Tell Me What This Pendant Is – That Melinda Gates Is Wearing

Okay, am I seeing things? Melinda Gates recently on the Today Show appears to be wearing a upside-down cross around her neck. This looks to me like some sort of satan worship, correct?

Close examination shows the pendant is NOT flipped over, the chain is clearly supporting the upside-down part of the cross in a natural way.

There does not appear to be an optical illusion such that the longer side (of the cross shape) is a distortion. It appears to be clear as day that this is an upside-down cross pendant – with some sort of (red rubies?) around it.

Evidently Gates has not responded to inquiries about this as of yet.

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well, the WHO, The Gates, are global power-players. And the Covid-19 situation is part of it. I have read some pretty horrible things about all this (them, and others in their sphere). And having seen this today, my eyebrow raised to the extent I had to post the picture for your input…

There are pictures all around the internet now (at least until Big Tech pulls it all down on their platforms). Here’s another one I grabbed:

Here’s another observation. Recently the Gates (first noticed with Bill Gates) are often wearing pink these days. As though their PR people wish to project a softer gentler persona, due to the present controversies surrounding the WHO and agendas thereof. I see Melinda in this interview wearing pink as well…

So what do you make of this?

It seems nuts – but it’s certainly in your face when you look, right?

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That’s a dude!

Or one hella ugly broad,,,,
I think you are on to something,,

Yeah, kind of looks like Mrs. Doubtfire.

There are Luciferians among the global elite, no doubts. If you raise your voice against them you will be labelled as a conspiracy theorist, whether you have facts or not.

cid, NOT “stirring up crap.” But YOU can do your homework also. It IS satanic. Totally has been used by Satanists for ages now. It doesn’t matter what it once was…the original use and design; it is what it represents NOW. Today.

Blessings (of God) to you.

And I am a devout practicing catholic and a student of the church.

Ah, cid….even wikipedia agrees: “…the petrine cross was traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but IN RECENT TIMES also used as an anti-Christian symbol.” And knowing the abortion and de-population goals of Bill and Melinda Gates, I believe them to be anti-Christian. Just me. You are welcome to your own beliefs. Peace to you.

adrenochrome harvesting look it up on duckduckgo not devil chrome or firefox etc.

Agreed. DJ5280. I was raised Catholic and the upside down cross is a blasphemy. The evil one makes fun of anything having to do with Jesus Christ, hence the “6” symbol making fun of the 3 – or the Trinity. As part of my education within the church I was taught about demonology. This is real folks. There is evil out there (look at what people are doing to people – reported in the news daily), and evil is trying to make us complacent or fearful all in an effort to control us and ultimately take our souls. This symbol is frightening because it is being broadcast to the MSM without comment, like it is okay or commonplace. They are telling us what they are doing!!! We need to listen.


Just chiming in here “cid”, we are not morons. That’s just looking to start a fight – which is not well accepted here. Rather, we are discussing a current event. I asked for others opinions.

Did you know that a healthy “democracy” REQUIRES much discussion, debate, even arguing over issues? The word “conspiracy” is an excuse used by those who may have difficulty grasping certain notions (particularly those which are uncomfortable to think about or talk about).

You can change the channel if this upsets you.

I am with you Ken. If Gates and Hillary and the others have worn these crosses upside down it can’t be good. I grew up Catholic, for a while, and thought the upside cross was from Satan. I just read up on this and it made a distinction between an upside down cross, saying it came from St Peter and an upside down crucifix which was evil.

Symbols and movements throughout history have been co-opted by groups and have a completely different meaning. Just look at the Tea Party and 10 years later that movement if it still exists has nothing to do with the ideals espoused before. Melinda Gates has never professed herself to be anything other a one world government globalist with a large bureaucracy and police state. It’s clear to anyone who is honest that she is not wearing these symbols because of an ancient catholic connection. It’s not just like porn stars who wear crosses but her wearing of these symbols has deep meaning and it isn’t pretty.

I tend to agree. They’re reaching here. Slow news day? I’m Catholic too and never saw it but that doesn’t mean that you are a devil worshiper just based on a pendant. The best way we’ll ever get others to listen to us, is to quit this assuming until we know the facts. So show me pictures of the same thing on proven Satanists. There are tons of pictures out there to look at. Geeeez. You really think they’d wear something that blatant where everyone is scrutinizing them right now?

By the way, my last post was responding to cid.

Infowars said it was a red sun with an upsidedown cross and that means end of the sun or end of days. Something like that. And that another name for sun is crown or corona

I cant ever seem to post at the bottom of the list. I just end up replying to another post by accident. Sorry about that.

Cid. Your snark and insults are not appreciated and certainly not in the spirit of this site. I am sure that you have difficulty not being an idiot but i invite you to be an idiot somewhere else, moron.

I am not a frequent commenter but i am a regular reader of Ken’s site. Your ignorant and offensive comment really irk. Any lame comment you make in response will be ignored. Just go away.

Been to catholic school & an alterboy, but the fable of Peter continues, no historical record or Christian record regarding Peter ever in Rome, let alone crucified upside down. Catholics came about long after Peter’s death. I was also told the fable.

Anytime I’ve seen a cross hanging upside down like that was on a wall that was bleeding in some horror film like “The Exorcist”. Using the catholic church as a defense to her moral aptitude isnt saying much seeing that the pope has already dropped his name as the vicar of Christ and is believed to be the false prophet.. who is also buddies with Gates lol. People like you must have never had to critically put anything together to make sense in your life. You act like these things are conspiracies when they in fact announce these things themselves. They just call themselves globalists now.

Go try to find one for sale online on any Catholic store website. They don’t exist.

you Right,. Exactly it is
and you know who Petrus was,. Petrus was the follower of Lucifer he hated Jesus
and was the first person who claimed about him,. Jesus he is one of three and Son of God.
Jesus was nothing more than a Messenger of God alone and never teached something like that,. like any Prophet after and
bevore him. So Petrus was on of the first deluded by Satan himself for his Mission
to Change God’s Religion in sight of Islam (Many Christians sadly dont know about)
Petrus is follower of Satan and a Evil wicked changer of Scriptures.
No Wonder Modern Satanists follow his path of this wicked liar.

I have never seen a Catholic, or anyone, wearing upside down cross. Certainly not common based on my life experience.

A Cross of Peter is an inverted Latin cross
The Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross, traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but in recent times also used as an anti-Christian symbol. In Christianity, it is associated with the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle. The symbol originates from the Catholic tradition that when sentenced to death, Peter requested that his cross be upside down, as he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus. The Petrine Cross is also associated with the papacy, reflecting the Catholic belief that the Pope is the successor of Peter as Bishop of Rome. (Wikipedia, 2020)

There are symbols that originally had positive ancient meaning that now are considered a horror. The swastika being the most well known.
That photo looks like a few years back.
She is Catholic and if I recall a bio I read correctly they are raising their children in the Catholic religion.

The photos, gleaned from a recent interview, days ago. Not years ago. Just pointing that out…

Again, Mrs.J is Catholic, and was astounded. We’ve not seen others displaying an upside-down cross. Just seems “not right”. But I asked for all your opinions, and am not trying to convince anyone otherwise. Just pointing out my observation.


Neither have I. Just passing on what I gathered with a quick word search. Called the “Petrine Cross”.

Raised Catholic, although seriously “lapsed” now…I have never once seen nor heard of this…would be considered blasphemous, as far as I know.

I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic academy till 8th grade, and I cannot recall seeing this up-side down cross thing back then. No, it is not a common thing.

The only place I have seen an inverted cross, was associated with devil worshiping…

And we have a WINNER!

Roger that, Wolfgar.

Bill and Melinda Gates present themselves as everyday common folks but this is all part of the ruse. When you have more money than you could ever spend then the next intoxicant is power and control. They have a vision of what they want the world to look like and they are using their billions to pull the strings of those that can make the changes they seek.

The pendant obviously as meaning or she would not be wearing it and I would not be a bit surprised if it had satanic connotations. I believe global elitists such as the Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, the Clintons, Pelosi, the Bushes etc. are ushering in the end of days and are orchestrating the New World Order that will crown Satan as king.

An upside down cross is NOT common to catholics. It is totally satanic in every way. Yes, Peter was crucified upside down feeling less worthy than Christ, etc. But, it is NOT a “Christian” symbol. Totally co-opted by Satanists.

This explains lot.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but in trying to learn more about her (Melinda Gates) I found that she is a member of the Bilderberg Group. Most of y’all probably better versed on these “New World Order” groups than I am, but I found this quote………………

—–Later at the 1992 Bilderberg Group meeting, Henry Kissinger said:
“Today, Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil….individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.”—–

A list of members (known) is a who’s who of folks I detest, and who themselves detest our president.. Interestingly, Donald J. Trump is not a member of this group of would be tyrants.

And it goes way, way, way deeper than that… but I digress.

I have given considerable thought to your invitation to “CID” to leave MSBLOG. Well yes, it is your web cite but let me explain that I made the same mistake of throwing a student out of my class while I was teaching at The University Of Texas. I now know I should have let the student continue his unacceptable comments. By letting him continue speaking I could have used peer pressure (group rejection by fellow students) to show him that what he was saying (name calling) was just unacceptable. I have thought about my mistake many times over the years. Please take my comments as respectful to you.

Texas Boy,
website, not cite.

That said, I hear what you’re suggesting. Oh, by the way, I didn’t kick him out.

It’s a judgement call during time of incident (coupled with past history with said person if that history exists) as to how I respond, what I say, whether or not it warrants a ban, etc. (he’s not banned at this time).

Yes, mood comes into play as well. Sometimes I’m in a more forgiving or teaching mood than other times. And others, not so much. I’m human.

In any event, it’s a (mostly) free country. I don’t have to please everyone.

It’s my saloon. And people have the freedom to visit a different establishment if they don’t like it. That’s all I suggested — that he might want to visit the saloon down the street where it’s fluffier, and a topic (like this particular post/article) doesn’t come up (a safe space).


My apologies for pointing out a possible explanation (other than satanic) for Melinda Gates jewelry. Understand, I was a cop. It was my obligation and duty to try and understand all the evidence I was examining. Many reasons for this. In the course of fleshing out all the alternatives, a true and correct picture comes into focus.

I am not an apologist for Melinda Gates. She and Bill both represent plenty enough for me to have no use for either, but wearing of a cross, the traditional Christian symbol, does not make the wearer a Christian. To the contrary for many. As a Christian myself, I see way too many folks wearing crosses around their necks who live lives antithetical to my beliefs.

I’m glad you brought this to our attention. She may well be subtly sending a message to satanic colleagues. If so, if she is a follower of satan, it will be her actions that reveal it.

How did Jesus put it? ” By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

He did point out the hypocrisy of the most pious people of the day wearing fancy phylacteries on their foreheads.

I will bow out of the discussion. Didn’t think my comment would become such a heated exchange. I apologize .

Dennis, your comment didn’t become a focus of heated exchange. And I’m confused as to why you are apologizing. That surprised me.

Perhaps we can (hopefully) agree to disagree that she was not wearing “a cross, the traditional Christian symbol…” (an upside-down cross in my view is not a Christian symbol). That’s what opinion is all about – which is what I asked for (opinion) when I posted this post content.

It’s not your comment that’s become heated at all. In my view it’s the post content itself (and the images) which are apparently inducing uncomfortable thoughts. A few apparently opine that it’s innocent enough. Whereas others are somewhat (or more) aghast at the imagery.

Given the unprecedented times we’re in, and the agendas that abound, I felt compelled to bring this to the attention of our audience for discussion. That’s all. I won’t accept your apology because there’s nothing to apologize for. It’s called dialogue.

Look up the word Apologist.

Yeah. He was kind of acting like the trolls we see here from time-to-time. When I first saw his comments, my first thought was “troll”. Why??? Because here at MSB, if one of us disagrees with something, we don’t go off and try to belittle others.

Please, go on… maybe another article for another day.

Dennis, That statement was back in 1992; Now it is 2020, what they fail to understand is that the civilian population of the U.S. is in possession of over 400 MILLION firearms and 12 TRILLON rounds of ammo. Now some people may turn in their firearms but, NOT EVERYBODY. So I believe that if foreign troops landed here, it would no be long before gun fire erupted.

Then again I may be wrong, we shall see if/when it happens.

I’ve believed for awhile now that Bill could be the antichrist.

Hes just another arrogant weathy so and so,,,
They think they are better than everybody,

“so and so”, I think the word you were looking for is “butthead”.

So now it’s OK to call someone a Butthead, and to insult someone who might have money and also call him arrogant? I don’t condone calling anyone a moron anymore than I condone insulting someone because of income or calling them a butthead. Enjoy your little clique here. Some of you guys need to look in the mirror.

Florida Prepper

Calling someone a moron because you don’t agree with them is unnecessary and disrespectful. If you disagree, state your case. It’s how we can have civil dialogue, and learn from each other.

Re: ‘Butthead’
I don’t believe the insult had anything to do with Bill Gates having money, which he most definitely does. It’s a well-earned (IMO) rebuke of a man who has the arrogance to use his money and influence to attempt to force policy, outside of what is supposed to be a democratic process, based on what he thinks would be best for everyone. I would certainly call that arrogant, at the very least. Some would call that level of control, or the attempt of it, over others psychopathic or even evil.

Did you know that he’s asking for indemnity for the companies that will be providing the vaccines he wants to have people be forced to take? He has admitted that lots of people, I believe the number he threw out there was around 700,000, could possibly die from the vaccine, and many more be harmed by it. He doesn’t want any involved in its manufacture or enforcement to be held liable for those injuries and deaths. Would you feel comfortable letting him roll those dice for you, knowing he has no skin in the game?

Butthead? Sounds like a much milder response than may be warranted.

BTW, I’m fairly new here, and I’ve felt welcomed and respected. Doesn’t seem very cliquish to me.

Um, FP, okay then. There are thresholds of conversational tolerance for everyone…some of which may be uncomfortable. I get that. And any given topic of discourse is not necessarily snug and safe for everyone. That’s understandable. I personally have no problem at all looking in the mirror. Just saying.

Guess what Florida Prepper, I don’t have a problem looking in the mirror. Maybe you should check the mirror yourself.

Ok butthead

Farmgirl – good comment and well (informed) said. What the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is proposing is to vaccinate the world. You’ll have to take the chip. It will be the IMPLANTABLE QUANTUM DOT MICRONEEDLE VACCINATION DELIVERY SYSTEM (like a tattoo) coupled with the ID2020 (Bio-ID) component. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy or sell because you defer not to be vaccinated.

Ken: Your house, your rules!

I remember tossing a snotty teenager out of my house on his ear & threatened to call the cops. He said “My mom is a psychiatrist & my dad is a lawyer” & I said ” So that explains your bad behavior, son. My house, my rules.” He later became a pastor & came back to thank me for the lesson in teaching him humility & respect for authority.

Thanks TX Deb! Good one…

I think that the Antichrist will be much more beloved. I think it will be difficult for people to believe that he is not perfectly, wonderfully good, and this is why they will follow him. I could be wrong, of course; we’ll find out at the end of time (or a little bit sooner 🙂 )!

A wolf in sheeps clothing.

Gates is well loved by many…unfortunately. He acts all sweetness and light but he has a dark soul. Ask his employees what they think of him. He is not a good person. I believe he is anti Christ…not sure if he is the AntiChrist,

Always ask the employees! Particularly the private secretaries and assistants. If a boss treats their employees like scum, the boss IS scum!

MontanaHome, I think he is definitely a forerunner of the antichrist, perhaps laying the groundwork he will need. He has the technology and the money.

Way to kick that hornets nest…

The he/she/it Gates could be a follower of Satan or how about just a very bad person. The Gates try and play God via their foundation. How many tens of thousands have they poisoned in Africa?… selling their snake oil sugar coated as a vaccination for the po children? I’v read numerous articles on the Gates foundation failures and poisonings of children. In some cases they end up killing more then the actual disease would kill.

All I know is if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… It’s a freakin duck!

I mean… this is laughably absurd.

I like your site. A lot. Lots of very good, very useful prepping information. But this post… this whole thing… is just a batshit crazy idea.

“Idea”? He’s just showing a picture and asking people’s opinions based on their knowledge.

Just because something is not patently obvious does not make it “batshit crazy”.

In fact, sometimes what is obvious is a complete charade.

Somethings are obvious, other things are not. Its the very smallest detail that may give something away. To a LEO for example, how someone walks may tell them that they are carrying a gun. That’s why they call it a “tell”. Does the perp announce it (brandish the weapon obviously) before show time? No!

To a German officer in a WWII movie its how the American officer in German uniform cut the food on his plate before eating it.

To any reader of detective books, its the breadcrumb clues that lead to the unmasking of the evildoer. Tiny things maybe, but that lead to a logical conclusion

You want obvious? Think about Christ’s crucifixion.

Most of the other stuff? Why should anyone buy it, or not, just because of the packaging or the messenger?

IMO the question posed and the honest responses here were and are perfectly germane and appropriate. To dismiss them derisively seems misplaced.

Agreed! It makes preppers look bad.

Petrine cross is a symbol of Peter in the early church. A Crucifix (with the body of Christ) the symbol of our Lord. If Gates were wearing a Crucifix upside down, it might considered Satanic. Truthfully I do not believe that Satan’s followers would advertise who they are, they are too sly to do that. Are the Gates’ evil hearted? Only God knows a person’s heart, but we are left to try and decern this from their actions. Remember, God reminds us , ” I have even made the wicked for the day of evil.” Judgement belongs to the Lord, but we should separate ourselves from what the Spirit tells us is evil. Just my 2 cents.

A basic tenet of black magic is openly showing your allegiance to evil to the people you exert control over. Something to do with willful bounding and a doubly – enslaved subject.

Wait – Didn’t the 80’s icon, singer-slut ‘Madonna’ pull something with an upside down cross; in one of her stupid muzak videos years ago? I’m pretty sure she did. And I recall all manner of literal and figurative hell being raised over it. Quite the scandal – it was universally understood as a serious affront to God. — all I got on the subject. Did one year at Catholic school; seem to recall this is a no-no.

Ken, your statement about it going way, way deeper is the interesting facet to all of this. It does. And much of it has been hidden for years. Yet for some reason there are now various aspects that are being openly brought to light. As if we’ve reached a new place and all can begin to be revealed because they want us to know what they’ve done and what they believe and what their vision entails.

I suspect that it means something to those who see her wearing it. She’s been asked about it, since it is unusual, yet declined to comment. Women don’t tend to be closed mouth about their jewelry when someone notices it. And if it’s a piece that they do not want to draw attention to – they keep it for private settings, rather than wear it on television. She’ll talk openly about raising a feminist son, yet not answer a question about a pendant? Highly unusual indeed.

Personally, I appreciate you pointing out. There is something gaining momentum. And it has a very chilling and eerie feeling to it. God keeps whispering in my ear to keep my senses keen and pay close attention to that which I may otherwise miss. So I thank you for aiding my awareness.

I am not at all a Gate’s fan, but I offer this observation seen especially in the second photo on the Today show. Second photo is clearer to me. The pendant does not look to be a Christian cross of any type from my perspective. What I see is two possibly gold intersecting pieces on a darker background which connects the gold pieces. The part which looks to elongate the upper side would be the bale which is attached. A bale is the ‘loop’ where the chain goes through and bales can be any size.
My humble opinion. Consider we must all be leery of labeling. Do not Judge lest ye be Judged.

It looks like a Greek cross imho.


Want to really have a good freakout? Check out The Cannibal Club in LA; it’s a real thing, website and all. Do a Twitter search. Very popular with Clintons (even Chelsea), Podestas, Beyonce and JayZ and the like. In fact, JayZ does some strange ceremonial routine (there’s video of it) with the woman who runs the “Spirit Cooking” (Abramovic). The lefty liberals (Anderson Cooper, Biden, etc.) and especially Hollywood eat it up (pun intended). Do a Twitter search for “Spirit Cooking” and you’ll see it all. It is horrific.

When this was all shared with my wife and I, at first we didn’t believe it because it was that horrific. It’s actually all over Twitter. How on earth these people can show their faces is beyond me. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that there’s also a pedophile ring involving them all. But why don’t we make one of them president, right?!

These people give new meaning to the term reprobate. I miss the good ‘ole USA, but I’m afraid she’s gone for good.

Someone gave me a jade pendant, with the usual red string. Once, a friend asked if I’m Chinese.. No, I’m not but I can understand the language. And the pendant looks like a dog or a horse. Can’t tell what it is. Can a dog prance like a horse? Maybe…

Is it an upside down cross or just a jeweler’s design?

You do not have to proclaim to worship the evil one to be part of the evil one’s tribe. This pendant is close enough to the upside down cross to represent the mocking of it.

Actions speak louder than words, folks. She refused to discuss it, why? The Gates’ vaccines have harmed more than helped. Actions….tell you who a person is. She openly wore this outside her blouse on national TV. This is a message.

I agree with every word, Pegasus. It is most assuredly a message. People would be wise to observe.

I believe this is a Greek cross and the link attaching the cross to the necklace makes it look like an upside down cross.

Orthodox crosses don’t like that. I should know, I am orthodox.

Isaiah 45:9
“Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker—
An earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth!
Will the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you doing?’
Or the thing you are making say, ‘He has no hands’?

The Bible says love one another, hate the sin not the sinner. Creating animosity between us is what the devil wants, creating division was one of the last presidential administrations key plans, it is working, furthered by this virus and social distancing. STAY STRONG STAY TOGETHER! We on this board have a common goal, that is survival, having opinions is being human and having free will, which was given to us by God.

Well said BCM,,,

BCM… That’s a good handle!

Exactly – having opinions is being human – and discourse is necessary for any sort of democracy. Being afraid to say something because of ridicule is counter to that notion of freedom and liberty. Some topics are not so comfortable. That’s life.

I was raised Catholic and never saw that.

Im a recovering catholic and have never seen that,

Dont care,
Ill be damned if i ever take a chip or a vaccination from anyone after all this BS and if they insist on tracking with my phone ill toss that thing in the chipper

Judging by the past, the American people will be indoctrinated into believing that the chip will make their lives easier and they’ll line up to buy it. No force. Tracking will be the same. The masters will present it as the newest and greatest “advancement,” slap a high price tag on it and the idiots will clamor for the right to hand over their money.

already have… called an I phone. the latest and greatest model.

You’ll have to take the chip. It will be the IMPLANTABLE QUANTUM DOT MICRONEEDLE VACCINATION DELIVERY SYSTEM (like a tattoo) coupled with the ID2020 (Bio-ID) component. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy or sell because you defer not to be vaccinated.

Wish it were that easy. People like the Gates don’t seem to want to live and let live. It makes me question whether it’s really about ‘what’s best for everyone’, or if it really is a depopulation agenda they, and others like them, are running.

+1 bud

It seems like there would be an image with a more clear focus, thus removing doubt about what the image actually is. In many images it does appear to be an upside down cross.
One would think that if it were a traditional symbol worn by Catholics, then it would be widely known, having had plenty of time to become such since the time of Constantine. Although, if you search for images of the Pope’s seat, you will see on it an image of an upside down cross, symbolizing, by Catholic tradition, the upside down crucifixion of the Apostle Peter.
Have sometimes wondered how Peter, an Apostle to the Jews, ends up in the Roman picture. But I digress.
The general consensus indicates that the upside down cross is associated with the occult. Even if that is what Mrs. Gates is wearing, she is, as an American, well within her 1st Amendment rights, even if I disagree with the symbolism. For that is what the 1st Amendment protects.
Personally, I hope that the Gates’ learn of Christ’s love for them, for He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9.

I cant wait till the state tries their mandatory vaccination,
Me and a few thousand activist Hawaiians and a few handfulls of rednecks will be giving them the middle finger.

No offense Kula, but the image that just came to mind made me laugh out loud…. a Hawaiian Redneck Activist 🙂

I lived in Makiki for a year and that was long enough for me. Missed the snow…..


Tin foil hat article. Thanks….

The inverted cross is actually very VERY old school Roman Catholic. My Grandmother has been wearing one since my Great Grandmother passed away in 1997. She literally removed the necklace off of the body before it was closed and put into the ground. These are often very valuable and are passed down from generation to generation only upon death. They are often only worn by women but some men do wear them if no daughters were in the family upon the death of whoever had it. They are almost never removed.

The inverted cross is similar to the reversed flag patch on a military uniform. It is done do the flag is facing the correct way for the person wearing it, not for others looking at it. The inverted cross is for the person wearing it to be able to see it correctly, not someone looking at that person. I am going to assume Mrs. Gates wears it as a gift from a deceased family member and not necessarily as a religious symbol, but that is just my guess.

Source: My Great Grandmother was from a small town outside Naples Italy and literally smuggled over to America by my Great Grandfather. My Grandmother was born in the US but is 100% Italian. She, as my mother was as well, was raised in a very strict Roman Catholic School where they were only taught the “Correct Bible” that was written in Latin.

Wait, what? So wearing an upside down cross is the same as directionality of the flag on the reverse (sleeve of a military uniform)?

Correct. It is so that it is facing correctly for the person wearing it.

Yes. It is a personal reminder of hope, and facilitates moments of quiet reflection. And, like a watch worn as a pendant, it’s facing correctly for the wearer but appears upside down to the world. Funny thing, perspective.

As to wearing pink, first thing I thought of was that someone close to them is dealing with breast cancer. Although it could just be the season for Spring/Easter pastels, worn for Pink Day (standing against bullies) in April, Mothers Day in May, Tough Enough To Wear Pink cowboy rodeos starting in June.

It’s been more than 30 years, but maybe pink men’s shirts are coming back into style. Fashion mags are cooling off from 2019’s hot pink and are promoting softer light tangerine, rosy pink, and desert-hued blushes in 2020. Or maybe it’s just in their color wheel.

I’m just not buying those excuses. But that’s just me…

Ken you have brought two rabbit holes into a vortex to the abyss.
Bill and Melinda gates, and religious beliefs.
You could spend countless hours of research on either subject.
As far as the upside down cross, it comes down to interpretation.
On the religious side, there is folklore as to why the cross is worn upside down. Many reasons are covered above.
And there are beliefs to its satanic, symbolic use.

But the more you know about Bill and Melinda Gates, I would agree with the satanism twist.

I was raised Catholic. Yes Saint Peter was crucified on an upside down cross, because he didn’t consider himself worthy to be crucified as his Lord was. Roman Catholics do not wear upside down crosses! Try to find one online for sale! You will not find it for sale on a Catholic website, because THEY DON’T WEAR THEM!

Yeah NO. I was born and raised Catholic and have never seen nor heard of any catholic wearing an upside down cross. Now I must admit I have had friends that were satanists and they did wear upside down crosses and even had them in their homes.

this is a lie to confuse the readers, a four sided equalateral cross is if greek origin, melinda gates is clearly wearing an upside down cross which represents the anti christ due to its opposing position pointing to hell, a representation only, many filthy rich are full blown satanist due to their worship of money, they see themselves as seperated above from all other humans and their Lord God, you cannot worship the Lord and money at the same time, but satanist can because of money

They’re all a bunch of Satan worshippers if you ask me!