Major Cyber Attack – WAR Distraction or Trump Card For Election Hack?

Right now, we are in a cyber war. Have you heard the news about the discovery of massive sophisticated hacking infiltration into the US government and elsewhere?

“SolarWinds, an IT company that runs network management systems whose thousands of clients include the Justice Department, NASA, the Pentagon, and the State Department, acknowledged that its systems had been compromised.” reported everywhere…

In the days after the November presidential election, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said it was the “most secure in American history” and that “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised” as President Trump pushed claims that the election was rigged in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.

“Nation State” Cyber Attack

Now it is revealed there has been a massive “nation state” type ongoing cyber attack / Trojan horse insertion / malware / data theft and yet unknown details into virtually all of government!

A web cache of SolarWinds’s website from Monday shows a “customers” page that 300,000 customers were affected including “more than 425 of the US Fortune 500,” the 10 biggest telecommunications companies in the U.S., “all five branches” of the U.S. military, and a number of different government agencies — including the State Department, National Security Agency, Justice Department, and the Office of the President. That list is now gone.

Let that sink in! This is serious!

This is big, folks. One wonders why this information was just released to the public.

Why Are We (the public) Finding Out Now?

Just now, having checked recent comments on the blog, ‘Dennis’ just said the following:

The reports of hacking only pertain to government accounts….none of us would have known the hacking occurred or was successful, unless someone in government believed there was an advantage to be gained by allowing the public to know.

Now, the only thing is to figure out what direction they are steering us….and why……I suspect that shortly, certain government actions will be pushed, using these revelations as justification…………….

Distraction, or “Trump Card”?

In my opinion, this could be one of two things. One, Trump has somehow forced this information out – which seemingly will lend more legitimacy to the probable hacked elections (Dominion anyone?).

Or, it’s a distraction by the deep state which may be about to “allow” something very bad to happen with plausible deniability…

Democrats and the deep state need a distraction now more than ever. Why? Because too many Americans have woken up and are seeing the many tentacles of deep evil integrated corruption.

If this is from the deep state agenda, then we are about to see a renewed Villain. Cue up the mainstream. Pivot to the villain. Distract focus from the fraud we’ve just witnessed and any remaining efforts to unveil it.

Beat the drums of war.

What an opportunity (for them) to wreak havoc on our infrastructure via this sophisticated hack. Being allowed to happen, the pain and discomfort (however it unfolds) will adequately win over the public to “do something”. Well there’s one thing the deep state is good at…WAR. What a distraction…

The WEF Warned Us

You might say that this scenario is “in your face”! Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum TOLD US what they are going to do next. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. He said:

“We all know that we still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services…our society as a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison. To use the Covid-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons of cyber security, community, and to improve our preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic.”

“This threat poses a grave risk to the Federal Government

Could the revelation of this “Solar Winds” hack be the excuse needed? Of course it could. The reported penetration of this Trojan Horse Hack is so powerful and “novel” that it has even affected the NSA! They are saying it’s “nation state” level cyber warfare.

CISA (Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency) just warned that “this threat poses a grave risk to the Federal Government and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments as well as critical infrastructure entities and other private sector organizations.”

The federal security agency added that it “expects that removing this threat actor from compromised environments will be highly complex and challenging for organizations” and that “it is likely that the adversary has additional initial access vectors and tactics, techniques, and procedures that have not yet been discovered.”

Are we about to be on the receiving end of some very bad cyber $hit?

Or do you think this is coming to light via Trump – showing the world how the election may have been manipulated by way of foreign hacking / intervention?

What’s your opinion?

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Yes Ken, most here are following everything. Excellent topic. I’m reading “they” could shut down the grid, if “they” so choose. I guess that’s why we prepare. I didn’t expect a pandemic, but I have no choice, I must deal with it. Grid down, well that’s a topic most are very familiar with. Here again, we must deal with it, if it comes to pass.

Your site has helped to prepare many people for these kinds of issues. I hope I’m ready enough. I know I’ll never be fully prepared. These times are crazy times. I encourage everyone to contact VIPs and confirm plans. Do it while ya still have comms.

If you don’t have ham by now, ya might be too late. Hurry up folks. Make it a priority. I have. Good luck

The deep state cannot lose. They will do whatever they can to prevent Trump from winning. If Trump wins, they are dead and they know it. I believe they will go to extreme measures to prevent this from happening.

“That list is now gone.”

if you go to his latest video shows the list as he is speaking and you can pause the video and read the list.

Turn about is fair play.

But, if you have a Communist President for eight years, you are going to discover your new equipment is going to be infested with back doors and built in security breaches. You know, much like our voting machines.

It is not only the equipment which has been compromised, it is also the key personnel, whom had to be compromised FIRST…in order to buffer and introduce it.

Information first, which is always an on-going desire…then options for hampering and infliction of damage second…should the collected information reveal those options should be taken.

Please note how the Russians are being pointed at, when now is the time it is most beneficial to the Chinese.

Yes indeed. Their favorite villain. Not saying that it isn’t them, but common sense indicates much more likely the CCP (their apparent partners).

You Forget the CIA .gov deep state also has the capabilities of masking their own hacks and making it appear the hack is coming from an other nation… Remember We are at war with .gov deep state that is our primary objective. We can easily deal with the chicoms and ruskies… we need to eliminate the traitors within.

I agree with your assessment, think about the rot within the government.

I JUST said the same thing! And I do not believe it was them. This is DEEP STATE. Clintons are all over this.

Clintons are involved only if a a cold blooded murder ‘suicide’ is the cause of death.

You mean like the killing of our constitutional rights and suicide by socialism.

Couple this with the reported raids by Texas Rangers and FBI on Solar Winds headquarters…reports that raid now is said to have been to ascertain if Solar Winds executives intentionally allowed the cyber intrusions to be successful….reports that Solar Winds ceo and a vice-president sold off a “ton” of their own shares of company stock last month………..What happened last month?….Just a contested election and accusations of vote stealing using Dominion (a Solar Winds client) machines……

……are your eyes glazing over yet?…….the swamp is counting on that……….

no. mine are snapping with anger

The swamp loves to instill fear into us. Overwhelm us and we fall into the trap that NHM has articulated, whereby we yell “Make it stop!”. Because we aren’t powerful enough, or influential enough, or smart enough, etc. So let the doctors dictate, or the politician’s decide, because it’s all bigger than us.

That “expert” very conveniently said “They got into Lockheed!”. People attempt that every day of the week, year after year. Hack attempts are normal run of the mill stuff. And obviously there are layers and layers and more layers that someone from the outside would have to traverse before hitting a payload. It is easier and cheaper and quicker to pay off someone on the inside to bring data to you, which is standard fare too. But print that claim in an article, or have the public hear it during an interview and the general public immediately fills with fear. And people begin to scurry with panic – including all the customer nations from around the world who do business there.

You get enough people panicked and repercussions follow. Some intended, some unintended. Instability has been purposefully created. Now we shore up that which we can, self protect and keep watch.

Biden, like Obama, and the Clintons, and even Carter…have all been Chinese assets.

It started with Nixon.

Many do not realize that fact. Which has made me wonder what incriminating evidence did they have on him. In order to force him to play “Let’s make a deal”. Not the game show variety

And “they” is China. Ccp have motive, manpower and money. Of course dems are saying its Russia, what else they could? Ccp is their master
TLDR; It IS act of war

I keep going back and forth on this in my mind. Is this being brought out to show how other nation-state(s) have infiltrated us in support of election manipulation evidence? Or, as the distraction?

My first instinct after hearing about this was that this info release is to show how far the infiltration has gone. How compromised we are. To get people thinking about how vulnerable supposedly secure systems and data are – even top-tier systems could be breached. Laying the groundwork to get low-info folks understanding the hacks.

But, I think it could be either scenario. I think it’s pretty clear there is a battle being waged right now. The deep state vs the President and a few trusted team members. I believe our Republic hangs in the balance. I don’t think I’m overstating what is at stake for all of us.

It’s been painful to see the lengths these entrenched politicians will go to protect themselves, their backers (the real money and power) and the status quo. And now seeing so much swirling around about the CJ of SCOTUS. If true, we have slim hope of saving our Republic, from enemies foreign or domestic. (and there are no clear lines on which are which at this point).

If they were cold, they could fire off enough ammo to heat up the barrels of their they could wrap them in a blanket..and use it to warm the bed.

But only 32% of Americans own guns known to Gallup poles

Not my fault. I could keep lots of beds warm…myself.

Agreed, sheeple that are not aware will succumb. But it will still weaken USA greatly…That I don’t want to see.

USA is already too weak. Screw the ones that failed to prepare. They had their chance and it’s their own fault.

People lie to or avoid pollsters, especially about topics that might reflect badly on them later (paranoia – w/ good reason)

We really don’t know how many hundred million guns there are in private hands and really how many hands there are. I have seen the usual estimates of 90 million gun owners in the USA holding 300 – 500 million guns.

There are about 250 million adults in the US which clocks in at about 36% closely comparing to your Gallup Poll number if any of the gun data is accurate.

There are millions of guns “off the books” (no purchase or transfer paper trail) quite legally through nothing more wily than informal inheritance (not in someone’s Will). One of my sons owns a simple, little semi-auto handgun that was his granddaddy’s back in the day. Daddy never had any receipt for it when he bought it back in the 1920s.


I just recently made a comment on another site, about how, or can, we get our purchases off the retailers records.You know if you bought an arm brace or an 80% receiver three years ago from XYZ and they still have a record of your purchase, it sure makes it handy for big brother to call on you and collect the item whenever they see fit. I know cash in hand is the way, but some items can only be found on line. Trekker Out

Mountain Trekker,
Its so easy to buy something on the internet, we all embraced it big time, Small local businesses closed up as the couldn’t beat the internet marketers, then lo and behold, we find ourselves in a situation where they can track all of our purchases.

With a local store, we could pay cash and be anonymous. Not now, not ever again. FUBAR

Very true Dookie! I buy locally and always with cash, but some items just can’t be found locally, especially where I live, and when they are local it seems that they really don’t try and compete, many times their prices aren’t just 20% higher but very often 50 to 60% higher, no reason for that. I guess I’ll just have to live with a paper trail on some items. Trekker Out

lol lets keep it that way to their thinking.

My feelings exactly. They had their chance and made their choice.

We the people are supposed to be in charge. The fact is, we the people are relegated to spectators. At this point, all we can do is try and be prepared. There is nothing I can do, right now, to have an impact on any of this. At some future point, that may change. For now, we have to hope our president can rally enough support from rinos and weak pathetic politicians (Lindsey Graham comes to mind) to protect our nation. Our military is capable of protecting our nation. Will they be given that task?

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I’m very disappointed with SCOTUS. So far, they’re pathetic and spineless. They have a job to do and they’re refusing to do their job. If it were you or me, we’d be fired for refusing to do our job.

Please forgive my rare foray into the political realm. I’m just disgusted. There is nothing I can do, so frustrated applies as well. All these so called “intelligence agencies” have been asleep, apparently. I’m sure these #$%###@ are very well paid. It’s well past time to clean house! Rant over!

Actually Plainsmedic, you are far more powerful than you may realize. You’ve got your eyes wide open and are clearly seeing what is taking place. Many are being fooled by the smoke and mirrors, or just don’t even realize the magnitude of what is in play.

Disgust is a good thing to hold. Because it will make you rant. And in so doing, you open others eyes along the way. Whether that be folks you talk to over the airwaves, or people in your AO, it’s that word of mouth that TPTB want so badly to squelch. They don’t want us talking, comparing notes, sharing perspectives, formulating a way forward. Us being united with information terrifies them and makes their work harder. To me, that’s the action that we all are taking. And I believe we’re being extremely effective at sending them a message as we do. JMHO.

Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda, We either get our news from the Media or we get it on line. We know how reliable the Media is, if their lips are moving, they are lying, as for most of the sources on line, it’s Doom and Gloom or just plain old Sensationalism. Unfortunately the Media has the largest audience so they have the most effect and sway the most people. Even we, that think we are so well informed, still Bit on their Bait.

MAJOR CYBER ATTACK! Really, how do we know? Cause the Media told us so. Trekker Out

I remember about two years ago we were told the Chinese had a back door into many of our utility companies and other sensitive computers. Then the narrative was just dropped. I’m sure it is the same issue.

Pfttt- Obama invited them over to watch and oversee drills

Mountain Trekker,

We talk about grid down (electrical) being devastating to our way of life……..for the majority of folks now, shutting down the internet would throw them into complete shock……imagine the average zombie trying to get through a single hour…much less days or longer….having to think for themselves….or access their money…or use their plastic…or cahiers being able to check out their attempted purchases….or stores trying to fill their shelves or….you see where this is going……

What if?………..the internet is shut down to stop the spread of malware?……shut down just because they can?

Good post my friend, and so true


At this point, it’s just about impossible for us to know what’s really happening, unless someone has inside knowledge. This could be another country’s doing, or it could be the deep state, or just an evil group of people herding us all into the digital corral, problem/solution style.

You’re assessment is spot on. While we may not know exactly what will happen, or who’s behind it, the possible impacts need to be thought through and addressed. That’s the only place we have any impact. Think about security, supplies, and how to conduct any necessary business. I realized after reading Ken’s post that I’ve let my cash on hand get a little low for comfort, so I’m going to take care of that. Also making sure all bills are paid up for the month, and possibly a couple more, to buy us some time in case on-line methods aren’t working.

Many folks will be caught unawares if the net goes down, and that bothers me. Wish more people were paying attention and preparing. It’s frustrating to see them sitting in the slow boil, refusing to heed the warning signs until they’re cooked. The only thing I can do is tend our preps, and try to reduce my family’s exposure.

Well…I can’t find the edit button. Should be ‘Your assessment’, not ‘You’re’.

sounds good to me.

I recently had my Olympia manual typewriter of over 45 years serviced by a small local shop. Since the pandemic began the owner has been extremely busy and it took him about six weeks to get to mine. At first it seemed like a crazy thought to me, but I’m a writer and my typewriter was a faithful friend for many years. How surprising to realize many others took the time to do the same thing.

Kind of going along with Dennis’s post and my earlier post.
Yes, the zombies would freak of an internet shutdown.
That’s why i watched and tried to listen to any conversation of the internet being down this morning.
I admit, I was a little freaked when my service was off, but I didn’t go into hysterics or panic mode. I had thoughts, but I also relied on observing the actions of others, to know if it was game on or not.

It may sound a little over the edge, but is it really?

with the way that MOST of the world out right HATES president trump and the us in general it would NOT surprise me damn bit if it WAS some nation state that was behind this at all

who ever is behind this this does NOT bod well for the average person

The “average person” is what is wrong with America and their lazy, ignorant and oblivious attitude is why the deep state has grown into the beast that it is. The “average person” needs a good dose of reality smashed into their face.

good point

Biden and the cabal have long since made it clear that their goal is war with Russia, from the Hildebeast stating that her first action as President would be to declare war on Russia, to Biden saying this week that this attack is an act of war from Russia and should be treated as such.

They don’t want war with China, China is their bread and butter. But squeeze China’s biggest Frienemy between the US and China, China would suddenly become our ally until Russia is subdued.

‘And the band played on . . . .’

There are more what ifs… in this news that the Curse Of Oak Island. Why are we being told?

Sounds like a setup…. I would think the gov would classify this info not for release.

If you wanna have an OS moment, take this one:

So I arrived at work, this morning. Ten, fifteen minutes early. Sit in the parking lot and run thru the MSB comments as I usually do.

This morning
Dec 18
No internet connection what so ever. Try and try again. Nope
OhhShit, here we go.
But nobody’s freaking out, that I can see. I guess I’ll find out when I enter the work place….

Turns out, i somehow disabled my mobile data.

All’s good….
or is it really?

I think it is about to get real.

Man oh man, I need elec to trade on my computer. Today for 5min, in the middle of a trade, I got disconnected. Likely just a one time glitch bc it has happened before. But it made me freak out and think about all this.

I don’t know what to believe! I just know that we need another 4yrs of Trump no matter what it takes. I understand Mike Pence has some degree of 12amendment power to reject certain electors but he MUST go rogue to do so and I don’t know if Pence has it in him. Now is the time where he must step up and grow a pair like real fast. He has time to think about this and Trump has time to consider his options. I would pull in my entourage and think about We The People. We elected him so his loyalty, and I believe him, is to us.

Sidenote: Just heard the Journal of NE Medicine is recommending the sex of the baby not be put on a birth certificate. The whole world has gone evil mad. Seems like eve science is caving to the radicals. I trust the govt about as much as I trust my ex-wife. Nutsville!!!

Be sure you see the Saturn-Jupiter great conjunction on the eve of 12/21 to the southwest.

I’ve been watching them slowly come closer together. They are now very close. Clouds in our area so can’t see them tonight. Last night was clear and spectacular !!

It is serious as a heart attack if this hack happened. If they hacked the treasury, we don’t know what was taken. If they hacked our military, are they looking at our strengths? If they hacked our National Security, are they looking for classified files? If they hacked our nukes, are they counting how many we have and capacity or can they now launch our missiles with discovered codes?

This kind of hack, or in the old days of surveillance, theft and information is what countries did before they go to war. Next they might hack our banks and take all the money, that’s how vulnerable we are.

If you ‘have’ money in the bank, you don’t really ‘have’ it.
You only really have it, if and when it’s in your personal possession.
The bank ‘has’ it, and uses it at it’s discretion.
The government has, can, and will shut it down at a moment’s notice, whenever it sees fit.
If you don’t plan for this eventuality, you are not properly prepared.

Nice to see this up date, thanks. I said yesterday or the day before that it was time for the President to play the Trump Card but this isn’t it. I think the deep state is covering there tracks and seting the stage for what ever they are planing. We need to be ready because the stuff is finely going to hit the fan. Our President will hold the Trump Card till these traitors expose their hand and then he will act, They will soon find out he is even tougher then they could possibly imagine. Check out Insurrection Act. This will include martial law. I am more convinced now then ever before that he has a better plan then our enemies do. Wait for it. After it all unfolds expect civil unrest on a massive scale. The failure of government to do the right thing leaves no choice.If you don’t have what you need now is the time to get it.

Never before has our society been so reliant on a Single Point Of Failure. The grid and the ‘net should be bundled as one SPOF, as taking down the grid will take down the ‘net, and taking down the ‘net will very well take down the grid… along with the entire operation of our country! Whoever is responsible for this hack is saying “We can do what we want, WHEN we want.”

Indeed folks, we need to get… and STAY… prepared, now more than ever!

This computer hack and Swalwell being on the Intelligence committee? How much classified and top secret info did he share with his Chinese spy girlfriend ? Why does he still walk free?

If its the deep state they forget that we are all individuals, it will be worse than herding cats, sticks and stones if it comes down to it,,, they think they will win, HA is all i got to say,

The whacked out individualists of the US culture are not the kind of citizens they want for their NWO. C19 was a test to see if they could beat us down, but now the compliant are starting to push back.

Let’s get it on. Take down the telecom and power grid and let folks get a good dose of communism this winter and see if they change their minds by the spring. That is if they haven’t gone room temp.

Or can it be a cyber 911 to clamp down on our internet usage,monitoring,that sort of thing? ‘Covid’ narrative has been a 911 from the get go.

75% of the population today couldn’t and wouldn’t stand and fight an invasion so they are nothing more than wastes of resources in a conflict. Better to feed, arm and support 25% that will fight than have to baby sit and fill the trough to feed the 75% that won’t.

I am now of the belief that there has never been more of a fighting spirit in this country than WTP. If there was ever a time when we need to be revolutionary it is NOW. Honestly and seriously, I am not going to live under a communist/socialist regime. I may not have as much as I need, but George Washington was in the same position. He/they knew living under a monarchy was total BS. These guys were clever, savvy, knew their enemy and most importantly they never quit. As soon as you quit you sell yourself short.

I know we cannot do this alone, but together we do not have to give in to this crap. You don’t have to take their ridiculous transhumanist vaccine, you don’t have to be shut out of communication, and you don’t to take this election fraud crap. But you have to know how to fight back, be resourceful, and most importantly God is going to take care of us even in the face of all this evil. The more time that goes by the more the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place albeit slowly.


Okay…I never think like others. My question…if they can achieve this cyber spying and hacking, is it possible to get into NSA and destroy all they have on us??

No. It is not possible.

Yes, and social media influencing posts are another aspect of the battle plan, like the WuMao online kids out of China.
Also bots now too, actually.
With multiple id’s to upvote myself,
oops, I mean themselves.
Happy Solstice by the way

Listen to Jeffery – two updates for 12/17/20. Updates every Tues./Thurs. lists credentials up front. He explains cyber cloud war, Russia & China major players + deep state USA. FBI, CIA, DOJ completely corrupted, big surprise.

Probably too early for many to agree with me but hear me out.

1-911 stinks on ice.
2-Covid stinks on ice
3-Cyber attack stinks on ice.

Im seeing this as an attack on our freedom of speech and its a way to mute dissent and contact/conversation.I will bet money this will have its own version of Patriot Act,and what else this is bringing IDK but ‘they’ have something up their sleeves for sure.Its too pat,the response is too muted,something isnt right.

Already they are pushing the russkie narrative when we have all seen the china hand being played big time right now,just isnt ‘right’.Wouldnt chiner just love having us and russkies take each other out,cold war,whatever?

I can only speculate on the goal,but the story,it stinks.

That’s why Biden talks about long, cold winter

Ive been going to sites discussing this.The takeaway is nobody buying the russkie angle.Comments like …If Pompeo is saying it of course its the russians,thats his M.O. Or…With so much evidence screaming Russia, it practically rules Russia out.Or… here you go,its the Great Reset.Or…China is the 800lb elephant in the room nobody in the MSM is mentioning.Or…False Flag all the way.

But russia,nobody for the most part is buying that.We live in interesting times,eh?

Information to prepare for grid down is very important. Placing blame is not.

Tell that to the democrats

Identifying false info,identifying the enemies amongst us is VERY important.Already this hack ‘story’ is falling apart.Just another round of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.

Interesting post, interesting comments. There’s a composite possibility that may be closer to reality. First, recognize that CISA – the agency tasked with securing election infrastructure – is first and foremost responsible for security government cyberspace. Day in and day out, their people and systems are scanning U.S. and other government networks for intrusion. If, taken at face value, this happened, it’s a big CISA screw-up. Chris Krebs, whose infamous comment about “most secure election in history” got him fired, would have been double tapped over this.

Soooo, it could be, a) simply as real as depicted, further explanation below; b) a lead-up to excusing (some) share of election fraud by Deep Staters growing nervous and needing another ‘Russia Did It’ boogeyman; or c) a false-flag attack.

It may be as simple as a). As deep as the Deep State is, the attack described would hit way down, deep into the private sector, state agencies, and local government. It’s “grave” – a most interesting term uncommon in .gov-speak from the trenches – because it’s deeper and wider than they can manage. That’s obvious because it’s clearly a SNAFU within government, itself. Federal agencies value their reputation among other agencies and up the chain of command more than they value public perception.

This is a pretty significant breach of trust within the relatively small circle of government agencies. Private sector participants in U.S. government cybersecurity have to see it as a FU, too. The Deep State simply isn’t deep enough to control the larger telecommunications world. They may wish, but they aren’t.

My bet is on b). More to come.

Alternative reality c) is the real scary one. Launch the attack flying the Russian flag. Those dang Russians, doing just what Russians do. There they go again! Cyberattacks are particularly easy to spoof. The whole business is built on spoofing. Who would benefit? The Communist Chinese Party? Sure, but why now? The DNC and its super-sleuthing bathroom email server managers? They couldn’t slip the Steele Dossier false flag past Comey’s Fumbling, Bumbling Idiots … and still managed to make a deep-state big deal out of it. Naw, political parties are too awkward to accomplish this. Portions of the Deep State that couldn’t care less about CISA’s reputation and, maybe, need another four-year distraction to keep mere, elected officials chasing their own tails???

This is some time info and perspective:
Trump Shuts Down Biden Transition – Corsi Nation

“BIG TIME” I mean!!!

Dr. Peter Pry had this to say (in a longer article) “Cyber-attacks by Russia, China, and North Korea are not only about stealing U.S. intellectual property and collecting intelligence on U.S. vulnerabilities, but also about testing U.S. responses. Most ominously—they are practicing a revolutionary new way of warfare coordinating all arms for cyber, space, and terrestrial blitzkrieg.“