You Know Someone’s a Sheeple if…

Sheeple Diagnostics

Just what or who are Sheeple? What is a Sheeple?

Sheeple people. Kind of like sheep, right?

Sheeple may exhibit any or many of the following traits. Some traits are added for comedic value – although still potentially valid! Add your own opinions of Sheeple characteristics in the comments below…

Checklist For Sheeple Diagnosis

(In no particular order of diagnostic importance)

  • They get all their news from MSPN (main stream propaganda news) (and believe all of it)
  • They believe it when they’re told that any more than three days of food is “hoarding”
  • Have three bottles of water in the cupboard and consider they’re prepared for anything
  • They think a BOB is something they put out in the water to warn boats
  • Believing firearms are scary and should be limited to only government law enforcement
  • Every available storage space is full of candy and soda with no room for unnecessary frills
  • Cash is anachronistic and should be eliminated
  • Spending a large portion of income on Starbucks and fast food
  • EDC (every day carry) consists of a credit card and a cellphone
  • The belief that Alexa, Siri, and Cortana only start listening after you call their name
  • There’s a couple frozen pizzas in the freezer so you’re all set
  • They got a pay raise and out to the bank to get a new car loan
  • Getting right in line behind all the others because that’s what everyone’s doing
  • The iPhone is almost always in the hand
  • Can’t wait longer than 5 minutes before checking Facebook again
  • The high importance of the number of ‘Likes’ form their latest FB post
  • When entering a new environment, the first thing to check is not where the exits are, but where to charge a phone or tablet
  • Buying that little bundle of firewood at 7/11 for $12 so you can rough it at the RV park
  • Borrowing a candle during a power outage and then coming back five minutes later to borrow matches
  • When told to pack survival stuff for an EMP, they pack a laptop and cell phone
  • Feeling prepared for anything because they’ve got a backup credit card with room left before the limit
  • You declare you are coming to my place to ride out an emergency
  • They like to buy the latest fads
  • Having an online-presence in all of the popular social media outlets
  • Blindly participating in human trials of experimental mRNA ‘vaccinations’ that the CDC advises
  • They must take mass transit or feel guilty
  • Unquestionable trust in ‘officials’ and ‘official’ narratives
  • Critical thinking is hard, and sometimes scary or uncomfortable, so, they don’t
  • They are certain that “the government” will take care of them, because that’s their job
  • Food comes from the grocery store and it will never run out
  • Believing your smart phone never listens or watches you
  • They, like, say, like the word like, like more than once, like in a, like, sentence…
  • They actually believe the saying, “I’m with the government and I’m here to help”
  • Totally believing MSM “un-named sources” because an ‘official’ talking-head reported it
  • Having ever used the term “The government needs to get involved to make everything equal and FAIR”
  • Fighting with someone over a sale item on Black Friday
  • Looking at their cellphone and not even briefly looking up when someone enters or exits the establishment
  • Pretty confident they’ll win the lottery so can retire in style with no debt
  • Automatically asking “How much is the monthly payment?” (never mind the price)
  • Getting their news from Facebook
  • Milk, Bread, and Eggs. What is it about a winter storm that makes people crave French toast?
  • Cooking skills only include “nuking” meals in a microwave
  • Caring more about hollywierd’s opinions than in developing their own
  • Thinking the tap water will keep flowing with no electricity

Is there an approved treatment plan after someone is officially diagnosed as a Sheeple?

Add your additional Sheeple traits below…

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  1. They wear masks and practice socialist distancing because the government told them that is what the herd needs to do.

  2. Cry poverty but don’t see anything frivolous about daily take out for lunch,coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin, manicure/pedicures on regular basis and watch reality tv or the kardashians

  3. Run that new Ford truck with 400 HP engine for the tailgate generator to power a TV and electric grille when camping.

    1. hermit us – Hahaha! We did the math on that at work versus a portable inverter machine. What a freaking joke. Like some kind of F-150 Gucci douche-nozzle edition.

      A little TS intel… Keep your eye on silent lithium power stations with revolutionary solar recharge technology. Validation testing went better than expected. These things are going to rock; if not up-end the portable power segment.

  4. Decry the evils of capitalism while totally ignoring that our poorest people “suffer” an epidemic of obesity………..

    …..meanwhile….singing praises to socialism while ignoring that it increases poverty….and starvation…without exception…each and every place it takes root……

    1. But, but Dennis, I see some are suggesting the masses cut down on big macs to one a month. That should reduce the waste line (sp on purpose). EBT keeps the poor in line and not needing to work.

        1. Kulafarmer,

          I tell folks that McDonalds showed the world the power of advertising and propaganda….they’ve never made a real hamburger in their history….yet claim title to having sold more than any other franchise…….

  5. Believing that the President is in his right mind when he keeps poking the bear

    Putin’s reply

    “Those behind provocations that threaten the core interests of our security will regret what they have done in a way they have not regretted anything for a long time.”


  6. More Sheeple Traits:

    • Wearing double-diapers on the face in bright sunshine, outdoors
    • Hanging used diapers from the rear view mirror
    • Watching one coworker after another have bad reactions, then go and get your ‘jab’ anyway
    • Start every sentence with the word “So…”
    • Use the phrase: “Reach out” to mean any form of attempted communication
    • Berate a call center rep for “mis-gendering” your freaky ass

    There will be more to come on this excellent topic.

    1. My 14 yo nephew at a family “reunion” this week. He wore his “nappie” the whole time, even outside, and stayed away from everyone except his immediate family.

        1. His mother’s family on top of the school system. These are people who “fully support” BLM and Antifa and think the .gov is all knowing and all powerful. The government will fix all the problems. SMH.

      1. Hmmm I seem to remember when the virus first hit we had people on the site cooking their mail before touching it , not petting their animals and one person described a contamination machine he built on the back of his truck. Don’t blame your nephew too much for being scared

      2. Lauren,

        I wouldn’t be too hard on the nephew, or judge him. It’s a common trait many share….wanting to fit in, follow the herd, be part of something larger.

        Explains the appeal of some of the left (and right) wing “groups” like antifa, blm, proud boys, etc…….or how a new designer tennis shoe (what us old folks call any shoe that isn’t intended for work or dress up) takes off in popularity.

        I’ve never been one to jump into or join the stampede, or follow a movement before I’ve figured out the why of it……whether it’s worthy of the effort…makes any sense…and whether I want my name and reputation to be connected with it. Evidently, a lot of folks are not like me….and that’s ok by me

    2. Reading 9,245 Americans Tested Positive for COVID-19 2 weeks After getting their last Vaccinations; 132 Dead (Epoch Times) and getting the shot they keep calling it “a vaccine to prevent Covid”, anyway.

      Those believing the shot will cause herd immunity too. yeah, right.

      People always asking if you got the jab who tell you if you don’t take the shot, it is your fault for spreading Covid to everyone.

      People who say “Uhh” in between each sentence and in each sentence many times. Same with the word “Like” every few words.

      1. I go tone deaf when someone can only describe something as like something else. Is their reality so plastic that anything in it is only like something real?

      2. Right. And the developers from Pfizer and Moderna have even said it won’t prevent transmission or getting COVID and it blows my mind how many people don’t get that. ALL covid vaccines out right now are not proven, whether it’s the messenger RNA or the viral vector. And not FDA approved. Viral vector ones (j&j and astrazeneca) don’t have the covid protein or anything, by nature of what it is designed to do. It’s based off of an Adenovirus. Herd immunity is created by people actually getting the virus/bacteria and/or traditional vaccines. You won’t believe th3 number of people I know that have eschewed traditional vaccines in the past but are all about gettin* the covid one. Blinded.

        1. The only way that they can present the illusion of herd immunity is if everyone takes this shot and takes the followup shots. They MUST have 90% compliance in order to keep the illusion.

  7. They believe everybody should drive an electric vehicle,but somehow we should get rid of coal, natural gas and oil-based fuels and just hope the wind blows to charge them.
    They probably also think that solar/wind could power a steel mill.
    They probably think it would work to have electric planes with wind turbines attached to the side to recharge the batteries.

    1. They live in a physics free Rube Goldberg reality not much different than Toontown in “Who framed Roger rabbit”.

        1. Feral Wallet, Thanks, the laugh felt good. And they all claim to be Jessica Rabbit, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

    2. 1,000% I used to work for a utility company, and this train of thought always makes me mad. Also, do people think electric cars are created out of clouds and good thoughts? There are resources needed for these including lithium. Lithium mines are not cute, leaving scars on our earth.

      1. Teemcoop.
        Not to mention, Electric cars have a lot of plastic in them which come from (Gasp!) dreaded OIL, but they believe it is from sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows.

          1. Not to mention my diesel F350 will most likely outlive a tesla twice over and at the end be completely recycled as its mostly steel and aluminum

  8. Pipelines are more dangerous than rail tankers, truck tankers, and oil tanker ships from off shore.

  9. Ask a sheeple:
    do you believe in capitalism?

    Do you believe in free enterprise?


    based on a survey of college students.

  10. now diff people are regretting their vote TOO LATE NOW STUPID 5123 now you get to live with it

    1. You have that right. Hypocriwood, he is coming after your money. You got what ya wanted and deserved.

  11. Say it often enough and they believe it.

    ” …. the demonstration in Washington DC on January 6th represented “the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War.”

  12. Believing that wholesale slaughter of migratory birds and pollinators will improve the health of the planet.

    1. Also, believing that the death of a single bird or fish or cow is worse than the wholesale slaughter of human beings.

  13. Waving off celebrities and the uber wealthy who violate the GND, anti-racism, and other “codes”, while denying us invisibles the right of free speech and association, especially association with our own income.

  14. Most of these apply to both liberal and conservative sheep, because it’s the thought patterns and not the specifics.

    Any off-herd behavior is reason for violence.
    Wrongthink/badthink/wrongfun is answered by expulsion from the herd.
    Research is anathema, and they WILL say they don’t have time.

  15. They can only repeat Leftist talking points. If you challenged them, or refute their claims, they revert to screaming ad hominem attacks. Screaming that you are a racist or white supremacist are the current favorites. Check your privilege was an old favorite.

  16. “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves…” -Edward Murrow. No more to be said.

    1. OK, maybe one more from Mr. Murrow…”No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.” Probably the last great newsman….

  17. I have seen what I believe are sheeple droppings, the color is usually blue or black ,rectangular in shape and has a rubber band on each end.

  18. Fight about the evils of capitalism, while trying to start their own business *eyeroll*

  19. Sheeple: The lone flagger gal fully masked at a small roadwork project, the guy walking his dog with masked face with no one around him, the young guy riding his bike wearing a mask, but with no helmet. Masked people standing in line ten feet apart waiting to get into Trader Joe’s and once inside, totally ignoring others’ personal space and bumping into others at will. My favorite: People at the beach, trying to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine through their masks while I walk on by, breathing deeply, and swinging my mask in my hand. I’m sure my smile makes my point. No one approaches me outdoors. I think they get my point.

  20. The mask is my sheeple camoflage these days. i still live and work in an area where the population is dense and crowded. If you are posting here, odds are you are not a sheeple. By masking up, you have cheap camoflage and maintain the grayman identity.

    Lately, I have seen many people getting creative with the blank sheet of cotton covering part of their face. many comments like: “F#$% the Governor” renditions of the one finger salute. To those citizens that get creative with mask art, I shout out: more power to you and give them the big thumbs up. ( or a simple: “I like your mask”).

    For those of us with minimal respiratory difficulty, the mask in public has become the new bumper sticker of 2020/21. I am quick to take it off when away from crowds butt, I must admit, with my seasonal allergies in high gear right now, I am using my mask when outdoors on a windy day when pollen is blowing down the street real thick.

    So, if you see me out walking my dog on a sunny day wearing a mask, I am not out to make a political statement all the time. The mask keeps the pollen out of my nasal passages and the Karens out there off my backside.

    1. Calirefugee’

      I found wearing a mask helped me breathe warm air and kept my nose from frostbite when walking outside to get my mail when 20 or more below zero last winter…so there are good reasons for wearing a mask, but as I used to paint cars and sanding wood for a living, fine particles would leave streaks up to my nostrils under the mask. Even respirators masks with two filters. The lead accumulation in my blood tests from the paint using these masks forced me to leave automotive refinishing jobs. That tells a lot.

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