Building A National ID Tracking System Under The Guise Of Covid-19

thoughts from ” Dennis ” here on the blog:

I hope everyone is taking note of the push by so many of our “leaders”, both political and big tech, to create some form of national data base to identify and track folks who have had, or been exposed to COVID-19, and who they have come in contact with.

This my friends is the totalitarian “wet dream”. Saw this morning that Mike Bloomberg is offering to foot the bill for developing a tracking system for New York. Bill Gates has been pushing the idea strongly for weeks now.

Am I the only one who sees the potential (extreme likelihood) for abuse of such a system?

Remember the support and pressing need for the “Patriot Act” allowing eavesdropping on folks, data bases, etc. for our protection? How long did it take to turn that into a political weapon used to go after people Obama and the deep state saw as a threat to their goals?


Tracking ID Required To Re-enter Society?

Dennis is right. For weeks I have been listening to several particular people talk about this online, and reading about how this is coming about. Quite frankly, it is extremely alarming (to me) witnessing this happen right before our very eyes and under our nose. Tracking for every human within “the system”.

Already Google, Facebook, and other tech companies have “apparently” shared “anonymous” cell phone location tracking data with the “US Government” revealing whether or not people are staying at home under government “orders”. This is just the beginning. Oh, and, “anonymous”?? Ya right –

The push back has been minimal. Why? Because FEAR is being leveraged to the max right now. Politicians, would-be tyrants, and billionaires are advantaging the circumstances for maximum gain. Power. Money. Control.

The thing is, at this point, this moment, I believe they’ll succeed. Because MSM has successfully injected max fear into the people.

We are looking at a method of ID (identification). Initially, perhaps with the excuse that we “need” to identify those who will be allowed back to work – to integrate back into society due to Covid-19.

In my view, this may likely (soon or in the future) couple with a reset into a new digital crypto currency upon “reset” of our collapsing financial system.

Under such a system, unless you are ID’d, you will not be allowed to return to work or to enter grocery stores, or (fill in the blank). Covid-19 will be used as the excuse to get it done.

Is that wacky conspiracy talk? No, I don’t believe that it is. Why? Because they ARE working on this, right now.

Patent WO 2020 060606 | Bill Gates – Microsoft

Recently published (3/26/2020).

This patent is a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data.”

First, I can’t help but notice the patent number. Seems kinda freaky, right?

WO (World Order?)
And what about 060606, as in 666?

Is this some kind of a joke on us thing? Beast mockery? The “Number of the Beast”?

“It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark…” “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark…”

I know I’m intentionally stirring the pot a bit by citing those references. But still… makes ya think, right?

View patent:
Justia Patents
Google Patents

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

2020 060606

And how might they couple this system to the user? the person?
“whose body activity data is verified”?

Well, here’s one way…

Nano chip | Cellular RFID

Receive an injection which includes nano-chip technology right into your body. This tech exists folks…

For example 3 years ago (2017) researchers at Stanford University developed RFID measuring only 22 microns! Do you know how small that is? Small enough to fit into a human cell. It is activated using 60 GHz transponder. This could (seemingly) very easily become your “ID”. It would always be inside your body. Maybe flowing through your blood. Who knows…

How convenient might it be to include this, along with the upcoming “Covid-19 vaccine”? Right?

Conspiracy? I don’t think so…

Okay. I’ll leave it at that. For now. Some people will surely think this is conspiracy talk. Rather, it is discussion of technology that exists, right now, today. Do you really think that Bill Gates and Microsoft did all this just for fun, without a plan?

And do you know about the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation regarding vaccines? Seems like it could be a convenient tie-in regarding the just-published patent 2020 060606 crypto system…

The ultimate control over man. You’re either in the system, or you’re out.

Lets hope it doesn’t come to that…

Your comments?

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    1. Sorry folks, all other reasons aside, I think the time has come that we get any type of positive photo ID available.

      If you think you are foolish enough to believe you are un-trackable now, you had better think hard on that one. Especially if you use cell phones, Ipads, desktops, cars with systems like Onstar, use your credit cards for purchases, most especially if you use any type of Social Media programs and sites, Google something, and add that to the many private companies like WebMD that collect and use your medical records.

      Your personal data is very valable to them and their primary source of income.

      Wake up folks and let’s get real, they already provide your location and most of your personal ID.

      So lets get it to work for us and provide positive photo voter ID. Positive ID for obtaining a job and help remove the cost of how many millions of illegal immigrants off the tax payers backs.

      1. Make life convenient and easy, just get the mark, it’s good for you. It will help you so much. Make your whole life so easy and it’s for your convenience.
        You don’t need freedom, let the government do what’s in your best interest, they know what you really need better than you do. Just get the vaccine ( and the 666 mark) already.

        1. “A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.””
          ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭14:9-11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

        1. They know a lot but they can’t track you if you loose your electronics. They want it on your person, then no matter were you go, they got you.

        2. There are some people that never got a flu shot and never will. Some people do not own a cell phone. Some people have disarmed the tracking devices in their vehicles. And the list goes on and on. Get the point?

      2. The chip is so different, you take that chip and there’s no turning back you belong to Satan and there’s No redemption from that,read the Word

  1. Bingo !!! and the testing, will they also get our DNA while doing this for our own good??? Socialism is on the horizon folks. Our children are already being heavily indoctrinated. Even we boomers might see it should we live long enough….
    and just so the system will work take a look at SpaceX Starlink satellites. Musk wants to cover the whole planet with 12,000 units so the INTERNET will be accessible EVERY WHERE. Take a look at for a very interesting photo. Scary, Ready to scan your arm or iris to purchase?

    1. Read your Bible. In the end times you will have this done to you. If you don’t you are out. It is one of the things Satan is setting us up for his kingdom in hell. This is part of the the mark of the beast. Those that get it will be signing a one way ticket to Hell for themselves.

      1. This is so true!!! The end times are here!! Where are you spending eternity !!!! I want to please God !!! No mark for me , I’m a child of the King!!! Thank you Lord!!!

        1. I’m a child of God, I will live by him & through him. I have opened my heart to Christ & I have let him in therefore no mark for me! I worship God & his son Jesus Christ. I worship no other.

      2. The Bible says “ do not take the mark of the beast”!! Do not take the chip! Look up to God for your needs, he will provide all that you need.
        Bless this world lord and all the ignorant people in it.

        1. I will forwarned you whom you shall fear. Fear not him who can kill the body but has nothing more they can do but fear Him who can kill the body and has power to cast to hell,ye fear God.

      3. Jews do not believe in hell. And the Christian interpretation of Satan doesn’t line up with the original Jewish doctrine of it.

  2. ok so what if anything can we the poor nobodies do to stop this cause i sure as all hell will NOT BE MICROCHIPPED

    1. Well, like I’m doing — simply attempting to point out the issue. And questioning the potential motivation to make it happen (or at least the early stages of happenings).

      Discussion in the public place is a good start. Some people may not see the cross correlations. So it helps to point them out.

      I personally believe it is inevitable. Technology begs for this. All is needed are excuses, “rationale” to make it happen. Covid seems like one to me…

      1. Ken
        If they say that is what we all need to do, the pushback will be huge.
        Personally i will not do anything related to testing, chipping, nor vaccinating.
        No more
        Tock tock,
        People on both sides are starting to say enough already

    2. NRP & Blue…”add one of those little gems”…are they small enough to actually fit through a vaccine needle (stupid me if so)…

      think there is lots bad stuff going on…lots. Cant help but wonder what veterans of second world war think of this all….They fought for “rights”/”freedoms”/”liberty”/”freedom of association”/”so on so on

      1. Jane Foxe;
        Yes, they are small enough to go through a Needle with an injection.
        As Ken mentioned they are smaller than a Human Cell.

        1. NRP & Blue — golly, I am behind the times…(and I somehow missed Ken saying that)…Way too creepy. Way too scary.

    3. This is EXACTLY what Gates is doing. He has developed a small “tattoo” that is applied as you are vaccinated. It can then be scanned. I do not get any vaccines anymore. For anything. Will NOT be getting Covid either. Don’t coronaviruses mutate all the time? Vaccines will be worthless against them. Or it’s a guessing game like the annual flu. I stopped getting sick every winter after I stopped getting any shots whatsoever. I don’t intend to start again. I just went 42 days without going anywhere, or shopping, for anything. A few more plans ironed out and I don’t think we will need too much that we cannot barter with family, friends, or neighbors for. Many of us think alike about this.

      1. DJ…I just moved a few things around in the storage room; canned goods, rice buckets, home canned goods(just pickled 12 jars of beets few days ago, was really checking the seal–again!!)
        Peace of mind?? Can not express how superior I feel taking stock of all we have and thanking God again for allowing us the funds to do such.
        Threw out a few jars of pickled hot dogs from 2012.
        Does anyone have an idea how long these store when canned/pickled??
        I love them and have plenty of jars, rings, lids–Amish stores are so cool around here.

        1. JayJay, doesn’t it feel good to know you have the skills to accomplish all that? I always encourage people to not just stock up goods, but learn the skills to continue to be able to produce (garden, grow things) and stock up from that too. Blessings!!

        2. I cann, I have had no problem using an item up to 7 years. I take my left over zucs and add them chunked to tomatoes. It is nice to have a vege soup with extra veges I just have to add some meat, beans and barley.

      2. DJ5280 — you talk about coronaviruses mutating…That too is my understanding..And, as with the seasonal flu, for which they push vaccines, EACH year..EACH yr, after vaccinations are over, I hear (on news etc)…oh, the vaccine did not hit the target well this yr..only 20 per cent effective/only forty per cent effective, etc….But, you should get it again next yr, because it “might” help..

        when it comes to science and medicine, and things (vaccines) which might have (often do) side effects……..I seriously want more than “might”.

        for “might”, I purchase my regular lottery ticket, in hopes I “might” win…

      3. Dude I’m right there with ya. Barter is the future we just have to figure it out so we don’t end up with “barter towns“ if you know what I mean.

    4. Its simple find a liberal or a local politician with the tracking chip in them and then hack off the body part with the embedded chip and use it to make your purchases…. I’m just kidding… well maybe…
      There is always a work around even if my fake/real ideas may or work or not work… 😉

    5. i believe thats only true if you have CELL PHONE PLAN i dont think it would be that easy to track as they are in the media BURN PHONES i could be wrong im just not that sure

    6. I think we should just refuse. Period. All the industries are waiting for customers to come bounding through their doors. But, if a vaccine is required and no one takes it, then you can be sure the airlines, football team owners, players, etc., theme park owners, etc. are going to start breathing down Bill Gates’ neck and telling him to shut up. All of these companies depend on our money. Keep watching TV while they sweat it out without us. It won’t be long before big compromises are reached.

      1. well, really, is a vaccine in anyway usefull/necessary, other than as a yearly money maker…???? Quite the “oddity”..Vietnam….0 (zero) deaths, limited infections, not mass die offs in nursing homes…Oh, yes, they are now open for business…..Huh…They can do this but not other countries?….Huh?

        1. Jane Foxe
          Nam closed it’s borders to any an all that came for the holiday celebration. The only case I recall was a child that brought it into the country with her family on a vacation for the Chinese New Year. They said she recovered, but nothing else came out in the news that I recall.
          It makes one wonder what happened to those who would have been exposed in order to contain it from a single child and her family.

          1. Antique Collector — ah, yes..closed borders no doubt helped. re the child and family, yes…what did happen to those exposed? I have seen similar sort of reports in news..One of this group/that family/this bunch diagnosed, and do wonder at the “others”.

    7. If you’re not saved so you can be called up to meet Jesus in the sky,there will be another chance although it’ll be harder cause Jesus will take his spirit with him and Christians will have to hide and run cause it’s gonna be chaos, if you take the mark it’s Hell for you and if you refuse they will kill you but that’s the only way you’ll get to Heaven

    8. While I think passing the word is good, prepare yourself and your family for what is to come and be ready as much as possible. Know that when this happens it won’t be easy to refuse the mark and most of all keep God close to you and be vigilant.

      1. As a peer-reviewed U.S. Army War College paper warned us back in 2006: “In the hands of totalitarian and genocidal governments, the new ID technologies could be quite lethal — “die Gedanken sind frei” replaced by “Information macht frei.” In fact, during the violent 20th century, state power directed by governments against their own citizens was responsible for more democide than war. What is to prevent the new ID technologies from being bent to the same malevolent purposes, again raising the question once asked by Juvenal: “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes” [Who will guard us from the guardians]?

        “Standing in stark relief to the optimistic views of the future of globalization now prevalent, this dark vision of a digital gulag posits that, far from witnessing the eclipse of the Westphalian nation-state system by the rising, pluralistic influence of non-state actors, we instead may be on the threshold of an information counterrevolution that will lead to unprecedented concentrations of state power and their possible transformation into one or more supranational entities. For those with political leanings to the Right, the bogey tends to be a single world government menacing to American ideals; for those on the political Left …a fascist consortium of governments and the military-industrial complex.

        “Many fundamentalist Christians share a conviction that RFID technology will migrate from smart cards to subcutaneous implants (voluntary at first but later mandatory), and that these implanted chips will correspond in Biblical prophecy to “the mark of the Beast” in Revelation 13:16-17. Some believe that the sinister number ‘666,’ signifying the prophesied “number of the Beast” of Revelation 13:18, already is encoded in UPC codes. Those who refuse the chip will be regarded with deep suspicion and will experience persecution–the “Great Tribulation”–having been effectively locked outside the world economy.”

        (“Identification — Friend or Foe? The Strategic Uses and Future Implications of the Revolutionary New ID Technologies,” Richard K. Pruett, U.S. Army War College Strategy Research Project, 2005)

        My personal view is that both sides of the aisle are correct in that a fascist consortium of governments and the MIC seek world domination followed by a one world government it controls. Leading this trend are the governments of the PRC, where I once lived, and my own beloved United States, already under the control of the Deep State, a secret coup government established behind the scenes in 1963.

  3. To the best of my knowledge the Holy Bible has not been proven wrong.I do believe what I read within its pages.That said ,I believe that a one world governing system will eventually be put into place at some point in time . When,we do not know. The individual I.D. system apparently could be done right now through a vaccine as Ken has mentioned above.

    Things,IMHO, seem to be falling in place. The U.S. has gradually become very much a surveillance state, our privacy is gone. The “gradual” small changes over time do not upset anyone, like boiling frogs if you will. Things are put into place for the safety of of us all, never mind the loss of our liberties and freedoms.

    The United Nations just happens to be the perfect foundation for such a scenario to take place worldwide. Look up Agenda 2030 and read some of the plans for our future.The push to move from cash to digital certainly makes tracking a person easier.The tracking devices in newer vehicles ,cell phones , smart T V’s etc. all contribute to tracking people. I cannot understand why anyone would have a 24/7 listening device called Alexa in their home.The bottom line as I see it is all about controlling people, all people and everything they do .

    Is it conspiracy or chicanery or maybe just the way that things play out ? I do not believe in coincidence nor do I believe in luck . Our leaders for the most part are a gang of thieves and liars, not to be trusted.If there are any honest ones , there is not enough of them to do the country any good.
    We are going to a YOYO ( you’re on your own) situation and things are going to get mighty uncomfortable for us all , some more so than others.We do try to stay alert to the world around us to avoid as many potholes as we can.

    1. I agree about Alexa! And our phones and computers stay in other rooms after we are done with them. No listening to us anymore. Also, I NEVER take my cell phone out with me anymore. I drive an older truck. If I need anything I memorized my familys’ phone numbers and can have someone call them for me. Or call AAA if it’s a vehicle issue. Fight the tracking! C’mon people!!!

          1. miky,

            Better yet, leave it at home when you go out, if you can safely do so. I’m not sure that just turning it off makes the SMS card untraceable. I’m curious about that – does anyone have expertise in this area?

            When I go out now, I’m taking my son’s PP tracphone so I can still be reached, but I’m leaving my cell phone at home.

          2. I heard that you can turn all the tacking devices off on your iPhone, but it’s the apps that you will be tracked through. Many of these devices still listen even when your phone is turned off. I leave mine at home most of the time, but remember your car also contains a tracker. Don’t upgrade to smart appliances and refuse Alexa.

          3. Won’t be long,

            I don’t have a smartphone, just a flip phone. No apps that I’m aware of, just tools and settings. We have the least technologically advance TV we could find, and it’s on a power strip turned off most of the time. Heck no, to Alexa. Just wondering if I carry my flip phone, is it still location traceable? I just assume it is, on the side of caution, but thought maybe someone would know.

          4. it’s all seriously nasty and creepy….Seems to depend on where you read, but apparently the things which can be tracked/be used to track a person are numerous…I know a couple yrs back I read couple articles that some states were considering putting such tracking chips in vehicle license plates, another read stated in credit card chips, and then of course, if these chips are small enough can go in a vaccine needle, well, they really can be anywhere…

            have to think it possibly is happening….

          5. Farmgirl:
            Sorry to say, but the tracking is also “flip phones”

          6. NRP and Blue,

            Thanks for confirming that. Didn’t want the source of my belief about it to be ‘the movies.’

          7. Farmgirl, with the old phones the phone company had to use triangulation, getting the signal from three or more towers and locating the source between them. They also required a court order to do it. I don’t know how old your phone is, but long before stupid phones they figured out other ways of tracking.

          8. Lauren and Papa S.,

            I just got a new flip phone a few months ago, supposedly military grade, whatever that means. It’s supposed to be really sturdy, and I can actually pull the battery, unlike a lot of smart phones. I had the one before that for years and years, and would have kept it, but it was getting unreliable and only 2G, so would stop working once our area upgraded.

            I miss my old phone. The new one looks tough, but signal strength is actually worse and it’s clunkier. My old phone was small, and looked fragile, but it wasn’t. It fell out of my pocket when I was learning to drive a tractor and disc a field. I didn’t notice. I had to stop to go down to make dinner, and noticed my phone was missing. As I was looking for it around the tractor, I heard it ringing in a muted kind of way. Found it, buried a bit, one round over. Kids were calling to check up on me. That was a tough phone.

  4. Yes, the whole notion of an “immunity certificate” which would be assigned to people and would be their only way to go back to work, to the store etc is scary. It’s particularly erroneous though in that there is little if any proof that anyone becomes “immune” after recovering from Covid-19. Seems like I keep reading about all sorts of people in different countries both testing positive again after being “cured” or going back into the hospital again after supposedly recovering so where is the supposed immunity?

    As well, as cash is now supposedly “dirty”(when was it ever actually not “dirty”) we are all supposed to only use credit and debit cards, Apple Pay etc. So it’s a short step to telling the country that for our own good we have to dispense with the use of currency and only pay electronically/digitally. This of course will force all transactions to be recorded and out in the open which is their actual goal. The sheeple won’t understand this though and will believe it’s for their own “protection”.

    1. Ani…a immunity certificate….thinking Germany/Merkel amongst first to advocate/insist on this….

      So what say, all the experts I see currently being quoted in news headlines, saying….basically, antibodies or not, there is NO definite immunity? You can get it more than once? No guarantee if you got it now, you wont get it next time comes around, so on and so forth>…

      —which set of ‘experts” is correct? if second…no justification at all for “certificates” etc

    2. Ani;
      Being the crunchy old fart I am, and only a 1/2 dozen decades under my belt, I can see the whole mess coming unraveled.

      Not a conspiracy theorists here, just one with open eyes that’s tries to pay attention.

      The cashless society has been coming for a very long time.

      Think about every time you go to Safeway or ???? every item is recorded on your CC transaction, EVERY Item.

      Think the Super Computers cant spit out a list of who is buying what, and hoe much of it?

      Even if you go someplace like Sam’s Club and use your Card ID, they record everything even if you pay cash.

      1. NRP,
        THAT has been going on for years, and NOT just with groceries. Dang, but that “lake” seems to have risen another couple inches….LOL must see a lot of visitors!

      2. Okay–I may have just sidelined their rules, but last member card I got was given to me from under the cashier’s desk. Not any info was given or asked for.
        I guess you can still get one this way??
        We pay cash for everything.

        1. JayJay, I received a store ‘discount card’ from a local grocer and never filled out any of the paperwork for it. It still works and has been for the past eight months. Pay cash and they don’t know me from Adam…..

    3. Ani, I see multiple law suits coming from this because “WE” have a right, a GOD GIVEN RIGHT! to happiness, and how do most people find happiness? By working and making money so, they can enjoy their free time and the “things” that make them happy.

      These people that are pushing this agenda need to reread the BILL OF RIGHTS.

      1. Reread? They haven’t read it, why? “it’s above my pay scale” says New Jersey governor.

    4. I agree with you about money being dirty. Don’t the same hands that touch the money also touch the debit & credit cards too? All of our credit cards and debit cards already have the RFID chips on them. I tried for the longest time to avoid having a card that had one. But eventually all business like Walmart forced the change.

      1. C Meis, the new NY drivers license has some kind of chip also. They tell you to keep it in an Protective sleeve so it cannot be read unless you pull it out. Seems to me, this would work for all the other cards with chips…and phones too. Wrap anything that tracks in a protective sleeve to prevent it from being read.

      2. There you have it. There is no reason they need to chip us or vaccinate us (with nano-chips). Anything they want to do can be held in a chip card. Period. No need ever to put it in us, unless they are marking us with an individual # (like I read) that marks us like a product that they own.

  5. Everything gets tracked !
    Re:groceries there is a computerized log of items purchased ( I once bought excedrin at Costco for migraines- big bottle lasts for years- got a letter from them when there was a recall on the item a year later!)

    I know that every vaccine that we give out has to be logged with lot number/batch number and the expiration date in the patient’s record.

    Also had to call a patient once because the blood bank contacted me-(patient’s doctor on record) this guy received a transfusion 8 or 10 years prior (before I even graduated from medical school BTW) and the blood donor turned up having chagas years later and now the patient needed to be informed about it!! And I was the one that had to do it!

    So yes this stuff is tracked!

    1. Many years ago I watched a show on PBS about how many companies actually have cameras and tracking devices on their packaging. I have a sister in-law who takes out all food items out of original packaging and puts the food into containers. Also, I know smart TVs have cameras in them.

  6. All your prescription meds are tracked too- so they can inform you if there’s a recall of course.

    Even something you took years ago is on record somewhere (insurance companies can access it somehow)
    My coworker was a healthy 37 yo female physician denied life insurance because when she was in her 20s had gastrointestinal issues- doc put her on prescription meds temp to help (unfortunately that class of medication is also used for mental health issues) she was denied insurance coverage because of it!!
    Hubby thinks I am paranoid at times- but I know from experience that things in medical field are tracked

    Now this nanotechnology idea- don’t have any experience with it but thought scared me (remember that classic sci-fi movie fantastic voyage?)

    1. I haven’t been to a doctor since I was in my 20’s, but they still have my DNA on file–I’m a blood donor. “They” probably know more about me than I do!

      1. Lauren….yes, re the blood donar/ has to wonder…

        Must be forty five yrs ago I read a science fiction story saying they took all lab samples and kept track of folks/individuals that way. (as in, when you go for a lab test/blood test, what really happens to the “leftover”/after the test)…Remember thinking “oh couldn’t be”…maybe yes/maybe no

        1. They’re required by law to keep samples for a certain length of time. I don’t know what happens after that. I suspect they keep the primary samples for blood donors indefinitely. It would be something of a safety issue. I know I’ve gotten notifications in the past that they are going to test for some newly discovered whatever, or asking permission for research. As I remember the documentation I signed always said I consented to having samples stored.

        2. Don’t do the DNA test for ancestry reasons …it’s just another way to gather information on you.

  7. Every step along this road has been purchased and supported by the $$ of the people. They will do it to THEMSELVES, by buying that new amazing product that will allow them even greater ease. In the name of ease, they will take that microchip and congratulate themselves on making their lives easier.

    I personally believe it won’t be forced. There will just be a public relations and advertising push that convinces the majority that this is for their own good. They will stand in line and clamor for the right to be microchipped. All for their own benefit.

    Yay for vaccines! Oh, there was something else in that vaccine? Oops.

    1. Some companies have already chipped their people I saw where they were doing this and the people thought it was cool. Just to be able to use their hand to buy something from the vending machine clock in and out to work and all that kinda stuff they put the chip in the space between the thumb and the index finger and they are also doing this in places in Sweden

  8. Oh boy! I can’t wait for the trolls to come out on this one! I for one think that the .gov will take this as far as they possibly can, up to and beyond what Ken has written about here. They won’t let this atmosphere of fear go to waste, it’s a massive power grab, don’t be surprised how far they try to go. As I said yesterday, this is the end of the Republic, there’s trouble on the horizon, and it’s not far off. I for one, will not be getting any damn Gates Foundation vaccine voluntarily, that’s for damned sure.

  9. We are ushering in the final days. Things are going to go downhill over the next 10 years and people will welcome, beg for and eventually worship anyone or anything that can make life “easier”. Look how quick, in just the past month, Americans were willing to give up their freedoms for a unconfirmed sense of security. There will be a tiny minority of resisters but we will be hunted down and branded as “enemies of the people”, “terrorists”, “threats to public safety” and the majority will celebrate the capture or death of each one.

  10. I’ve been collecting links and articles about this for a while. The ink dot/nano crystals tech is developed by researchers at MIT, though I’m remembering others working on it as well. I have a link, but when I try to post with that, my submission just disappears. Are links not allowed?

    GAVI is very active in this effort , as well. Their board of directors is filled with bankers and pharma people. The Gates Foundation funds GAVI, as well as many other entities involved in this. It’s no accident that he’s stepping into the public eye more and more these days. They’ve been working on this for at least a couple of years.

    1. I think the “links” go straight to moderation and Ken looks at them and if they pass muster he puts them out for all to see. Check back in a few hours and see if your post with link is here.

  11. Also, if you search for ‘’ you’ll find info on the plan to use infant immunization to start the tracking – from birth to grave. It’s being billed, of course, as helpful for displaced people and such, but we know better. Mark of the Beast, anyone?

  12. All of this is already happening in China. Go on line and look up AI ID with Huawei using 5G. As you walk into a McD’s the cameras pic up the features of your face and AI recognizes you from the last visit. As you walk up to the screen to order it says “ welcome Mr. Smith would you like the same order as last visit?” The technology exist already, the only limiting factor is how much investments do they make in infrastructure to support it.

    You are already receiving a ticket from a camera reading your license plate. We are the frog in the pot of water. If they turn up the heat slowly we won’t notice until we are cooked.

  13. This is just my personal observation.Most conspiracies don’t survive the
    length of time required to implement the plan before some blabber mouth
    outs the whole thing.
    Once a conspiracy theory takes hold it is nearly impossible to dissuade
    the believers that it is not true no matter what the evidence may indicate.

    We have some very good friends that are 1000% convinced that the
    Chem Trail Conspiracy is in full effect and will not hear a single word to the contrary.I can only hear that the earth is flat and the moon landing was staged for so long,and then I must walk away.

    I feel (again just a hunch) that the distrust and dislike off all government
    has festered to the point that when coupled with an event that has scared
    the Bejesus out of us all it may be easy to see goblins.

    MSB has always been my go to site for the best information and an open
    exchange of ideas and thoughts.I hope what I’ve said doesn’t offend
    any one.

    1. NormlChuck,

      I’m wondering if you checked out the ‘’ search I referenced above your comment? Just calling something a conspiracy theory does not invalidate it, though it is an effective conversation stopper for many people. (Not me.) My ‘Mark of the Beast’ comment was half tongue-in-cheek, as I can’t speak to motive.

      There is plenty of information available to find on-line, not by ‘conspiracy bloggers’, but by the companies and organizations actually doing this research and developing this technology. Their websites and press releases are available, if you care to look, and are shared publicly with the seeming agenda of promoting their work, which they posit is humanitarian, and for soliciting policy and investment support. If you have the time, you can also find on-line the many patents for the various processes, genetic variants and such, as well as who holds them.

      You used a number of logical fallacies in your post, perhaps unknowingly? I’ll confess this is an incredibly busy time for me, and I just don’t feel like making the effort of laying them out. Perhaps someone else will.

      I don’t see goblins. I do see narcissistic sociopaths concentrated in positions of power, as they are wont to do by the very definition of what they are. That’s just what I see, YMMV.

      (Are you the same NormlChuck that I saw up until a couple of months ago over on Survival Blog?)

      1. You are correct, the information is out there in plain sight. Tech can be challenging for some, even unbelievable. However it is what it is. My concern is the increasing loss of privacy, individual freedoms, and liberty — in exchange for perceived security. We will never get it back. That’s how it works.

        1. Here’s a few quotes from Ben Franklin.

          They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

          “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

          “Security without liberty is called prison.”

          “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

        2. Being constantly offended or angered doesn’t mean that a person
          is right,it just means that the person is too narcissistic to tolerate
          opinions different than there own.

      2. Farmgirl: That’s me alright.You didn’t think that there could be two of
        us?I found that being a doubter,or not making comments that were a
        blessing to all was not allowed. Also calling out crazy people and not
        bowing to pay homage at the alter of Saint Avalanche Lilly could get
        you banned.The SurvivalBlog has lost its appetite for free speech.

        I try not to do anything unintentionally.When your schedule allows let
        me know where I went wrong.We all need to express our opinions.

    2. Chuck, see, heres the thing,
      Chemtrails are real, when i was in 4th grade we watched movies on it snd how it was going to be the wave of the future for controlling weather,
      That was like 1974 ish

      1. Kulafarmer,

        I didn’t know about the movies. That’s pretty wild. I have seen very non-chalant MSM articles about it, as if it’s always been known, and not acknowledging the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” brand being applied fairly recently to anyone who spoke of it.

        Total non-sequitor: I just found chocolate turtles, so everything’s okay now. 🙂

        1. The movies were pretty specific, showed lots of pictures of the planes and the tanks etc, spraying and on the ground, scientist explaining it all, it was part of our science curriculum, and i went to a Catholic school,,,
          I know lots of people who watched those same movies in public school too, didn’t think much of it at the time but it was put out by the US government to all schools.

      2. Kulafarmer,

        Also, there is this patent:

        US Patent 4,686,605 on the “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere.”

        If one reads it, there is language about using barium particles in the ionosphere to augment the existing particles in order to further enhance their manipulation. Not from a blog; from the U.S. patent office. Sounds like chem trails to me.

        1. I’ve seen patents, discussions with scientists who are working on geoengineering (Harvard if I remember correctly), even convention speeches where the people involved discussed it openly. The information is out there, and it’s not being kept a secret. At the time, about 5 years ago, they were applying it and planning on commercial applications.

          I think it’s interesting how many “conspiracy theories” are eventually proven true…

    3. I’m not offended, and if get your info from MSM your not informed. Your a lemming.

      1. lol..

        “lemming aka Sheeple” folks

        chemtrails (though exhaust trails do exist, you can see them lol) – just like alien abduction, no moon landings, end of the world 2012 etc – all msm based disinfo – distraction and time wasting a great way to throw folks off the scent.. go figure… why would people do this, what is it they don’t want you to see/ investigate/ discuss??

        Whatever it is, it’s the “real deal”..

        1. Those who refuse to acknowledge documented evidence, or do their own research, are the same that a few years ago were saying “No one wants to take your guns” and are now conspicuously silent.

  14. Farmgirl, you said it , a microchip inserted into a human would be exactly that the Mark of the beast. And we would condemn ourselves for eternity.And if you refuse it we would be put down permanently.Could it be that the antichrist is getting a patent to do this? We have already been divided it is only left for them to conquer.Refusal to accept this chip would erase all ones bank accounts, tender all currency useless, we would lose it all to remain Christian.

    1. Maggie’s farm,

      I wouldn’t presume to interpret biblical prophesy, that is personal to each of us. There are various patents linked to various iterations of the SARS-CoV 2 virus, ‘microchip’ tech, and RFID/software development to use said tech, held by different individuals and institutions. I don’t know how it would be implemented, but it looks like one focus is using childhood immunizations, perhaps starting shortly after birth.

  15. Turn off your phone when you do not need it. Or leave it at home. They can’t force you to take a chip.

    1. NormlChuck,

      Do you mean Todd Sepulvada perhaps? He’s over at “the prepper website” Does a weekly podcast as well.

  16. Could this ID be the mark of the beast as talked about in the book of Revelation? We cannot buy or sell unless you take this mark upon your forehead or right hand? To take this mark would be condemning your soul to hell and the lake of fire?

    1. This is what David Ware is referring to:
      Rev 13:17 and that no one was able to buy or to sell except the one who had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom: the one who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number, and his number is six hundred sixty-six.

      Rev 14:9 And another third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand,

      Rev 14:11 And the smoke of their torture went up forever and ever, and those who worshiped the beast and his image did not have rest day and night, along with anyone who received the mark of his name.

      1. Years ago I heard that the the Hebrew letter Vau (as in YodHeVauHe JHVA – Jehova) was used for the number 6, and that a certain man who had committed many sins and deceptions was killed by a spear, he then being the pierced “Vau” the epitome of evil. This Vau is trifurcated (1:3 points, like the devils pitchfork) to produce a “Trinity” of sizes (aka 666) and, as you see in various trifurcated Menorahs (vines like metal object etc turned into candlestick/oil holder).

        I seem to remember that trifurcated leather straps and a small leather box, containing a written scroll, are worn. These leather straps lead from places to indicate separate things which have “oneness”, such as an act (action) by intention (head), by desire (heart) and by deed (hand). So as to say NOT an un-intentional act, NOT an un-desired act and NOT an act carried out by someone else. Implying full culpability.

  17. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

    1. Dave, I too consider your theory as plausible. Seems valid though unlikely they have been able to do this. More likely this is an accidental release which the CCP has taken advantage of. By containing it over there and allowing it to go around the world. But I can’t understand how this helps them since it will surly come back home to the Chines whole country and the impact will be devastating.

    2. I suspect “the beast” has all the angles covered – political, religious, racial and social.

      Why leave anything to chance?

  18. Well this has always been the plan to chip us. I am no scientist but if they put it in a cell wouldn’t it be temporary since the body will replenish or replace cells all the time? I’m not sure this would be the best way to get the job done. I do think they probably already use super computers to track us to what end? I don’t think this is the mark of the beast. My soul can’t be tracked by a chip. As of now I feel God is the only one aware of my harts desire no mater how the devil attempts to frighten the living day lights out of me. I will never surrender to any one but Jesus Christ.

  19. This whole subject area is fraught with real serious concerns that should scare us all.

    I’m all for an ID card system (for everyone) so aliens and criminals can be identified and traced. BUT we would need system wide protection from overly zealous (aka deliberately harassing) authorities (e.g. police).

    But this is possible, by recording the official’s request for our ID, and automated software monitoring for harassment of all ID holders, both as groups and individuals. Strict prosecution of those officials who abuse the system and an on-line record access for the ID holder so they can check the system is recording properly (there’s a situation where you could be stopped and asked for your ID again and again, but the request is not recorded).
    These IDs cards can be a benefit for us all so we can easily prove our ID when we need to, say in banks or stores.

    But I suspect that’s not what they are about here, where I think the main drive is to track and trace you everywhere you go 24/7.

    By using your mobile phone’s bluetooth to identify if you are proximate to someone else then they can track social distancing and by using your phones gps they can track your location at any time as you move around. Put the 2 together and call it an “Emergency Coronavirus System” for tracing potential infected people and warning about social distancing (e.g. your phone buzzes when you get too close to someone) this would be the “thin end of the wedge” to a new age of government prying on us all.

    AND don’t believe it when they tell you its only for until the “Emergency” ends, coz you’ll never get rid of it ever.

    To make this work though they will have to load it onto all our phones (as a hidden background app) and they will force network providers to give them “free data” to download your locations etc in background as you go around, because only fools will put this software on there phones voluntarily. So they’ll force it on you, and when you try to switch your phone off it won’t. The only solution would be to let the battery go flat or take it out (though there may be laughable attempts to create a law against that).

    More likely, they will secretly add the app in background (homeland security) and deny it exists. So if you switch your phone, its tracked 24/7.

    Always remember, the “words of blasphemy” are on the forehead, and the number of the beast is on the hand.. Now you just have to find an animal that that has a box (to hide the scroll) on his forehead and something that represents 3 sixes on the arm / hand (obviously when the word got out they would have changed the place the 3 sixes were placed, so its now unlikely to be still on the hand). I think there was maybe a clue though, as someone was called the “devil’s spawn”. Go figure..

  20. COVID is the ‘opportunity’ to usher a new world to the US. Bill Gates didn’t just “retire” to hang around at his bunker….

    We are in the Fourth Turning and it won’t end for 8-10 more years. History has proven that each Turning brought about enormous changes, and this Turning will do the same — I believe it will be much worse.

    When examining Event 201, current military tactics, the National Emergency actions, the impending (but predictable) financial collapse, the destruction of American business, and the continued destruction of the middle class, it’s fairly easy to spot the pattern of nefarious Deep State planning that’s been going on. Of course, we are being told that it’s the COVID pandemic and a wise & wonderful government is by our side, willing to help us. LMAO It’s very easy to point out that these events are not coincidental: Event 201.

    We already know that a segment of America’s businesses will fail and that people will not return to their jobs. People without substantial income will lose their homes, their vehicles, their health insurance. (But they want us to get pissed at the Michigan governor for not allowing seed purchases.) Guess what will happen as large corporations replace humans with AI (because AI is cheaper, doesn’t need raises or diversity-quotas or insurance, and won’t get the virus)?

    What happens when “supply & demand” take place in a market economy? How will a substantial loss of Insureds affect the health insurance industry? (Can you say Single-Payer? “Your coverage is only available for those with National IDs.”) How will a Great Depression affect your home value, your ability to live on your retirement income, or pay taxes to Govt Sugar?

    Ken wrote, “The ultimate control over man. You’re either in the system, or you’re out.”

    It’s all by design.

  21. As long as we are human, as long as we have heart, as long as we have faith, as long as we stay in the moment and do not get caught up in the negative and remember we are special in the eyes of the Maker, the mark of the beast does not have to take us down. Like someone said above, our soul and spirit belongs to us. If we have to live in the beast world it does not mean we have to bow down. We still have be responsible to our families in this physical world where shelter and food are a necessity. Will we lose some freedom, yes. Many times in history people have had to adjust. Can we fight the beast, maybe. If not, adapt, but remain faithful in your heart. The Trinity will know your pain.

    1. To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question..

      would a trinity of sixes wake you up or send you to sleep?

      and would that trinity care about your pain, seeing as it’s responsible for your pain?

      The blind leading the blind.. Old nicks (secret) trick.

      Get up off your knees, is what I say.. and never say die.

  22. It is going to be easy for the g o v to do as it likes.
    On the MSM news site(USA’s-Pravda) is a pole every so often, I always like to see what the subject matter will be, and what they are needing to influence the public to do.

    Well todays pole was on businesses opening up and to what degree of control should be placed on the owners of said establishments. WE all know which answer would be the highest, and dear folks it was. Keeping the business closed, you know for the greater good.

  23. Also, check out Robert Kennedy JR, Dr Sherry Tenpenny, Judy Mikovits. Have a blessed day,

  24. did they create the “need” for this….?


    gollly gee….nothing to see here, just move along folks

    SUDDENLY the US Military has a spanking new test which can identify carries before they are contagious.

    ya right

    and they just started work on this last week, right?
    golly, me thinks there is NO WAY they would put the money and time into such a test for COVID if they themselves were not already doing research on using COVID as a bio weapon or some such|

  25. The lesson of WWII? ‘Industrialized mass murder’ only possible when people stop questioning narratives, Werner Herzog tells RT

    The 75th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany should serve as a reminder to all that the Holocaust was carried out using a tightly controlled, unchallenged narrative, filmmaker Werner Herzog told RT.

    The atrocities carried out by the Nazis were the result of a lockstep narrative of “demonization” which replaced facts, Herzog observed. He argued that scapegoating people and entire nations – “Jewish people, the French, the Russians,” and so on – can still be seen “very clearly” today.

    It is not so much what is factually happening, it’s who owns the narrative. And we have to be very, very careful and watchful about looking at the media. What are the media doing? Is there some sort of almost collective brainwashing going on or not? … [W]e have to be quite vigilant and we should think on our own.

    a quote…something to think about..Although, most on here likely do consider things such.

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