No Ammo For Biden Voters > Not For Sale

Fenix Ammunition, a Michigan-based ammo manufacturer, decided recently to stop selling its product to people who voted for Biden.

Reported on Blaze media:

As a way to weed out the unwanted customers, the company reportedly inserted a questionnaire into its purchasing process that asks whether prospective customers voted for Biden in the 2020 presidential election. If they did, it’s no sale for them.

“Yes we are serious,” the company said in response to questions about the policy. “Joe Biden ran on a campaign built on the most radical gun control platform a major party candidate has ever had, including banning the online sale of ammunition. Essentially, a plan to bankrupt our company.”

Fenix Ammunition is not the first company to exclude Biden supporters from purchasing its product.

On Inauguration Day, a gun store in Missouri called Trigger Firearms and Reloading posted an announcement on Facebook saying, “We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Meanwhile, guns and ammunition sales have continued to skyrocket after a record-breaking year for the industry.

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I wouldn’t sell them toilet paper either.

It won’t really matter, the Commies control the Government and thus the Military/ New American Red Army. Besides, most of the snowflakes might not know which end of a rifle the bullets come out of either.

good more companies should do this

I would sell the Biden voters “special” ammo, wherein the bullets used are deliberately off balance, having their center of mass adjusted. They would just think they were bad shots, or that the brand just didn’t work well in their piece. Such rounds would feature a different brass stamping, with the addition of a capitol “B” to the normal markings. This will let Americans know if the round is a special “Biden” cartridge.

In fact, I would show a discount value for the Biden rounds to encourage sales.

Naturally, Americans would get the normal rounds.

Great publicity stunt, but how do they know who voted for Biden, it is a secret ballot?

They ask them.

jcb…….I believe it’s called “sending a message”……..who cares whether a Biden voter lies in order to get around the company policy? …….doesn’t hurt the company….the Biden voter most likely is comfortable with telling lies anyway……the company has made a policy statement….the Biden voter affirms his lack of moral direction in order to obtain what they want…………both are affirming who and what they are………..

Read the article

I’m sure that many of the readers here think that what this manufacturer is doing is nothing, a meaningless effort when compared to the corporate shenanigans of giants like Apple and Amazon. But I believe it to be a “small” cut in the beast. Many have stated that what the Democrats did and are doing is “Death by a thousand cuts”. So why can we not do the same? I stopped watching my favorite sport basketball (NBA). I reported my guns stolen. I only pay with cash. I setup a VPN for my computing. I donate to small, independent companies and organizations like Lone Wolf (firearms) and the American Family Association (AFA). My efforts are small and meaningless to the corporate giants and to people like Kamala and BLM. But I continue on because one day my annoying itch will become a contagious rash on the backs of Bernie and Barak and BLM and Lebron, and Colin, etc etc etc. Oh and one more thing, I vote on the comments in these pages. I will not be intimidated by a troll or trolls who believe Venezuela is a Socialist success.

they always think they can do it better, πŸ™„

I get their point.
Kudos to them and I support their stance, against a couple thousand Biden supporters.
It’s not against the few stupid people of the republic.
It’s the whole global system, we need to fight and eliminate.

This fight is far beyond our country.

It’s a start, but our battle goes much deeper, than the just the few clueless citizens.

Armour up.
The citizens are not just our enemy. We are played that we fight amongst each other, while TPTB feel their safety in seclusion. Step aside while the population fights amongst themselves.
It is those that are considered untouchables, that have felt dominance.

More less, Entitlements.

Far, much too far. And for too long.

They ARE the Enemy.

Maybe we can make it hard enough for the global cabal that they’ll write off the US and turn their attention elsewhere?

Doubt it.
We are the one and only spance of land that needs to be globally dominated.

Was the down vote, because of:

my lack of spelling?

Not liking the overall horror of truth?

Or you don’t believe it is the truth.

Enlighten me.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

A lerking globalist supporter, within our midst?

Yeah, I’d hide behind down votes, without speaking a word, too.

Knowing you’d be ate alive by a pack of Wolverines.
Good call.

Pityful coward

“Let’s discuss, shall we?”

Um…no, your comments say it all. Down vote πŸ—³.

I didn’t down vote you Joe c, but this is what I see ….
We have been attacked on the global stage because we (used to) support freedom that other countries didn’t have. The world basically is socialist and socialists hate the US because we prided ourselves in America first, individualism, and (was) the most powerful nation in the world. When Biden took office we have declined because we have been knocked off our high horse to put America last again like in the Obama/Biden era. Globalism is here, they dominate us now, However those globalist countries are more afraid of us now since we have gone further than they wanted us to be with marxism and racism (BLM) and fear it will spill over into their countries, especially Europe.

The need to be globally dominated has already happened with this new administration. China is intruding with Biden’s blessings, Biden rejoined WHO, rejoined the Paris Accord on Global Warming, delisting terrorists who are terrorists, giving in to Iran for some kind of deal to let them make nukes, and 40 or so other EO’s to reverse our standing, not to mention the tactics of socialist propaganda.The need you spoke of has already been fulfilled.

No reason to state whether which way you may or may not have voted.

But it seems we see this down play, of our country, in the same manner.

Thank you for your input. πŸ‘

They make their own ammo using quality components. Unfortunately for us they are sold out on all their products and don’t accept back orders.

I love it,,,
quit my job because of that.
rather be broke than work for leftist

How much ammo was sold over past 10 years to non-protective(HUD etc,) government agencies ? Just something to think about.

All that ammo was bought by the government to provide it to their “civilian” national security force…you know the one Obama wanted…like the BLM.

It’s available on the black market now. 9mm tip-dipped in a purple dye, comes in a purple box with a white sticker: “For DHS Training Use Only!” Or so I am told. That was Obama’s stimulus package. Get some ammo to da hood. Cuz that’s where a lot of it ended up. Oops.

This is how fast the ammo goes, I received an email notification that midway usa had ammo in that i wanted by the time that i click to add to cart and log on to my account and go to check out it was taken out of my account due to it not being in stock any longer. at the most 6 minutes from time email was received and they were out of stock again