Race Riots of the 1960’s – Today’s Are A Symptom Of Deeper Problems…

“I just wonder how far downhill this thing will spiral, and how fast. We all know that no matter what, the Nov election is a starting point for something… but just how fast and how far down the tubes will it go?”

“This sort of stuff went on in the 60s i guess, i was just a kid so in my world everything was groovy,,, but all was not well or right.”

“This seems to me different, more extreme. Back then it was only in the communities, now there are people in government pandering to this BS.”

“Interesting times, and not in a good way. That (election countdown) clock of yours may well be more significant than most know.”

The sentences above are excerpted from a comment here by “Kulafarmer”. It got me to thinking… how different is this from the 60’s? I too was just a kid then, so I don’t have an adult-minded reference comparison. But some of you might.

What’s the Difference Between the 60’s Riots and Today?

For those of you who were old enough back then during the 60’s riots, what’s your opinion?

Is what we’re seeing today in America a worse situation?

From what I gather, those riots were “race riots”. Today’s riots are under the guise of “social injustice” against blacks. However there’s much more going on beneath the surface today…

Today’s “situation” is seemingly deeply rooted. In many ways it’s a globalist / Marxist movement against the United States and its culture as it were. And “social injustice” is being used to empower “Black Lives Matter”, “ANTIFA”, into a political / enforcer entity.

Supporters are deeply integrated into our governments, schools, businesses, social media, two generations of youth, on and on… Whereas the 60’s movement(s) didn’t have all that embedded support, correct?

Back in the 60’s there was a sort of Commie movement, right? Except is was pretty much limited to the “hippy movement” as far as I know – though the communists were infiltrating.

Okay, lets get some perspective from some “old timers” out there 😉

And anyone else might choose to address the original notion, “I just wonder how far downhill this thing will spiral, and how fast”

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This time it’s not just a bunch of disaffected people, it’s a well orchestrated movement using the disaffected for their own purposes. This moment in time will teach people that they can destroy without consequence, and in the future any little thing will be a pretext for rioting, looting and burning. When a tornado happens, they’ll hit the streets screaming for .gov to fix it. When the crops fail, they’ll hit the streets. When the water fails, they’ll hit the streets. When the electricity fails, when their jobs no longer exist because of failed policies, when their drugs are no longer available. Any little thing will be a pretext for rioting, looting and burning.

Because they have been trained to believe that violence is a legitimate answer, they will use that tool and feel fully justified.

When the Spirit of Peace is no longer welcome in the hearts of men, peace leaves the earth.

I was born in 52, the race riots then are pretty much the same today… Same M.O…. ship people in from someplace else, pay them to riot. MLK was the drawing point, where ever he spoke riots followed withing a few hours. The democrats at that time were heavy supporters, just like today.

The 60’s were before my time. So I just have to go off what my dad and grandpa told me years ago about the Gary, Indiana riots.

A lot of businesses were burned down in the mostly black community areas. White folks in trucks would go around in pickup trucks and take pop shots at the rioting groups to try and keep them from spreading to other parts of town (the white communities).

That continued until the governor declared martial law or some such and sent in the National Guard. The guards orders were to shoot on sight anyone violating curfew. The riots quickly ended after a few people were shot. Again, that’s the story I was told.

Don’t know the politics or the reason why they rioted there. To this day there are still many empty lots from those building that were burned down then. To this day, that place is a crime ridden h–l hole where many burned out buildings have been added over the years. Many have just been left to sit as the owners gave up and walked away.

We were young kids and our parents shielded us from most of what was happening. Grew up in the boonies of Illinois in a small town. So no comment on the riots back then.

Today, however, it is plain to see these riots and looting are just an excuse. What we are witnessing, (IMHO) is a massive redistribution of wealth to TPTB using this Covid virus, BLM aka race riots, destruction of history (removing statues), etc., etc.

Jobs and the economy have been destroyed. This is straight out of the marxist playbook. Top down, bottom up. Very well organized.

Small businesses destroyed and massive global corporations doing very well. This won’t end well for we the people.

Are we going to see more ‘viruses’ to come so we must hide in our homes again? And it is weighing heavily on me that the grid may fail this fall or winter. Hacked? Maybe. Or turned off to control the populations? No information available? Think about it for a minute.

I’ve said before that no matter what happens in November, they may steal the election from Trump. Most here have felt the evil rising in this nation. They are everywhere in politics and government now. And encouraging all of this rioting and looting. And what kind of local government vilifies it’s own police department?

Crazy and dangerous times we live in today. More to come.

I was a toddler thru the sixties and I believe our parents sheltered us through all the hardships. So I have no clue.
But to those that have grown up in the sixties, do you see more government interaction? More involvement in today’s protests, riots?

For today’s protests and riots seem to be, not a racial influenced protest, just all out chaos.
The BLM percentage of protesters are more white, than black, from what I have read.
Just thinking aloud.

My first comment – Birthdate 2-14-30. We have lived through wars, riots, storms and floods. Our life experience has taught us to be prepared. We are now ready to live as we did in the 30s. Rely on your self.

mpz, do you remember anything about the depression? Any stories (family or your own) that you would be willing to share? On how you and your family survived?

I met an older gentleman once who was born in 1930 too. I asked him if he remembers the depression and he said yes I do. He then stated ” the proudest day of his life was when he picked 100 lbs. of cotton all by himself in one day”, he was 6 yrs/o.

mpz, WELCOME to the NUT HOUSE!

Good advice. Sounds like something my grandpa would have said. He was born 1898, was a big believer in honor, dignity, respect and trust.

The things you must have seen, done and lived through, wow. A walking encyclopedia set of knowledge, please comment more.

I was born in the 60’s so I can’t comment on then vs now.

What I do know is that technology has replaced reason in many people. Everything is on your phone, good and evil, and it’s there for the taking.

I’ve read about communism – I’m no expert – but it would seem to me that there are many people today who feel that communism is right for our country.

I fear the worst is coming. Obama raised Biden to be an extremist when it comes to free speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to protect yourself from evil.

I am working hard for Trump but I don’t believe it will be enough. Biden and Beto have the inside track and they’ll do anything – even criminally – to keep it.

It would not surprise me in the least if BLM and ANTIFA marched through our rural community next year. Burning and looting will ensue and the leftist will take control of our small town.

Some of us will fight with all we have but with Biden in office I’m we will be put down swiftly and brutally.

Years from now with most of our freedoms gone America will be a footnote in history. I urge everyone reading this to fight as you’ve never fought before. It is I believe our last chance to save America.

Just my opinion but I don’t think they will try marching through many rural areas. I know they were supposed to come through our town a few months back and had a large group of folks just waiting on main Street for them. Our sheriff just said well if you come here looking for trouble you are taking your life into your hands

Was around 10 when daddy was sent to Mississippi during the riots at Ole Miss. Older when he went to Selma as an agent with the ATF. What I recall at 10 was being afraid for my daddy. The news would have clued me in or maybe something momma said made me fearful. We spent most of a summer in Meridian Mississippi when he was called in to help with the civil rights workers murders. The atmosphere was charged, but not violent. The press was hanging around. Most of my memory from there is the head ATF man in Meridian had daughters my age and they had a nice house with a pool…… Which meant I did not have to stay at the old hotel downtown all of the time…..

Freedom Summer. The killer was not only a Klansman, he was a Baptist preacher and reputable sawmill operator. He never thought they’d be found once he buried them. It only took 44 days though. No one in that town snitched. Everyone knew because it started at the Sheriff and went all the way down the line, but no one would say their names. Even the trial found the men responsible laughing and snickering because they did not foresee any charges. Racism was imbedded in the worst way because it was almost sport to them. And truthfully, some of the old timers still use words at times that make you cringe. It was so ingrained in them that it just bubbles to the surface even today.

I was little but my in-laws are there, so I’ve heard the stories firsthand and have walked the streets when I visit. It was a dark time. We evolved though as a society and became better as people. Created opportunity, put in the work to change from then until now. Yet to hear these protestors today you would think their CHOP/CHAZ Summer of Love is a carbon copy to Freedom Summer. Not by a longshot.

My husband was stationed at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Ga. In May of 1970 during the race riot there. I worked as a dietitian at the University Hospital, of course in an area close to the riots. We couldn’t go home from the hospital because the streets were too dangerous, so we served food and coffee all night in the cafeteria for police, firefighters and employees. A man who owned a gas station in the same area was killed, they brought in wounded people for several days.

Black employees I worked with were concerned that it was their neighborhoods that were being burned and vandalized. One of our cooks had had knee surgery and was recovering at home; she knew she couldn’t get away if they burned her home…they stopped in the next block! These people didn’t approve of the riots…they worked hard for their homes and families. In our suburb, almost all of the homes were owned by military families like us…men with recent Viet Nam experience; rioters turned around at the entrance to the suburb.

Difference…authorities didn’t condone the riots…at least 6 rioters were shot by police or vigilantes. The protests have been very limited in scope here in Iowa; I suspect there isn’t any outside money financing them. I am certainly concerned if the Democrats win in November; but I think the riots won’t quit if Trump is re-elected either. I just hope there are enough of the silent majority…and I think many black folks today feel the way they did in 1970…they want Police protection, not warlords and gangs running their neighborhoods.

I think that if Trump is reelected the left will unleash the dogs of war in a tantrum.
If Biden’ VP wins, the left will unleash the dogs of war because they will get away with it…either way, things are going to get spicy

The rioters today are unchallenged. I think imho that if a few more go toes up like in Austin we would see things cool down some. Many of those safe space dough boys might get cold feet knowing that the next evening throwing bricks or bombs might be their last.Then again, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong once before

In 1960 I was 12 and my father died so although I knew there was rioting It didn’t concern me as much. I also lived in a suburb of Chicago, IL not the south. I remember thinking that they were fighting for equality. I do know that affirmative action came out of that which didn’t sit well as we lost jobs to less qualified because of their race. Now I think race has very little to do with the riots. I feel that the democrats are taking advantage of what has gone on to bring the nation down to where they had it before Trump came in. Then if they come back into power they don’t have to backpedal and can start right in on socialism.

I spent most of my young life outside the USA in countries where the folks were various shades of color; white, yellow, red, brown and black. I was raised to respect all people. There was no different treatment by color, but there was different treatment by economic class and mostly by people of the same color. For example, in Asian countries, the rich had total disdain for those labored for their food. In India and other Hindu cultures, there were cast systems where those who are born into “untouchable” class, are banned from public education and can only get the worst jobs, like cleaning public toilets.

In between assignments I went to school in the north and the south for a while and I did notice that people of color were not treated the same as whites. I remember asking my parents why there were no “colored” people in my school. The answer was because of the segregation law; which they had to explain to me. I questioned; why? But then were were sent overseas again and I thought no more about it.

Today’s riots are another matter. These are based on ideological differences; communism verses a republic or free democracy. I think half of the people rioting are trained and paid marxists/communist. On TV I saw people from the effected communities yelling at the outsiders to “get out, you’re not from here”.

But our young people today have been indoctrinated in schools for years; what they and their parents don’t realize is that this has been going on for decades, sponsored by rich power hungry liberals and paid for by the Builderburg Group and communist China. I doubt that google will show any honest links about the true purpose of the group, but suffice it to say they are an offshoot of the Illuminati which began in Europe some time around 1860s. They control the global money through the Bank of International Standards, which owns all the world’s central banks.

Buckle up folks, this is not going away anytime soon.

Thats what i dont get, these people dont see the manipulation,
But then again most dont see manipulation, from liberal media, conservative media, alt media, polititans,
What IS the truth?????

But our young people today have been indoctrinated in schools for years

And there is the problem farmmom. At some point large quantity’s of the parents in this country decided to leave the raising of their children to others because they just couldn’t be bothered to do it themselves. Now they depend on the schools not only to teach their children but to feed them also. When I was young you were taught your morals and values at the kitchen table at dinner by your parents and at the Sunday dinner by your grandparents and in church. In a lot of ways I think that all these idiots are just going to get what they deserve but unfortunately a lot of good people are going to be hurt also

I was 24, and lived in a suburb of Detroit when the “riots” struck there in late July of 1967. Reportedly they started after a “blind pig” club was raided about 4 AM (bar closing time is 2 AM in Michigan). Also “reportedly” the police were somewhat heavy handed, as they had had prior trouble with this establishment. At the time, Detroit itself had a population of close to 2 million and a racial make up of about 80% white. The area in question — 12 th street and Cass — was predominately Black. Tensions flared after the raid, and trouble started. It didn’t help that it was unseasonably hot (daytime temps in the mid 90’s), so many residents of the area were outside of their houses/apartments in the yards/streets to keep cool. The rioting started with vandalism that got progressively worse over the next few days. The Detroit police tried to contain it, but were eventually overwhelmed by the numbers and a level of violence that had led to pure looting and burning of businesses. The rioting remained reasonably contained in the area where it started, because other areas/neighborhoods of Detroit blockaded themselves in, and most of the suburbs shut the roads to them down. (In the suburb I lived, the local police called up all of its reserve officers and literally shut down all roads in/out of the area. To get past the barricades, you had to prove you lived there. “pass thru” traffic was not allowed.) The State mobilized the National Guard, but they were sent in without bullets — just bayonets on their M1 rifles, And because this stupidity was publicized, the rioters knew they were “paper tigers” and ran roughshod over the Guard. It got progressively worse, with rioters positioning themselves in local buildings and shooting at firemen/fire trucks trying to put out the extensive fires. Eventually (maybe 1-1/2-2 weeks after it started), the governor requested help from the Feds. When the US Army arrived, they brought tanks, APC’s and 2-1/2 ton trucks with quad 50’s — AND real ammo. There was extensive TV coverage by the local stations, and you saw pictures on TV of a tank blowing away a house with shooters in it who had refused to come out, and another of one of the quad 50’s tearing the bricks off a building with shooters inside to get them to come out. The residents of the tri-county area that makes up the Detroit metro area were not too sympathetic to the issue, and by in large it was seen as a “black event”. In the long run — the rioters ended up destroying their own neighborhood — so extensively, that even several decades later is only partially rebuilt, and it was the triggering event that started the ruin of the city. Over the next 10-15 years, the white population, and many business owners (black and white) moved out of the city. Detroit went from 80+% white, to present day 85% black. Population… Read more »

North#star, in ’67 I was sophomore in high school, live an hour north by expressway from Detroit, your write up of the riot was so vivid it brought back the memories. Small town I lived in, we watched the city burn on TV, while the town beer/booze store were cleaned out by people coming out of the city to resell in the city.

This time the protesting ignighteddue to law and civilian contact but has morphed into a war on the the rule of law, the takeover of industries, using social shaming, cancel culture, innuendo,slander, outright reverse descrimation, privilege accusations, technical destruction of free speech and creating the truth (repeat the lie until it become the fact, not a riot it’s a protest), with repeatedly denying the truth tossed in.

The anger during the ’67 riots never went away, it just resurfaced, is funded now, and intentionally managed. Coupled with a ruptured American culture and no societal norms the current state is not the same as ’67.

I also moved out went back to small town living in the North East, far as possible from a chaotic city. Then just blended in.

Your recollection mirrors mine. I was 15 at the time and we lived in a county just north of Wayne County where Detroit is. My father worked for one of the big 3 (auto companies) at the time just east of Wayne county. Because it was summer we were living at our cottage about an hours drive north and many of my friends there lived in Detroit during the school months. One of my friends lived next door and her father was a Detroit LEO. He worked the night shift and would drive back and forth everyday. Every day during that time he would hunt all us kids down, give us all big hugs and tell us he loved us before he left for Detroit. In the morning when he came home, he would hunt us all down again and repeat his hugs and tell us how much he loved us all. The only difference in the mornings was his uniform would be dirty and covered in blood stains. That is a memory I will never forget.
I had forgotten about the suburbs closing the roads down, but I do remember the exodus from Detroit afterwards. However with that movement so came many of the problems of drugs and crime and many of the suburbs suffered. The riots left areas of Detroit totally destroyed and try as it may, it has never come close to recovering.
When I got out of high school my family moved to our cottage and I have continued to stay as far away from Detroit as we could.

I wasn’t even born yet, so I have no personal knowledge of it. Really enjoyed your detailed account, thanks for sharing.

Rioting is an American tradition – whether the cause or the rioters’ actions are just or unjust. Those who remember their history lessons will recall that riots preceded our War for Independence. Riots occurred more years than not all through the 1700s and 1800s. Some political, some with communist traits, some labor-related, but many were race riots.
. . . .
In the 1900s through the 1940s there was hardly a year without riots. Take a look at the summer of 1919 – race riots all across the country. Slow down started in the 1940s, and the 1950s were relatively quiet. Lots in the 1960s with 1964 kicking off riots against police brutality against black Americans. 1967 riots all summer across the country. 1968 riots after MLK Jr assassination. Student riots also got underway starting with race and civil rights then extending to anti-war protests. 1968 also saw youth rioting in conjunction with the Dem convention. 1969 had the Berkeley, Stonewall, and Weathermen riots. 1970s bad, 1980s not quite as bad, 1990s notable for Rodney King riots in ‘92. First major showing of anarchists at the 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle. Riots steadily just about every year since.
. . . .
What’s changed is higher population, denser population in the cities, mass round-the-clock news coverage, ability to go back and review events on social media, broad public platforms with instantaneous transmission. And this year, nearly all schools and universities closed, 40% highly paid unemployment, no summer jobs.
. . . .
In the mid 1960s an older cousin who had her driver’s license loaded us all in the car and took us to a hippie tea shop one day. This was in a teeny Kansas wheat farming town. We all got in such trouble, from both sets of parents, even though they were life-long Democrats! After that I paid attention but never got close to the action or discussed “political” issues with my folks until I was older and out of the house.

Anony Mee a good history lesson about rioting in America! Most of the riots you mentioned were short term one or two cities worth of rioting and over once the passions cooled. THIS series of Rioting is a coordinated paid agitators driven rioting PERMITTED by Liberal Politicians handcuffing their police officers. How long has the Siege of the Portland OR Federal Courthouse been going on?

However my concern it’s not just extended rioting but the paid foot solders of a CIA Color Revolution or what I called it earlier a “Make it Stop” campaign. The NYT had a Op Ed essentially saying “If you elect our Biden all these troubles will stop”.

This is not rioting but warfare hidden under cover of Media and Democrats to dislodge President Trump and all that support him. The same sort of rioting used by demagogue led rioting during the death of the Roman Republic that used Mobs to demand MOAR Bread and Circuses as well to intimidate Senators at their homes to do the Mobs bidding.

Winter is coming, but you already knew that friend.

My dad would take the family into the small city for clothes, furniture, and stuff cause that is where the shopping was done back then. Still remember those hotdogs and root beer at Sears. Then the riots came to that town and everything changed. The first malls were built away from those towns (in the country) and the long established family owned stores went under if they weren’t already destroyed by the riots. Who knows, maybe part of the plan was to make way for the chains stores. Anyway….. I think the discrimination back then was real (I saw it) as opposed to this “perceived discrimination” we see today. A house divided surely can not stand. And so…. back then I was discriminated against. My second grade teacher did not like Germans, and she told me so when she rocked my head against the block corridor wall in the school basement. Guess she lost someone in WW II. Take heart good people. I will not loot and burn second grade classrooms.

I experienced racial discrimination myself back in 1990 in basic training. Our platoon was about 45% white, 45% black, and 10% everything else. When we first got into our barracks, the first thing one drill Sargent said was ‘we need more colored blood all up in here’. Over the next two months it became glaringly clear, she HATED white folks. One of the black guys would screw up on something and she would ignore it. A day or two later, a white guy would screw up the same way and she would smoke (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, you name it) him so bad. It wasn’t uncommon to hear someone in the bathroom puking after a smoke session. The cycle after up were women. I heard a rumor that she badly hurt one of them (smoke sessions?) to the point she lost her hat (was removed as a drill instructor). I am not a hateful person. If I get slighted by someone, I usually chalk it up as a learning experience but I hate that drill sergeant to this day. That showed me how evil some people can be just because of skin color.the other two drill sergeants were very tough but fair and after graduation from basic were sociable. That drill sergeant was disliked by most of the other drills.


In your scenario, she was actually making the white soldiers physically tougher and better able to survive the rigors of war, while the black soldiers were groomed to be “candy asses.” As Mr. Spock would say, with a raised eyebrow, “Fascinating” Maybe that is why the other drill sergeants didn’t like her. They knew that “all soldiers matter.”

That little second grader learned a valuable lesson that day that carries through today. Those in authority over you may not have your best interest at heart. Glad she “knocked” that into my head early. I do hope she found peace.

The riots of the 1960s, where about racial injustices, the riots today are rooted in the Marxist/Socialist movement to destroy the remainder of our western values. It’s the beginning of the final push/solution to install their Socialist utopia, which we will not be part of!!!

I vividly still remember a comment made to me back in ’61.
In Vietnam.
I grew up in New England, never experiencing ‘Racism’. One of my Buddies was from Arkansas, and a pretty funny guy. So one day, together in a Foxhole & just ‘shooting the b.s.’ to pass time, I asked him why you southern guys dislike Blacks so much. His demeanor instantly changed, looked me square in the face, and actually snarled “What are you. A (the now forbidden ‘N’ word ) lover ?” I was taken completely aback by his reaction. Stunned, actually. Scary.
I never did get an answer to my question, and we weren’t too close after that.
I never got over that one. Of course, ‘Racism’ wasn’t a term used back then.
It’s really a pretty watered down term. I would imagine that’s what the Nazis felt about Jews.

I remember the country was emerging from the Jim Crow laws at the time, the civil rights movement led by leaders MLK & to some degree MalcolmX. The movement was a needed and legit one back then. The best book I read in school was “Black like me” which was a white author that had altered his skin color to experience what a black person in the south would. As I said that was a legit movement and Jim Crow laws I would consider systemic racism because it was the force of law used to separate a group of people. Those don’t exist today and is long gone 50 years for Gods sake. Today this as stated by the two groups driving this is a marxist rant, guess what most everyone is over the 1960’s. Democrats were behind Jim Crow back then and for some crazy reason they are supporting riots, take overs, looting and lawlessness today. For the record I also remember President Eisenhower (R) was the one that Federalized the Arkansas troops after the Gov of Ark failed to enforce the law in 1957 to end the rioting. Don’t let anyone tell you “this never happened in the history of our country”. Does racism exist today yes, on an individual basis, but systemic no way. Injustice? the officer has been arrested and charged with his disgusting crime.

And by the way……Really marxism that’s a good idea, REALLY?

In High School my wife was beat up by Blacks for being a A+ student and raising the grade curve ( Ft. Lauderdale Fl. ). I attended Coconut Creek H.S. also in Fl. , us White guys had to go to the gym/bathroom in a group because the Black boys would beat our butts if we went alone.

I have never seen a “White Riot” have y’all? Only Black ones! BLM, as stated by many above is a Communist front, using Negroes as USEFULL IDIOTS.

My last post ever

Seminole wind,
Yep, said it before, ill say it again,
The only racism ive experienced,
Has been towards me from these so called minorities, hawaiians, phillipinos, blacks, mexicans, japanese,,
I never did anything to anyone nor treated anyone poorly but because of my name and my race i have been bullied, called names, excluded from stuff, intimidated, lied to, stolen from, etc etc etc,,,,
Turn the other cheek my ass,
No more,

“The only racism ive experienced,
Has been towards me from these so called minorities, hawaiians, phillipinos, blacks, mexicans, japanese,,”

Kulafarmer. Interesting name. I believe “Kula” is in Maui. No? Anyways, these “minorities” you speak went through a lot of racism and prejudice when they first came to America. Have you ever had all your property taken away and then thrown into an internment camp? Have you ever had your fishing boat burned because you were trying to make a living on the coast of Texas? Racism is fair. You give it, you get it right back. You may have experienced racism and that’s wrong but many have experienced it also. Think before you post. Maui Wowee.


I think you may have fallen into the trap of trying to judge history through the lens of today’s morality.

Um no. My grandfather would say different. My friend whose house was trashed in Texas because he was a Vietnamese immigrant would say different. History repeats. What’s happening now is this “epiphany” that “some” are entitled to a good life for free.


That “realization” that you write is happening now has gone on for centuries – it was, and still is, called “bread and circus”. Your other point is, that during times of strife, racism rears it’s ugly head more that usual. Yup, some humans are bad.

You can cram it.
Two wrongs dont make a right but i guess folks like you think its ok to generalize the culpability for past wrongs

Kukui nut farmer. You are correct. Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s why Truman didn’t just drop one atomic bomb, he dropped two. And that’s why when my grandfather was released from the internment camp after over two years the first thing he bought was a gun. Not food. Not clothing. But a gun. We learn from our mistakes and I learned from my grandfather.

Awww you poor ting,,,
And how is it my fault???
Yea didnt think so

I was actually beat up so badly that I ended up in the hospital with a concussion by a gang of them. They never attack one-on-one

i was just a kid back then i dont remember much of it but what i DO rmember was this

my dad was a tool and die maker at this metal shop in a not so great area in a major city when the riot started in that area now these are my father words not mine

he was working with this very nice young black kid who was very intelligent and that learned quickly the young guy had busted his ass to save a buy his own new car when the riot moved through that area the poor kid who has busted his ass to save and buy that car it was off in a area of the parking lot a little was away from all the other cars so they burned it the young black man was in tears with rage he turned and looked at my father ans said mr harrison these aint blacks those are ni##ers and are lower than whale shit

i hope and pray to god this does NOT turn into a race war because if it does it WILL tear this country in half and it will never HEAL FROM IT

The participants in the race riots of the 60’s were demanding desegregation and inclusion in addition to communism/marxism but they hid these political agendas using terms like “peaceful protest and equality”.

Today they’re demanding segregation in the form of being called African Americans instead of Americans, black only colleges and dorm rooms, black only neighborhoods, television stations, events, preferential treatment in hiring, a separate lower standard for educational expectations, that certain crimes be decriminalized because they are disproportionately committed by blacks and to top it off only black lives matter.

Today they are not hiding their agendas and it is just another push by communists/marxists to gain more ground and they have plenty of useful idiots that have been brainwashed by college and university professors and by community activists like Obama, Antifa and BLM.

I lived through the Watts riots and the MLK riots in California. The big difference between then and now, those riots destroyed mainly black areas. They crapped in their own neighborhood, on their own people and then complained when NOBODY would rebuild the area afterwords.

The current riots appear to select areas that don’t meet that criteria. They are planning and selecting specific area to destroy, intimidate, and control.

This is not rioting, this is planned aggression by an active Marxist enemy under the guise of curing racial problems. The local governments are either actively supporting their agenda or are terrified of being labeled a racist, so they are laying down on the job. Just my opinion.

Imho , part of the difference between them and now is people now seem to feel even more entitled to everything, be it free stuff gov. Programs free money welfare food stamps etc etc and they seem shorter tempered more hateful towards everyone. I don’t want to make any enemies here but It seems to me that all the killing of most these days seems to be within one race directed at each other more than race to race.I’m the sixties not so much.I was a poor white boy and nobody have me squat , I earned my way through life like a lot of us did without whining about not being treated poorly or unequally.

I didn’t see anyone mention that in the 60’s there was also anti-war protests to end the Viet Nam war. The post war babies railed against the establishment and there was a very fluent mixture of cultures, ideas, politics, morality. During this time the black neighborhood residents were left out, life was dull and fixed. White university students from the suburbs were radicalized, and protests and marches and even riots were widespread.
Significantly both white and black unrest had good intentions as well as good reasons to be impatient for change. Both movements were subverted by thought that capitalist, Christian America was the real enemy and that socialism, even Communism, was the solution. This whole era can be best understood by reading the life of Eldridge Cleaver who went from being one of the founders of the Black Panther Party, to a sold-out Communist in exile, to a born-again Christian American patriot. My own story followed a similar path, although not black and a few years younger than he.
Today’s situation is similar in the way that serious and real problems have been hijacked by Marxist’s who don’t care at all about those concerns, but are using the crowd to attain their goal; the takedown of our nation.

Recently watched a documentary on the early 1900’s race riots. Most of the whites were new immigrants, 10 years or so, employed in the factories. There were many Italians and Irish. The factory owners went down south to recruit blacks who would work for less pay. If I recall the numbers correctly, the 1st year 500,000 blacks moved north to these jobs. Next year was 1,000,000 and so on.
As always it is really gets down to the love of the dollar. Think Robber Barons and early labor unions.
Most any issue can be backtracked to the love of the $$$ and power for power sake.

The photo above, there is something unique about it that does not apply to our times. Will not state my opinion on that here.

From where I sit, today’s rioting began as ‘race riots’ in name only. The rioting and violence is rooted in Marxism/communism, and the attempt to overthrow local governments with national government as the end goal.

The 60s were the big start of cultural uprisings, with communist roots. They’ve had more than 60 years to convert and infiltrate America, and we’re watching the planned revolution.

Know your plan details. Reinforce your perimeter. Stay focused.

Ken, Breitbart has a piece where the D’s have “War Gamed”, a Trump win in November resulting in the West Coast seceding and a Civil/Race war follows. The fact that they are even looking at this is concerning. You might wish to open up discussion on this.

Gone for good

Read that last night. Concerning to say the least.

Give it up Seminole Wind. You love this site, you know you do, and we like hearing from you.

I dontthink thats what Seminole meant, think it was more a reference to our lost republic, maybe? Thats what it sounded liketo me

A major difference between the 60’s protests & riots and now is that in the 60’s the enemy was the establishment whereas today they are the establishment; colleges & universities, the media, the deep state, the Democrat party.

Did anybody understand what I said there? I’ll try again; the 1960’s radicals that hijacked the movement became today’s establishment, the enemy. Well, I knew what I meant.

Chevy, I got it!

Maggie: Phew!

I forgot but in 1968 I was just outside Chicago when the riots broke out at the democrat convention. It was horrendous. Just before it all happened my first husband to be and I were headed down to the convention. We were dems back then but not for long. We got a flat and he didn’t have a spare. When we got home we saw that all hell (if I can say that) broke loose down there and we were never more grateful for a flat.

The Democratic party of the working man is dead. It’s been subverted by Marxists/socialist/ Communists as the Dems kept advocating for every special interest group they could find. In order to appease they sold their souls to those who will destroy us all. Now, they feel powerful enough to be brazenly open about their beliefs and goals. I don’t believe most Americans agree with Marxist ideology, but there’s still too many voting for someone running as a moderate who then rules as a radical. We’re running out of time to turn this around. This election, if Trump is re-elected, will buy us some time. Otherwise, we’ll delve into the brave new world to a degree we’ve only read about. The rioters of the 60’s learned that revolution couldn’t come only in the streets, so they moved into education at all levels to influence the next generations. They also moved into law, politics, religion, and into science, managing to subvert them all. Our disease is now systemic and with the likes of billionaires such as Soros, they’re adding accelerant to fan the flames of our destruction. I know God could still stay His hand. We need revival, repentance beginning with the house of God, but so far, I haven’t seen that kind of heartfelt on our knees crying out to God. I never thought I’d live to possibly see the demise of our country, but there are reasons why we’re here now, for such a time as this. I want to stand in the gap, to follow Christ no matter the circumstances, and to be His ambassador to a wounded sinful people. We need to pray for wisdom and discernment to make good decisions and live our lives well in the days ahead.

I was at Ft. MacArthur in Long Beach on the Army Track team training for the 68 Olympics, when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated two or three months after Martin Luther King’s killing, and the rioting began again in Watts (a black ghetto) in Los Angeles. We could see the smoke from burning buildings rising into the sky, and they were about 10-15 miles away. On the second or third day of riots, ALL troops were confined to quarters and were told that we might be going into Watts, because the Sheriff of Los Angeles had asked the Commanding General at Fort Mac. for assisstance in helping quell the riots. The other troops were as worried as I was about possibly shooting Americans and having to stop the riots. Army troops are not usually trained in crowd control or riot management. Luckily for us the LEOs managed to get the rioting under control, and we were ordered to stand down. In those days, I’m sure we would have been issued ammo for our weapons, as there had been reports of gunfire in Watts, plus the politicians were not so adverse to using deadly force as they are today in stopping wanton looting and destruction of property. As mentioned by others, the Vietnam war was going on and hippies were protesting the war on a regular basis all across the country. But there was also a movement by black athletes (Eldredge Cleaver??, can’t remember who started it) and it’s purpose was to have blacks boycott the Olympic Games. In the end they did participate, and the most remembered events of the black movement then was when Tommie Smith and John Carlos did their “Black Power” salute on the medal stand in Mexico City, and when Muhammed Ali refused to be inducted into the US Army. I believe the world wide press attention that Smith and Carlos got after their actions was the seminal moment that gave the terrorists the idea to conduct the Munich massacre of the Israeli team in the Munich Olympics in l972. This is why I believe that Sports should not be a venue for political purposes. The Black Power movement and the AntiVietnam War were somewhat separate and distinct, but at times they joined forces, marched together and started the false myth that black soldiers were being killed and wounded in Vietnam in far greater numbers than other soldiers. This false myth has been perpetuated, just like the myth today, that blacks are more likely to be shot by white police officers in any confrontation. Plenty of useful idiot’s to propogate that lie. But, as Goebbels and Hitler proved, tell a lie often enough and people will eventually believe it. The main difference in the 60’s and now, is the politicians who encourage these riots and the lack of deadly force being used to stop them. The riots could be ended in one day, two at the most, if some of the participiants were shot. After killing a… Read more »

Many of today’s Democrat mayors and governors were 1960’s SDS (“Students for Democrat Society”) sympathizers or even members. It is very difficult to find accurate historical facts about the group today as every reference on the internet describes the group in very positive ways. But that is the group that was responsible for the bombing of federal buildings.

For the city politicians who are complicit with the destruction of their cities, do not federal laws apply: Title 18 USC subsection 1621 and Title 42 subsection 1986.
There are certain elements of today’s riots which should also be classified as enemy combatants.

My parents were born in 1918 and 1917. Mom said they ate her pet rabbit and had a lot of bean sandwiches. My dad’s father died when he was three. His mother was so broke she had to have an orphanage take care of him. We still have his letters he sent home. Rather heartwrenching when you put yourself in his shoes. He said they were kicked out of so many homes for non payment of rent that he would forget what house he had to go to when he was walking home from school. He went to college on the GI bill after the war and became an electrical engineer. Literally from rags to riches so to speak. I’ve only met one other person who had the capacity to remember things like he did. I remember my two older brothers riding their bikes to the riot area a couple days after it was over (To the other locals. Lived west of Mt Carmel hospital). A bit crazy as they kind of stood out.