Medical Tyranny Is Surging – Will Get MUCH WORSE Under Harris/Biden

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” said James Madison, our 4th president.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;” said Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president.

“Freedom is not bestowed upon by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” “A Republic, if you can keep it.” said Benjamin Franklin

Tyranny Is Going Strong…

We are most certainly under Medical Tyranny, Big Tech Tyranny, Progressive/Marxist Identity Politics Cancel Culture Tyranny, and to a large extent, Government Tyranny.

We as Americans will, without a doubt, continue our fall into the abyss of tremendous tyranny.

“Why? Because tyranny will, without a doubt, continue until such time that there is sufficient resistance against it. Period. That’s how it ALWAYS works. You NEVER get back your so called freedoms without a fight. Again, that’s how it works. Period.” said Ken Jorgustin

The following example is that of our Medical Tyranny. It is getting much worse. It will continue to devolve. There have been MANY examples and countless mandates, dictates, and executive orders by our elite class rulers.

The following is just one example:

A man being ARRESTED at a Costco in Georgia apparently because his son was not wearing a mask.

OBEY! You faceless pukes…

“Law Enforcement” is the strong arm of the elite tyrants. Though some within Law Enforcement are resisting, many are on-board with the dictates of their tyrant overlords. Pensions are at stake.

A man was arrested after his son took his mask off inside of a Costco in Georgia. You will notice how the police who arrested him aren’t even wearing masks!

At one moment his son who took the video asks “how is he resisting,” and the cops reply with “he’s tensing his arm!”

They also threaten to arrest his son for obstructing justice in the second video.

(video source)

Civil Disobedience

Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept

My Prediction:

More public “examples” will be on display in our future. The fear must be instilled sufficiently to quell any notion or consideration of resistance. We must sufficiently fear our overlords so as to only Obey without question.

And I will guarantee you this… If and When Harris/Biden are appointed Queen and Pawn, you aint seen nuthin yet…

We are being dehumanized. We are now faceless. Kept apart from each other. And by the way, Thanksgiving is cancelled. And so is Christmas.

Well you know what? They can go F-themselves (pardon my French).

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100% agreed BUT when you DO wear A MASK of any kind you are into the grey man thing blend in and nobody notices you and its much harder to ID you and things being the way they are right now i would rather err on the side of caution

Jay Jay WHAT would be YOUR Action? Your quick to slap Kevin so give us your example of Resistance and tell us what Newspaper to look up the results of your heroism please.

Make US Proud Blue Jay….


No, I think he’s finding a way to use the tyranny against them.

Yes, I have 3 mask shoved in my purse. Been wearing the same ones for at least a month or more. Just going to ride it out unless, they come to my door……………..

You. Go. Ken! You nailed it. It’s sickening to watch knowing what’s next and how willing people are to align. We won’t-and I want to fight back. Not sure how anymore. We have zero Leaders beyond Trump willing to fight-or organize. Any attempt to squelch this will require mass numbers of us to stand up. Do we even know how to anymore? Like the Boston Tea Party didn’t happen on its own.

Civil Disobedience.

Sadly true. But somehow the side that is demanding a complete rewrite of our nation’s laws and founding documents organize and pound through what they want. I contribute it to the media’s control of the message and so-called higher education institutions who hate this country. Preaching to the choir-I know.

The liberals have been working on this for decades. They have been taking small bites of our freedom. So small that we didn’t notice. But they have added up to what we have now. They even warned us years ago that they would take our freedom in small increments until we live in communism. They have been organized for years all the while promoting division in the rest of the population.

Well said. I always say be careful what you agree to accept as one day the freedom or liberty or cause will be one you care about!

They won’t have any of that if we check out of the economy that props them up.

I’m with you…at this house, only food like milk, bread. fruit is bought and brought in.

I have been saying that all along but 73 million cheated republican voters can’t even get together to boycott their economy. Just imagine if we did. And I am afraid that’s all I’ll be doing–imagining if they did.

I agree that not enough people would fight; as I always say, countries that suffer from obesity and type two diabetes do not have civil wars. However, a conventional military can be fought by a small group of organized insurgents. Remember the IRA in Great Britain and the Taliban in Afghanistan. As a combat advisor in Afghanistan, I myself saw how a small group of insurgents can cause havoc for a conventional force.

As I recall, all that high tech weaponry didn’t help the Russians, or us for that matter, in Afghanistan. Never forget conventional forces are awful at 4GW.

All that power and technology did the military allotta good… in Iraq and Afghanistan… what it comes down to is this; believe what you’re fighting for, and there’s a damned good chance you’ll win. Hell; if enough people didn’t believe that back in the day, we’d be bowing to a decrepit monarch right now…

Fight the media and other enablers. No need to directly confront LE or the military…

Here is another one from California

Resisting Curfew (the horror of such a thing!)

Talk about police brutality.

Control through fear,typical communist tactic. Costco is a great public place to instill some fear in the locals.
Wearing a facemask does help keep one a little gray,not a bad color these days.

I’ve heard time and time again that the cops won’t enforce these restrictions.
Maybe not sheriffs out in the country, but in cities and towns they most definitely will.
It’s their duty to enforce the law, not to interpret the law.
That’s what they are sworn to do.
If they don’t, they will lose their Law Enforcement Certification, and can no longer be in law enforcement any where in the U.S.
That’s just the way it is.
Whether or not you accept this fact, it really doesn’t matter.

The issue here is that most PDs are only connected to the People indirectly through their Political Employers (Mayors, City Councils, County Managers, etc.) who ARE elected.

Therefore the PD administrations tend to respond directly to their Bosses, not to us.

Many parts of the country (usually the more rural parts) only have a Sheriff’s Dept as the primary LE operation. Sheriffs are Constitutional Officers in that they are directly elected by the People and therefore are potentially more responsive to Constitutional Issues and to the Citizens.

In more urban areas, the Sheriff, if the position exists, often runs the Jail, serves warrants, transfers inmates or arrested people, serves and administers evictions, and other admin duties but the deputies only serve as LEOs as an add on duty, not primary.

Notice that most of the push back on the stupidity coming from the LEO ranks is coming from Sheriffs.


Executive orders are not law.

Executive orders are intended to make the running of the executive branch simpler. That’s IT. He can appoint ambassadors, tell his employees what to do, etc. He cannot make binding decisions for the people. Unfortunately O had “a pen and a phone,” and others before him also used EO’s to legislate, just as the SCOTUS has legislated from the bench. They go unchallenged.

The problem comes when an Executive Order tells a particular Administration Agency, to enact new rules, or change existing rules, or to interpret rules.

The Department of Justice, which is an Executive Administration, has a smaller department known as Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The ATF are the people controlling the sale of firearms in this country.

If Biden creates an Executive Order regarding new rules for this bureau to follow, such as to stop issuing FFL licenses…or to ban any particular weapon from ownership…or to require special licenses to own an AR15, he can. It would then be up to Congress to restrain the effects of such an order, or a verdict of the proper court, which either removes or restricts the order.

Inaction of those forces capable of limiting, or removing, an Executive Order, provides such an order to go into effect with the force of law, until they do act.

Bad Presidents can do bad things.

There is very real concern right now that Biden will, through EOs, tell BATF to reclassify AR platforms and AK-47s as NFA items which means a $200 tax PER EACH to own and, by extension, registration at the federal level. Elections have consequences, whether the election was fair or not.

Mandates from tax payer funded elected persons are nothing but self-serving bovine-fecal matter.
This situation in the article is not about masks or trespassing, its about power.

Okay–let me say this. Enforce the law?? Show me the damn law!!!

Well, yes, I know that and respected that when I left the furniture store and shopped at Lowes for my dishwasher.

There in lies the problem. Wearing a mask is not a law, laws are made by those elected people we have given power to. Governors and mayors do not make laws, if we were to just follow all their orders we could all be walking around in pink underwear. Sadly people like yourself would try to enforce it.

Agreed Larry. Our governor recently reversed the mask-wearing “mandate”. The protests were getting on his nerves. Most normal people don’t like wearing pink underwear.

True, but, at least in my home state, the mask mandate is just that, a mandate. There is no statutory weight behind it, there is no penalty associated with it, and it specifically states if you have a physical or psychological reason you can not wear a mask, they can not ask you for proof. All that said, a business is still well within their rights to ask you to leave.

In another state these government “orders” went to the state supreme court and their decision was it is not a law until it has been a bill, passed in congress and signed by the governor. The government lost. Orders are not laws.

Law enforcement does not enforce kabuki theater.

Granted we are only seeing snippets of video and not the events to build up, but the actions of the LEO’s, or health boards (video’s in NY of shutting down gyms etc.) especially in SMG’s link, are quite concerning and won’t bode well for PTB should they continue. I can see push back to a very, very high degree….a degree which many others here and elsewhere have commented on various paths which it may lead. Cold anger warming. Not good. Gear up, head down and listen to Remus – stay away from crowds.

We live in a small town. Our local sherriff has made public statements that he will not enforce any unconstitutional mandates. The nearest city, where we must go for shopping and Dr. appointments, has a much tighter police department. I do not wear a mask in my home town but do when we go to the city. That same situation could go much worse if he had a concealed carry weapon.

Spot on Arty

People are running on emotion more than facts. Im no fan of the whole mask mandate thing, but thats not a good reason to pick a fight. In fact, the masks, make facial recognition almost impossible, so thats a plus, silver lining if you can call it such

I love this blog and agree we should work to preserve our freedoms, but I respectfully disagree with this example. On the flip side of the coin, Costco is a private business and is free to set their own policies. If you do not wish to abide by their mask policy you are free to shop elsewhere. If you refuse to leave after not abiding by their policy then they are free to call the police and have you arrested for trespassing. Although I love freedom, I wear a mask in Costco and stay back from elderly to respect the rights of the elderly not be potentially exposed to COVID-19 and possibly die. The elderly should be free to go buy essential supplies. Masks are not perfect but help. I agree with you on holidays, let families risk it and gather if they wish. A more compelling example than Costco would be assessing fines to religious services for gathering. If a group wants to willingly gather without masks in close contact, I’m fine with it as long as all are willing participants, but my right to do whatever I want ends when I encroach on the freedoms of others.

But according to the article he didn’t remove his mask–his son did. And he wasn’t charged with not wearing a mask, he was charged with resisting arrest. Details matter.

I agree that companies have the right to set the rules in their own stores, even if under pain of fines and penalties if they don’t comply with an unconstitutional and illegal mandate, but police do not have the right or responsibility to arrest someone for resisting arrest when he’s doing nothing of the sort. That’s a power play.

I agree with Ken, they made an example of someone who was not the main perpetrator.

I would like to see more information on what transpired, since they didn’t arrest his son, they arrested him. Because his son was a minor?

His son, who is 18, took the video. Makes me think they went in looking for a fight.

Very possible. Hopeful martyr?

I’m expecting that at some point conservatives will start acting out using the same tactics as Antifa and others of that ilk. Because apparently the tactics WORK. Getting themselves arrested and filming the “brutality” seems to be a favorite.

I’ve watched this a few times and it gets better and better; as I said above, power breeds a**holes.

Somebody was thinking on their feet–it’s legal for protesters not to wear masks in New York. Since it was declared a protest, they’re good. : ) How long do you think it’ll be before they rescind that “guideline”?

There has to be a reason why they demand mask-wearing. I look for the real reasons. For instance, why did BLM target all businesses, not just white businesses? Because they were not protesting against whites; they were protesting against business (capitalism.)

So why make everyone wear masks? I am not sure, but maybe it is conformity. Everyone has to be the same. Look the same. Think the same.

Respectfully sir, there is a difference between defending the government imposing tyrannical restrictions on the people and defending the right of a private property owner to impose whatever arbitrary conditions he chooses and to demand through force of law that someone leave his property when he tells them to.

As a LEO, I will use my “officer discretion” to never arrest a person for failing to wear a mask, but I will always do my duty to evict someone trespassing on another’s private property when they refuse to leave, even if it means arresting them.

I found out a stadium horn works excellent against bears and hear it will drive off people trespassers when coming after them to leave your property. Very loud and very annoying. Wear earplugs. 😉

This is entirely true, Ken. Quantas today announced they will require vaccination for flying their airline. I can guarantee every boardroom has been having strong legal conversations as it relates to mandates for employees and patrons. This is one reason I opted to retire this year. People may not think it’s coming-but I would wager otherwise.

The short answer to your poses query-what then? Well, as for me and mine-we will opt out of anything we can that chooses to dictate such. When we reach a point to where there is no opting out-we will be as self sufficient as possible and maybe seek an alternate country.

That is what I am very concerned about.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17

Eli, I agree with you that the law enforcement efforts should have been more directed at rioters but masks and firearms are different. You have a right to bear arms if you wish to protect yourself. You have in some jurisdictions a requirement to wear masks in businesses and among others to protect others. So you can choose to exercise your right to protect yourself, but have an obligation to not (potentially) harm others I think it boils down to.

And yet, most of those “mandates” are not law and should not be treated as such. Instead they are illegal uses of force. If a legislature wants to gather and debate the wearing of masks, let them. In most jurisdictions a governor/mayor/city council does not have that power, legally. Belief is not reality.

The fines are heavy ($15,000) and bring a lot of lost revenue to the state. I believe the intent is to close down the small businesses…the large box stores walk in lock step with .gov and they (large stores) benefit from shutting down the little guys who are also willing to take cash and look out for their neighbors.


Thank you for your observations….made mine unnecessary, so I deleted them. This appears to be a man looking for a fight and not stopping till he found one.

Putting all the emotions and drama aside…if I’m gonna draw a line in the sand…it ain’t gonna be in a Costco over a stinking mask…………

I listened to a guy the other day talking about vaccines and masks. He said that at some point if you the vaccine you won’t wear a mask -only the unvaccinated will wear one and it will come with a lot of ‘public shaming’, harassment etc.

papers please!!

Just pretend you got your government shot and take off the mask.

I suppose if you wait it out, you will eventually have some basis of herd immunity since all they need is 70% of the population vaccinated, but I think many demoncrat leaders will still impose the masks and on everything that comes in virus form. But what will it matter? Trump voters will be eradicated from society according to the Demoncrats by the time that happens!

I heard a report on the radio a couple of days ago about a new study that just came out. It said that people who’d had Covid were only immune from reinfection for 6 months. This was different from a previous study that had found the immunity only lasted for 3 months. Now, I don’t know anything about immunology, but if the antibodies that a person creates to the actual virus only last for 3-6 months, why would the antibodies that a person creates in response to the vaccine last any longer? Wouldn’t this mean that everybody would need a booster every 3-6 months? I’m not sure that would even be possible and herd immunity wouldn’t be a realistic possibility. This would lead to a long term continuation of any restrictions they want to try to impose. Like I said, I don’t know anything about how this works. Is there someone who knows more about this that can explain where I am wrong in my thinking?

Ken, the police are the enforcers for TPTB, which means their an expendable item.

Also Sweden had no mandates or lockdowns and only 6,000 deaths. There are some commentaries that indicate many Swedes engaged in voluntary mitigation steps without any mandates.

So based on 225.000 cases (number from worldometers), their death rate is much higher than the US, at 2.8%.

You might find this study interesting. Since it was Marines going through boot camp, they had the ability to be stricter with the participants than even the Chinese could be with their citizens. It is interesting and certainly not highlighted by any of the reports on the study, but at day 14 there was actually a higher percentage of cases in the group with the strict restrictions than in the control group of Marines.

COVID spread among Marine recruits despite quarantine | CIDRAP (

According to the CDC Covid is spread most likely in confined quarters, so they send everyone home to confined quarters.

One last thought on this article/situation:

I agree with Ken that there’s essentially a lot of crazy, random disorganized laws coming about from this pandemic with a lack of an organized response (not to speak for Ken, sorry if I’m misinterpreting your writings).

There’s also totally opposite responses. Some staying at home in fear, some going about their normal lives ignoring new rules.

There’s definitely some “Lessons Learned” from this pandemic. If we have a future outbreak that is similarly contagious but has a much higher mortality rate, we’re screwed! Well, I am at least.

My lessons learned: I don’t have enough food and water to shelter in place for long periods if this were a more deadly outbreak. I also need to save more $ to be able to shelter in place should the need arise in the future.

I still do not understand why the efforts of the government are not directed toward the elderly, the medically at risk, the sick (even with a cold), and the exposed keeping themselves home leaving the remaining majority of the population to act as they choose with regard to mitigation efforts. Think of how less expensive it would be for the government; how less devastating to the economy; and how less infringing it would be?

Thoughts on masks – The more we have mask mandates, the more cases are increasing. So why keep doubling down on something that isn’t working? If a mask works in one direction, it should work the other way as well and protect you against those not wearing masks. If not and the concern is surface spread then the government should be mandating gloves as well. Yes businesses have a right to require masks, etc. But no shopper has a right to unilaterally be free to shop without risk – i.e. demand a store owner institute a mask requirement.

Ken ,,,,more than the death rate ,consider the lasting long complications,my understanding is that as many as 20% will have problems ,,lung dammage,,pancreas damage ,heart damage ,,all with permanent damage ,

I wish I could remember the source or even the exact percentage from an article that I read a few weeks ago. It stated that a very large percentage of the Covid deaths were among people who were expected to die within the next 12 months from their other conditions.

That was a study in Italy I believe. Italy had what was thought an excessive death rate early on. Medical professionals reviewed records and subtracted the deaths of individuals who were likely to have died within 12 months anyway and the Italian death rate was similar to other countries.

Yes, we were just talking about that with a neighbor who knows of two people from his church that caught the virus. They spoke of the exhaustion and permanent damage to their body.

DAMed in ny ,,,,,,,, the exhaustion and damage are real ,,,,

Fakes numbers to start with. They are not separating dying with covid and dying of covid. Next up to 50% false positives. And finally it’s a big power play for a world reset as confirmed with the Canadian PM and one of the world health groups ( forgot name)

The actual death toll from dying OF covid is between 14,000 and 15,000 people.

Who earns the paycheck? FAR better threat to OTHER Resisters….

Same reason otherwise good policemen obey the “Laws” to keep us under the thumb. A threat to the Paycheck, maybe Job.


It’s the LAW remember… or only for Peons?

At least in my area, LEOs have an exemption from wearing them if it will interfere with our ability to communicate our instructions to people we are dealing with. This exemption is never taken advantage of and pushed to it’s breaking point. Especially not by me. Really… Honest…

Socialism is for the people, not the socialists!

Arty, we just had a local situation where a woman heard extremely loud “gunfire” and mistakenly thought someone had threatened her by firing at her home. She called 911 who immediately dispatched local sheriff. He exited his car as she rushed out of her home screaming at him. He is asking where is the person with the weapon and she is screaming “put on your mask!”. He is still in high adrenaline alert mode, pistol drawn, scanning the area. She is getting closer to the officer still screaming put on your mask. Yep, you cannot fix stupid! Fortunately, he heard the stand down over the radio. It was a gender reveal party that used too much tannerite – next door to this poor woman.


Lol, tannerite at a gender reveal party??! Dang, I have to get an invite to one of those things. Sounds like a real blast.

NH Michael,

Georgia has no mandatory mask order, further reinforcing the thinking it was a trespass issue over a refusal to leave the premise when asked. The cops were called in….. inside the Costco on invitation by management….not to shop for toilet paper…………which, by the way, is back in short supply and being rationed again at stores here in our closest town in northwest Arkansas.

Just watched the Cabinet/Office appointments and all I see is Obama 3.0, with all the feel good platitudes like appeasement, cooperation, unity, new world order, fight climate change, …..

But just wait until that “gas bag” Kerry demands we all give up internal combustion engines and wood burning stoves – neighbors calling police because you chimney is smoking. Can’t happen you say – he is the ass that had a nuclear agreement with Iran with an expiry date (if I’m not mistaken). Was he not the one that said ISIS could not be eradicated?

It is going to be a long four years.

Yep. It’s almost comical if it didn’t come with treacherous consequences. Old white people reruns-thought that was the lefts kryptonite yet sure seems vanilla to me! 3.0 is right too because the liberal leash is a lot longer with a stronger cancel (as in persecute) culture for those that don’t fall in line.

hermit us, you mean, It is going to be a long 12 years. 4 for Dementia Joe and 8 for Kamala Dumbama.

The police go to pull a car over for speeding and it takes off running.
Surely, now there are other options than ‘chase’!! This tactic reminds me of a parent arguing with a 3 year old!!
YOU caused the crash. That dealer is not the problem. And you know that.
Your point that the truth is not always shown…true–but of the thousands that obey, I am not one. I have an option to remove myself if a company does not want my business like the furniture store here in Russellville. I bought a dishwasher at Lowes instead and no one threatened to call 911 and have me arrested as did the furniture store.
I taught school and can recite many incidents where power breeds a**holes.
Here, when I am out and about, I have papers in my back floor board, and if possible I leave on our police car windshields….YOU ARE APPRECIATED.
You are right–there are two sides to most stories…but that story made me avoid Costco, not hate the LEO.

The only other option is to let them go free. Please enlighten me as to any other actual realistic and effective option. How would I have caused the crash? Was I driving the suspect car? Did I hold a gun to his head and order him to drive in a manner that put other driver’s at risk? How would I be responsible for the criminal choices, actions and inability of another human being to safely and lawfully operate their vehicle. This hits on another of my observations of the failings of too many American’s. Refusal to take responsibility for ones own actions and projecting that responsibility onto a third party.

I can completely agree with your observation of what power breeds. Interestingly, the single group that I have dealt with that had the most issues with situations where they were not the controlling authorities is with educators. Not even counting all the teachers, I am 3 for 3 on situations with principles who had complete meltdowns over not being in charge of a situation involving law enforcement. One was a traffic stop of the principle, one was an adult school volunteer having sex with a student that was “investigated” by the principle and the third was a student on student sexual assault also “investigated” by a principle.

Hopefully, Under the Freedom of Information Act, the arrested man receives and publishes copies of the information leading up to and involving the arrest from the 911 call; from Costco and the body cam footage leading up to the arrest.

Then and only then, we will be able to determine if it was an arrest based on a “no mask” complaint, or one based on “trespassing” and “resisting arrest”.

Doubtful it will ever come out, but any sane liberty minded person most likely knows that if this COVID crap and masks weren’t involved, this arrest wouldn’t have happened.

Arrested by cops not wearing masks.

TPTB are all about “follow the science” except that science isn’t what they are following. It is opinion. Calling it science only causes people to disregard true science and that impact may be the true disaster. The fact is that cloth and paper masks, unlike N95 or N100 masks, do little if anything to slow the spread of Covid or any other respiratory virus. Businesses have mask requirements in an effort to control lawsuit risk only. Imagine the commercials with lawyers saying ” did you get covid after visiting Walmart or Costco? Call me now. blah blah blah”. “When in Rome do as the Romans do” is still good advice. Remember “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”? If the business has a signed posted and I want to shop there I will comply with their rules.

TPTB want to be seen as doing something anything to stop, control, slow the virus so “wear masks or be arrested”. A secondary reason is to see how far they can push people. After the vaccine has been out for six months to a year and government is still pushing mask, sty at home, and reduced numbers of family members at gatherings then ….. Maybe they haven’t seen conservatives riot yet?

Blow back to the strong arm tactics will happen when the idiocy becomes surreal everywhere and not before. Just my opinion.

And, don’t forget people of color in Portland aren’t required to wear masks either. Cited as an exception to avoid feeling singled out or profiled.

Nashville, TN just introduced the “Rule of 8” for private homes in the city. No more than 8 ppl gathered together in a private home for Thanksgiving. Seriously. Not sure what happens if more than 8 are found to be dinning together.

But this new rule caused our Thanksgiving gathering at BIL to be canceled by him. He didn’t want to be turned in. So, those of us who aren’t going to Nashville are coming to my house. No rules here. Come if you want/or not.

Is BIL coming?

Nope. he is not. 🙁


You mean “peaceful protestors” right. (Sarc) I certainly agree it is a double standard, no science at all, politics for sure.


Review”MSB”, READ the article regarding “Why You Should Never Talk to the Police” and adhere to it, to the letter.

From the report I read, the son had been asked by several Costco employees to put his mask back on, and he refused. Apparently the dad was getting a little belligerent about it to the employees, which I guess is why they called the police. He (dad) said, when asked to produce ID, said he didn’t have to unless they were arresting him. The official reason for arrest was failure to produce ID. I suspect that the whole debacle served as notice to people that Costco is serious about their mask rules, and will not allow people to harass their employees about it.

I agree with the comment above about “checking out of the economy that props them up.” Vote with your feet.

Yea, unless it leads to boogaloo,
then obey is a moot point

No it was stupidity that led to the arrest. You can’t tell me that
they didn’t go to Costco to create a scene for a few minutes of
fame on social media.

All business have rules and if you refuse to obey or leave then the cops will come and put the lug on you.It is nothing new. It has always been that way.

Many people break the law and go to jail and some people talk
their way into jail. There’s really no difference. You are still locked up pissed off.

Ok it’s now the jail house lawyers turn. This should good

Resisters will always be called stupid. When they come to disarm a Patriot and he is shot when he resists, he’ll be called stupid. Back during the Revolutionary war 90% of the people tripped all over themselves to be Gray Men. What is a Gray Man, someone that hides in the shadows when the Schumer hits the fan, and then later says who let this happen? Trekker Out

The Gray Man is the most dangerous. You can’t ever be sure of his intentions or if he’s working under cover of darkness against the enemy. The Viet Cong would hide in the local populations and carry out guerilla raids at night, then disappear back into the population. Part of the Gray Man philosophy is to blend in and keep “them” (whoever “they” are) from identifying and arresting you. Because, once “they” have physical custody of you, you’re done.

Yes, it is still in the bag. The 3rd Circuit over turned the PA judge, and this will result in a court ordered discovery process, which will include the right of force depositions and force people to appear for them. The fact of voter fraud is not in question. The fact of conspiracy to commit voter fraud is yet to be seen.

Let us not forget the criminal investigations now under way…which…if any of it is demonstrated to be factual…will result in the greatest turmoil in Washington in this county’s history.

As a former worker or can I say female bouncer? for an establishment I agree with you. Gads, I have to admit I have been employed in everything!

Stardust,,,,,,,,,you sound like someone that Hemingway wrote about ,,,,life is to be lived
Tea and chocolate

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.”That’s the plan.

Stardust,,,,,,,,, a touch of the hopeless romantic?

Well somewhat,,,, being intoxicated by the romance of the UNUSUAL is meant to have a desire that is out of the ordinary. an unusual adventure, etc.

And– he is arrested by cops not wearing masks

Hopefully 2021 will usher in Balkanization and we can quit pretending the States are still United. The divide is too great, the ideology too diverse and it’s time for red areas to stop feeding the blue. Let them starve and burn to the ground.

The false number of cases and positive tests is all about a vaccine– not because it cures, but about the ginormous amount of money to be made.

I have wondered, in this era of the subscription revenue model and Trump working to reduce RX pricing lowering big pharma revenue, if another virus requiring a new annual shot was the goal of the creator of this bug. Many medications manufacturers are China based. Would generate money for them and money for big pharma.

Remember this scene when you are on jury duty. EVERYBODY is NOT GUILTY until WE get our rights back.

If you are a witness you saw NOTHING! You know NOTHING!

Your memory is worse than Joe Bidens

Absolutely. Jury nullification for anyone on trial for violating any mandate or law that is a violation of the Constitution. This includes any charges involving masks, quarantine, travel,vaccines, particularly 1st, 2nd & 4th Amendments. As a juror involving any of these I will always have a reasonable doubt.

It’s funny (not)
How these certain elites push the demands on the public:
Masks, social distancing, gatherings of no more than X amount, stay home, etc.
But yet, THEY are the ones breaking their own set ‘policies’, with no repercussions.

(Several cuss words) hypocrites

I wonder how many masks and social distancing will be portrayed at this years Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

They didn’t cancel that?

Many comments are focused on why the arrest was made, but whatever the reasons for the arrest(s), it is about control. As Ken has pointed out many times before, this is the start of the Harris/Biden agenda of people’s dependence on government. In short, the government knows what’s best and your opinion does not count. However, if you are an ANTIFA or BLM person who is looting and burning and perhaps even murdering – without a mask, your opinion does count and you may be immune from arrest or prosecution. Funny how that works if you’re a Marxist on Bernie’s payroll. A mandate is not law but if you are a company like COSTCO who is HQ’d in the lovely Socialist state of Washington you may be more inclined to call the cops on an admittedly belligerent individual to set an example of fear to those who would openly defy the mandate. The question of the day is, if the fellow and his son were black would they have called the cops? Food for thought.

Probably not!


But certainly…FM.

Yep, bout says it all.

Fortunate Son” is a strong, impassioned statement against the Vietnam War and the political establishment in late-1960s America. The entire song is built upon the idea that there is as unbridgeable divide that splits the fortunate sons and the unfortunate sons in America. Kinda like Us regular folks vs the Elite in 2020

Some folks are born made to wave the flag
Ooh, they’re red, white and blue
And when the band plays “Hail To The Chief”
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son, son
It ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, no

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don’t they help themselves, oh
But when the taxman comes to the door
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no, no
It ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, no

Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”
Ooh, they only answer, “More! More! More!” Yo

One group we seem to have forgotten who really help promote the tyranny is….Lawyers.

Every company that is advised by same, has been told something like this:

“Out of an abundance of caution, to avoid slam dunk damage awards against the Company, make sure you post the requirement on all premises that all employees and customers have to mask up. You don’t have to enforce it (on customers), but you have to publish it.”

If Granny (who always wears a mask) dies of the Covid, or even just gets sick and suffers from it and the ABC Grocery Store she always shopped at didn’t require masks as policy, then her or the Family’s Lawyers are going after ABC.

They have ammo in that ABC did not follow their duty to protect the public, with the best practices at the time, from a known danger.

It is always about $ and Power,,,


I’ve been noticing signs lately (even at places that require masks) that state you enter the business at your own risk. There’s a lawyer involved there somewhere.

One more observation and I stop
–imagine a virus that knows to not attack folks at 9:59 pm but attack @ 10:01 pm regarding stupid curfews; imagine a virus that knows to not attack at protests but attack at court houses and restaurants; imagine a virus that knows to attack churches but not at liquor stores!!!
Just imagine!!

Spoke with a good friend who I heard was sick, said after 2 says of draggin’ ass his wife makes him go to the doc. Doc does the COVID test, gives my buddy a shot and sends him home with antibiotics to wait for COVID results. 2 days later, doc calls and says no COVID, just a sinus infection.

BUT…the paperwork from the doc reads…COVID! So my buddy calls the doc office and asks that they change the paperwork and send him a new receipt. Receptionist says they will get back to him…Crickets so far.

This will go down as the Biggest Scam perpetuated on the people ever!

There comes a time in most people lives when they will feel their back against the wall, for some were almost there.I have always been a non conformist I don’t need a communist gov to dictate rules on how I will live my life, what’s left of it.FEAR, bull$… They can make their rules, I will live with mine. Good luck all.


yeah, I can run outside my home buck naked shouting F Biden without a mask, and no one would know…unless some squirrels are offended that I kicked their nuts around…

The Feds have monetized positive Covid results. Follow the money.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on resistance to mask mandates:

“It’s sort of like saying ‘have a constitutional right to drive drunk’…. There is no constitutional right to walk around without a mask.”

I wonder if MADD will start a splinter group of Mothers Against Unmasked Deplorables.

You can just almost visualize their marketing posters because the possibilities are endless!

Boston authorities are now contemplating the confiscation of private property under the guise of COVID-19 mitigation or “public health”, because they need to house/detain people in socially distant venues. COVID provides a reason to confiscate private domiciles.

Could the city commandeer vacant private properties to help supplement supply?

Leo Beletsky, a law and health sciences professor at Northeastern University, presented the controversial move to city officials during a virtual hearing last week.

“When you commandeer a property, there is no preliminary process. The government just comes in and takes over private property,” Beletsky told the outlet.

“There’s a long tradition of doing that in the United States,” he added. “This is not some radical idea.”

“Lives certainly take precedence over private property interests, especially when private property owners will be compensated,” Beletsky said. 

Source: CTH

Look up “Eminent Domain”

Eminent domain refers to the power of a state or the federal government to take private property for public use while requiring “just” compensation to be given to the original owner. It can be legislatively delegated by the state to municipalities, government subdivisions, or even to private persons or corporations, when they are authorized to exercise the functions of public character.

The government can take your property at any time, for any public purpose, and you cannot stop them. All you can do is to petition the courts for a payment for the property taken. You can never get the property back by court action, only get an adjusted value for the taken property.

In most cases, the value provided for the taken property in no way matches market value.

After your property is taken, the government can sell it for a profit to other private parties, who may then use the property to make a personal profit by selling it again…or using it for private business purposes.

Have fun!

Depends on where you live.

In the Kelo case the SCOTUS decided in 2004 that there is no Federal Constitutional protection from Gov’s (at any level) for taking your property and selling it to developers to increase its Tax value (the usual motive).

However, more than a few States have taken action since then (including a Constitutional Amendment here in GA as I remember about 2007) to keep the Cities and Counties from doing that.


I remember reading a couple of months back in some city that had locked down and the mayor threatened to bulldoze the church if they tried to hold services.

There are Civil suits and Criminal investigations taking place.

Only the other day was the door opened for the Civil actions to obtain a chance to enter discovery. Discovery takes place before a trial in order to gather evidence with the force of law behind the effort.

Once discovery is over, the plaintiff may file their case and reveal all the evidence they shall present in court. All this evidence is then made available to the defense.

YOU do not have a right to see any evidence, nor make any determination of what is…or is not…proof.

In a criminal action, the investigation is not subject to your inspection and you have no right to be kept informed of its progress or what has been learned. National Security criminal investigations often result in very harsh penalties, including execution. Classified information may be involved in such investigations, and any proceedings can be conducted in secret.

You are the victim of media ignorance, deliberate censorship, and socialist disinformation…

I read today that NYC will have covid checkpoints at key bridges and(border) crossings into the city.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is urging residents to rat out their neighbors who break quarantine restrictions on the amount of people at a home.

Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont says they are going to grill students about whether students and their parents attended gatherings outside their households.

The Gov. is urging business owners to do the same to their employees.

The idea of a government official directing school officials to interrogate children about what their parents did is Orwellian government over reach at its worst.

The Medical Tyranny is already here!

This country is totally dead The so called patriots just like to hear themselves talk There should be bodies in the streets by know Our founding fathers would be ashamed of us 🇺🇸

I agree Jack

According to the Cumming Police Dept. the son was 18 years old and he removed his mask once in the store. The store manager told them they need to leave if he wasn’t going to wear his mask. They refused and police were called, during which base on their behavior towards the officers they were detained and cited for disorderly conduct not because they weren’t wearing the mask. I agree the masks are stupid but if the privately owned store says it their policy wear it or don’t shop there simple as that. I don’t recall a big uproar when stores placed the no shoes, no shirt, no service sign.