Left-Wing Marxists Create Website To Map & Target Trump Donors

These people mean business. I don’t know for certain if they’re Marxists, though I suspect it. This is what they do. They are doxing any and all Trump donors / supporters. That means they’re revealing names and home addresses of people whom they apparently hope are targeted in some way.

More specifically, they’re siphoning donor names from FEC (Federal Election Commission) website data and then tying those names with their home address — and putting it all in a searchable database with mapping.

They want revenge. They want you punished. Targeted. I’ve said this a number of times recently. I know that I sound like a broken record. But new information during the past 24 hours has confirmed their intensity. They. Hate. You.

Tucker reported on it last night too. This morning I’ve read other articles about this in general. One of which revealed a specific website (I suspect there are many) designed for lefties to lookup “targets”.

The FEC data is public information. That’s no secret. Though most people don’t know about it. The difference here is the FEC does not make public the addresses of donors.

The Marxists have taken it to the next level. They’ve applied addresses and map lookup to this data. Why? Well, you tell me…

Again, presently this particular doxing is apparently limited to those who have donated money.

However if history repeats or rhymes, this is just the beginning for these Marxists.

Oh, the website boasts “Americans That Give Money to Support a Racist”


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  1. Well, I’m on that list of donors…put my money where my mouth is….if they plan on giving me a visit…they better pack a big lunch….gonna be a long…painful…day.

    1. Agreed. Me too. Not only did I put my money where my vote it, I am flying the flag loud and proud. Hubby and I have both discussed this. Luckily we live in an area where there are many of the same flags flying. This is dispicable!

      Well, guess I will have to become proficient at shooting people in the leg, like Biden says to do…hahaha.

      1. Ain’t gonna be any aiming for legs in my domain, I was always taught if your gonna point a weapon at someone, you better be ready to aim center mass. Don’t want it to come to that for sure, but self defense is a God given right!! Pegasus, I Do know you were saying that just to make fun of Biden, lol 😝

      2. There you go Pegasus, flying the American flag! Thereby telling everyone who sees it that you’re NOT a Democrat.

    2. The United States is a Constitutional Republic. This website sounds like the tactics of a Banana Republic!

      Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

      These evil doers are definitely going down. Amen!

  2. Those not doing the doxing will say it isn’t happening. If they see a crowd outside their neighbor’s house screaming and threatening, or hear of a co-worker getting threatening phone calls, and their first thought is “Better not vote for Trump, or they’ll be coming after me.” And in the next breath, they’ll deny that it’s happening.

    I remember a discussion a few years ago with an older woman, who fled Germany with her family as a child. She said it couldn’t happen here, “because your constitution won’t allow it.” I wonder what she thinks now?

    Those who don’t know their history are doomed to keep stepping in it…

      1. Kula,
        I think these are trolls sending the letters. I’m registered Republicans and my wife is registered dem in the south. My wife received a letter threatening to kill her if she votes Biden. They gave her polling location and said they have access to her voting record. I received nothing though. Hearing lots of similar stories from dems and republicans alike around the country. What has happened to this country? I heard rumors it’s not even Americans sending the letters.. will follow closely as this story develops

        1. GAMechanic,

          FBI said this morning Iran was sending threatening letters claiming to be affiliated with the Proud Boys hoping to stir up anti- white supremacy backlash to motivate democrats to vote.

          1. i didn’t see mention in the FBI statement about specifically motivating democrat voters.Seems to me more like they are causing trouble on both sides aka trolling. If both parties are getting threats that probably means it’s orchestrated from a troll farm.

          2. GAMechanic,

            Word search the following headline from Reuters News.

            “Exclusive: ‘Dumb mistake’ exposed Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boy U.S. election emails – sources” –Reuters

            Story tells that e-mails sent out threatening thousands of voters if they didn’t change their affiliation and vote Republican. E-mails originated in Iran…….say FBI investigators

          3. That was actually the article I read. It talks about undermining election security but again no mention of specifically motivating democratic voters. Given Iran and Trumps history, this may be there intention but it’s important to distinguish that this is an opinion and it’s really not relevant to the discussion as a whole. Republicans have been targeted by foreign countries as well but I don’t think it would be fair to say they were trying to motivate republican voters to vote for trump. I think there are many more agents of chaos out there than we know about. Glad to see another Reuters reader on here though. One of the more neutral sites these days.

          4. Not worth arguing, my observation would be that they wouldn’t have falsely identified as Proud Boys unless the intent was to put them in a bad light as threatening and intimidating voters unless they change party affiliation to Republican….but that’s just my take. These were e-mails….the stories I read on threats to burn down Republican donors homes were actual printouts delivered in envelopes to their homes. The Reuters story made no mention of any similar messages directing folks to vote democrat, only that other actors were dessiminating bogus e-mails intended to disrupt.

            Your free to make your on conclusions, I’m not an apologist for either party…just sharing my take on the news….your take appears to be different.

          5. I wonder if these fake activities to smear groups identified as conservative influenced FBI Wray’s views expressed to Congress that he was more concerned about the right?

          6. Read Whitney Webb at The last America Vagabond. This is a psyop. CIA is going to blame white supremacist, Iran and Russia for all the chaos this election period. Israel wants the US to go to war with Iran. Dem/ Rep is a two paradigm illusion.

  3. Those that haven’t prepared (beans, bullets, bandages) will get a rude awakening after Nov. 3. Between the riots, random drive by shootings, blocked highways and for good measure throw in a power grid down in a couple of major cities there will be chaos on the streets like never seen before in America.

    We’re staying up on the mountain and have no intentions of leaving for several months or longer if necessary. When the barometer starts falling, the skies start darkening and the wind starts to blow are signs that there is a storm coming and you better seek shelter.

  4. As I posted earlier, they did this to the Repub Woman running for the open seat in Congress/Fl. District #3. Kat Cammick

    Yup sent money to Trump too like y’all. Sighted in my favorite black rifle today just in case.

    Zombie shoot’n time?

    There is a storm coming, prepare for UGULY!

  5. I am getting fed up by these losers that have contributed zilch to this Country threatening those of us that have! Unfortunately for them there is a time of reckoning coming fast! They are going to threaten, push, and attack one too many times. Then there will bodies stacked like cord wood, Theirs! They keep forgetting with whom they are trifling.

    1. yup if you see someone with a firebomb already lit and ready to be thrown at you aim low so he drops it and takes out himself and those around him

      1. Kevin,
        You would be smart to wait until at least one firebomb has been thrown, imho. That way you could prove their “ill intent” and that your response was to stop that was justified. In my opinion it would be easier for the LEOs who eventually show up if they see part of a building burned. Evidence of a crime that was in progress. (this is like the old legal adage of “the dog gets the first bite”, after which he can be deemed a “vicious dog”. it can’t be labeled as such until he bites). just my thoughts, but maybe Dennis or other LEOs could weigh in on?

        1. Minerjam,

          “Wait until at least one fire bomb has been thrown”??

          So, I must wait until my house is on fire before I defend it? Once my house has burned, I will be homeless and unable to survive. Do you think the fire department will come and save what is left of my house? If they are firebombing, lots of houses will be burning. I bet the rich and powerful (city council, business owners, mayor, police, etc) will be the first ones the fire department responds to. My house, my pets, all my preps, will be gone.

          No, I will shoot. A good idea if you are a good shot would be to aim for the fire bomb. Maybe it would explode in their hands. I am not sure about that because I don’t know much about fire bombs. Any, I am not a good shot — used to be, but now I am old and my hands shake. I will aim for the torso and hope for the best.

          1. Daisy K,
            My comment was from a legal standpoint. If you were to shoot someone with a firebomb, before they threw it, you might very well get arrested and have to try and prove they were going to throw it at your house. I see your fear and your point of view though. I admit that I would be fearful in this Instance too. But by holding back and letting a arsonist show his intent before you shoot, may be the thing that keeps you from being arrested for shooting the “alleged arsonist”. I understand also about being a poor shot with your shaking hands. I would suggest you get a small shotgun, say a 410 or 28 guage. Load with #4 buckshot. You will increase your odds of hitting your target. I will also add that firing a warning shot far above their heads will usually drive people off without them doing anything more to you or your property. If they know you are armed, they will likely avoid you. But understand, even firing a warning shot could get you arrested in some areas. Best course of action would be to ask your local LEO about what you could do in such a situation and get their take on it, before it happens. Be at peace and know that your chances of having to deal with something like this are likely very small.

          2. Minnerjim,

            I live in Wyoming. We have a version of Castle Doctrine. Not a sure thing legally, because anyone attacking my house with a firebomb would probably be throwing it from the street, not my property. (it is only 17 feet from the sidewalk to my front door.) But if it gets bad enough that people are throwing firebombs here in a county that is 94% Republican, then we are in full civil war and the only thing that would matter would be to save my house.

            If part of my house was not completely destroyed, but just partially destroyed by fire, I would not be able to repair it. That means that my house would be open to home invaders. The first time I fell asleep someone could come in.

            If someone chose to throw the firebomb from the vacant lot next door, then they would be on my property because I bought that lot after the previous owner went insane and burnt down his house. I had the two properties combined into one property in county records, though they look separate because there is still a fence between.

          3. Minerjim/Daisy K

            Not to be a ninney here,
            but from what I’ve read a warning shot in the air is a no-no. Not knowing where that projectile may land.

            A warning shot in the dirt is my goto hunch. Away from the perp.
            In my thinking G u n fire would send any intended perps a running.

            Just be safe and show no ill intent, just to CYA.

            Just sayin

          4. -Joe c,
            I have fired such warning shots. Believe me, a slug in the ground about 3 or 4 feet in front of them is a much better way of getting their attention and sends just exactly the message you intend. Sent three goblins to jail.

            -Papa S.

          5. DaisyK
            I agree. Shoot for center mass and keep shooting until the threat is stopped. I will not go looking for a fight, but if someone threatens my family I will not hesitate.

        1. I think he may be having a chemical reaction to that plant based food Lauren was taking about because the cogs are slipping out of gear.

  6. I see this girl waving a trump flag on the side of the road in the morning, gal has guts, think im going to go network

    1. Ision,

      They have probably already done that. Probably why perfectly good comments are receiving down votes lately.

  7. The lesser known variant of doxing is swatting. Your phone number is spoofed onto caller ID for calling the police for fake bomb threats, or some such serious incident taking place, resulting in them arriving at your house under the impression that you’ve made the call.

    Andrew Finch in Kansas was fatally shot by a police officer after being swatted a couple of years ago. Interesting story that underscores Ken’s point of how badly they want to hurt you and how intent they are on getting their revenge using any means necessary.

  8. At times like this a wonder what local, state, or Fed department is on my side. Since 2007 this Communist uprising has been ignored and even protected by my tax dollars. We need change but I’m not sure our “elected” officials are up to the task.

  9. I think this is what has become of the democrat party because they know they are in the last stages of terminal cancer. They are really close to death and with their last breaths they are desperate and taking desperate measures.
    You know what they remind me of?? Islamic terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests.

  10. I find it completely despicable that political speech/affiliation are considered cause for violence now.
    the most un-democratic, un-american thing i have ever heard of.

  11. Such sites are used to aid terrorizing Republican donors, of course. And, to allow mail to be targeted at them, as well as, abusive visits.

    Such site information can be attributed to various campaign finance “reforms” enacted by Congress.

  12. Per Fox news this morning, the small donations for Trump are up this election compared to 2016. The quiet people are voting.

    1. Mrs. U, I am finding more and more people that have never voted in their lives have registered and have already voted early in this election. Not one has claimed they voted for the dems. They are say the same thing, they are voting for law and order, against federal corruption, and against the media.

  13. The Truth & Reconciliation Comm activities will be primarily for the Big Fish supporters/enablers of Pres T – classic Commie Show Trials complete with Public Confessions and Apologies – Grand Humiliation.

    The lower level people will be punished by using asymmetrical warfare techniques: doxxing. swatting, slashing, trashing, pet killing, keying, burnouts, and as a last straw action for people that someone has a real aught against – actual in-person confrontation.

    The last technique carries the most risk for the Commies since their enemies are usually well armed and reasonably proficient in the use of firearms and other weapons.

    Don’t hate anybody, but protect your own and other innocents.


  14. This site is brought to you by:

    Public Service Media Group, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation filed on September 17, 2019. The company’s File Number is listed as 7611619.

    The Registered Agent on file for this company is Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. and is located at 651 N Broad St Suite 206, Middletown, DE 19709.

    The server hosting it is in California.

    1. It would be very appropriate to find out who the owner(s) is (are). And then publish their name and home address. Equal Opportunity Targeting. Hey, maybe it’s Soros. I already know where he lives… Nah, he hides behind his donation front groups…

      1. Ken,

        I think this is a foreign group. New stories coming out suggesting Iran is behind this. Lots of dems received threatening letters as well, my wife included. They claimed to have access to her voting record and listed her real polling location so it is a bit suspicious.

    2. Ision
      This is a job for our ‘deep diver expert’ aka: So Cal Gal.

      She has a knack for finding data you & I only wish we knew how to locate. Each of us on this site have been given talent, which we were blessed with and this happens to be hers.

      1. AC,
        Thanks for the nice compliment, but I too have been stymied on this one. There are a lot of very determined people trying to unearth the background on this, with little success.

        One site says their domain is powered by a company with offices in China, US and Canada, but I don’t think that means much. I had a couple of very thin ideas I followed-up on, but neither has panned out. With as many experts as are looking at this, someone will find a round about way to get this info, way above my skill and patience.

  15. I haven’t donated this year but have directly purchased campaign materials. I don’t show up and neither do others in my neighborhood. Anyone who just purchased yard signs or flags rather than receive them because of a donation end up on the list? Actually makes me want to donate rather than discourage.

    1. We donated and we are not on the list. But we did decide to fly a Trump flag, and we have our American flag flying high in lit. We decided it was time for people to know absolutely what we feel about the direction of this country

  16. Ken, yep
    That website you gave was the one my brother gave me and fhe one I was referring to, some posts ago.

  17. Im waiting, already had an employee at work complain about my car and I have to keep my Trump sign in a window instead of on the lawn. These little things are just the start.

    Many companies including Oracle immediately fired employees who countered with all lives matter at work discussions.

  18. MSB Patriots

    I have read a lot of Bravo on here and other sites, on how We, on the right are just gonna mop the floor and whack and stack all these liberal BLM and Antifa. Like it’s gonna be a walk in the park. All this TALK, is a FOOLS errand.!!!

    NEVER, EVER, UNDER-ESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY.!!! And, that’s what they are doing. Yeah, there are a bunch of these enemies, who are dumb and weak, but, Y’all do not know what the shadows hold, and, it ain’t gonna be easy, not at all.

    Y’all see what happened to Jay Danielson? Kyle Rittenhouse? Lee Keltner? Did that look like a walk in the park?

    They hate us. They will/are killing us, without any quarter. Their plans are already drawn up, and initiated. They are well finance, organized, have the law on their side, and leaders, who are un-touchable. Y’all see any of that on the right? No, you don’t.

    I suggest, you train, like your life depends on it, because it does. Fourth-generation warfare (4GW) is conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians.

    The one thing the left doesn’t have, is Heavenly Fathers support. We the People do. Pray and lean hard on his teachings, It will save not only your life, but, just maybe, our Country.

    1. The older and sorer i get the less life in prison or death are a deterrent.
      just sayin is all.
      i dont plan on being on my knees for anything other than speaking to the Lord, and i sure as hell aint getting in the box car cuz

    2. I’ve said before that if we must have one absolute “power” I’d rather it be the Republicans because their coordination amounts to herding cats. The dems seem to be able to lockstep without a problem.

  19. I think Trump is going to win – but I don’t believe the rioting will amount to much. Not long after Floyd was killed things went crazy, and I’m sure it was coordinated by the DNC, but as soon as they saw it was hurting them it the polls it died off. I don’t think there is as much wide spread anger on the left as we are led to believe – it’s primarily a very vocal minority enabled by the MSM – the same lunatics like Antifa and Code Pink etc are trying to roar like a lion but in reality it’s a kittens meow. Nor do I think anyone would show up at someone’s house if they were doxed – it’s blown way out of proportion. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

    1. Rickster64,
      I agree that Trump will win but I think the DNC has lost control of Antifa and BLM and their strings are being pulled by Soros, Russia, Iran and China. If Trump wins, these radicalized communist will be even further driven by their hatred and will pull out all of the stops to try and destroy his presidency. The communists are very patient and they live by their motto “the end justifies the means”. This is a well planned, well funded attempt to overthrow the government and they have too much invested to just walk away.

  20. Something needs to be clear here….

    This information isn’t new and the way they are using it isn’t new or technically illegal.

    With that said, what they are doing is wrong in my opinion. The thing is, the current laws are what make this legal and it was the Patriot Act that allowed this to happen. Your information is VERY easy to get and the site they made is something that was likely put together in less than 30 minutes.

    Statistically, these are my statistics from my business, Conservatives are at least twice as easy to find information on and it comes down to either they don’t care because “I have guns if they show up” or they fail to understand modern technology and how it works. None of this is a bash or an attack, but it is fact. I have guns as well, but that doesn’t mean I want to kill anyone even if it is self defense.

    The easiest thing to do here, is to remove your information from the MANY online databases that collect and sell it. It is a lot of work and is really a lot of what my business does, which is removal of your personal information from these database websites. The list is long, complicated and takes time and effort. However, I am so big on Privacy that I do give away the list for people that want to do it themselves.


    We have e-mailed a couple of times before about my opinions on Privacy. If you get requests from say 20 or more people on here for my list. I would be happy to share it with you. Just let me know.

    1. Sure, I’d like a copy of your list. I’ve removed my name from lists at different times, but I’m I don’t get it all scrubbed. Some things you can’t remove your name from, but the less things that are out there, the better.

      1. I have the ability to remove people from places like LexisNexis, when most can’t. That is why I am so specialized. It is all about how you go about it.

    2. Thumbs Up form me n Blue
      I agree 1000% we/all of us give our information wayyyyy to easily.
      ALL the time. I know I have many times.
      The world has changed, sadly not for the better in many aspects.
      But ya know, Dennis is correct.
      Enjoy the time you have, life is to short for this CRAP.
      PS: Blue says Hi-Ya to everyone, except thoe POS trolls out there with their anonymous “thumbs down” without the wavels to say why….

  21. The one thing I did find interesting, last night, on this particular website, was there were 35 people all across the country, with my same last name. Although, not related.

    I guess we, *******’s, know what is the only smart choice.


    TRUMP 2020!👍

  22. If this is accurate, I am disgusted and saddened. Both extreme sides disappoint me and scare me. How many times throughout history have we thought that us versus them mentality would be helpful? When are we going to get the point that coming together is the answer? Ugh. I know, I know…human nature, but jeez, we are not just animals, we are souls too. Whether you believe in Jesus or Nature or just common sense, how can we still not see that looking at the similarities we share could unite us? Just a crazy hippie? Maybe/ Maybe I am less conservative than many of you, but you know what? This crap, exposing Trump voters and creating a world of fear for them, is EXACTLY what the extreme of that side (Lib) claims it doesn’t want. So why is it ok to do it to “the other side”? So sad right now about all of this and grateful that I have a solid prep and spiritual foundation to get through this with a smile. Sending blessings to all of you. May you and yours be safe in this time of division.

    1. lovelypoet:
      Thumbs because of your hope and spirit.
      Please keep that positive attitude when so many have basically given up.
      Thank you, good comment

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I think people tend to forget to focus on what we have in common more than our differences. If you think about logically, there is a very little chance of a civil war in this country. Do people not realize that lots of republicans and democrats are married? These are peoples friends and family and fellow countrymen. My wife disagrees with my views on certain policies but it doesn’t mean she wants to kill me ( or trust me she would have by now). Let’s not forget that most people would have a hard time inciting violence against their neighbors and friends. Don’t let the crazy 2% of this country make you hate the other 98%.

  23. Like I stated this morning, in these lists,
    Where do I find the list of monetary supporters of Antifa?
    Agenda 21/30?
    Green New Deal?

    Names, addresses, dollar amounts donated, employment title?

    By the way, why haven’t the pests comment on this topic, as of yet?

    Have you seen the dollar amounts vested in the democraptic run vs Republican?

    1. I lost my mouse on my main computer so I transferred to another one, which didn’t have my login for Youtube. So I started getting ads. And this woman comes on, telling all Democrats that the Republicans are out fund-raising them and they need a couple million dollars within 48 hours or the election is in jeopardy!

      1. BS
        Have you seen the democraptic moneys contributed, compared to Republican moneys?
        These lefty aholes are scared poopless….and they so much spend others money as if it were dirt.

      2. LOL,
        so they will try to lay any loss on those who did not send them $$.

  24. “It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the Master of my fate,
    The Captain of my soul.”

    Joseph Conrad

    Words to live by.

  25. This probably off topic but did not want to post it in general comments as it would disappear.

    You all may want to check NCrenegade website. You can download a pdf of what seems to be a 64pg timeline of the whole Biden/China scandal. I have not gone through all 64 pgs yet but it seems to be pretty legit. Will read it all when I have more time but wanted to share before it disappears.


      1. Horse
        Go down the page until you see the article ‘High Treason’. You will find what you are searching for on this matter.

  26. Could the people listed on a website saying they support racism start a class action lawsuit against the organization for libel?

  27. The list is not complete. Neither my 2016 nor 2020 donations were shown. There are Trump yard signs in front of my home so it should be easier to find.

  28. The existence of this Marxist website doxxing Trump supporters is excellent reason why gun registration is dangerous and should never be allowed.

  29. We donated and are proud Trump supporters. Worse still…..I fly a thin blue line flag at my front door every day. I have thin blue line stickers on each vehicle and my mail box. If folks don’t like it, they can just turn around and not visit! We have several kids as LEOs, and I myself am part of that system. We will NOT be deterred from keeping our public safe and sane. We are generous with our time and resources, caring in every way imaginable and cooperative in our community approach. Oddly enough, we are also very comfortably successful and better off today than we were 4 years ago. DO NOT be deterred!

  30. “Americans That Give Money to Support a Racist.” This is the Left’s go-to card; anyone they don’t like is R-A-C-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-T!

    Funny; nothing is said about the racist THE LEFT is supporting! You know; the one we’ve got on VIDEO, BEING a racist!

    Trump, on the other hand, has NEVER indicated racist behavior. Somehow though, he’s a racist…

    These people somehow think we’re as afraid of them as they are of EVERYTHING. WROONNG!!

    …I have Trump signs in the front yard… Lefties… You might want to stay off my grass…

    1. I think it’s quite amusing that the left promotes old-white-man Biden but derides Trump as “orange,” when by their own hypocritical standards (if you can call them that) anyone who is white is automatically racist. I guess racist Jim Crow Biden is excused because he identifies as black or some such thing?

  31. It seems that you are trying to start something here. Its clear when you go to the site that it shows ALL donations for all political parties. Could you be more specific on where you are seeing these threats? I would like to know if I’m a target. Based on what I can see from the site there doesn’t seem to be any partisan activity but I could be missing it. Again could you provide a link or screenshot? Donaldtrump.watch takes you straight to donor.watch .

    There haven’t been any talks of attacking left or right in my community but I can’t speak for other communities. It is shocking the amount of information out there on the internet. Makes you think twice.

    1. Someone changed it! It was originally just as described by Ken, but now it’s gone neutral. Strange!

  32. Get ready for the ‘doxxing’. Sounds a lot nicer than just saying ‘targeting for elimination’ or ‘pogrom’. Adam Rahuba is the official self-declared leader of Antifa. On November 4th he announced (Twitter for i-phone) he’s launching a new website, mapping every single republican donor, and encouraging the site’s users to aggressively confront them.

    On November 8th, ANTIFA-america tweeted the following: “As we type this tweet, we are pulling the IP addresses of millions of 4chan users. Expect a visit from us very, very soon. Don’t forget, we run this country now.

    The 4chan group includes some of the savviest ‘hackers’ on the planet. Mostly thought of as white hats on the side of protecting personal liberty. Antifa pokes that bear and things might get very interesting for them, at least I hope so.

    Just a heads up. Feels to me like the intensity of personal attacks on patriots is about to ratchet up a few notches. Might want to keep a sharper eye than usual if you’re an ‘out loud’ republican/patriot/freedom loving American.

    1. Follow them home and burn it to the ground, in fact, to hellwith following, just light em up

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