If the Biden – Harris Radical Left Wins… How To Prepare For What’s Next

OK Ken. Suppose Biden and the Left wins. And they begin to start passing their draconian and socialist laws. Gun grab. Very high taxes. “Green” laws. (Thinking about what has happened in Virginia). What should we all start doing differently? Anything? If we begin to head seriously towards socialism and all it entails, what will you be doing differently?

We have the GSM coming affecting food production. Probably an economic collapse. Shortages in food and goods. A fixed election (maybe ALL elections going forward)…the list keeps growing. I’m trying to think outside my ‘preparedness’ box. I’ve read a lot of writings by Selco and Jose in Venezuela, but cannot really process that all happening here. But it might. Thoughts?

~ DJ5280

The comment above is a great topic for the blog. I’ve addressed it before in various roundabout ways. However a fresh look is a good exercise. Why? Because the scenario is possible. A Biden-Harris victory, be it legitimate or otherwise.

The basic question to consider is, “What should we all start doing differently?” (if anything)

Most important, we must consider the probable changes. Then, determine if and how these changes might affect us personally. Lastly, figure out ways to deal with those (or decide not to).

Fundamental Change

Make no mistake about it. The New (radical) Left is the Democrat party, and in total control. You all probably know much of what they have promised for America. Their enforcement wings have made it very clear. “Fundamental” (Marxist) “change”. And that’s exactly what they’ll bring to America, if they are able.

The absolute worst case scenario would be the Marxists taking the White House and the House of Representatives (Congress AND Senate). Right now, it seems unlikely. Even if they gain the White House, the Senate should hold a Republican majority. The Congress may maintain a Democrat majority.

Draconian Laws?

To pass “draconian” laws, there is a process. And it’s not necessarily easy (designed that way). Certainly it’s WAY easier if a given party “owns” all branches!

How Are Laws Made?

Laws begin as ideas. First, a representative sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill is assigned to another committee and, if released, debated and voted on. Again, a simple majority (51 of 100) passes the bill. Finally, a conference committee made of House and Senate members works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for final approval. The Government Printing Office prints the revised bill in a process called enrolling. The President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill.

~ https://www.house.gov/the-house-explained/the-legislative-process

Executive Orders?

Now, with that said, there’s this thing called Executive Orders. THIS is where it could get mighty dicey with a Marxist puppet president… A president alone has great power to “fundamentally change” the nation in a variety of ways. Even beyond using executive orders.

Enough civics. What are they going to do?

“If Biden wins, they will end the filibuster; pack the court (adding more justices than the 9), turning it into a Progressive super-legislature; and add D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. Those steps will ensure a permanent Democrat majority, and life forever under the thumb of people who revel in destroying anyone who displeases them.”

(I read that this morning, and couldn’t agree more)

They will absolutely insure that they never lose power again. If they succeed, life as you know it will never be the same again (though it’s pretty messed up already). The United States of America will exist only in name. Fundamental Change will fundamentally change your life.

Some of the major changes that may likely affect you may include (some) of the following:

Obliterated Gun Rights

You already know that they will ban the most popular rifle in America. Many tens of millions will probably become felons overnight once they push it through. I believe Harris promised this as one of their first objectives. MANY additional gun related restrictions / bans will sail through via EO or otherwise. Why? So you cannot defend yourself or present a threat to tyranny rule. So if you don’t already have the most popular rifle in America (or the magazines thereof), you won’t ever be able to get one (legally). Good luck finding any of this stuff already (and ammo). It’s all gone… (what does that tell you?)

Massive Tax Increases

Your taxes will increase (at least for most people). Much of the initial round of Biden’s tax increases would come from reversing many of Trump’s tax cuts from 2017. Biden has also called for raising the corporate rate to 28%. This is all bad for your wallet. It is also bad for businesses. Most all taxes will go WAY UP. That’s what dems do. Every time. So say goodbye to any discretionary spending – if you’re lucky enough to have any.

Stock Market Crash

The stock market will probably crash to a great extent. Investors know that Marxist policies are bad for business. Your 401K will suffer badly. Say goodbye to retirement.

Great Depression

I suspect that a very bad “Greatest Depression” may set in. The policies of the radical left will likely cause massive job loss in many sectors. They’re promising ridiculous gains in “Green”, but most of us know that our way of life depends on cheap energy (Oil). They HATE oil, gas, coal (even if it’s clean). Costs will skyrocket as they put roadblocks upon fossil fuels. Chain reaction domino effects will tear across the nation’s businesses and your personal finances. A Great Depression seems unavoidable in that regard. Especially given our already teetering economy (Covid).


A collapsed stock market, ruined businesses and production losses will lead to shortages. Of what? I couldn’t tell you with certainty. The supply chains are a fragile thing. Many factors affect their flow and fluidity. Financials. Demands. Production. Capacity. Politics. Regulation.

Civil War

Will the resulting tensions and tyranny from a Marxist controlled way-of-life lead to a kinetic civil war from a freedom-loving resistance? I don’t know. If I had to answer today, I would generally say probably not. At least not in a major way. (Though I have caveats to that). The enforcement wing of the radical left has already been killing, ritoing and warring in well-known cities around the nation for months. Has there been resistance? No. Not really.

Caveats: Yes the civil war will go kinetic in a bigger way when it comes to “your” neighborhood. Right now it’s mostly in the blue-run cities. They will get their kinetic fight when they reach out for it. Marxists have a horrid and well known history of slaughtering their opposition. Most of us know that. We will not go down like the Jews did in Nazi Germany. Just saying.

What Should We All Start Doing Differently?

I suppose that depends on what you’ve already been doing. Which is different for each of us.

How bad will it get, and will it require major changes in my present life?

Listen, here’s the thing… Maintain a cool head (for now). We are hypothesizing scenarios whereby the New Left is able to implement their Marxist agenda. But will they actually really be able to do that? Even if they “get in”? Some of it, certainly they will. Though will it all come crashing down into a steaming pile of cow dung on a cool Fall morning? Well, I suppose that it could. Or something in-between. I just don’t know. So our preparedness ought to be level-headed, reasonable, adaptable, practical, smart, gray, self reliant, calculated, and precautionary.

Head for the hills?

Today I would not “sell everything and head for the hills” (although I already live there) 😉

What I mean by that is don’t do anything stupid you might regret! I happen to like living in the hills, away from the cities and lots and lots of people. That’s not to say that others may adapt where they presently live!

“Farmgirl” on the blog said, “Everything first depends on the choices one makes about AO and attitude. Head for the hills, stand and defend, blend and pretend?”

After that, it’s what adaptations are needed to implement the chosen strategy. If you’re heading for the hills, is the remote location set up with tools/supplies for the hard work of being self-sustaining for several years? If the choice is stay and keep your head down as long as you can before you have to stand and defend, there are lots of considerations, too.

~ Farmgirl


That pretty much sums up my primary areas of concern lately (months). This is what we have been working on.


Though our food inventories are well off, we have expanded our store of proteins. Namely eggs (got chickens this year) and meat for the chest freezers. I’ve got lots of carb foods already in storage (rice, grains, etc.). But I wanted a very good storage of meats too. Prices will go up, so it’s smart to do anyway.

I just like having PLENTY of stored food to “buy time” if we needed to get much more serious about our self-sufficiency here.

If it got real bad, I could easily raise some pigs (already done that with the neighbor) and we have the infrastructure for that here. Though enough feed could be a problem in a really collapsed world…

I never feel like I have enough materials in general. I wish I could have my own Home Depot on the “back 40 30″ 🙂 One’s inventory of general materials is an important consideration, based on your own circumstances.


Specific Security recommendations are nearly impossible. Do what you need to do, depending on your AO (area of operation). I personally feel very safe where I live. Though that hasn’t stopped me from shoring up various aspects of my personal and home security. I don’t care where you live… when people get desperate, they WILL do desperate things. Be very aware of that.

I don’t need to lecture most of you on what to do in the security department. Most of it is pretty fundamental. I have lots of articles here on the category of security. In my opinion, deterrence is Number One. Whatever you can do. Move along…nothing to see here…

Am I preparing for a kinetic civil war? Well let me ask you this – Where would this war be fought? It’s already down-and-dirty in several major cities in the country. That would get worse. More cities. I don’t live there. Never will. Do you live in a suburb of a city? It could spread out — depending on the cities blue-red color shade. I live rural. Nearest “city” is about 1.5 hours away. The rest in-between are small or medium towns. Though certainly there are radical leftists and young “progressives” who are sprinkled within these towns — and a near 50-50 split of dems/repubs in many general regions — will the civil war reach kinetic levels here? I doubt it. Unless there’s an invading foreign force, life will likely go on without too much disruption in this particular regard.

It so much depends on where you live as to how you may or may not be affected when it comes to social chaos.

I’m approaching 2,000 words. I’m guessing most of you probably will not have read it all. But if you scanned down to this line, lets hear from you. What should we all start doing differently? Anything?

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We obviously are in chaotic times in our nation and the world.The events we have experienced in this year alone has to be an eye opener that things around us are terribly wrong.This election will be crucial for sure.
We have simply ratcheted up everything to do with our surviving in an upside down country.We have purchased fencing for the new garden next year,continued adding to food, and any other supplies that we would need.
Food can be used as a weapon and hungry people will do nasty things.We focus on our small community and are always trying to build good relationships with those of a like mind.
If the commies win the white house there will be a tremendous effort to erode more of our 2nd Ammendent rights . When the guns are gone we would quickly follow the direction of Venezuela.
Stay away from crowds,save stuff and pray for guidance.

This is why we all need to get out and vote to create a landslide victory that no amount of crooked politics can sway,,,,

Kula, Hawaii is not likely to provide any electoral votes to Trump. I thought the same about Wyoming in 2016. That is why I voted for the Constitution Party four years ago.

But now I realize that EVERY vote counts because the Dems will claim that Trump is illegitimate if Biden wins the popular vote. Plus every time the Dems win the popular vote they will push to eliminate the electoral college. So we need Trump to win both popular and electoral counts.

Precisely DaisyK
stay warm!


I appreciate you wanting to vote for the Constitution party. It is a fair-minded way of thinking to vote for the party you would like to govern you. But I want to explain something that I hope you’ll understand. And I’m not trying to tell you how to vote, but I will hope that you will understand what I am trying to say.

In spite of how many political parties we could possibly have, there are only two parties that control the government in the United States of America, because one of them is in the majority and one of them is directly behind them in numbers to be the minority. And because of this they are the only two political parties that wield any power in Washington DC. All of the rest of the parties that we could possibly vote for at this time do not have any influence whatsoever.

In our upcoming election, what we have on the table is the opportunity to remain in a capitalist society with a government that for now continues to observe that the people of the United States of America are sovereign and that they have unalienable rights that have been enumerated in the Constitution of the United States which forbids the government to act against us.

We also have on the table, a political party that wants to thrust us into socialism which is not much different than Communism. And I would like to refer you to the history of the USSR, Cuba, China, and Venezuela, if you need a refresher course, but if you trust me I can tell you that millions more people will die, and communism/socialism never succeeds at doing anything well.

So when you vote, the battle is do you want to remain capitalist and free, or becomes socialist and subjugated. Yes go ahead and look up the word subjugation. You won’t like what that means. And if you vote any other way, you will have not contributed to the outcome of that battle.

I am not saying that the Republicans are perfect, they are not. But for now, they are the only voting option that will defeat socialism.

Sometimes I think the other parties are paid to throw the election–for every vote away from Trump is really a vote for a dem.

I think these democratic states are promised money if biden cheats to win. What I am saying, is the stimulus pkg will go to these cities that burn, lute and killed inisent people. I think the united states is no longer united, but divided and this all started with the Obama hope and change, hoping to divide, changing our way of life. I feel China and Russia are celebrating, waiting for us to destroy ourselves. Thats just my thoughts. O yeah we are not allowed to voice what we think. Thank you Google, Twitter, facebook, FBI, DOJ, WHO, William Barr. Hollywood, which I will not ever watch any thier movies. I hope they are really happy destroying us deployables.

So it’s 3/7/21 and everything that was posted is happening now. They cheated and won. Biden is ruling by executive orders. They’re trying to push HR1 and I’m thinking he will do another executive order to implement it. We will never be able to win back anything. What now?

Tac Observer and Jay Jay

Yes, I realize now that I threw my vote away last time. Back then I didn’t realize it made any difference since Wyoming was going to give all its electoral votes to Trump.

I didn’t like Trump at first, but now, after seeing all that he has done, I love him. He is the best thing that ever happened to the U. S. And, after seeing how the Democrats have been acting the past 4 years, I would never vote for a Democrat. Nor would I waste my vote in a statewide or national election like I did last time.

I posted what I did today in hopes I could educate others to what I learned. There are only two parties and we now know that the Democratic party pays attention only to popular vote. So, again, the popular vote DOES matter. Even if you live in Wyoming or Hawaii and the electoral votes in your state are already set in stone, vote for Trump.

Oh, they’d pay attention to the electoral vote if it went the other direction–if THEY won the electoral but not the popular, you can bet they would be all for the electoral college!

I believe you are correct. Even though NY will go dem in the electoral college because the City carries the state, we still vote each and every opportunity.

The 2 parties have all the special interest backing. They are rich people creating tax breaks for other rich people… they pay nothing and we pay what we can’t afford (their share).

the other small (honorable) parties dont get any press and so they don’t get any voters because they haven’t bowed to special interest.

it’s crappy.. it’s the way it is.


Thank God it wouldn’t be an easy task for them to do away with the Electoral College, it would have to take a constitutional convention to do it.

Not so sure about that. They seem to be pretty good at ignoring the constitution right now in the “good times”. I don’t think they would have a problem with a “because we say so” in the future.

They’re doing it now, on a state-by-state basis. Laws that demand the electors follow the popular vote. So if a state has 10 electors, and Joe Blow gets the popular vote, the state goes to the left.

Won’t they be shocked if the President gets the popular vote!

You’re up to ten, up votes with that idea, Mr. Kula

As you now know, they have rigged the election and have compromised the DOJ and judicial system. Prepare for what is to come. Hopefully the DEM just do their typical political BS and nothing changes. If not, you know what is going to happen.

Back when we believed the vote was legit.

If they win the election(s), the FIRST thing I’m gonna have to do is bend over and kiss my ….. because I will be done.

I’m with you on that. BTW, do you have an idea of what the easiest, fastest and most effective way would be to commit suicide? I need to be ready for that.

Sleeping pills, plastic bag and duct tape

A very high level view…Preps seem to be a bridge in time. Something happens to disrupt the supply chain of X, if you have an adequate amount of X on hand, it bridges that time gap until the X supply is re-established. Other possibilities include movement restrictions because of event Y or acute disease risk Z. Same bridge-in-time concept

We all have varying amounts of preps that we can (or choose to) put back for these possibilities.

However, if we face a serious SHTF, then the game changes. If we don’t have sustainability we reach the END.

Most of us can’t really have the sustainable future (or refuse to make the radical changes required) with the geographic situation we are in or the state of our preps.

Do the best you can with what you have and maintain a grateful heart.


I like your analogy of a bridge in time. That really is what general preparedness is. Self sufficiency is technically another thing – the highest level preparedness? Anyway, good comment. “If we don’t have sustainability we reach the END.”

bb_in_GA, I also like the analogy… somehow in the bustle of life- i had missed this post. >Gasp<
What i was searching for being a ..”If no more supplies are incoming.What are your first responses to conserve, available things.”
a couple items have been alluded to.. using what you have, and putting back in time of plenty.several items mentioned, in short supply. Mentioning specifics here will only produce a shortage as others wake to “various uses” of items.
If you have chickens or rabbits- having food for them with commercialized pellets will be a real concern… My small Americana are not crazy about sunflower seeds til they sprout., love cracked corn..( don’t forget the grit and first aid stuff for them…)as long as they can free range during part of the day they eat much less commercial feed.So having, protected-moveable runs like some have would be a game changer for them havng enough or not.I gather our yard grasses which are a mix of fescue, bermuda and crabgrass, when possible as hay… and can put back enough to supplement the rabbits( crab-grass is high n protein,cut @ certain heights..

Re-use of one time items will become a necessity. What do you have in your garbage you are throwing away now?.Here are a few Hacks i am currently using..Those disposeable turkey roaster pans..I used to never purchase. They have multiple uses…even the cheapest grade can be used minimum 2x. My last use is always to put out extra’s for the chickens… whether it is meat scraps/grains/swelled rice…there is enough room for my small flock to gather round.Cats have nothing on Chickens for curiosity! …Cola bottles, potato chip baags- the family size ones, = thin mylar.turn inside out wash , double,pack, add ox absorber, seal carefully. slip regular ziplock over to protect/lift by.good for midterm storage+ extend short life items,, ie. crackers.. used fair condition one- use lids will work for dehydrated foods w/a piece saran wrap

Great post Ken. So many things to ponder, discuss, and develop, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’ve said, many times before, we are a blessed people, I am blessed personally. Sadly….most folks won’t even begin to realize how blessed we are, how we as a nation have arrived at this level of lifestyle….until it’s lost….gone.

Ronald Reagan said it….. I echo it…..I fear it will shock people should it happen. The U.S. is the shining beacon on the hill. There has never been one like it. Like a magnet, it beckons people from all corners of the world, seeking what we take for granted. Evil hates it and wants it destroyed. If that happens, the world may never get it back. The mythical “Utopia” that socialism promises has brought starvation and despair everywhere it has taken root and allowed to flourish….yet….evil people continue to try and sow it’s seeds.

Since the beginning of recorded history….and before….every moment of every day was dedicated to survival. The search for food, water, shelter…with constant vigilance for external threats. That way of life continues for much of the world….but never for me…never for the average American.

OK, I confess. I am an unapologetic Patriot. I love my country. I praise God that I was born and have lived my life in the greatest country ever conceived. A country based on a foundation laid by God, a Constitution inspired by His love. Freedom to achieve…or fail…based on my own actions…actions only restrained by God’s instruction for me to love others as I love myself.

I pray we are not going to allow it to slip away…..unless it paves the way for the one who loved me enough to sacrifice Himself for me.

Meanwhile….life is good on the mountain….I will revel in the freedom and blessings the day has in store……..



Dennis, I read this comment before starting my chores this morning. I came back to take care of some dry products.. and was thinking about your comments.re: how blessed we are as a people-to be born here.(Until one travels out of this country + returns-is hard to grasp the poverty of others) The basic principal of securing food(press, shake fill til running over) is covered in one verse in the black book many of us read. It says “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”Luke6:38.
Hubs and I did a comparison on Joseph- the 7 yrs of plenty+7famine, his wisdom +role and that people did not get plenty- they got sustenance, Part of conditions for Jacobs family was hard to accept,ie.the sending of Benjamin. to FEMA( they started way late?)..and the info presented re: desire to take whse control..

If the dems pack the court etc, meaning the country is under only the democrat rule then…

isn’t that a one rule country?

or, in other words, a  dictatorship??

Dictatorship, You Bet. Look at California today, and remember Kamala Harris, the Defacto President (because Biden with dementia will not serve) is a tiger that has NOT changed her stripes since she was the Attorney General and Cheif Law Enforcement Officer of California. BEWARE.

Pres. Trump has used to the line, “elections have consequences” recently. I can tell you that if Kamala Harris becomes president you haven’t seen anything yet. She will be cramming that phrase down our throats.

Good post Ken. I suppose the news that Trump now has the Corona Virus changes things. I’m sorry to be a cynic but for all intents and purposes it now looks like a Harris(first)/Biden win. The MSM will make sure of that. I just don’t see any way for Trump to win. I’ll fight for the president until they announce the victor but it just looks bad.

As for what the future will bring, well, I’m glad I live far away from the city. I don’t believe there will be an all out civil war but there will be skirmishes, some more bloody than others. I have recently begun to stockpile more defensive ammo then usual. Speer gold dot, Federal HST, etc. I’ve been practicing with my buddies more and more, especially for close quarter scenarios. Those of us in rural areas have an advantage at the moment but that could all change quickly when Harris implements her Socialist laws. I think a good example of what could happen is the state of Hawaii which is under a one-party system. Those who are curious should ask Kulafarmer about living under a one-party system. My feeling when I lived there was that it was Communism disguised as paradise. Lots of smiling people at the beaches but in private a disgust at the way the government taxed the crap out of the middle class while strengthening and increasing welfare benefits to immigrants from the Pacific rim and Asia.

We’re heading for “paradise” in more ways than one.

You give up too easy. It ain’t over til it’s over.

POTUS is Neither down NOR out.!

War never changes…

The snowflakes of the world have no idea what they are going to experience for the rest of their lives if they vote Marxism.They have all been coddled and babied if you could fast forward 5yrs show them what socialist life looks like then they wouldn’t vote for it now.as far as what other preps I’m doing now for the unforseen unwanted worst case scenario, mostly more food stores, hunting, built small greenhouse this summer planted greens today.Had good garden dug 125 lbs sweet potatoes last week.etc.And yes head down for now but will Stand Proud when time comes for it.God be with us.

Hi Ken,

A very timely question and a good post. Thank you.

You are correct in what is happening with leftist guerrillas in the city. It may be unpopular for me to say so, but you have to meet guerrilla warfare Head on. If you don’t stop them from burning you down, they will bring you down. That resistance had better rise up and it had better do so soon. Letting them have a leg up for too long may leave them with the ideas that they can let their guard down, but they will continue to be funded and they will continue to become stronger as they develop their tactics and practice them in real-time.

Yes I am saying that conservatives need to prepare to meet the left head-on, and with guerrilla warfare tactics. It doesn’t matter if it’s against the law. The left isn’t following the law. It’s time to get your mind around the rules of engagement. Simply put, prepare to be engaged, and expect them to do anything. You may have to do anything to stop them. Feel free to read that twice and make peace with yourselves about that. Because it’s either going to be you or it’s going to be them.

Regarding backing the blue. Generally speaking it is good to back to the blue, but, there is a huge caveat here.
Does your mayor and chief of police allow terrorists to run free in and damage property at threaten people commit assault and battery or even worse? Does your elected Sheriff follow the Constitution? If they don’t, I would recommend backing those particular blues. I would however recommend that you cover your selves as much as possible in that proximity.

If you do not know what a grey man is you may want to learn and become one. Living in America is soon to become a lot like being a member of the French resistance during World War II. If you haven’t refreshed your readings of 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World, it probably wouldn’t hurt. You will definitely see parallels in modern day 2020.

I need to make a correction in the folowing paragraph above:

Does your mayor and chief of police allow terrorists to run free in and damage property at threaten people commit assault and battery or even worse? Then you cannot back those particular blues. Does your elected Sheriff follow the Constitution? If they do not, I cannot recommend backing those particular blues. I would however recommend that you cover yourselves as much as possible in that proximity, because you are truly on your own. Nobody is coming to save you in those localities.

I am going to tie where we are headed with ever more marxist control, to a topic a while back – movies.

Doctor Zhivago had some very real segments that showed the authoritarian control by a few rich and powerful (which are now mega corporations, media, and silicon valley) over a society turning more and more towards communism – hunger will do that.

The struggles of the population during the civil war was beyond horror and the society afterwards was one of near slave labor by an indoctrinated population.

Is this what we want? Sacrifice all our freedom for some meals and nanny care?

Yes, I suggest the movie be watched again and you younger people who have never seen it, give it a look see. First it is a beautifully filmed movie. Acting is superb. A timeless movie. I also suggest the movie Child 44. These have both been mentioned here before but worth the mention again.

Child 44 was a great movie for me, too.

I look for infrastructure problems, right after a “winner” is declared. The losing side, may see it as advantageous, to take out the grid, water, comms, etc. It WON’T be advantageous to anyone. Some one will do it. We have all discussed the ease at which infrastructure can disappear.

Many here are somewhat prepared for this. Most folks are oblivious to the potential. I’ve pushed ham radio as a back-up for comms. Probably pushed too hard. It is critical for my VIPs and I, so I naturally look at things from my personal perspective. Today, back-up comms is nice to have, but really it’s just a back-up. If/when the cell towers no longer function…………….?

There are some smart people here. I must assume they’ve all taken care of this. Surely, they’re just being grey-man about it. It can be done in less than a week, if ya want to do it. Should give ya just enough time to get the “right” radio and antenna for your needs. Maybe even, a few days to actually learn about your radio and how to use it.

Similar to the ammo shortage now-a-days. It wasn’t even an issue one year ago. You could easily purchase all ya wanted. Not now.

It would be good for all concerned Americans to become as familiar with the Constitution of the United States as possible.

Listen, it’s not a book, it’s a pamphlet. It’s not long. And here are a few other really important facts you should know about our constitution.

There are five articles. Article one regards the operation of Congress . Article two regards the operation of the executive branch and the president. Article 3 regards the operation of the courts, including the Supreme Court. Article 4 regards the relations between the states and the federal government. Article 5 is about how to amend the Constitution. Article 6 is about the supremacy of the Constitution. Article 7 is about the ratification of the Constitution. Generally speaking the articles of the Constitution occurred in 1789.

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. Generally speaking, they occurred between 1789 and the 1791, and were ratified in 1791. Amendment means that in spite of everything that the articles of the Constitution said, these first 10 amendments modify those meanings. The Bill of Rights is a listing of rights that people are born with. The United States government does not grant anybody any rights. It is merely forced to recognize those rights because the people, who are the sovereigns of America insisted that the government recognized them and so it is. This is an edict from the people to the government. In fact, the entire Constitution and all of the amendments are an edict from the people to the government. The Constitution does not govern the people, it limits power and governs the government.

It is up to the people to police those whom they elect, but they cannot do this if they do not know the Constitution. And this is what has led to where we have arrived. Those rights are very precious and fragile. Everyone should study their constitution as soon as possible. Solidarity in our Constitution is really our only hope.

Someone recorded a video asking college graduates to name a first amendment –not many could.
RASPP……Religion, assembly, speech, petition, print…Raspp.
I forgot who, but was astounded how many failed the question.
And, one done asking the supreme court members–couldn’t do that either.

Jay Jay

Just remember our First Amendment rights are our communication rights. The ability to think for ourselves and communicate those thoughts with others. Religion, speech, press, assemble, and petition the government.

The ability to think and tell others what we think is what separates humans from the animal kingdom.

There is one more thing that everyone should know about the Constitution.

You can use an old dictionary to look up the meanings of words. The older the better. There may be some dictionaries online that you can access from way back, and you can look up the definitions of words as understood by our founding fathers. But for the most part the most simple definition of any word is probably the safest definition for use when interpreting the Constitution of the United States.

The constitution is not a living document as the leftists like for people to believe. They would love for it to be a document that they can interpret any way they like. But that’s simply just isn’t accurate. In the Federal Papers, and in the personal writings of our founders, they wrote at great length about their understanding behind what they were up trying to accomplish with our constitution. It is worth your time to understand what they wanted for us in the future. The Constitution is a literal document and it is the highest law in the United States of America. There is no form of law, be it state or federal, or even an act of Congress that can overrule the constitution. There will be people out there who say that it can, but that is simply not the case. They will also try and say that maritime law can overrule the Constitution, and this is also patently false.

When you read the Constitution it says exactly what it says and it means exactly what it says. If the Constitution does not have written in it that every man woman and child in America should have a chicken in their pot, then the Constitution does not provide for the government to supply you with any chickens or pots. In other words the government is limited to exactly what the Constitution allows and there is no magic that creates powers for the government beyond that. And the government does not have the power to create powers it self. Reread that last sentence.

Our government does not follow our constitution. Danger!

2nd Amendment – Bearing Arms

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Being necessary to the security of a free state means that the people declared their independence in 1776. It means that they are sovereign, and that elected officials are public servants of the people. They do not have any power that we do not give them, and in spite of the way things seem today, they are actually supposed to have a lot less power than they do.

Yes there is an insurrection act, but it does not apply to you when your government threatens the security of the free state in which you live. Yes America is supposed to be that free country that recognizes all of your rights. And if your government should become a tyrant against you you have the right to keep and bear arms so that you may form a militia and secure this security of the free state in which you are the king and queen of.

America is not a democracy it is a constitutional republic. And you have a natural born right to be free. And you have the right to defend that with everything you’ve got. The Constitution does not list for you any rules of engagement regarding how you continue to secure your liberty. But it does tell the government government that the govt shall not enact any law or take any action against you and your firearms which have to both have both the firearm and the ammunition in order to be functional. And there are no constitutional limits on any caliber, any amount of firearms or any limit to how much ammunition you may have. And the Constitution also makes it against the law for the government to enact any such law, whether that government be state or federal. It simply shall not be infringed.

Is the government going to an act laws, it already has. Is it going to come against you regarding those laws. Yes. You may want to be prepared for that battle if you want to remain free.

Went to our local hardware/gun store today with a neighbor and overheard a group of men talking about the militia that was forming within our county. I reckon that there are “groups” forming all over the Divided States now.

God Bless America, President Donald Trump, and his family.

…and I would bet that every one of those groups that number 10 or more have garnered the attention of the feds.

Yea I’m thinking that a “community watch” might be a better i.d.

Whatever happens, whatever you do, DO NOT register or surrender your firearms !
Registration, taxation, confiscation.
If and when you do this – you might as well be ready to live your life, and your families, in Servitude !
Be an American ! Don’t shame our forefathers, which sacrificed so much.

Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.

John Adams

Obama started this and Trump has pretty much stopped it, but Harris/Biden would go full blast ahead with populating rural areas with inner city residents. Republican districts would get flooded.

As in South Africa residents will be forced to surrender their homes in the name of reparations.

Ken, that was excellent. Just excellent.

It is interesting that conservatives worry about the seizing of your firearms. Should you or should you not obey the law?

now if a leftist was facing this possibility they would be arranging for weapons to be illegally brought into the country and distributed. Legal guns could then be turned in.

think about it.

Sorry, but No…

The Constitution is a clear message from the founding people to the government, as the Second Amendment points out quite aptly; “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

There are no Constitutional Gun Laws beyond the 2nd Amendment. Of all subsequent gun laws, None of them are legal at all.

If Necessary, maybe don’t fork over the guns even when they are hot and empty. Use Melania’s Be Best initiative and be best with your firearms. It’s freedom and life, or not. That’s not cliche, that’s reality. Millions of disarmed people died to socialism in Siberia, amongst other places, and this time is no different. It’s not a chance worth taking.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to think about breaking the law. It was for people to think about how very differently leftists think from the law abiding.

i hope it all makes sense now.

Its time to use them as intended if it comes to that,
think your little apple cart wont get tossed anyway,,,,

Welllllll here’s my 2¢ worth

I’m not going to hit the political side of this Article, personally I feel that Trump will win, but what about in 4 years? 8 Years? Does anyone here believe the Democrats are not going to have the WH and Congress again?

I get the gist from Ken that “What are you going to do when the Marxist gain power?” What should we be doing right now, in the next few weeks/months/years?

So here I go on my Rant.

All those fancy skills are wasted if you don’t use them, if you don’t practice them.
When is the last time anyone of you did a “Lights Out Weekend”?
How about practiced a 10 minuet Bug-Out?
An “OH CRAPO, there is 15 rioters (Peaceful Protesters) marching up the Driveway, duck and hide?
How about something as simple as cooking a day or two without using all those fancy Kitchen Gadgets?
Can you field strip that Defensive Firearm with a blindfold on or in the dark of night?
My Point????? We ALL get complacent with the things we all know we might need.

Ok we all have a few years of Stuff on hand…. Right?
How’s that Inventory going? How about the Nutrition Count?
Are you rotating and using “First In-First Out” or just being lazy and grabbing what’s there?
Are you adding more ‘Stuff’ because the DD and her new Hubby are now planing to come “home” If/When.
Check those Freezers lately? Neighbor had one go out, lost a full Steer and other stuff, well over $2200 worth of food gone.
How about the Water you have stored? Checked it lately?

Ok, enough NRP, they all get the idea.

So, what’s MY plan for when the Marxist take over…. OR better yet, starting now???
See above, tis time to double down my friends, the (sorry for the language) the SHIT STORM is just around the bend in the road in life.

GREAT job on the Article Ken…. Thanks for the fire you build under some of us at times.


You are correct on all points but left out one very important consideration. That being, it takes a person full time to cover all the bases you mention, so the help from others would lighten the load. Hell, just cooking from scratch is a full time job. Just thinking about the lists posted on this site like Level Three, is mind boggling for one person.

Ya, I know how to eat that elephant, but eating continuously for the next four years??? ….

Well, I tell ya this,
We’ve all been expecting. …..something to happen.
Are we there yet?
I don’t know.

But I will not run. I will stand and fight, if it means breaking unconstitutional laws that may be implimented, so be it.
We are being played and the opposition is not holding back.

I heard a good slogan on Hannity a couple days ago:


We all need to be Trump Tuff.
Standing against the wrongful opposition.

What will I do to prepare for a possible bleak future?
Live a other day and carry on.

Good rant NRP but you need a few trustworthy folks that WORK together. You cannot go it alone. Even with all the money in the world to buy gadgets for 360 degree security and such FOLKS have to SLEEP, Folks Get Sick or Hurt, people working hard day after day NEED the support of friends they can trust or exhaustion and depression will get you.

During hard times like the Great Depression folks had to combine households because of home loss due to tax sales of their homes and farms. Kept Grandmother out of the ditch and gave the extended family help in the kitchen or baby care. Everybody had to work. IF you were disinclined to work or hard to live with you became Homeless and a Tramp.

If the Radical Left get power and I suspect they WILL because they are ALL IN, Look at the newspapers that PRINTED illegally stolen Trump Tax Records. If Trump gets reelected they are TOAST in Court. Look at the fact that Barr and Co are NOT Going to Move Forward on the Russia Gate actions until AFTER the Election. So the Leftist’s KNOW IF they Lose it’s Trials and Jail for them. The Deep State and their disposable face people the Socialist-Democrats are going for the Gold Ring of total power.

Judging from Russian and Chinese recent history It’s a Marxist thing to Reward GOOD Citizens for “Supporting the State” by ratting out neighbors. Expect to be betrayed unless you surround yourself with trusted friends and practice disinformation. Hard to steal something they don’t know you have.

Skills YES, Tools and Materials YES, all the rest YES BUT if you get betrayed to the Thugs your escape route and rally point may indeed be your last hope. I hope at that point you have trusted friends to move in with and or olive barrel sized caches to rebuild in the woods like gypsies hiding from the leftists, maybe giving them some trouble when you can.

NH Michael,
you,me,OH and others have for years counseled folks to work on community relationships and not to keep “all their eggs in one basket” when it comes to long term supplies. If folks havent figured out that just because the SHTF hasn’t propelled poop in their face yet doesn’t mean it aint on its way.
It’s funny, I have helped folks in the last4 years put back years of food in very “private places”.
Many have done it for their young kids /grandkids future. I will say that many of them are concerned that their kids/grandkids will become so indoctrinated that they will turn the supplies in for the “greater good” of the collective.
My answer to them all…
Get and stay involved in their lives in a positive way.
Easier said than done for many…

i wonder if the investigations by Durham and Barr are a payback scenario? Even if Biden wins, they could initiate this after the election and the ball will be set in motion, leverage as it were,

Sorry Kulafarmer IF Trump falls to COVID19+ or Loses the election the WHOLE Russia gate MATTER will Vanish like the morning mist.

Barr and Durham know that with out the backing of the President they too could “Fall Prey” to any number of dirty tricks like a deliberate infection with something deniable and lethal.

Have you read Machiavelli’s “The Prince”? I BET the Deep State and the Socialists have. It was not uncommon for folks to “dine” with the Borgias having a wonderful dinner to the next few days suffer from a “Bloody Flux” and perish Poor Souls.

Seems Machiavelli noted that ground glass was a “Popular Seasoning” for dishes for the enemies of the Borgias. Odd that the Borgias may have suffered from the “bloody flux” BUT never died from those state dinners. Maybe they knew what “delicacies” not to partake of?

BTW in “The Prince” there is a saying you can kill the father BUT if you give the son his inheritance you can keep his loyalty. Happens in District of Criminals often enough as well as the Peoples Republic of California.

I’m still able to buy ammo, albeit, one box per day of each caliber. Don’t know how long that will last but I’ll keep buying as long as it’s there and I can get it along and along. The wife has been canning like crazy …. when we can find the jars! That’s the shortage that is bugging us now. If you’re experiencing the same I might suggest you drive into the “city” where all the snowflake and yuppies live, found several cases at Wally World in the closest big city.

Yes, everyone needs to vote. The “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” has been enacted in 16 states with 196 electoral college votes. Who know whether they will get to 270 by November 3. This bill gives all of a state’s electoral votes to the candidate who gets the majority of the national popular vote. So, even if your vote wouldn’t normally count, like mine here in deep blue WA, it could very well make a difference.

Insofar as Soros is mid-management, Kamala & Joe are peons in the grand scheme of what is taking place. The true power behind all of this has invested heavily and are leveraged to the hilt. IMHO, they will expect a ROI. So win, lose or draw with the election – there are some wheels that I believe are already set in motion. And certain ones may not necessarily be capable of reversing course simply because someone enters the field and yells – Abort!

As a result, what I am focused on is understanding alliances, since those will provide both benefits and deficits to us. UAE has oil, so I don’t foresee huge issues there. UK is already having some food issues. During WWII they requested that we ration food to assist with their shortages, so if they are in trouble already then I foresee they would do so again, in spite of the fact that we have our own challenges at the moment. Israel may assist with helping us stave off some financial issues related to the push to devalue our dollar and convert to bitcoin, yet there will still be many other issues related to finances. Taiwan needs us to complete their Fortress Taiwan creation, but at least they will then have more of our products for defense, as do many, many other countries. But…each would require resupply if we’re all engaged in a large conflict. That means Rosie the Riveter goes back to work, yet there are far fewer factories in this country than when she reported for work the first time. Meaning, any manufacturing facility will be converted to defense and there will not physically be space to assemble vacuum cleaners, or toasters or widgets.

This time is a grace period to gather data so that I can use my money most wisely. OH says rootstock for apples is committed to the chinese, then I’m buying apples – now. Same with all the other items that are involved in the alliances and threats mentioned above, or within their geographic regions because I’d prefer to have the items onhand before the rationing begins.

Use your money to purchase those fruit trees if you have the land to grow them on, and any other food producing trees/bushes.

Would you plant them now? We are moving in 9 days to a place where I can plant stuff…can I plant an apple tree in the fall?

Angel Eyes,
i think it depends on the climate where you are moving,
if you get frost or freeze i would wait, depends on what sort of stock you are planting as well.
if you are getting potted or bare root and your climate is mild, you should be ok, still protect the new plantings as best you can with a good mulching and cover too.
if your new home gets frost and snow or even deep freeze, i would wait,

Anyone who has not seen scenarios like this coming is way, way, behind the curve. Regardless of who wins any election, we have been on our own for a very long time. Every politician, whether it be the local political hack on the local school board or city/county council; or state and federal “official” is bought and paid for by the special interests who put him/her there. Think about it. Why does anyone go into politics in the first place? Power and money.
Now before you all start wringing your hands, think. How do any of these self-absorbed political hacks enforce their will on those of us who just want to keep what we honestly own? They use the police, or some other bureaucratic entity not answerable to the electorate. How does an honest, hard-working citizen contend with this situation? First, you shut up. The nail which sticks up the highest gets hammered down first. Second, you have plans in place to deal with those who would encroach on your property and liberty. And third, you have a fall-back plan.
I won’t elaborate any further. There are a myriad of websites one can access(for now) which will spell out what one needs to do to protect their life, liberty, property, and family. Do not waste your time commenting on Trump, Biden, Antifa, gun rights, etc. Do not talk. Do. Bleib ubrig.

Something to hold in mind is it’s not just the USA going through this ‘new normal’. I read an article over on The Burning Platform about the systemic destruction of America. To M’Lynn’s point, Kamala and Joe are just peons in this dog and pony show.

We’ve been conditioned to think of the enemy as a person, a country or an ideology. Kim Jong Un, Iran, or communism. What if that’s just a curtain hiding the real villains? People so rich and powerful they move across the borders of countries, buy/blackmail leaders and use ideologies to accomplish their goals. That’s what I think is really going on. Think Soros as front man, and the Davos elite, known and unknown.

The planned take down of our country can happen many ways, most easily right now by a Marxist revolution. It could also happen through a foreign invasion, or even a popular strong man. Why us? Because of what we stand for, what we symbolize. We have been a beacon for the freedom of the individual, religious liberty and for the idea that if you work hard, and smart, you have every chance of being successful.

I think we’re in for a bumpy ride no matter who wins the election. The global cabal has plans, and they’re all in now and aren’t about to back down. Ken mentioned self-sufficiency in his article. It’s going to take that, and groups of allies or a reeaally good well stocked hidey hole to have a shot at making it through to the other side. I also think this is a battle of good vs. evil, a spiritual battle. Don’t know if it’s the last one; that’s above my pay grade, lol. Well-practiced skills, a deep larder, trusted alliances, mental stamina, courage and faith. That’s what I’m working on. Not where I want to be yet, but I’ll give it everything I have.

We are so self-focused that we are totally unaware of what else is going on in the world; wars have been breaking out in China/India, Armenia/Turkey etc. But there is nothing new about this, every country, every region in the world throughout history has been in turmoil and we are no exception. What sets us apart is the brilliance of our constitution.

Not to mention Australia. Down under has gone totally over the top draconian. Some other western allies aren’t much better. The control game is taking place on a global scale, we’re just the big sheep dog that has to go down so everyone else is easier pickin’s.

What if all of us here are wrong? What if it is a better world where people smarter than us, or aren’t, can decide what to we should do with our lives and can listen in on our conversations and prevent us from self defense and can hold us guilty for injustice we were not responsible for? What if their definition of justice is in total contradiction to all historical common sense judicial tradition and we have to abide or else? What if?

For those occasional visitors, I previously posted as “Chevy, C, chevy” and other variations.


Are you being sarcastic??

Yes he’s being sarcastic. Its like him posting that a Chevy pulls better than a Dodge and runs better than a Ford. We all know it’s not true. Lol.


Farmgirl and Bummin’

I think we would all be surprised by the number of people in this country that would welcome a nanny state where all decisions are made for them – and free stuff without too much effort on their part.

Of course we all know this could only last so long before a total collapse or an uprising.

hermit us,

You’re spot on. There are lots of nanny state enthusiasts in my local area. In exchange for not needing to be responsible for their own choices/lives, people will gladly trade away their sovereignty.

Problem is, one can’t ever really escape personal responsibility. We’re responsible for all of our choices, including the choice to pretend someone else is responsible for our lives. In the end, we all have to give an accounting of how we used our free will. No one can save us from that.

All these one worlder’s should take a trip to China, their shinning light, to see exactly how the population lives in a communist world. Life of servitude and always on bended knee. And hold all of your opinions or it is off to camp.

Well all this aside Ken, technically I do believe that Jo Jorgensen and Howie Hawkins are on the ballot as well. I’d love to see a poll on here of the 4. Ya know real down to earth people polling, not liberal college kids.

While I feel more hopeful about this election than in 2016, I am doing more to prepare. I have been on this journey for awhile but still have holes to fill.

I am increasing ability to operate off grid. Already have heating, lighting, electronics recharging covered and generator to keep freezer going. Need to increase fuel storage. I usually get practice with a power outage most years. This was the 1st year with no hail and no power outage longer than an hour or two.

Installed one rain barrel this year. So I am thinking through more rain catchment gear, extra wheelbarrow tires for hauling from local surface water, and ordering a Berkey and extra filters today. Need backup for outdoor cooking to existing equipment. More ammo. Going to get a bow. More target practice. Trying to decide whether to practice snaring the rabbits who decimated my backyard flowers. Worried I’ll snare somebody’s cat but I haven’t seen any cats prowling around recently. Already set in the fishing arena but expect with the sizable local population everything will be quickly overfished in a grid down situation. Building a compost bin system.

I grew up cooking where you used up even the crumbs. Returning to the practice. Saving containers for seed starting. Already have next year’s seeds but am ordering for the following year what I can find.

Have retirement money in national brokerage account. Already 95% cash. Considering moving to local bank. If Biden wins, I’ll take the tax hit to pay off small balance remaining on mortgage to be truly debt free.

If you’re ordering a Berkey and extra filters today, may I suggest buying them through USABerkeyFilters.com “The Berkey Guy”

(Jeff has been an authorized dealer for a very long time – and advertises with us)

If you do, I appreciate a mention you came from Modern Survival Blog 😉

I just did but I didn’t think to mention you or the site. I went through the link on this site and figured you would get credit. Do I need to follow up with them so you do?

Lurker here for a while. The choices we make will be determined by what a woke administration does. For example, if they pack the court, do we just accept that? It would be legal, but it is also a violation of longstanding tradition and a baldly partisan power grab. The people may have to determine whether to protest in the streets, or more. Personally, I would say the first things to do are to think in terms of occupying physical space — streets, public squares … ways of showing, this is constitutional territory. The left is good at this, the right isn’t. Voting isn’t enough, and I would say sticking to your own home may not be enough.

Second, having said that, I would not give up on voting yet. Like many states, Virginia counties are mostly conservative. (See the green counties and cities on this map: https://va2nd.com/) Conservatives have not been very organized and are very prone to internally fighting each other. This will have to change. We have not had much in the way of new voter registration efforts or get-out-the-vote efforts. In past decades, this wasn’t necessary. Now it is, as the GOP is becoming increasingly the party of the working class, and many people haven’t habitually been voters, or even registered.

Finally, you all have discussed this many times, but people need to be preparing for serious conflict. Get in shape and network (and I’m talking to myself here as much as anyone else!).

IF this were to happen and i hope and pray to god it DOESN’T we would see cities become death traps because we would see supply lines and electric power cut to cities

We should fight for our cities.

Man on foot, why and how should we “fight” for the cities? Are they lacking man power to fight for themselves? Do they lack intelligence on who and what are attacking them? Most of them choose to live there and “enjoy” the benefits of “Free Money-Housing-medical care” or perhaps of doing soft labor with a computer while others do the hard labor of keeping the systems running like sewers-power systems and such.

I note the “Soft Labor” folks have been fleeing to the countryside to “telecommute” to work.

Grandma used to say you made your bed….

im afraid it its not gonna matter if trump wins or not even if trump DOES WIN the hard left WILL and i have spoken FACE TO FACE with some of these turds and they have said OPENLY they WILL REVOLT and start civil war

Yes agree they may try.


I read an article over at WND citing a recent poll saying that 3 out of 5 Americans believe we are headed for civil war……..and over half are making preparations for this. More and more, I believe this to be true. Truthfully…..my own preps are partially based on this possibility.

as are mine im a fat old man with health issues so im gonna be just tryin to stay alive i wouldnt be worth a damn in a war

You and I are in the same boat….to an extant

You saying you wouldn’t be worth a damn in a war…because of health conditions

I say BS..

We all have a strive to survive.

It’s gonna take alot for me to back down, as with you….and with many of us.
You know it. I know it.
We don’t fold in the towelettes….
because we feel useless, in our own mind.

Hold strong

do tell

I am thinking of ways to spend cash now? Well need to get out of $ and get more gold and silver. A dem government will cause $ to crash around the world. This is already coming. Regardless of the election things will get worse in my opinion. Time to increase readiness on all levels while we still can. I expect ammo will dry up too. I know I need more. Just some thoughts based on one reading of this excellent article. Get more beans, bandages and bullets while you still can. Time is running out. I will only do every thing I can to protect whats mine and my neighbors. I pray the president will get well and be reelected by the grace of God and we will survive.

A well thought out article, but my question is if Biden and what’s her name do get in and they send their goon squad to collect ar’s, they’ll people with a supply of food or whatever and that person’s name will be put on a list for confiscation ” hey, these people have all these supplies, we’ll just take what we need because people don’t need all of this stuff. And while we are at it, we had better take these people in for reeducation just to be safe and learn them a lesson “. Just a thought

If and when the Biden clowns come to power, the article said the Senate would remain in Republican hands. So any stacking of court should be a never issue. Most laws can be shot down with the Senate. BUT, the real deal is… if and when the guns are outlawed.. it is time for CW2. period… when they get the guns… they will take all you have … so what good is a 401k or house if the scum has you on a leash?


Pray for Trump…if you didn’t start prepping years ago it’s just about too late, the shortages and rising prices are already here.

When I was in Somalia, the government controled the cities. The countryside was controlled by the people who lived there. A lot of third world countries are like that. The reason they are poor is because the people who live in the country DO NOT send their food to towns the government controls. Many of the Mid East countries I was in are the same way. The cities don’t have anything we want. When they send the soldiers into the country side many don’t come back. Some join the people in the country – some just never make it back. If they destroy the farms and equipment they still don’t have food and now they don’t have the equipment. Let’s make it through the 1st couple of years and then see what we got. Move to a very conservative state, make friends. Let the few liberals who live there know what awaits them if they don’t wise up. Pick up a good wheat grinder, grow a garden (big one) learn how to can, dehydrate, freeze dry, and jerk meat.Oh yeah, elect some good sheriffs, make friends with the national guard who live in the community. Most of the enlisted are with us. The ones that aren’t will go back to the cities, it’s all they know. If you own a farm and they send the army to confiscate the food, well take care it’s not worth having and fade away into the night.

Since 1928, Republicans have won 11 presidential elections. In those election years, the S&P 500 has averaged a total return of 15.3%. Democrats have won 12 times, with an average total return of 7.6% in those election years.  
Look for the stock market to dive if it goes to Biden. He has repeatedly stated he might lockdown the country for covid while easing border restrictions. Many businesses that were holding on would decide to fold. Bankruptcy. And the Harris wildcard will hit energy stocks particularly hard. “The Green Deal”. Panic herd selling. Bank runs, permanent layoffs.
Then housing and real estate values would start a long slide…
And China moves on Taiwan.

We must be aware of our state laws (common law or on the books) about defending your “castle” and standing your ground. They vary by state. Our pioneer freedoms are very abridged in most cases, and you MUST know what you can and cannot do to defend yourselves, whether at home or at work, or YOU could end up on jail instead of the attacker.

things being the way they are right now at this point in history the speech that mel gibsons character plays in brave heart comes to mind i say this

I disagree with the author on one point. If the coming insurrection goes to civil war, it will very rapidly escalate. The stuff going on in the various cities down town business districts is just so much play acting by the anarchists. They know they can get away with it. When it moves into the suburbs it will get very real in a hurry. Homeowners will not hesitate to use deadly force against those who would burn down their homes and murder or injure their families. Kosovo-Seraglio war is a good example Muslim versus Christian, here its radical left communists against patriots. Patriots will not just stop with but will deal those lower level individuals causing ma ham and disorder in the streets. They will be going after the leftest mayors, city council members, sheriffs, and police chiefs. After they liquidate these individuals and unfortunately their immediate families, they will be going after the left wing press, then they will execute the liefest politicians in Washington and their immediate family members . I will not mention them by name but we all know their names and who they are. I am not advocating violence against anyone, This is a prediction based on what has happened in the history of prior revolutions in other nations at other times in history and what led up to them. Besides we have the Chinese CCP, the Muslum Brotherhood, and GeorgeSoros behind the financing and organization of ANTIFA and much of the hate and discontent in demo run cities. It is and always has been the intent of the Chinese CCP to bring down the west by any means necessary. If I were U boys and girls I would be watching the current goings on in China and the South China sea with great interest.

Spot on

Agree 1000%.
Violence and War are not welcome, but if they come breaking down the door…..
Enough Said.


This is a prediction based on what has happened in the history of prior revolutions in other nations at other times in history and what led up to them. 

While I agree with much of what you said, the above is an area where I’ll respectfully disagree. The American Revolution didn’t play out that way for the most part. I think there were localized actions by and against Tories, but our revolution was a more deliberate, and honorable affair. I would hope that if something breaks out now, it would be carefully thought through (see the Declaration of Independence), and not a situation where “immediate families” are “liquidated”. I couldn’t think of a better way to turn public and world opinion against a movement.

I believe that when the pitchforks and torches finally come out, it will be the motivation of the public. Overwhelming populus realignment with the Constitution and of short duration.

now all the wars you saw in other countries will be right in your own backyard!

Thank you for your summary. I am so very sad for my children and grandchildren if we have a Biden win – also look to review your tax status, go ahead and give as much as you can to kids/grandkids/education etc

The article was informative, for sure. I’m expecting most of the young idiotic people who claim to vote based on hatred to continue to hate. This means they will split away from their friends who are on “the other side” when things get bad. Things will get bad immediately, if we lose this election. I still can’t believe people think hatred is more important than love. It simply won’t work over the long haul. Their next incarnations will define this for them. I see a civil war breaking out as soon as we learn the results of this election. The reason it didn’t happen four years ago is that we were simply facing a lying New World Order pawn, not a complete alteration of life. Now, more is at stake than just losing half of our paychecks because the elite don’t want us to have free energy sources (which have existed for decades). The fact is this – liberals will never think clearly, but they don’t know how to fight. I’ll always support love and understanding over hatred and violence, but I’ll tell you right now – liberals will be killed if they attempt to continue their spreading of blasphemy. They are wrong and they know it, they just are too arrogant to care.

One thing we need to think about is how to identify who is who, back during the war of northern aggression, the north wore blue and the South wore grey plus each side carried the flag of their nation for identification.
I know antifa mostly wears all black but can we always rely on that?
I know no one wants to wait until a group gets too close before reacting so what to do?

Read you’re Bible, we are in the last days,there is a one word system coming,get born again,Jesus is the way ,you will have to depend on God’s holy spirit, for everything,walk by faith not by sight, the devil uses people and they don’t even know it,and defend you and you’re Family.

I would also encourage postings to be grammatically correct. I have observed that this post that I am replying to might be sincere, but on the other hand there has been an ongoing campaign to depict those who read the bible as illiterates by making posts that display a lack of simple acquired communication skills.

I voted for abolishing the national debt, which wasn’t on either of the candidates agenda.

This is the most important political election in decades, as the far left mold are emerging in numbers to take over, as they joyously carry emotional fiery spirts like a torching right into the inner sanctums of our democracy. If Biden/Harris win for sure substance, structure, strategy, and progressive politics will become our new norm. And we the people will end up the next generation of socialistic farm animals being censored and herded like sheep to our slaughter, as we will have a wakeup call of reality that is much like the other socialist party rule, that enthrone exclusively, new Kings and Queens, with their entrenched political powers that will be backed by insurgents of fear and chaos as more and more division will soon occur and more up rising will soon occur as the Biden/Harris victory will spell out the end of the USA as we knew it to be. I am sure most people already know the matter at hand and what is at stake as they sweep in numbers to vote. But vote for who??? Let’s see and lets pray that we get another 4 years of Trump or we are all in a permanent state of incarceration as the new socialist movement will become our new prosecutors, judges, and act, ect… the darkness will for sure become our reality…

At best we have four more years of temporary reprieve. They will not stop advancing the far left candidates that they tout as “moderate,” and like the ACA they have all the legislation written and ready to go when the opportunity arises.

Interestingly, the far left doesn’t seem to connect ACA to their rise in health care costs. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be that socialism doesn’t work. Nah, must be those conservatives ruining it for the rest of us. *sarc*

Spot on Buck,,, spot on

I think that we should load up if antifa and all of those idoits want to threaten our way of life we don’t have to stand for it, so yes i do agree with the article stock up on food because with election day almost upon us I belive that no matter who wins the left are going to do something.

All very interesting points and things to ponder. I live in a mobile home park on the outskirts of Saginaw, MI. I think about ways to defend/stock up all the time. Currently don’t live alone and most are afraid of my dog, but that could change. I would definitely be consider one of the “poorer” people in the area. I so try to make sure everyone I know at very minimum gets out to vote!

well I am very good at gardening and making compost and soil. I also raise a few chickens and have rabbits. I have 6 mosth of rice and wheat and other dry goods and a water supply and filtration system even though I only live near city not in country. I am concerned about my 401 and my ssn I have only 2 years left on my mortgage but have property in washington paid for so could run but would have to leave a lot behind. I am a bit nervous over this whole thing cause I truly believe that we are starting that slide toward the losing of our country as all countries eventually fall and I think our time is coming soon/

Hang in there Rodney, all we can do is pay attention and hope for the best.

Oh I forgot to add that you can also grow food in a basement especially in a basement I built that is not known to others and use of artificial sunlight that I also create by the use of a friend electrician. I can grow enough food to provide about 2500 calories a day if saved properly, for two that is ok, but for more that can be an issue. It is important to understand canning safety and how to render fat cause fat is vital in a low calorie environment. and when growing food do not waste space on things that do not produce significant calories like radishes and turnips and green beans, you must think think think. also learn to let plant like 5 percent go to seed and how to preserve the seeds to replant cause in a bad socialist takeover seeds will not be available.

Rodney,,,,,,,,,,, bad news ,i’ve been growing for years ,yes you can grow as you described BUT first off where you going to get the power ?second what are you going to do with the heat and moisture ,and anyone with even a starter I R will see what your doing ,pot growers got busted all the time for just that ,you need to rethink things

Praying more and trusting god

i think this article is pretty accurate as I am posting this on 8 November 2020. There will be a civil war and the leftists and communist and marxist are controlling the main stream media.

One day soon I will do a series on Marxism and show you what it really is about. Know Your History.

One thing we can all do is spend less money with the people that hate us. Spend less with Amazon. Spend less at restaurants were the owners and staff are likely biden voters. Spend more at businesses owned by conservatives.

Scared absolutely scared.

Shame on you for plagiarizing 95% on my thoughts and opinions. You didn’t mention the use of the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS and the compulsory cooperation of “all” law enforcement as enforcers of their Marxist policies which will be much like Hitler used the SS and gestapo. A good example is the corruption using those agencies in the later years of the Obama administration. 

I have been blocked about this site.
They are starting to monitor and block the knowledge

We have paid off our home and are completely debt free, with a large garden that we eat fresh as well as home preserved. We have a good arsenal of guns and are prepared to move them out of California in the event of EO to try and take them. Looking into relocating to Alaska, have spent a great deal of time up there; had a house in escrow when Covid happened and had to cancel the escrow. Planning a trip in August to Alaska and Idaho in May. Don’t feel safe or secure in California anymore. We live in a small town but it’s a major wine hub, so it gets lots of attention. Hope we can get out of here with our home equity before it’s all lost.

Think when all the brain dead leftists find they are being screwed like everyone else things will change quite rapidly.They are cheering now but will be screaming at the horror that will be inflicted on everyone INCLUDING THEM.We will go through some nightmarish times but the wake up call will follow and even many of the brainwashed,ignorant,indolent will hear it.People didn’t risk their lives to come to this country to end up exactly where they came from.

It will be too late by then. At least without a bloody fight to right the ship (which may not happen either).

In my experience they are more likely to blame the failure on conservatives who didn’t “get on board.” If we’d all been willing to cooperate, it would have worked, right?

As I’m a Christian, I’m praying. I haven’t heard/seen anything close to where I Iive, but don’t know. I did hear that a group with Bk Lives matter were in Tampa, but hadn’t heard of any problems & that’s B4 the election. With all that’s going on, it seems some things in scripture might be in our time.
I read your entire article -thank you.


I have believed for quite a long time now that Q was a NSA troll that played all the would be reactionaries to sit on their hands. Qanon will go down as the single biggest supporter of a communist take over.

We believe in the power of prayer, so that wont change. I’ve seen several survival books and .magazines and have them close at hand. I think worse case is not only possible, but likely. Never had to shoot anyone, in the service of our country during Vietnam or as a cop for several years. I pray I never have to! Food, shelter and keep yer head low!

First i read it all thank you for this info
i have Been hoping i could find some good advice
i love God and and this country but i feel we are
already beyond return . but i have to trust that some how God has a plan
maybe its because we as a country have turned from him .
and only through persicutiuon we will thrive I don’t know
but I struggle with just sitting and waiting .
i own to busness and its getting tough ,
my gut says sell and leave ny move where
there are more like minded to be strong together

i feel the closer we are the less we need to use tech to communicate
even typing this concerns me
So i want to let those who read this
i like to see more advice .

Don ,,,,,the way that you wander is the way that you choose ,,,the day that you wait is the day that you lose ,,,,,,,

It has been my experience that a successful person can start over ,,,from nothing and go on and do well again ,, and most often do better with the experience gained before ,,
Tea and chocolate

I can’t imagine living in your state, but my observations are entirely from the outside having never been there. Be careful where you choose because even historically conservative areas are letting their local governments run amuck because of the co-vid fears. Good luck!

Socialists can’t raise $$$ as Economy Tanks………………Good Time to get Liquid (Sell) Stocks
and Brace for Shortages of Food, Medicine and Basic Necessities.

Learn how to defend yourself, alternative transportation and heat, maybe a Bug Out Destination or Hiding Location away from Big Cities.

Federal Government on verge of Strong Man Default.

Hard to believe it could come to this but as you said, 2020 has been an eyeopener. Thank you for your insights.

Start storing more canned food. If you have land raise chickens. pigs, etc. Coordinate with your fellow Americans about what you plan if society actually collapses. We will have the support of the military against the left and can easily take our Nation back. Our US Constitution will always be our framework back to what we stand for. One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

Enough BS, time to put the Self-Absorbed Liberals down and out, or be prepared for long bread lines and Gulags.

Now the we lost the Senate and look’s like Biden will be President (after what happened at the Capitol, Antifa dressed as Trump supporter). Now it will be the worst scenario we could imagine. I’m scared for me and my family. I’m hoping the with all the supporters of Trump’s that we will not let them take over, roll over like sheep.

Well the worst has come true. Dems in charge of it all. What say you now? Where do we go from here???

Down. Dems in charge of it all is not the worst–it’s the first step toward worst.

Get ready, be able to do everything you have to do without electricity if necessary. Prepare for water storage, and a way to replenish it. They have already shown that they will turn off utilities for those who choose not to comply. Be able to defend yourself and your family, because in many places the police have been neutered and the lawless element will take advantage. Add to that, the lawless will increase exponentially as things move downhill.

Keep the faith, keep the principles of the constitution alive, and pray.

For those of us who have 401K, what do we do? I can’t withdraw until I’m 59 1/2 or unless I get fired. I’m not even close to that age. I’m wondering if my company would come to the point of firing employees who refuse the vaccine. I’m thinking they would.

If you get fired (or quit/retire), you’ll have the opportunity to roll over your 401K to a self-directed IRA. Not sure how “vesting” working in this scenario, it’s been a lot of years for me).

If this happens, make sure you don’t withdraw the $$ first, have the 401K admin send a check directly to where you want your new “Rollover IRA” held.

Sure seems like a bunch of hog shit to me!

I’m sure it seems that way to many ignorant, disillusioned people

Sounds spot on to me. God have mercy on us and the United States of America!

Pretty good, contains baiting for responses, insults, slandering, intense emotional triggering statements and psycolologic analysis conclusions. A 9 of 10 on the stink b o m b scale. Missed a 10 due to not inclueding lables and/or the the “white bad card”.


Ma’am, from a survivalist point of view, the real TRUTH regarding death by firearms; Aside from Suicide, don’t be a black thug living in a black thug neighborhood in a democrat run city of over 250,000 people and statistically, you will be fine!

Making good decisions is a big part of surviving!


Ma’am, you might want to check with your Psychiatrist regarding your dosages.

Everyone should own a firearm.
Consider buying silver and gold.
Have enough non Perishable food for 3 months.
Have enough cash on hand for 3 months.
Pay off as much debt as you can.

Its now the 19th of January 2021 and president Trump hasn’t done anything to save the republic.
We all had hoped he would have declared the insurrection act or martial law and had those involved in the election fraud arrested and jailed in Gitmo but now it looks like we are headed to a new communist government headed up by a Chinese agent and a whore.
I never thought I would ever see this once great nation fall, may the republic rest in peace.

There’s an attitude that explains why it could fall, you left it up to Trump. What are you doing?

No offense this never happen in first place if you dumb boomers gave government all this power what we can do about is start a revolution and dethrone powerful government make them serve people which used to be how it was but no more we need pretty much everyone to see that people are struggling its fault american government and one percent power over u s. All I can say we can pray help others less fortunate then us but no one to blame but you eggheads gave this power we youngsters have to deal with the older generation stupidity. Bernie was only one had enough power to do this unfortunately because of powerful government and dnc who cheated out a good man could saved this country that’s not going to happen so easily you can thank our older generation for that. Now we have so much of this country burden on our back no thanks to them its our job to make sure our children even have a home to live because way it looks they may not no to blame but boomers

No offence taken, everyone has to blame someone else… right?
BTW you do realize that President Trump is a “Boomer” correct?

i think this is one of Joes new recruits from china


Sounds more eastern european to me. Or Russian. Hey, maybe Ukranian? I hear Joe knows some folks over there.

Godssavior,… evaluation of statement…a long run on sentence, and thoughts are not properly divided…Eubonics?: Or no education, experience in writing. Or uninformed... “Know it all”.. #1Bernie did not have enough power to overcome the cabal … he had support of dnc removed from him in support of killery.
#2 Never confuse older people with the stupidity -ones at fault can b measured by their assets gained “serving” we the people.
#3 Calling names is unacceptable- eggheads? quit insulting my chicken products.
#4Blockbuster is defunct. so is USA INC Jo and Ho are equivalent of CEO of Blockbuster on present date. type in search pantifa. w/o p. see where it takes you>

Hey yahoo,
your english is atrocious, perhaps you should practice up a bit more before attacking the people who actually built stuff. Personally, im cool with watching it fall down around your ankles numbnuts

Hey now y-all:

Don’t go putting Uncle Joe and Blow down.

I mean in the first afternoon since his oath he has managed to destroyed 1/2 of the once Booming Economy, Broken his own mandate of wearing a Mask, Insulated the Marines that are there to protect his azz, started Riots again, AND manager to piss of the ‘”Gang” of Muslims in Congress….. Not bad huh?
Hell just wait till he pizzes of Nancy, Chucky, and Shoe-man

I’m telling ya, Joey is going to be the best thing for the Republicans since Popcorn -N- Gin

Personally, i cant wait for them to shut EVERYTHING down again, in the name of savin us of course,,,

NRP: OR a new significant Party… unfortunately many R’s are caught in corruption and evidence has been gathered on all dirty ones.

It has been said, I dont know by who, “The best government is the one u can ignore. We can no longer do that if the United States is to survive as we know it. I would venture to say we could see the entire collapse of western civilization. I have been paying attention since Obama and all intelligence points to the CCP and their covert war againts the US.

I thought the objective was to help everyone have a better life? Will the ruling class lead by example or will it be a double standard? I have no idea, just asking for opinions.


From experience, its one set of rules for them and another for us.
Mark Zuckerbererer is a perfect example,
open border proponent, no walls proponent, yet on his estate there is a wall and security and if you violate it you will be sitting in jail for a few days,