Professor Erik Loomis Apparently Okay With Killing – If It’s A Fascist

Referencing an article published recently on ZeroHedge, I just wanted to point out what we’re up against at our colleges and universities. Marxist professors. I don’t know if Erik Loomis is a Marxist. He probably is. The professor at University of Rhode Island recently showed his true colors.

He appeared to defend the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, during recent social unrest in Portland, Oregon.

“Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week.” said Loomis on a Sept. 4 blog post. Note that Loomis tags Danielson as a fascist.

In the comment section of the blog post, one reader challenged Loomis by writing, “Erik, he shot and killed a guy,” referring to Reinoehl.

Loomis responded by saying, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

So… depending on one’s interpretation or definition of a “fascist”, apparently it’s alright to kill one, according to Eirk Loomis, history professor at University of Rhode Island.

This is what we’re up against. Universities FILLED with professors like this one. Preaching their Marxist Commie religion to the young skulls full of mush. Brainwashing them to hate America. That killing is okay – if it’s a “fascist”, for example.

Can you imagine the message his statement sends to his students (and others)? The cold blooded murder of Danielson that night in Portland was apparently justified. Danielson was identified as a “Trump supporter” and targeted for murder. I saw the video. And this piece of $hit professor says it’s okay – morally – because he said Danielson was a fascist?!

Folks… we’re in trouble. Our youth is brainwashed, and continues to be brainwashed to hate America. And now they’re out in the streets rioting for their Marxist Revolution.

>> Erik Loomis bio

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A couple of old sayings from the past, ” Better dead than Red” and ” Kill a Commie for Christ”.

In my humble opinion, anyone who posts such crap, like this Professor, or what I wrote above, have a few wires loose and is about to have a brain short-out.

Pretty sure the slogan “kill a commie for Christ” was the creation of an anti-Viet Nam war activist. Even had campaign buttons made up, mainly worn by left wing activists, and intended to denigrate Christianity. Definitely not a slogan used or wanted by Christians. I do agree that folks that wore the buttons had a few loose wires and liked to spit on uniformed soldiers only wanting to go home.

Those are unfortunate sayings but we need to be honest with ourselves. If the choice was not having free speech/gun rights/personal/economic/religious freedom/home schooling/free association or not having leftist around, obviously it would be wise to pick the second one. We need to stop valuing their lives the same. Someone pushing speech control, gun control, persecution of Christians, persecution of whites, persecution of conservatives, banning home schooling, bureaucracy, arresting people for not wearing masks, stopping motorists for not wearing seat belts, or arresting people for making a choice for their own bodies (drugs, alcohol, smoking, tanning, or soda) is not going to get the same favor or consideration as someone who stands for freedom. Most of us recognize that we are incompatible. We should support separating into our own countries and self governing. Anything otherwise is one group enslaving the other in the cancer that is democracy.

We need to start waking up. Why do we blindly worship cops who would be the same ones to arrest when they blindly enforce liberal laws (90% of them today). Why do supposedly our politicians let someone’s brash personality offend them and compel them to help people they disagree with 80% of the time. It’s illogical and counterproductive. It’s why libertarians tend to get nowhere. A lot are purists and will disavow someone that agrees with them 70% of the time thereby helping someone that agrees with them 5% of the time. 90% of the laws today are liberal laws that infringe on fundamental freedom. Isn’t it strange that people get convicted of these crimes when juries are 6-12 people. There is likely to be at least 1 conservative on a jury. Why do they go along enforcing liberal laws like gun control/drug laws/tax laws when they could prevent a conviction by voting not guilty. Our party controls 25-35 states through the executive/legislative/judicial branches/ in some combination and in a lot of them all 3. Why are public schools filled with leftist teachers pushing a leftist curriculum when we control 25-35 states? Our people/leaders/party is not doing a good job because it plays nice and by the rules of the left. That’s not what we should be doing.

I can’t understand why parents would pay to have their kids indoctrinated at these marxist/communist cesspools unless they also agree with the curriculum. If they say they had no idea what was being taught then they have failed as parents to oversee their investment.

Nikita Khrushchev said the communist would take America without firing a shot and this generation is fulfilling his prophesy.

The short answer: parents see a college education as the gateway to a good career.

You and I probably understand that isn’t true as trade schools can provide terrific career prospects.

I am hoping the higher education bubble violently bursts soon and these professors with no actual skills find themselves unemployed.

Amateur Prepper
$100k to get a degree in ancient Mayan gender studies so they can complain about why there are no jobs “in their field” and blame it on Capitalism. The epitome of insanity. Hopefully we’ll see that bubble burst this year.

bahahaha perfect

They have been portraying Communists as Left Wing and Fascists as right-wing ever since WWII. Last week I saw a program on PBS called “The Story of Fascism in Europe.” In it, they repeatedly referred to Hitler and the Nazi party as “Conservatives.” When they didn’t say “conservative” they said “Nationalist.”

The fact is, that both the Communists and the Fascists were totalitarian, big-government advocates who wanted total control of their subjects. The Nazi party was a socialist party. The main difference between Stalin and Hitler was a disagreement about which one of them should control the world.

They both used the same tactics, which the tactics of Antifa and BLM, such as fear, riots, starvation, imprisonment or murder of their opponents….

PBS is FOS these days, I stopped contributing.
The sad part is people are so stupid they believe whatever theysay

The constitution in itself is just a piece of paper that can be used against us to control us. When we say follow the constitution, we should instead say follow the Bill of Rights. Of course the “constitution” is used as a rallying cry just like supporting the military and supporting the police, but it is more complex than that and we should only be advocating if the above is on our side. We don’t want law and order if those are liberal laws and liberal orders.

Amy, The Articles of the Constitution control the Government, not the people.

The Bill of rights forbids the Government from lawfully going there against your natural rights. Those are enumerated for a reason.

It cannot be used to control you or us. You can’t change it with a light switch or an act of Congress, Read Article five.

All progressive and Liberal Laws are Unconstitutional, Read Article Six.

No One is coming to save any of us, it has always been our job to defend the Constitution, not the Governments and the Founders knew this and wrote about it in depth.

Learn your Second Amendment and get ready to use it …being necessary to the security of a free State, and all.

P.S. Liberals Tout the Constitution Wrongly, (As Liars) because most Americans will believe them even though the liberals are absolutely wrong. It is because the Americans do not know what the Constitution says and will not be bothered to fact check them.

The Constitution does not have the words “Our Democracy” in it. The Liberals use the Officiality of the Constitution Falsely as a battering ram.

There is nothing in the US Constitution for any Liberal. They detest it. But it is handy to use as a tool to malign political enemies in front of sheep.

You said: “It might be as simple as knowing, agreeing with and abiding by the Constitution or not…”

I said: “Actually, it IS that simple.”

The Constitution is the only legal standing any American has. Period. Otherwise we are dissidents. Because the Left is not on the Constitutional side.

Tac Observer – Well said. You nailed it.

In their simplest definitions, the left seeks to bring about change and the right seeks to maintain the status quo. Hitler and the Nazis did, in fact, seek to bring about change. They pushed out the old power structure and ushered in a whole new system. In my opinion, the argument that the Nazis were conservatives does not hold water. I believe where so many people get confused is, as you pointed out, the Nazis were also nationalists. That is a trait typically found on the right, but the Nazis made it an exception in their case.

If one were to make the argument that modern day neo-nazis are right-wing, I wouldn’t be able to argue against it much. They are not known for wanting to bring about change. They have a belief system in which they are supreme to all other non-white and foreign people, and they seek to maintain their perceived supremacy with threats or actual acts of violence. They are opposed to just about all left leaning pro-change concepts as those concepts challenge and threaten the foundations of their belief system.

However, it’s important to remember, neo-nazis pose a very small risk to society whereas the original German Nazis did become a huge risk to the entire world with a body count in the millions. The level of force that was used to take the German Nazis out of power was necessary and justified. In contrast, there is just simply not enough right-wing “fascism” in the U.S. for anyone to justify the level of violence and destruction that has been used by leftists like Antifa and BLM to allegedly combat it. Their “anti-fascism” is a farce and is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover their true identities as marxists seeking to overthrow the traditional order.

Exactly why the teachers and profs do not want the parents looking over the shoulders of their kids when they are doing remote “learning”.

I just sent an email to his department chair, asking why this man still has a position.
We all know if this had been ANY other scenario, he would have been run out of the school and it would have been plastered all over the news.
I am so sick and tired of all the onesided reporting of the crapola going on in the USA!!
Never do they show the whole episode, the ” left”,”radical” ,” peaceful protesters” ( almost gagged writing that last one) , doing anything wrong. Just standing around singing Kumbaya, when all of a sudden this person just attacked us for no reason!! I am the victim here! What, these clothes from the store that was smashed looted and burned over there? No I just found these sitting here and was gonna give them to the homeless!!!
I have absolutely had my limit!!
Thank you, Rant over.

Thanks for listening

Thanks for taking action. That’s what makes the difference.

Thanks for listing his bio.
This is what the left side does when they think something is evil and it seems to be working for them. Maybe a little of their own medicine?
No idea if it will help but made me feel better
Keep up the great work.

Mad Fab
If the host does not mind, maybe you could post his universities contact data. That way we, those whom to choose so send a letter/email of how disgusted we are that our tax dollars are paying for this low born garbage.

Which in my opinion should have been left in the outhouse years ago.

It’s already in the article. At the end. Erik Loomis bio.

Thank you, missed that part while reading the article.

Thanks. I missed that too, but will be sending a letter as well.

I’m also sending one to Texas A.M. after reading on Campus Reform that Filipe Castro is using his Anthropology class to promote that Republicans are fascists, religion is a neurological defect, white supremicists are uneducated country people and socialism is great despite not being implemented carefully.

As relayed by Livin In The Woods in the story of his granddaughters, kids want to learn. It gives them pride and bolsters their self confidence. Yet we have teachers like Matthew Kay in Philadelphia who don’t want to stick to English studies, but instead feels that racism and gender/sexuality conversations and allowing his students to pick their preferred pronouns are so valuable that it distressed him to know that helicopter parents may overhear his virtual classroom, after he has specifically instilled in his students that “what happens here, stays here” in a school. That is the basis of how an adult makes a child into a victim. Don’t tell your parents what goes on here between us. But the Murfreesboro schools sent out a permission slip asking that parents agree to not eavesdrop on virtual classes too. So it’s well past time to send all of academia a very resounding response.

observation.So much of the inappropriaate indoctrination of our children can be circumvented by home schooling. I started watching a new u tube channel a few weeks ago, found out yesterday she s a teacher, and home schools her children. You get to choose the material taught. and it is not near as expensive as providing endless supplies- on someone else’s schedule.Many states give the number of days required and in general is 4 hours instruction per day. a student with one on one or one to 3-4 children can get lots of attention in 4 hours. Don’t know what curriculum to get. there are some cheap ones, on internet for your download costs,( paper+ ink)… otherwise free. there are controlled curriculum available, via internet,or hard paper with teachers materials_ depends on how much involvement you want to have…. there are now thumb drives with instruction for each grade level and subject… for all kinds of high school courses. No school uniforms,so special clothes for school spirit, no keeping up with the rich folks kids, no one makes fun of what they wear or don’t wear… no shoes in school room, no problem.
I checked prices for the curriculum i used w/ my DD. (when the school decided she had already failed 3rd grade.). Yes, I was a single parent during part of this and still did it and worked full time. It can be done in such a way that a subject is purchased each month/payperiod..until the core is done. No matter what age a child, this can be done cheaper than sending to public school. Cost for a high school student 5 basic courses… Very close to 300$, electives generally run about $65-75 per subject.10th grade… 3rdgrade runs about 350$. kindergarten 2 subject math and language.runs… less than $100. all other regular class materials fall in price for school year generally between prices for 3rd and 10th…
Don’t like what your children/ grandchildren are being taught…? Pony up, put on th big girl panties and get with the program.
First…find the laws in your state. ask at a home school group/ resource center. Then fill those requirements. before you file notice you are withdrawing your child. begin where your child is presently. get their language + math courses and begin mimicking them. While your student is still attending and you are getting your ducks in a row. It is not necessary for you to inform your student.

This is why I am telling my kids to not think sending my grandchildren to college is necessary. All my kids got decent career type jobs without a college degree. Hard work and knowing how to be a productive employee along with common sense as well as a few brains will take you far. They did hit a ceiling where they were doing their bosses’ work capably but couldn’t officially hold the position because corporate said it required a degree. One returned to school and I suspect the other will after the youngest is in school. That’s why I think various private company programs as well as Trump’s federal program to remove B.S. requirements from certain jobs is fantastic.

Mamma Lark,
Just an example; I retired after a 26 year law enforcement career a few years back. Left as a Captain in charge of recruitment, hiring, training. SWAT commander, hand to hand combat and firearms instructor. Over the years I wrote policies for the agency, ordinances for the city council to vote on and created a vice unit out of thin air. Was a training officer, professional police instructor.
If today I wanted to come out of retirement, most large departments won’t take an application from me because… degree. I might just be a little more qualified than your average 23 year old wonder-kid with a degree, but the high ruling class has sold a bill of goods to the public to insure that class’s hold on power. Education and intelligence are not the same thing. Never have been, never will be.

Buck: I appreciate your zeal to return to the profession. I did 30+ years in SoCal as a Deputy Sheriff, Detective, and DA Investigator. Our time is over. Our agencies are not the same any more. Just as my Army morphed into a politically-correct social experiment which I discovered when I went back into the active reserves in 1979, police departments DO NOT want ANYONE who can think for themselves, improvise, innovate, and seriously protect the public.
City police departments are controlled by corrupt, syphilitic-thinking mayors, city managers, and city councils. They are the ones who dictate policy to their cops. Check out Portlandia. The Communist Mayor has banned his officers from using tear gas as a control technique to stop riots which have been going on for over 100 days. Sheriffs and DAs are elected officials who, in my experience, will most of the time bow to the wishes of the electorate. That is not always the case as in the Lakeland, FL fiasco. But, beware of DAs. They are lawyers and can be very commie-liberal, vis-a-vis the actions they take against their “Thin Blue Line.”
I do not know what else to tell you. The balloon is about to go up across Amerika, as soon as the Mango Emperor gets re-elected. Develop working relationships in your A/O with like-minded citizens who want to defend your community. Use your police expertise to train those patriots who need training. Stay below the radar. Avoid crowds and political meetings of “concerned citizens.” The nail which sticks up the highest gets hammered down first. Go and stay gray. Keep vigilant about what is happening around you. Bleib ubrig.

THIS! Bravo!

Lots of people are either on the “Back the Blue” freight train, or not.

Don”t make the mistake of being blind sheep.

Everyone Listen to what he said. Straight out of the BTDT Dept.

“Police Departments do not want anyone who can think for themselves”.

“City police departments are controlled by corrupt, syphilitic-thinking mayors, city managers, and city councils. They are the ones who dictate policy to their cops.”

Spot On.

You can only back the blue that is following the Constitution. That means You have to know the Constitution, and the Mayor or Sheriff has to have the right mindset, otherwise the “Blue” is nothing more than a misguided weapon, pointed eventually at you if you happen to be a political opponent, of someone, And you might be… You have to leave the house at times.

Tac Observer: Thank you for your comments. I regret I had to say what I said. The first T/O I had when I left the jail for patrol told me to always remember: TRUTH IS ITS OWN DEFENSE. It will stand alone without any help. And we all know sometimes truth hurts. What I forgot to add is this: Do not trouble yourself about the photograph of that smug, smirking Communist professor at the start of the article. He and his ilk are living on borrowed time. As the Maoists consumed their own during “The Great Cultural Revolution” of the 1960’s, he and those like him will eventually be paraded through the streets of his Blue Hive by the very same students they “educated”, with the requisite dunce cap on his head. Or, he’ll end up as meat on the table for some Hoodrat, as he blithely saunters through the grocery store parking lot one night. I saw it a lot when I worked the streets. His dance card is all filled up. Stay safe.

Tac Observer / DTW / Buck – Absolutely! Spot on. Double edge sword that cuts both ways. Big push in the late 60s early 70s for “college educated” police applicants. Ghee, I wonder why? A lot (not all) of those “college boys” were good fighters when it came to climbing that ladder to advance. They could not wait to get away from the real fight on the street. And now we see the result. P.S. I have seen a couple “college boys” I was be proud to work with.

Agreed, college isn’t a needed step any longer, if at all,a two year AS degree will earn you a skill set, a trade. I’ve taught at the college level and have two pieces of paper. You can skip
all the programming BS. Used to be you attended the “institution” for higher learning, not
for philosophical programming into the evils of capitalism and anti-American ideology. I say take this idiot out behind the building and introduce him to sound thrashing about the head.

MamaLark – I finished tenth grade; in juvenile detention. But that was it, I was released, then involuntarily emancipated part way through 11th grade. This is why half of my career has been spent working for foreign companies. American companies want to know your pedigree. Most foreign companies simply want to know what you can do. It sounds like Trump actually ‘gets’ this. These days I interview college grads for open positions in my department. I interviewed a college educated young lady for an entry level position yesterday. She wrinkled her nose at $20 an hour, with OT, Benefits 100% paid, bonus program. It’s a vicious cycle really. I think funds would be better spent for your grands on trade school, or at least a tightly focused area of collegiate study.

They can try,,,,
When that free forall horn sounds it wont go how these turds think it will

When my daughter was a teen and got her first paycheck she was horrified. She became a Republican. She is now in her early 40’s and has many liberal friends. Unfortunately I can hear brainwashing. We just had a loud disagreement about things going on and realized we can no longer discuss politics. I can hear the party line, so sad.

Wish you would stick to good articles about gear and survival. All this political talk lately has made this cool blog of yours a bit more tedious to enjoy. You are at your best when you share and discuss topics related to survival and gear. Hope this doesn’t become another politically triggered prepper blog.

Go read somewhere else then if ya dont like it!! Real simple.
Free country, free speech, Kens blog, he is free to post whatever is on his mind. This BS is something many are talking about these days

then dont read this site anymore

I recognize Trakker & Morris are entitled to their opinion. Mine is different. I think it’s vital to stay on top of what is going on socially and politically. I appreciate these articles as sometimes I miss these stories – too busy to catch everything.

I believe if we lose sight of potential threats and developing trends, then we are trying to prepare with limited info; in effect working at least partially blind.

Trakker & Morris, don’t be surprised if your opinions turn out to be in the minority here. Most of us want to discuss and understand evolving circumstances for which we may need to be prepared. I’m one of many who link knowledge to effective preparedness. If an article does not apply to me, or my interests, I simply pass it by.

So Cal Gal,
Yes, Current Events can be vital to one’s overall preparedness / plans / knowledge / actions. That’s why I have a topic category for it.


You say, “Hope this doesn’t become another politically triggered prepper blog.” Well, it is an election year and this election is particularly important to preppers. If you enjoy prepping like many on this blog do then you should be mindful of what would happen if Ms Harris takes over the reigns of government. Your farm may be seized by the “authorities” to be used as a “sanctuary” for the homeless and the millions of immigrants that would undoubtedly be coming to America. Do you like hunting? Then be prepared to pay a hefty tax on that ammo you’re using and remember only one rifle and one revolver per household. No one is saying the Democrats want to control everything. They only want to control the things essential to life and since they already control the media, entertainment, and education system maybe it would be a good idea to be cautious and prepared this election year.

Ding-ding-ding… all this political talk? Being targeted as legitimate homicide targets is political???????????????????
If that isn’t a survival topic Mona Lisa was a man.

Trakker – Yeah, politics is tedious, but… If you think it’s not affecting your preps, what you need to prepare for, and your very survival, then you aren’t seeing straight. And if you find yourself getting ‘triggered’ by what you read here, then don’t. Your choice.

Uh, Trakker, just wonderin…

Gear and survival is for what? Political differences are the numbah whon most deadly threat on Earth. I mean unless you are waitin for a solar flare to singe the hair off your head, or a meteor, maybe a comet to hit? Ice age via Global Warming? Maybe a pop fly coming out of the sun will be your “Bolt from the blue”?

You’re not one of them fellas who buys a Tacticool Leatherman with all the blades and widgets, then puts it in a drawer for emergencies, but struggles on with life using a butter knife as your do all tool are ya?

Coffee is brewin bro, do ya smell it? I hope you key in on what the peeps are sharin before the time comes and you’re making brown. Prepping is more than about stuff. Do your recon and debreif. Gather your intelligence. Uh, Prep even.

Ditto, Trakker. Political talk results in little benefit. We al know the problems.

So what, not paying attention to it will make it go away?????
Im sorry, but if you want Ken or anyone else to change the discussion to something you deem acceptable you are the same ilk trying to silence conservatives,,,
These azzhats like this whatever he is, are a big problem, THEY are the fascists, they are the communist, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HATE EVERYTHING AMERICAN!
I personally am sick and tired of this schitt and will go the extra mile when the schitt or get off the pot moment comes along, and make no mistake, it will come,
That counter on the homepage says it all. If you want to ignore it, do so at your own peril, no tears will be shed.
Indeed, if you dont like the discussion when it turns to stuff like this, by all means, change the channel,
Dont go away mad, just go away

If you are so naive, that you can’t understand these topics political or not have nothing to do with your survival then you are sadly in denial!!! Wake up!! It’s people like this causing hatred & spreading it like a disease!! Everything Ken post on here is beneficial to someone!! Kick Rocks!!


“Ditto, Trakker. Political talk results in little benefit. We al know the problems.”

That’s true MorrisB. Especially if you don’t vote.

Essentially this kind of attitude opens us up for a free-for-all based on definitions–you can kill anyone you like if you define them as bad first.

But there’s a catch. Your definition of “bad” must agree with the mainstream.

Recommend that folks watch Dinesh D’Souza’s talk The Fascist Roots of the American Left. Enlightening!
. . . . .

I read all his books, very well researched accurate material.

These people remind me of the clicky, popular kids back in school! they are all big and bad in their groups cause mommy bought them all the latest sweatshop high dollar brands especially when the teacher is looking, but the minute it’s one on one and they get knocked on their ass they go screaming bloody murder to mommy/teacher! if you know the type.

Aahh – Some of these comments bring back fond (?) memories of long ago, when I was in ‘Nam.
That tune that was sung by us ‘Loonies’ over there :
“We’re just here to kill a Commie,
and mail his ears right back to Mommie . . .

Hi WarVet – What a sick thought – the notion of sending a soldiers severed ears back to his mother, because of a disagreement in ideology. Whatever floats your boat, boomer dude. It must really irritate you that the ‘commies over in ‘Nam’ are drowning in US cash right now, as a direct result our nations current anti-China manufacturing posture.

You made me LOL. Dude.

You’re under thinking your sick thought. This is not (btw) a personal attack. Just getting you on freq here.

Tell you whut. Boomers have forgotten more than you know, (No prizes for your alternative ideological studies) and I’m not sorry if you can’t handle it. (you can’t) Your back handed compliment isn’t harsh enough to phase a thing.

So Americans have a Constitution which aims to have a limited government for the security of liberty. Bill of rights is amending to warn the Government not to go there. That is “THE” ideology in the USA. Period.

My ideology and your Ideology were hanging out the clothes, My ideology punched your Ideology right in the nose, what color was the blood?

So dude, before somebody sends your ears back to your mom, you might wanna untuck your tail from between your legs and make sure you have got a pair because when you are faced with this situation, your moral high ground will be but a vapor, and it may smell a bit like crap, but you may choose at that moment to live, instead. Dude. They are your ears. Dude. It ain’t a notion. Your turn in the barrel has already set a course for your location. You may decide living is preferable but no one is coming to save you.

Choose quick though, because your boat will be blown from beneath you. Some of us know you can die here. No what if scenarios necessary. Train to vanquish and win. The Politicians will not be limiting the scope of engagement in this battle. Listen while you still have “ears” to hear.

Tac Observer – Are you lucid right now. You are exhibiting the speech and thought patterns of a cartoon character, after ingesting some poor quality psilocybin. Go easy there… dude.

Mc, You Made me LOL again! Grind hard if you come to in time. You’ll have some catching up to do.

That Cement Milkshake they toss you will be the first shot, not the last, and then the definition of opposing ideologies will be then taught you, and your ears will know before you do. :-D. Then you’ll be a few bricks shy of Lucid…

It’s still a free country for now.

Oh and LOL!

You’re alright Tac. When filtered of machismo, rhetoric and invective diatribe, you’ve got some fairly solid points hiding under all that. ….Dude. No, ‘THE’ Dude! Need my four in the rack or I’ll be cranky all day. BZ to you Sir! Over and out.

Note how the media calls violent Marxist saboteurs “protestors” and normal everyday loyal American citizens “right wing”.

The Marxist Professors are flesh and blood. Mmmmmkay? Not much grey matter, not more than a parrot.

To quote a dear Nam Vet friend who is no longer with us; “You can kill a man, but you can’t change his mind.” Think about that. There are alternatives and so don’t place more value on ANY of them, more so than they would on you. Got that?

The Marxist (Leftist) professors are not entitled to their own facts or the right to redefine english to fit their terms. The tree of Liberty does not care, and I don’t either. By that I am implying that we should not give them any quarter or credence nor space in our heads. They are on the wrong side of the argument. Let’s meet them all head on.

Professors, meet the Operators. You lose.

Come on MSB’ers, Don’t FEED the trolls.


Great show here! Reality bites for some and I hope they are on your frequency soon.

You are a good teacher.

Folks Listen. Your time may come. The Tree of Liberty is watered with both… You Know?

Politics are local. Ask the residents of Portland and Minneapolis… Seattle. Yada.

If your turn in the barrel happens, don’t waste yourself.

Have a plan, and save yourself for the biggest Political Target/Asset of theirs you can.

Orwell was not wrong. Mad Max wasn’t either.

Hey Guys –
In response to some of your comments about my ‘Nam comment :
Many years later, after ‘Nam, my daughter in High School was dating a boy of Vietnam heritage. I told him “Your people are something else. We go over there and bomb your country all to Hell, and then you come here and date our daughters. Payback is Hell.”

Good Morning War Vet – Wondering two things:

1. Did the boy nod in agreement with you about payback?
2. Does he still have his ears?

I was mostly just having fun with ya before my ill-fated attempt at sleep. Hey as a kid I read a number of books written from the perspective of American forces in Vietnam. That was ugly business and I get the sentiment. Hopefully you are an innately decent human being; it seems you are. Perhaps it is time to let go of the sadistic concept of forced amputations and sending the bloody chunks home to mom. It just doesn’t play well 50 years after they kicked our asses and sent us packing.


A response to what you posted, and in no way intended to be taken as a rebuff, just a little context.

People immersed in a daily dose of the depravity of war, witnessing first hand the mutilated corpses, rotting flesh, the senseless brutality…..well…they tend to create coping mechanisms…coping mechanisms that only their comrades would see as humorous and understand….outsiders, those not seeing and feeling the emotions they must deal with over and over, would consider ghoulish.

I regularly see comments here at MSB, promising to wreak havoc on folks threatening our way of life. Do they really mean it, or are they simply coping with anxiety and fear of what may be coming? A little of both? Only the speaker knows for sure.

Good Morning Dennis,

I get it. And I strongly suspect that civilian police suffer similar psychic wounds, after securing the umpteenth senseless crime scene. It’s totally understandable. Heck, last night I was calling for Antifa heads on stakes in the town square. This is why I bristle at the notion that we are somehow ‘exceptional’ among other planetary occupants, as we engage in the same basic atrocities we speak so vehemently against. Another thing I’ve noticed among US LEO’s and ex-MIL… they generally don’t gloat about atrocities committed, to a public forum. I think that’s what piqued my attention.

When it come right down to it . . . “FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE” It’s always a very high price!

Tmcgyver :

Don’t kid yourself. Marine Recon Patrols (known as LRPS, for Long Range Reconasance Patrol)
were coming back with Heads !
In War, there are no rules.

WarVet: I am not naïve. I know of such things. The problem is that Americans have traditionally held ourselves to a higher standard of conduct. We’ve marketed ourselves to the world this way. We insist that we are ‘exceptional’. Then the world learns of things like this. As a nation and a people we are generally disliked and not trusted around the globe. It’s a damned shame; didn’t use to be this way.

College professors! Most, not all but most, are “special people” they can not truly defend their view point without lying or resorting to an “I am the educated one here!” spiel. They have been deceived and are so arrogant they will never see it and so continue to infect their students with their twisted view points. I personally believe the university system as we know it should have, will, fail and be replaced. No one can afford the cost today outside of a very few very wealth families.

When my kids started high school I told them to think for themselves but to give the teachers respect and their answers on tests. When they went to college I also told them to give the professor what they wanted back on tests but to think about what was said and to look up opposing views. It seems to have worked for me and them.

They say that the eyes are the soul of a person. When I look at this photo and study the facial features. Several things pop out at me.
1) Instead of true smile, it is a smirk. As if they are better than anyone else.
2) The eyes, they are dead inside.
Something I have picked up over the years from studying faces, especially eyes.

Can we get a round of Snickers bars in here.😃

Romeo Charlie – I prefer 5th Avenue…….. its the bite thats right.

Can the sheeple not see through the lies and half lies the far left politicians and educators are spewing? Some of the fake news is beginning to make “Baghdad Bob” look like an honest reporter.

Sad but true, many of these people should know better but take places like CnN as gospel!
Just astounding. The mis direction, the out of context quotes, cherry picking and splicing comments to use as fact when they are in fact false in the context they present them as,
I never thought i would see this in the USA, i thought Patriot act was the worst, but now the outright lies from media and their collusion with these dishonest leftist politicians,
The ammo box is looking more and more like our only form of redress.

I’d like to add to all these comments about problems we need to worry about as Americans. Remember one of the real enemies is bad health. Being healthy is the most important thing. Like blood pressure and mental health, eating well, being able to run and hustle with all your gear. You can stockpile all the ammo food and be vigilant, but if you dont fit into your tac vest right, all the gear and prep dont matter. Thanks for all the comments and insight. I am a libertarian and i dont trust the Dems or the Republicans. Same snake with 2 heads just trying to take all the power and money for a government that doesn’t care about its tax paying citizens. This country is the greatest not because of our leaders but because of the people. Politics and the media help divide us, no matter where you get your news. For me prepping is a personal responsibility. My parents taught me and ill teach my children. I appreciate hearing all sides even if we all dont agree.

What I find so ironic is that a Professor of History supports the single most unsuccessful political philosophy in the history of the planet.

Someone said if socialist understood economics they would not be socialist. Same with people that view history through a lens of emotion instead of facts and reality.

I’m sure he subscribes to the idea that “previous communist regimes failed because they didn’t do it right. This time it will be different”.

Like AOC, the Socialist with an Economics degree…that wasn’t real socialism.

If you ever talk with those in Ivory Towers, like this guy, he holds a common belief in institutionalized education that he is smarter than you because he does not make his living from capitalism, but rather from the egalitarian socialism of academia. He believes that he is outside of the banal corporate business money realm and he is living a higher order of economic perfection. His disdain for your means of living as a troglodyte of capitalism feeds his self aggrandized ego.

Not so sure
So what you are sayin is he is a condescending prick!

You are correct!

Have a happy Saturday!

Ken, we have followed your site for many years, and leaned SO much. Thank you for providing this forum. I’ve now felt compelled to post. For those that are saying “ Don’t get political” well, in some cases it really is!
I live in the pacific NW, currently on fire. Many, many fires, in odd areas which is suspect. I’ve saved links, taken screenshots, of the forestry service, law enforcement, and media outlets reporting (and quoted as saying) many of these as arson. Yet, there is a huge media (social media for sure) effort saying it’s not arson and you’re crazy to think it’s anything other than climate change and downed power lines. Gaslighting, anyone?

If you feel safe on your property, don’t take it for granted. Govt can take away at any time, for any reason. Read up on ww2 and current eminent domain laws.

My husband is LEO at the govt level. Stay safe, stay aware, as I know you all are.

Team Coop,
Thank you for reading the blog all these years. Lots of great comments and things to learn from them…

Additionally, yes, “political” has become a high concern regarding preparedness these days. Thanks to the “New Left” and their mainstream media.

There is NO excuse for a University to allow the continued employment of such a perverted mind in the education of youth. University of Rhode Island, this is NOT about FREE SPEECH. That is a given. Just as in ANY business, when the speech does not parallel the ideology of the business and its employees and clients/customers, then termination of the employee is mandated by the board of Directors and corporate policy.
So, University of Rhode Island, you now get to choose between condoning murder, and accepting condoning murder for political purpose or not. It is entirely up to you as a University, however remember, it was the Communists and Socialists that murdered every professor and doctor and virtually every leader in education when they took over countries. It is therefore acceptance of this action as well if you maintain the employment of this “professor”.

Parents (and others),
Stop giving your money and your kids over to these despicable institutions of leftist anti-American indoctrination! Universities, colleges, social media, sports, singers, actors, entertainers, corporations, certain charities, etc.

Gee whiz, this ain’t rocket science folks – stop feeding the beast!

Parents (and others),
Stop giving your money and your kids over to these institutions of Anti-American leftist indoctrination.

Stop enriching the colleges, universities, corporations, social media, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and anybody else who is pushing these leftist ideas onto you and your children.

This ain’t rocket science folks – Stop feeding the beast.