“This Week Will Be Lit” >> Maybe POTUS’s Last Chance?

Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out this morning,

“Events will unfold quickly over the next several days.”

“There should be NO Electoral College vote in any state today.”

“Fraud is rampant in all state elections. If U.S. Supreme Court does not have courage to act, I believe our President has the courage. He loves America & freedom.”

~ Lin Wood December 14, 2020

Before that particular tweet, Attorney Lin Wood also tweeted this message:

“Better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have PLENTY of water, food, flashlights & batteries, candles, radio, 2nd Amendment supplies, & a plan to meet with leaders of your communities.”

~ Attny. Lin Wood December 13, 2020

As you know, the states electors vote today.

As you also know, a few days ago the Supreme Court refused to take up the twenty-state lawsuit led by Texas regarding election fraud. This, in my view, was the nail in the coffin because it sent a signal to everyone that demoralizes other ongoing efforts – some of which would likely end up at SCOTUS. Thus my article on Friday, “SCOTUS Scuttling The Ship – Where Do We Go From Here?”

Something Brown Is About To Hit The Fan

…and it’s not chocolate brownies or chocolate cake.

Patriots are “ravenous” for information, and justice, of this apparent highest fraud in American History.

What unfolds in the days ahead will be for the history books. This POTUS never tires of fighting for the American people against the globalist cabal. Most of you know in your gut that this man will not just roll over.

Is the Kraken DOA? Or is an avalanche about to tear down the mountainside…

I must tell you, I have been reading LOTS of reports behind the scenes that indicate something BIG and BROWN is about to happen. I hesitate to get into the specifics of the many articles circulating the sphere because I cannot verify with certainty.

But I can tell you this, with certainty…

POTUS does have an option at his disposal. Actually, it is his duty to implement if other avenues have failed. There have been many “coincidences” which are apparently lining up to support what may be about to happen (or a form thereof). I touched upon it two weeks ago:

Treasonous Enemies: Will Trump Honor Oath and Invoke Insurrection Act?

~75% of Republicans, ~ 60% of Independents, and even ~30% of Democrats believe there has been (massive) election fraud. DJT knows that Patriots have his back, so to speak.

We are in essence at war with China

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve seen, read, and heard about the CCP influence upon the Biden Crime Family. It’s all over the place if you change the channel off the mainstream. Mark Levin had an epic interview episode last night on this Crime family during his weekly Sunday night show on FOX. What about Tucker’s interview with Bobulinski? The Hunter Biden laptop? On and on…the information is overwhelming! This is without a doubt in my view, treasonous.

There are reports out this morning of massive asset infiltration via the CCP into U.S. government AND Big Tech, Big Business and more. Apparently, “These individuals are embedded in some of the largest companies and inside government agencies around the world.”

Many of us have known this for quite some time. What about the CCP spy who worked for B.Boxer for 20 years? What about Pelosi’s husband ties with the CCP? And again, what about the Biden Crime Family obvious ties with the CCP and seemingly about to become POTUS?!

I have been seeing what appears to be a systematic “release” of information which may all be about to culminate in something Big and Brown…

Many of you may also be reading the reports these past several days of apparent military movement and positioning of U.S. military assets around the United States – within, and just off its east/west shores. As though getting ready for something? Coincidence? Maybe…

POTUS’s Last Chance…

Friday, I said “Barring a miraculous comeback,” “The Republic is finished”. I believe at this juncture that further evidence, no matter how damning, will be rejected by the deeply corrupt pillars of the CCP-influenced globalist/Marxist deep state cabal.

What about the recent Trump shakeups in military/pentagon leadership lately?

It is my opinion that POTUS’s last chance to save the Republic, and given his obvious patriotic sense of duty for this Republic, may be to implement the Insurrection Act:

When government officials go rogue, and courts cannot be trusted, military authority can be invoked by the President, complete with mass arrests of treasonous actors, military tribunals that bypass the civilian court system, and the military seizure of all corporations that are actively working to undermine the United States of America.

If this comes to be, it will require the support and vigilance of patriots across America. My advice is to simply stay informed. And not by just one or two sources. Scour as much as you can. Realize that some will be false or disinfo. Be skeptical. Use your critical thinking abilities to see-through the propaganda. Don’t be stupid. Remember the Whackamole principle and how it works.

Stay tuned…

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Something brown hit the fan?
maybe roast pork and gravy!


who knows, if the past decade is any guide we will see a big fat nothingburger

think ill load some more .308w

I am there with you, Kula. I don’t know which pisses me off more-the acts of crime and corruption or the fact NOTHING NOT EVEN A FREAKING RULER SLAP ACROSS SOMEONES KNUCKLES ever happens. Just reading about how well the Durham probe is going makes want to puke. How long does it take? Just long enough to make seven digits off the taxpayers dime? To do nothing. It blows big time, and paying taxes for no representation is getting very old.

Can you please dip you toes in the beautiful Pacific and say hello to a sea turtle for me next time you wander to the beach? I’d give anything to do just that and let off some steam about now.

Eh Kula, nothing wrong with roast pork and gravy.as long as you have rice.

Eli & Kula: I’m all for pork roast and gravy, but I’d prefer it ladled over some mashed potatoes or homemade bread.

After it’s gone through the fan it would be rather icky.

Good article. I hope and pray the President will act to save the nation. My wife and I are disgusted with this election and the Supreme court. The CCP is possibly helping to create this mess. President Trump has to play the Trump Card before it is too late. It will be crazy if he does but way worse if he doesn’t.

Report: Huge Data Leak ‘Exposes’ Chinese Communist Party Members ‘Embedded’ In Western Companies And Governments

We already know about Swalwell, Boxer, Biden, and others… One wonders how many more are walking the halls of .gov

One wonders how many are embedded or are sympathizers within G o o g l e / FB / YT / Twit…

The swamp covers the entire globe, the Congress and assume every government agency has been compromised and infiltrated. I am surprised Trump has made it as long as he has considering how much corruption and collusion he has brought to light and he exposed a lot of the players. If Trump doesn’t take action, the dems will act with warp speed this time around to implement their agenda so they don’t get caught off guard like they did in 2016. The next couple of months will be historical and those that aren’t ready will be in a world of hurt.

It may appear he knows where the bodies are buried(metaphor).

Ozzie – Get your facts straight. The election was blatantly stolen. And we have not yet begun to fight. You mark my words, then keep an eye on the news.

Whether you or I or anyone else likes it, the election is over. The President’s weak efforts will continue to peter out and life will continue on as before, despite the assurances that SHTF is finally here just because a democrat is entering the White House again. Biden will be the 4th democrat to take office in my lifetime and I’ve been told that the world is ending each time. Hard to believe the same line when it’s been fed to you over and over and over again

Our country is at the end of the rope and we seem to be hanging over the abyss of destruction. As Ken says in the article, stay informed as much as you can. Use discernment ,be skeptical , use logic and make your decisions wisely. Concentrate on your local area first , that the only area where we have any influence.
The “ruling class” has lied to us , stolen from us. and let us down, they have no credibility.
Our strength comes from the belief that God is in control of things and will never leave His followers.
Safety and peace to all.

Looks like the stage is being set in at least PA and GA for slates of “dueling electors.” Since both states are still being contested, the Republican electors have met in each and voted for President Trump. Not sure how their votes get to the Senate for 1/6 Joint Session to count the votes. I think VP Pence at that point has the option to decide which slate of electors to count from a given state.

This is all getting really complicated, and I’m certainly not a Constitutional Attorney. Sounds a little like the Election of 1876.

This week will definitely be “lit” — and likely all the way up to 1/6, if not 1/20.

Read a couple places yesterday that Biden will be making remarks tonight at 8PM ET on the Electoral College, etc., etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if he admitted there was widespread fraud and conceded? LOL!

It’s not over until it’s over.
Wednesday 20 January 2021, 12:00 P.M.
We have enjoyed our measure of freedom as a result of the efforts of great Americans which came before us.
The fate of the signers of the Declaration of Independence breaks my heart. Yet, their courage steels my resolve.
Our history is replete with great people doing great things. Things most difficult.
Will our “ Washington “ bring us through our Valley Forge.
Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Last night, CISA issued Emergency Directive 21-01 to “Mitigate the Compromise of Solarwinds Orion Network Management Products”. All federal civilian agencies have until noon today to file a completion report to: “review their networks for indicators of compromise and disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion products immediately.


If sleepy joe gets sworn in I believe the perfect statement would be for millions of Americans For Trump to show up at State Capitols across the Nation and DC with pitchforks, torches tar and feathers. Just to see what the response would be.

ON January 20.

that would be worth a picture for sure

christ know i DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CIVIL WAR but it looks like it could happen conservatives all over the country are getting HIGHLY pissed off and even if only half of take up arms will will have MORE than the entire us military and if they decide to do something there is NOTHING all the cops and military can do to stop em and one this gets started it will NOT be stopped easily this would be a war the likes of which the world hasnt seen since the days of the spartens with no mercy and no prisoners and i will say this again so all the spooks from all the alphabet soup agencys that are watching this I DO NOT WANT WAR EVER but we being forced into this and it aint gonna end well for ANYONE

As i got in the car this afternoon on the radio Mark Styne(sp) was filling in for Rush Limbaugh. I didn’t get the first part of his comment but what I did hear was “we just need to move on and fix it next time.” Oh heck no and shame on him. Fix it now or it will never be fixed. I fervently hope that Trump does something. This can’t stand. He also has to know that he and his family will be ‘disappeared’.

I have to suspect Steyn’s statement you qouted is out of context.

could be- as i said i didn’t hear the beginning but the part i did hear was clear. I was hoping that someone heard the whole thing so as to clear it up.

Apparently Lamar Alexander made a statement on Sunday to that effect, it’s possible Stein was going off on him. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear any of the show today and they apparently don’t archive the guest hosts..

Lamar alexander i s the epitome of the north end of a south bound donkey. was no other option to vote for… glad he is retiring…about 15 years too late.

Mark Stein should know better, there won’t be a next time to fix corruption when corruption rules.

correct, now is the time. we wont get a “do over”

Thanks for the dinner ideas Kula! Nothing burgers or roast pork and gravy for supper. Both sound good after reloading some 300 pieces of 9 mm brass. ( the cattle ranching friend brought over a coffee container of brass last week. Reloading with Powder-Coated bullets. Review to follow. )

Great minds think alike.

“What, me worry?”

Folks need to identify the real enemy before you engage. The real enemy “lies” between your ears. Did you do your pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, rope climb yet today ? Or do you expect someone else to die for you so you can continue to enjoy your preps of Doritos? The battle is an individual one. Learn to do with out…..it builds character. Learn to act alone. They ain’t got enough bombs or men to deal with that. Yeah….yeah I get it………..but I am too old for that. I ain’t no spring chicken myself. But damn it……. I am defiant. About time to pick up my sword again so I shall take my leave. Down votes are welcome…….don’t like to leave tracks. Thanks

How did you know I got Doritos?? 🙂

Anyway… while out getting doritos I got some chicken to can as I had empty jars sitting in the closet.

No one should have empty jars sitting around. Just sayin’.

Prep your souls.

SS: That’s a little presumptuous and condescending, I think. In the short time you have been here, have you noticed the LEO’s, current and former? How about all of the ex-mil? Oh well, it looks like this was your kiss-off to the group, 2/10 for low energy. Doritos indeed. Enjoy your push ups; careful with your sword so you don’t out out an eye.

SS the only time a man is to old to fight for freedom, is once he becomes bedridden and then you can still shoot from laying on your back. Samuel Whittemore is still my Hero. Trekker Out

I’m lost on the brown reference

California: “Poo” hitting the fan. (Starts with “s” and rhymes with “hit”)

Ahh thanks, we are knee deep in it out here!

Ahh thanks, we are knee deep in it out here!

Great article!

Long story short,

I just wanna say thank you all for the heads up info you have been posting today.
And you, too, Ken.

The other half came home from grocery shopping yesterday. Small town. 10/12,000 population.
She was very quiet, sullen and bitter after she returned.

“I’m not going out there again, until ‘all this madhouse blows’ over.”

It’s better not to pry for explanations….🤷‍♂️

Paging Joe c – Is it true that the “Black National Anthem” (???) was performed in your state capitol today, before the electors convened? Can you provide an estimate for how long it will take the citizens to remove Lansing from the map?

I can not confirm anything, that happened in my state today.
But I tell ya what, any city a couple counties to the east and south of me can be set a blaze.
ALL trash included.

If I were from another country I’d be buying a one-way ticket back right about now. It’s surreal what’s happening right before our eyes.

Thanks, Tmac
I had to watch and listen to the local BS news.
Yep, the 16 electoral votes from Michigan, went to Biden.
Gov. ******** (explicit language) Whitner said we all must come together in this time.
Meaning Hitler followers, socialists, marxists.

You know, the trash of the nation.

Come on Trump, put you EO into order.
We back you.

Burn, baby, burn

Detroit slum yards will burn nice and hot.
All that pork fed fat will set everything ablaze.

DJT tweeted that Bill Barr will be leaving just before Christmas to spend time with his family.

It’s going to be a great week!

Bob Barr is resigning…..will be gone before Christmas.

….efective 12/23/20….Deputy AG Jeff Rosen will fill his position.

its time for as many as people as possible ALL MARCHED ON WASHINGTON DC UNARMED all on the same day its time we quit 98654ing around and showed the WORLD WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS that we will NOT JUST BEND OVER AND TAKE IT UP THE 972 NEW YEARS EVE WOULD WORK many have the day off so lets get serious and do this and show em we are done playing around

Kevin – Why unarmed; at this point? I think that falls a bit short of “dead serious”.

why unarmed ?? so it does NOT give the left a excuse to use force against us
we CAN show em that we are DONE 8643ing around AND if gun fire broke out all hell would break loose which would give the left a excuse to TRY kill as many as possible

Kevin: We have been operating under that misguided philosophy for my entire lifetime. The left has used our peaceful posture against us. There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. I propose that the time for war is upon us. Regarding your valid concern of collateral damage, we need to study up real quick on disciplined, asymmetrical war fighting.

already been reading up on that for months

Just looks gray, lean, frugal, and focused will be my New Years resolutions.

Flying our Trump Flags, from carried pitch forks.

I’ll say this. Barring the Insurrection Act, it will end this week. But if Trump is going to leave the office as is required, the very least he can do for the 73 million+ who voted and supported him, is NOT CONCEDE. Yes, Bernie and Kamala and Barak and maybe Joe will occupy the white house but I’ll be damned if I’m going to accept these 4 “progressives” – make that Socialists – as my president(s). Let the 80 year old dementia-ridden creep try to run half the country. Let him try to enact legislation to raise taxes across the board to feed his 11 million amnesty-granted immigrants. Let him and Beto try to confiscate 200 million+ guns. Comply, my *expletive*. Read my metaphor Joe.

Eli: I’m probably on a bit of a tear right now, but I’ll reiterate my thoughts to Kevin. I’m tired of taking the high road. We the people forged this country under far harsher circumstances. If we intend to keep it, then we must revolt at once… 100% scorched earth… sterilize DC and put the rest on notice.

This whole thing is making me grey er…


You mean grumpier.

We are being played by the best in the business.We are being psychologically tortured.Please consider this when making comments,we arent the enemy.

All depends who “we” is when it comes to enemy

You do Know, they have been feeding us BS, so called Propaganda for many decades. I never could understand the vicious attacks on Sen Joseph McCarthy, by both the Democrats and the Republicans as well as the Media, even way back then. Communism has always been embedded in our Government and we need more men like McCarthy in Congress and less like Romney. Trekker Out

HEY GUYS. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY ON THIS BLOG ,and the web in general,,,lose talk was the downfall of Randy weaver ,and lo voy finacome,,,when the time comes forget the web existed ,
In nam we had to deal with a farmer by day ,and charley by night if this goes hot you need to learn tactics ,and how to respond , when the drone comes for you what are you going to do ,kiss your lead spitter good by. ,,,,,tactics,and more tactics,,,

i like my log splitter!

Old Homesteaders,
Did ya happen to see Dr. Pierre Kory on ivermectin? He was speaking to Senate commitee. Very interesting. Saw it on You Tube. You should check it out.
You could have written what he said.

Use a VPN and don’t login to Google. Much harder to live a name on a search that way because each time you login you have a different identification. 😉

What search engine do you use? I was using Google but after the election I switched to Bing. I do use Google for business and Microsoft Excel, but that is all. Use Bing for all else. Is there a better one?

Communist governor Whitmer of Michigan sends police to keep GOP electors from casting their vote for Trump.



Yep, I had forgotten to look that up, as brother said as such, tonight.

Ole whitmer be the Biden bitch….
Excuse my french..


And speaking of gov shitmer,
Has anyone heard anymore of the attempted kidnapping, of said, princess .



Best case scenario! Read the comments as well. Only 8minutes long!

I watched a “news Clip” last night where in Georgia for the January 5th. senate runoff election there is a huge push to register as many 18 year-olds as possible. WHY? Because they hopefully will vote for the two democrats. This will make a 50-50 split in the Senate and Harris will caste the deciding vote. If this happens it will be the final nail in the coffin of the United States as we know it.

Registration closed Dec 7…


I don’t know about that. We The People with Trump might see that as a trigger to act around 1/10-12 or so. I think if the D’s are elected and then control all branches that will bring out the “revolutionary” spirit in most of us. I mean I’m already on the edge right this minute. I really believe Trump’s legal team is going to exhaust every single possibility first. And then if they can’t get him across the finish line then all hades is going to break loose by us patriots.

Does anybody really think BLM and their ilk are going to stop their evil tactics anyway? I don’t. They would push Biden into a corner and still riot. I don’t see any redress of grievance if the whole cabal in DC is so damn corrupt that it gives Trump really no choice but to declare limited martial law. It has never made sense to me why the military would be used to distribute the vax, but in the context of pre-positioning them for what is to come is does make sense.

Something heavy must be going on right now. I believe the actual election REAL ballot count was about 100million for Trump (legal) and only about 30million for Joe (some legal but most illegal). This was biggest landslide in history.

Encouraging News:

“Trump secures decisive electoral victory: Parallel electors chosen and submitted by SEVEN states, Trump victory path clear”

The process (of parallel electors) gets a little complicated (though not really) — “this aint over yet”…

Trump attorney Sidney Powell thinks the situation merits exercising an Executive Order the president issued in 2018: No. 13848, titled “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

— Per that order, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) “shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.”

— The director must present his findings to the president no later than 45 days after the election. That would be Friday, December 18.

“This Election Is the Climax of the Battle Between Freedom and Communism, Between Good and Evil”

(just thought I would throw that thought out there…)

If, If Nuts and Slut, steal the White House, That tempest might only be for only two years at the most. There is the very real possibility that Nuts and Slut will so screw things up so badly, that the Republican party maybe will win a major comeback in the 2022 elections. Fresh air might return to American politics, MAYBE…

These Traitors can do a lot of damage in two yrs, gonna be a rough ride, for sure….

“A revolution never brings prosperity to a nation, but benefits only a few shameless opportunists, while to the country as a whole it heralds countless deaths, widespread impoverishment, and, in the gravest cases, a long-lasting degeneration of the people.”Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Unfortunately, unless/until the election fraud issues are resolved/fixed……

I’ve heard this may happen in January, but now I’m also getting vibes from other sites that it may kick in earlier than that. like over the christmas holidays. get ready folks, the show is about to begin!

Marcopa ? county is going to check their voting machines to see if they find the same issues as michigan , going to get interesting

Didnt want this outcome but the show must go on. Covid or election every 10 seconds gets old.

75 million voted for one man not a party. The republican party is a joke. Dems cheat, have media, big tech, and most levels of government. Sadly our side is all talk and not smart enough to put eggs into one basket.

My entire family was registered republican or conservative post election all of us switched to independent / unaffiliated

Your 1st paragraph is EXACTLY what they want you to think! I figure you said this tongue and cheek, but in case you didn’t we cannot let this stand. True, a Trump victory is a Hail Mary but it does happen.

This cannot go on until we have free and fair and legal elections. As of now we do not. We must realize Trump has been exposing corruption his entire 4yrs and the Deep State cannot handle it so they obviously band together bc their basic tactic is to call real TRUTH undemocratic, unAmerican, despicable and deplorable. So they purport the truth to be lies. It’s been an insidious process but now reality is staring them in the face bc we are on to all of them. This is why as my 86yr old aunt says GOD WILL NOT LET EVIL KINGS AND RULERS BECOME TRIUMPHANT IN THE LONG RUN. So armed with the TRUTH and backed by the people we go forth to eradicate EVIL and the price may be heavy but worth it.

As did ours.

Interesting tweet from Attny. Lin Wood:

On Monday night Attorney Lin Wood tweeted out that Georgia Governor Kemp and Secretary of State “will soon be going to jail.”

Word is that Raffensperger (Ga secretary of state) and Kemp (governor) are switching party affiliation to democrat after first of the year…………..

Got to swear allegiance to your new masters eh

huh? who did Trump turn on? It certainly wasn’t Raffensperger or Kemp. They have shown themselves to be low l

That’s exactly right, aka. LeAnne is doing “her thing”. Planting those subtle seeds of doubt… Though most of us see right through it.

Just to be clear, I am not a Republican. Nor a Demoncrat. I belong to no party. No bias in that regard.

That said, I am also not naive. I have learned many lessons throughout my life.

One of which is the false notion of a “justice system”. Instead it is a “judicial system” with its own inherent corrupt and bias. And we have witnessed some of it here. Because a judge rules a certain way does not mean that justice was served.

In any event, I don’t intend to argue with you. Instead I simply recognize (as I did when you first came onboard not too long ago) your apparent intent here. To inject into the conversation a version of seeded doubt for the regular patrons to chew on. For what purpose are you here among us, given the majority readership are patriots – versus your own apparent alternative views? Only you know. Though others may have their own thoughts on that…


  • I like the site content.
  • Until recently, I considered this more of a prepper site than a political-patriot site, it’s morphed a bit.
  • I’ve been a long-time follower of James Wesley Rawles and thought I’d check this page out after it came up on a prepper website page that was mentioned.
  • I value the comments and explanations made by certain patrons.
  • I like back-n-forth conversation with different viewpoints, which happens from time to time.

aka: Now even Mitch McConnell is on the poo-list.

As well he should be.

I typically pass by your posts as I usually don’t agree with you, and sometimes find you irritating. But with comments like these you are stooping to a new low. You are now coming across as being a bitchy gossip. I’ve lost what little respect I had for you.

Cat Fight!

Hutch1: No, not a cat fight at all. I enjoy So Cal Gal’s posts, she’s one of my favorite commenters. I’ll just read her posts but not interact with her in the future. No hard feelings, I appreciate her candid comment.

So Cal Gal: That kinda sux because you’re one of the people whose comments I really enjoy reading. I guess I’ll keep reading your comments, but refrain from interaction with you going forward. Oh well. Thanks for at least saying something so I know to avoid interaction with you in the future.

Very interesting!

LeAnne – I think you mentioned you were a retail clerk. Are you also a UFCW member; by any chance?

tmcgyver: No, I’m not union. Whycome? (FYI: I’m not into unions and if given a choice, I’d prefer not to join.)

. . . .
Sad if true. If they do I hope RNC makes them give back all funds expended on their campaigns. I wonder if individual donors could sue them for breach of contract? Now there’s a pleasant daydream.

I saw a tweet today from Lin with a recall hashtag. Until now, his tweets seemed very confident that criminal activity was not only known but would be acted on. To see the recall hashtag kind if threw me for a loop. That seemed like a big step backward. I hope I’m reading too much into it.

tmcgyver: The comment you responded to must have been downvoted off. No, I’m not union. Whycome? (FYI: I’m not into unions and if given a choice, I’d prefer not to join.)

LeAnne: I just make an effort to understand everyone’s point of view, that’s all. My wife has been union since 1979. It’s hugely corrupt, but has benefitted us along the way too. It’s definitely a different mindset. I recall you used the phrase “retail clerk”, which is usually a tell.

Trump signed that EO in 2018 about elections, interference, sanctions etc and having 45 days to take ‘action’. If he doesn’t do this within the 45 days is it to late or could the time be extended?

There is no time limit for actions ordered by the President, regarding this Executive Order. The order itself clearly states any action may take place without prior notice, or warning…at any time. In addition, if the DNI report is ready…or even mostly ready…it may be delivered to the President, and other Administration officers, immediately…without waiting for the arrival of the “due” date.

In fact, this DNI report has already been delivered to the President, and actions in response to it have been ordered by the President. These actions require the positioning of assets and forces and the targeting of specific entities, their streams of income and all of their financial holdings and accounts.

It takes time to get things ready…and the people will not be alerted, and no statements made…until the hammer has already dropped.

A good time to execute would be Xmas Eve…which the President, only recently, issued an order for the government to be shut down…save for the usual critical activities…like the military and such.

I hope the Plousys and feinsteins, schumers, mcconnels etc are on the list,
along with handfulls of elites who think they are beyond reach , yea, and bidet and family too, all of em

Any thoughts on reports that the DNI report is delayed and will not make tomorrow’s deadline? Perhaps it’s misinformation to deflect from it already having been delivered… or have I read too many political thriller novels?

I would have deliberately started such rumors in order to keep the targets in place, or moving funds. There would be no need to delay such a report, as the Executive Order allows the DNI report to be continually updated….after the fact of its submission to the Administration. Any “delay” could only effect continuing intelligence exploitation of targets, but would not delay the body of the report.

The Director of National Intelligence would simply deliver further intel as it develops, which would not keep the bulk of the intel in limbo…for no reason.

Thank you… I just don’t want this to turn out like the reports on the evil-doers at the alphabet agencies. I am still fuming that no one has been held accountable for all the illegal activities and treasonous plots the swamp creatures have gotten away with.

Thanks for clearing that up. Guess I had the timing confused- applies to the report not any actions
I remember when he issued it and thought at the time it had more to do with the Clintons and human trafficking etc. and it may have back then.

Each person in your household send a ‘separate’ to letter, actual SNAIL mail letter to the following address. Requesting each state do an audit of their voting, which can be dumped on
SCOTUS’s door step.

President Donald J. Trump
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20500

It started out as a rumor on Newsmax, but what a wonderful idea! Hard to ignore a paper letter that shows support for this president. A while back I posted the phone numbers for SCOTUS, since we will not be able to show up in person. A double whammy.

Don’t forget a Christmas card if you have not sent one to that lovely family.

i remember during the cuban missile crisis we came to be within DEFON 2, president kennedy had already initiated the insurrection act, alot of russian spies in us government, and all were being watched, some planted years earlier in CIA. the CIA assisinated JFK if you watch the car directly behind presidents limo the CIA were in that car, one of them raises a rifle and kills the president. osweld missed. but besides that my friends kids were recently deployed domestically on friday18th, and since we dont use the DEFCON condition anymore, we are at defcon 3 now with china. we arent afraid of china, even the higest ranking military intel general in russia said the us navy will defeat the chinese navy quickly in a matter of hours not days, we have 2 things the chinese fear, stealth and hypersonic missiles, but one surprise up our sleeve. they dont know about LASER GUNS on ships since 2014 china will soon become a big ass parking lot, as for the CCP, bring it on baby, come get some!

the swamp will finally get drained, sorry shifty schiff, you are vulernable, you will be one of the first in congress to HANG!