation. That just encourages the same and worse later. Right now a full 2/3 of the US voting population believes that the election was stolen. This means that a majority have lost faith in the process. That faith MUST be regained, or we risk losing everything. Being told that the adults know best and to go play does NOT fix the problems. It must be addressed. If it’s not, one of two things will happen–either a one party system, or revolution. Possibly both.


No, THANK YOU Lauren!

this can not stand period.

i will never give my consent to be governed by a single one of these posers ever again,, NEVER!

this has been total BS


I posted my thoughts on the event over on AT. . . .

. . . .

Never hurts to read between the lines.

Very well done. Thanks.

The real problem is not democrats or their ideals, the real problem is BIG MONOPOLY CORPORATION ELITES that own or pay mainstream media to lie, misinform, and spread their propaganda so they get what’s in their best interest. The big corporations wouldn’t care if Trump, hilary, sanders, osama bin obama, or china’s president Xi was elected as the president of the USA as long as that person is a big corporation PUPPET.
THE 2020 ELECTION was only about the rich elites having tyrannical power over the USA and ultimately the world.
The only hope the entire world has is to BOYCOTT ALL big monopoly corporations, that means ALL Dow 30 companies, all mainstream media, their shows and their actors, ALL communists social media outlets.


ANTI-TRUST IS ANTI-AMERICAN. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE, CORPORATIONS DON’T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, CORPORATIONS INLY CARE ABOUT MONEY AND THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO GET IT ALL. Pollution, crime, lying, cheating, fraud, MURDER, destroying anything, anyone and every who gets in big monopoly corporations way.