Last Chance – America In Distress – The Puppet Is About To Be Installed

Today, January 6, 2021. Though it appears that we are presently a Constitutional Republic in name only, could today be the day that it’s over for real?

I (we) will stay up-to-date with today’s events. This post will be updated as things unfold. As new links come in. Live feeds from the SAVE AMERICA RALLY (update: the crowds are HUGE). Utilize the comment section to sound-off.

But first, The Senate has apparently been just handed over to the Marxist/commie party in the middle of the night. Shocker! (sarc) — Given the same Dominion Voting Systems and opportunistic mail-in/absentee voting (e.g. suitcases of ballots under the table) that we saw just 8 weeks ago…

By the way, I’m assuming that many of you saw the video of Jovan Pulitzer, regarding Fulton County —> a week ago during a Georgia Senate Hearing where a Fulton County Dominion voting machine was hacked (LIVE).

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we now have access through the devices to the poll pad–the system, but WE ARE IN.”

Oh wait…you didn’t see it or hear about it? Shocking! (sarc) The mainstream will NEVER show the public this stuff (and there’s TONS MORE).

But I digress. None of this has mattered to “the machine”. Zip. Nada. We have hashed through all this for two months. It has been clear to me for some time that none of it matters to the extent of changing the PREDETERMINED OUTCOME.

74+ million patriots have been patiently waiting / hoping for “the system” to make it right. But it was never in the cards. “The house” always wins.

They will have their way with us. At least that is their plan. Today, or the next few or several days, will be the final. We are in double-overtime. The game is on the line. The puppet is about to be officially declared King. In that moment, the Republic will die. It will “transform”. And many will not like what it rapidly becomes.

President Trump announced he will be speaking at 11am Eastern from the Ellipse at The President’s Park. The primary venue for DC assembly and speaker content will be The Ellipse, a 52-acre park south of the White House fence and north of Constitution Avenue and the National Mall; The Ellipse is mid-way (aligned with the Washington Monument) North of the National Mall.


Right Side Broadcasting:

UPDATE (Antifa Provocateurs led the charge)

Evidently ANTIFA provocateurs lead the charge for those who ended up in the Capital building. Too late now though… the public image damage is done. It’s over.

Report: Facial recognition firm claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

I found this notice from Nov.4, and there’s no doubt they had infiltrated Jan.6 (reports of busloads of them). Anyway, it’s over. Too late.

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    1. Jan 6th was a set-up. Ambush. The Trump crowd was waved in by Capital police. Nobody gets into the Capital like that otherwise. Someone on the inside set those ppl up for the negative press. It cost a girl her life. The Chuck and Nancy show has got their claws out until the very end of Trump’s presidency.

      This is a huge tactical warning going forward for any future protests/protestors. People have got to think thru what they’re offered and where it will lead to. If it’s too easy (as to get into the capital) there is something wrong. It’s a trap/ambush.

      Those protesters walked right into that one. Think. Think. Before you act.

      1. it was insurgents all right -let in the capitol.. was on live feeds.. and they were ant fa and burn loot and murder. their pictures have been matched up to other events they have been photo’d. some of them took pics of self w Pukeois’s son earlier this year and also of self in that seat…. and capitol police let them in and out gates.
        .. go to u tube channels of southern prepper and simon parks and listen and read the comments.. i was not there but others were..and they are posting what thy saw. Some good guys were also there and all those laptops with e mails from china were photo’d.. there was only 6 senators who stood up against the election fraud…they did it knowing they will be targeted.
        IF you have a phone that picks up emergency messages.. keep it charged.. Just my 1Cent..bcause of nflation is no longer 2…

        1. Just Sayin,

          Yes only 6 Senators had the guts to contest…I want nothing to do with the rest of them. The Patriots did not storm the building. It was Antifa, and there are numerous reports of that. I am so disgusted with my Republican Party for backing down to the left and not standing up for what is right. There were many House members who did the right thing but it didn’t matter in votes.

          1. Terra –

            This is exactly what I was talking about a couple of weeks ago when I made an unpopular post about the futility of protest marches. Thank you for making my point better than I did. Enough with the damn protests and marches. Logical, targeted, tactical strikes is the only action I see producing favorable results against such a deeply entrenched, tyrannical domestic enemy.

          2. Yup,,,
            protest march
            Buncha BS
            the patient is dead, its just nerve twitches we are seeing.

            1. stay away from crowds
            2. make plans
            3. stay away from crowds
  1. is this the day the the cold civil war goes hot???? I PRAY TO GOD IT DOES NOT

    is this theday we see our great experiment die ?? we will see if the UNITED states of America will become the SOCIALIST states of America ???

    if so this country is DOOMED we ARE witnessing history and not the good kind

    1. you are right we will now be known as the USSA united socialist states of america. God Help Us

  2. Sad day for a great country. I believe my family will be officially checking out if all future political races, etc. why on earth would anyone invest time or energy in a crooked venture? And, with our own personal saga unfolding, it’s a good reminder that we should control what we can and not fester on what we cannot. I will pray for all the brave patriots who are in DC.

    1. Banging pots and pans has thrown out dictators.Thats the people ‘voting’ when the ballot system is corrupt.Thats the people being heard and when the country is doing it I dont care who they are,they are SHOWN they are going to be torn limb to limb.Storming the bastille,thats another ‘vote’.
      Voting isnt only by ballot box.

  3. I don’t know how long it will take for the sheeple to learn of their mistake – perhaps when they are in line waiting for that loaf of bread.

    To be a free nation or a global servant is now totally in the hands of the citizens.

    1. Hermit,
      i suspect it will start to sink in when biden shuts everything down again to get a handle on covid

  4. Crazy republicans are still saying, “Well, we got it wrong this time. But we will learn from that and get it better next time. We won’t let it happen again.”

    They can’t see that they can’t change the system now. Any changes will be to legalize all the illegal means used to steal these elections. It isn’t just this presidential election but elections for generations. Many Senators, representatives, state officials, especially secretaries of state. (I wonder how much George Soros contributed to Raffenspberger’s election.)

    Once the far left takes power, they will never give it up. They thought they had secured infinite power when Obama ruled for 8 years and were shocked when Clinton didn’t win in 2016. They made sure it wouldn’t happen this time, no matter how brazenly they had to steal it. With fake news media, and corrupt social media hiding the truth, even many people who voted for Trump accept the results.

    A Republic, if you can keep it! We didn’t..

    1. My take on it, Daisy, is that they just simply don’t care. Their pockets are padded and their lifestyle secure. Sure, Republicans may generally vote conservatively and honor the Constitution, but in the end most all politicians have forgotten that this is THE PEOPLES land and we don’t serve them. It’s a machine, a game, a high stakes business, and we just fund it-with little way to get our money back.

    2. Actually they got it wrong when they failed to live up to their Contract with America. How many of them ran on term limits then and are still in Congress? Power corrupts.

      1. MamaLark, you forgot the rest of it. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        Now they have it — Absolute Power. Look what they did last time. They socialized medicine, the student loan system, and tied to socialize the auto industry. They stole from secured creditors and gave it to the unions. They gave taxpayer money to all their supporters. It was as though Obama had inherited a candy store and invited all his friends to come and take what they wanted, never thinking about the cost of replacing all that candy for sale to paying customers.

        They changed our social morals to cause us to accept homosexuality as normal, abortion as “women’s rights”, and American history as institutional racism.

        Conservatives are not successfully communicating to the masses the real dangers to our freedoms; they are talking about the MEANS to our destruction — packing the courts, new states, ending the filibuster. Those are not the actual dangers. Most uneducated people (and that is most of America) hear those things and think, “Well, what do I care about the courts, the filibuster, the wall, how many states we have….” So they say, “Wait until 2022. Then we will win.”

        1. I intentionally left out the second half because I was describing the do called GOP conservatives from the Clinton era. But for the current cabal now fully in control in DC, absolute corruption happened a long time ago.

  5. We failed in GA to keep the senate due to three areas (Atlanta, Columbus and Augusta). Now it’s time for the red counties in GA to secede or Atlanta will do to us what Chicago has done to IL.

    The “blue belt” runs across the state from Columbus to Atlanta/Macon to Augusta. South GA needs to secede and join Florida. NW GA join with Alabama and North GA join with Tennessee. I am a native Georgian but I no longer have any allegiance to this state. It’s time to split it up.


    1. Ya, its interesting to me, allllll these states deep red, but controlled by iddy biddy blue spots.
      IMHO, why give them any control?

        1. MamaLark, you are right. The only left to fight them is to stop feeding them. If farmers stopped shipping food to the cities, they would not survive.

      1. Because the generational overpopulation on the side of the blue gimme-dats, that is what gave them control, districting and electoral votes coming along with them.

        1. TxinEP –

          All true, but with a DEMographic aggregate average IQ well below 100. These ‘people’ live on fried garbage and 40 ounce cups of carbonated corn syrup, funded by taxpayers. Once the shackles of civil society have been smashed, this will be an easy mop-up. It won’t even be close to a fair fight.

          1. tmcgyver as Sun Tzu might say “Never underestimate your enemy”.

            Your complaining about the weeds infesting your lawn while the real enemy is a raging Forest Fire. The Deep State allied with the Chinese WON this Color Revolution. Even the Socialist-Democrats are but middlemen in this rape of America.

            Like a good Magician the Deep State keeps us looking at his distractions of low information, low IQ thuggish folks when they are just “Useful Idiots” for them.

            After all WHERE did Antifa get it’s funding, paycheck, TRAINING Support, Medical Support and so on and “Quote” our 3 letter agencies didn’t know how to stop it? BECAUSE the Deep State-3 letter agencies WERE the Paymasters.

            BTW Who OWNS our Nuclear Weapons, Our Military, Armed Drones and Attack Helicopters now? It’s not the “Useful Idiots”… Not so easy Mop Up.

            One of my many nightmares that seem to keep coming true is the Venezuelan Style USE of Street Thugs as Warlords of “Difficult Areas”. You know the areas that will not submit. No Electricity for you, no food for you. Holodomor, look it up. TARGETING uncontrolled Food Production.

            Dark winter indeed.

      2. That’s what the electoral college was supposed to prevent. If only they’d done that on the state levels as well!

        1. If you study history, GA had what was called ‘The County Unit Vote’ System that in many ways mirrored the EC. It spread political power out to the rural areas.

          This is why GA Statewide Politicians always courted rural areas because Echols County bordering the Okefenokee (probably has more gators than people) had similar voting power as Fulton County (wherein is Atlanta)

          Gov Eugene Talmadge (Sen Herman T’s Daddy) used to snap his red suspenders and say “I don’t want no votes from any County with Streetcar Tracks…”

          However, it was ruled un-Constitutional by the SCOTUS in the early 60s in the name of “One man – One Vote”


  6. Heres the thing,
    politicians, only care about themselves and their agenda.

    best wake up to that fact, especially if you think one side or the other will save you.

    this all just finalizes the deceit and will show dc as the uniparty it is.

  7. Ken and all,

    I put out a couple of comments in the wee hours last night. From reading everyone else’s, I’m wondering if anyone saw them, or dug in to the EO I referenced, Executive Order 13873. It could just be more crazy hopefulness on my part, but when I looked at the communications sent to congress yesterday evening, I kept feeling like I was staring at something important without understanding what it was. Anyone read the memos from whitehouse dot gov that were sent yesterday, and have some perspective on it?

    1. Are you talking about the EO against Chinese software? Or, are you talking about the EO 13848, which is about foreign agents effecting the Nov. 3rd vote?

      1. Ision,

        EO 13873 is about more than just Chinese software. Don’t think it even specifically says chinese software. Would you read it, and then think of it as a piece that fits with EO 13848. I don’t think the Pres could just come out with a simple EO laying out in simple terms what he was going to do. I think he’s playing chess, really.

        1. The only relationship of EO 13873, and EO 13848, is if the election was conducted with illegal equipment and software, which have been outlawed by EO 13873, and are part of the DNI report, demonstrating foreign manipulation of the election.

          It may be proven banned equipment and software from 13873, aided in the illegal manipulation of the election. This could result in those systems being compromised by foreign interests, and therefore, directly relevant to 13848…and the DNI report.

          1. Yes, Farmgirl, I read it in the wee hours. It occurred to me that it made no sense for him to issue an IO that lasts 45 days unless he thinks he will still be President in 45 days.

  8. This is not a time to panic although I threw a fit this morning at 8 am from the news. I am trying to search for a silver lining in all this and all I can find now is I am still above ground and so are my fur kids, I have no debts, I made lots money this morning, and got 2 leather clothing orders to boot all before I could make coffee. Then it hit me how blessed I am during these dark times—

    God grant me the serenity

    to accept the things I cannot change; 

    courage to change the things I can; 

    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time; 

    enjoying one moment at a time; 

    accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; 

    taking, as He did, this sinful world

    as it is, not as I would have it; 

    trusting that He will make all things right

    if I surrender to His Will; 

    that I may be reasonably happy in this life

    and supremely happy with Him

    forever in the next. 


    reinhold niebuhr (1892-1971)

    1. Hallelujah……I just had two visitors(they bought ammo and 4 guns)and the stories both told of the hell they experienced when one’s wife died and other had son die in train accident were enough to let me know I am blessed and all has gone smoothly so far.

      Living one day at a time; 
      enjoying one moment at a time;

  9. Now is the time to work at getting rid of any RINO’s running in 2022. We can not give the socialists two full years to spread their propaganda without us getting the truth out. We will need both Houses to correct the garbage that is dropping on the American people.

    1. See the troll below spreading garbage and this war will continue until the citizens again take control. The snakes never give up and even though we need to work daily, we too must never give up.

      1. They start by trying to endear themselves to you with comments that make some sense but then they sneak in the propaganda when you begin to agree. And this person is a snake that changes it’s skin regularly.

    2. I was told once that the American public has a two month voting memory. I have seen no reason to disagree. Those who call themselves republican will vote Republican next time as well, simply because of the party designation. “The lesser of two evils” is still evil. And (both of) the corrupt parties will continue to put forward candidates who are deep in the swamp.

    3. Ain’t gonna happen with the newly acquired cheating skills and billions in money used by big tech. I don’t see a fair ejection ever again….or enough BRAVE and ethical politicians.

      1. You said ejection when you probably meant election. But the way you spelled it WAS correct!

        1. That’s what they wanted, at the expense of the American people. And it sure as hell, wasn’t fair.

  10. Printed and machine filed out thousands of ballots stole the election. Just because they were shredded and the machines wiped, makes it almost impossible to prove. So, yes when faced with traitorous subversion, civil action is the only thing left.

  11. hopefully you are one that loses EVERYTHING that means anything first when the cowpie communists run out of money

  12. Interesting how the only ones whose lives matter were able to do whatever they wanted to do, but when Trump supporters showed up and tried to get rowdy, the cops didn’t waste a SECOND before arresting them! ‘Same thing happened in Portland, OR, when “The People” had enough of “antifa” and stormed the government offices to make their voices heard. The Left-wingers were allowed to take over Portland. When “The People” stormed those government offices, the pepper spray flew immediately.

    Folks, if we don’t push back, the fall of our once-great nation will be on us…

    1. The best way to hit liberal liars on the internet is to pass a bill that allows them to be sued for false statements. They are exempt where others like new media are not. There should be equal justice under the law. Constitutional law (1st amendment) says freedom of speech, but when people are attacked with lies to hurt others like slander, they are responsible for that outcome. And yes, political speech should be included even for all parties. That’ type bill cannot pass the US house because the liars control it.

    2. I’ve been in law enforcement for going on 25 years. I live in one of the most conservative counties in the country. I know cops around the country. When you go to a place like DC, check out the demographics of the PD. Add in the demographics of their leadership and elected officials and you will start to understand when taking actions against one group will see a cop fired, civilly sued and possibly arrested all to the silence of his “brothers in blue” and the encouragement of PD leadership and local elected officials.

      On the other side, I will also say that my area has a few sovereign citizens and auditors that like to poke the bear. They frequently end up getting mauled. It has nothing to do with left vs right. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” applies to both the left and the right.

  13. People who pray don’t “always get screwed”. They have light where other people carry darkness, they are the ones who are strong when others go off the deep end, they have peace where others are troubled, they have hope where others do not. That sir is not being screwed.

    1. Ha good point thinking about it more class warfare … and true if at peace why care if Rome burns. Sometimes wonder if I need 4 divorces while married to my 5th wife, a copy of the consitution, and say comments that everyone should be jailed for an offense until I am caught doing the same to enter the republican club. As for religion i am related to a nun that ive been close all my life and the (bleep) inner workings would test anyones faith. And believe me I cast stones but not as many as the priests and nuns.

      1. Being at peace with God doesn’t mean we don’t care. Remember 911 when the twin towers were burning/collapsing? Many firefighters died trying to save others. They had the greatest love because God said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”John 15:13 They were at peace with God, knowing they probably wouldn’t survive in those towering infernos.

  14. Mitch McConnell is, at the present, selling out to the democrats….giving what, I’m sure, the media will call a historic and patriotic speech in repudiation of the attempts to challenge the theft of the office of president………..

        1. Rutherford,
          pretty much ALL of those “career” politicians need a kick in the azz out the door, snake is to polite

    1. Mitch McConnell elected to the Senate in 1984 on a platform that included term limits who is now longest serving GOP Senate leader in history and married to a Washington insider. Shameful. The 1st thing I am going to ask of anyone wanting office is whether they have identified their replacement and the approximate date they are going to retire from politics.

      1. Hundreds of thousands are at the capitol steps and have walked peacefully inside in Statuary Hall and out like tourists where congress is in lockdown. Fox News’ Chris Wallace is having a meltdown, mentioning bombing and what-like that may threaten congress.

        These socialists really fear peaceful protests, the leftists are evacuating congress now through secret passages(?) Trump supporters have shut down congress.and I heard Pence did not see Trump through his request. Georgia capital has been taken as well. These protests are seen by MSM as up to no good and against the law, while leftists said BLM and Antifa protests were peaceful while the cities burn down behind these same reporters.

        This IS a great moment in Democracy, seeing our Trump supporters showing up against a fraudulent election.

  15. To the patriots and veterans of this website/blog:

    This is it folks. We are less than 2 weeks away from a one-party system controlled by the National Democrats – the “Brown Shirts” of our time. When Bernie and Barak and Kamala start pulling the strings things are gonna get ugly. For most of my early life I lived under a one-party system and I can tell you without hesitation that there was unprecedented spending of taxpayers money on the welfare and food stamp systems of the state (of Hawaii). Corruption and graft was and still is rampant and one has only to look at the failed “rail system” for Honolulu to see what the Democrats have done to a once beautiful state.

    For us freedom lovers and independent thinkers things will be much worse. Ken has warned us about “the purge”. Believe me, it is coming. I have taken the advice of Lauren and consolidated my emails into a protonmail account. I have deleted my FB and Instagram accounts. I use DuckDuckGo for my browser and have requested all my financial communications to be sent directly to my protonmail account or by snail-mail. Finally, I have with the help of friends, de-googlized my phone and my wife’s.

    Part 1.

    1. Part 2.

      The “purge” that Ken has warned us about will take place once Dementia Joe takes office. Bernie and Kamala are sure to target websites such as this, using infiltration and hacks to pressure Ken and his staff. There will be some interesting comments on these pages. Leftists are masters at presenting themselves as peaceful well-meaning people while they track personal information on patriots. Laws/mandates will be easily passsed through congress and quickly signed by Puppet Joe. Make no mistake MSB’rs, anything and I mean ANYTHING the left wants they will get. Gun control, check. Higher taxes, check. Forced gender choice, check. Confiscation of “excess” personal property for immigrants and the homeless, check. Condemnation of prepping as racist, check. If you thought 2020 was bad, wait until Puppet Joe unleashes 11 million illegal immigrants on this country. Be prepared and support this blog anyway you can. The Marxist/Communists will stop at nothing.

      1. With ya 100% and make sure you have your will, power of attorney, health proxy, final wishes, and all personal info secure where if something happens the right person can reach it.

    2. Eli,
      it hasnt changed over here, SSDD
      now they are lying about the actual shortfall from the lack of tourist for 6 months,,,,
      its way past the 2.3 billion they estimated
      only thing democrats are good for is lies

    3. Rob Braxman sells de googled phones.You can look him up.Doesnt constantly call home and track you with wifi triangulation.If your life requires such a device….rest of us dont need to take one with us.Also it has other benefits,interesting subject.

  16. watching live feed of congress. hulabaloo, someone shouted ‘lock the doors’, Pelosi went missing at some point off camera and a new person, man, presiding then declared a recess pursuant to section 12, I think? live feed chat suggested patriots storming the building, someone else said antifa. don’t know.

    1. Antifa put out instructions to their folks to dress MAGA, but I suspect there are enough angry folks on our side that might join in.

      Here are a couple of livestreams on YT:

    2. Patriots, antifags,,, dont care, storm the damn place and hang the traitors, ALL OF EM

  17. Lin Wood’s dropping more bombs over at his Twitter page @LLinWood. And they’re some BIG accusations.

  18. Just so you know…

    The U.S. Capitol Building has been stormed by Patriots and has been locked down. People have broken through all security and invaded the interior. Joint Session has been evacuated. Pelosie ran away..and another person sent houses into emergency recess…..

    Live feed shows Patriots all over the Capitol grounds and all surrounding buildings…


    1. ANTIFA told their people to dress like MAGA folks for this very reason. I suspect there are more of those than true Patriots storming the Capitol.

      1. Thousand and thousands of Patriots…at the Capitol. They have taken over the window washing platform and using it! They are inside and some are at the windows!

        The Capitol is not the only building the are taking! Hundreds of thousands of people all over the city.

        Police overwhelmed. All Capitol personnel evacuated.

      2. Saw a live feed of protesters inside capitol building tussling with police…wearing skinny britches, black back packs, weird haircuts….and MAGA caps with flag facemasks…even a blind man would recognize them for the antifa’s they are…….

        ……and…on cue…D.C. mayor has declared a 6PM curfew……who woulda thot ?

          1. Ision,

            I so wish you were wrong, but I’m afraid not. Saw pic of horn wearing dude sitting in speaker’s chair, with three ‘friends’ taking pics. Didn’t look like patriots to me.

          2. I agree. As I was watching the live video from the Floor, I thought the people there did not look right at all. They all reminded me be of Leftists, from their manner, body language, manner of dress, and basic slouch.

          3. Ision: I guess then the Guard should stand down, mind their damned business and let the grown ups sort this out. They will be unfortunate collateral damage.

    2. ……all mainstream media has suspended regular programing to cover….and condemn the rally….

      ….don’t expect them to report truth when it’s found that it was antifa’s causing the violence……

  19. sigh sigh sigh,,, had a feeling Georgia would fall. They were talking last night how some small red counties had less voter turn out than the Nov election. When Shineka turns up and demands they give her food from their garden for free and decides she wants their car or moves her family into their house or walks out of a store without paying maybe they will remember Jan. 5, 2121.
    Do what you can do…. perhaps in 2 years it can be turned around. Perhaps
    Thanks to the Georgia folks who did vote it was close. Very close.

    1. From what i have heard they pulled the same thing as in the first election. Republican areas had machines quit working and told to fill out a vote and put in the box. Quit counting like last time and some sort of ballot dump. Like the first election if this stands there will be no turning it around.

  20. Hmm, I’m wondering how long before the stars and stripes will be changed to the hammer and sickle and stripes? And how long before there are re-education camps ( like Bernie Sanders supporters want ) for the non believers. And the governor of NY state is already talking of quarantine camps and forced vaccinations for everyone that can’t or won’t do it voluntarly.And another thing, with all the statures being taken out of the federal capital rotundra of our early leaders, so they can replace them with statures of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and lets not forget Bernie Sanders’s idol, Fidel Castro. How long before that happens?

    1. I’ve been watching Newsmax TV (among other live feeds), but yes – confirming shots fired inside…reportedly one person shot in the neck, another in the chest…

        1. A woman was shot by police inside. Unconfirmed…and you all know this may not be true.

          1. Stardust –
            Go to that story on Gateway Pundit, then scroll down to Tayler Hansen’s video.

            He begins filming before the shot is fired and his hand stays steady as he films her bleeding on the floor. Chaos all around him, yet his camera feed doesn’t indicate that he’s shaken up by what he’s seeing. Never drops to the floor to help render aid, nor does he duck to take cover if there’s another shot. Weird video.

          2. Thanks for the feed. Active shooter was yelled, but who shot her? I saw no DC police there, seems someones gun went off by accident.

          3. Actually….NewsMax is showing the different photos and videos on a loop and when they just played the beginning of that clip you could tell that there is a shattered pane of glass in front of her.

            Another still photo being shown has been Security inside the chamber with their guns pointed at what appears to be a glass pane on a door. Now I wonder if they are the ones who shot out from the chamber, which would explain why the gunshot wasn’t louder on his video. Hmm….

  21. At least now, mainstream media can’t hide the size and numbers of the rally any more. Before the move on the capitol building, CNN viewers would not be aware that it was more than a handful

  22. the one thing i am concerned about with this going on is that some foreign power could strike and here we are caught with our pants down, so to say. i know that are military defense is constantly watching for threats but anything could happen with all this going on.

    1. Tole ya.Cut off the head,is thats whats starting????? Oh my ,might be going hot! Wife says some woman was yelling lock the doors,lock the doors and the screen went black.
      trump asking people to stand down….must be real

    2. I’ve heard all three network totally use the word “protestors” all along. Went I hear that I think “We The People” . . .

      The media didn’t have this demeanor in Seattle, and cities with all those BLM riots!

      Gimmie a break!

  23. This is the moment when history is made. It’s now. or never.
    It is not over yet, DJT wins and traitors will be shot or hanged.
    Pence first, never before seen so low act

  24. It seems as though things are starting to get “kinetic”. Wonder how long it will be before armed patriot reinforcements show up. Maybe 6 PM?

    1. Everyone at this event is fully armed. Their cars are where they have kept them. If you piss these people off…they simply will recover their weapons from the parking lots…and go forth.

      There are not enough police and forces to cope…if the crowd gets angry….

      The curfew is pretty meaningless, if the protesters decide it is time to go hot.

    1. double naught seven,

      This is “starting to look like a banana republic”……but the election didn’t????…………

  25. TONIGHT The police must choose a side! There are 700,000 sworn officers in the US. There are at least 100 million furious gun owners. Pick a side boys. Choose wisely!

    1. Most cops are conservative and the vast majority of us will suit up before anyone else and be on the side of the patriots when the show starts. But, don’t mistake that there are some extreme @holes on the extreme right that will fall under the rabid dog clause. Make sure that YOU choose to side with trained, equipped, armed and experienced cops and vets that have had their muzzles removed instead of with some lunatic LARPers. Just remember that a lot of us have already proven that we’re part of the 3%. Choose wisely!

  26. As some of you folks know I went SHTF mode back in October 2016.I expected what we are seeing now to of started in 2017. Trump slowed them down but that was it. People on the right became complacent. The left kept going even though they were not in power. I stepped up my preparations because the battle is an ideological one. You cannot placate or buy your way out of it when you are dealing with true believers. Complacency and the naive thought the other side would play by the rule of law got you to this place. 4 years of daily attacks against Trump should of woken people from theirComplacency. Storming the capital is too little too late I fear.

    I have invested a considerable amount of time in building relationships and friendships in my AO for the last 4 years.I hope you have been doing some of that. When the smoke clears life will go on.

    The question will be what the quality of your family’s life going forward.

    These traitors will screw up. They always go too far. Just wait until their ” followers” are getting screwed over like the rest of us. No skills and laziness will be their undoing.

    You just have to mentally (spiritually) and physically outlast them…

    1. one more thing…
      OH,Myself and others have said it before.
      Be the industrious farmer during the day…
      Be Mr.Charles by night…
      In whatever capacity you are capable of being…

  27. Yesterday on Tucker, Congressman Chip Roy said, ” If the Dem’s win both seats in Georgia, the Cold Civil War that our country has been in , WILL BECOME A HOT ONE”.

    He could be right?

  28. I have feeds from several States…this is happening in several cities…besides D.C..

    I figure all the children and families have removed themselves, so only active adults are left to do the occupations.

    I also figure, there are groups on the edges, who have already armed themselves. You can hide a lot of stuff under those heavy coats.

    It all could melt away too…. Cold, hungry, hoarse from yelling…and President Trump telling people stand down.

    But, wasn’t Antifa and BLM getting ready to riot over the court rulings, not to charge any of the police for that shooting? Why not do it in D.C….. Now?

  29. Already have jo giving a speech.Sounds black flag to me…..and some dum antifa schmuck got shot,2 confirmed im hearing

  30. I’m reading that some state capitols have also been overtaken. Georgia and Kansas (?!) were mentioned. I saw a bit from Olympia, can’t get confirmation on exactly what’s happening. I’ve wondered all along if this were a set up. It only takes a spark.

    Ken, you may want to update your countdown clock. Maybe we’re at zero now?

    1. Got a change of underwear? I’ve been listening to the drills that our jets are running today and some of them make your stomach awfully queasy when they get aggressive.

      Xi told his folks to prepare for war at any moment and we best be prepared as well.

      1. M’Lynn – Legit inside source told me that Xi’s surgery did not go well; at all. We could soon be looking at a very wild conflagration.

      2. M’Lynn,

        Just upgraded my defenses here on the mountain….swapped out the .22 short for a .22 long rifle hollow point in my Jiminy Cricket single shot…….bad guys better stay back……

        1. Me too Dennis,
          I swapped out my blue whistle for a little bit bigger orange one,,,
          i live in a state wherewe have a duty to retreat,,,,,
          it aint even funny

        2. Gee…I’m jealous Dennis. All I got is this stack of canned goods that OH told me to buy and figured I could start flinging them at bad guys heads. 😉

      1. NRP & Blue,

        ………not after today….by the way…glad you posted, was getting worried about you….hope all is well on Lightning Point……..

  31. Trump just posted a video on his Twitter feed asking that folks go home in peace.

    Considering the cell signals have been blocked all day I’m unclear as to how people will access it.

      1. tmc –
        I keep scanning the crowd to catch a glimpse of cid because I think he’ll be saying the same thing. Doubt he’s packing up the van to head back home just yet.

  32. I cant get into newsfeeds in calif via utube,wife still has ntd,told her dont change that link.
    OK my utube is back

  33. Daughter tells me, per facebook posts, pro-Trump rally at state capitol in Little Rock currently…….

    1. freddie,

      Woman shot inside capitol buidling. Taken out, bloody, on stretcher. Bad shape, but no reports of death as of this moment.

      1. She’s so fat her front teeth stretched apart. She should visit Manchester Township NJ and check out the berthing facilities.

        1. That or maybe a good colon cleanse, maybe somebody got stuck up there and she forgot them

      1. Romeo Charlie for the win!

        (Oh My Gosh that was one of the funniest and most disgusting things ever!)

  34. Patriots, do not disband and we need another million to join the peaceful protest.

    Yes, peaceful, no police cars burning, no buildings burning, no people taken away to hospitals, no guns, …. yet the media says “unruly crowd” over and over.

    If this is the line, do not surrender.

    And I just heard that the entire government is now in the hands of the socialist/marxist/communist deep state dictators. RIP USA.

    1. hermit us – No way. The time for peaceful protest is long over. We don’t need a million people, AGAIN marching and chanting stupid slogans; so the MSM has comedic fodder to slobber over.. We need about ten thousand REAL MEN to sterilize this cesspool and relaunch America.

      1. tmcgyver,

        In some cases, it’s going to be difficult to know who to trust. I saw lots of young, agile, backpack toting people wearing maga gear. When they broke glass and such, it looked like they had lots of prior experience. antifa will be larping, so be aware.

        1. Farmgirl – I totally understand that. Indeed swarms of common maggots are useful at debriding open, necrotic, oozing infected wounds. They work predictably and reliably to digest infection so the wound can heal.

        2. A witness said on OAN she saw antifa come in on busses last night. Paid mercenaries, so they could have infiltrated the crowds.

      2. tmc

        The deep state will fight 10 thousand with all they can muster, but a million will would walk all over them. How do you think the Capitol Police were overwhelmed and that was only about 200 thousand.

        1. Well hermit – it seems we are about to settle the matter, one way or another. Several here have reminded us recently of old Viet Cong tactics. :>) Let’s revisit it in a few days.

  35. Joe Biden speaking, accusing Patriots of sedition, referencing the Insurrection Act. Pence’s twitter header has a new look; you won’t like it. Also, he has unfollowed President Trump on twitter.

    A brawl between antifa and Patriots broke out in front of LAPD. If you’re in LA area, I would expect very spicy times today. Police are just watching.

    US Marshalls will be joining with other LE in support of the capitol police. Also, Maryland state police on their way.

    Sacramento, CA fights breaking out between antifa and Patriots.

    Might want to check big cities in your AO and keep alert for goings on. A trip to town now needs to be thought of as a ‘mission’. Get intel first. Stay safe.

  36. Right or wrong politicians now understand theres no place to hide , I wonder if they dare go home ? You know people will be waiting ! And it hasnt even gone hot yet

    1. For four years that “Do Nothing Congress” stifled the POTUS, I think they asked for it. The swap is full of gator hunters now.

      When this is all over, they’ll just start re-filling it!

      1. Epo3
        hell, he wasnt even elected yet and many riNoS were sayin never,,,,
        forget the dems, we knew they were against America, the rInOs though, masquerading as friends,,,
        its as they call it
        the UNI party,,,
        its a big club and they want us nowhere near it!

  37. My take on DC today:

    I believe this was an antifa op, designed to interrupt the proceedings, and draw ire to Patriots and Trump. I’ve seen enough photos now, a few in particular definitely not maga. I believe some in congress knew this was going to happen and planned for it. Pence and Pelosi exited early, gas masks were handed out *immediately* while congress critters were escorted out of the chamber. FBI in the building now.

    Patriots simply provided the cover for a true physical takeover. Some may have followed, not understanding what was happening. I watched some windows broken out; remember those piles of lumber left around? Yeah, there were 2 x 4’s used. Also, two pipe bombs found at RNC headquarters, now safely detonated. Pray for our President.

    1. My take too Farmgirl.Also RSBN reporter,’brick suit’ and another think its a black flag antifa too.Pelosi called for some kind of shutdown on proceedings for this.LOL on curfew 6pm,I wouldnt set my CALENDAR with that.

  38. Olympus has fallen.

    The Secretary of Defense confirms that Mike Pence was the one who activated the National Guard in Washington, not Donald Trump.

    Also, contact on the ground in DC just texted, confirmed antifa larping. (LARP=Live Action Role Play, for those who don’t know)

    We’ve been played.

    Lotsa work to do…please be safe, all. Praying for all of you, and for strength and resolve in the days ahead. Heads on a swivel, keep the faith (or reason, Ision 😉 ), God bless and protect us all.

    1. Heres my resolve,,,
      ive got my first batch of popcorn going and going to watch some cartoons for lunch,
      honestly, it died a decade ago, the people are just now catching on…
      😎 ✌🏻

      1. KF,
        Did you use the Jiffy Pop popcorn that heats on the stove? When I was a kid and my Mom made Jiffy Pop, I thought that was the closest thing to magic I’d ever seen.

    2. Yes, we were played. Lord Jesus was and is the only one who can drain the swamp. And he will about 8 years from now. I hope to be one of his lieutenants.

        1. ML – I think you missed a Biblical reference from Elvis.

          I think he is suggesting that we are almost at the beginning of the Great Tribulation (a 7 year period) in the Book of Revelation.


    3. Farmgirl
      I hope I am correct but he does not have the authority, IF I read the information correctly. It is either the President of the United States or governors only who have this authority.

      Should I be incorrect, please let me know.
      As I see it the VP, has over stepped his authority, in mho.

      1. AC,

        You are absolutely correct. And Pence is the one who called out the guard. So what does that mean?

  39. One of the most protected places in America with layers of protections and secret service and police getting stormed….I am not buying that bs at all. Somebody on the inside let these pretenders in. These are not real supporters. It’s all a setup to make Trump supporters and Trump look bad. It smells so stinking bad. Just more ammo for the fake news to use.

    1. Look at them–dressed all in black, black gloves, black shoes, black masks, all with backpacks, scaling a wall, for heaven’s sake.


    2. Agreed. Gas bag on fox saying Trump’s supporters are 50% those who will do whatever he tells them F<<%!&G BS. 50% believe Trump is a real representative who will do what WE THE PEOPLE want him to do. Time to go dark.

    3. Texasgirl

      False Flag operation maybe? Make Trump supporters look really really bad so no one will think twice about suppression and round up. Watch your six after inauguration day.

  40. IMO this ending was scripted by Satan and his minions for decades, maybe 150 years ago or longer. My heart wanted to believe Trump but my years of research, hence my head, said don’t trust him. So many clues. Something wasn’t right. The last thing I want to do is say I was right. Instead, I want to leave the building, go pray, be with my wife, and strengthen our relationship with our creator. The Lord said my people will be destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    1. Man, Elvis…I could have written this myself.

      I was just telling my wife that I’m now wondering if Trump was their (the left — because remember, he was one of them and has refused to throw them in jail as promised) only way to make the transition. There won’t be another Republican in that White House. Once the socialists/communists get in, it’s as good as done. Would a man like that do such a thing…put himself, his family, his grandchildren, his legacy, everything he’s ever worked for on the line by hoodwinking 100 million plus people into believing he was for them; create a psyop (Q Movement) to keep them holding the line, waiting for the “storm to come” as a way of sealing their loyalty and obedience all to flip on them and hand over the government to the enemies?

      If so, he’s not going to like what awaits him and his family because it’s coming if this end up being the case.

    2. Elvis: Got it. You are going to cower and hide. The legendary Geddy Lee of Rush fame said it best, in a song, aptly named ‘Freewill’ “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice”. Good luck with the prayers. We’ll let you know how things sort out.

  41. So he rallies all his supporters to come to DC and then videotapes a “I know your pain…now go home” message at the White House?

    I’m speechless.

    I’m also beginning to wonder if Mr. Trump is really the man (from the party) that we were led to believe he was. Could it be that he was their only way to accomplish their goals and so he became us?

    Rumor is he’s had plans in place for some time to fly to Scotland on Inauguration Day, and apparently, plans to stay for a while. Wonder if that’s true…

    1. Trump was a Democrat in the past. Of course people can change their minds especially when they know going up against Hillary they would not stand a chance in hell of being nominated.
      You all know how I feel about his demeanor and I blame him for this. All of the BS and ugliness turned many against him. Maybe this was the ‘Plan’ after all to make Socialism into the norm. Deep State,, who knows what is really up their sleeve.

  42. Lots of fluff , hoopla and BS going on today. Time to be calm and be observant of the goings on around our country.IMHO these things have been a long time in the planning.We do not know who the folks are that have financed, planned and carried out this election fraud but they are well on their way to bring down this country.
    Stay safe at your local level. It appears we can do little to have a national effect at this time.


    I have until the 20th of this month to fly my flag upright…after that, she will fly inverted.

    We are not,

    WE THE SLAVES, of the DISGUSTING States of Amerika, shall forever be the servants of our masters.


    I’ve stayed off the net today, til now.

    Think I’ll have a drink or four.
    Too dark for therapy.
    Think I’ll stop typing…….

  44. cbs news has just brought up about possible trying to impeach the president!!!!!!!! can you believe that………stuff???

    1. If I were Trump I’d tell’em to go for it. Go down in history as the first President to be double impeached. I do hope he declassifies every government document since 1776 (especially everything from the Bush and Obama administrations) and dumps them on the internet on the way out. Why not blow it all to hell.

  45. The guy wearing the horns inside the congressional chambers…..I just saw photos of the same guy, full arm tattoos and all….wearing the exact same garb at an Arizona BLM rally back in June…..was in a twitter link in comment section on WeaselZippers… doubt a black flag op…………

    1. Dennis,

      He’s an actor from Phoenix, AZ named Jake Angeli. Saw his page somewhere from a link.

    2. Can’t argue, don’t know one way or another, but……could it be that he is not a Q-Anon follower, but a person intending to evoke ridicule of those who do follow Q………..?

    3. source? I’ve seen video of him at BLM rally earlier this year. No mention of any link to Qanon. Where did you get this info?

      1. wric dot com has an article entitles horned shirtless man at the capitol demonstration identified. My liberal neighbor was quick to pull this up when I posted a picture of him questioning if there was BLM and Antifa infiltration. The guy is a professional actor. The question is who is paying him?

    4. Ozzie,
      How’s things on the CraZy Train?

      So to divert, what did you do for preparedness this week?

      ….besides changing your ISP/IP addresses?

      Changed a flying black flag to a rainbow f(L)ag?

      Maybe changed teets on your mama?

      Good for you.

      Keep watching MSM, like a good little…?thing.

      (*Yeah, I know*)

  46. To hear the news media, even Fox, you would think the protest was hell fire and damnation with heads being cut off and swords being stuck in the congress and senate members. I despise hypocrisy it is one the worst of human traits along with greed and jealousy. Where was the outrage earlier this year in the city’s.

    1. Mrs. U,

      The way the are attacking Trump and emphasizing the apparent (to them at least) separation between Trump and Pence…..wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t start the drum beat for Pence to declare Trump incompetent and take over presidential duties until after Biden’s inauguration …………

    2. Ozzie,

      Whilst watching the ‘disgusting footage’, did you happen to catch the various tells the larping antifas displayed? See the tatoo on the hand of guy standing near horn hat guy? Not patriots. As to insurrection, how can you have watched it all last year, and still fault patriots?

      1. I can feel your desperation through my computer screen. I know you so badly want it to be true, but you are living in fantasy land.

        Also, any folks involved in the disgraceful storming of the capitol are not patriots. How can you hate more than half of the people of this country and still consider yourself such?

    3. Ozzie – Because our media are a catalyst for mass psychological arson. Any more questions?

  47. Two things:

    Faint chatter about some gov officials being flown to Denver. Haven’t seen much about it. Anyone else?

    Just out on populist press Charlie Crist (dem rep from St. Petersburg) calling for the removal of the President per the 25th amendment. VP and majority of the cabinet can do it. That would make Mike Pence acting president. Back to that thing where Pence called out the guard….only the president has that authority. Maybe he was getting a little ahead of himself….

    1. Farmgirl,

      I questioned that too, Pence authorizing the Guard activation……and, seem to remember that supposedly there is a government bunker complex under Denver’s airport?

      Hope all these rumors are just speculation…..was thinking of putting off my weekly shower until tomorrow morning….might ought to go ahead and knock that one out tonight…….

      1. Dennis,

        Yup, clean body, clean dishes, clean underwear, full tank, etc…just like if a storm’s comin’.

        Yes, there is a complex under the Denver airport, but who will be using it? The traitors or the Patriots? Is Trump still moving about freely, large and in charge, or has he already been restricted? Sec of defense consulted Pence and others about calling in the guard, but did *not* run it by the President – words out of his own mouth. Who is CIC of the military at this moment, or rather, who will the military listen to.

        You should definitely take that shower tonight.

        1. ……..Got that shower knocked out…feel better, and that foul smell I’ve been noticing lately has gone away……..reckon I might be comin’ down with the covid?

          1. Dennis,

            Lol, if you can smell ‘the clean’, it’s not covid! If that smell is unfamiliar to you….don’t know…adjust schedule to twice a week? 😉

      2. Dennis –

        While you are checking out Denver International Airport, put your investigative skills toward figuring out why RWY 18R/34L exists. No such thing you say? Not on the charts? It’s there, covered by a layer of dirt. It is 18,000 feet long; 2 to 3 times the length of a normal commercial runway. It’s pretty far offset from all other ground ops too; no terminal.

        I’ve spent many hours and even an occasional overnight at that airport. The whole place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Something just ain’t right there. I miss Stapleton.

        1. The runway you mentioned is listed as a future expansion in order to accommodate the new airbus… cannot confirm or deny, just what is listed on their website.

          1. kevinH – Consider this. The largest Airbus ever conceived is the A380. Limiting factors OTG are turn radii and gate depth; never a too short RWY. Oddly the A380 proved to be too big for commercial use and is being phased out of service. Too my knowledge there is no craft on this Earth that could ever need 18,000 feet. Supporting that notion, I live near a 10,000′ RWY that years ago was an alternate emergency landing site – for the space shuttle. Denver airport has lots of official explanations, for every freaky thing at that facility.

        1. Good deal David….I got an appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow….he likes for me to clean up before I come………

          1. Dennis,
            Yes it makes it easier to read the blood pressure measurements if your eyes aren’t tearing up from waves of smelly patients. Lol
            Seriously, hope ya have a good checkup and can get back to your mountain without any mishaps to you and yours.
            Peace and safe travels

    2. Farmgirl,

      Have you heard anymore chatter on gov officials being ushered to the Denver airport? I just did some searching and boy oh boy what a creepy airport! The murals are just bizarre…..

      1. Wisconsin Badger,

        I haven’t been on for a while. Had to tend a project at home, then a lot of calls to check in with people I care about scattered here and there. Some in your state, if your handle reflects your AO.

        Since the congress has reconvened, back to certifying the electoral college votes, I’d look for who’s missing. Yeah, it’s a very creep airport. Lots of occult oriented symbolism.

        I’m taking a short break from said project, and will look about for a bit and see what I can find. Some things are getting shut down – DJT and L Wood’s twitter accounts are on a 12 hour lock. Maybe monkeywerx has something about flights that would help. Also, I know I keep saying this, but remember all the folks that went into Cheyenne Mtn? Still in there…

  48. So what do we do now? We know that there are different rules for different people who choose to protest. We know that election integrity will never be regained. We know that we have been censored by big tech. We know that we can’t get impartial media…

    1. Pecora,
      You accept the reality that the American dream has become a nightmare and prepare to face and deal with things you would have never imagined 15 years ago. This is the collapse of the Republic and it will only get worse and more insane in the months to come.

    2. i agree with peaceful protest but over the last several years nothing gets done but by the same token you really cant be tearing down the capitol building. I just don’t know what the real answer to all this is. i suppose that uncle sloppy joe will use this as a means to start disarming all of us. i guess no use to protest it, most likely would not win. sheezeeeee.

  49. As a retired LEO, I’m about to cry! The events at the Capitol break my heart. However, this was a long time coming. You cannot continue to ignore the people, give them lip service and forget who those “jerks” (elected officials) work for and not have these results. For months, the people have been telling them they were NOT happy with the election results because the people believed “something was wrong”. For years, the LEFT has continuously, along with the MSM, forced lies on us when we knew the truth. Today was “Concord” all over again with the “shot heard around the world”. Get ready ladies and gentlemen….this only the beginning ( I hope)! Let me say I’m ready, willing and able to join the fight to secure our liberty, our freedom and our country! God be with us all….

  50. Yup, Olympus has fallen. So has the Constitution in several States. The free shit army has won and will not give up power until the country crashes. Several million migrants want to move here for all our services, at our expense, and we then must stand in line.

    Good thing I spent thousands on preps which I will now enjoy as I go dark. I wish all of you 75 million that allowed this crap to happen, good luck and enjoy your chains. You think the China goods are cheap now, but wait until they take everything from you – your earnings, production, food, freedom, ….. Fair warning. hermit us out.

    1. I was thinking about that very business tactic the other day. China/walmart came into communities with lower prices to lure the community support; put mom and pop stores out of business; raised the prices and community was stuck with walmart.

  51. If I were a betting man…and I’m not…but if I were…I would be betting that…after we go to sleep tonight, and before we wake up tomorrow…congress will reconvene, suspend objections….and confirm the Biden electoral count in the wee hours of the night………

    1. At least the first part is coming true….they’re getting ready to start back up again..

    2. Also don’t be surprised if you wake up and find that they have invoked the 25th A and made Pence President for the remainder.

      1. Trump twitter has not been suspended. Just some of his tweets. Which has been going on for some time.


        1. I stand corrected. My bad.

          Per ZH:

          Update (1905ET): Twitter just turned up the rage amplifier to ’11’ and has decided to lock President Trump’s account for the next 12 hours


    3. Dennis, like old Kenny Rogers said, you gotta know when to hold em , know when to fold em, I think you better hold em, cause you got a winning hand my friend

  52. Old song by Buffalo Springfield keeps circling thru my mind – different time, different generation, different reasons but revenant.
    There’s some thin’ happen in’ here, What it is ain’t exactly clear, There’s a man with a gun over there – telling me I got to beware.
    It’s time we Stop – hey, what’s that sound? everybody look what’s going down.
    A thousand people in the street, Singing songs and carryin’ signs, Mostly sayin’ “hooray for our side”
    Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep – It starts when you’re alway afraid – step out of line, the man come and take you away.
    Change a few words here & there, it fits the times now. We know what it’s
    all about & we’re not paranoid. History repeats it’s self, only this time our constitutional republic is a stake. Prepare for the big ugly, there will be blood in the streets.

  53. Joint Session is back in session in the capitol.

    RSBN is carrying it, don’t know if anyone else has caught up yet.

  54. Lets Face it boys, girls, he-she-its…. this shit aint goanna be easy…
    Nothing ever is… You think Trump winning a fair election was even an option?
    Been working my whole life with my hands. yes i have made a little easy money in tech but over 85% of money earned the hard F-ing way. Diging holes in the hot sun…
    I am back to full time labor slugging it out. Gonna make my buck and buy more ammo.
    The Time is comin… Real short now… Just pulled my thumb out of my ass how about you?
    Who is John Galt?

  55. ,,,,,,
    What to say ,,,,,Ellis Wyatt ,”I’m leaving it as I found it ,” after 10-289 , atlas shrugged, ,,,
    ,,,,,,remember the Alamo,,,,,,,don’t be there ,,,,
    ,,,,,,,the jews in Warsaw ghetto ,””it can’t get any worse ” ,,,,,,,,,
    ,, ,the troops on midway island,” the worst thing will be the food when the japs come ” ,,
    ,,,i just finish for closing on 4 farms ,a disagreeable thing to do ,,, but is no way for the people involved to make it work ,,,,,,sad thing ,,,,, read about it in Atlas shrugged,
    ,,,,i saw something about overseas owner ship of US farm land was up to 75% in some way or another ,we have lost control of our food supply ,,,,,,,,,i suspect the number to be closer to 85% had a buyer for all 4 places ,CASH ,looking in to it found China behind the money ,if I had not taken that land guess who would have ,,,,,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,who is John Galt? Read the book to understand why the world is crumbling around you ,,,,,,,,,,this is not going to end well for most ,,,,,,
    ,,,,,,,,, two years of food. Two years ,,,,,if you stay in what is going to become a hell hole ,you will NOT live ,by design of the system that’s coming ,,,,,,,,

  56. I don’t see anyone in the US Govt making any corrections. In the end, the people who sold out The USA, I hope their money is worthless in the new world. I hope the deals they made get reneged, and they end up cold, and naked on the streets.

  57. All I can say is, we are on our own, from this day foward.
    We have no support,



    At State, Federal levels






    We are individuals.

    We will have to stand our ground

    Proud to be American?

    Not today

    1. I’m still proud to be an American but not a US citizen considering the path the US has chosen. There’s a big difference between an American and a US citizen.

      To be an American you must respect and uphold the Constitution, respect an HONEST election process, love freedom and the responsibilities that go with it, be self-sufficient and not rely or expect a government handout, always put America’s interest first, understand communism is an evil institution and political correctness is a tool of submission.

      To be a US citizen you only need a piece of paper. There are a lot of US citizens but very few Americans left.

    2. Joe C you are right can’t say it better. We have been on our own since GHB. The consitution talk gets old quick certainly helped the unarmed women? Pardon my sarcasm.

    1. Dweezil the Weasel,
      Indeed the die has been cast and we have just crossed our Rubicon river.
      May He have mercy on all of us.
      Peace, please!

  58. Benedict Pence. Benedict McConnell. SCOUS Traitors.The swamp is alot deeper than we thought.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – President John F. Kennedy

    “A republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin

    The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure, Thomas Jefferson

    TPTB vilified us Patriots today, shot and killed an un-armed woman, from behind a closed and barricaded door, then un-leashed the full force of the Gov’t jack booted thugs on We the People.

    Alea iacta est: The phrase, is used in many languages to indicate that events have passed a point of no return.

    We the People, will lose in the beginning, but, we will prevail.

    TIME TO CHOOSE, Today, right now

    God help Us

    1. The unarmed pro-Trump protester murdered by Capitol police on Wednesday has been identified as Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the US Air Force and worked as a high level security official throughout her service.

      The video, which has been taken down, showed no evidence to indicate she posed any sort of threat.

      1. Stand,

        You are correct on the identity. The WeaselZipper post was referring to a tweet by Matt Schlapp who referred to victim as a 16 year old girl….unless early reports of one victim shot in the chest, and a second shot in throat was correct, and both are dead………

      2. Natural News has video still up and shows a different angle than what Gateway Pundit was showing. She jumped up on the ledge of a shattered window, then was hit and fell backwards. Very graphic content however.

        May God bring peace to her family during this tragedy.

  59. Let me tell ya a little something. Listen, take notice, or not.
    When G had his brain surgery, I saw what it did and knew it would be a very few years before the inevitable. It took 3 years.
    When G had electrical cardioversion in September, I knew it would only be months before the inevitable. It took 3 months.
    It’s called facing reality.
    I do believe this is the death of America. I weep. I am 70 and just as I wanted longer with G, I sure am not ready to give up my country.
    Folks, in 6 months to a year, you will not recognize our America.

    1. Folks, in 6 months to a year, you will not recognize our America.
      Right Jay Jay,thats the only takeaway from this we can know for sure.

  60. Maybe this has already been posted. I am a bit behind in my reading.
    Just a thought, with the protesters in DC being called terrorists since they had the audacity to “storm ” the Capital building, did they AOC say, something like , protestors are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, that is their whole job?
    Wonder if she felt Uncomfortable when she and all of her colleagues “ran for their lives” today.
    And didn’t Kamela say that protesting is a right and we need to support these brave men and women to continue the fight? Didnt she also raise monies for bail and lawyers for these same brave men and women?
    Think she will be the first to set up a Go Fund Me page for the ” terrorists ” from the right?
    Sad sad day!!
    Peace, what a concept:(

  61. The only people who hate conservative voters more than the Democrat politicians do, are the Republican politicians. Once conservatives learn this, they must stop voting for Republicans.

    1. Constitution is gone.ALL that entails.Response,I cant guess but its bad,very bad no matter what.

  62. I wonder what will happen if the Patriots really get angry?

    I mean we didn’t kill anyone. We didn’t burn the place. We may have gotten the floors a little bloody, after the security forces killed three people. But, hey…they didn’t plan to be shot.

    Plus, we went home when Trump asked.

    If you think this demonstration was bad, you elected idiots in D.C.?

    This was just a love tap.

    Go ahead. Make us really upset.

      1. They are going after ANYTHING that sends forth a projectile or cuts,bet on it,bet the farm even if you dont gamble.They MUST disarm our Country to enslave us so they will.

        1. freddie – my turn to tell you not to give up hope. An engineer I work closely with is from a country where guns are banned entirely. He is a brilliant and resourceful man. You might be amazed at what a 50 caliber ball is capable of with a sufficient inrush of pressure in an enclosed tube. —
          Dig if you will for a moment the concept of a concrete breaching charge that uses a sudden dump of liquid Co2 into a plugged polycarb cylinder with a water jacket filling all voids. Think it through….. yeah, it’ll shatter granite too, with near machine like precision… that’s why I love my job. We are full of highly intelligent, super educated STEM grads, who think it’s really fun to blow shit up; just inspiration for the next big thing.

          In short, in 2021, you can get by just fine without traditional firearms. Some the most awesome prototypes are under a hard non-disclosure. Yer just going to have to trust me on this. Alternate defensive solutions are at hand. Some deliver as much kinetic force as a traditional .50 BMG. Ain’t science great?

          1. I agree making a weapon doesnt take much just need a basic skill set.No,we arent getting on the trains when/ if it really goes full on 1930’s Europe.

            Lots to digest. This is the new Kent State we saw tonight,and the illegitimate govs not aced it by any stretch,the fight is just starting and momentum will grow in my worthless opinion.

            It took decades to get us to this point and will take time to reverse it,but pendulems always sway both ways.

            Good luck to us all going forward,we lost the opening rounds of the coup battle but doesnt mean we have to lose the war thats coming.America wont go easy as some may think,not at all.

          2. That’s the Spirit Freddie!!
            We are a resourceful bunch of folks..

          3. kevinH its our wake up call for sure.We know what is what now,thats what we needed.Wise people work from facts,we are seeing them now,the cards have been played.

          4. tmcgyver,
            I relayed a story about just what you wrote!
            As an engineer I live for thinking up “new toys” made with whats hanging around the shop/bone yard. When I was younger and had no sense I would use acetylene to make golf balls and large bolts travel great distances at 2 000 FPS.Definitely not osha approved but lots of fun!
            I’m reminded of the scene in “Apocalypse Now” where the river rat Captain gets killed with a spear.
            Primitive but got the job done…

        2. Freddie, I will retell a story of a bet I made with a liberal guy I know for some of the newer folks around here. He was of the opinion that all guns need to be taken for the safety of all.
          So I bet him lunch that I could go to Home Depot with $40.I could buy household supplies and with just the tools in my truck make a weapon that would kill him from a distance. I could build it an about hour on the tailgate while he watched me put it together.
          I built a simple air rifle out of layered pvc,a valve and a Schrader valve. Dug out a couple decent size ball bearings out of my tool box. Grabbed a 1 x12 board and we drove down the road to some trees. Leaned it against the tree, pressured up the air tank dropped a ball bearing in the barrel and shot it from about 20 plus feet.
          Blew the 1×12 apart. My question to him was “how are you going to regulate or register what I just made? You can’t. ”
          It changed his way of thinking that day…
          I made that in an hour Freddie. What do you suppose I could do if I had a couple days?
          Who are they going to send? What happens when they don’t return?
          Send more?all involved need to understand that they will do so at the peril of their lives…

          1. Bill,I agree,peeps are plenty resourceful.This is just starting,Im discouraged that weve ‘lost’ SO FAR.America is tough,its not over yet,what we did have is for now.For now.Not rolled over completely by a long shot,Im still breathing,right?

          2. Not to mention what you can do with common household and home garden chemicals or fuel,,,,

            a slingshot with a 3/8” ball bearing will kill a man, no silencer required

      2. G Dog – think through what you just said. If 2 A confiscation is the trip wire for people to get “really pissed”.. That’s kinda too late at that point, isn’t it?

  63. It wont be long when sites like this dont exist.So many new factors we have to deal with.Gun grabs are a given,there is nothing left to stop them from it from a law standpoint.
    As for today,taking trump out of the loop,25th amendment,stay awake,might it happen tonight?Twitter says ONE MORE ‘violation’ he gets a perma ban.
    Im not seeing us winning anything last 2 days,the coup is winning it all as I type.

    1. He doesn’t have any. Probably needs to just board a plane somewhere and fade away into the ether.

    2. freddie – I’m pretty sure they poisoned him with a blend of Estrogen, LSD and Rohypnol.

      1. Im not so sure at all,we need to see with better intel than we have now.This is fast breaking and very fluid,dont pass judgements just yet.Until I see him say he is done Im not making any proclamations.
        But for sure,things overall look bad.Grab the popcorn and stay tuned,its just starting IMO.

        Im searching web,copying everything I can before its scrubbed

  64. Start copying these videos ASAP before gone.Also saw this…

    Natural News…FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit

    1. And that Antifa picture soon to disappear in Orville’s 1984 flaming “memory hole” and or green screened into that poor Patriot lady that was shot in the neck sitting in drunken Nancy’s seat.

      We had our Boston Massacre 2.0 moment and since the Socialist-Democrats OWN the Media the message that will continue to go out will broad brush tar all that supported Trump and the Republic.

      As an avid historian the swamp will pause and allow it’s Media to pave the way into their next actions. Right now totally discrediting Patriots while LOOKING like a Proper and Legal Government is the action.

      NOW the fun begins. I’m hearing reports that Patriots are being locked in their hotel rooms. Did you guys have any PLAN to ex-filtrate if the Heavens didn’t OPEN UP and US Marines dropped down to Restore the REPUBLIC?

      The electronic surveillance python CONTINUES to squeeze the life out of our Republic. The Deep State won this false flag event as Joe 6 pack will flee any Patriot sympathies.

      As we continue to be law and order citizens the criminals will continue to Win and rewrite our own laws to slowly strangle us all.

      Go ahead, *itch slap Trump and then look into the mirror.

  65. Trump! You simpering, weak, pathetic dough boy. “Go home now”. “We love you”. “You are special”. Have I lost my freaking mind? That was really him?! Was that a deep-fake video? He reminded me of the fat Costco tard in Idiiocracy. I’m stunned beyond words… And then they did it?! Everyone’s going home? Gee, for a minute I almost regretted not going. But my gut was correct, another colossal waste of time. This country is a sad embarrassment. Think I’m going to ground for awhile.

    1. tmcgyver,

      I understand your frustration, and maybe you’re right. What if, though, Trump’s really playing chess, while everyone else is playing cowboys and indians? I don’t know, but maybe. It’s important when there are traitors in your government, to make sure and get them all.

      1. Farmgirl –

        I was just talking with my wife about that exact idea. Before public life Trump was a master of brinksmanship. I just never saw him go flaccid like that. He looked physically weak. I wonder if someone threatened his children. I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks. It’s just too much stress. I spent so much time watching events today, that I just got home from work an hour ago. Ended up eating takeout junk food for dinner. I need to detach. I don’t recognize my birth country anymore.

      2. Farmgirl,

        To your point, I read a tweet somewhere — either Lin Wood or Praying Medic, I believe — with a photo of Trump and his son Baron playing chess; it talked about how brilliant they were at the game and how they played often if I recall. It also pointed out how Trump was watching his son (in this photo) and what was likely going through his mind while watching Baron make the move he’d just made. It stood out to me. Someone was trying to communicate that Trump knows the game and knows it well; never underestimate him.

    2. tmc,dont buy any ‘news’ right now,he had to get away from the enemies,I dont think he is done yet,at all.Of course he may be what the heck do we know?

      1. An upvote for giving some hope freddie. Brother – we’ve got it bad enough at the state level.

  66. From L Lin Wood’s Parler acct:

    President Trump’s in Abilene TX at the Natl Defense Command Center. So while congress is on capitol hill committing treason surrounded by the military who is ‘helping them’ by Pences orders; Trump’s in Texas at the command center watching…

    You think if the military didn’t have his back he would be there? Or escaped Washington on AF1?

    Sect. of Defense is playing Pence and congress; waiting for them to finish the crime.

    1. Farmgirl

      I think you are correct. He still has cards to play…….if he has the will to play them. I am watching and waiting. By 20 January the cards should all be on the table and there will be no more guess work needed. Gonna be a rough road either way. Hang tuff….. head up, eyes up.

  67. Dont go to bed now,its the middle of the night when they pull the major BS,you might wake up to a completely different gov.

    1. freddie

      I am watching. I seem to come alive at night. I am stropping my Dozier KS-3 Professional. I have 2…. one has a green micarta handle ( 2 is my favorite number and green is my favorite color). When I get nervous….. I strop. Damn knives are scary sharp these days. Hope President Trump makes a move soon.

      1. SoulSurvivor,
        There is indeed something cathartic about sharpening knives.
        The sound a blade makes as it travels across the stone is soothing to me. I’m a knife guy .I carry 3 on me when I’m out and about…always sharp.
        I have the thick hair on my left forearm from checking the sharpness…lol

        1. Bill Jenkins Horse

          Yep….. What is it WC Knives says? “Carry plenty of knives and lots of bandaids”. Hopefully those bandaids are for the other guy.

  68. So I think the cards are all being played.Real soon we should know where we stand.We close that 1st chapter and get on with the rest of the book.Time to shift gears is what Im saying,not roll over or give up.Not at all.We ex military,but all of us too,know we have the right to protect America,in fact we have sworn an oath to do so.Nope,just the next chapters are coming.Killing the protesters is what did in Nixon,took some time but was the fuse.This was ‘pres’ kamala and and the strawman jo’s Nixon moment.
    Know the past,know the present and the future looks pretty clear.

  69. Stuff’s still happening – I bet it’s gonna be an interesting night.

    VP Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, was denied entry back into the WH tonight. He purportedly told real clear politics reporter that he is not allowed back on WH grounds because Trump is blaming him for advice to Pence.

    Rumors that congress is now debating 25th amendment removal of DJT, but can’t substantiate. Not sure I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.

    1. Rumors that congress is now debating 25th amendment removal of DJT
      Thats my bet.Perfect set up.AGAIN.

  70. dang,my feed stopped,did pence just accept the vote,came back and was closing the session

    1. So pence did just like Brutus. There is special place in hell peoples like him. He sold his country, do he really think ccp is rewarding him after this? If man sells own country, he can sell his new master too.

  71. I’ve just watched two different videos of people in DC not being allowed to leave their hotels. In one, a funny looking police officer (man bun?) grabs a metal bar that just happens to be leaning nearby and blocks the doors with it. Another vid is a woman, trump supporter, explaining no one is allowed in or out of their hotel, they can’t get food, or water.

    1. They are trapped in hotels for reason. Swamp monster is going to arrest everyone and they are sent to prison camp. Those peoples simply walk to the trap. Now enemy has “most dangerous and active” part of patriots. And because of that, they are not coming home long. long time, of ever. That is the same modus operandi like china/soviet/etc have. It is in buildt to socialist system. And now, it is sad to say, but Usa is going to take really deep dive to socialism. It may take least 100 years to chance that..or more. It’s up to everyone

  72. To borrow a saying from a well known old movie, ” We ain’t in Kansas anymore”.

    The article that I mentioned a few days ago by Steve Stone and Ken posted a link to , to told us that Antifa/BLM would come at us first dressed in MAGA gear.

    This is not the first time agents of Communism have done crimes dressed as “Right Wing” people to taint us. They are called “Agent Provocateur’s” . If you recall Antifa would break store windows this summer during the riots, so that the BLM give-me-dats would then loot.

    I have a strong feeling that this is what occurred in D.C. as well. Stir up the crowd, break a few windows, pretend to be Trump supporters, and sit back and watch some emotional people form into a MOB!.

    Chaos, which gives the incoming Dictatorship an excuse to crush the opposition/take away guns/ jail people.

    1. Im sure our friend from Germany can explain it well.
      They are really wrong if they think America is going to roll over.I dont see that happening.
      Im dumbfounded,just incredible.

        1. Reedy,nope! We have been attacked for decades,a slice at a time.But theyve gone too far now.America is far from finished.

  73. Gab preparing to host trumps comms per nationalfile
    Our enemies have silenced the President of the United States as well as millions of law-abiding Americans.

    -Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have all locked President Trump’s account for 24 hours and will likely ban him soon.

    -Facebook is scrubbing any and all photos and videos from today’s protest.

    -Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are removing the President’s video message that calls for peace

    1. Anybody still using FaceBook is fraternizing with the enemy. One of the first steps is to STOP using it now!

  74. Twitter, facebook and youtube are indeed erasing all they can. And Trump is totally isolated from American peoples. Fact is, we do not know is he even alive. It is possible that Trump just “vanished” for good. Swamp monster is really angry and they try to suppress nation totally…just like china,soviet, kuba etc have done in past. he difference with past and today is this: Americans do have guns. Only question is; DO THEY HAVE WILL
    Do not give up or next stop is concentration camp!!!

  75. Sadly looks as if Trump has conceded to Biden via the White House Twitter account. Beginning of the end for the country at this point. And the media will continue to label anyone that isn’t supportive of our new socialist run government as a traitor. It really is amazing that this is happening in this country, we are 1 very small step away from a totally state run CCP like media that will continue to brainwash the masses. I wonder how long it’ll take before all of these sheep wake up one day and realize “oh sh$!, what have we done?”

  76. per chicago tribune
    “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said in a statement posted to Twitter by aides.

    Trump added, “While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

      1. As we know it….for now.Now we know,a relief actually.Are you conceding? Im not,I wont be their puppet.Im an AMERICAN.The cards will fall where they will.So be it.
        Thanks Ken for giving us a voice.Thank you all for giving this newbie a place to converse.Night all,take care and best wishes.

        1. We still have protection through most state legislatures. After all, it is the United STATES of America.

  77. This so sucks.They were doing CPR on a bloody Ashli as they wheeled her on gurney out of capitol building.Horrific.Its on infowar via msnbc.Also the shot killing her point blank.Horrific.
    This is the Kent State moment,and its not going to go away.Try as they might.

    1. Try as they might….
      LOL,and the trolls are trying.Good luck aholes,it aint going away.Youve gone too far and overplayed your hand.Glad I pushed your buttons,nice to see Im right.Idiots.Thats why you arent getting away with it,you are stupid.

  78. I’m done with this country. I didn’t choose to be born here, but I can choose where I die. Truthfully, I’ve never really felt comfortable in this country, even as a kid I’ve just always found the people and customs to be strange, at best; trending toward evil. Some will undoubtedly downvote this and taunt to “Just go then”, or something. It’s not necessary and it won’t sting – it will only encourage and affirm my decision.

    2021 resolution is draw down and dispose of EVERYTHING that has no regular, or daily usefulness. Start drawing down the preps – We will never need them. The government won’t ever let the people get hungry enough to where they might actually DO SOMETHING about it. Fat, Stupid and Happy is just the right mix.

    I’m done with the loud pontifications of “Patriots”. What Patriots? Daddy comes out and tells you all to run along now…. and you do exactly that. We are a global laughing stock.

    About a 1 to 3 year timeframe. I’m going to need a lot more untraceable money. Now beyond motivated, children are grown; I see no problem reaching that goal. Best of luck to those of you who still think this failed experiment can be saved. I hope you succeed. But I’m out.

    1. KEN — Why when I upvote something does it automatically throw a downvote at the same time? This keeps on happening…

      1. MSG12B – There is a troll lurking, downvoting many things without comment. When either vote hits, it triggers a refresh on your browser and the vandal-child’s downvote appears.

    2. tmcgyver

      All I can hope for is that the democrats who voted for this crap get the brunt of the damage they voted for. Responsibility pays a heavy price. They made their swamp and now they can lay down in it. But I won’t.

      Jesus said about evil, “My kingdom is not of this world.” and when he says “world”, it is the culture of sin that predominates society. I don’t belong either. The world’s road to hell is wide and well trampled, and we believers follow a small path. I have to remind myself at times like these that we are here on earth for only a short time while eternity is forever.

      1. Stardust:

        I don’t know enough about scripture to comment on your second paragraph. I do know for a fact that most liberal democrats produce nothing of tangible value. They trend toward occupations that provide a salary taken from people who produce things of value.

        So the simple solution is to cut them off. Crash the government to 10% of its present budget. Eliminate ALL Federal regulatory agencies and return those responsibilities to the states. Starve the bastards until they get desperate and expose themselves – then eliminate them.

      2. My dad used to say…
        For believers, this is the worst it’ll ever get.
        For unbelievers, this is as good as it gets.

  79. This country is totally vulnerable right now…..what a s*it show! Perfect opportunity for let’s say oh…Russia, Iran, China (pick one) to attack

    1. i agree, i said something similar earlier, only i said that with all this going on and some other foreign power tries to attack we are going to be caught with our pants down, so to say.

    2. Wisconsin Badger –

      Let not your heart be troubled. I work with one of those “adversaries” every day (and night). They don’t want to attack us; ever. They know we are violent, mercurial and heavily armed.

      They don’t want to deal with the drug addicts and homeless and the criminal element and the political warring factions. Let’s not aggrandize our global desirability. We are drawing more pity these days. People overseas sit in stunned silence, watching us destroy ourselves from the inside out.

      Then they get on with their day and work hard to develop alternative markets; to avoid dealing with us, our silly regulations and the affirmative action hires we put in charge of snarling processes.

      OMG I could go on for DAYS listing all of the ways the American consumer has suffered because everyone had to move factories to Vietnam overnight. But HEY! We are “Great Again”, right?

      1. Keep downvoting – Maybe it will make it untrue. Or at least make it disappear -just like the liberal media does with impure ideas.

        1. There you go. Almost there. A few more downvotes and the harsh reality will go down the rabbit hole. And everything will remain the same. Downvoters: Maybe CNN is hiring.

      2. TMac
        so true,,
        thats the thing, too many people fail to realize that their little world is NOT the center of the universe….

        its a big world out there, there needs to be balance in everything though, that is what is lacking, greed drives many decisions as does desperation, all depends on circumstance.
        😎 🤙🏻

    3. Wisconsin Badger,
      these countries have their own problems, USA is not that important in their day to day living to care about attacking. A war can be waged without weapons and the world has learned from its master manipulator on how to do it (yes, with that I mean the US, and no, you can’t get pissy with me stating the obvious).

      Now, Americans need to get together and put aside their difference and work together like adults. Not everything is lost yet. The Republic is more important.

      1. TxinEP –

        You are exactly correct! Our hey day has come and gone. (unless we decide to take it back!) Globally, we are an obnoxious bully and a pain in the ass to deal with; California especially so. The company I work for deliberately ignores the California market, even though we are headquartered here. The world just don’t pay no nevermind to big bad USA anymore.

  80. As of this morning, I have deleted 4 sites I visited daily. I just don’t care at this point.

  81. i will say this right now is it POSSIBLE that conservatives did the stuff the lame stream media is blaming conservatives for hell yes is it LIKELY thats a coin toss
    its a better chance that this was antifa and its even possible this was done by democrats themselves so there would be reason to come down on conservatives very hard

    mark my words we will hunted we will be chased and those that say the truth and speak it will start having fatal accidents or committing suicide or just outright disappearing
    we are in for a bloody bleak brutal time and christ knows I DID NOT WANT THIS

    1. I see the attacks on this site continue. Down voting is their only weapon. I assume that Ken has his hands full blocking posts.

    2. Kevin, I told my spouse that morning that I had a very bad feeling about the day. I also felt that something would be done so the objecting congress members would not be able to voice their opposition and seek resolution for vote fraud. This is all being done to put conservatives in a bad light…you can tell by the verbal clues used by the media. When we do something, it is violent extremists. When antifas and BLM do something, and business are burning in the background, it is a peaceful protest. So we should not be surprised by what is being said. It is time to gird your loins, get your head on straight, and keep a positive attitude about what you do have control over. Think about what is your own personal tipping point and make sure you have a plan in place.

  82. Udaman –

    We will do exactly what we always do. We’ll rant and rave online. Some will dress up in soldier costumes, sling a rifle and stomp around the town square. They will be ignored and eventually ordered to disperse. They will comply. Nothing will change.

    1. Legal manner? I guess you haven’t witnessed what has happened these past two months.

  83. well, i guess now we can expect to hear…”Hi, we are from the government, we are here to protect you from yourself, you can Trust Us, we are the government.”

  84. i guess some of us feel like saying………..I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol? Clark W Griswold Jr.

  85. Y’all know that am consistently pro-law enforcement (when I feel they are being unjustly maligned). I also disagree with the attempt to take over the capitol building…..but….I’m still waiting to hear what the justification was for the shot being fired that killed the woman. What specific threat did she pose? I’ve not heard of any weapons being seen, much less deployed by any of the protesters.


    1. Dealing with the Secret Service, I believe they were, is different from LEO.Im guessing they have a whole different paradigm when protecting the elite.Seeing it on high quality is different from the cell phone jerky stuff too.There is high quality video I saw last night.

      Horror,thats what I saw.My head hurts,ears ringing.But thats war,right?Just different from wwII I reckon.

      1. freddie,

        Just got back from the cardiologist. Best of my knowledge, Secret Service wasn’t involved, but were Capitol Hill Police.

        I’ve worked fairly extensively with Secret Service, and yes, their force continuum is a little different when protecting those they are charged with, but even so, there has to be a demonstrable threat of death or bodily injury before deadly response can be taken. No mention has been made as to what level of threat they saw that would have triggered a deployment of a potentially deadly response.

        Watching the videos, I did note something I haven’t seen before….the suits who had pistols trained on the window with the broken glass… least two of those pistols had what appeared to be red and white striped decals on the slides. I’ve also heard that two congressmen, one a former sheriff, had armed themselves and took up defensive positions inside the chambers. I’m guessing here, but it could be these marked pistols came from a clandestine arsenal inside the chambers kept JIC for incidents like this.

        Makes me wonder if the shot fired may have came from a congress critter…….

    2. All I’ve seen to explain that kill shot was “she was trespassing.”
      She was also not armed from what I’ve read.
      I saw the video of her fading immediately after being shot.

  86. The majority of the rally attendees were peaceful. My buddy is a former Marine and was attending a very peaceful rally near the Washington Monument. He and those around him had no idea anything had happened. Even his Metro ride in and out was filled with patriots sharing experiences. All happy to have attended the rally.

    No doubt that Antifa was there and instigated the initial surge. The actions (or lack of action) by the Capitol Police was suspect from the start. Not nearly enough support around the Capitol Building and virtually allowing the initiators to access the building. Conspiracy theories aside, their actions seemed suspect and certainly appeared to be a setup.

    One video interview from the ground showed a man that talked about suspicious characters that looked at each other and made a call to sprint to the barricades. I believe this was an Alex Jones interview, as it sounded like his voice asking questions. It might be appropriate to figure out the timeline between the obvious que to mobilize to Antifa and the time when Pelosi left the chambers.

    Yes, Ken, the Republic has fallen as of today, the 7th of January, 2020.

    God help us all!

    1. One observation. Many of my younger friends in their fifties have adult children who have embraced Biden’s socialism-lite. They truly think that BLM is a righteous effort. They also think that wealth distribution should be implemented.

      They were not raised that way. Their parents cannot reason with them, as they “know more” than their parents.

      These are some of the voters who have placed Biden-Harris in power and turned the Senate over to the fascist socialists.

      State governance is our only respite, at this time. However, I foresee attempts to turn state legislatures to implement insanely restrictive and totalitarian measures such as what New York Sate has proposed.

      1. Guilt, white guilt. Well I do not have it. I have worked, my daddy worked, my momma worked. WORKED

    2. It was(also) on Bill Still report.. live stream…He had his brother at the event.. said something about the appearance of a large group was off..

  87. Has anyone read Amazon’s description of the book entitled “ The Last President “? Written by Ingersol Lockwood. Published in

  88. I do not agree with what happened yesterday but where was the media/liberal outrage when liberals entered the Supreme Court to confront individuals? Or when liberal protestors entered and occupied Pelosi’s office? Didn’t AOC even join them?

    1. LOL! Their army will turn on them,and they will turn on their army.Along with massive dissension in their party.Dems will destroy each other,just watch.Stay alive……

      1. You are right about the left turning on itself, but how much damage will be done before they do? Can we afford to wait it out? I think not.

  89. Sergei Alexandrovich Markov, a Russian political scientist and journalist predicts in Komsomolskaja Pravda that Usa is going to be a dictatorship in very soon.
    Socialistic modus operandi..

  90. After another restless night, I feel like crap and am doing the best I can to start moving myself forward mentally and emotionally. I spent some time this morning reviewing multiple sources that put together lists of what our new, illegitimate rulers want to do both immediately and in their first 100 days. It’s pretty depressing for folks who believe in freedom, fiscal responsibility, peace, national security and even true equity for all people (as opposed to favoritism called equity).

    I will put together a few short posts with some thoughts as I organize my notes today. I am making new lists of things to do, and things to keep an eye on. I can’t control the events that will unfold, but I can do my best to prepare for those things we have been told are on their agenda.

  91. Are The Good Times Really Over For Good,, Merle Haggard, the end of the song,

    Is the best of the free life, behind us now
    And are the good times really over
    For good
    Stop rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell
    Stand up for the flag and lets all ring the liberty bell
    Let’s make a ford and a chevy
    That will still last 10 years
    Like they should
    Because the best of the free life is still yet to come
    And the good times aint over for good

    1. We are rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell.And Satan’s name is Kamala Joe!

  92. It’s 1400 here on the east coast.
    Someone mentioned earlier about Pence calling out the guard.
    I cannot find anywhere that he has that right as long as we have a president above him.

    My question is where is our president?

    This might open a can of worms in the theory department but
    I don’t like the fact he is suspended from all of social media, Pence trying to call out the guard
    and no one has seen or heard from him that I know of.

    Media expulsion seems like a good excuse to do what they want and we know nothing.

    Did they invoke the 25th and are keeping it quiet?

    1. No they have not invoked the 25th. He is somewhere in a secure base in midwest… someone said in Tx.. ? could be anywhere..He s safe with Air .

      1. He was in Abilene, TX.
        Now he’s at Camp David.
        And he’s safe (or so they say).
        This is definitely a mil op.
        I’ll leave it there.

        1. @MSG12B,
          His last option will need to be happen PDQ, as in the next probable 24-48 hours – else they’re going to pull him out via the 25th Amendment (perhaps because they’re afraid he actually might do it). And that last option is the Insurrection Act – though he’ll need military backing, and a treason list…

          1. I think after yesterday, he has pretty much given up,,,

            honestly, its such a monumental mess and so full of traitors, im pretty sure he has just said screw it wheres my golf bag

          2. I think something is presently happening, Ken. Chris Miller authorizing 600 guardsmen under the guise of riot control, I believe, is for something far bigger. I think Trump let them commit their treasonous crimes and is getting ready to go in for the kill. Could be wrong, but don’t think I am.

        2. MSG12B & others
          I would not be posting where he is at on this site. You have to remember we are not alone, there are others who do not have his best interest at heart.

          WWII saying: “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

          At this juncture SILENCE is truly GOLDEN, if you want to protect the man. mho

          1. AC — This has been reported in the press off and on all day. I’m not sinking any ships, I assure you.

          2. MSG12B
            I have been skipping the news cycles for my peace of mind. Did not realize that it was coming from that source, I figured it was from private intel.
            This has been difficult to see our nation crumble & destroy itself from those who are so narsaccistic.

          3. Is already on internet in several places i have found today. IF that info is true..
            It is enough that He is safe and has adequate protection.
            IF i was going to Site #5 i would not say ( that number )but “site 25″ and ” change mind” in mid flight..
            Danger is always on mind of those who protect our Blessed POTUS. I am thankful for each of the true ones and pray for them all. regularly..It has to be to keep them all above daisey’s.
            There was some devices found and removed- one from a RNC office.

    2. My question is where is our president?
      Truth is we dont know

      Hey,face facts.Its a war and a coup,thats what we know.Thats all we know.

  93. Just watched presser w/ Pelosi.
    25th Amendment or Impeachment.
    Oh, and DC’s eerily quiet.
    But Chris Miller, new acting Defense Sec, has authorized more than 6,000 guardsmen from six states to maintain order in DC.
    It’s cookin’ now.

  94. Just went to see if L Linwood had any updates on his twitter…..his account has been suspended.

  95. Charge up your cell phones, friends. A central comm blackout could be coming our way here in the states.

    1. Call me crazy but how would a charged cell phone help if there is a communication black out? Wouldn’t our cellphones not work?

        1. K-man: very nice, works on a lot of levels. Wish you were in the neighborhood, would crack a frosty one with you and do some one-liners. 👍

      1. If it’s a lockout where THEY (the President or the Feds) control the frequencies and issue messages, then your cell will work for emergency messages — not for normal cell traffic. Formerly a commo guy, btw.

  96. Watch the narrative.They want us to believe 51% are dems,51% voted harris,51% think the election is legitimate.None of that is true.
    Not all dems are brainless mindless fools,they want us to think they are,they arent.They do NOT have the populace behind them.
    Stay strong,we arent finished in America,another media lie.
    Truth is the 1st casualty of war,we are at a war they are waging.Just a different kind of war.Its not over,not yet.

  97. In my thinking, Trump’s main problem….and most endearing trait…is that he was never a politician or a diplomat cut from the traditional cloth….no…he sees himself as one of the guys.

    You could see it at his rallies….he felt a bond with those crowds…if he felt better than, or superior to every day Dick and Jane, he never showed it. I think that connection to the common man, that ability to connect, alienated him from the lifelong politicos who saw themselves as being promoted above the everyday citizen when they assumed office…seeing their office as a position of authority rather than duty and service……..

    ……doubt we’ll ever see someone of Trump’s cut ever again.

    1. Dennis,
      Agreed. He is brash, and rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way – but he tells it as he sees it, rare for anyone in DC.

      And who (outside of politics) will be willing to subject themselves and their family to what the Trump family have, and will continue to endure?

      I am in mourning for our Republic.

    2. I have heard his son Don Jr. say a number of times that one of his favorite activities
      was going down to work sites to the “Roach Coach” to have lunch with his construction crews. Worked in and around Construction my entire working life, don’t remember any “Suits” showing up for lunch. He was also Captain of his H.S. Baseball team, as an ex jock I can tell you we didn’t pick an A-hole as our team leader…ever!

  98. Just read a tweet thread that says Simon & Schuster told Senator Hawley it is backing out of their deal to publish a book he is writing. They cannot go forward due to his behavior last night.

    Although S & S is a private enterprise, it is exactly the kind of behavior Ken has been writing about. I hope another publishing house picks him up.

    And about 80% of the comments in the feed of the story we’re anti-Hawley. Many calling for him to be removed from office, saying he’s guilty of sedition – that sort of thing. Just a taste of things to come.

  99. Wife says horned man is named Boss,pelosi’s son in law?????????
    Can someone verify or know?

    1. From everything I have seen online. His name is Jake Angeli. Some say he is a hard-core Trump and Qanon supporter and others say he is a paid actor. Nothing says he is related to Pelosi.


      1. I don’t think that the guy with horns is related. He is an antifa guy. There is a picture of a man posing with him that is said to be Pelosi’s son or son in law.

  100. I’ve not committed much lately, just lurking about, trying to NOT go completely insane.

    I thought I’d toss this out there.
    Have any of y’all ever had an aquarium of Piranha?

    Tis a fish that kills and eats just about everything and anything.

    I view the Communist/Socialist/Liberal/Democratic party as just about like the Piranha.

    I guarantee you, once the get done with their selfindulgance of eating what is easy pray….they WILL eat each other like no tomorrow.

    Just, PLEASE, take a deep breath and use your God given Brain.

    This GREAT Country has been through a lot think about that for a minute. Think of all the suffering AND!!!!! good times.

    Lastly, I will say it again…
    Life is short, you had best figure out (real damb quick) what YOU need to live it as GOD and loved one’s need.

    A lot of people are doing some really stupid stuff right now. Do NOT get yourself dead because of something stupid, that will do you, your family, and Country no good.

    “Is 600 rolls really enough?”

    1. Very good thinking NRP. The Socialist-Democrats are a misfit coalition that’s ONLY Binding factor was a Hatred of Trump.

      Now with Trump out of the way they is ALREADY open fighting between the Biden team, the Harris Team the Pelosi Team and the Progressives (Communists) team. It is likely there is far more smaller Piranha teams like Antifa and Burn Loot Murder looking for their rewards for their service to the “Cause”.

      Our mission as I see it is to stay away from the enraged elephant and stay grey until the fighting inside the government cripples their efforts to control everything. Otherwise the Powers that Be will have US to be the focus to fight instead of each other seeking more power and stolen wealth.

      Irish Rebellion ignore their laws unless a Bobbie with a club is there to enforce it. Going Galt is a sort of Irish rebellion as they both seek to starve the beast.

      As Margit Thatcher said so well “Socialism is a GRAND IDEA until you run out of Other Peoples Money”. America is by any accounting already BROKE and the loss of Reserve Currency will be the Water fall event. Meanwhile you and I have to survive the stairstep systematic failures coming.

      Pray for wisdom

  101. I have always said that Hillary lost because they didn’t cheat ENOUGH. I also said that they would not make that mistake again. Was I right?

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