Mass Hysteria Like We’ve Never Seen As Anti-Trump Sentiment Rages

I’ve never witnessed mass hysteria as we’re seeing today. It has been raging nearly the past two years and is now worse than ever.

It’s so bad that I would think even the “middle left” can see through it and are hopefully repulsed by it. After all, most of America is centrist.

Mass Hysteria. I first heard the phrase used by Michael Savage (talk show commentator) in the context of what we are witnessing in today’s political arena.

Since Donald Trump’s historic ascendance to the presidency, American politics have reached a boiling point. Social and economic issues, even national security, have become loud, violent flashpoints for political rivals in the government, in the media and on the streets. This collective derangement has a name: mass hysteria.

Stop Mass Hysteria

It is an accurate way to put it. “They” are absolutely hysterical. They are seemingly uncontrollably emotional and irrational. Unhinged.

As I’m sure it is with many of you, I have not been able to watch “mainstream” alphabet news due to their nauseating barrage of anti-Trump messaging. They just can’t get over the fact that he won the election. That he is president. That Hillary lost.

They are repulsed by him, his mannerisms, his missions and ambitions.

They just can’t get over the fact that he is a rough-and-tumble business man who does not play politics and is beholden to no one.

I believe that they are actually afraid of his A-type personality – someone who calls it like he sees it. No BS. In your face. The opposite of a wimp.

They just can’t get over the fact that he is actually doing the things that he promised.

They are absolutely beside themselves when he accuses them and points out their constant twisting the facts, twisting current events in any way necessary to make him look bad. They really go bonkers when he calls them “fake news”.

Hey listen… He has plenty of flaws. There are things he does that I wish he didn’t so much, or at all. He happens to be the president for now and that’s just the way it is. What ‘gets me’ is the hysteria. I’ve never seen anything like it. It makes me very uneasy to say the least. I don’t like where it’s going.

Who are “they”, and why are they so enraged? Is this getting dangerous?

They are a mixture of:

– the far left
– radical left organized groups (e.g. ANTIFA)
– brainwashed indoctrinated college students (not all, but many or most?)
– the left ‘wing’ of the Deep State non-elected administrative branches within DOJ, CIA, and other embedded .gov if you will
– mainstream alphabet news agencies
– billion+ dollar funding sources (e.g. Soros)
– big tech & social media platforms

They are enraged and in a state of mass hysteria because they are losing control of their narrative and their plans for America. They thought it was all wrapped up in a bow, but were stunned by this outsider (wrecking ball) who bashed his way in.

They are NOT fans of pretty much anything that Trump stands for. When he accomplishes any of the things that he promised, they become particularly hysterical.

They are so absolutely resolute on ridding this ‘threat’ and are resorting to ‘almost’ any means necessary. This is how desperate they believe the situation to be. This November is extremely critical to their future agenda.

Yes this is absolutely getting dangerous. Desperate people do desperate things. The apparent fact they believe this is a desperate situation is itself dangerous for the rest of us.

Will they stop at nothing?
Are they in a state of mass hysteria?

It’s one thing to have political disagreement, fiery discourse, hot debate. However when it is so exceedingly clear that they are in a state of unrelenting mass hysteria with an upcoming hard date, it’s cause for high concern.

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I have been watching the Senate hearings on our new Supreme Court nominee this week. Hundreds of people have been “arrested” for screaming and disrupting the hearing. (I guess not actually arrested, but given a summons and allowed to get back into the line going into the hearing room!)

The screaming has been really loud and shrill. The nominee’s children had to be removed from the room the first day because of all the hysteria and the lies being told about their father by the Senators. But yesterday his entire team of middle-school-age girls showed up anyway to support him.

The contrast between the behavior of the young girls and the behavior of the antics of those supposed adults was telling.

I have heard news reports and seen reports on the internet that someone with buckets of cash was seen paying all those actors/protesters.

Daisy K
Did you see the black woman reading from her script & yelling,, stops reads the paperwork and starts all over.
Almost fell over laugh at her stupity as if no one would realize she was scripted(& probably paid stooge)

AC, was that Maxine Walters?


Modern Throwback
Could have been a younger version……rowl with you

I made popcorn JIC 😉😂


I saw it! It was absolutely disgusting behaviour! The left has had the Supreme Court judicial branch in their pocket for many years. That’s how they got so many evil laws through. Now there’s gonna be a more balanced panel. They can’t have that. It’s another loss!
Well that’s what they get for killing Scalia eh? It’s BACKFIRED superbly.
Did you see the hysterical shrill behaviour? Is that who you want running the country? They’re shooting themselves in the foot.

Id rather they be shooting themselves in the other end, that way they are gone

I believe the USA was sold out in the last administration (AKA Obama) to the Chinese and Russia. Funny how they keep trying to push Russian collusion when Hillary and Obama approved a deal for Russia to obtain 20% of America’s uranium. Then Bill and Hillary received payments from Russia, I’m sure Obama got a cut of this too. Obama also sold ports to China. Then look at Soros backed anti-fa, they are wearing red masks with Russian masks and chanting “No borders, no walls, no USA at all”. Thought it was funny though when anti-fa protested Soros for not paying them. LOL

We live in dangerous times…….

Hillary was saying during her campaign that if she was elected she would go to war with Russia. People screamed and cheered, of course, but now those who cheered must be pretty silent. I wonder if they remember hearing her say that? I certainly remember it. I wonder if those people are quietly moving away from her and her movement, or are they clinging ever tighter in the hope that they won’t be mowed down by leviathan?

I agree with everything you’ve written. I happen to believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’etat in real time driven by establishment forces within our government on both sides of the aisle, aided and abetted by the corporate-owned media – which is fanning the flames of rage among the populace against a duly elected President at every turn and on a daily basis. Yes, they are trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election and I agree they will stop at nothing to accomplish their objective – they’ve already proven that. Whatever is coming is coming and I’m not sure what “whatever” is, but I believe that fundamental change, in other words a “reset”, is needed. The statists in power simply have no incentive to reform anything from within. That’s part of the reason I voted for Trump in 2016 – with all of his imperfections. I figured he would be the type of outsider, non-conformist, disruptive force necessary to bring things to a head and I think that’s finally happening. Whether the ultimate outcome is for better or worse remains to be seen.

Trump would fit right in with most of our presidents up to Nixon. Maybe even Johnson, depending on your point of view. He’s not a pretty-boy politician and he doesn’t pretend to be. Pretty-boy is easy to control. Just threaten pretty-boy’s reputation and he caves immediately. Brash, outspoken businessman has a chance of beating them at their own game.

I personally think it would be amusing to see all our presidents up to this point in a bulls-in-a-china-shop fight and see who comes out on top. I’m dead certain it wouldn’t be either of the Bush’s, Clinton, Carter, or Obama. Trump might stand a chance. 🙂

Never in my life did I ever think I would see/hear/read former presidents demean the sitting president of their party–given that we all know there isn’t much difference regarding so many issues–and I’m a boomer born in 1950.
Just un-fricking-believable and disgusting.

Me neither, to be honest with you. If Trump has achieved anything, he has caused these people to rip off their masks and expose themselves to all – revealing themselves for who they really are and what they really believe. I can’t say it any better than you did.

Oh AMEN! Absolutely!

I used to feel a lot like you. Over time, I’ve come to realize that Trump is just another deep state player. Granted, he’s head and shoulders better than Killery, but what’s that saying? Sheesh, jack-the-ripper was better than Killery.

Facts are that Trump has flooded his cabinet with neocons, zionists and Wall Streeters. Facts are that Trump pardoned a number of Wall Street banks for massive fraud. Facts are that Trump is directly supporting very real terrorists in Syria and he is engaged in an illegal occupation of same. Facts are the Trump has so many opportunties to drain the swamp – but – not one single main joker has been charged.

This guy will open your eyes:

johnson hated blacks and his great society was the final nail in the black family coffin. the expansion of welfare meant that women didnt need a husband, but only children. the black woman took that to heart. and so began the slide to a 75% unwed mother rate for that community, with all its problems: fatherless boys joining gangs, fatherless girls looking for daddy in any male, and pregnant young. and so johnson managed to enslave them on the welfare plantation.

Continue to hone specific tools and skills, away from the abode with the awareness very sharp, grayer than gray always. Got a new, longer reach broomstick in case I need to sweep hard to reach spots.. Moved more assets out of the system, converting some. Observing constantly, It’s always about the timing.


The left (I almost typed extreme left but seems like they are all extreme these days) is completely anti-Trump, anti-law enforcement, anti-constitution, and anti-America in general. They will tell any lie, break any law in order to regain power. Their goal is a one world order and if academia and the MSM continues to control the thoughts of youth, minorities, and the sheeple they will accomplish their goal. Dangerous, absolutely. Disturbing, you bet. Those SHTF books that are being cranked out are drawing closer to reality everyday.

Those fomenting this have a great deal to lose. They lost once, and I think they won’t risk losing again. They’ll bring the whole thing down rather than risk losing.

Not one path to victory, but all paths to victory.

I think they have secondary plans in place if they need to bring the whole thing down. Seriously, if this kind of hysteria swept across the US, no matter WHO started it (it’s called “spin”) most people would scream for the .gov to DO SOMETHING. The people as a whole would give up anything in exchange for security, and that security would come at the cost of a few small, insignificant liberties. “You’ll not miss it, really.”

To those doing this, the population is sheep, to be sheared or killed by their choice. In order to maintain that “sheep” status for the majority, the minority and the rights of the minority must be sacrificed.

They don’t want the sheep killed, just passive. They want to continue to harvest wool and mutton. If the sheep stop being passive they need to use additional resources to bring them under control again. What better way to do that than to release a wolf near the pasture?

Lauren the MEDIA and the Deep State underestimated the power of the Alt-Media LAST Election so thus all the efforts to shut them down. Thus MEDIA SPIN and outright LIES will have no competition in the minds of even the mildly curious for the facts. I am wondering how long before a “Law” to bypass or neutralize the Electoral College that was DESIGNED to prevent a few Large Population States from running the country and ignoring the “Backwaters” of America. After all Hillary WON the Most Votes is the Mantra of the Democrats. So what if California and New York would run the whole country….. Scary but one more Path to Socialist-Democratic victory by voting. So many folks I hear saying “So WHAT if crazies act out in the big city, never going to happen here”. Implying it will not affect them here in the sticks. Over 65% of the population lives in the cities and suburbs. Look at the maps what % of Highways and Train Tracks run right through those cities? You can bet a similar amount of the POWER Grid runs through there also. Let alone Gasoline pipelines, Natural Gas pipelines and such. RIOTS in the Cities will affect EVERYTHING. I remember the excitement and prices jumping when a fairly small leg of the Gasoline pipeline was shut down for repairs due to a Delivery Truck hitting it. Easy targets for crazies. Some say BUT Truckers will create work arounds like always. Truckers will not drive through riots and such, and already Trucking Capacity is pretty full carrying everything we eat and buy now. Lauran your RIGHT they don’t want us all dead they need live sheeple for our mutton as you put it. And they know that SCARED Sheeple will agree to ANYTHING to Save Us, Save Us… Baaahhh Expect the Deep State and MEDIA to arrange Terror events AND Events to make sheeple confuse Patriots (anyone who denies THEIR TRUTH) as domestic Terrorists. You can BET that “See Something SAY Something on Steroids” WILL be the MEDIA Matrix to get folks to turn in “Troublemakers for a Reward” Bet on that friends, Bet on that. Best way to get folks to Self Censor themselves as not to be LABLED a Domestic Terrorist Supporter or worse IS to set up a REWARD System to rat them out. Dark times ahead. I would love to accept that “Protective Measures are in place” and Heroes with in the Alphabet Agencies will “Save the Day” but I know too much about Socialists and History to have faith in that. Aside from that EVEN IF Heroes arise from inside the Government in the meantime the rest of us will have to deal with the chaos and death of the death song of the Deep State. Have FAITH in GOD, your trusted friends and your preps. Only in Hollywood Films does the Superheroes and Villains have that BIG Fight and all the somehow not harmed at all people cheer the Heroes.… Read more »

Ken, I could not agree more.
President Trump is disrupting the status quo even more than I had hoped possible. And there is HUGE money and a lot of power at stake here. Think about how many different “interests” are feeling the heat right now:
– The Media (as Ken has been pointing out for years – lying liars who lie)
– China (who I believe is a serious threat on several fronts)
– Mexico and Canada (loss of huge revenues as part of NAFTA unwinding)
– US Chamber of Commerce (untold wealth and influence)
– Many Tech Companies (who have been getting rich while exploiting all of us)
– The Alphabet Agencies (we are getting a glimpse of their nefarious activities)
– The NWO groups (UN, EU, and all the rest who have their own agendas)
– Multi-National Corps (many of whom have made BIG bucks due to bad trade deals)
– Individual Politicians (of both parties who get rich and powerful to our detriment)
– Big Pharma/Insurance/Healthcare (opioids, subsidies, etc…)
– Iran (and those who make money doing business with Iran)

I could go on and on… but it’s clear there are a lot of powerful people and groups who stand to lose BIG TIME if President Trumps’ administration continues on this path. It does not seem likely that ALL of these groups will just throw in the towel, or quietly wait it out for a new administration. And to me, that presents a risk to all of us. Civil unrest, false flags, individual acts against people who are overtly pro-Trump or conservative, purposeful market crashing or big-picture acts timed to try to influence votes in November, countries such as Iran fighting back against us as we finally stand up for ourselves and stop supporting their activities (putting it nicely).

I agree with Simmon, we do live in dangerous times. And the danger can c0me from any number of fronts… continued vigilance is critical.

As a Canadian I do not like Trump. However I am not against law enforcement or the USA or the American constitution because I was a child in the 60s and 70s and remember a kinder, gentler world when the US, Canada and western Europe were friends and these nations feared Russia and China. Will the world ever get back to this? I miss my easy travel to the US in gentler times. Those days are gone unfortunately. I do believe that preppers are not fringe elements anymore in part due to all the natural disasters. I am also concerned about Fentanyl and how it is taking over societies. Where I live there have been a lot of drug busts as of late including cocaine, heroin, Fentanyl, MDMA and of course marijuana. The people charged were linked to the Hell’s Angels and other organised crime and range in age from 20s to 50s or even 60s. When I was a child, seniors were definitely not into drug dealing. I watch many videos on Juarez and Cancun Mexico and the illegal drug trade as this is coming northwards and I want to learn about it in order to avoid it and them.

Canadian,,,,,,,,,after years of BS from dealing with Canada ,,,,i hate Canada ,,,,,and will NOT do any business with Canada ,,will not sell Canadian products in the trading post ,,,yes I have friends from Canada ,the key word is FROM ,,,like past tenths ,,,out of respect for KEN I won’t tell you how I really feel about Canada ,,,,,


While going through basic training at Ft. Polk, I was pulling company guard duty one night and met a fellow trainee who was in another platoon pulling guard also. We struck up a conversation and he told me he was a Canadian citizen. This surprised me since many U.S. citizens were fleeing to Canada to evade the draft at the time. He said he had graduated college and had took a job in Washington state with resident alien status and had been drafted. Honest to God, I didn’t know that was even possible. I asked him why he had not just returned to Canada to avoid the service. His answer was that the company he worked for and the job he had was so much better than any opportunities he had back in Canada, so for him serving in the U.S. military was a small price to pay for a brighter future for his family. I’ve not heard from him since that night.

Dennis: Same here. I was in Infantry AIT at Ft. Gordon and made friends with two Canadian citizens, American Resident Aliens who had been drafted. Even though they were training as grunts along with me, they both told me since they were not Americans, they would not be sent to any combat tour area. Army policy.

C’mon oldhomesteader tell us how you really feel. I don’t believe you have respect for anyone. Just another old xenophobe.

Love ya.



“past tenths”??? Did you mean past tense by any chance?

k k ,,,,as I get old as dirt and close in on the last ride ,i understand that I need to tell it as I see it , and have experienced ,,,,,,,like a blue sky and green grass ,,,do you ever think about what will be the last thing you will see ?or what will your last though be ?got to tell it like it is
,,,,,,,,tea and chocolate

You just keep telling it like it is, too many now try to give everything a rosy finish, i would rather hear the truth than some rosy BS

Tommy ,,,thanks ,,,,when you tell it as you see it some times you get some lumps and bumps ,,trouble is lots of folks want a easy way ,,

Im a lot more like you than you may know,
Have been called brutally honest more than once, it usually always gets me in trouble, im cool with that. I prefer people speak their mind and be up front rather than trying to sugar coat stuff. There are too many liberal rats over here, smile at you then screw you over or blame you for their misgivings and shortcomings, im surrounded by this c r a p

Fine. You have the right to hate my country. This is sad but I now see the US under Trump as a new nazi Germany. He hates foreigners, and that does include Canada and Canadians. Thus I cannot travel to the US for my own safety as I am a foreigner. I am very saddened that my late parents fought in WW2 alongside Americans, Polish, British, etc. We live in a new world and I must adapt. I am turning inwards like millions of people and feel safer to only associate with Canadian citizens. I feel very saddened that my late father fought at Monte Cassino in Italy with the Polish army to defeat Hitler and his and other men’s sacrifices seem to have been in vain with this new world order. I had visited the War Museum in New Orleans and found it moving. I guess we had a common enemy back then and now we are becoming enemies or hostile neighbours. Truly sad. I am first generation Canadian and my late parents came to Canada from Europe post world war two. I see Trump as a pampered rich boy who did not even fight in any war and is tearing the world apart. I also met some nice Mexican Americans in San Antonio and do not like his racism. I am sure they were legal as one was a city bus driver on the #7 tourist route. I was a child in the 60s and 70s and the late President Kennedy was respected worldwide for his inspiration.

I feel like I just read a script for a Michael Moore movie.

I am only going to voice an objection to one of your many statements:
“He [Trump] hates foreigners, and that does include Canada and Canadians. ”

This is nothing but nonsense. First, Donald Trump is a world-wide businessman and has been so for decades. If he hated foreigners, he would never leave the US. He most certainly would not invest in foreign countries, nor would he then allow those ‘hated foreigners’ into his properties.

Second, Donald Trump, as a businessman AND now President, is using his business skills and his administration’s skills to un-do the terrible globalist agenda and give-aways to other countries because the US has been little more than a piggy-bank to rob, rape, and pillage.

Trump’s economic policies, which include a complete overhaul on trade and tariffs, will rebuilt America’s business-engine and piggy-bank so that we are richer and more SELF-SUSTAINING.

In the short amount of time that America has been a Nation, our country has brought forward more inventions and resources than any other country in the world. We are FIRST and we are becoming stronger than we have been and much has to do with President Trump’s new agenda, business acumen, economic policies, and enough of the working class to push our Nation forward. Now if he could cut the Federal government and taxation in half then we’d really be strong. Time will tell.

If your country, Canada, doesn’t get its act together soon, you’ll be in a serious world of hurt because your country is not self-sustaining and is pissing other Nations off with the whiney, Liberal/Socialist nonsense. We are not socialist and we are not going to give Canada, or any other country, everything for free — or at a loss anymore.

America is not so restrictive that Canadians are completely blocked out from entering the country. You may be flagged for some reason, or you may be from one of the terrorist-targeted countries — if that is the case, we DON’T want you here.

MT gave you a detailed response and I don’t want to step on her very valid points,so I will try to just add my thoughts. President Trump is a business man, a very successful one. During his campaign and since taking office, he has (rightfully) pointed out time and again where trade and political “deals” are putting the US at a disadvantage.

In cases such as NAFTA, the US is highly disadvantaged, and Mexico and Canada have made HUGE money on the agreement for many years to the detriment of the US economy and US workers and businesses. The same goes for how much the US spends on defense and supporting of NATO and other alliances.

Now, a new US president who is a businessman (not a politician or economic theorist) comes along and says “Wait a minute… this is a bad deal for the US”, and every country who has been making money, or not spending their share, gets all riled up. These leaders (not just Canada) could take a realistic approach and admit that they have benefitted from a sweet deal for years (decades). Instead, most of these leaders are acting as though they are being wronged because the US says “Enough!”

It’s not that Trump hates Canadians, or Mexicans, or Chinese people, or Russians or members of the EU. He is simply standing up for US workers, the US economy, and US taxpayers. THAT’S HIS JOB. A lot of countries have done very well for themselves on the backs of the US taxpayers and US consumers. Our President is simply trying to renegotiate fairer deals for the people he is elected to represent. Rather than approach the situation from an emotional view “He hates foreigners” and “only associate with Canadian citizens” try taking a pragmatic view – deals have to be fair to both sides.

Finally, IMO (and it’s just my opinion) if you allow yourself to fall prey to thinking that you and all Canadians are being wronged and are “hated” by non-Canadians, then you are making yourself into a victim. You are falling for the ploy of dividing people, and playing right into the hands of those who want to limit and control what you do, what you think, and who you associate with. Be a free thinker – recognize that any deal (between friends, neighbors, relatives, businesses or countries) has to have something for everyone, or it will never last. I can only hope you will take the emotions out of the situation, and take a practical view – and not fall into the trap of false victimhood.

So cal gal,
Polititians like to keep people dependent, they are easier to dictate to when they are afraid of government and struggling, the last thing any long time politician wants is a strong independent constituency.
I think polititians suck, ALL OF THEM PERIOD

It is much easier to control a population of people who are financially and emotionally dependent on the .gov, particularly if they are unequipped to defend themselves, and incapable of free thought because they have been indoctrinated into believing “the news”. It amazes me how many people are comfortable living in a nanny state – they want everything done for them and have pretty much given up on any kind of self-sufficiency. I guess it’s easier to be lazy, and blame the .gov for their lots in life rather than take responsibility and seek facts and make their own choices.

And yes, the last thing politicians want is a population of people who are thinking clearly, constantly seeking truth and prepared to not just care for, but defend themselves and their families and property.

The founding fathers said that the US system would only last as long as people were moral and educated about their responsibilities. Hm…

Lauren the founding fathers also said “Once the people learn they can vote themselves monies from the public purse the Republic is lost”.

The GIMMIE DATS Vote…… Socialism looks pretty good to folks with NOTHING to Lose…..

Thus my often repeated fears of a Venezuela 2.0 America Deep State Edition with “SEE something, SAY Something” Media driven rat patrol.

Prepare for hard times and Betrayal.

NHM, your “gimme dats” have everything to lose. They just don’t know it yet. They’ve been taught that they’re the poor, the lowest of the low. Well sooner or later they’ll discover just how low they can go, and they’ll want the old “low” back.

Lauren “My Gimme Dats”?? ROTFLMAO

But you are correct, we have both been in 3rd world countries where OUR Gimme Dats with public health care, SNAP Cards, Welfare Payments and Obama phones are RICH compared to a typical African or South American citizen.

American as a Nation LIVES So HIGH on the Hog due to a Treasury Bill-Credit Card Lifestyle that the Fall will be awful even for well prepared Preppers.

Pre-Fall get shot in the gut call EMS, Surgery and generally live. Post-Fall get shot in the gut, prayer and watchful waiting and herbal remedy’s. I have a pretty good medical bay set up but I know beyond pulling teeth for pain/infection and dealing with broken limbs and surface surgery prayer and supporting medicine is it.

Only a fool really wants the system to “pull it”.

Don’t assume that because someone dislikes your country’s government and policies, that they also dislike (or hate) you. I know this is what you’re being told by your media, but DO NOT believe it. Your media has told you that you should hate the US and US Citizens. Do you accept that? Have you traveled to the US to KNOW that you should not travel there for your own safety? Have you heard Trump say anything racist, or is that just what you’ve been told he is? Listen. Pay attention. Do your own research. Otherwise you’re just one of the sheep, willing to swallow what you’re told and bleat in shock along with the rest when it turns out to be false.

Yep. Things are getting crazy. My wakeup call was that woman who rammed someone’s vehicle with a Maga hat in the window, or a Trump bumper sticker, or whatever her issue was. Anyway, I sat down with my “Homestead’ notebook, took a look at inventory, made a few new lists, and re-stocked whatever we need (that is ‘need’, not want remember) for the next year. Boom. Done. I truly believe things will fall apart so quickly…almost in a day in some parts of the country. Be ready. And I like Grey’s comment. Wise words.

I try to stay gray. However, I would like a new car. Perhaps I should slap on some bumper stickers and take a drive to Seattle ;-).

I have been taking advantage of the cheap ammo prices and the free shipping.

Went to the Bass Pro shop first thing Friday morning in Duluth Georgia. From where in live that’s two hours each way. Picked up two pairs of tennis shoes and two pairs of hunting boots. As always checked out the gun department and ammo area. Great deals on 9mm and .40 cal so loaded up the cart. Some of the reloading supplies were well priced also. Once every three months I have a gun run day that I will hit up to eight stores in the Atlanta area. We don’t have any real gun store’s in the North Georgia mountains.

Our freedoms are being redefined. Our children and especially our grandchildren will be swept up in the change. Most will not even know the difference as long as technology keeps them blind and quiet. Make no mistake about the under currents of the powers that be! They are real and in control of the future………………….

Mrs. USMCBG as Orville’s 1984 said to redefine words changes the ability to reason. NEWSPEAK was intended to limit logical thought. So yes our whole ability to express our thoughts is being limited by buzz words like Hate Crimes, Thought Crimes, Social Justice, and other full STOP words on our young people. Censoring the Mind.

There is a reason Obama Phones were free and given out like candy. Better to mold the thoughts of those UNTOUCHED by Mass Media. Censoring the Mind

Prepare for betrayal for “Denying the TRUTH” as delineated by the MEDIA. Something also spoken about in 1984….. Using FEAR of Arrest or attack for speaking UN-truths. Censoring the Voice when Censoring the Mind is insufficient.

The Deep State has been busy for decades. How soon will the EXPENSIVE Bread and Circuses run before the final show ending? I expect we will find out pretty soon.

“If there is hope, lies in the proles. Party Slogan, ‘The Proles and Animals are free’. No telescreen unless you want one and they are expensive. Beware the Thought Police moving amongst the proles.
Any young folks out there? Get a copy of 1984 and Brave New World. They will probably be banned in the future or young people will simply not understand them.

That reality will be so much a part of their world that they won’t even see it–a fish trying to explain water. Ever ask a little girl why she’s in love with pink?

I’m an Independent. I truly believe the TDS is sparked by the mere fact the Republican party hackers out-performed the Democrat party hackers in 2016.
There–I wrote it.

Hillary conceded quickly- she didn’t want ’em to find out that 3 Trump states had been “hacked for Hillary” lol…
Won’t work again this time…

Impeach Trump? Hey, I like Pence too

The locations have been picked. The arrangements made. When the Senate votes Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court the riots wI’ll begin.

Ken, and all of our other MSB friends… I honestly suspect that this is what they want. I’m still working on the Jeep and am supposed to be outside doing that but felt a desire to respond. Take a moment and really look at how many aspects of our nations institutions have been changing for decades now. MEDIA – Not “news”, just media. It’s been getting worse for a long time. Bread and circus, lies, “investigative” reporting that is heavy on spin and propaganda and very light on facts. We let FOREIGN people and companies own our media and dictate what is and is not going to be said. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what celebrities are doing in their personal lives, who married/divorced, etc. I also don’t give a damn about the so called reporters opinion. Just the facts, ma’am. That’s what I want. Try listing the campaign promises vs results of any official seeking re-election. Tell me about the politicians stuffing pork into bills EVERY TIME THEY TRY! Warn me about laws that are up for a vote BEFORE they are voted on. They gloss over all of the truly important stuff if they mention it at all while they rush to tell us who some kardashian is dating. SOCIETY- We have allowed decades of crap to be rammed down our children’s throats, schools that teach made up history, skew facts, demand our children be drugged because, well, they act like children; and give everyone a trophy just for showing up. “Parents” that let the schools and the various screens raise their children for them, so that they don’t have to! And now we wonder why there are so many shootings? Why each successive generation seems to have less and less compassion, sympathy, empathy, or even value for the lives of others? We have basically surrendered our ability to keep them in check, or put them back in check. They do what they wish, to whomever they wish, and most people cannot be bothered to become concerned because it isn’t happening to them personally. NO BASIS IN REALITY- Most of us on here are probably experiencing “shock fatigue” at the absolute lack of cognitive ability displayed by too many of our fellow Americans. Trump is being investigated (still???) for colluding with Russia while there is evidence… EVIDENCE that the previous administration did exactly what they are accusing Trump of. Remember Clinton selling 20% of our uranium TO OUR ENEMY? How about the previous president telling Russia to wait until after the election so he will have more “flexibility”? Or gutting our military, removing defenses, etc.? They lie, lie, and lie again; then it comes out later that yes, they were lying. Are they held accountable? Nope. The sheep keep voting the same liars back into office so they can lie some more. They have established a system where it is not only legal (mostly), but celebrated to discriminate against certain people; i.e.- Christians, heterosexuals, causasions, conservatives,… Read more »


Outstanding. The truth sets us free. Thank you.


So true. The thing I really hate is people are calling for impeachment but have no idea what that actually entails and/or have no idea why they want it when asked. They aren’t sheeple, more like lemmings.

I know not of what this hysteria, manifests. I am but a simple man, living in an out of the way place. I’m sure the government will not allow anything to get out of hand. Stay alert!!!!!

Plainsmedic my friend Please do not underestimate the power of Stupid people being USED by MEDIA. I want to hear from you again after the smoke clears and internet is restored (if ever).

From where I am standing a PART of the Government also known as the Deep State and their fellow Kingmakers the MEDIA ARE the Problem and INTEND to allow it to get out of hand just enough to get the Sheeple to Beg for Safety, Safety Safety at any cost. Save us (even sounds like sheep baahing when you read it out loud eh?) Socialism to the RESCUE!!

The Deep State is not afraid of Socialism they intend to be the Kingmaker Elites of the Socialists.

As I posted earlier (a too long post sorry) the bulk of the Paid for Agitators are in the Cities and riots there WILL Affect both you and I in the rural-semi-rural areas.

Sun Tzu would say do not underestimate the enemy, make the enemy underestimate you.

I think PlainsMedic’s response was tongue in cheek.

Plainsmedic….after being a real medic in a city, think about the people you have responded to for their hurt finger at 2 or 3 am……because THEY could not sleep. These are the people who are constantly asking for a handout, believing they deserve it. Therefore, when what they “deserve” may be threatened, they act irrationally. Ever tell one of them that 911 is not approriate for their hurt finger? See what result you get when you do that, and then consider the millions who feel the same. They are threatened and will lash out at everyone and everything.

you are correct, my friend

Brad ,,,,,,,good post ,,,,thanks,,,,

Ugh just hearing the left complain day after day is getting exhausting, they are irrational. Trump was not my first choice. I do not like some of his polices or his personality, except for the fact his personality upsets the left.

The people who voted for Trump knew that he had some shady dealings and they decided over look his flaws. Trump has tried to do what he promised, in fact congress is mostly responsible for more not getting done. There really isn’t anything to get upset over, but for some reason they are determined to destroy the current administration.

On this site we are probably mostly speaking to Trump Supporters or cautious Conservatives like myself. Only time will tell where this all goes. Always preparing and praying here.

Keeper, was not my first choice either.. I got on the trump train, when there was no other viable choice. When I realized who his enemies were, i t made me more confident. in tthat choice. Do I agree with everything…NO, do not. I don’t even agree with DH 100% of time.LOL

my question to all these crazies is… what has the president done since elected that has disrupted your life so much that you have to act like a bunch of idiots? Nothing really in my life has changed since election. I have not seen people thrown in fema camps, police breaking down doors, still have my same job, still have same health insurance, still able to leave house at any hour of day or night i want to, etc. I don’t understand what these people think that the president has done to disrupt their lives. Can anyone explain that?????

007, I can not explain that.
Neither can they

My take on that.. Their problem rests between their ears.
Brainwashing has been going on for many years. It can be prevented with going back to home education
Home schooling. is one aspect so is training our children and Grands how to think and process facts we know.. Teach them to “read sign” and follow to the conclusion…Physical sign…watch for tracks and behaviors to determine where a preditor is going and what their plan is…
This applys in so many areas of life.
Some people have drank so much of the “koolaid” they can’t “taste” anything else. Just can’t fix stupid.

Blah blah blah, about Trump. As if ALL of the presidents have been angels. Kennedy was a hound behind the scenes and we all know about Clinton. Politics is a trash hole and it always has been. Never going to change as long as power, money and egos are involved no matter which side you are on.

It’ no matter these shrill idiot leftists – when the bullets start flying they will all get mowed down and we can return to a civilized society. Hope they don’t start lobbing lead soon, but if they do – they’re toast because we will root out every last one of them and make sure they don’t attack our fine nation again. Notice I said nation and not homeland since the nazi’s like changing the country to homeland and reliving their past crimes against humanity having come over from operation paperclip among other more nefarious operations.


It is getting so bad now the far left is sending Obama out to politic against Trump and the mid term elections, to me this just shows that the left thinks they need a lot of help to try to win the mid terms, to me a far right voter, really like President Trump, I think he has done a great job of trying to fix what Obama —-ed up, also a lot of the reason that Hillary did not win is because a lot of voters just didn’t want her or her far left ideas, the crybabies that can’t get over it are just not smart enough to realize it, they have to blame someone or something else for her loss.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

These are the same people who blame everything on everybody else, they take no responsibility and they fail to comprehend history,
Time will show the skids

But Another point too, I am just kicking back and going to watch what happens here in Jackson, Ms. (My state Capitol),when Trump visits to endorse Cyndy Hyde-Smith, Republican candidate for Senator, I doubt that anything will get crazy like in other areas of the country, but it just depends on outside agitators coming in and getting things going. Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

The goal of the tyrants is people control. I think most of the tyrants are found within the huge international banking system. A priority task in our country is for them to take away firearms .Once that threat is removed there are no boundaries for them . This whole mess is going to end in one world government . We just do not know when that will happen.
President Trump is not our savior , I think perhaps that he is a player as do others.
I try not to be a pessimist , but a realist , sometimes it is challenging.

I had a dream last night, wasnt good, im going to carry everywhere i go from here on damn the law, rather take my chances with that than get the snot beat out of me by a band of local style gimmedats. Im too old and sore to worry about the consequences.

Amen to that Tommyboy . Nowhere is safe , trouble can be where you least expect it .Stay alert , and gray.


Great conversation…..terrifying. I hope and pray to God that the vast majority of the folks in this country can see the frightening potential of things to come and the way they are being manipulated.

Does anyone else see the “generation gap” and other similar actions going on now as was happening in the late, wild 60’s??? Could be a repeat… p.s. I see lots of BS coming from BOTH sides of the political spectrum, keep an open, clear mind and DO YOUR OWN THINKING!!!

Thomas Paine.:’These are the time that try men’s souls’


Hey, Ken, I think you might have missed most of them.

Since November 8, 2016, there has been a mindless, seething, shrieking, terrified mass out there cowering because the end of the world has arrived. Almost two years later and they still haven’t opened their eyes and seen that the darkness where they dwell is of their own making. They have driven themselves insane with their own nearly incoherent rhetoric and we’ve just begun to hear the depths of the violence to which they believe those-not-identical-to-themselves should be subjected. When their hearts are completely packed with such words we shall surely see them turned into action. Isolated incidents may soon coalesce into deliberate attacks and anarchist-led mob activity. And of course the vultures will be standing by to take advantage.

I have dearly loved family members and friends who are part of “they” and I grieve that they have given themselves over mind and soul to the absolutely anti-American creed of base intolerance that dominates public and social media these days.

My personal philosophy is to never get between a determined suicide and the edge of the cliff. Too big a risk that they’ll just take you with them. I stay away from anyone spewing anti-Trump vitriol. In spite of my previous post, I won’t be driving to Seattle. No need to get too close to those who will eventually cause their own downfall.

I had a boss not long ago who was paralytic after the election. That person used to taunt me for my political beliefs, though I never talked politics at work. Thankfully am hundreds of miles away as that person is heavily armed and has a violent streak.

Reasonable fear is not so bad; tends to hone one’s protective instincts.

Pray for Trump’s health, Pray for Jesus to Save Us & be Prepared to KILL ALL TRAITORS before they Kill You! Sweet Dreams!

Thank you all for your daily comments and reporting on what is really going down in Washington. I cannot personally watch any of the news feeds, I need to avoid depressing and anxiety ridden media reports.( trying to stay calm NRP) I trust your comments more than anything. The one thought that keeps coming to my narrow mind is this,, actually more of a gut reaction. I am thinking that all this “crap” you are seeing and talking about is really part of the “smoke and mirrors” act. My concern is more for what the other hand is doing behind our backs. That said, I have given my concerns and anxiety to God. I will continue to prep and read. Thank you all again for who you are, a loosely connected group of loving and concerned Patriots. God bless the Republic.

Good to hear from you MJ
I am getting to be the same, cant stomach watching or reading much newswise, it raises my BP and sets me to grinding my teeth,
That dont mean ill sit by but for now, we all need to just step back a bit, its just not healthy to dwell on the madness, like my friend says, nothing we can do about any of it so why worry about it,
Cheers bud

Minerjim — feel much the same, and have often wondered in past weeks , just what is going on “behind our backs”, etc….

I choose to stay out of most of these conversations lately. Too much drama and time thieves. I tend to upset folks here with my views.
But I will chime in on this one…
The left have become fanatics.
I saw this coming 2 years of the reasons I went into SHTF MODE then.
There is no reasoning with them. No middle ground. Trump took their Utopia away when they were so close to seeing it come about.
Makes the situation dangerous for the common citizens.
I have prepared my family and my group the best I can. I’m fortunate that they fully embrace it as a lifestyle. In spite of what’s happening my kids and especially my grandkids are thriving.
But what is going on now? Seeing an attempted coup on our duly elected president? Previous presidents behaviors that is nothing short of treason IMO.
It’s a race against time. Will Trump have enough true Americans/Patriots in Gov./military positions to bring about the arrests of these traitors in and out of the government?
Or will these traitors use the Constitution against us with these convoluted/ridiculous accusations to overthrow a duly elected presidency.
That us what keeps me up at night…
Their ideology is Cancer to our Republic.
We are truly in grave danger. It is amazing how many on both sides are blind to it.
I have always been tolerant of others and their beliefs. But there is no reciprosity of tolerance from them. There is only one way and it’s their way. They are using violence to enforce it.
So now I see these people who embrace this ideology as” cancer cells “attacking the body of this country that I love.
When cancer cells attack the body they need to be eradicated.
So if 10,000 or ten million of these “cancerous cells ” need to be dropped in ditches to save our Republic so be it…
Haven’t had to do that type of work in a long time.I had hoped I wouldn’t need to use those skills again.
My back is against the wall IMO.
It’s fight or run. Not much on running. Not much on being their indentured servant either.
They have been empowered by these traitors.
They can act with impunity.
They will find out quickly when it starts that they will push their treasonous ideology at the peril of their own lives.
Bloodshed is coming. Can’t stop it. So you better get your head right on what may need to be done.
Either fight on your feet or die on your knees at the hands of these cancerous traitors.
Make your choice now before they make it for you. A storm is coming and it’s a biggunn…
From the horse’s mouth to your ear…
(Btw,my views are mild compared to others I have talked with these last few weeks.)

Ill take on my feet thanks.
I dont think you upset folks here, and if ya do its on them not you.
We are all entitled to our opinions and views,
Hopefully your place on BI didnt get wacked with that storm last week, we got another coming through tuesday or so, they are looking at it squeaking by between Maui and the Big Island, winds in the 65-75 range gusting higher, batten down the hatches!

BJH- Can’t think of anything that you have said that bothered me at all. I usually agree with you. Would be interested in what info you have from others as for me it’s one of ‘queasy feeling’ times with all that is going on.

Thank you for being frank on what you see coming, every time you have spoken, this household listens. ACDH’s understands where you are coming from in your knowledge, he concurs due to his past back ground from days gone by.
Should someone be offended, it is their problem not yours. Please continue to share what you see or know without breaking your security.

BJH ,,,,,,SAME HERE ,,,,,GOOD POST ,,,,let me know when your coming ,will set a extra plate ,,,,

BJH, That is why we hope and pray for the best, while preparing for the worst. Agree with you.No feelings hurt I can find…

This whole mess will get worse every day as the elections near.
Stay away from crowds, any and all crowds.
Get your stuff together, cinch down your belts, we are in for a rough ride!
Get out the vote— only you can prevent socialism!!!


Dang, there are some awesome comments here!!

Personally, I can’t wait much longer for Trump to declassify the FISA docs.
The truth is going to hurt the Deep State planners and executioners, and those docs will force additional motions to take place.

The world of crazy has exponentially ramped up — but remember the news-feeds are controlled and they flood into all social media and the minds of those who allow themselves to be used or controlled. We are watching the intentional OPTICS they want us to watch. Observe, do not engage in the hysteria!

Important: Carry on, live the lifestyle, be ever-watchful, and guard your six.

Good chance those “documents” are disappearing as we speak. That’s how the “deep state” works. Remember Sandy Berger? Caught red-handed stealing and destroying original document detrimental to the Clintons after they left office. He used his retained security clearances to gain unfettered access after he was no longer national security advisor (sound familiar?) After being caught in the act on follow up visits to the top secret archives, the DOJ under Bush the 2nd, declined to bring charges (sound familiar).

Have no doubts, this beast will not die, short of a bloody battle to the death. This evil corruption permeates every branch.

Dennis, Processes have tightened and also been distributed, intentionally. Those docs are housed in the SCIF. They also left many paper and electronic trails, including specific intel in PDBs. Also, the intel/info was seen by several others beyond the Gang of Eight, the House and Senate Intel Committees, namely the Speaker of the House, minority leader of House, Leader of Senate and Minority leader of Senate,

I’d also wager that IG Huber has those docs as well. Evidence. They’ll be presented publicly before long.

All the documents are preserved. They will be used . …for those that may not know LG was grabbed and hugged by huma ab…/plaything of hit-ery .The look on L.G’s face and his reaction was priceless when given the “I see You sign ” by the General at Mc disdains funeral..

I think Ayn Rand saw the coming in 1957.

You created the spoilt brats. You even made one “President”. And like an animal that tasted human flesh, they want more….. of YOU!

The Breitbart expose of the Google inhouse meeting on how they feel it is their mission to ‘educate’ those who voted for Trump. Bias?

Ken and everyone else here at MSB, I have been a long time reader of this blog but I have never posted anything before. I have decided to post my comments as I feel my circumstance and view point is very unique. My father is retired US Navy. I grew up moving around A LOT. K-12 I went to 21 different schools and have yet to find anyone who could bet my record. I have been through all 48 continental United States. When I became an adult I continued to travel all around the world seeing many different people from all walks of life. I currently run my own business as a ‘Privacy & Security Consultant’. What that really means is that I help people disappear for a living. Think witness protection but for anyone that has the money. I don’t work with criminals, just people that want to get away and not be found again. Because of my business I was eventually able to get a citizenship with Switzerland. This dual citizenship is something I feel I am very lucky to have. From what I just said, you might be thinking I am ‘to the left’ with a ‘socialist mindset’. If I had to pick a title I would actually say I am a libertarian but do have opinions from both sides. So now on to my point after that little background information. I personally didn’t vote for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson, but he wasn’t actually my first pick. My first pick would have been Bernie Sanders, for one reason only. He doesn’t scare me like the others do. I don’t agree with him on many things but I at least feel that he has the best intentions for this country and it’s people. Trump concerns me for different reasons. I feel like when he was running for President he was like the dog chasing his tail. When he won, he caught his tail and now he has no idea what to do with it. I didn’t want to judge him right away when he first took office. I was hoping he would surround himself with top people in their various fields and go forward based on information given to him. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he has done that and is simply ‘shooting from the hip’ if you will. Did he collude with Russia? I am sure he did, because he would have to in order to be an international business man he is. What the intent was or the plan in mind remains to be seen. However, I firmly believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and feel he needs his fair shake like everyone else does. Personally I feel the Mueller is doing well in his investigation as he is taking his time and being thorough. Trump will have his turn to say his peace, but I feel what he is doing right now is only hurting him. So how does all of this relate to… Read more »