Simple Election Choice – Maintain or Overthrow The American Way Of Life

This election is simple. The stakes are as high as they go. It’s about two ideological choices. Maintain, or Overthrow the American way of life.

Two Competing Ways of Life

The Democratic party has been taken over by its radical wing and is leading a revolution.

This election is about a contest of two competing ways of life. Two ways of life which cannot exist peacefully together.

The Traditional American Way of Life

The traditional American way of life is based on individual rights, rule of law, and a shared understanding of the common good. This way of life values hard work, self reliance, volunteerism, patriotism, and so on…

In this way of life, we are all just Americans. Color blind is our aspiration.

Cultural Marxism

The other way of life is cultural Marxism (identity politics). It is embraced by the Democrat party. It is a revolution. An attempt to overthrow the American founding.

They conceive society not as a community of individuals with equal rights, but as a collection of cultural identity groups defined by race, ethnicity, gender, and so on.

According the cultural Marxists, all these identity groups are oppressed by white males.

Their goal is to have each identity group proportionally represented in all institutions of American society.

As should be immediately clear, achieving this proportional representation requires a never ending redistribution of wealth and power from some groups to other groups. Such a massive redistribution can only be achieved by a tyrannical government. And like in all tyrannies, one where dissenters are silenced.

In order to achieve this proportional representation the democrats require not just endless affirmative action, but genuine socialism, open borders, unrestricted trade, ceasing guns, sanctuary cities, and much more.

They must get America to change their values, their principles. And the way they understand themselves.

They must get us to believe that national borders, and color blindness, are racist (just one of many examples, including all the “isms” and “phobias”).

They must get us to believe that we are unworthy. That we are irredeemably sinful. In other words in the language of today, “systemically racist”. The cultural Marxists must get us to believe that we are “bad”.

This election is about choosing whether America is good, or a movement which believes America is bad.

It’s no more complicated than that.

The Most Consequential Election

The words written above are excerpted from the following 17-minute must-see video of Tom Klingenstein, chairman of the Claremont Institute (think tank).

He explains why 2020 may be the most consequential election since 1860—and why President Trump is the man most uniquely suited to the moment.

I couldn’t agree more with his words.

We truly are facing the most important choice for the future of our Republic. I am concerned that most of those who consider themselves “democrats” really don’t know or realize what this is really about. A turn to cultural Marxism. The Republicans have been failing to point this out in any effective manner. I have my opinions about why that might be, but not for this article.

The Democrat Lemmings will pull the D-lever without much of any thought as to the consequences thereof. Don’t get me wrong… there are MANY of them who know exactly what this is about. They’re the Marxists among us. And that includes many of the indoctrinated youth.

I hope that YOU realize what this is really about (I know that most of you here do). But I need to point this out as we’re only days away from that choice.

Are we as a people going to overthrow the American way of life?

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Is your seat belt buckled ?

Unfortunately way too many people are not aware of the choice that is before them.

I agree. That was kind-of my angle with this article. Pointing out what they are really voting for (overthrowing the American way of life). That’s really the essence of it. Voting “Democrat” is voting for cultural Marxism. Which cannot peacefully coexist with the traditional sense of Americanism.

18 days and change,,,,,,,,,

talk about unsettling.

Ken–would you please read the article on Daisy Luther’s “Organic Prepper” site by Robert Wheeler on “Election Wars” concerning TIP and give us your thoughts.

Denesh DeSouza (not sure of the spelling) did a wonderful expose on the History of the Democratic party in “Hillary’s America” It can be found on Amazon Prime! Go watch it, send it to every Dem you know!

In 1982 I took an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC. There is a reason domestic enemies were included in this oath and there was no time line or end date included so it is for life.

Anyone that votes for Biden and democratic communist agenda is THE
ENEMY and if it takes a civil war to remove this threat to our Country and American way of life so be it. Everybody has to die sometime and defending your Country and family is a hell of a lot better way to die that curled up in the corner, peeing on yourself and whimpering like a punk. Just take as many of these POS as you can before you go.

Romeo Charlie, I too took the oath in 1974. I agree these Marxist are our enemies and I don’t want my grandkids growing up communist. If it comes to civil war, the majority of those who believe like we do are not organized, so that becomes a problem in the long run. How we get organized is the ultimate question? I am open to suggestions. Take care.

Unfortunately centralized organization as we knew it in the military is not an option. Logistics, OPSEC, maneuverability and resupply could never be cohesive and easily disrupted so local asymmetrical, guerrilla warfare is the most productive and viable action.

The actions the Vietcong used in the Mekong Delta were completely different than those used in the highlands around Dak To. The same applies to the US in that urban and suburban warfare will be completely different than rural and mountainous regions. Every region will have to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and never assume what works in one area will work in another.

You are are blessed to be in Big Sky Country and I wish you the best my friend.

Mr. Klingenstein nailed it. The American Mind website (also from the Claremont Institute) has some excellent articles like this video. Another good video on YouTube is from 1968. It’s called “Wake up America and defeat socialism before it’s too late.” Not sure who the speaker is, but despite it being 52 years old, he could have said it yesterday…

Another good one to see is “A time for choosing the 2020 election.” It was completed a few days ago. It starts with clips from Reagan’s classic 1964 speech for Barry Goldwater, then goes to current events. It makes our choice very clear. Particularly interesting is the interaction between two black Americans about their choice for President. Hope to see some replies after y’all watch these videos…

The guys name is G. Edward Griffin.


I really like his books!

Do you want President Trump’s America– what he brought the last 4 years?
Do you want Biden’s America– what he wants , ie: Portland et all?
Pretty clear choice IMO.

Remember– Socialism is shared misery!

You got to admit,
POTUS has managed to keep a sense of humor in spite of all the BS that is going on.
The democrats, are bar none, the most deceptive, crooked, lying buncha jerks possible.
God bless

Voted today. And it felt good!!!

We voted yesterday at around 2:30pm. There had already been 2000 people to vote early.

I heard yesterday that, after two days of early voting, 10% of our county’s registered voters had cast their votes.

Headlines :”Following the publication of the New York Post’s bombshell story about the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine, Facebook and Twitter worked hard to suppress the story across their platforms. The censorship comes just weeks after executives from both firms joined the Biden transition team.”

What free speech would there be under a Marxist/media regime? None.

That’s right. If you (we) think it’s bad now… a Marxist regime will lock it down tight. NO DISSENTERS. Period.

A boy got suspended from school because of a Trump sign in his own house. The teacher saw it during a virtual lesson. 1984 is already here. NewSpeak, Minister of Truth, Thought Police, cameras in every home…

The enemies of our way of life are many, they are motivated, they are working feverishly…both openly…and behind the veils of secrecy.

Whether we realize how important the outcome of this election is…they do. Don’t believe that? Just look what happened before…then after the 2016 elections. They were banking on Hillary’s win to solidify their equivalency of the thousand year Reich…a complete weaponization of all the government bureaucracies. When she lost….instant disinformation campaigns to cover their sins leading up to the election…activation of their kinetic street soldiers to disrupt and vilify our institutions and instill fear in anyone who opposed them.

We witnessed a reversal of our criminal justice system. They teamed up with the media to go after street cops… using Soros backed mayors, councils, prosecuting attorneys… turning a blind eye to violent attacks on law abiding citizens and property…and falsley accusing and prosecuting anyone who stood up to the attacks.

On the bright side…I…at least in my environs…have never seen a more angry…motivated…eager to vote bunch of folks in my lifetime…and they’re all voting for Trump. How widespread is this sentiment? I don’t know…but I believe it is more widespread than the media would have us think.

I pray I’m right……….

Succulent summary. I agree.

I think you meant succinct! It’s okay though….we luv ya anyways!!

Whoops… autocorrect error! Should be succinct! !


FWIW, I saw it, didn’t think it was worth commenting on. I see much grammar errors around here. Just usually not you!


-Computer removed worse after much!



I agree, not a big deal. At least it was autocorrect for Ken. I’m not the most educated guy around and I’ve been known to slip in a malapropism in conversations more than once. I’m from the south and we tend to butcher the english language pretty often.

I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. You used the wrong word intentionally for two reasons:

  1. To see if anybody pays attention to what you write
  2. To evaluate the educational level of the participants.

Hahaha! You caught me 😉

Statistically the average American reads at the 7th- to 8th-grade level. Even my auto-correct screwed up the word “succinct”!

I’d say the educational level of the participants here is higher than that of auto-correct, it surprises me how many words that I have used the “add to dictionary” choice. And when I use that, does that add the word to auto-correct on my computer or on this website?
By the way, I didn’t catch the wrong usage, I did think “what an unique use of the word succulent“.

-Just FWIW, I see no Harris/Biden signs here in west Texas. Lots of Trump signs/Flags showing, and I feel like I might be invited to a necktie party as the guest of honor should I fly a Harris/Biden flag/sigh/bumper sticker. I agree with Dennis’ assessment and I also hope he is right. I feel the trick will be, getting the MSM and the Demoncrats to agree November 4th.
-Papa S.

They wont.Get the popcorn out and stay home while they destroy themselves.

Since Pres.Trump’s first run I warned about Communist. They have been in our schools, colleges, and big corporations for decades. Nothing is more infuriating then Commies trying to overthrow us using our own tax money.

The answer to that last question would be “Yes…eventually.”

The rioters and cancel culture enthusiasts have woken the silent majority, so there may be an upset apple cart with this election. Or there may not be.

But eventually they will win, unless there is a total reset, not monetary or physical, but educational and spiritual. The upcoming majority must acknowledge that they have been taught incorrectly, and make an effort to correct the shortfalls in their education.

This has been coming for a long time. The media is completely complicit and has been for many decades. Anyone remember the eighties when you’d be ridiculed for saying the media had a left wing bias? Doesn’t seem so far fetched now, does it? The Democrats in Congress have gone from being the loyal opposition to being openly shrieking shrill anti americans. Our education system has been compromised since at least the 70’s…I remember being told the Constitution was a living document way back then…until I figured out what that meant on my own. No, this should be no surprise, it’s been in the works for many decades, and now we’re called deplorable and boomer rubes…hell, I’m not even a boomer, but I sure as hell am a Patriot and a Trump supporter. This may be our last chance to save the republic, let’s do all we can, we owe to our children and grandchildren.

i tried all summer to show my mother the truth of the DNC and she refused to listen to what is has become i showed her the FACTS AND PROOF of what kinda evil is coming she still believes in the dnc of old and refused to hear the facts and she voted for the dnc needless to say i am not on thr best terms with her right now

I would tell her since she intentionally chose to jeopardize the Constitutional rights and safety of you and your family she can rely on the socialist utopia she voted for to care for her in the future and tell her she’s on her on.

Decisions have consequences and if they don’t care about you, why should you care about them. Just because you share DNA with someone doesn’t mean they have your best interest in mind.

At least you tried to educate her. Tell her when they have old people line up to get her decomission shot be sure to go get in line. That party has in their platform to end all humanity as we know it. and only have they can control thoughts,motives and desires. That is slavery!.. If she presents herself-you will have warned her and have a clear conscience when she gets unwanted consequences.

Just one question??? She supports late-term abortion…or any abortion??

Kevin, I know the pain of loved ones who are democrat and goes against God and constitution. Most of my relatives and old friends are part of this evil Marxist regime. Most of them quit talking to me just because they knew I am a conservative. One got so mad at me for quoting FDR’s 90% tax that he went insane saying I made it up but it was on Obama’s white house web page at the time. Then he threatened to kill anyone in a uniform–I wore a uniform for work. I think there is an inherent unstable mental dysfunction in democrats who do think this way. I stay away from them who hate me, but all I can do is pray for them and defend myself if they come after me with threats, force or violence.

I had to adjust the loss of my relatives and old friends, and it wasn’t easy. Democrats are hard wired differently using neuroscience in the brain that convincing them otherwise to truth requires going against deeply ingrained biological tendencies.

they unfortunately wont get it till they are affected.

And even then, they’ll blame it on the conservatives not cooperating.

yeah i had to walk away from 2 guys i have known since childhood before it got violent i havent spoken to both of em in 2 years and aint gonna either at this point if i see either of em a 1000 years after i die it will be to soon

Life-long righty here.

This article is representative of something that concerns me. And it’s not just *this* article – not trashing Ken or MSB. It’s more of a mindset I’ve seen in the past 20+ years on CNN, Fox, social media, blogs, you name it. It’s the “my way or the highway” beliefs that have gotten us to where we are as a nation.

Maintain or Overthrow
Democrat or Republican
Patriot or Marxist
Loyalist of Communist
Capitalist or Socialist
Racist or Over-tolerant
Nationalist or Open Borders
Enemy or Friend
Trump or Biden
Obama or Bush
Supremacists or Snowflakes
Libtards or Nazis
Preppers or Gimmiedats

<Insert your own extra colorful language to describe any of the above, btw. Plenty to go around the internet these days.>

The problem is, everyone is so far left – or far right – that the ideals of our country – the middle ground – has been completely lost. The truth is, most of us IMO can at least *see* the centrist view, but refuse to accept it as possible.

Blame it on the left.

Blame it on the right.

Blame it on social media.

Me? I blame it on individuals who form a collective.

Look in the mirror.

When you look at your beliefs, can you see a mid-point, or are your views so far left or far right that the middle is gone?

Voting this year is not about right versus left. It’s about America. Not just those on one side or another. People with a different candidate sign in their yard are not your enemy.

Or maybe I’m just an aging hippie from a different era.

Peace, love, and happiness.

SBJ – The Right-Middle Man

As I see it the middle disappeared years ago and we have moved so far left to the point that we (conservatives) are now considered domestic terrorists. I will not willingly concede another inch.

This is New Zealand right now. Election day is tomorrow saturday 17th October. As of today the 16th, 50% have voted early. We have a covid election based on a prime minister who has been on T.V. every day on at 1 pm telling us to be kind. No facts or figures. Freedom of speech is threatened here. You cannot say anything about the current prime minister without being vilified. The media here are very left and anti the right.

My husband and I will vote tomorrow for our right wing parties and so will our 18 year old. He has been brought up in a self employed family and under stands the need to be independent and the right to freedom of speech.

Like you we fear for our countries rights and where we are headed.

We might be Covid free but are we??????

Thanks for the update from New Zealand. Look forward to hearing the results there. Let us know!

They (the far left) literally hate us. It’s that bad.

I hate the far Left so much, I have actually gone to war and killed a few.

Amen! If you support the Constitution, the judicial process, believe in law and order and know which restroom to use you are considered a right wing, racist, fascist extremist. The right hasn’t moved it was the left that went off the cliff.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective. The left end of the political spectrum has moved so far left, the former middle appears extreme. My views haven’t changed in decades. Some of the things we’re discussing openly – love of God, family, country and community as well as a willingness to defend our beliefs were just understood and didn’t need to be said. I believe independence and self-sufficiency are ideals helpful not just to myself but by not laying claim to the resources of others are better for my fellow human being. Not sure how that makes me a horrible person but for some reason it does in their eyes.

Left and Right are not opposites in the political spectrum, they are both Statist, Collectivist, and profoundly evil…and there IS NO MIDDLE GROUND, or space between them. What, for example, is the difference between Socialism and Fascism?

Not sure? Let me enlighten. Whereas Socialism openly declares total government ownership of all property and the means of production, Fascism retains the pretense of private property, yet the government still holds total power over all property, its use, and its disposal.

Under fascism, citizens retain the responsibilities of owning property, without freedom to act and without any of the advantages of ownership. Under socialism, government officials acquire all the advantages of ownership, without any of the responsibilities, since they do not hold title to the property, but merely the right to use it.

In both political systems, government officials hold the economic, political and legal power to totally control all property and its use, thus the power of life & death over all of their citizens.

Socialists are actually jealous of Fascists, as the Fascist can always blame the “Owners” for any failures of their policies, while the Socialist must accept full responsibility, then decide if any of them need to be purged or punished.

Communism, Socialism, and FASCISM, are all on the same side of the political spectrum together and touching. The opposite side of the political spectrum is occupied by Individual Liberty and Freedom, which includes the requirement of private property ownership, its use, control, and disposition. The MIDDLE of this spectrum is were we all live, right now, but, more and more, we are all being herded toward the less and less free side, or the Left.

The Left extreme is absolute Slavery. The Right extreme is uninhibited and unencumbered Individual Liberty and Freedom.


I was prepared to reply and disagree with you until I clicked on “Read More” and finished reading your post.

You are right. Socialism and Fascism are on the same side of the political isle. The Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The Left tries to trick us into thinking Nazis are the opposite of Socialists/Communists. That is because in the ’40’s the Communists and the Nazi’s were enemies. But they both believed in the same thing — Government control of everything. They only disagreed on the identity of the world leader, Stalin or Hitler.

You are almost correct. In the late 1930s and early 40s, Germany was allied with the Soviet Union. Hitler was taught by Stalin how to build concentration camps, for example. Stalin was very friendly with Hitler…right up until Hitler invaded Russia in 1941..which came as a complete shock to Stalin.

Indeed, the Nazis were Socialists, who were using a Fascist transition to their political goal (much like the U.S. is now) and were motivated by a desire for revenge for WW1. (People do not realize how many Germans were starved to death AFTER the war was over by the deliberate actions of Allied powers.)

So, until Hitler attacked Stalin, they were buddy buddies.


I think history will repeat. Stalin trusted Hitler; now the Democrats trust Antifa and BLM, but the Democrats will be first ones to be attacked by the New Left, I think.

I hear what you’re sayin…

Unfortunately the “right-left” thing is built-in to the historical power structure. Just the way it is. Working towards middle ground seems long gone. Most of the power structure works for lobbyists on K Street Washington D.C. Not us.

One problem has been the mainstream media (and news) which has pushed a (very) far left narrative for so long. This affects (obviously) the public perception of issues. These last four years have been THE most left I’ve ever seen and heard. So I believe there is a natural reflexive pushback from those who are right-of-center. It is unfortunate that the mainstream has not presented any middle ground or equal time. It’s literally about 97% left propaganda.

Many things have pushed our society towards more extremes. Just look at the schools, for example. Especially “higher learning”. Most professors are teaching anti-American sentiment, for example. This has indoctrinated a generation (actually two) into more of a “America bad” point of view, for example. It has sowed the seeds of America hating youth. We are now witnessing the results.

There is no middle ground for the left. None. Give an inch, take two inches, so to speak.

The right, in my opinion have been way, way too “nice” or accommodating for way too long. Time to stand firm.

I believe the middle ground was lost a very long time ago. We have been (purposely) herded into two camps. On most every issue.

The future is going to be filled with pain before we ever get back to middle ground in my view.

Could one of the major differences be that the left’s solution is to destroy the system, and replace it with a system that, for some reason, they can’t seem to understand that history has shown time and again has never worked for the long haul. And as someone has said, always leads to gulags, guillotines, and gas chambers.
And the right prefers to take the necessary measures in order to right the ship and put it back on a steady course toward the founders vision?

They seem to think that it didn’t work because they weren’t in charge. “If I’d been in control, it would have worked. If I were in control, I’d make it work.” I’m smarter, stronger, more determined, I know more…

The hubris is astonishing. I think to a large extent the people who want this, who are in control, are sociopaths or narcissists. Or both. They honestly believe that they can make it work, when no one else could.

SBJ The polarization of America is a matter of supporting right or wrong. There is no compromising middle ground for fence sitters to perch. Good or evil, one should choose, not bargain. Compromise is not always a noble pursuit. Would one bargain with a child molester over how much or on what days they can molest? Recognize evil exists and oppose it.


That is the best reason I’ve heard for sticking to your guns and not compromising. So many people judge us on the for not compromising, as though we are evil for maintaining our values. You have made a good point.

I tried to give you a thumbs up, but the “thumbs” don’t seem to be working. I will try agian later.

Daisy K Thank you for the kind words, and good intentions.

Exactly. Complacency has ruined our country.

Agreed that this is a problem, but what do you identify as “middle”? Religious freedom? Freedom from persecution? The right to peaceably assemble? A neutral media? Identify middle for me, please.

As far as I can see I AM middle. I allow others their choices, while insisting on maintaining my own. But I’m not allowed to do that–I have to share a restroom with men who feel like women today. I can’t do that–if I speak my opinion I am immediately labeled as a hater. I am a racist simply because of my skin color, no action on my part required. I see people get fired for stating an opinion different from the “left.” I see people lose homes, businesses and families because they are too far “right.”

How can that lead to anything but polarization? As everything moves more and more to the left, where is the middle?

Lauren, you are right as usual. I succeeded in giving you a thumbs up, but I still can’t give one to Ema. I see others have done it, so it must be a glitch in my computer.

What Ema said made me think of something. Have you heard of a movie called “The Purge?” The way I understand it, they have one day per year where everyone is allowed to commit any crime — even murder. I guess that is a sort of a compromise. Sort of like Protests are allowed.

Purge 2020. That’s something I can get behind.

Refresh your screen and try again.

What you described is a libertarian. Scary, eh?

Not the way libertarian appears to be going at the moment. I look at the libertarian candidates and I see people who want absolute control except in certain areas (the “war on drugs” is a common one that they want eliminated) or I see anarchy where they want all the rules removed but still want the benefits of an orderly society. The spectrum is so wide that I can’t say they have a coherent platform.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion,
i would far far far prefer conservative over anything to the left,
they have burned their bridge all on their own.

Perhaps it is because the two “groups” in the forefront cannot coexist. The dems represent socialism/communism and the overthrow of our American way of life. The Repubs represent the original republic, which holds individual rights and freedoms dear.

I do not know who wrote this, but am continuing to repost because it is so beautifully written and true, people need to hear it…

I am not voting for a man.
I am voting for the principles for which this country has stood since its founding.
I am voting for Constitutional government.
I am voting for a strong and viable military.
I am voting for a vibrant economy.
I am voting for the right to keep and bear arms.
I am voting for the freedom to worship.
I am voting for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles.
I am voting for the ability for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful.
I am voting for my children and grandchildren to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated.
I am voting for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our law and closed to everyone who would circumvent or ignore the law.
I am voting for the Electoral College to remain in place, so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections.
I am voting for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather than rewrites it.
I am voting to teach history, with all its warts, not erase it or revise it.
I am voting for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after.
Let us all Make America Great Again.

It is a mistake to make your choice based on gaffe’s and Tweets. I liken it to getting on a bus, I decide which one to take based upon where it is headed, not on the utterances of the bus driver.

Thank you for this post. I am an American and I am afraid of the Democrat agenda. This election is not a choice between the lesser of two levels but rather this election is a referendum on our way of life. As a free thinking people we may agree to disagree on many things. That is our birthright but if the Democrats win this election that freedom will disappear along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe we are on the eve of destruction. I pray for the soul of our nation. The future of America is at stake. I know where I stand.

yup100% agreed

Well said Man on Foot.
It is a shame that people cant see this. So many with clouded vision.

The problem is people have selective hearing and choose their politics a-la-carte. It leads to hypocrisy.

Democrats that want low income housing but not in their back yard. The Democrats that want Medicare for all but don’t want to pay for it. The Republicans that want to not be told to wear a mask but want to tell people whether or not they can have an abortion. The Republicans that want low taxes but still want shared infrastructure.

We lack empathy so we only care about forcing our will upon others. We earned this calamity. Eventually Earth will grow tired of our existence and we will be extinct. If we don’t cause it ourselves.

Why do y’all bust Pinky ? I don’t agree with him/her on some of the points, but he/she slandered no one, called no one names,..etc. Almost every point was backed up with some reasoning whether you agree with the conclusion or not.

Don’t you see that when you down vote someone (and the machine censors them) because you disagree with their ideas (and apparently don’t want to hear them) you are participating in the Cancel Culture we all say we hate.


Our country, our people, are at a crossroad. We are no longer a united people…no…we are divided…divided to the point that both sides openly speak of the desire to kill those who they see as their adversaries.

Thoughts from an old man who lives on a mountain…for the most part isolated from the actual clashing of ideas……….

The brazen talk of killing folks based on their ideology is chilling to me. Killing is final…there is no “king’s-exes”…there is no taking it back…there are no do-overs.

There are circumstances where taking a life is justified….these instances always should be a last resort…only when not doing so would result in loss of innocent life or unwarranted bodily injury.

Seems like some folks are eager to see anarchy break out…eager for the chance to take out their anger on anyone they perceive as a threat to their way of life..their way of thinking…so was Charles Manson…so were the “Wolverine Watchmen” (left winger antifa’s despite the media spin).

If anarchy comes…and I suspect it will with so many rooting it on…you will probably have all the opportunities you can stomach for killing folks…justifiably… because they will be trying to kill you.

Not the world I want to be a part of. I probably can’t stop what’s already brewing…but I sure ain’t looking forward to it.

Not my intent to offend anyone….nope…my intent is to enjoy this day…this time of relative peace and tranquility….while we still have it. Seen enough violence for one lifetime…don’t mean I no longer have a bite when pushed….I just don’t look forward to having to use it.

Believe I’ll work in a therapy session………..

I agree 100%. I stand ready to defend myself and my family but I hope and pray that I never have to. I hear a lot of people that are anxious for the shooting to start. I am prepared if it does but do not wish for it. I can disagree with someone and not wish them harm.

car guy,
The left has shown they are willing and able to harm you for disagreeing with them so the days of civil discussion with them are long gone. I was taught in the military that if you go in to a fight expecting it to be fair, you have already lost.

Romeo Charlie
You are right. The left is on a rampage. I am ready if the fight comes to me but I am not going out looking for a fight,

If you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck…
They truly act like spoiled children who don’t get their way. Ones who throw their toys or bite/kick you. The problem is they are in adult bodies now “biting and kicking.” The arrested development is stunning in that it is a direct result of the school system and the indoctrinators. Most were never corrected as children, teenagers or adults.
My brothers and I knew that if Dad unbuckled his belt the time for negotiation or compliance had passed us by. An ass whupping was coming!
So when I” unbuckle my belt” the time for negotiation or compliance for those idiots standing in front of me has passed them by…

As one former Marine I heard teaching a self defense class say “If you find yourself in a fair fight…Your tactics suck !”


DENNIS,,,,,,,i to have seen trouble ,and I see no way out of what comes next ,

I don’t look forward to the conflict but I can see past it. If the right is successful in putting down this insurgency and Marxism/communism is totally eradicated how much better America will again become. When the ballot box fails then the ammo box and any other means necessary must be used to preserve freedom.

If it means killing every damn Marxist/communist supporter in the country to ensure the Constitution is protected then do it with gusto, with zero hesitation and zero remorse. Millions of people have died in previous wars to preserve freedom and to take it so why should this one be any different.

millions of people have been killed by their own communist/socialist/marxist governments than by all wars combined, thats enough motivation for me
Its called democide, its real

So true. They are pure evil.

Yes sir,
This is not a new thing, it is just the newest instance of this serpent raising its ugly head again.
Im sure most folks would rather be grilling brisket and dunking a line in the water or some such activity, instead we get to rehash history.
Frankly, im tired of this BS.

Amen RC. I may not have all the supplies my wife and I need as good preppers should have and I am just starting a garden with tomato vines and string beans. But my aim is still true and my stamina is still intact. I never realized all the firearms training I went through in my younger days would be so valuable right now.

To the MSB’rs and patriots I say, (with apologies to The Shoes of the Fisherman) “This is Calvary and we have just begun to climb!”

Dennis, this is definitely not what i thought i would be facing as i am on the downhill end of my journey, for some reason i thought it would be more fishing poles and garden dirt. I dont like the new normal, they can have it back.

yeah me either

Dennis- I too have seen the ugly side of life and agree with you 100%. Killing is not video game where one can press a reset button….it’s final. I also agree there will be opportunities coming soon where those who feel the need to exercise their frustrations will be able to do it. I don’t look forward to that time, but will deal with things as they come.

Will be surprised if Trump is reelected. Just have a feeling, hope I am wrong. Buy some grain now.

The only poll, which predicted Trump would win in 2016, says Trump’s position is even greater now, than then. The other polls, like in 2016, are all created to deliberately impact the morale of Conservative voter in an attempt to reduce them at the ballot boxes…nothing more.

Your own fear of the Democrat criminals is shared by more people now….than in 2016. Remember, the Electoral College still exists. But, this time the Democrats have nothing to lose, and the thought of Trump being able to replace two more U.S. Supreme Court judges…should he be allowed to win…would mean the death of their hope of enslavement of us.

I believe, should their voter fraud efforts fail them, every effort shall be made to remove, or assassinate Trump, and Spence, and they shall not care how sloppily it is done.

I just expect the Chinese will take advantage of the vote aftermath. And, I believe much of what the Chinese are getting ready to perform on the world stage has already been coordinated with the DNC.

Powerful words Ision. I totally agree. As far as the Chinese (CCP) they’ve already taken advantage of America but with a Harris win they will be poised to take over the world.

Don’t forget, the Dems said they wanted to get rid of us conservatives as a people, not just in government. That may be why that prediction is so dire in a 70% loss of population.

The Chinese and socialist/communist already have a track record with regards to killing off people too.. democide

They also have a nasty track record on racism and genocide, but we’re not supposed to know that.

then they had better be ready for a war the likes of which the world had never seen before

Well, if that’s the case, and I’m not saying it might not happen, but the other side would have a helluva fight to enact such a plan.
The sleeping giant has yet to awaken.
We have taken alot of guff, as conservatives, as has Our President.
Thus far we’ve been peaceful.


More of a gut feeling than a fear. Only time will tell and it is soon.

Mrs. U
Just thinking aloud
I think a planned EMP would be possible, but only after a Trump second term win.
The demmys, NwO, and communist followers, don’t want to destroy a possibility of a Biden win.

Now what I have thought of,
is it possible for the lefty governors to shutdown on all or some in person voting?

States are having climbing Corona numbers again. Whether actual or fictitious reporting. We don’t know.

Then, only relying on mail in/absentee ballots…..???

Joe c,

I’ve been wondering about that myself. Just as we’re entering regular flu season, reporting on Covid-19 cases is increasing. My state just restricted restaurants to 25% capacity, and an appeals court upheld our spineless governor’s mask mandate. Not that everyone pays attention to that in the small rural towns. A new ‘increase’ in coronavirus cases would be the perfect excuse to restrict voting to mail-in only. I’m guessing if that happens, look for it to be the swing states that are especially affected.

Regarding a grid down situation: I’ve had the feeling for the longest time that it was important to be prepared for such. Spidey sense type feeling. Whether through an EMP (was it N Korea, or Iran that launched a satellite not long ago?), or physical/digital attack on key infrastructure components, the affect would be the same. After which, we’d be easier pickin’s for an invading force possibly joined by the domestic insurgents.

Our Dem Gov “Randy Andy” Beshear is really ramping up the rhetoric on COVID. Just yesterday, 1300 or so more cases in KY and 20 deaths, I believe (or maybe that was the day before). He also had a possible exposure and so his family has been hunkered down since he’s asking that of all of us (his words). It’s really starting to wear on us even though, for the most part, KY’s done a great job of keeping a (mostly) level head about it.

This sent chills up my spine, Ision.

But I believe you’re 100 percent correct.

I’ll be surprised as well – not because he doesn’t deserve to win, not because I believe the American people overwhelmingly support him… but because I believe the Democrats are stealing the election. We’ve already seen in the last two weeks millions of ballots being stolen, ‘misplaced’, changed, thrown away or lost by postal workers (ditches, homes, dumpsters). Remember the voting machines that were messed with last time? Machines programmed to turn all votes to Democrat no matter what people chose. Democrats offering cigarettes, money and bus rides to go vote Democrat. We’ve already seen news of paid caregivers of elderly caught filling out and sending in ballots filled out fraudulently in the names of the elderly person – without their permission. I’ll be surprised (and thrilled) if Trump wins – it will be by the grace of God to overcome the lies, theft and hacking of the left. (Which is why Hillary was shocked when she lost; she had been promised it was in the bag.)


I was totally surprised in 2016 that Trump won, despite all of the cheating and shenanigans that occurred with HRC’s minions. I absolutely believe it was the grace of God, saying that He hasn’t turned His back on our country yet. I pray that He will do it again.

They very well may steal the election this time.The Calif elections last time showed just how easily the mail ins ballots changed the results of the election on election day.Massive fraud is coming IMO

On our (conservative) side we ask in bewilderment why anyone would want to vote for socialism, Communism. I think the main reason they have is because of their concept of “fairness”. I hear it a lot that capitalism is unfair and the United States is a capitalist system and therefore the country is unfair. Why do they say capitalism is unfair? Because it caused slavery (not true), because some people are poor and others are wealthy and everybody should have the same everything. That is their concept of fairness. (Al Sharpton said so succulently).

But to achieve their concept of fairness the redistribution of wealth would require taking from one and giving it to another (from each according to his ability, to each according to their need – Karl Marx). The government as Robin Hood. But theft is theft no matter what you call it.

The fairest wealth distribution system is to have equal opportunity for each one to meet their needs and beyond according to their ability. We’ve got it.

The reason why America became great is that the founders of our Constitution conceived of a form of government that served the #1 purpose of government: to restrain government, to recognize personal liberty as God-given and not a gift from the government. A system of central planned government has never resulted in personal freedom but rather tyranny and is not fair.

Very succulently put! I mean, succinctly… 😉

“The reason why America became great is that the founders of our Constitution conceived of a form of government that served the #1 purpose of government: to restrain government, to recognize personal liberty as God-given and not a gift from the government.”

It is stunningly mind-boggling how government has grown unconstrained! What a BEHEMOTH! That is not what the founders intended. Too late for that…

A significant contributing factor to government growth is due to the difference between the high ideals of the constitution and human nature. The constitution was written for a moral people but that was in total conflict to the institution of slavery. A war was fought to free our country from slavery but in so doing morality was now dictated from the government instead of coming from the people. And so on with so many other issues.

This is going to run a little long, but please bear with me as I share some quotes:

“As President, I will reassert American values.”

“To big companies that send our best jobs overseas, my message is: we need those jobs here at home and our country won’t help your business unless your business helps our country.”

“To countries that close their markets, my message is: we will not be pushed around any more. We will have a President who stands up for American workers and American businesses and American farmers and international trade.”

“By the start of the next decade, I want to walk into any store in America and want to pick up the best product of the best quality and the best price, turn it over and read ‘Made in the USA’.”

“We will cut interest rates, make our exports affordable and make America No 1 again in the world economy.”

“To the Congress, my message is: we must cut spending and pay as we go. If you don’t hold the line, I will. That is what the veto is for.”

“Here is the truth about the future: we are living on borrowed money and borrowed time.”

And in talking about his proposed financial plan: “There are no defense cuts that weaken our security; no business cuts that weaken our economy; no laundry lists that raid our treasury.”

Every one of the quotes is directly from Democrat Walter Mondale’s acceptance speech at the Democrat Nat’l Convention when nominated as candidate for President in 1984. Quite a few of you posted that the Democrat party is the one who has moved further away from center and very far to the left, and these excerpts prove it. 1984 was the first year I was old enough to vote in a Presidential Election, and I voted for President Reagan’s re-election. But when you read these quotes, they sound like things a Republican would say today – yet they are Democrat talking points from nearly 40 years ago.

mind blowing isnt it, IMHO, most voters have no clue what the political class has really been up to, either side, they have not been doing things that benefit the American people.

Thanks for the Mondale quotes. You have proven what many of us having been saying all along. The democrat party moved far left while conservatives have remained steadfast in our beliefs and positions.

Imagine the outrage if a democratic candidate used those quotes today. They would be called a xenophobic, racist, capitalistic Trump supporter.


Wow. When I started reading those quotes, I was expecting them to be attributed to Trump, or at least a Republican candidate. It’s hard to fathom how quickly this shift to the extreme left has accelerated in the last 12 years.

its the difference between the typical moderate thinking from the mid 20th century and before, that was why people could debate, agree, discuss all manner of subject matter, but who now are at odds,


Yeah, it’s a rare thing to be able to have civil conversations from opposite sides of an issue these days. Last week, I did have a somewhat cautious discussion of current events with a younger couple from Chicago. They’re moving to my neck of the woods. We talked a bit about the fact that people are so angry at anyone holding a different point of view. They were comfortable telling me they lean to the liberal side, after I told them I lean more to the conservative side. We all agreed it was sad that people just couldn’t have a discussion about issues anymore. Kind of nice to have that experience. Made me wonder if there aren’t more people like that around, on both sides, just keeping their heads down because they’re afraid of being attacked in some way.

i cant even have discussions about this with my girlfriend of 22 years, she automatically goes into a tirade About how awful DJT is. And of course i try to get her to see that marxism/socialism will be far far more damaging, she doesnt get it. Is why at some point im just going to get a one way trip to Alaska and wander off.


I’m sorry to hear that; it must be frustrating. People have been so bombarded with the ‘orange man bad’ talking points, I think they’ve been almost unwittingly programmed. It takes a strong, thinking person to question official narratives, and our educational system has been discouraging free thinking for decades now. It’s one of the reasons I homeschool. If I wanted to raise sheep, they’d be the wool producing kind.

Maybe a casual history lesson, say leaving a couple books around about the Bolshevik revolution, or Mao’s purges in China, would help open her eyes. I have a friend who recently revealed she’s a socialist. I know her well enough to know she wouldn’t enjoy socialism in practice. Most of the liberals who claim to be in favor of socialism think it’s about making everyone’s lives better, helping the downtrodden who’ve been wronged by a system that favors the power hungry bazillionaires. It’s true there are some crazy powerful psychopaths pulling some pretty powerful strings, but socialism isn’t the way to fix that; it will just cement their power further and weaken the rest of us. Preaching to the choir, I know…

Alaska’s kinda cold, isn’t it? I hear Idaho’s pretty nice, and still fairly conservative if you stay away from certain big cities. I’ve known a few folks from here that have headed out that direction.

Yea its cold,,, very,
thats the idea,


If you could please share your homeschooling sources. We have kept our 11yr son out of school, our choice. He does e-learning but we have added other topics which he really likes. Could you some advise. Thanks.



Well, that’s a bit tricky for me to answer. I’ve used a variety of sources, including working up lessons from my own research and study. I’ve been able to do that, though it’s been tough the last few years, because I’ve chosen to generate as much income as I can from home. It’s a heck of a lot of work, and most people who have regular jobs would probably not be able to swing that very easily. I also chose not to do much computer learning, because I wanted not to add to the screen time that’s already taking up so much of our head space these days. I don’t judge folks who go that route; I had the luxury of choosing otherwise.

There is one packaged curriculum I have experience with, as a student. From 8th grade through 11th grade I attended a private Christian school. We had a few classes that were taught, but most of our learning was self-directed using the Life-Pac curriculum. It’s a Christian based program, and I know it’s still available, as one of my neighbor friends uses it for her kids. I don’t know if it’s changed any since I was in high school, but I remember liking it. I actually completed the entire course, through 12th grade, by the end of my junior year. It was well done, easy to use, and included self-tests throughout so I could see how well I was learning the material. I just checked on-line and it’s available, averaging about $300.00 for each grade’s curriculum. You might want to check that out. I’ve been thinking about switching to that for my boys, since I’ve been a little overloaded this year and don’t have as much time to prep for lessons.

My senior year, my folks pulled me out of the Christian school and sent me to the local high school. Boy was that a huge adjustment, socially. I will say though, that the education I received from that curriculum made my senior year pretty much a ‘for fun’ year. I only had to go for the English requirement, and I took an AP course and got college credit. It’s a good curriculum!

11HE9, I used alpha omega lifepac curricilum for my daughter as well.. i do recommend it. recently priced for a friend. entire course work most grades around 60-70 $ per subject. yes they still have standard boxed curriculum and have memory stick system and another program via computer/ forgot name do a search with name i gave you… will get full info.can purchase by subject/electives or by core units.


We used Monarch Homeschooling. A Good Christian online curriculum.

Thanks All. I’ll look into the sites mentioned.


Absolutely love it Farmgirl! “If I wanted to raise sheep, they’d be the wool producing kind.” So true.

. . . .
Visited the other day with a retired youth pastor and his wife. We’ve been friends forever. She has the same opinion about Trump – that he’s disgusting. Mostly based on that old locker room recording. I commented that I believed all males, at some point in their lives, when hanging with their buddies, talk trash about women. She didn’t want to believe it but her husband said that no, that’s pretty much true. Biology makes fools of us all at one time or another.
. . . .
Yes, Trump has misbehaved according to conservative morality. But is a presidential candidate that digitally raped a subordinate in the halls of the Senate any better? Besides behaving like a predator around preadolescent girls? Or a woman who obtained her big boost into politics while blatantly pairing off with a powerful married public figure? Not in my book.

I suggest a topic on what the issues are in this election and the stand that Trump and Biden take so there is clarity about what this election is all about. These are some of the issues:

  • supreme court appointees, packing the court
  • abortion, Roe vs Wade
  • the economy and recovery
  • illegal immigration and secured borders
  • antifa, white supremacy
  • taxes
  • 1st amendment rights vs tech censorship
  • 2nd amendment – and the castle doctrine
  • fracking
  • China threat – economic, military, technology theft
  • Iran threat
  • Hong Kong treaty abuse by China
  • Middle East Peace achievements
  • North Korea
  • the space force
  • defund police movement
  • systemic racism
  • green new deal
  • sanctuary cities
  • civil unrest, rioting – causes & solutions
  • violent crime
  • climate change
  • health care
  • pre-existing conditions
  • “affordable” health care act, aka Obamacare
  • pandemic preparedness
  • relationship with WHO (world health organization)

America is beyond it’s expire date. Left v. right as Rome burns. Why do we visit modern survival blog? To share, help one another, and most importantly comfort.

Started waking up around 2000 at Walmart during rush hour I watch state employees big pay union wage types shopping at the lowest cost at that moment realized long term the country would not sustain.

Drank the kool-aid of the right year after year all I get disappointment. Agree with everyone the left is transforming the country one difference the left actually delivers. When does the right?

Do people still believe in 2020 politicans care? Do people really believe we are free? MSM, big tech, and dumbing down has accelerated.

America use to innovate, build, had true freedoms today we consume, get tracked, and try to reach in the next guy’s pocket (tax, fine, red-tape, penalize).

We need to return to individualism. Case in point is Roe v Wade going to be as important when SHTF? Notice a flaw in people most rather move mountains then rocks. There’s a time and place for Roe v Wade it’s not this moment and the right wonders why are we disconnected?

Trump is a jake brake politically he’s slowed our fall, loud and obnoxius (which is needed).

Revenge aganist politicans, sheeple, and MSM. Live, think, and dont give a dam what others think. As bad as 2020 is i am at peace knowing no one cares about me except for my immediate family and few friends.

Consider this scenario.

As you may know, Joe Biden, and his entire family, are now directly and firmly connected to various illegal acts via two, mutually reinforcing, and damning, email caches…which are solidly supported by signatures, witness testimony, hard physical evidence (which contain identifying DNA), foreign government official statements, and…as always…NSA recordings. The recent revelation of this information is more than enough to have Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter, convicted of felonies and imprisoned.

Naturally, such convictions would result in Joe Biden being impeached, should he be elected President, to be immediately replaced by Vice President Harris, which is really what the DNC wishes to happen, and whose government representatives would not withhold, or hinder, Biden’s impeachment to achieve.

Now, with President Harris in place, the Speaker of the House, may be promoted to become the new Vice President, as the Democrat controlled House elects a new Democrat Speaker to replace Pelosi.

Now, the Chinese may take action.

(see next post)

Pres Harris can have anyone she wants (the DNC want) to be VP. Doesn’t have to be Ms Pelosi, who has accumulated enough enemies in the Party, and I suspect there are several other prominent Democrat women (in particular) available for the job.


But, whom to the Chicoms want to be VP?

Consider this scenario: 2

You may all know the effects of an EMP weapon and how it can cripple our modern, technological, civilization. Most all of our global enemies have embraced EMP weapons as being critical to their strategies, such as N. Korea, China, and Iran. Such weapons have already been developed, tested, and probably already deployed. It is quite possible such weapons have already been placed in Southern polar orbits, within existing satellites, placed at the perfect height of about 500km.

Two such EMP weapons could virtually shut down all electrical power to the U.S., and cripple, or make inoperative, most electronic dependent equipment, from the ignition systems of our cars, to the controls used to operate nuclear power plants. Two EMP blasts of the proper size, at altitude, would be all it would take to kill off most people living in the U.S. within one year. But, the casualties are secondary to this scenario, as the KEY targets are the 96, or so, active nuclear power plants in the U.S..

(continued next post)

Ision,,,,,,,,have you ever run a reactor????????????? Have you ever been in a reactor control room ????????I have !!!! Relax take a deep breath ,,think something nice ,,,enjoy the day,,,

Of course. Have you ever read the classified reports detailing EMP weapons and nuclear power plants? I have, too NONE are currently modified to handle an EMP in this scenario…none. While the technology exists, it is not in place.

Ision ,,,,well actually I was working on some nuclear tests in the late 70s felt the ground move under me ,man I worked with was doing pulse testing ,would tell me about STARFISH PRIME ,OBTW TZAR BOMBA pulse was felt in New Mexico,,
I really don’t worry about a plant melt down from our type of reactor would be local problem and most of you would be dead from other things before radioactive gets you ,, worry about things you have some control over ,,,,
Do you have two years of food and water?Do you have extra winter coats if you have winter ?lack of socks will kill you.
Your making a lot of noise ov

Got a weekender neighbor who is an electrical engineer who specialized in nucluer power plants. He retired about two years ago as the senior engineer charged with construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants for a electric co-operative covering several states.

One of those plants is only about 40 miles as the crow flies from the mountain. I spoke with him about concerns about an emp attack and nuclear meltdowns resulting…he just smiled and told me not to worry…plenty of safeguards in place.

Like most of the weekenders on the mountain…this is his bugout location…stocked and waiting…he ain’t worried about the reactor…he supervised the last updates on it.

Was a concern of mine…no longer worry about it… least until he tells me different.

Fiction yes but in the book Lucifer’s Hammer the nuclear power plant stays operating when everything else is down. Becomes the 1st step in rebuilding.

Consider this scenario: 3

If the Chinese can escape being immediately attacked by U.S. forces AFTER the EMP weapons are used upon the United States, which has been plunged into darkness and silence, they would be very happy. So, the Chinese would attempt to distance themselves from the blame for the EMP attack, by using another nation to take the rap…such as N.Korea, or Iran.

This could be accomplished by lofting the EMP delivery vehicles from the patsy Nation’s territory, or using already known and monitored patsy nation satellites, or vessels. Once the EMPs are detonated, China immediately takes profound action against the “criminal” patsy nation, which is a threat to the global community, shuts down any provocation of the remaining U.S. forces and government, and vows a superhuman response to aid the American people survive this horrible time.

For example, China could attack N.Korea’s launching facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.

continued next post…

Ision: You are making me hungry dude. Gotta get off my butt and see if there is any hot Dim Sum left for takeout.

Consider this scenario: 4

Depending on the actions of a Democratic Commander in Chief of the U.S. forces, and knowing even the U.S. submarine fleet can no longer independently launch their SLBMs without POTUS command, the Chinese should be able to avoid massive retaliation for another rouge State’s crimes. In any case, any counter attack against China could be halted by POTUS, hopefully, before it is fully able to be carried out.

Now we come to the beauty of this nightmare scenario: The United States is now faced with trying to maintain, or quickly regain, control over all of its nuclear reactors, while being crippled from easily doing so. Control rooms are black, power generators inoperative, back up batteries, if available, cannot be recharged, communications are down, transportation is unavailable, replacement equipment is non-existent, or remotely located from where it is needed…etc. The entire world is now in danger of having several, perhaps dozens, of nuclear reactors going LOCA (Loss Of Cooling Agent) and melting down. How can the U.S. effectively handle this deadly crisis alone? How can they do so without having power…and communications are reduced to the distance a man can scream his words?

Continued next post…

Consider this scenario: 5

China comes to the rescue of the United States with everything it has got, in an attempt to prevent a global nuclear disaster, by focusing it efforts (in coordination with POTUS) upon our crippled nuclear reactors…along with the unanimous vote of the U.N. Security Council to do so.

So, with Presidential approval, and U.N. approval, Chinese “relief” and technical units flood into the U.S., many coming into the country via Canada, to aid America in its greatest time of trouble…and take over control of our nuclear reactors, as they manage hordes of panicked and starving Americans to the degree they wish. And, as an outcome of this great cooperative effort of the worlds nations, a new world order is fully established and peace reigns.

The End.

Um Ision. As much as I agree with some of what you say you’re way off topic. Post this stuff in the other section and you’ll have a better audience. My main concern right now is sorting out the ammo I have and a few sight adjustments on my glocks.

It is perfectly on topic. Look at the topic.


This is exactly what I am afraid of if the Democrats win (steal) the election. Our way of life will be gone. Or, according to what you are saying, our lives may be forfeit. President Trump keeps saying that if Harris/Biden wins, China will own the U.S. I agree.

The book One Second After, Chinese came to the rescue with about 500,000 on the west coast. Mexico moved in and took back some of the southwest. Interesting scenarios.

Mrs. U – Interesting coincidence. I just finished that book for the 2nd time and am now on the sequel for my break time reading. I don’t think they ever determined the exact EMP source but interesting China was the only unaffected major power. Weapons were launched from a middle eastern flagged freighter that just happened to blow up shortly thereafter. 50% or more loss of life in 1st year by loss of medicine, injury, starvation, suicide, freezing, heart attacks, and marauders.

Yes, interesting. There are thousands of Chinese stationed on our north and south borders.


Glad you posted, since this is something I’ve been curious about for a while. I’ve heard this charge that “Trump is obsessed and focused on being above the law” for some time. Obviously, I don’t see it, in fact, I see the opposite.

Can you give a few examples of how he is “moving more towards an authoritarian government”?

While you’re at it, how about some examples of Biden’s “fairly moderate” positions, given he’s the Democrat party candidate?

Was just getting ready to sign off for the night, so if you reply soon, will not be able to check back till in the morning, tho’ the late night crew may be able to



Ignore him. Biden spent 47 years using his various elected positions to enrich himself and family taking payoffs, payouts, and bribes, skimming money from every tax dollar that he had control over…just like those before him and since. Trump is likely the only president that will leave office with a diminished net worth in history….has accomplished more for more people…everyday Joe’s (not the contrived image Joe Biden conferred upon himself) than any president in my lifetime.

Anybody that thinks Joe Biden is going to make a full term as president is delusional. This is a Harris, and whoever she chooses after Joe steps down, ticket. Everybody but willful idiots know that. Harris is marxist, refuses to acknowledge she’s not. Joe Biden is just putting mayonaise on a sh%t sandwich in an attempt to make it palatable to fools.


Guess I was a little more testy than usual yesterday, tho’ it looks like the original comment from “Unsure…” was downvoted to oblivion. Not sure why our responses remained, thought the entire thread would have gone.

Anyway, I completely agree with you on the candidates, was just hoping “Unsure” would try to support his DNC/MSM/etc talking points with something substantive and researchable. Kind of like what happened earlier yesterday when one of the earlier MPD/DID incarnations cited an unpassed law to support their negative comments re pre-existing conditions and Lauren called them out with facts. All slogan, no substance. Sure am getting tired of all the lies.


Me too……..

There isn’t a coherent point made here, thus no rebuttal required. The obvious and only purpose of this post is of course is to tempt superior intellects to engage. The seriously sincere and earnest will respond, to which I suggest you man up to.