I’ve got as full a scoop as I can get on the Kenosha shootings last night…

by “Farmgirl” in Wisconsin:

It Was Clearly Self Defense

It was clearly self-defense, by a 17 year old who was out both offering his EMT expertise, and part of a local group protecting businesses.

First shot was someone attacking him trying to take his gun.

After firing, head shot, he stayed to render aid until it was clear the perp was being tended.

He then went to scoot out of there, was chased, and fell.

One thug pulls a pistol, another is going to ‘brick’ him, and you can hear audio of others yelling to ‘off him’.

He fired in self defense, there is no doubt in my mind.

Brick guy gets shot, and didn’t make it.

Pistol guy, and yes there is video of him pulling and holding a pistol, gets major wound to upper arm.

The young man then gets up, and tries to turn himself over to police, who seem to just ignore him and drive to the wounded.

BLM is doxxing he and his family today, and calling for visits to his house.

I sure hope folks over there have his back.

He looks like a really nice young man who was just trying to help his community.

Good info on all of this over at Nationalist Review.

The Communist / Marxist Revolution Gets Hotter

[ Ken adds:

The communist Marxist revolution continues to get hotter. These BLM thugs will not stop unless and until met with force. The liberal mayors and governors and their DA’s are doing nothing to stop this. In fact they continue to push towards de-funding the police. It has gone full tard.

The communists are showing up at more and more places disrupting the lives of Americans who just want to be left alone. The latest thing is the BLM mob descending on restaurants and outdoor dining — shouting / screaming into the faces of white patrons intimidating them — DEMANDING the diners raise their fists and show solidarity with them — and to recite “White silence is violence”…. or else…

More people are going to be shot and killed as this whole thing escalates.

Regarding the Wisconsin man who was apparently defending his life last night, now they’re going to “dox’ the person and his family – who’s lives are going to be turned upside down. No doubt their lives are now in extreme danger right now. This is what they do. They’re going to go after opposition with violence — because no one is stopping them.

This will continue to ramp up. ]

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  1. Farmgirl – Hedge has a good photo. Looks like a good kid. Our gun experts can confirm, but it also looks like he’s toting an AR-10. Nasty business.

    1. tmcgyver – Yeah, unfortunately for my stomach I saw the arm wound on the surviving perp before I could scroll down fast enough. Not a video game.

      1. Kenosha authorities let their community descend into anarchy where there is no law, then step back in when things cool down when it is safe enough for the authorities to step back in to “enforce” the law. Bloody hypocrites.

  2. I feel sorry for this guy. He was just trying to protect his neighborhood and now this will haunt him for the rest of his life. However I commend him for being out on the front line to protect his neighborhood. That takes a lot of courage. We need more people like him that are willing to make a stand for what is right.

    1. He could have a connection through a friend, classmate co-worker, church, sports team. I live in a border town in Nebraska now. Some of my best friends live and work across the border. I previously lived on the western end of his state in NW Illinois. I didn’t consider the closest town in Illinois to be my town but one a little further away in Wisconsin. Smaller, nicer people, cleaner, similar values.

      1. Yes, what is in a name? My town has about 56,000 in it. All around us are smaller communities with different names and all are considered to be ‘this’ community. All in the same county. Would someone cross a city limit border to help another?????? YOU BET!!!

    2. I believe the point, if I may assume, based off the use of the “” is that some were critical of the unrest mobs in Minneapolis being imported in from other areas.

      Been reading the blog for a good long while, first time ever delving in.

    3. so what if he from another state he stood against commuinst cow turds that should be3 wiped off the planet

  3. I was just reading an article about last night and the tone of it bothers me just a tad. The language simply calls it unrest and says the police are worried about self styled militias defending property. Well, what do they think will eventually happen when the police do nothing? Seems like over 3 dozen business have been burned down.

    1. Be patient. Observe. ID threat and MO. Suck them in. Close the door. Leave none of your own behind. Disappear.

    2. The elimination of private property (including businesses as well as physical property) is part of the goal. BLM says that private property is part of “white supremacy,” while the UN says that everyone should be in government run housing. Sounds like they and the media are working toward the same goals (and is anyone surprised by that?).

      1. True Lauren
        What they want is your property but they won’t be very happy when someone tries to take their property. It’s called hypocrisy.

  4. One of the “Leaders” of BLM was quoted yesterday saying ” The violence is by design to replace the Government, we’ve tried peace for 200 years and it hasn’t worked”.

    Yes, this is a full blown Communist Revolution, the storm is here, prepare for more ugly.

    On a personal note, I am sick at heart that Americans have been forced to kill other Americans. Expect more violence, attackers blowing stuff up, buildings, maybe the grid? Trains derailed? Snipers? Cops homes burned, and families murdered. Think Vietnam in the 60’s, Northern Ireland in the 70’s, Columbia in the 80’s. UGLY

  5. sooner or later one of these antifa or blm slime is gonna mess with the wrong person and they will get taken out very quickly in some manner or another and this will turn into a very hot war very quickly and once it does it aint gonna stop untill all the opposition is either wiped out or kicked out of the country

  6. Kyle has now been arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder. According to the warrant, he was apprehended in Antioch, IL, so he’s also charged with attempting to avoid arrest in violation of some WI statue or other.

    Last night, immediately after he defended himself against the two men trying to kill him, he immediately walked toward the LE vehicles with hands raised. He was trying, immediately, to turn himself in. The discipline that young man showed was simply astounding, on all fronts.

    I can only imagine that being doxxed and targeted for action by Antifa/BLM might have something to do with his leaving the state. I cannot understand him being charged with 1st Degree Murder for defending his life, though I’m sure that’s a ‘woke’ crowd pleaser. This was certainly not pre-meditated, though the bias against those scary black guns will promote that view.

    Video of an interview with him earlier in the evening shows his purpose to be the protection of the businesses and residents of Kenosha. He interrupted the interview to go to a couple of protestors to offer medical aid, as one of them was wounded. Good young man, and if any way of supporting him presents itself, I hope many people step up.

    1. Oh, and the Feds are now coming to Kenosha. According to the President, Gov. Evers just agreed to that. Oh joy.

    2. Farmgirl,

      A quick, possible explanation of what is happening in regard to Kyle’s situation, and possible lessons to be learned. Making no judgements, just offering my thoughts.

      The police, most likely, drove past him with his hands raised, did not see him either as a suspect, or any more of a threat than the others who were carrying guns that night in that area. Most likely, they saw the “victim(s)” as their immediate focus.

      Kyle should have, as soon as possible, and as soon as he could safely do it, surrendered to the closest police station. If he felt it necessary, to an attorney to accompany him when surrendering. (not judging him, just offering info)

      As for the 1st degree murder charge and interstate flight. Most likely, this was the charge listed on a probable cause affidavit for an arrest warrant once he was identified as the shooter, not a formal charge. Formal charges will come later.

      The fleeing across state lines warrant was most likely generated to bring the FBI and Marshal Service into the search, arrest, and extradition.

      Lessons? Without your side of the story, police have no reason to consider you anything but a suspect. Videos tell a story, but not all the story. The investigators need the participants to fill in the gaps.

      Please don’t get me wrong. I’m on the young man’s side. Highly likely that the police investigating would have been too. It’s also very likely the police will still find his actions in defense of his life was justified as the investigation goes forward. His decision to make them find him has made it more difficult for him….and the police. My heart goes out to him.

    3. FarmGirl
      First, thanks for the sitrep. What really sucks is, now can you spell martyr.
      He will be given up to placate the commie crowd. Charge, 1st degree?
      Really, premeditated ? That’s BS and all here know that.

      1. k-bay – You’re welcome. It’s close enough to my neck of the woods, with possible state repercussions that I stayed alert on this one.

        It may be true, but we’ll see. I really hope not. Dennis did a good job of explaining the difference between the charges on the warrant and formal charges. It’s possible the formal charges will be less than that.

        We simply cannot give up our right to self-defense. It would be giving up our right to live.

    4. Farmergirl
      He looks to about 18 years old.
      He will be devoured by those packs of Hyenas. If those who believe in the law do not come to his defense. mho

      1. AC – The news sources I read said 17, but I wondered about that since he was open carrying. They could have accessed dated information, or they’re just casual about enforcement in his AO. Casual enforcement is a thing in Wisconsin. He does have some connection to law enforcement, so I’m hoping that will help keep him safe.

        1. Farmgirl
          Since is closer to your section of the country IF you hear of a financial account being set up to help this young man could you please post it. ACDH & I will contribute to his defense.

          1. AC – I most certainly will. More and more folks are going to be in for rough times just for standing up and doing what they can to protect our families and our freedoms. I know there are already patriots unlawfully jailed in our country, and I wish I had details on them, too. If we stand together in every way we can, including what financial help we can give, it gives us a much better chance to keep fighting and not feel alone in doing so.

            I’d like to drive over there, but I know that’s probably a big no-no for me. Being a single parent leaves me with some responsibilities I have to put first. I will find a way, through other connections to get helpful info.

          2. I’m not sure how you all feel about it, but there is a Go Fund Me page for him going

          3. AC and all – I sent a link to Ken for moderation. GoFundMe account has been set up for him, though I can’t verify the party who set it up.

          4. I just read that Go Fund Me shut down his page.
            But attorney Li
            n Wood has offered to help him for free.

          5. Oops. Don’t hit “Enter” instead of “Submit”

            I was trying to say that Lin Wood has offered to help for free.

        2. Farmgirl – Antioch HS was one of the seven I attended during my years as a troubled ‘yoof’. One semester, Sophomore year. Great school, good kids, solid families. At least that’s how it was back then. Please add me to the legal defense fund list.

  7. If you are called to serve on a jury for someone charged with protecting themselves or their property from BLM/Antifa vote “not guilty” regardless of the evidence, testimony and direction of the judge. Don’t advertise or discuss you opinion with other jurors just stand your ground and say you have reasonable doubts and don’t cave in.

    If the courts want to make the criminals victims and the victims criminals then jury nullification is one way of protecting those the law won’t.

    1. Unfortunately, in my state, you are exempt from jury duty if you are over 72 years of age. So they won’t call me. But I think people here would not vote to convict someone who was shooting in self defense.

  8. Are body cameras like those used by LEO something one can buy? I have thought through that aspect of defending my property. Without video evidence, it’s likely to be he said she said.

    1. Terminate the threat and there will only be “she says”. Video could actually work against you in court. Never give a prosecutor evidence expecting them to use it to help you.


      1. You’re probably right. Besides they’re usually wimps unless they’re in a group and I don’t expect to get them all. So it’s likely she won’t be talking either.

  9. If you spend a little more time looking into it you can see the first dead guy started crap long before he started throwing lit containers at the guy who later killed him.

    1. pinky – Yes, the first casualty started with harassment verbally, then it got physical. I didn’t actually see any molotovs thrown, but there was an angle where brick guy looked like he was carrying one, due to fire burning in the background. Not sure about that.

      1. I may be wrong. I can’t tell if it is a plastic bag with something heavy in it or a lit bottle. Earlier altercation had the dead guy picking up a plastic bag with something in it from the ground.

  10. If a pack of Hyenas is coming towards you, will you stand there as if you are their next victim? Referring in what has been going on in different large cities, or will you defend yourself from those Hyenas who attack simply because they have been embolden to do so? A question we will all have to answer when the time arrives.

  11. In Wisconsin, you must be at least 18 years of age to open carry, yes. Wondered about that, too.

      1. I have read the Constitution and Bill of Rights in their entirety, actually more than once. Nowhere did I see an age limit on the right to keep and bear arms, and regardless of what State your from, you have a right to walk down a public street without fear of being attacked, and whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist, you have a God Given Right to Self Defense. It doesn’t take a Scientist to know when a person is defending himself from a bunch of thugs, if it does your a p** poor Scientist. Who said that street belonged to BLM or Antifa or the Rioters that are burning and looting? Trekker Out

        1. Farmgirl
          i watched the video,,

          1. what was a white boy doing roaming around in a riot zone?
          2. what the heck was he thinking!

          stay away from crowds!
          especially stay away from gimmedat riot crowds

          unless of course theres 4 of you from several overwatch positions with a nice v shaped positioning and about 1000 rounds each

          1. Kulafarmer – Kyle worked as a lifeguard in Kenosha. He was then asked to stay and help protect local businesses and provide emt services if needed. He was with a group of others, not sure what kind of formation, but there was overwatch provided from the business rooftop. He got split off from his group, because he went to put out a dumpster fire that the first casualty had set. This, of course, made that guy mad. He and his fellow thugs chased and corralled Kyle into a parking lot where the first shooting happened. He did screw up by leaving his group to put out the dumpster fire, though he was probably trying to do what he was there for and protect businesses from destruction. Other than the legal kerfuffle he’s in now, he certainly knew how to handle himself.

          2. While he may have had wonderful intentions, this was a poor choice. Period.

          3. Kulafarmer
            Were you not 18 at some point in your life?
            Were you not embolden that you were invincible at sometime when you were young? Of course we all were.

            It is only after we matured we learned to avoid situations, as in ‘stay away from crowds’. Especially in the lack of society many must navigate today.

            He is young, and this unfortunately will age him to never trust in the so called “peaceful protest” every again. Worried it will harden him on life in general, but hoping his family/friends support he will come out of it a better person. Similar to who he was before being attacked. jmho

          4. Yea, to body surf or boogie board in huge shorebreak barrels,,,

            but no, never did like crowds, especially aggravated crowds, those i never had the misfortune of experiencing, and certainly not out roaming around with a gun,,,

            the only roaming around with a gun i did was in search of pigs!

  12. Farmgirl,

    Just watched a report on FOX news saying Kyle was from Antioch, Illinois (20 miles away from Kenosha?). Some are trying to connect him with “militia” involvement.

    Again, I don’t place much stock in early reports from any media. The investigation is far from over. I need to also point out, police do not bring the charges, they investigate and make recommendations to the prosecuting authority who usually follow those recommendations……except in politically charged events (that’s what happened in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Police recommended no charges, justified self defense, political pressured prosecutor filed charges anyhow, resulting in a year long circus)

    1. Dennis – Oh, that’s not good news. I had read he lived in the country outside of Kenosha, but didn’t realize it was over the border country. That really doesn’t bode well if IL has jurisdiction. It’s bad enough with Evers here, but there’s some moderating effect in WI because there are still enough conservatives to have some influence, though it is waning. Yeah, lots of noise from the other side about white supremacy and militia involvement. I didn’t find any info on that, but I didn’t look thoroughly either. So, in essence, all the poor kid did was go home. Actually, I shouldn’t call him a kid. He handled himself and his firearm with incredible skill and discipline. Any less than that, and there would have been more sustaining injuries.

      1. I am pretty sure he would be charged in the county where the “crime” occurred. I have served on juries and they do have to establish jurisdiction. Once I was on a jury for a shoplifting case where the prosecutor forgot to mention which Safeway store was allegedly robbed. So the judge dismissed it before the defense even had to put on her case.

        I guess if there was another crime, such as conspiracy, they could charge in a different county. But they wouldn’t do that unless the murder charges were dismissed, because they would charge in the main county where illegal activity occurred.

      2. Farmgirl,

        My thoughts too. He went home. I travel well over 20 miles to get to the closest town, and it’s in my county. I doubt he was thinking about state lines. He was seeking the safety and nurturing of home.

        What he did after he got home is of importance. If he (or his parents) contacted or attempted to contact authorities prior to his being located, that will help him. This may be the case. After his failed attempt to get officer’s attention, I believe he can make a good case for fleeing the still volatile location/situation.

        I too was impressed by how he handled himself. My first thoughts when viewing the video was that he appeared to have had training. That would give credence to the militia angle. It would also help his situation if he and the others had been invited by the business owners they say they were protecting.

  13. I read that this kid was a Blue Lives Matter supporter, and he was out to offer EMT services and to defend the homes in his neighborhood. It sounds like he was trying to do the right thing. I hope he has a good attorney… Get your CCW insurance now.

    1. Are you from that neighborhood and know everyone there plus all the friends, family, coworkers, fellow church members, summer sports teammates of EVERY person who lived there or had a business there? No you don’t. So zip it until you have factual information. Hope you never face anything like this.

      1. Actually I support waiting for full investigation for all crimes. Don’t you?

        I think experience should have taught us the #MSM and others aren’t purveyors of truth and the story is always more complicated than 1st presented. Pre-judging and prejudice are awfully similar.

    2. Except that is the point and what has been discussed here. Since the ‘officials’ will not defend it is or has become “joe citizens” right and maybe obligation to step in and defend.

      1. Only the ones that obviously attacked him. The guy that backed off with his hands up… avoided getting shot. Lesson, if you don’t want to end up on the other side of the grass, don’t attack a guy driving himself (the just guy had a pistol in his hand taking aim, btw)

      2. That’s a way to avoid giving an answer. I guess the lack of an answer, answers the question. I’m done commenting to your little snipes.

      3. A convicted pedophile and a serial domestic abuser are dead and a convicted felon in possession of a firearm has been wounded. These were not peaceful protestors no matter what CNN tells you.

    3. How do you know he wasn’t there defending the business of a family member or friend? Oh, that’s right, you don’t know. So once again your self righteousness undermines your entire position.

    4. How do you know he wasn’t there defending the business of a family member or friend? Oh, that’s right, you don’t know. So once again your self righteousness undermines your entire position.

    5. If that’s how you conduct your science, you better find another line of work (I also have an advanced degree in science background, so flaunting your background is just pointless flexing)

    6. Cooking crack in your mothers basement for decades doesnt make you a sciEnTisT
      Just sayin ya putz

    7. The first guy that got dead started it long before he got dead.

      The guy with the missing bicep still had the gun in his hand he pointed at the kid.

      A lot of stupid prizes were awarded to people playing stupid games.

      The kid shouldn’t have been there. But he was. Even had a medical kit to help others. But he shouldn’t have been there.

      The next time someone was about to become a victim and instead turns it around you had better have the same opinion. Or maybe next time it will be you being attacked and you won’t be able to turn it around and will die.

    8. Yes, a meth lab in the truck of ones car doesn’t qualify a person to be called a ‘scientist’.

    9. I read the 36 year old that was killed in self-defense was a convicted pedo and should still be in an Arizona jail. Anybody read that yet?

  14. Holy moly. I’m so sorry to say, that today (this morning) I saw a freeking “Black Lives Matter” commercial, looking for members to join and donations!!!
    I wish I had paid attention to which channel I was watching, but I was so Pee-“O”ed I had to go out and walk my perimeter.
    . . .Eyes Open/No Fear . . .

  15. I haven’t watched any video and have been skimming through articles and comments, here and elsewhere.
    This occurence will not bode well for this young man or for further participation of others like him.
    He and his family will be made an example of.
    I hope they hire a good pro 2nd attorney.
    The media will twist. The prosecution will turn every stone to hook him….with any and all charges.
    Meanwhile, the instigators walk, freely.

    This one incident may or could have happened to any of us.
    We skate on thin ice in these troubled times.
    Damned if you do, dead if you don’t.
    Choose wisely.

    I see Kenosha is in between Milwaukee and Chicago. Normally how is the demeanor of this city?

    1. Old manufacturing town. Normally a decent place but has its issues with manufacturing leaving. Last place to get good cheese before chitown.

  16. Brutal video, he did defend himself and if he did not shoot they would have beat him and took his gun, possibly his life.
    I hope he does find a competent lawyer

  17. Took me a while but I managed to dl that vid, gotta keep it for later viewing.
    I’ll definitely donate to help him if I can.

  18. Fox News is reporting that police found a knife on the drivers side floor of the car Jacob Blake (hood rat that was shot by police) was trying it get into. Haven’t determined if he dropped it when he was shot or was going for it when he opened the car door. Reports say witnesses heard police telling him “to drop the knife”.

    Just “innocent victim” of police brutality (like drug addict, criminal George Floyd) that has a criminal record for assaulting police, domestic violence and sex crimes but the MSM never reports that and says it has no bearing on the current situation. These ghetto rats do not understand nor can they comprehend civilized behavior and therefore the shootings will continue until they figure out how to get these animals under control.

    1. Dennis & RC,

      FYI, saw a video & stills on a twitter feed earlier today that clearly showed the knife in his waistband (with his hand on it) as he was walking around the front of the car. Looked like a karambit, according to the poster. Will try to go back and find it if it’s still up….

    2. It’s not really necessary to call people names like that and generalize to that level.

      What would you think of people calling us a bunch of “you sure do have a pretty mouth” people wearing tinfoil hats preparing for the end of the world?

      The police severely outnumbered a guy who was able to nearly successfully get into his vehicle with what in it? You think he’s going to do what in front of what’s in that vehicle? The whole gaggle of those cops should be fired for failure to perform and the idiot Sheskey that unloaded into the back of a man should get some time in the klink.

      1. Pinky,
        Don’t forget that we are also wearing a BBQ stained white tank top shirt with the lower half of our belly sticking out.

        1. INPrepper
          You forgot, settin’ in our lawn chair what gotta beer can pocket in the armrest.

        2. I have seen video! It was clearly self defense. He was under attack. Several people are trying to beat him and possibly kill him. His only chance was to shoot. He did that. It saved his life.

          What is purpose of this demonstrations? To burn properties or to steal goods!? Or both? Somebody invest everything in that property and that shop feeds his family. What he needs to do? To be polite and let them burn his job? How he will feed his children tomorrow?

          Please if is possible to donate little cash for defense of this boy let me know! I will give how much i can.

          1. Just read where a 71 year old guy had his jaw broken by rioters in WI. He was trying to protect a mattress store from arsonists. One of the rioters pulled a pistol and aimed it at him but did not shoot after people said not to shoot the seasoned citizen. So, they beat him with a bottle filled with concrete.
            Ohhh, the mattress store did get torched afterward.

          1. Hundreds of family members and tens of teeth.

            Sorry, I can keep going with this.

            They got four broke down cars in the yard.

            Sorry again.

      2. Pinky
        “What would you think of people calling us a bunch of “you sure do have a pretty mouth” people wearing tinfoil hats preparing for the end of the world?”

        They do it every day and I couldn’t care less what someone thinks.

  19. SpudDog

    “untill all the opposition is either wiped out or kicked out of the country”

    Remember, 100,000 former “americans” were kicked out of the

    NEW AMERICA at the end of the First American Revolution…

    including Benjamin Franklin’s Adult son William.

    Expulsion of the Loyalists(TRAITORS)


    William Franklin (TRAITOR)


    If they force us to fight them, there is no reason to keep TRAITORS,
    We will not send them to Canada this time… to close, outside this

    1. I say deport them to Afghanistan. Let the taliban deal with them. And if they choose, they can hoof it to the socialist utopia of Russia. I hear it’s warm and sunny there all year.

  20. Big question is, does Wisconsin have ” Stand your ground law ” If you live in a State that doesn’t have this law, you would be advised to move NOW to one that does have this law. Trekker Out

  21. I can only think these idiots are being elected because more sheeple have their eyes closed to the real world than those of us with eyes wide open.This BLM crap and local gov. Fear and blindness needs to stop.

  22. I’m glad looks don’t imply a persons guilt under the law. Otherwise John Wayne Gasy or Jeffrey Dalmer would never have been sent to prison.

  23. An excerpt from an interview with Kyle, his own words:

    “So, people are getting injured, and our job is to protest this business, and part of my job is to also help people. If there’s somebody hurt, I’m running in to harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle, because I have to protect myself, obviously. I also have my med kit.”

    Doesn’t sound like an unhinged loner to me. Sounds like the kid everybody really liked. His mother should be proud.

    It’s being report that Lin Wood, the lawyer in the Covington highschool case, is going to take on Kyle’s case. That would be very good for him, and I hope it’s true.

  24. We all saw the arm wound of the guy that was shot at about 5 ft away. Really a bad wound.

    If Kyle, shot that guy in the head, with a rifle, close to point blank, why was there only a small entrance wound, instead of his whole head blown open.?

    1. Because there was nothing in it, like shooting an old coconut, small hole in sorta small hole out

    2. – Stand my Ground,
      If it was was of those ‘terrible black rifles’, they tend to be a small and not terribly effective caliber like 5.56 mm or .223. For hunters, these are typically varmint calibers. The resulting hole is either a small .22 caliber hole, or the thing tends to virtually explode the whole thing open as it did an arm. It just varies, it’s the nature of the beast. This was one of the ‘selling points’ for the caliber, back in the ‘Nam. Problem is, it can work the other way ’round.
      – Papa S.

      1. Papa
        I remember i hated the inconsistencies of the round, sometimes she’d go
        downrange true, others she’d start tumbling almost right out of the
        barrel, that’s why I liked the “K” or the MP-5 little larger round, and you
        could put a bunch downrange on”Uncle’s” dime.

  25. Hear about the protest..errr..riot…err…window breaking, looting, mostly peaceful protest in Minneapolis last night in a response supposedly to another police shooting? Nope?

    Probably because the media shut down reporting on it once it was discovered the “victim” , a murder suspect fleeing police…blew his own brains out after being cornered. Can’t have the public think that BLM just rampages for sh&ts and grins……..just an excuse for a late night shopping spree……..again……..

  26. DAMedin

    That is such a good idea. Generally you can’t sue the police, city, state, etc for failing to protect you. They have immunity. (it is possible. I once sued Adams County Colorado and got $800. Another time I sued the city, county, police, 2 judges, and the state — WY — and got $20,000, but both times I could prove my case and was suing pro se. Acting as your own lawyer costs a defendant a lot in attorney fees because my pleadings were so numerous and long. So they settled out of court to save money. The Court did dismiss my claims against the two judges, though.)

    But BLM has no immunity and the best part is that you would have Discovery. That is where you can demand they answer question and provide documents. So we could find out who is behind them, who is donating to them, how many members they have, what their motives are…. You could probably think of many more things to ask.

    1. DaisyK
      you’ve got a great point there…discovery, love that avenue. Unfortunately, it would
      take the next four years due to appeals, lawyer maneuvering and all the typical
      lawyer crap.

  27. Need to make it a class action with lawyers willing to work pro bono. Since TPTB don’t seem to be charging the criminals at the local level, civil case may be way to go.

  28. Here’s an update on a way to provide financial assistance for Kyle’s legal defense:

    Since Go Fund Me took down the page for Kyle, a new funding site is being used. I sent the link to Ken for moderation, but you can also go to givesendgo dot com and look for his page. There was a note today on Gab from Lin Wood confirming representation for Kyle – big smile there!

  29. Well, here are the official charges for Kyle Rittenhouse.
    1)1st-Degree Reckless Homicide
    2)1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety.
    3)1st-Degree Intentional Homicide
    4) Attempt 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide
    5)1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety
    6) Possession Dangerous Weapon (Misd.)


    1. 1-5 will be hard to prove and probably dismissed. All video evidence of self defense. 6 will probably stick. He has a long tough road ahead of him. Saw that Lin Wood has taken the case. We all know him from Sandmann (sp) lawsuit but he also proved Richard Jewel innocent from the Atlanta Olympic bombings. Good lawyer.

      Of course we won’t see this going to trail for at least a year or 2. Hopefully he gets home with security and some mental health from the incident. Also what jury in Kenosha would find him guilty? Young man was doing a admirable job in trying to helping others.


    2. Yep, just as I suspected.

      Charge him for everything possible and make him an example to others, that wish to defend their lives and property, while the thugs run amok.

      Keep pushing the limit, ya filthy, stupid bastards.

      1. Kula – Yeah, you’re right. Wasn’t sure, but I should have known better. Thanks for the reminder.

      2. We are still not sure of context of first shooting. The second two are definitely self defense.

      3. Little late to the party, been out doing repairs on minor damage caused by the remnants of hurricane Laura.

        My understanding was that the first shot was from an unknown source. Kyle saw him go down, ran to administer first aid. When he kneeled to help, with his rifle slung, the career criminal thug protestors assumed he was the shooter, and attacked him.

        Has newer, more accurate information come forward?

  30. For the few hours the Go Fund Me page was up to raise funds for Kyle’s legal defense costs, many people donated. I saw a report today that leftist hackers are now doxxing those people. Hopefully, that won’t deter others from supporting him, and it doesn’t seem to be by the amounts being collected at the new donation site. Something to be aware of, however. We will be putting ourselves out there and at risk as we provide help to each other.

  31. My takeaway from this mess,
    Unless its your house,
    Let it burn, its not worth it.
    If you do chose to use deadly force,, better be on board with it being a one way trip like the archangels in that dragon movie

  32. Haven’t seen anybody mention it yet. Have you heard of the arrest of folks associated with a “non-profit” organization called “Riot Kitchen” heading to Kenosha to “feed the ‘protestors’ and ‘anybody else that’s hungry’ ?”

    We’ve talked in the past about logistical support for these “peaceful protestors”.

    Seems that this group may be using the guise of feeding folks to fly under the radar delivering equipment and munitions to the “protestors”.

    Five people connected to the group were stopped after police observed them filling gas cans at a filling station prior to going to Kenosha. Police found helmets, protective vests and equipment, fireworks, and of course, “controlled substances” in the vehicle……….

    Don’t know why anyone would donate money to an organization called “Riot Kitchen”, but they also receive donations under the name “Feed the People”. Being it’s a non-profit, Soros and his ilk can get a tax write off………..

    1. Dennis – Riot Kitchen is based out of Seattle, or at least the ‘franchise headquarters’ is out of there. I saw that report. Three vehicles, including the Riot Kitchen set up, were pulled over headed to Kenosha, with license plates covered. A local resident actually phoned it in. People are paying closer attention to who’s wandering through.

  33. All
    Just watched Tucker, he interviewed a eyewit, whom was about 12-15 feet behind dead puke.
    Eyewit, testified that dead puke fired first, as Kyle was running, Kyle then turned around, dead puke went to grab the barrel of Kyle’s wep, Rittenhaus manuvered his wep out of puke’s reach and fired. Blown-arm puke, later pulled Glock on Rittenhaus while he was down, here again, Kyle fires.

    1. Should add, that blown-arm incident was NOT witnessed by this person, but that eyewit, saw
      him at the hospital a short time later. Eyewit assisted in transporting dead to same.

  34. LeAnn, please explain how you’ve assessed this young man “looks” to be like a loner who would become unhinged someday & everyone in school knows it or how in 10 years he’ll become a bad cop or a military soldier charged with a crime or bad soldier. How in the world can anyone condemn or determine a person’s character or morals by their looks, then predict their future criminal behavior 10 years in the future? Then you dig a deeper hole becoming the judge and jury, convicting him for 20 years, writing the bright side he’ll only be 37? Never read a more vindictive, thoughtless posting on any prepper’s website.

    1. This type of thinking is consistent with her other postings. She has a very different philosophy than the other MSB posters.

  35. There is a very well-written article from the Gateway Pundit yesterday giving a more detailed timeline of Kyle’s actions on that fateful day. This information is a release from his defense team, so of course you could argue that they’re biased. It holds consistent with the various feeds I viewed that night.

  36. All three of the people shot by Kyle had a rap sheet. Does this tend to indicate that a lot of the rioters could be recently released prisoners?

  37. The defense for Kyle Rittenhouse has released video of that night, outlining the sequence of events that proves Kyle acted in self-defense. There’s an article over on The Blaze with more info.


    I was sure I heard a shot before Kyle’s, and sure enough the video confirms that. Every action that young man took was in defending his life. In spite of being under threat, he still takes the time to try to notify emergency services for the first casualty, before he gets rushed and has to flee. That is one fine young man, and I’m glad to see him getting stellar legal representation.

  38. Farmgirl….and anyone interested,

    As you know, “Gofundme” cancelled the fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse because….gasp….he has been smeared as a white supremacist”.

    Another account is currently active at……. www dot givesendgo dot com forward slash gucz………..

    It has, so far, collected $526,000 for his defense. Add to it if you feel led to…………..

    1. Thanks for that, Dennis. He has such a good defense team – I’m so proud of those patriotic attorneys. And for the record, I hope Lin Wood really rips Biden a new one over the white supremacist smear.

  39. Just saw that Kyle Rittenhouse has been released after posting the ridiculously high 2 million dollar bond. He’s out and he’s safe! Countless people made donations, and then a couple of high profile donors put him over the top for the funds needed.

    I’m so glad for him and his family! A reminder that there are some good people in the world, willing to step up for what’s right.

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