SCOTUS Scuttling The Ship – Where Do We Go From Here?

“Where we go from here?” said a MSB commenter reacting to the SCOTUS ruling last evening on the Texas multi state lawsuit of this egregious voter fraud.

Answer: It is quite clear at this juncture. “Biden will be installed”.

A few thoughts to get off my chest this morning:

Despite other ongoing court challenges, the cabal has, and will, stop at nothing to rid this popular outsider.

As I reflect on all that has happened in the swamp these past four years, and the fact that no one has “paid” for their criminal / treasonous actions — it proves how badly we’re F’d. The deep state swamp and the globalist cabal really do control the world.

2016 – 2020 was an unexpected hiccup on their timeline.

The swamp will win. The rule of law, in essence, is over. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that swamp creatures are exempt.

The Constitution is just for show.

The Republic is finished.

In what form or forms will our fractured nation evolve over the upcoming months and throughout 2021 and beyond? I can (and do) speculate what’s going to happen. I’ve written about a Harris/Biden administration many times. They are clearly the Trojan Horse puppets of the globalists psuedo-Marxist agenda. Read your history. It will provide clues.

Barring a miraculous comeback, this SCOTUS ruling has demoralized all other efforts. State legislatures and other courts won’t have the stones to resist.

Monday the electoral college does its thing. December 14th.

Noon, January 20th it’s etched in stone.

They will begin reading their lists. The full force of the Deep State will seek its revenge. They will begin to implement what they intended to do with the HildaBeast puppet four years ago – but were delayed…

I’m not in the mood to sugar coat it. I do not know the extent of retribution that will be placed upon patriots for having spoken out. I do know that Big Tech made a big move on Dec. 4th and will continue to in-effect shut down our voices. Who knows how much longer sites like mine will remain standing.

I will continue to voice my observations and opinions as Marxism takes hold here in what was once the land of the free — The United States of America — as we traverse into the “Global Reset”. At least, so long as I have enough support to do so.

End of Message.

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” And the band played on. “

indeed, but who is the strawberry blonde?

Thank you, Ken. Sounds like you think it is over. I hope you are wrong. However if you are right, I better get ready. President Trump may not be ready to accept defeat. SCOTUS refusal to here the Texas case could be just the opening salvo in the fight for the Republic. I am keeping hope alive.

Stop target practice, it’s a waste of ammo, stay prepared, watch for unfamiliar people in your area, stay away from large crowds.

Ken, God speed, I feel that we are headed form some bad times.

If you don’t know how to practice, it can be a waste of ammo. But sharpening your skill is never a waste. Of time or ammo.

This outcome is the result of the way the self-governance powers remain with each State, even in determining some Federal issues.

Unfortunately, the road to socialism/marxism has taken hold faster in the most populous States with the most influx of legal and illegal immigrants, this being the segment of the population most reliant on the nanny State – not being racist, just seeing several States turn.

Sorry to say, we all are forced under the foot of more socialism or, we look to find a way for each State to Secede as is being considered by Texas – Texas being the only one legally allowed to do so under their agreement to join the Union.

I see no greater impact on this country, other than nuclear war, that being be the influx of a million immigrants in a short span of time – yes I know planned and controlled immigration is a good thing, but this is not what I see happening.

If Texas is still legally able to secede (I thought it was already decided Texas isn’t), then people who feel strongly about current events could move to Texas. Once there are enough new Texans to outvote the liberals in the cities, then Texas could vote to secede. It’s easier to move and vote to secede than to physically fight to overtake the USA. Plus, it’s not treason to move to Texas (as opposed to trying to overthrow the government).

Werther is it legal, or not for Texas to secede from the Union. They have a tendency to start the process forward. Especially after the flagrant display of tramping upon the Constitution by the other states😣😫, which SCOTUS should have taken on for adjudication. Hard for SCOTUS to do when they sold their souls for that 30 pieces of silver to Technocracy.

Hope Texas sets the pattern for what appears to be in a planning stage. Will not say exactly where or to what degree, it appears that it shall happen in other areas they are sick & tired of being a door matt. mho

Here’s a hypothetical thought. Any action taken by US citizens, individual states, militias, office holders, or whatever, against what has happened, as long as the action taken is in an effort to support and defend the constitution, would not be overthrowing the government. I’ve read and heard that a lot lately, but the fact is the government has already been overthrown by the Marxist and cheaters. If we the people stood in the gap and stopped it we would be preserving the constitution, therefore no constitutional law would be broken on our side. The traitors have overthrown the government already and it is the explicit right of the American people to do what is necessary to defend our republic. Words matter and this idea of “right-wing extremists” overthrowing the government is false. As long as we let them control the narrative, bury our guns, and hide, they will win. What would Sam Adams, Paul Revere, William Dawes, or George Washington have done in the face of this kind of tyranny? We tried the ballot box and they took it away. SCOTUS outright and willingly failed the American people and the Constitution. The traitors in the Big Tech industry took away any platform for decent Americans to have a voice. The traitors in the MSM grossly and openly lied to the public and that act alone probably has done more damage, at least in this election, to screw our country. If this stands without a whimper from the right we will not have another legitimate election. SCOTUS is no longer on the side of the people. Goodbye America. Should we stand up and work together or should we be ready to bend over and say “thank you sir may I have another”? What do you folks think? I think this is the hardest and most serious situation we as a country have ever faced. I don’t like it but that is where we are.

agreed we are witnessing the end of the us and big tech has blocked any way for people like us to communicate without it being seen and you can bet big money that the alphabet soup agencies are watching EVERYTHING we write on this

Kevin, at least those alphabet agencies watching will understand how much we all love our country. And we do not want to see it overturned by an illegitimate election by socialists. Biden and Harris, if installed in office, will be illegitimate. They will form an illegitimate government. We the people, must stand up to them.

how ? we are running out of options FAST and taking up arms is the LAST thing ANYONE should want ever

It is the last thing AMERICANS would want, but it will sadly happen. That is what planning is for. We, the American liberty and freedom loving patriotic people (even though freedom has been gone for longer than we care to say) will not go down enslaved to the satanic globalist cabal. We much seek CHRIST, and his love and guidance in the coming battle.
God Bless

This is up to us, The american people to sort out (so to speak),( we can see BS a mile away) on our terms if justice refuses to do the RIGHT THING, then we do it on our own, DANG Trump had 74 million votes and lost, REALLY?.
George Washington would NEVER take this and go home. Nor will I, and hopefully all of the other AMERCANS and MSB fantastic people I have come to know over the many years all know this to be true, and Ken knows it most, He is an outstanding guy doing what he can and has gone above and beyond.
We have NO choice or WE will be remebered as the “people that LET it happen” without so much as a fight ! I,’m not telling my grandkids “I could have done something” but didn’t. I have been on this site for many years, mostly to gain knowledge, didn’t think i had all that much to share in that area. This is MY game changer moment!

I agree with you all the way. I’m old now and been in one war and i’m willing to do it again to protect this republic

i may not have taking the oath you many others took but i would and will stand with you anyhow

If anyone has the stones to try it it will probably be Texas!

The same agreement, when Texas entered the Union, allowed the state to divide into 5 smaller states……there is disagreement by some, that these exceptions are still in effect….some say that after the defeat of the Confederacy in the “Civil War” the original agreements were nullified by re-unification………

Ah, but Lincoln, et al maintained from the beginning that no States went anywhere. There was no such thing as a CSA since it was all one big rebellion against the legitimate Government of the USA. So maybe Tejas still retains the prerogatives mentioned in the TX Constitution and their original Joining-the-Union documents.

Fun Fact: In order to get re-admitted (i.e. have representation in the Congress and Senate) to the Union they never left, the not-really-seceded States had to vote to ratify the 13 th and 14 th amendments to the Constitution.

Some argue that, on that basis, said Amendments were/are not legitimate.


Read the declaration of independence, IT is the duty of US Citizens to abandon the evil government that we have, and begin anew. Some will die, I think I will, but we fight to preserve and build a land for our progeny. GOD BLESS and let us all seek GODS will and blessings.



I started following you on Parler Ken, hopefully you’ll be able to use your voice on there for a while. Maybe

it scares me to even WRITE this but the day we will HAVE to water the tree of liberty and freedom with the blood of tyrants and patriots is fast approaching god knows i hoped it wouldnt happen but as the old line goes wish with one and 6321 in the other and see which one fills up first the left has NO CLUE the kind of horror they are about to start and before this is MILLIONS will be dead

Start studying Agenda 2030. Watch Europe and the WEF. Leave your cell phones home when out and about (if you can) because of tracking. Get grey. And starve the beast. Cut off their $$$. This is the time to have serious discussions with family and friends (you trust).

Blessings to all here. Remember, God is still on His Throne. I just hope He hasn’t withdrawn His blessings from America, but I fear He has.

Would it be best to carry a burner phone for emergencies then?

Pay by the minute flip phone that you can pull the battery easily

The whole purpose of a burner phone is privacy. No one knows who bought the phone, you pay cash for it, and cash for all minute cards.
So, how can I be traced? My phone isn’t registered in any name and no one has my number but my husband.

JayJay – Did you catch the news last week? Your phone is linking to every IoT device in your neighborhood and relaying your ESN, location, text messages and on-demand, the contents of your phone conversations as well. Geo-tagging and your husbands phone number, completes the picture. You have no privacy. Burner phones are so ten years ago. Be careful.

All flip or pill phones use an older version of Android that can still be tracked, or KaiOS a linux based OS that google paid to integrate google voice search into a few years back, so even the burner phones are listening to your voice, converting it to text and sending it back to google.

Basically if a burner phone has anything google on it, you are screwed.

Your number might be untraceable, but your patterns are. If that phone is used more than once or twice they can discern who you are by the people you are contacting with it and also the towers that its hitting (ie where you are calling or texting from). This is hoe they’ve been tracking, teacing, and catching criminals and terrorists for years.

In other words, if you don’t want to be tracked you need to go old school and completely drop all tech. That simple. The problem is, you also give them a huge advantage because you can no longer communicate, coordinate or plan.

This might go kinetic, but it will be totally one sided in favor of TPTB unfortunately. It’s over.

`Current Cell phones have a second battery in them. That battery runs the phones GPS unit. Pulling the main battery won’t help.
The old flip phones are better. The Govt can run a tape and see where you have been in the 8 hrs in 5 minutes. On the way out the door stick your phone in the microwave….

All burner phones can be traced. Local usage patterns with voice recognition can identify you pretty easily. Also the contact info in your associates phone (with your burner ph #) is an easy source to read to confirm your ID….. Use a burner if you want, but don’t think it hides your identity….

(This is my professional opinion after 40 years of deeply embedded software development experience with the DoD)

Doug, Thanks for your input. A false sense of privacy/security for many…

A burner phone would need to be purchased and utilized in narrow confines to stealth one’s identity. Then it’s a throw-away…

You could. I just leave mine home.

i think im going to start making my EMF shielding phone cases, new business, made a bag with the fabric to test it ant the cell wont pick up no matter what, whats that sayin about lemons and lemonaide
😎 🤙🏻

Good! I priced those hard cases…$300 bucks!!

I understand the tracking portion is much more able to get thru the blocking than the cell signal portion.Be sure to look into that.Also heard they have a capacitor inside that battery pulled phone can still be accessed.Dont know if any of that is true,just things Ive read FWIW.

Seems like God always sent a messenger to try and turn people from their wicked ways before he sent judgement and I think Trump was America’s messenger. He isn’t the epitome of a religious man but neither was Paul but he tried to restore the values and foundation that made America great.

I believe this election (even though fraudulent and condoned by the SCOTUS) was America’s rejection of our Divinely inspired Constitution and founding principles so after 244 years of blessings we are going to see His wrath. Elections have consequences and the world will pay a horrendous price for this one.

Romeo Charlie
4th turning my friend,
it follows a pattern, has been written for a long time,
the people turned away from God,
obviously not all, but our leaders and such are mostly godless greedy, slothful, etc, etc, etc,,,
yea, its a thing

Romeo Charlie

There has been a number of “Prophets” telling us that this was coming. Just read Ken’s posts/articles over that last year. Also I remember Seminole Wind posting almost daily, ” A Storm is Coming, Prepare for Ugly” . Also Dennis and Stand Your Ground have been pretty prophetic as well in their posts too.

RC, I agree about Trump. God doesn’t always pick the “best” to do His will. Trump was our last chance to turn this nations’ sin around. Yes, nations will be punished…look at ancient Israel. Without a huge bible discussion, we all know what is next. God does punish the guilty nations. I have been praying non-stop for just a little more time; a bit more mercy…..but His will be done. Sadly, I expect either another Carrington event, national disasters, or ….war. Global war. Our enemies will come against us on our own soil. Just MHO.

And I’m STILL praying…….

God always has His remnant. Be one of His.

Also remember, we have a better city we are going to.

Prep your souls so you will be there-that better city.

I agree. Trump was our Jonah. Mystery Babylon is near the end.

One time I forgot my phone at home, and I was still followed to church and back.


Dont forget if your car is newer and has some form of onstar it is also tracking you.

And will unless you cut the wires!

Ojs,,,, can’t just cut the wires. , we tryed that ,truck won’t run without onstar

I think as a nation God has withdrawn His blessings. But He will take care of His own. I think within the next 20 years we are going to be asked to support the “beast” – if we refuse there will be severe consequences. Consequences we aren’t even envisioning now.

Ability to vote, food and water, free speech, ability to assemble, even utilities are on the table. Medical care, ownership of property, just look at “socialist” countries and see what they did.

It will be interesting to see market response. I would almost bet it drops like a rock, there will be a slight bump of profit taking, then a big azz correction.

just a feeling, anything can happen, but typically, democrats are bad for business, and big business is a driver of the economy.

one thing these democrats always forget is that when they increase taxes, increase fees, it falls on the consumer and the consumer cuts back so generally revenue projections are as the ScOtfUSA says, moot,,,

watch for a recession, leading to a depression.

donkey bidens two week shutdown to stamp out cOviD will do nothing but add gasoline tothe flickering flames of collapse. Locally they opened tourism, coViD cases on our island have gone from one or two or none a day to 15/17/19,
they are shutting bars today, again, it wont matter, its going to explode, then when the healthcare workers quit or get sick because they were forcibly inoculated, then what?
again, donkeys in control, literally, democrat donkeys in control.

its going to be interesting. I suppose in the chinese curse way, (chinks for you granny with the knickers in a knot)

😎 🤙🏻

Kula, right now capital flight is coming into the U.S. (per Martin Armstrong). I agree that the globalists are running up our stock market..then when they are ready they will collapse our economy. Right now the US dollar is what they are using and betting on for profit. Off of us in America. If we don’t hold the senate, we are REALLY screwed.

My family plans on buying nothing but food and medicine, and then only as needed, beginning Inaugation Day. Spent the last 2 months preparing for the Communist takeover of America. Anything and everything we can do to help tank Beijing Biden’s economy, we are going to do. Make them own it. Kudos to the independent truckers who will be refusing to deliver to blue cities involved in the election fraud.

Same here–the last month nothing brought into this house but food and replaced garage remote batteries..

The only business dummy craps like is war. The MIC and central banks love them. I wonder if the droning of Bashur Asad would be like the assassination of the archduke Ferdinand of WW1?

Donkey shutdown is to be 100 days…? muzzle requirement? Double check which controls are being discussed. Wonder if they will donate their “richness” to provide for others like our Blessed Potus has…for all kinds of needs.? Huumm mm, doubt it.

freddie – They are gutless………but not stupid.

SS very true, they know Presidents come and go, but the swamp will be here until the End. We were warned over 2000 years ago about the Globalist, God didn’t ordain this to happen but HE foretold it, the Bible is where all knowledge comes from, it also says there is a Time For War and we maybe getting very close to that time, are you prepared. There is also a story in the Bible about the Watchman on the wall, very interesting. Hang in there Ken, you maybe a watchman. Trekker Out

MT – In my opinion……. no one is prepared for what is coming…… it will be that horrific. “There was never a time like it, nor ever again.” I put my faith in our Lord, He is in control. I take one day at a time. The way I look at it, when my time comes, it is a win – win situation if I hold to my faith…… and that is the one thing they can not take from me. Hang tuff…..head up… eyes up.

” There was never a time like it, nor ever again.” That sounds like the Great Tribulation, I don’t think we’ve come to that point yet, but all else that you say, I’m in total agreement with. Trekker Out

MT – I agree…. not there yet. But it is coming. From here on in…… each day seems get a little bit worse, not better. You gotta admit it kinda blows ones mind to realize that you could have been born anytime in history. But the Lord chose to put you here now….. the final chapter. Not going to be a picnic…..but wow.

I think about that a lot lately. Not looking forward to what’s in store, but God’s got His plans.

I dunno…you already cant buy,sell,travel without a face diaper all because they renamed the flu covid.

Psalm 91 for Adonai’s chosen ones. For the rest in this coming judgement…….I wish you luck… are gonna need it.

And WHO said it is over? Ken, man up, do not stop right now.. These days are important, they are trying to do everything possible to demoralize and make peoples depressed. They have done everything against law, why do you think all is suddenly coming better if everybody just gives up?
It is really like 1990 when balkan wars start, you do not see it, but the writing is in the wall.
Btw, do somebody really think Trump is gonna give up??

Time to Nut Up and Shut Up

Col. Allen West, retired Marine Corp, head of the Texas GOP, has called for a “Union of Law Abiding States”. Some see this as a call for secession?

One could simply declare the illegally elected parts of the U.S. Government, and all those who support them, such as all the Democrat State Legislatures, as already having left the Union.

We can simply declare our Republican States to be loyal to the U.S. Constitution and the ONLY REMAINING STATES of the original union, from which the outlaw Democrat States have, by their illegal actions, departed.

At this point, i am hoping he declares martial law.

Don’t be discouraged…yet. This came up on my news feed from someone else. “SCOTUS does not want to take this mess. They are throwing this like a hot potato toward the congress for a 12th Amendment vote. Congress will elect Trump 38-12 and it only needs a simple majority. Trump is in for a 2nd term.” May be wishful thinking. We still have to keep fighting and praying but don’t fall into the hands of despair it is what they want.

Kate, hope you are right!

Me too!

Trump took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. He needs to know we are behind him. He is obligated to begin arresting treasonous actors, regardless of how the media portrays his upcoming actions, we need to show our support and be ready to assist.

Biden it prohibited from taking office by the 3rd section of the 14th amendment. Trump (or Barr) could have him arrested but that is what Kamala wants. If Biden is impeached or arrested as a traitor, then she wins what she could not win in the Primary. And is we somehow impeach Kamala, then we get Pelosi.


But TENN,here is the problem.This is completely orchestrated by TPTB and their political puppets who are untouchable and protected.That said,who do you wage war upon? It isnt going to be the real enemies….just their useful idiots and useless eaters and they want them gone anyhow.
Going to be doing their freakin’ wishes!

Freddie, you are so right. Every socialist/communist who has taken power has sooner or later imprisoned or killed all his former allies. Each dictator wants sole power. All those who think they are going to share power are doomed.

Start with big tech and the media. Without them spewing lies to the people, you take away their power.

The authority and power of Governors and Legislators in individual States is shown by the the power to regulate elections (even Presidential) and now you see they have the power to determine who gets the vaccines first.

As State governorships are less exposed to public scrutiny, they are also the best targets for corrupt interference by people like Soros and China.

Chip, chip, chip away at the individual foundations of our country. No one hardly notices until you finally hear that the far left socialists in the ACLU were hired to count the ballots in some States. Time to recall some Governors or bring out the pitchforks.

Even in Idaho I can hear the laughter from the left – we cheated and won – and no one goes to jail.

I read an article that said the corrupt aren’t trying to hide their illegal deeds…in fact they are happy to let you’s like bragging “I can do anything and you can’t do a thing about it’ like rubbing it in our faces.
It makes their day!!

And they shout their sins from the housetops…

You know the answer.Because the politicians and courts are completely bought off and compromised along with the useless eaters and useful IDIOTS,add in a propaganda press….thats how they pulled it off.


It was simply an organized group in the left that orchestrated fraud at the most basic level. Receive illegal ballots from many urban centers where ballots were stolen, voter pressure, copying, … then feeding the machines after watchers were sent away and then re-feeding hundreds of times. Almost impossible to catch once the machines are wiped. With a million socialist traitors all organized to try every thing to increase the Biden vote and even if caught, they say yes a few but not enough to change the outcome.

This was bad enough but, many thousands of Trump ballots were dumped or shredded. However that little pile in the ditch was not enough to open a major SCOTUS hearing – not realizing that this went on in hundreds of locations by persons all along the ballot chain – but not enough to change the outcome, they say.

Then the slight adjustments of the voting machines themselves – but once they are wiped – no evidence. So, a few machines were grabbed and test and found to switch votes, but not enough to change the outcome.

You idiot. Think It Through and look at the cumulative effect of all the cheating at very rudimentary levels that are very hard to hunt down.

The Supremes punting on this based on lack of standing is beyond disappointing. I’m not an attorney, but you don’t need to be to see the ramifications of this on future national elections.

I get that it’s tricky when you are looking at states’ rights in a national vote, but if no oversight is exercised now, why even bother with a vote? The electors can turn a blind eye to fraud, gross errors, etc… and cast their electoral votes following either bad vote counts, or against those counts as they see fit. So, vote counts are practically meaningless. There’s no accountability. Unless the fraud is so criminal that the federal government steps in, which will draw cries of “foul” when an incumbent president seeks re-election. And no one in power in the swamp has shown any desire to help clean anything up swamp-wise, so no relief there. They want the President gone and will conduct and/or ignore criminal activity to get that result. Period.

The Supremes are cowardly. Their refusal to grant standing just shredded any pretense of fair elections in the future. I don’t know how they can sleep at night.

Hopefully they will never sleep a single night without being in constant fear for themselves and their family.

From both sides of the coin now.

After saying all of the above, I am still watching Sidney. She said last night she filed her cases with the SC, and that her plaintiffs have standing.

Perhaps she is filing on behalf of the citizens in each state with fraud and/or gross mismanagement if election process. She maybe filing against the sec. of state, govs, etc… and will show why their states results should not have been certified. Who else would have standing?

So Cal Gal
. . . .
Looks like Texas brief will be reviled in s lower court to obtain needed standing. We can hope. Yes, Sidney is still on track. Related article here . . .

Refiled in a lower court. Sheesh! Bad fingers, bad, bad.

Greetings from Germany.
We survived first and second world war; plus the massrapes; Nazis and DDR. All in the last Century. Let me tell you something: Hope is life force. Do never let it go. There is a reason for the saying “Hope dies last”

Greetings Petra Stüben,,,

😎 🤙🏻

Greetings Petra, I hope you also survive the influx of immigrants too. Part of the reason Germany survived was the cohesiveness of the people. There were still united family groups. Here in America we are being watered down so to speak, with much influx of those who do not want to contribute, but only take and those born here, who don’t appreciate nor desire to do their part in ANY capacity. Debt will and can erode a country from within. America is in a slow take over from within by a socialist agenda. Not a fast, over night, put a fence take over, but a methodical deep state, powers that be, change in our freedom. Quietly materialism puts us to sleep and our children are lost in their phones and games so reality becomes blurred. Hope is a life force, however we must pay close attention while we Hope.

Greetings, Kulafarmer.
Gerngeschehen 🙂

Greetings, Mrs. U:
Cohesiveness was not necessarily the case. In fact before we had Immigrand Waves in the 60s and even before the Nazis we were different Nations. We are not “The Germans” We may speak the same language (at least now), but we have different cultures. I am in northern Gemany- here we have the Frisian People, making a living of Fishing, sometimes living on Halliges.(Man Made Isles) I just learned they slept sitting inside of Cabinets.
Search for pictures ” Königspesel auf der Hallig Hooge ” (its a private Museeum)
There are also the Famous Bavarian People- Close to the old Kingdoms proud on their Monarchy, and very christianized. We also have the Sachsen and the Schwaben and the Thüringer.

I agree on the united Family Group part, but I think in Germany the Trend is backwards now.
Of course it will take at least 20 Jears to grow to power. I also agree on the Smart Phone part. I was suffering from an addiction to social games and I think 10 to 20 Percent are addicted. Wich was, of course, planned.

Pay close attention with a whole loving Heart. Do not hate Policemen telling you tio eat your apple faster because they think you want to escape the mask law.(Happened in Dresten a few days ago, accordiung to journalist Reitschuster) They are as crazy driven as you.
And they have their Names written on Lists to be punished if they do not behave for the Government and afterwards from the Public because they did behave for the Government.

The Thing that has changed a lot is the Internet. And right now, nobody knows where the route leads to. Because even if the famous Conspiracy is true that “the powefull People” have more knowledge then we have, they can only plan by projecting their own thoughts.
And If someone truly thinks to be superior without beeing reasonable- that is a disorder of Mind. Disorders do not make you efficient in the long run.

Also they didn’t have a world unter a common worldwide net before. They can only have had groups. Even if they had groups with thousands of People, Thousands are not like Billions. And i must say, the image that you can flee nowere- In the DDR you had the Hope to escape over the border- is a double Blade.

Because if you can’t flight you will fight. This time FOR the World.

Side note to Powerfull People beeing more intelligent: they aren’t. Stop watching Films, stop watching TV. Stop playing until you’re dead. Then you can live your Talents.

Petra Stüben,
the internet can bring people together!

i wish we lived in a world free of violence, free of government, free of evil, i know so many people who are good, creative, fun, but we are always overshadowed by a cloud, it is a shame,

Merry Christmas

LeAnne – That is funny and I know what you are referring to. I am mostly German, and you are correct… it is not a bad word. I was gonna comment on that previous post……but I decided to keep quiet so as to not ruffle any feathers.

SoulSurvivor: Good call LOL 🙂 It will just take some getting used to when I have to remember to replace a word I’ve been using for more than half-a-century with an alternate word – but ONLY HERE, nowhere else in life.

SoulSurvivor: Good thing there’s not much occasion in here to use gesundheit, gemütlichkeit, and auf wiedersehen, that would send people over the edge….even though those are common everyday words in Milwaukee…the same as kielbasa and pierogi.

LeAnne – Yeah…… say gesundheit in public and they think YOU sneezed. “Oh No…. you got Covid and your not wearing a mask.” I get in enough trouble as it is. Hey wait a minute……… I’m gonna do that!!!!!!

Hi Folks, LeAnne, Soul – May I humbly suggest that we quit bagging on Ken for an honest misunderstanding? Not everyone grew up in the Great Lakes region and thus, familiar with these old-country sayings. I think you’ll agree that it is a full-time job chasing the snark and deliberate bad behavior recently popping up here. It was a couple days ago, and frankly it is played out. Danke, und Gesundheit!

tmcgyver: Oh no, I don’t want to come across at all like I’m bagging on Ken, I’m actually glad he pointed out the word’s origin as I learned something about it. But thanks for pointing that out, tmcgyver.

SoulSurvivor: Sassy!

The funny part is I’m using German, Polish, and Italian words all the time and I don’t even know how to speak those languages. (For all I know, there may even be some Serbian, Russian and other stuff in there, too.) Ken was the one who pointed out the German origin of “hinterlands”. I didn’t know it was German, it was just a word I’d always used to describe the not-city parts of Wisconsin where the farms are.

SoulSurvivor, I get the same looks, but then I look at them and just say very loudly: Nazdravje 🙂 It really scares people. Sigh.

Well, since the States with Republican Legislatures outnumber those under Democrat control, and most of these Republican Legislatures have a Republican Governor, and, since millions of citizens have been hurt by the illegal actions of the criminal Democrat party, it is now HIGH TIME to seriously attack this lawlessness via the establishment of a Convention of States to put forth Amendments to our Constitution, which will directly, and severely, hamper and prevent the criminal Democrats from enslaving us.

We only need 34 States to form the Convention and we are very close to the point where the Democrat held States will NOT have the power to prevent acceptable amendments from ratification. The proposed amendments could be desired even by the majority of the population within Democrat controlled States…who would vote to ratify them.

If nothing else, the debates surrounding each issue toward a proposed amendment, would enlighten the dumb-driven cattle a bit.

And they will continue to draw their pay and sit on their thrones in black robes

Apologies if this was posted previously.
Rudy Guiliani said that due to the fact that it was not rejected on merit, but on standing, that the case will continue to a lower court.

Hunger games anyone,,,,,,,

The ” Rubes in Robes ” have shown cowardice and disrespect for their oath of office and the citizens of our country. I guess they are concerned about a pillow party like Scalia encountered. Our Constitution has been eroded and trampled on far too long.Bumpy roads ahead.

Honestly Ken I don’t know what direction you and this readership should go. What I do know, what I firmly believe, is that we are less than a month away from a one-party system of government. A country that is controlled by one agenda. Some of us know what that agenda is – the complete and systematic elimination of personal freedom and expression of thought. We may never in our lifetime see another Republican president (Mitt Romney does not count). We may never ever see a Republican congress. When Joe Blow puts forth a raise in taxes there will be no debate. When Kamala suggests that people with extra living space need to give it up for the mass influx of immigrants, there will be no debate. When Bernie says that prepping is elitist, there will be no debate. There is not much left to fall back on since SCOTUS turned on Trump.
What will happen in the next few years is anyone’s guess but I can speculate. This website IMHO is one of the last bastions of conservative thought, of religious freedom, and of honor and respect to what this country once was. If they pull the plug on Ken, on Lauren and on the many others who have contributed then it is truly over. It is imperative that we keep this site going. That we not fight amongst our-selves and call each other toxic names. We must continue to help each other and most important, we must continue to be vigilant. We’re looking at Obama 2.0 for the next decade (at least). It is time to go “deeper into the jungle.”

…”we are less than a month away from a one-party system of government…”

A one-party dictatorship.

Its been a one party system for a long time now. The Republican division of the Democrat party…

Eli – I am here to retract, then eat my harsh word from yesterday. BRAVO! for the excellent synopsis.

Beer and nachos always works brother. 🙂

Well Said Eli.

The Pentagon is ready for this. After all, up till two months ago, Trump never would have even had reason to believe that SCOTUS would do their jobs, and our president 100% would have considered back up plans back when this was the case. I hoped, as he did, that an additional Conservative justice would have made his initial backup plan unneeded, but I guess it still is.

I live in a State controlled by a Republican Legislature and Governor. The enemy is too far from my rifle sights to hit. I hope true Americans in the blighted States, decide to go forth and get rid of the enemy where they ARE…and not submit to the tyranny, leading to the death of our Liberty.

lsion the enemy is never far away, I also live in a State that is controlled by Republican Legislature and Governor. but RINO’s walk among us. Trekker Out

MT – I live behind the lines so to speak. “We gonna have us goooooooood fight.”

Go to the Federal Election Commission website and you can look up who donated to which political candidate, party or PAC by zip code or city. Easy way to find the enemies in your area.

Romeo Charlie are you going to ASSUME every registered Democrat is your Enemy?

I happen to KNOW more than a few good neighbors of mine that ARE Registered Democrats that voted straight Republican because they were so disgusted with the Democratic Leadership’s support of fraud, Antifa and Burn Loot Murder.

Well, while your at it maybe you need to get the list of the Registered Independents… Maybe THERY VOTED WRONG Also and need to be Punished AOC style?

Donations are often made AUTOMATICALLY and sometimes like those folks that voted EARLY and are Regretting it now done early because THEY Always donated and NOW know just how evil their Socialist -Democrat Leadership IS….

Judge them my their actions not a list unless you also follow the Soviet Purge theory.

True but wouldn’t it be one potential data point to consider among others. Donating money is an act after all.

Our next Civil War no battle lines, no uniforms, neighbors against neighbors, family members against other family members and now lets just use a “List” just like Stalin’s Secret Police or AOC our young Red Guard member’s purge lists.

Bosnia X Rwanda Good times had by all >Sarc<

The the Chinese laughing offer “Help” to the survivors and take over the place.

If the SCOTUS Scuttled the Ship of State we are going to blow holes in the bottom and set afire too.

NH Michael,
Did you ever take the oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic? I did and it’s an oath for life.

Yes, what part of that oath says I need to kill everybody who disagrees with me?

What part of that oath says I need to kill good neighbor Americans who honor the Constitution even though they happen to be registered Democrats? Or Independents (shudder horrors not a “True Republican”…)

Repeat slowly after me RC Not every Democrat is a commie.

Some Republicans I know are more socialist than some of my Democrat neighbors. As long as they do not try to force me and mine into Socialism and remain good neighbors why should I be a slayer of them?

RC do you put Mitt Romney in the Republican or Socialist-Democrat camp? I know where I put him…. I could list quite a few more INCLUDING the GA Republicans we are COUNTING to “Win” the Senate Races as to prevent the Socialist-Democrats from running wild in Congress.

NH Michael
well said anything otherwise means a bunch of dead folks on both sides. No one says you have to turn the other cheek but you sure as anything do not need to kill anyone that disagrees with your thoughts.

better to just figure a work around.
use the system to your advantage

NH Michael, I may get in trouble here but I’m gonna agree with some of the things you say.
“…what part of that oath says I need to kill everybody who disagrees with me?” Very true. When I carried a sidearm (in my youth) I only ever drew it in the line-of-duty, to protect government “property”. I never drew it in anger. and as I sit here in my house now I can honestly say I would never fire a shot unless someone whom I dearly love was in extreme danger.
I consider Mitt Romney more dangerous than Chuck Schumer. The man is a weasel and will say anything to further his left-wing leanings. IMHO Biden did not win the election. Trump lost it because he couldn’t or wouldn’t reach those who sat on the fence.If he had shown just one ounce of compassion for the elderly, who live in constant fear of the virus, he would’ve blown Dementia Joe away..

The f…ing fact is…Trump DID blow the demented F away.

He reportedly has a folder full of women.

Bummin’: Yeah, and I’m not in it 🙁 hahaha

Dang LeAnne. Romney Hotness? Church elders are feeling a disturbance in the force right now. That’s worth an upvote just for balance.

Anyone, who remains a Democrat is either an enemy, or else attempting to hide.

NH Michael,
Anyone that voluntarily donates to a democratic candidate is my enemy.

Is that current or past tense or ever donated to a Democrat? You may be startled to realize almost everybody on the Modern Survival Blog over the age of 50 (and that I suspect is the bulk of us posters) has supported a good candidate that happened to be a Democrat. A generation or so back they were a reasonable party. Not the power crazed madmen of today.

If so then you can add me to your list then. I’ll happily let you be part of my Honor Guard in Hades.

Otherwise realize the world is NOT in Black and White, there are colors and shades of grey.

Any other way to become your Enemy? Maybe you being a Man of Honor could make a Tee Shirt with that list so everybody knows where they stand with you.

Otherwise what makes you better than the ever “Tolerant” Antifa? They at least let you know your a target….

Our Republic is in enough trouble with out making everybody an enemy.

NH Michael,
Bwahaaaaa….Do you honestly think I care what you think?

wide brushes eh


Roger that.

I really hate the Socialist Democrats, and all others…who opposee Federalism…and wish those, over the age of fifty, to understand the value of exchanging the remainder of their lives for the preservation of our Individual Liberties, to be a bargain.

If you are the enemy of Liberty, your life is worth….nothing.

This is my first ever post….stepping over from silent participation. My husband and I made the move from suburbia to rural Wisconsin about a year ago. The change came none to soon with all that is going in the world today. I can slowly see the shift of city folks even in rural Wisconsin….we see more an more out of state tags and when a real estate ad goes up it is sold within hours! I keep wondering are these folks really escaping the city or are they moving here to infiltrate the rural communities. I know that sounds so conspiracy theory but I can’t help but wonder….. hmmmmm

One thing is generally usually true… they usually bring their politics with them. It erodes the region. Granted, not all of them do that. Some legitimately want out of the city or suburbia.

“Never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister

 Over? Did you say ‘over?’ Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!” John Blutarsky, Animal House

The horse is out of the barn now. They leave no doubt about their intent. We should leave no doubt about our intent. You know Trump knows he has 80million backers. There is going to be an 11th hour change and so be prepared to react to the trigger. He already said in his 12/02 speech that he will NEVER LET THE GLOBALISTS DESTROY THIS COUNTRY so take him literally. It must happen.

Ken dear, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

grandee – It’s a movie reference. Animal House. 1979 or so. I ditched school for a full week and wore out the BetaMax watching it on endless loop. Blutarsky set the record straight.

Ken was quoting John Blutarsky from the movie “Animal House”.

If we can’t laugh, even a little, we’re cooked.

Guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…

Ken in Konnecticut: I totally got the movie reference 🙂 That’s a funny movie.

Wisconsin Badger,

Greetings from a former Wisconsinite. My family and I recently relocated out west because of a few things, one being the same thing you’re observing.

From the incoming folks I was able to talk to, their moves were overwhelmingly made to escape the perils of the larger cities/suburbs, primarily of Chicagoland. The unfortunate side effect, as Ken mentioned in his comment, is they are bringing their politics with them to Wisconsin. Apparently, they simply are unable to connect the dots between the policies of the politicians they voted for, and the degradation of the communities they’re escaping from.

I feel Wisconsin may not long be a swing state. Hope I’m wrong about that.

Farmgirl: You’re so correct. I hate those damned FIBs. They can’t drive either.

Farmgirl: I guess hate is a strong word. “I don’t like their ways”

When they say “It has nothing to do with politics!” you know exactly what their politics are.

People leave Cali, for example, because of the wildfires (caused by environmentalists who won’t allow clear cutting or controlled burns) the immigration fiasco, the bureaucracy, the crippling taxes, etc., but insist that it has nothing to do with politics. And then continue to push for the same things which destroyed their old homes.

The “Shit Has Hit The Fan” never thought it would happen. IMHO its either civil war or Be The Gray Man. Since I don’t live in a farm area, I need to buy 30 foot camper, 20 foot container and good solar system. Need to find spot in rural area to set up bug out location. Most other preps completed..Have been scouting locations and talked to several owners.

As for the Markets , I don’t think you will see downward move until regulation and tax increase are about to happen. As I have stated before think nationwide lockdown comes Feb 1st. Biden and family will be legal thrown out by June, and far left Harris takes over…’s all in the democratic party plan. just my thoughts and opinions

We are going to have to fight back unless you plan on eating a rationed amount of 3D printed bug meat forever. The price of freedom is bloody. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN even if we die trying. Believe me the one thing the globalists do not count on is our will power for our freedom.

The Wuz ,,,,in almost five years in nam as a seal and a spook I don’t think I used 5k of ammo all told ,lots of ammo is fine and dandy but think about food too it has been my experience in the real world after the fight there was ammo laying around , with the exception of trying to hold ground ,holding ground never worked out well ,i expect that to be true for cw2 all so, if you stay in one position in whats coming your toast , the day of a pitched battle is gone ,
Learn tactics and live ,,,

Totally agreed. Some people need more than others. I use for my stuff. Storage locker close by for essentials and then a military back pack in case I have to leave the house within 5minutes. We don’t really know but it sure helps to be ready. Yep, this will be totally different than anything I’ve ever trained for or been involved in yet I just trust what I know.

Property doesnt last a week on the market around here city folks are buying it up at large prices , looking for a runaway location I guess . Most locals are vets and the area is suppose to be a militia area , not saying it is or isnt but attitudes up here arent for the timid . If they cant mesh in they just aint gonna last JMHO

The only way we take this country back is for Trump to realize he has 80million voters out there who will back him. China and the globalists may have their evil intent, but they don’t own Trump, the military, and you and me…yet. So we can choose to let them own us or fight back. God is at work. Trump has brought the embassy back to Jerusalem, allowed the Golan Heights to be settled by Israel and not shared with Palestine, and we have made peace agreement with many nations to Israel’s advantage. That is not a bad start! What should happen is that we as quickly as possible round up these traitors, send em to Gitmo, and deal with them later. For now, we need to let Trump know we are 110% behind him, declare limited martial law with the military clamping down, redo the election with provable paper ballots, and move on. The left will claim that Trump has finally installed a dictatorship but we know that is not true nor is it the purpose. We need a reset of American values and God with His people has a purpose for each and every one of us. Do we really want to do China’s bidding? Is this the way you want to live? If not, do everything you can starting with prayer and then let’s go. Let’s get this thing moving. Nobody is telling me what to do, how to live, what I can think or say…not yet. So why let it start. I refuse to believe that the game is over and if 80million of us think the same way why can we not take it back. Hope does die last!

The Wuz –

Dayum! Where have you been all this time? I doubt we’ll find 100% agreement on cause and effect; but I sure look forward to reading more of your ideas for resolution.

I was on another site from my college and I got sick of them! They are so anti-Trump it makes me sick to my stomach. They have acquiesced to the globalists. Some voted for Trump bc the alternative was worse. Yet most all of them think he needs to be removed from office. I don’t call it a pandemic…rather this is or was a PLANDEMIC! First, the rather insidious virus, then the media took the water for them, all the while China was infiltrating our alphabet agencies (FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, DNI…you name it and they’ve got their hooks in their jaws) and all the while we were no smarter for it and now we have come to the point where they don’t even try to hide it. It’s full blown yet they don’t think we can fight back. I have been in touch with certain people on southern based military bases and they are fully aware of the situation although they won’t or can’t tell me what they know so they just drop words like “executive order” and “11th hour processes” and “the Constitution says…” and so on.

So I know something is in the works and I flat out told them that they have the full backing of American patriots and they know my number and whatever and whenever they can let me know what we should do any other info that would help the cause.

So we’ll see. I just found this site a couple days ago and I like what I read so just stay dialed in. Stay safe, be strong, and pray your ass off. God has this and in the end He will get the praise and glory we owe Him. But we have to faithful servants first. He is infinite which is a concept I can’t wrap my brain around but I trust Him anyway. Faith requires patience in things yet to be revealed. Our day/His day is coming!!!

Well you are right. China is going to do what is in China’s best interest, always. Let us not forget that Clinton had to try and out-do Nixon by extending Most Favored Nation status back in 1994. I kinda suspect that when other nations leave the light on, door unlocked and a plate of cookies on the porch that anyone might take advantage. In that regard I am happy to see Trump address the matter. But on trade, it’s like nailing Jello to a wall at this point. Sweeping, fundamental changes are required now. To actually get manufacturing back to the USA, (instead of down the road to Vietnam), we need to get the damned government out of the way! When you subtract all of the BS from the equation, entry-level US workers are at nearly wage-parity these days with factory workers over there. The ONLY difference remaining is that one market prioritizes efficiency of output and the other market seeks to keep lawyers employed by proxy.

The Wuz: While I love your energy and passion, it’s not an “army” of 80 million Trump supporters. First off, you have to cut it in half to 40 million because while there are some women who would get off on going to war, plenty of women have kids, elderly they’re caring for, etc, or just won’t want to be in the trenches.

Then you have to take out all the people who are just regular Republicans who vote Republican every election because that’s just what they do and they won’t want to join in. Then minus the elderly, those with disabilities, too overweight to fight, etc…and minus people who just don’t want to go off to war and probably die, lose their home, their vehicle, their job, or leave their family. That might realistically leave 5 million potential hardcore-warrior-types willing to go all out defending and/or on offensive even if it means their life. (Although truthfully, I’d peg it at about 1 million seeing how soft people are nowadays)

Even 5 million spread out over 50 States isn’t really that big of a number considering the lack of military training and higher death rate that will occur. So if something like this was ever brought into action, a realistic number of “recruits” needs to be taken into account to create a more accurate strategy regarding what can and cannot be accomplished.

LeAnne – What’s Biden got?

tmcgyver: It depends on the date. If he ends up being President, he’s got the military and if the military doesn’t fall in line, as a world leader he’s got other nations that might get involved. (And if we’re to believe a lot of the chatter out there, it could be a golden opportunity for China and/or Russia coming to “assist” in putting down the uprising…and then of course, since they’re already here….we can see the potential of where that could go.) I’m not trying to be a downer, but there are NOT 80 million Trump supporters ready/willing/able lined up for this sort of thing. Realistic expectations are needed.

LeAnne – Be careful not to miscalculate. Biden has the support of the downtrodden perpetual welfare cases and the global elites of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Where does the money come from to support the existence of both groups? That’s right; hard working middle America purchases the crap sold by the elite and our paychecks get cleaved each month to support the lazy and interminably stupid. We are literally having our fuse burnt at both ends. IMHO, a general strike by the producers of this country, for no more than 14 days, will ensure that the actual will of the majority is enforced. That’s my hopeful little side-step between the ballot box and the ammo box.

tmcgyver: I absolutely agree yours is a good solution to try versus people taking up arms.

I have read and heard rumors that truckers are preparing to strike in the near future. If you want to stop this nation cold all truckers and they are 90% Trumpers can do it. We don’t have many alternatives so the ones we do have cannot be half-hearted attempts.

LeAnne: I understand your view. I just did not have time to go that far into the logistics of it. Just like in all “war” there are supporting actors who have their role and I’m not just talking about direct or indirect roles. Yes, of course, in all societies we deal with those things you mention.

But don’t forget that this is not only OUR fight but it is God’s fight and what He wants is our hearts. This country was founded based on that and freedom came at tremendous costs. Yet, we don’t have to look out over the ocean anymore to see who the enemy is bc they are right here in our communities so they have already been identified. We just have to go after them with the full backing of a military insurgency. This will never work without the patriotic dedication of the men and women who have an understanding of what to do and when to act.

Trump has many enemies who are his friends bc the bigger picture is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He is in the process of identifying them and authorizing them to act, but it is in the prep phase right this second. There will be a trigger and then it is game on. It must be rapid, organized and thoroughly carried out. So I’m not talking about 80million physical warriors, but 80million who agree with the premise that a form of governance that destroys entrepreneurship and installs socialistic, communistic elitism is the REAL enemy and those are globalists who want a Great Reset. We do not have to accept that in America. The tipping point is here and now so just keep the faith. We cannot lose in the face of this albeit many obstacles will attempt to break your will! That’s all.

The Wuz: Good counterpoints. I enjoyed reading them. Thanks.

The wuz, Amen brother

I also think part of the real estate sales country wide are related to folks understanding that all the money printing means the value of the dollar is in a free fall.

Safer than stock market or bonds, real estate has a much lower swing in values

With the SC wetting their pants and dodging the issue. Between SC and the numerous states that violated law. It has proven the Constitution is dead… SO, any state that wants to leave, what is stopping them?It damn sure is not the rule of law that we once had in a place called America.

If President Trump does not do anything after Monday,( that is if the states do not change the elect vote) then we are in a free for all.the democrats killed the rule of law by stealing the election. States should go back to being independent states.

1776 born

2021 murdered

tue: Basically, the states could call a Constitutional convention, but it takes a representative from each state to make it happen. Then, after a series of meetings and constitutional discussions, articles are put to a vote. 3/5ths of the states represented are then required to adopt them into law. Of course, given our current environment it could be too late for this process. IMO, we only have time now for Trump to take action. OTOH, Biden could take office and then a convention is convened but I think that would be meaningless at that point although certainly it would not hurt.

The main issue I think is WHERE DOES THE MILITARY STAND? This is the essential component to the entire story because even if states unite for secession with Texas being the lead dog since basically Texas can exist on its own and originally secession was part of the bargain to join the Union, a US Fed military would be subject to the same crap D’s are targets of now, mainly bribery and extortion. So you have to have the PERFECT STORM with freedom overriding every form of earthly attack and such a strong and numerous bond bw these states that it overcomes outside force.

Can it be done? Yes, no doubt. But every day that passes and more and more freedoms are eroded it makes it more difficult.

It would not be a Constitutional Convention, but a Convention of States. It only takes 34 States to call the convention and 38 States to vote for any proposed amendment, generated by the convention. Once a prospective amendment is put forth for State Ratification, it becomes the law of the land, if it is ratified. No member of Congress is required. No Presidential signature is required.

This means only 38 States need attend the convention…not all 50.

Effectively, a consortium of 38 States, acting together, can propose any amendment they deem prudent…and there are many such amendments already in consideration. If a Convention of States propose 12 Amendments, and only 6 are ratified by the population of the 50 States, those six Amendments become LAW…without Washington D.C. and without fear of being effected by SCOTUS, as any such amendment would be part of the U.S. Constitution and not subject to their opinions or power.

Finally, we are only talking about the State Legislatures, here. A State’s Governor has no part, other than the expression of an unbinding opinion on Legislative activities.

Well stated. This is something Mark Levin has been espousing for years. I’ve always thought it wouldn’t happen, but I think now it should be considered. We are behind the 8 ball now, so something akin to this needs to be acted on. I am in Texas already so if TX becomes the initiator which I think we should be I will be there for anything related to this. THE TIME IS NOW PEOPLE. WE’VE GOT TO POPULATE OUR PRESENCE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY. I’ll be damned if I am going to blend in with the lemmings or Rino’s. I’ve worked hard my whole life and now the younger generation are getting a bogus education and therein lies the difference bw lukewarm patriots and passionate patriots. I’ve had ancestors got slaughtered in WW1 and WW2 who paved the way for me to sit on my ass and do what I want within the confines of the law and have always felt free as a bird, but I don’t feel so free right now!

The Age of Pisces has ended

Sorry M’Lynn, but Jesus and astrology do not coexist. Astrology was designed by the evil one to take people away from their faith in God. Just sayin’……..

And I mean no disrespect to yours or anyones’ beliefs here. Just wanted to add that.

If this nation goes down, all nations will go down. You think God’s going to allow that to happen?
if we are already sunk, then why am I reading elsewhere that Gitmo is filling up fast with swamp creatures? and Lamestream media is not reporting about the massive buildup of our military going on behind the scenes? DT’s got something planned. Hang tight! when the looney left find out he’s got another 4 yrs, that’s when it may start to get a little crazy….

PM: I completely agree and have some second hand knowledge of this from sources at a certain southern military base. I’m interested to know where you are getting your information. If you just look at the surface and just your common sense w/o a detailed knowledge of what really is going on behind the scenes, does it not seem to you that DJT is a little too calm about this destruction of Judeo-Christian governance and our democratic republic? It does to me. I cannot help but think about the basic chronology and using a little basic historical info helps me piece this together and it’s not that difficult to understand.

For years while we were focused on Iran and Russia and maybe a little of N. Korea, China has been insidiously building up their military. First, Pres Xi was basically installed for life several years ago. Then, they began work on the S. China Sea, Hong Kong, and now are expanding their presence in Pakistan, Djibouti Africa at the entrance to the Red Sea. Those are easy targets for them bc there is no strategic resistance. But the USA is a whole other matter. Their desire to become the focal point of commerce, banking, and basically civilization means they MUST take out our interests.

So we know they’ve been stealing our property intellectually and otherwise for sometime. I think they are working inside N. Korea to accomplish most of this for cover. All was going well for them under TPP with Obama, Hillary, and Biden. So in fact the Great Reset had already started early in Obama’s 1st term. But something funny happened on the way to grandma’s house when Trump was elected. Hillary could not believe it bc she thought she had her bases covered via fraud then, but too many patriots either had enough of Obama and saw her potential term as a 3rd Obama term which it would have been. Trump upended all their plans including pay to play via the Clinton Foundation and other similar ventures including the Biden Mob Family. Next post…

…I guess technically I am replying to myself but this is just more stuff…

Trump had to go but it was not going to happen pre-Covid with the success he had until the “plandemic.” So I am sure for years they had been working on a bio weapon and it is obvious they introduced it as Dr. Li Yi’s short video confirms when he said what is a few thousand deaths when America has 100+thousand or so. I also believe they already knew how to treat it BEFORE they created it. It had to be done so it did not get out of hand in their own country. Then, they exported it everywhere causing multi-trillion dollars to be spent further cheapening the dollar, a sort of slap in the face to Trump for always moaning about their devaluing their own currency, the yuan, and then doing it at the perfect time, an election year, putting Trump in an almost impossible predicament. I’ll bet you he wished he had called a national emergency back in April or May. So be it.

In the meantime, you have actors inside all the alphabet agencies (FBI, DOJ, etc) being spied on and probably bribed (aka Swalwell now, but many more earlier). Combined with Soros’s minions of which Bill Gates is a part of in his world outreach journey, they overwhelmed our country very cleverly and since we are a democracy we are a free and open society and they used that against us which is the stuff of evil by the way. The Dems disdain for Trump is not because of the man himself, but rather what he represents by upsetting the global plan.

But the one variable they would never count on is the resolve of you and me who have the TRUTH and God on our side. So now FF to today. Trump has to make a decision: 1) do whatever it takes to fight back and destroy these monsters, or 2) let it go and hope in 4yrs we can come back. I think we both know once Biden is in it is game over. So all of this leads me, even w/o the solid evidence needed, to put this puzzle together. It just seems too easy, but makes perfect sense.

Bingo! you’ve nailed it. problem is, we don’t have another 4 yrs this country is done if the left get back in. They’ve already made threats in going after DT and his supporters . then you have the globalists who want their new world order, and the chinese commies who want our land they’ve been promised by obummer, shillery, and sleepy joe, who’ve sold us out. I’ve heard next month is where it starts to get interesting when it all starts kicking in. I’ve been waiting 20yrs for public disclosure, lets hope next year is the year. (and yes, 9/11 was an inside job!)

Curious question: Do you think any of this at all depends solely on the GA senate runoffs? In other words, does it even matter if Reps or Dems control Senate? To me it matters in the short-term bc in effect it probably buys us time. But time for what? It is too risky to think that in 2022 we simply overtake the House simply bc once these fraud based elections happen and they get away with it I believe elections are done. So I am asking any and all of you do the GA senate runoffs matter with respect to Trump’s decision. It is a conundrum bc if R’s maintain control of the Senate, then many might say that is the best we could hope for given what has happened. If D’s take control it might be the trigger that forces Trump’s hand.

I know the US military, especially the army and navy, are Trump supporters, but I don’t really know how deep it runs. They swore an oath to protect the Constitution so it would be only natural for them to come to Trump’s defense as the beginnings of the Constitution destruction are in their early stages.

To me it is similar to what he should have done with the Portland and Seattle riots and occupation. It is hard for me to understand why that was not considered insurrection at the moment the first casualty occurred bc the national guard could have put their boots on their throats and shut it down before it ever got started. That would have sent a msg that the USA will not tolerate this. Nevertheless, we now have an opportunity before 1/20/21 to right the wrong. I am searching for the trigger and so I wonder if the GA senate runoffs are that trigger.

Let’s face it. If we don’t we are going to go through what Australia did when they FORCED their citizens to turn in their guns a few years back. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Australian people and to an extent, being a smaller totally island nation it has worked for the most part. They did this after the Tasmania massacre similar to what happened in Las Vegas. Just asking!

Wuz, yeah I think 1-5-21 might just be the trigger, don’t know nothing really, just my opinion, however if the republicans lose the senate then, I think trump invoking the insurrection act and declaring martial law, and limiting travel and starts arresting a bunch of folks for treason, and everything else that’s involved, then I think we’re all screwed, but if he don’t, then we’re all screwed anyway when the demon crats take over, so anyway you look at it, best to get your heart right with the good lord!! That’s gonna be the only saving grace for some of us

from my cold dead hands

OK, specifically, where is your info coming from about Gitmo filling up? I guess you maybe just didn’t see my question at the beginning of my narrative, but I really want to know. Thank you! THE WUZ

thrn the hard hard left had better have a lot of people that are ready to die

I don’t know really about 9/11, but I do know our response was misdirected although it did not bother me at all that Saddam was taken out. What pisses me off is that Obama HIRED MICHAEL FLYNN not once but twice and then tried to take him out in an orchestrated hit job bc he knew or was about to know way too much for the Deep State. So they made his life miserable but thank God for Sidney Powell.

Now we get to Barr. How outrageous for this country’s top lawman to say NOTHING TO SEE HERE…MOVE ON. If that is not proof right in front of your eyes that these fools are bought and paid for or cowards or more likely BOTH then you won’t buy anything.

I’m with Thomas McInerney on this one!

Alright – I’ve had it, I am deplorable, unredeemable and now mooted? Say what! SCOUS can now stand, pull their black robes over their heads in shame. God bless Sidney & Rudy but legal action now is all for not, courts – If not Marxist, are afraid. Time is far to short b4 01/20/21. Only avenue I see is the 14th amendment, EO 09/2018, declaration of cyberwar with China & Iran, insurrection act, martial law and arrest of all enemies foreign and domestic, secure all their assets, military tribunals, trials for treason. Will POTUS pull the trigger? Chris Miller is now head of DOD, controls all special forces, they can snag & bag. Military is being trained for civilian control during martial law, placement of troops/equip. has been happening for months & it’s not for disp. of vaccines, nice cover story though. With the support of the Trump nation, military, LOE’s, militias, retired vets (oath keepers) etc. will be our only avenue to remain a free Republic. We older folks w/b the rear guard, supply & support. John Rattcliff in DNI, (305 battalion, the Kracken) will provide our cyber defense. There, done, done & done, makes since to me. Watch Mark Levin Sunday, he’s on fire! Time for a hotly-toddy (maybe 1 or 2). Stay safe, stay strong, stay prepped, keep the faith. In GOD we trust.

In God we trust.
“We have an Anchor that keeps the soul, steadfast and sure while the billows roll.”
The Pilgrims knew that that was the only way to make it.
And it still is.

Where do we go from here….??? The last resort- The Cartridge Box…

………..Twas months after CHRISTmas, and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, just me on the couch.

Our weapons were slung by our sides with care, in preparation that invaders would soon come here. The kids were all tired, tucked in their beds, while visions of the evening news played with their heads.

Mom with her nine and me with my AR, had long made the decision, the Ohblama administration has had gone too far.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I grabbed my AR to see what was the matter. Away to the window, I flew like a flash, opened the barricade & thru up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave a luster to the many objects on the street far below. When what did my wandering eyes did appear, was a group of refugees that had no fear. The group of them so lively and quick–I thought for a second–I need another clip.

More rapid than eagles their curses became, ‘ Allahu Akbar’ they said, and

I whispered bad names….now Ohblama, now Biden and Congress so stupid, you have ALL made this once great country so putrid.

Ma at the door of the porch, and me on the roof top, go away, go away all, before you become a big blood spot. As the leaves on that before a hurricane flies, when they met with a red dot, straight between their eyes.

And then, for a second, I thought of our once great nation…the past prancing and pawing of our Constitution. As I drew back my head, trying not to make a sound, I remembered the flag that I now fly…upside down. Our country now stained, with ashes and soot. Now trampled on by the government boot.

And like peddlers, opening their packs. Selling us promises, while inserting knives in our backs. Their eyes how they twinkled, their lies sounding so merry. How we ate it all up….like ice-cream, topped with a cherry.

Their droll little mouths that said, “Hope and Changes”. How little we knew the changes that would come against us. The swath of lies that come out of their teeth. The horns that do, encircle

A very succulent piece of prose.

their heads like a wreath.

I then, with a stern face and thoughts of the past, I then knew that this country wasn’t meant to last. We have turned away from God, on which this country was founded, how awful it was, to me, that it sounded.

My mind finally came back to the problem at hand. I will not give up. I will make a stand.

I sprayed the front lawn with .223, and I then gave a whistle, and away they did fly like down of a thistle.

They heard me exclaim as they did run, “I’m a Patriotic American. I pray for my country. I cling to my Bible, my God and my guns.

rut roe 🙂

Maybe needs a Scooby snack

Hey….. could I get one of those “Scooby snacks”????

They taste oddly like shortbread cookies

I thot it was some kind of alcholic drink

Many of excellent comments from The Wuz.

Kinda surprised at your slightly short fuss thinking someone is targeting you.

Please take a “chill pill”.

BTW, you were doing well except for…
” What the hell is going on this site?”
Not a good way to state a concern huh?

Hey, I’m new here. I came here from another site so I guess I am a little “edgy,” but don’t get me wrong. I’m just very passionate about this country and my confidence in free speech is not what it once was, but I am not going to be quiet no matter what. And I don’t want to be reduced to eating scooby snacks either, but the shortbread cookies I will accept!!!

My apologies for the non-tacit tantrum. Must have been the Alex Jones in me coming out! LOL

Maybe it wuzn’t meant to be.

Hey Ken: Guess I just didn’t understand, but I appreciate your response and taking the time to show me the TOS of your site. Believe me, I get it. I came from another site that was not my cup of tea. I’ve been to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and so I know what its like to spew stuff and get smacked. I was an English major so I tend to choose my words carefully, yet freely. Thanks!

Free my hero Jimmy Lai! This tells you all you need to know about the CCP. Accused of violating a new national security act in China…promoting democracy!!! Imagine that, while the CCP openly suppresses any free speech that criticizes the regime the US govt openly suppresses any free speech that promotes free and fair elections, the most basic form of free speech there is. The irony speaks loudly!

No, not the government, the media is in control of the media.

The media is in control of the CCP

Roger that, Ken.
think it’s over, sir.
The once great nation I began serving over 30 years ago has indeed died.
Only God can change her path now.

I checked out various sites this weekend and it makes me wonder if something heavy is about to go down. I’m not talking about tomorrow being the deadline to certify.

On Fox this morning Maria B had Lt. Gen. Flynn on and he said out of 1-10 Trump staying in office. It is a 10. Why would Flynn say that? Personally I feel Flynn is in the know on whats going on behind closed doors.

This afternoon Lin Wood (again) posted about Trump enacting Martial Law and restoring law and order.

Saw from other reliable sites they are saying prep now and this coming weekend. Its gonna hit before Christmas.

Did you know Trump made Christmas Eve a federal holiday last Friday. Normally it was just a half day for federal employees. Why would he do that?

All the Chinese spy stuff coming out with elected officials in the news is crazy.

Supposedly the DNI is to release a report this Friday about Chinese interference and spying.

May be nothing. May be we are just being set up like the left was in 2016 with Russia interference.

Michigan state Police arrest a Democratic official on 6 felony charges of election fraud. Waiting to get more info and confirm.

Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas night.

Probably just nothing and I’m reading into it too much. Had a great day fishing with my son today even though we didn’t catch anything. Still lots of fun.


I’ve read all sorts of weird stuff larely. One that bothers me a bit is about the Chinese. I’ve read for several years about LOTS of Chinese infiltrators here in the US and also on the border with Canada and Mexico. Then I read yesterday about some weird explosions close to or around 2 bases. It sounded like a base in Washington and one in Michigan area have tunnels that had Chinese soldiers in them and bunkers busters were set off to eliminate them.
I would say “A bunch of hooey’ except there is much weird/crazy stuff going on. At the very least it sounds like something happened. Maybe a cover for something else.

That arrest was from voter fraud in Michigan committed in their 2018 election

WTPC Calls for President to Invoke Limited Martial Law to Hold New Election and Protect our Vote, in Full Page Washington Times Ad, if Legislators, Courts and Congress Do Not Follow the Constitution

By We The People Convention Dec 1st.

What other things come we will have to see.


Thanks for the info on the Michigan election fraud arrest. Tried checking it out but was hit with pages not loading.



Heard that two carrier groups are positioning off the west coast and one carrier group off the east in response, supposedly, to Chinese nuke capable submarines underway in our direction…….

No doubt that the Chinese would know more about what might be about to happen with the election responses than we citizens would…..No doubt the Chinese have a vested interest in Trump leaving office………

May be something…..may be nothing…….sorta makes a feller wish he had prepped even more……..


I had heard this, but, could not confirm. Source?

Also, heard first woman in Great Britain who got vaccine, is in ICU with swollen spinal cord, could not confirm. Know anything?

I did some research on it and all I found was a series of articles in September. At that time the victim was part of the trials. They determined that it was because of the virus but the risk was low enough that they continued with the trials. That one was a standard vaccine, not an mRNA vaccine.

Vaccine, not virus


Read the article this morning…can’t recall site…was killing time to avoid getting out in the nasty weather to do my chores…may have been a link mentioned in another article, maybe on American Thinker…sorry I can’t be more specific.


I had heard the same about carrier groups. More on not true than true but who really knows anymore.

This is the ultimate psyop warfare going on. Its just nuts. Who knows what we will see in 2021.

Stay safe ya’ll.


Dennis why would the Chinese be doing anything right now? WHY would they risk Triggering a Nuclear Response right now? Trump still holds the nuke brief case? A few weeks their man the Sock Puppet *might* be holding it.

They fully understand We are doing a Bang Up Job destroying ourselves and they already own the “Progressive Arm of the Democratic Party as well as most RINOS.

Seems a LOT of Top “Secret” information is being bandied around maybe a distraction?

Yes the Chinese DO have a vested interest in Trump leaving, he wasn’t bribable to sell out our country.

Keep your head down Billy, keep your head down as that old song goes.

Praying for our Republic. Praying the plans of the Socialists fall and our Republic is restored under the Constitution.

Dennis a second thought snuck in while I was doing morning chores. The 3 letter agencies “Protect” the communications of the Nuclear Suitcase. Thus they have access to it.

Maybe a pre-programming “Top Secret” story about possible False Flag use of nukes on US soil?

Given the 3 letter agencies implacable hate of Trump over the last few years of false intelligence for the Russia Impeachment…. I suspect they too have a Chinese bribe issue and a limited destruction *still* gives the Chinese a lot of valuable real estate?

Praying hard I am wrong.

NH Michael,

Don’t know that the nuke capable submarines story is true or not..just passing on hear-say information….but, if I was looking for a reason China might do something like sending them our way……..

It’s no secret the China covets return of Taiwan….a U.S. in turmoil over the election might be the diversion they are looking for……

Luring U.S. Navy carriers out of their (China’s) backyard might be a prelude to a move on Taiwan……

A nuke attack on the U.S. would be one of the last things they would consider…..diversionary moves on the chess board….action to force a response makes more sense….

One more thought (pure speculation)….If Trump is in fact ready to invoke the Insurrection Act and risk the meltdown that would surely follow….wouldn’t it also make sense to position our military assets so as to deter possible outside forces taking advantage of a perceived moment of weakness?

….too much thinking for my feeble mind…..

Agreed Dennis too much going on behind the scenes. It just feels like Pearl Harbor writ large with Traitors selling us down the river into Socialist Slavery.

We are preppers, we prepare for difficult times. We are also prayers, praying for our Republic, basic civility and rule of law as well as Wisdom.

James 1:4 Rejoicing in Trials
…4Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But he must ask in faith, without doubting, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.…

God is in control but remember He allowed Jerusalem to fall to the Babylonians and His Chosen People to go into slavery for worshipping false gods, until they repented and returned to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and His Temple.

Dennis: I see no reason for China to want to nuke us. They need our land, water, other natural resources. They’ll figure out a way to overtake the country (EMP, the USA falling from within, etc) so the land is not made uninhabitable.


Completely agree. In today’s world of mutually assured destruction, nukes are to be had,…..not used……But…the military cannot ignore their movements, no matter how implausible deployment might be. Every action brings an equal and opposite reaction….that law of physics applies also to the planet’s military chess board…..Russia tests our airspace with a heavy bomber, we scramble fighter jets…happens all the time…they probe…we respond…constantly looking for weaknesses…keep throwing weak jabs, eventually (hopefully?) a guard will go down, presenting the opportunity you are looking for…..

Correct. There is no advantage to the Chinese, if they nuke their prize. But, gain quite an advantage if they succeed in installing a pro-Chinese/Marxist U.S. Administration, before depopulating the U.S. without hurting its valuable assets with a calmly administered EMP, after moving its invasion personnel into Canada.

If Trump does not pull the pin before the election is certified, the country is done.

Then it will be time for me to go as my name suggests, hermit.

I guess this is what we all have been prepping for. This was not the top choice on any ones radar when Ken asked us to rate the most possible reasons for the collapse of the country.

I wonder what would happen if the V.P. refuses to count the Electoral College vote, until certain issues are resolved? What law exists, which would allow the mandated V.P. count to be by-passed..or negated..should the V.P. delay counting this vote? What actions might need to be taken by Congress to force such a count? How much of a delay would these actions require?

“What laws exist?”

The law of the Commander In chief ordering the military to hold all evidence and suspects until investigations are complete. No certification. And a call by the President to all citizens who honor the Constitution to demand a new election with voter ID and paper ballots.

He can not let a corrupt trojan horse take office.

I feel some are really missing the point ,,, I don’t think cw2 is the answer ,i was in Alaska in the late 1970s and early 80s there was a movement to break away and join BC and the yukon to form a new country,carter was pres,hundreds of people were sent up to Alaska to shut it down , the leaders were charged with any thing and everything ,i knew some as family friends , I don’t have a lot of answers ,becarefull what you say ,
My personal feeling is go Galt ,be like a fish in the river go around the rocks in the river,stop feeding the system ,me going Galt is going to crush good people ,mostly ones that give a nod and say ya but ! !!! Some will lose there homes some are going to go hungry, I’m to the point of so be it I have warned them ,hell I’ve warned you all ,i’ve done all I can do ,go silently in night.
Got to tell it as I see it

Being the gray man/woman is wise.

This war will never end. The darkness abhors the light.

We can, at best, prepare ourselves to continue the effort to bring and protect light to this world.

Whatever happens with this election, we will still live and protect those we love.

Be Prepared!

In response to the above comments I also have been very curious about the topic. I had mentioned in a long diabtribe above that I just first found Trump to be a little too calm and lax for the way he usually is for the past couple weeks. I think he and his confidants KNEW SCOTUS would can this, but he had used this as cover for what is in the planning stages now. Actually the plan is likely complete and I too have hear the rumors about the carriers being in position as well as some subs that have to port but redeployed back out to sea which is not normal. Coupled with the fact that Trump has sort of retooled the military leadership within just the past 2-3 weeks and troops are coming home from the 4 ends of the earth added to the Covid vax being distributed by the MILITARY throughout the US has caused me great concern because that just does not seem like, at a vulnerable time in our history, a proper use of military assets.

So here is the meat: Could it be that both the Chinese and US military are on full alert with a Defcon 2-3 posture and there are 1000’s of indictments in military officials hands waiting to be executed all at once in a sweeping removal of officials and this is so clandestine that you can only put little piece of a huge puzzle together which lead you to the hypothesis that although Covid originally was intended to weaken the US, Trump is in fact using it to his advantage with the announcement of military deployment throughout the country for Covid distribution when in fact they know bc of what is coming the military, Seals and all of them, will be pre-positioned to squelch unrest when Trump declares a national emergency and/or initiate the insurrection act like Lincoln did, and then the carriers are there to protect the borders while sweeps are made inside the US.

Whether or not martial law limited as it must be is declared i can’t speculate, but a lot of this has been from just scouring news reports putting my own puzzle together.

Wuz: We are tracking; something is up and this Covid noise is the distraction. I can tell you one thing NOT going on in China. They aren’t pushing a “vaccine” on the population. They ARE fiendishly hoarding GOLD in every kind of pop up market, big dealers are tapped out Also about half of my co-workers are based in China. The weekly meetings have been suspended and the daily emails aren’t so much anymore. It is a feeling of hunkering down.

OK, keep us posted. During the day I can only ck in for brief moments. After 3pm CDT I have more time. I tell you for what I do now if my power and therefore my computer goes out I cannot get anything done. I have battery backup but it only last about an hour.

Whoa son, seems like you rode in on a lathered horse, jumped off, talking ( or writing) 300 words a minute, heavens, 21 posts in 2 days. Slow down, take a deep breath, drink some water and calm down. Want to read your opinion/ideas but not a book please, lol. We all get carried away occasionally, stay safe.

LOL. I am a writer for sure, but I will try to be more succinct. I try to stay away from purple or beige prose and especially blue prose. For years I wrote briefs for attys, but they were brief in length. After that I was an RN and am now retired. Appreciate your comments.

I meant were NOT brief in length.

cmon bud, you know it doesnt matter who votes, only matters who counts the votes and their affiliation to the party…

the FUSA is dead

Epoch times had an article talking about a company named SolarWinds. Apparently Dominion voting systems uses their software:

According to SolarWinds, more than 300,000 customers around the world, including the office of the president of the United States, the Pentagon, and NASA, use its products and services.
SolarWinds is working to provide updated software patches, CISA said. SolarWinds said a patch would be available on Tuesday.

SolarWinds is an Enterprise Network Monitoring platform for network Routers, Switches, etc. While their platform is not an operating system it does showcase the length that foreign actors will go to weasel their way in…..

aka –
It was shocking to see the list of entities involved in that hack, as well as the fact that it began in March.

All five branches of the military. More than 425 of Fortune 500 companies. Top ten Telecom providers. NORAD, USPS, NSA….massive hack.Can’t even imagine all the info the back door opened.

Isn’t that part of the election that had 6 eligible voters and of that 3 voted but 500+ votes were tallied. Yup – nothin to see here LOL

Report has been released copy on Steve Gruber . com

Wow! Read all of it as well….yup, gonna be an interesting day. Just wondering if the SCOTUS will get a spine after reading this….

The fact that the SCOTUS refused to hear the case is BS,,,


if they did it to not have riots they better just walk away now caus a riot will be the least of their problems

I knew the SCOTUS would cave, and I wrote so before it happened. SCOTUS doesn’t want to be responsible for the next civil war, so it “stayed in the basement.” I guess it’s up to the rest of us now…


I see lineups of people thinking they are now going to get a big payout for lying, stealing, violence, anti church, anti Constitution, …. Wow are they going to be disappointed. The OLD deep state are in it for themselves, not for you suckers that bought the BS peddled for the last four years.

I also see a tremendous drop in consumerism as many just hunker down waiting for the storm to go by. I also see a drop in news media attention, social media, and unfortunately, even this site.

The lazy, complacent, un-informed, …. masses are going to get exactly what they deserve.

God be with you fellow preppers as we hold to the lifestyle, as the country crumbles around us.

I wonder how close George Washington came to giving up hope.

Keep up the fight people. We are not lemmings! In all things God will see us through this!

Will Trump invoke the Insurrection Act? My guess is that he won’t. He has been hemmed in on all sides by swamp creatures since 2016, with Sessions and Barr being two who seriously damaged him. Meanwhile, Trump continues to solicit contributions to the “Election Defense Fund” so who knows where that money is going. It is time for a new party for arise that will follow the Constitution and resurrect the Republic but that takes time, money, and massive logistical support. I hope there is the will amongst the people to organize, especially the young because they will be the ones needed.

After this, (in my opinion) there will be ZERO chance of that ever happening. They will make absolute sure of it (as they are doing right now). But I do agree and like the idea of a Constitutional party of sorts – which today, unfortunately, looks like it would require what Jefferson said about the tree of liberty…

Just found this, maybe it’s old news, but I hadn’t seen it.

From the SCOTUS website (so, verified), there’s a case no. 20-815 Timothy King, et. al., Petitioners v. Gretchen Whitmer, et al., Governor of Michigan. It was docketed two days ago, and is a “Petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment filed. (Response due January 14, 2021)”

I read the petition, and it concerns the election fraud that took place in Michigan. My hopefulness is battered and blue at this point, and I’ve been telling it to tap out, but it keeps trying to get back up. This case is probably not going to save the Republic, but thought I’d put it up here.

What are you proposing then? What should happen?