Next Several Days and Beyond – Stay Calm – Vigilant – Close To Home

Over the next several days and beyond, keep your head together. Stay calm. Be secure. Stay close to home.

There is apparent evidence that $hit’s about to go down right quick. And some of this is evidently going to be major brown stuff flying for many (bad) people.

The Republic is not lost.

Stay away from D.C. and ANY capital protest. Count on False Flag Operations.

There’s going to be a VERY DAMNING document dump which will apparently be VERY BAD for many powerful people.

CHINA is heavily involved. Apparently Iran too.

Patriot Missile batteries have been installed around DC. Also apparently in Tennessee and Georgia (and elsewhere). There is a major threat which is instigating all this action.

China. And China Joe (and many, many others). Apparently the NSA has the goods. Hang on to your hats folks. We are probably going to go through some shocking events.

These may be our greatest and most challenging moments. I do not know any specifics. But I’m hearing it from people whom I trust judgement to the extent possible.

Tuesday (tomorrow as of this post date). Buckle up for the ride…

Prepare for grid-down, comms-down, just in case…

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Thank you, Ken – for this and for everything you do for all of us.

Be safe fellow Patriots, let’s hope the truth really is finally about to come to light. They say sunlight is the best disinfectant, may it be so!!!

Seems all is quiet on the eastern front. Maybe too quiet??

Hopefully it doesn’t end as it did on the “Quiet on the Western Front” did.

Now it is a wait and see. Hope for the best. hope I’m as prepared as I think I am. God Bless Us all

If you are going to work make sure to carry your go bags and have a flipping plan. I will be working this week 7 miles from my kids school… First sign of sheite hitin da fan I will be at the school and exfil my children.

We are way out of the way from major urban centers. Still I have an exfil rout in place that avoids major roads and has nice wide grassy and sidewalk shoulders taking the roads from 4 lanes to 6 lanes with minimal intersections. I’ll be in my f350 duli with 7.0 L diesel fully fueled. enough truck to push anything out of my way. Just sharpened my axes too…

Hey Kids early dismissal! Dad’s got that crazy look again…👿

Very smart re exfil

Thank you, Ken, for the heads up. I was going to put off going to town until tomorrow, but think I’ll go tonight. It’s been difficult to trust that the best scenario possible, arrest of insurrectionists and dispensing of justice, will happen. I’ve shifted to trusting God for guidance, trusting Him to guide us through whatever may come, and letting go of knowing the details.

So grateful for all you share with us here, to help us be better prepared to face a multitude of scenarios. God bless.

Hear say, but….
Coworker of FWTB, has a son in our local NG.

They are being deployed . Lansing?

Area NG rumor,
Expect a possible 2 week NATIONAL shut down of everything.
Don’t know

Virus or politically related, not known.

Stay away from crowds.
Don’t get involved

Joe – Yep!

I gonna do a 30 rd mag dump every hour on the hour while running around on the mountain top in my MAGA thong just in case there are any drones trying to sneak up on us.

I usually only do it every other hour but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Awesome! Thank you for your service in this time of uncertainty.
Although my mind’s eye can’t unsee this, thanks for the chuckle!

We will not be ruled under the CCP. No how. No way. Aint gonna happen.

Good thing we got rid of trump then. His business ties and suspicious Chinese bank accounts did not bode well for most conservatives. We will never have communism in this country.

2000 deputized? Patriot SAM batteries? 25,000 for security?
doc drops?
i hope they douche all the traitors. Its time, they are the ones causing forever wars. Causing the problems in our country.
Enemies domestic and traitors

Well, we could be trying to prevent Iran from having fun, too. Remember their recent threats?

You know, they might like the proven idea of flying a jet at warp 12 into some nice target, as it drops flares and drones.

Perhaps, we might visualize swarm of enemy drones suddenly invading the D.C. airspace during the inauguration? They could be launched from a tractor trailer several miles away by the hundreds, and be programed to make assorted approaches to assorted targets, while others are manually flown and directed.

How about just spreading radioactive powder all about, along with various chemical weapons, as they move?

Anything could happen now….including the revealing of our Alien Masters, as they arrive with their giant cook books.

Or have one of our planes shoot down the unknown that has invaded out air space, and have an EMP go off when it explodes…

I’ve only posted a few times on MSB, but am so thankful for all you have posted and taught over the years, Ken. And to all of you who have shared your wisdom, I thank you. It’s surreal to think one way or another come Wednesday our country will never be the same. I’ve always tried to keep the “doom and gloom” into perspective…prepare, yet enjoy and live life. I have family (including my son) who is in the military and many who have served. I have worked for the military for over 20 years and love my job. It’s heartbreaking and somewhat terrifying to think what’s to come, but I know God is in control. We finished the last of preparations today and now it’s time to wait. That’s the hardest part…waiting. I pray protection and peace over all of you. I am hopeful to hear from you all again. May God bless you all and may God pour out His blessing on The United States of America. 🇺🇸

We will get through this. God willing, the CCP and traitors within the USA will be exposed forthwith.

Welcome Jaguar.

I have watched everything there is to watch on what is unfolding. I don’t believe everything I read but keep it in the back of my head. I have prepared as much as I can under the circumstances. (DH doesn’t get it) I have learned insurmountable things from everyone here. For that, I am greatly thankful!
Be safe, God Bless, and… I hope to see you all on the flip side!

You will. And God Bless the USA.

Checked some other blogs and sites, the chatter seems to have dried up. Too quite out there.

The calm before the storm?

That may be it

Lol. The calm before the calm.


Whatever comes next, I hope you’ll remember how you chose to spend your time. Maybe it will provide you some comfort. And I say that, knowing whatever comes next, it’s not going to be enjoyable for you.

Quite enjoyable watching the continued head spinning of y’all that never goes anywhere. Keep keyboard cowboying and I’ll keep enjoying. When yet nothing happens AGAIN tomorrow, and the next day, and next week remember how you wasted your life. 😉


I wouldn’t say nothing is happening. The bolshevik playbook is unfolding as it has in the past. Can’t imagine you would be so dense as to not understand what that means. Clearly, you’re not upper echelon, or you wouldn’t be wasting your time taunting us here. Assuming you’re a product of our fine public school system of indoctrination for the last few decades, with parents you either dishonored or who weren’t awake enough to mitigate the damage, you probably don’t know your history that well. The highest death rates in the world, throughout history, didn’t happen as a result of war between countries. Nope. The best at killing people, hands down, are communists fomenting revolutions in their own countries. Problem for you is, once the takeover is complete, your payment will be a headshot and a ditch. Guess the bloodlust thing just gets out of control. Good luck with that.

wow. Where to start with all the assumptions and complete irrelevant “points” you’re making, 😂 best of luck with that.

Fishmonger – What kind of psychopath finds it “quite enjoyable watching” legitimate fears and concerns of fellow humans? You sick creep.

Don’t feed the trolls, TMAC.

Their poop tends to stink more than usual when you do.

Most of the people on this blog for starters. I constantly hear you all talking about enjoying others suffer. Seems like you are the pot calling the kettle black.

I’m hearing a lot about a “Obamagate” document dump. It appears that Trump will be doing a lot of undoing of his orders that were of course necessities in order to force Harris/Biden to reinstate them to make them look like the bad guys.
I went out and bought a half dozen cans of Spam, a case of beer and filled the gas tank; so I’m sitting pretty. (I had to put that in here for snoopers to quote).
But it is not unlikely that we will have the cell phone and the electrical grid go down, credit card transactions and banking. Or maybe all will be well. Until then I’m not sleeping well.
Bottom line is that 30,000 troops to shoe-in a communist regime is very, very ugly.

Didn’t get any Spam or beer, but got a bunch of canned goods to add to what I have, got more vitamins, filled the gas tank, and pulled a bit of cash from the ATM.

I was going to get cash from inside the bank, but forgot it was the MLK holiday. Ooops.

I’ll go again tomorrow to get a bit more cash. Don’t need much for myself, but I’m concerned about my parents and my sister who has kids. My sister and brother-in-law probably have their own cash, but given that their kids are mostly boys (food Hoovers, is what I call them LOL), I thought it would be good to have a bit extra to help them out if they need it.

Hope we all don’t need it, but it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Stay safe everyone!

I have my doors locked at night now, never did before..that’s how remote I am, but I have not been sleeping at night very much. I got everything I need.

Yeah, there will be an Obamagate dump, but that is old news that will be ignored. There needs to be something else like a bomb. I woke up from a dream of breaking glass…

That protection Ex order Trump just implemented against threats to do harm to Judges, law enforcement and their families at the last minute may be very telling…..


I’ve been waking in the wee hours. It sounds like a lot of us aren’t sleeping well.

So many things can be interpreted so many ways. That EO, for example. Some things don’t take effect right away, and the requested reports have a 30 day window for compliance. It could be to protect corrupt officials from reprisals by patriots. Or it could be to protect honest ones, but since corrupt people don’t tend to obey rules, and they seem to have good intelligence access, how would this EO help at all.

Things that keep me up at night…

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Have double checked the fences and walls surrounding my property. My neighbor and I have stockpiled ammo all around. Food and medical supplies are more then adequate. Some in our community are setting up lookouts on the hillsides. We don’t anticipate a lot of action as we are a couple hundred miles away from the largest metropolitan area in our state but we are ready. In our most recent town hall the sheriff said to sit tight if things get rough. He and his men will be patrolling the area regularly. He also said, “If you think it’s going down shoot straight. We’ll figure it out after.”

Eli, “If you think it’s going down shoot straight. We’ll figure it out after.” sounds like good advice, I like it!

I believe there will be backlash from the hard left when President Trump brings some “bad news” down on them. Hang tuff……head up, eyes up. My prayers are for each and every one of you. I have only been here a short time…….but I have learned so very much from y’all. Thank you….. and thank you Ken for your patients and what you have done for the folks here. I am not far from DC and behind the lines so to speak….but after the dust settles some, I hope to buy a round (in celebration) for all in this here saloon. May our Lord have mercy on us all. Later.

Of note this morning, Defensive Training Group (a blog, WordPress) has been removed from the internet.

I too have had trouble sleeping. I am not in a rural area and keep dreaming about getting targeted. A recent dream had a group of thugs in my driveway with power tools to take down my flagpole. When I yelled at them to stop, someone brandished a molotov cocktail threatening my house. IN MY DREAM, I ran through my options – run over them with the truck, get out a boom stick and risk being threatened with the crime of brandishing, actually use the boom stick, or just call the cops and turn on the cellphone camera hoping for justice but secretly knowing it would be made out to be my fault. After all, flying the flag is offensive they’ll say. The poor thugs were just triggered by … fill in blank with whatever can be made up.

Stardust, Farmgirl, MamaLark,

I am someone else who is not sleeping Often I wake up after just an hour or so and then can’t go back to sleep. During the day I keep dosing off, then go to bed early because I can’t keep my eyes open. Then I wake up after an hour or two.

Lately, when I wake up, I am totally disoriented — don’t know who I am or where I am Last night I woke with a start and wondered what time it was. Looked for my clocks I have two, an alarm on one side of my bed and a clock radio on the other side. I was so out of it that when I looked at what I later realized was the alarm, I didn’t recognize it. I kept looking at the numbers 8 1 6 and wondered what that meant. I looked at the other side of my bed and didn’t see a clock. I thought the cats must have knocked it off the table. I tried to follow the 2 cords from the wall and followed one to my electric blanket and the other to my clock radio. “Where is my clock?” I thought. I didn’t recognize my clock radio as a clock even though the numbers 8 1 7 were obviously telling me what time it was.
If I am waking this disoriented, I will be in real danger if any emergency happens during the hour or so that I sleep

Melatonin…take at 8:00

This sounds like sleep Apnea. I must sleep with a CPAP machine if I don’t I wake up about every hour and am tired all day.

Old Alaskan,

I think it is stress. Been happening since about Nov 6.


I have taken Melatonin. It makes you have the strangest dreams. Then you wake up even more confused. Especially if you dream you are piloting a space ship and you tell your passengers, “Now, we can’t go too far. We have to make sure we can find our way back to our own solar system.” . I never took melatonin after that.

Give me some of that stuff!

Old Alaskan,

Been reading about sleep apnea. Do you need electricity to run a CPAP machine? I took care of my mother the last few months of her life and she was on a vent. It needed electricity. The electric company was on notice that she would die if the power went out. We would have had to hand bag her to keep her alive.

Where I live we lose power a lot. Sometimes for just a second, sometimes for hours. If the power goes off for a second, does the machine come back on automatically? Or does it have to be turned back on manually? If the power goes off, things like my computer, electric clocks, tv, etc do not come back on until you turn them back on.

Daisy K – yes it’s electricity dependent. I wonder if there’s a battery backup option? We have a generator for short term outages but for long term it’s best to plan. For the type we have in our house, sleeping in a recliner helps. But there are different types and you can die if untreated.

Lets move this off-topic conversation over to the open forum…

Excuse me, Ken. This thread started with 3 people who posted on the blog “Next Several Days and Beyond” that recent events have made them have trouble sleeping. I mentioned that I too, was having trouble sleeping. Someone replied to my post that my symptoms might be sleep apnea, something I had not thought of. So I asked a relevant question about power outages and CPAP machines. You said, “go to my other site.” Yes, electricity outage maybe should be on the preparedness site, but this thread was not about electricity; it was about lack of sleep during this dangerous time. My post was not off-topic. You obviously did not read the entire thread before kicking me off this site. Very well, I am gone.


Ken didn’t kick you off this site. He just ask that this thread be moved to the open forum – on this site. Sometimes conversations lead off in directions that aren’t specifically related to the original article.

It’s a stressful time for a lot of us; don’t let it get to you. We’re all dealing with it as best we can. Stick around.

Did any of you see that thing on Steve Quayle from General Hyten?
if thats legit eehawww giddyup!

I have never heard of Telegram Kulafarmer. But it looks like the account representing General Hyten was created yesterday. I hope it is legit!!!!

Me too guys, me too,
we need to clean out the swamp, period. Even liberals should be on board with that, corruption in the government will cost ALL of us dearly if it is not fixed.
Drain that swamp, its time, enough is enough.



Hope it is true..

Posts were taken down

new post– the enemy is awake

Don’t get me wrong, but I suspect this is not the real Gen Hyten and made up by Q or Qanon. Too easy to believe. Any covert action wouldn’t be published for the public to see, does that make sense?

I recognized the trump photo with guns pointed at his face on one of those Q places I investigated. The video you saw was filmed about two weeks ago and I suspect it was around the day of the electors count in congress and my DD confirmed that too. Doesn’t mean something won’t happen, but it is confirmed by the news (Max or OAN) there will be a dump of evidence of criminal activity if the FBI will release most of it to Trump. If the military is involved, so be it.

Its all just more BS hacker crap

In the staying vigilant department, I’ve been waking up (pun intended) to the importance of good sleep discipline. Not actually having it, mind you, just beginning to realize how important it is/will be going forward.

When I’m loopy from not enough sleep, I’m either hyper-alert and over reactive, or slow and dull. I need to start treating sleep as a daily prep and come up with some strategies to address the sleep challenges.

CBD oil for sleep.

Re topping off fuel tanks this evening and spending the rest of the time in prayer and at the reloading bench. All be Safe.

THAT sounds excellent,
Praise the Lord and pass the bullets!

If they don’t already, Iran is expected to have weapons grade material in about five weeks. Link to that info is in this article —.

Talked to a coworker yesterday who has a son in the National Guard in DC. His son is with a chemical decontamination group. Why would they need that? He also confirmed about the missiles around DC.Just an FYI

I just talked to my daughter. Daughter’s boss, who she saw today at work is an ex military and he said everything is going down and he has a lot of military contacts…..


Does ‘everything is going down’ have a timeline? I suppose also, it would be nice to confirm that it’s the good side commencing the festivities…

I will believe it when it happens, but I do have hope for tomorrow. That is all I will say.


AC is right, best not to share it, much as I’d like the reassurance of knowing.

It would appear that the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” is about to become to come to life. I also read that the” My Pillow” guy, Mike LIndell, says that major retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Amazon and Walmart are being pressured to drop his products because of him expressing his views. There is only view acceptable and is not anything conservative.

I need to proof read better. I meant to say “one view”. Duh!

I think I waited in vain for the truth to come out and criminals to face justice. The November election scam was proof enough that the corrupt deep state was in charge.

Now I make this pledge as I go dark tomorrow;

“If you kick me when I’m down, you better pray that I never get up.”

Amen Hermit, im pretty sure you will not be alone

hermit us,

Stay alert and keep your loved ones close. Praying for your safety. Catch you on the flip side.

Something to keep in mind. When an actor is arrested after completing an illegal act, there is no doubt about “intent” once overwhelming evidence is presented. If that person is arrested before the completion of the “intended” crime, the penalty (in some cases) may not be as severe, as people will think….well at least nobody got hurt. Example: a rape or robbery case. Don’t be surprised if President Trump lets Biden completely hang himself before he drops the hammer on him for the “full effect” to be realized in the commission of this crime. I have been taking note of how President Trump operates. He covers the bases. He is smart. I think he wants most, if not ALL, the people to fully understand what has happened. If Biden takes the oath, hand on the Bible and all, then he (Biden) HAS temporarily overthrown our government……….at least for a moment. Think about that. Please don’t jump to conclusions before this thing fully plays out. Be patient…observe…..suck them in……spring the trap……..and for goodness sake, don’t leave any of your own behind. After things are set right in this country……remember, a house divided can not stand. We will have another challenge.


Hasn’t the sedition already been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by the election fraud committed? The swearing in would just be confirmation, I get that, but hasn’t insurrection already been committed?


Yes it has. President Trump (I think) would like the patriots to understand just how close we came by being asleep at the wheel. Sort of like, you gotta get a look at hell before you appreciate Heaven. Maybe we will be more vigilant for freedom in the days to come. Remember…….this Biden thing is only the beginning of the battle. We have the CCP to deal with right on the heels of this fiasco. Are they going to retaliate ? Maybe that is why the military build up. Think about it…….the CCP plan for domestic take over just got shot in the ass. What is their next move? We are at war. Just my opinion.

When we don’t have a president between tomorrow and March, ideal time to strike??


Nah……not to be disrespectful to our President, but he is only the tip of the iceberg here. The ones that will be in control are our Patriotic Military Generals…..God bless them. Black ops if you will. They have higher clearances that the President. Military tech is 30 to 50 years ahead of what they lead you to believe. I would not be surprised if the CCP gets a limited taste of laser, scalar, plasma, or what ever we have now compliments of TR-3G platforms…… or whatever. This is for all the marbles. Good vs evil. BTW: this is open source info.. I am nothing…..nothing but what the Lord says I am. And that is all that matters to me. God bless.

By trump, yes.

Just read on ZH that there is a new video on YouTube encouraging Libs to root out Trump supporters , they are calling themselves The New Army of Detectives.

Also another person is calling for the ending of Fox, Newsmax, and OAN .

Welcome to the Gulag!

Just read that article on ZH about calling for identifying and exposing Trump supporters and notifying law enforcement and their employers to destroy them. They’re crazy with revenge. Like little kids.


This is how the genocide gets rolling in earnest. Caitlin Johnstone is an excellent writer, and a thinking person. I’m not sure what label she even wears, and I don’t always agree with her perspectives, but often I do. I’m grateful she’s called attention to this, and I hope humanity wakes up and remembers that ‘never again’ vow. Of course, people somehow find a way to justify in their own minds the evil that they do.

2.6 million views for that video encouraging people to start gathering intel on those treasonous Trump supporters. No sense trying to hide now – the internet is forever, and more and more will sign up to scour it for data to earn themselves good comrade brownie points.

Another good reason to stay frosty, stay home, get some therapy in, and get centered in your faith, or whatever way works for you.

Farmgirl. You are correct about this is how genocide gets started. I can hear them now…”these people can’t be allowed to own any firearms”. We all know where it goes from there.

My itty bitty 2 cents worth is, nothing is going to happen. Happens, happen when no one is looking or preparing. Being caught of guard or send a nasty virus out in the world slowly wrecking havoc to undermine the economy. Economy is the sand of our nation and many nations. We all know what happens to sand when water is involved. The virus is the water and looks to not be slowing down, yet. Control from vaccines coming to a city near you. What is happening is right before your eyes.

So, Mrs U,
What yer sayin is basicly,
i kinda sorta think you are spot on mam..

I replied to your Hyten site above. I don’t think that Gen Hyten is for real.

I am hoping for the real intelligent “dump” to implicate crimes and convictions, but that’s all I know that may be planned. That was on the real news and maybe what my DD’s boss was talking about.

Anyone see the Alex Jones report that Biden will step down tomorrow at 11:00 EST and Trump will be sworn in.

You need to watch the whole thing,,,
he says we all fell for a buncha BS and been lied to and bidet/knobjobharris are our leaders

Did not have time to watch, as I am working….but it has been removed from the net now.

As he possibly was told to as misinformation?? Don’t forget; they are still taking names or traitors. The game is still in play.

buckle up,,,
more like screw it peace out!

aint nothing going to happen at all other than more cuts to us.

laters, its been real

It has been removed from the internet

I believe it if I see it. I haven’t seen it yet. Q and Qanon has put up one hoax after another. Just 2 hrs ago they posted a video of merchant ships –one was a luxury liner parked, saying the Military has taken position of the Ca coast. They also said what this fake Gen Hyten wrote on telegram before it was posted here.

I have promised myself not to get any hopes up too far that my wings melt in the sun. Don’t be fooled by these bushwhackers.

After my boys “beat me up” for getting hurt we had an impromptu meeting. They asked some hard questions that I didn’t have good answers for them. It is damn near impossible to wade through all the misinformation/disinformation to find any factual data to act upon. Fog of War on steroids.
As many of you know my son took over as leader of our group. He decided right then to go into lockdown much like we did at the uncertain beginning of the virus this time last year.
Called all our outlying members from my office phone. He strongly suggested they come for an extended “visit” now. My other son and my daughter’s (new) husband left Sunday night to help them bring their supplies ,tools and needed items. Should be here in under 2 hours.
One of the families said they had seen some of their neighbors over the last few days leave quietly in the middle of the night. Glad our folks heeded the counsel and left. So now we watch and we wait.
To paraphrase the Doors…
“The futures uncertain and the end is always near…”

In case everything goes South and the comms go dark…
Its been a pleasure interacting with you all over the years. A special thanks to Ken and his family for making it happen.
“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
The rain fall soft upon your fields until we meet again…”
Long live the Republic!



But the 2020 motto is:

We Will Get Though This

Battles have been won and lost.

it will be our turn to step to the plate.

when history is looked at today the parallels between the 1930s germany and to what the left is doing right now is down right terrifying people are outright calling for conservatives to be SILENCED AND TO BE EXTERMINATED kinda sounds like another bunch from the past doesnt it

many years ago i talked face to face with a older guy who survived a death camp as a child and later became a drama teacher here in the us
and the parallels between the hard left and nazism is damn close and there aint a damn thing the average person cant do about it but sit wait and prepare

Kevin, my DW was a Nurse in South Florida and took care of a number of patients who had their serial number tattooed on their arms from “the camps” in Germany. I guess now they will “chip” us like dogs.

i will die before i get chipped

Is this another one turning against him?

This is posted at Blunt Force Truth:

Republican Party establishment strategist Karl Rove is informing DJT that he will likely be impeached unless he stops talking about electoral fraud.
Rove is trying to use the president’s precarious position following the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol to pressure him into folding. He appeared on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace to deliver the threat.

Trump wished he new administration “luck” in his farewell speech, never mentioned anything about fraud. He was positive for the future and never said a negative thing—pure class.

Just watched that.
He also said something to the effect that a movement was created that would continue.

I’m glad he did not give in the way they want him to.

trump was impeached. Twice now.

Impeachment without removal by the Senate is meaningless. It is like being accused of a crime for which there was not enough evidence to convict you, or no evidence at all. Like an indictment, never evolving into a conviction of the alleged crime.

Do you know why this is? Because the Founding Fathers wanted to have a check on the power of the House of Representatives, as they were composed of the more wild types. Originally, the Senators were appointed by each State’s Legislatures…not by popular vote. So, they were given power over the crazies of the House…if they went wild on baseless and improper Impeachment votes. Just like they have the last two Impeachment votes.

All the Socialist Democrats are doing is exposing their evil motivations and profound irrationality, so deeply embedded in their horrid political school of thought.

Impeach away…. When was the last President ever removed from office after a House vote?

just watched his farewell speech on fox, looks like cnn did not even bother with showing it or even talking about it, they were too busy talking to dr. fauci.

Actually CNN boycotted his speech. IF I had Trump Derangement Syndrome and lied about him for 4 or 5 years without conscience or empathy of what I did to him, why would I care to air it?

Love the new site, thanks for all you do Ken!

Sure thing Dan… thanks.

I warned a lot of friend that they needed to have their 72 hour packs ready and I got 4 phone calls asking me what I know!

How many times in how many articles are you going today it’s about to kick off? 😂 chicken little would be embarrassed

then dont come to this site get lost and dont get found ever

If you do anything before you go to sleep tonight, I would encourage you to watch this. It will explain a lot and it will, in the end, fill you with great pride.

h ttps://rumble. com/vd03j7-we-have-it-all-here-is-what-we-have.html

I don’t believe that will happen.
What I do think will happen is that there will be some who will take up arms and commit violent acts. That is exactly what the left wants! Once it happens they will push the false narrative even further and persecute even more. I pray that cooler heads will prevail and there will be no violence.

If you are familiar with Yuri Bezemenov then you know how we got in this sorry state. Years of communist idealogical subversion. First the Russians now the Chinese. Be sure the enemy wants a civil war. Don’t give it to them!

Why do the communists eliminate God in society? Faith is a major threat to them.

There is only one path out of this mess. The hearts and minds of the people must be changed. A tall order- yes! Impossible? By men, yes. With God all things are possible. What is needed is a return to the Christian values this country was founded on.

You cannot convince a brain washed useful idiot with simple logic. You can however tell them of the gospel and how God sent his only son so that whosever believes in Him will have eternal life. God’s Word is sharper than a two edged sword and can penetrate the willful ignorance rampant in our

First Christians need to get their spiritual house in order. This is the real top priority for preparation.
Next, we must do what we were told and share the gospel. Maybe this ship can be turned. I don’t know but I do know I want to be right with God when the end comes- however it comes.

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