Presidents Day – 1.2 Million Watch Trump, 98K Watch Biden

(image credit: The Palm Beach Post via AP)

I found this interesting, but not surprising at all. Trump crushes Biden in popularity. I mean crushes it. Always has.

In a clear victory of enthusiasm and popularity. Trump demolishes Biden by more than a 10 to 1 ratio comparing viewership of each’s appearance on that day.

As of this posting the next day, Biden, the fake president, had about 98K people who viewed his Presidents Day remarks.

Trump, who should be president, got more than 1.2 Million views of a broadcast from West Palm Beach, Florida on Presidents Day.

(Yup… he lost the election alright… /sarc)

(Yup… Biden is the most popular president ever… /sarc)

President Trump’s Presidents’ Day Parade:
~1.2 Million views, 89K Likes, 1K Dislikes
~7K comments (pro-Trump)

Joe Biden’s Presidents’ Day Speech:
~98K views, 2K Likes, 21K Dislikes
Comments disabled (same as all Biden White House videos)

Trump “drive by” during Pro Trump Celebration West Palm Beach, FL on Presidents Day

This kind of thing just infuriates the Left.

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when trump was acquitted the left knew how serious a problem they have this aint gonna end well for the left because by some stroke of blind dumb luck this country even stays whole there wont be 74 million that vote for him there will be 100s of millions that vote for him IF we even have another election that is

i watched and let run out to the end, it makes a difference guys.

If this infuriates the left,
I AM 110%+ BEHIND IT!!!

I’ve exchanged the term TDS for Trumphobia.

Totally awesome videos.
Makes a person proud to be an American.

…..and nobody got killed, by these democraptic ‘labeled supporters’


……….and people ask why the congress critters chose to build fences, string concertina wire, and deploy 27,000 National Guard…..illegitimate rulers fear the people and hold them in contempt…Trump loved the people, and they love him back……..

do believe the present government class is fast sinking into pure, irrational paranoia………..

well said, thank you

Biden’s inauguration: nobody was there, capitol surrounded by razor wire and occupied by military.

Yea, nothing says legitimate election like razor wire and troops to sweat in the new regime.
SHTF is here

The left will keep denying it, but it’s pretty plain to see which President is more popular. Sure, there are plenty of never Trumpers out there celebrating the puppet taking office, but people who are intellectually honest with themselves know who really won the election.

And some of the gimme-dats are not too happy that their promised covid windfalls are not yet in-hand. Nothing like promising people money for votes.

And world leaders are not all giddy with the puppet either, I’m sure. I read that heels up had solo conversations with Macron and Trudeau, and that the puppet has still not bothered to talk with Netanyahu. So we can already see how things are going headed globally as well.

I’m sick of the new rulers, and we’re not even a month into this yet.

Heels 👠 up. 😂 😂 😂
that was a good one .