Makes Me Think About Moving To Polk County Florida…

(except it’s too hot & humid in the summer!)

We need MORE law enforcement like Sheriff Grady of Polk County Florida who supports Law & Order and WE the PEOPLE with our inherent natural right to self defense!!

This sheriff actually encourages people to own guns. Of course that’s logical to you and I. However what a stark contrast between his view compared to the neutered hierarchy of law enforcement in the blue burning cities and towns around the nation!

These Marxist thugs need to be met with force if they bring force. That’s the only thing those punk BLM commies will understand. It’s a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to hear law enforcement encouraging (deadly) force if the mob threatens your life and property.

I am continually astounded as to the HUGE differences of mindset. Here we have the sheriff of Polk County Florida warning the mob to stay away… or else… On the other hand you’ve got the Marxists mainstream “useful idiots”, media, and corrupt DA’s who would rather lock YOU up for defending yourself than stop the rioting, burning, and destruction of the mobs.

That’s a 180 degree opposite outlook. There’s NO WAY that people with this much opposing view can “live together”.

Anyway, although this sheriff made those comments in June, hat tip to Stand My Ground for the heads-up. Just thought you could use some encouragement that there is law enforcement out there on YOUR side.

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  1. I just read where Virginia’s legislature thinks assault on a police officer should not be felony and is going to downgrade assaulting a police officer to some sort of misdemeanor.

    Perfect timing, eh?

    When I was a Security Cast Member for Walt Disney World, Officer of Reedy Creek, anyone convicted of assaulting one of us was sent to State Prison for a mandatory sentence of 3 years. We sent these people to the Florida State Prison in POLK COUNTY!

    We actually sent officers into other states to bring back people to put in prison for those three years.

    Hit an Orange County Sheriff, 3 years. Hit a uniformed Security Cast Member on Disney Property, 3 years. This came as quite a surprise to many people. The only way to avoid the prison time, was to make a deal with the assaulted officer to drop the charges before a verdict.

    How much do you think avoiding a mandatory 3 year prison stay is worth?

    Get punched once, and end up with no more house payment and a new car…..

  2. What makes this officer all the more rare is Polk Cty, FL is smack dab in the middle between very liberal Orlando and some what liberal Tampa. Most of the folks in Polk Cty are generational farmers and fruit growers; oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, etc. and they just want to be left alone to enjoy their life’s work. Even the Latino agra workers don’t want BLM or antifa terrorists coming to their towns and messing up their lives.

    1. Polk County is right next door to Brevard County and our sheriff, Wayne Ivey, is the same. Constitutional sheriffs that serve the people, not the mob.

  3. I wonder how many BLM Antifa have tried to test that area and see if the sheriffs statements are backed up?

    That is good news though.

  4. I have been to meetings with our small town sheriff. He also supports the right to defend our self and the duty to defend our family.

  5. We live close to Polk County. This is not the first time Grady Judd has encouraged gun ownership for all. Central Florida is very Conservative/Christian, except for Gainesville, which is where the University of Florida a.k.a. “The Berkley of the South”, is located.

    Yup the Sunshine State is also The Gunshine State.

  6. Common sense has become uncommon and it’s great to see a man with a whole truck load of it. My great parents owned an orange grove in Lakeland and I loved visiting when the trees were blossoming. The sweetest smell in the world. Glad they have a good sheriff down there the respects the 2A and the right to protect yourself and family.

  7. Even though we are in NM with an extreme Dem for a governor, our county is the only one in NM that made a declaration that everyone should have at least 1 gun in their house for protection. Best county in NM. Probably the only conservative one also. And because of that we have hardly any services from the state, Oh well no biggie

  8. Yup, I grew up in Polk Co. and now that I think about it, we had very little crime all in all. Mostly domestic problems . . . Hummmm

  9. Come on down the weathers great!!! Just a little humid!!
    Another one just like him is Sheriff Mike Chitwood in Volusia County. Calls them all punks and thugs and really goes after the court system for letting the bums get off easy!

  10. I wish that were true for all of Florida, which is was until the last election.
    Now, due to the continuing flow of Northeasterners, the state is turning BLUE !
    The State of Florida is not what it used to be, unfortunately.
    No longer the Red State it used to be, it is now during election time, considered a ‘Swing State’, tipping one way or the other.
    Thank God, we still have those rural counties.

    1. Depends on What side of the state you are on… West Coast of Florida mostly all mid westerners Oho-Nebraska Follow the I75 corridor down to retire an hang out in my county mostly Private sector retirees and Vets with big pensions from the 80’s and 90’s… Rich industrialists etc.

      South East Coast of Florida… The scourge of the northeast (New York New Jersey Maryland) flows down I95 bringing their east coaster socialist values with them. There is certainly a culture war down here. You can just tell when an East coaster from MiamiDade or Broward show up on the beach.. Loud, obnoxious, attitude, think their sh_t don’t stink… Easy to spot.

  11. Nice to end the week on a positive note.
    Thanks Ken.
    P.S. I am moving to Florida to be with family and to be in a Free state.

    1. My perfect world would be Florida from NOV-APR and New Hampshire from MAY – OCT 😉

      1. Mr. Ken, stay away from Highlands, Orange, Lake, Marion, or Alachua counties. Too many Yankees and the taxes are too high. Try a smaller county like Levy or along the Fla/GA line like Columbia Country.

        We can always use another gun here, when the Revolution gets hotter.

        1. I live in Florida and I can tell you that you chose the right months – maybe December too. The rest are just too darn hot…

      2. I think ill stay put,,,,
        With the coronavirus shutdown of tourism its nice n quiet here,,,,

        1. Kulasquatch
          . . . .
          They just put up 60 acres at the end of my road for sale. 3/4 mile of river frontage, mostly river bar. Surrounded by forest on 3 sides. Tempted?

        2. Yooper
          . . . .
          Currently zoned designated forest land. This year’s taxes are $54.34 – less than a dollar an acre.
          . . . .
          I’ve got 15 acres on the river zoned unimproved land and taxes this year are $378.48. Not bad for one of the best fishing spots on the river.

  12. I add that the Sheriffs of Clay County and Brevard County FL, and probably others in Florida, are also like-minded.

  13. Love Sheriff Grady of Polk County Florida!!!!!! But folks out there need to understand that this kind of thinking will come to an abrupt end if Kamala gets elected. For Kamala it’s not just about defunding the police, it’s about disarming the police and you. If we can re-elect president Trump then many sheriff Gradys will spring up from many counties.

  14. I agree completely with what the Sheriff said, but please note that there are 66 counties in Florida, and the majority of the population live in the big city counties.
    Being a political position. for the Sheriff in one of these counties to make those kind of statements would be political suicide.
    Unfortunate, but true.

  15. i watched some videos of sheriff Judd on the triple homicide that took place in Frostproof back in July. This man not only has a common sense approach to problems but he has heart, determination, courage, knowledge, compassion and empathy. He really seems to have a genuine love for the people he serves and the career he chose. If any of you have time, check out some of the videos of the press releases of this terrible incident. Our local sheriff is a lot like him and i’m proud to have my tax dollars go to good folks that truly earn their keep serving the people instead of themselves.

  16. Just watched a video on yt “Ronald Reagan warned us about the Democrats in 1964”. This is still so true today. I know this isn’t exactly on topic but is very relevant to everything we are dealing with now. He was so insightful and an eloquent speaker.

  17. What Sheriff Grady say’s is great, and they’re many other Sheriff’s around the country with the same view points, but one must remember, the Sheriff is elected by We The People which is great, but sad to say, he doesn’t have the last say. Trekker Out

  18. We love our sheriff! We are very thankful for him. Don’t want to break in to homes here or riot here!!! 😳😁

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