Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene – Press Conference & Mic Drop Exit

This morning while doing my workout routine, I had Newsmax on the TV in the background. I listen/watch Greg Kelly from the night before. When that’s done I switch to live NewsmaxTV.

Well, they happened to live broadcast Rep. Greene (first term Republican U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district). She addressed the press / made a statement(s) at the Capital.

In case you weren’t aware of why she’s in the news, she has just been stripped of her committee memberships by the Demoncrats due to some statements she posted on social media years ago (which she regretted and apologized for).

(In reality, she’s making waves in the swamp. And they really don’t like that. Especially after just ridding themselves of former wavemaker, Donald J. Trump. I believe she frightened the swamp creatures due to her favorable policies towards issues that most American patriots would approve – so, she must go…)

In any event, without getting into all that detail, I just wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to her. I was very impressed with her statements, policies, her demeanor, tenacity, and conviction to fight for the American people. She really seems legit. I had not heard of her before the Demoncrats created this controversy. I just really like people who stand up to the corruption and disgusting cesspool in D.C.

Anyway, it lasts for 22 minutes. And the very end is awesome – a “mic drop” moment as she ends the press conference.

>> Link to story and video on Newsmax

If any of you watch the video in its entirety, I’m curious what you think about her. I know nothing else about her, but like I said, my first impressions were pretty good. Seems pretty darned concerned about our liberties…

Will she survive the swamp?

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Screw the democrats,
screw the leftist media,
tick tock you asshats

Ohh, such a freaking excellent speech.
She has told the press EXACTLY how us true AMERICANS feel.
No wonder the swamp wants her to be removed.
Stands for the people, not the corrupt.
She is a true, female Trump. Speaks her mind. Stands for what she believes. Torn apart by the media and fellow foes.
I have followed a little about her. And what little I’ve read…

Yeah, she’s one of us

It just boils the blood, doesn’t it?

I see Fred Upton (R) Michigan was one of those that voted to expel Ms Greene.

Think I’ll send him a nice little email, once I regroup and suggest he change his name to Mr. Stabenow. (D) Michigan. D for dumbass

Email to my state rep, Moolenaar

“I cannot believe Fred Upton voted to expel Ms Greene from her duties, as she was a voice for the typical American public.
Do you not work together as a political party? Or are there to many traders to keep a Republican party?

Believe me, I will send Freddy an email.
The Republican party has failed in soo many ways, in not supporting the Trump values these last four years. The Republican party, at all levels, has failed the true citizens of America.
You should all be ashamed.
Thank you”

An email to Freddy Upton is next

What the hell,

I’m on the shit list…
Your all on a shit list…

Pay it forward?

Turn the screws.
F em all.

Joe c,

Good for you! You’re speaking truth to tyrants, with courage and conviction. Yes, we’re all on the shit list. Though they don’t know it, the demonrats are on the shit list, too. You see, nobody likes a traitor, not even the chicoms who are using these POS to bring down our country. The first to up against the wall, will be the traitors who sold us all out.

Hold steady, reach deep, trust our Father to guide us. We’ll know exactly what to do, and exactly when to do it.

and who among us will stand up when the time comes?
not many i’m afraid, we have seen that before. i know who they are.
it’s one thing to say it, it’s another to actually act.
the marines and special forces teach that when ambushed, to move forward and to engage the enemy, not to retreat. we have been ambushed by our own government.

it’s time to move forward. to fall back is to lose the battle.
i understand the grey man concept if a person is alone. but in a platoon, a company or battalion, no.
75,000,000 would be considered a standing army anywhere in the world if everyone would stand up for themselves and our country. but sadly it will never happen because people are just to self centered now. everyone wants to retreat.


I know a lot of people are afraid. I’m afraid, truth be told. What I know is, there’s nothing to lose now. If we do nothing, they will kill us. Starkly put, but true. In Wisconsin, I was one of only a few – a losing proposition. Here, I’m one of many. Those odds, I like. I’ll stand, because I know there’s no real alternative. Not because I’m special, or super courageous, or something, but because that is the only action that makes any sense.

One of the reasons the press is one of the early targets of infiltration by the bolsheviks is to make sure people don’t get enough information to see what’s happening before it’s too late.

Fortunately, you just can’t stop the signal. Ken is here. Others are speaking truth, too. Lots of people know what’s happening. In my area, many of us are printing info and leaving it in various public places for people to see. Many brave patriots are refusing to wear masks when they’re not sick. Many are gathering to form neighborhood groups for support and defense, regardless of political orientation. I think quite a few are aware of what’s happening. We just need to find each other.

being afraid is good. fear will keep you alive. its complacency that will kill you.


Well, that’s good then, cause I’m scared sh’tless much of the time. So, no complacency here.

Well, I tried to send Upton an email.
Apparently, since I’m out of district and don’t have a legit email addy (Hhmm) weird, same one I’ve been using for ..over a decade.I can’t email him.

I guess a left phone message is in order.

Not in his district?
You’re a rep of my state, regardless of where I live.
Your actions do not represent me or the overwhelming state population.

Net worth,
11 million.
He probably upped his worth(lessness) by making this one vote.

Another POS

thank you ken for bring this to our attention.
she is a great patriot and i’ll stand behind her and with her any day.

I do, indeed, believe she spoke beautifully and very representative of the real America.. I also believe the media will NEVER EVER F’N ever stop selling hate, avoiding the truth, and promoting what essentially boils down to the 1984 novel version of the US of A. When can we just get a divorce and split up the proceeds?

She is the most recent nail sticking up. I know what happens next.

I heard the speech today and was very impressed. She sounds like a mother who has had it and is standing up for what she believes in and knows what we believe in.

As usual nothing said about AOC’s paranoid imaginative narcissism getting away with her ‘almost being killed in her office bathroom…which is not even in the Capitol area where the demonstrations happened. “Where is she, where is she” ha ha ha give me a break AOC you ain’t all that.

I thought David Hogg wasn’t at school that day.