Madness – China To Build Dozens Wuhan-style Bio Labs Next 5 Years

What could possibly go wrong?

I have a real problem with all this. Bioweapons engineering and such.

Hey, Covid-19 wasn’t enough for this world… Lets do more! What the hell? Or do they wish for hell on earth?

Reported from thepostmillennial,

“In the next few years, the world could see almost 60 maximum security Level 4 virology labs in operation. The Guangdong province announced in May that it was planning to build between 25 to 30 biosafety labs in the next five years.”

Such laboratories used to carry out the most dangerous biological research have proliferated in the past decade.


That is the question…

Humanity on a path to transhumanism? (or extinction?) After all, are not those who volunteered for mRNA gene therapy human trials now sort of, transhuman?

Me thinks it only gets worse from here…

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