Signs That Reveal Who Your Political Enemies Are In Your Neighborhood

Today’s “new left”. In my opinion they are absolutely the enemy within (one of them).

The “new left” seeks to destroy America as it was. Their true colors are bold and in-your-face. Their militant “brownshirts” are violent. The propaganda wing is powerful. Their globalist backed leadership is entwined with Marxist ideals.

This is not the left of yesteryear. No. They are a clear and present danger to the core, in my view. Everything, and I mean everything they say and do is counter to traditional America. They are in the process of ripping it to shreds.

With that said (which I’m sure you already know – unless you’re one of them), I captured a comment here on the blog awhile ago which reads as follows:

This is an election year so pay close attention to which political signs are in front of which houses.

This will give you an idea of how many enemies you have in your vicinity.

And for those that don’t see their neighbors as enemies, just remember, if they are supporting a Democratic Presidential candidate then they are supporting taking away your Constitutional rights by their vote.

My friends don’t vote democrat, only my enemies.

Those who put out political signs are extra-passionate about it. So when you begin to see leftist candidate signs popping up around your neighborhood, your town – you will know who your enemies are. Sooner or later, it might matter.

It’s different this time.

Make a note of it.

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This is just what our real enemies China, Russian, Iran want. Divide and conquer.

Yep and Ken happily obliged to divide us further. Nice work Ken. Russia and China are my enemies. The people in my street are my friends no matter which party they vote for.

Do Not Reply.
Don’t feed the Troll.

NRP where’s blue? You usually don’t respond solo these days. I know Ken thinks I’m a troll but I’m not. I love seeing your posts on here NRP. I don’t agree with you always but you at least provide sound arguments. Always refreshing to hear your experiences too! Hope to hear more from you soon.

NRP again not a troll. If Ken would have allowed most of my responses yesterday you would have seen it. I think you would agree with me more than you care to admit. For example, I responded yesterday to tmcgyver that I think the second amendment is the most in jeopardy. As a gun owner, I fear for my guns. We have lost a lot freedom of that front in the past 4 years.

I also had some positive responses to I preppier which were censored by Ken. I called Ken out and he kept yelling troll troll and blocking my post.

Also people seemed to have a problem with my username so I changed it even though right below me is someone with the tag white cracker. Why does that not upset anyone?

Good to see you NRP. It is a gorgeous day here. Hopefully the same for you.

Afternoon to ya buddy, tis a GREAT day.
Summer is good this year for sure.

Ken is not dividing anyone! If you think otherwise you’re a fool!!!

Not a fool just don’t see fellow Americans as enemies. I’m an independent myself and I hate the DNC but I don’t hate Democrat’s who are just fellow Americans who disagree with my opinion. I don’t hate trump supporters either. Most people want everyone to succeed just disagree on how to get there. I think the media has got us all so hyped up. At the trump rally in tulsa, BLM and trump supporters got along great. I don’t see why it should be different anywhere.

If you really think democrats are the enemy, you haven’t been paying attention. China has been slowly integrating their influence all over the world. I fear they want us divided and worry what they have in store. I just hope you will join me as an American if we are faced with a foreign enemy. Have you all seen the recent news about the Chinese spyware apps? Very scary times

TBM is right about the communist party in China propagandizing things around the world. Their message is always the same, the (fill in blank country) is racist, isolationist, fear mongers while we (the CCP) want equality and transparency. Don’t believe me? Look at their recent comments on Australia, UK, US, India, and others.

Thanks InPrepper. Yes they make all our electronics too. Not hard to see why they are a huge threat. I’ll die before I’ll support communism.

Speaking of electronics,
Huawei got caught a few years ago where they had backdoors set up so that people’s information could be accessed if they wanted to. When the US gov questioned them because that information could be gathered and sent to the Chinese gov., Huawei admitted it was there but they don’t use it and haven’t given any info to the Chicoms. Now I am no computer expert but why would any company have programming developed and installed into equipment if it was never intended to be used? I call Bull Pucky on that one.

Yeah huawei is a thinly Chinese spy company imo. What will they want next the back door to my house? Although having a backdoor to your device is worse these days. What scares me about China is I’m not really sure what their end game is. I just know it involves communism and it’s nothing I want a part of. At least with Russia you know Putin wants to be a world superpower and can generally tell his moves. China moves much more in the shadows.


So, if a fellow American breaks into your house and slaughters your family, they’re not your enemy? If a fellow American takes you and your family to a political re-education camp, they’re not your enemy? If you believe certain persons, American or otherwise can not be your enemy than you’re nothing more than one of those people commonly referred to as a “useful idiot”. Also, the current Democrat party is the enemy of the U.S. Constitution and for that to happen the average everyday democrat is either complacent or supports it. As far as China and Russia are concerned they can only be successful if there are collaborators in this county, look at democrats again. Enough said!!!

Gray one,

There is no need to personally attack. Why would an American break into my house and slaughter me? Is that something you plan to do? I mean it obviously happens but I don’t live my life with that fear. I know my neighbors, we are all reasonable people. We aren’t the confederate flag totting or extreme antifa type. We are just run of the mil Americans. As for re education camps, the US has them and they are full of Hispanics. I’m sure no one around here cares but I’m not worried when Trumps in charge. Seriously, how can you be so afraid when you have the position of power supposedly?

You vastly underestimate China and Russia though. I have lots of friends in the armed services I keep in contact with and they tell me to be scared of China and Russia. Our troops are tailoring their combat for these enemies specifically.

I really don’t know how it’s possible to think that every liberal is somehow apart of some giant army ready to attack. Most of the liberals I know would hide under a bed if SHtF lol. I’m not scared of people like that.

Oh FFS, Huawei makes the best telephonic hardware on the planet, bar none. They are so far beyond us in 5g tech that we had no choice but to vilify them, criminalize them, ban the equipment and kidnap the CEO’s daughter. Ignorant fool. Don’t give me the spyware thing. Our government does it too, on ALL phones.

I never said Huawei didn’t have good stuff. Here in China, their phones are awesome. They are trying to expand 5G all across the globe. As to our government getting info from our phones and saying that’s the same? Ehhhhh nah, our gov having our info is one thing but another outside government having our info who want to do us harm is completely different.

tmgyver are you really defending communist China? Huawei equipment can be as good as they want but if they have root level access to the hardware it’s a hard pass from me. Chinese spyware makes American spyware look like a toddler toy. Look up the guy who reverse engineered Tik Tok, the Chinese spyware app masquerading as a social media app. The source code changed when it figured out he was trying to investigate it. Why would China try to hide what’s its doing to that level? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watching zoom and google and others now down to China’s wishes is very concerning.

Oh Gawd TBM, you are such an ill-informed antagonistic prat. You simply aren’t worth the energy to attempt to educate you. You are a well-polished troll; possibly the only real education you possess. You take a statement, select keys words, rearrange them to fit your retarded narrative; extrapolate to idiotic levels, then regurgitate your infectious sputum all over a peaceful message board. Find a hobby already.

If you don’t see certain Americans as the enemy, you are truly indeed a fool.

(snort…) Now he’s a China expert. Have to admit, that was good for a giggle.

What makes you say China expert? I just stated facts from the news the past few days. Never claimed to be an expert. Do you think China is a non threat? I’m just curious I’m not trying to argue. I do know people who don’t care about China so that’s why I ask.


Notice that when you feed him, he gets bigger.

Call him out Tulsa Man! He says liberals are troublemakers, but it’s obvious here that he’s decided what he wants to believe about them, which does absolutely divide us further. Just like republicans or Trump supporters don’t like it when we assume they’re all poorly educated rednecks who just as soon hang a black man from a tree as look at them, maybe we shouldn’t believe that all Pence voters are Communists or Marxists. Both sides need to admit weaknesses and see if we can ever find a middle ground. One thing I believe now is that everyone votes based in what they truly think is best for the nation. While one side wants some equity, the other side wants everything to stay the same as it’s always been whether it hurts people or not. So…everyone keep doing what YOU think best, but I guarantee the Jesus that you speak so highly of would not be impressed by your lack of compassion. Blessings to all.

Thanks POB, I agree. I think we should all seek to find common ground instead of constantly antagonizing differences. This country does much better with liberals and republicans working together for everyone in America.

Ken is telling the truth. Just yesterday, my son was talking with my Nextdoor neighbor, how they approved of the job Trump is doing. My across the street neighbor came over and heard them. He said you guys like him, sarcastically. He then walked away.
I don’t trust Dems and libs. By the way, I’m here in California, governed by that lunatic Gavin newsom.

Russia and China are your enemies? Are they behind Russiagate to harass Trump? Are they the entities planning to taking away AR15s? Are they pulling down statues of Washington, Jefferson, Columbus and Jefferson Davis?Are they pushing the homosexual agenda on children or is it Hollywood and the NYC elite who are doing that? Are foreigners behind BLM or is it the DNC, Bloomberg, the CDC, wealthy NYC Jews, elements of the US gov’t and Soros?

If lawn signs are considered evidence of belief and a basis for determining threat (and I believe they are), you might also say the same about bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, tattoos and assorted other “advertisements.” Even where a person works can be an indicator of belief. People do tend to advertise what they believe in some way or another – all of which may suggest how they will act.

This is why I don’t do bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc. Unfortunately I made the tough decision to take down my American flag. I struggled with that decision. The less people know what I am thinking, the better off I will be.

I agree I have said in the past most that people who fly Old Glory are homeowners that probably do have guns inside their homes. It is an easy mark. I do take note who is around me and I do keep a mental list. Possible Friend or Foe.


I took down my flag on the day Terri Schiavo was left to die on dubya’s watch. It is folded properly in a tight triangle and stored with my Gadsden. God willing, one day it will be both safe and appropriate to fly both once more.

ohhhh, cleaning the other day I just found my old bumper sticker from the Clinton days that says ‘Honk If You Have Done The President’. What a keepsake huh.

Peanut, especially when the libtards are known to key your car, damage property and etc.

Peanut, you have the right idea. I don’t have the NRA sticker on my truck.
Don’t want to advertise, saying, “Come rob me of my guns” or the police
support sticker although I have a number of ’em.

I believe you are 100% right Stephen.

But the tough thing about the yard signs is when the is no identifying political designation. I have seen many times over the years yard signs that say ‘vote for Joe Shmoe for county commissioner’. No donkey, elephant, or anything showing party affiliation. But most often I see those kinds of yard signs when it is a democrat running in a conservative area. They try to sneak their way in and hope people will not investigate their party affiliations.


We have that here in what is probably the reddist county in the USA. Usually only Republicans run in this county, but sometimes a Democrat wants to run. So they run as a Republican. I went to a rally for Darrel Castle (Last time’s Constitution Party candidate for President) and a lady had handouts at that rally that didn’t state her party affiliation. But when she got up to speak, she was obviously a liberal Democrat. Later I found out she was running as a Republican. Unfortunately she won the primary and of course the election, so she is our state representative.

The other candidate was the Conservative Party candidate, Joyce Collins. I had her sign in my yard as well as the sign for Taylor Haynes for governor. Dr Haynes ran as a write-in candidate in 2012 and then ran for the Republican primary in 2016, but he lost both times. I had both of their signs out in 2012 and 2016. Those two years are the only times in my live I have had political signs in my yard.

I some extended family members that voted as lifetime democrats. I asked them why. They said because their parents voted dem. It didn’t matter the issue they would vote dem. To me that is the definition of a sheep. Not that they voted dem, but because they just followed the family herd without thinking just like sheep. So, to me if a person votes dem or Repub just because others close to them vote that way is most dangerous because they will go along with anything if told to. They would put out yard signs but would have no idea who that person was or what they were for.

Our creator put some stuff between our ears for a reason.

My grandmother said that if the devil was running Democrat she would vote for him. She also said she would never vote for a woman because they can’t be trusted. I wonder what she’d feel about voting for Hitlery?


My grandmother was an extremely bigoted and mostly uneducated woman (3 grade education) who bragged that, once women were given the right to vote, she had never voted for a Catholic and had never voted for a Democrat. Every time there was an election she would find out the religion of all the Republican candidates; if one was a Catholic, she would vote for the Independent or write in someone.

Daisy K
I understand completely what you are saying. I had a debate with one of those relatives back when Slick Willy Clinton was running for reelection. It didn’t matter what I said or showed about the corruption etc….. they would not bend. They were voting Slick Willy no matter what since he was prounion. After that, our general conversations became much shorter like ‘how are you today?’ Stuff like that. I realized that the gray matter between the two ears was either moldy or it had leached out at some time.

Yes, I agree, but….
I feel as if I’m caving in to a political agenda by not showing my support. That’s what ‘they’ want and I will not stand for it
I haven’t posted yard signs, since the big O elections.
I had a talk with a sheriff hopeful the other day. He and I had a good conversation and he and I see eye to eye on alot of matters, I won’t put a yard sign out as I don’t want to be a possible ‘target’ for opposition.
My vote should be as secret as those I support.
I still fly my American, Gadsden and Trump 2020 flags. I’m a little uneasy about it, but…..I have a RIGHT to do as such.

It’s a tuff call on what we should/shouldn’t do

You show support in your own way and when it really counts
For now consider it OPSEC or grey man to not have anything that makes you stand out or drawn unwanted attention


Yours is an excellent approach. 2wd grayish bone-stock XLT, gets sorta washed once a month. Driven by an older guy in worn Carhartt’s with cheap tinted safety glasses toting a lunch box. I consider it B2 level stealth. Like that aircraft, when the flag goes up, the shock and awe factor will be breathtaking. No one will see it coming.

Theres millions of us


Not looking to disagree,
And I understand the grayman, but
I will not be silenced…

“I feel as if I’m caving in to a political agenda by not showing my support. That’s what ‘they’ want and I will not stand for it”

I wear my t-shirts to work
Don’t Tread On Me

An American flag stating
Built On Freedom

The Original Homeland Security….
The 2nd Amendment

My truck window sticker
Ride Hard, Shoot Straight

Do I feel uneasy at times?

Will there be a price to pay?
But there is a time not to be silenced. How far do we need to travel, before Our Voice is heard? Shall we continue to be kept silent?
I know, “Silence is Golden”

Being Gray will still affect you in one form or another.

I know who my opposition is by conversation, not by yard signs. Are they my enemy?
No, just those that I keep a closefull eye on.

Your ruffians couldn’t give a crap more on any given election.

There are times to be gray and times that are not.
Just my opinion

Is this the Joe C from awhile ago?
If so welcome back

Mad Fab
How ya?
Yes it is.
I took a little hiatus…..
Tis good to be back.
Luv ya

Ha! Knew it was you by the Rush lyrics?
Good to have ya back my friend😜.
Hope the hiatus was good.
Luv ya back

– Welcome back, Joe C! You’ve been missed on your hiatus.
– Papa S.

Thanks, Papa S

– We all are aware I once called you out as a possible troll. I have not engaged with a current poster who seems a bit abrasive, too. You have indeed proven not to be. Here’s hoping you and FWTB (let us know when you change that, BTW,LOL) are having a good life.
– Papa

Welcome back Joe C

I can say that I sure did miss you. Glad you are here.


Thank you
And I hope things are going well for you
Huggs back at ya

You do feel like you’re caving by not showing support, yet look at the consequences we’ve seen to people who did try. The last election an older man stopped when I was outside and commented on how he had not seen one Trump sign on the whole street, then asked if I’d please put one out. I agreed. For one solid week I looked out the window at all hours of the day to see if it had been stolen, sprayed with graffiti. I heard every car that passed by and found myself searching the front of the house when I came home to see if a brick had been thrown. It was nerve racking and finally I realized that I had to take it down for my own peace of mind and security.

Across the street however, there is now a collection of signs that would make Burma Shave proud. “We pray for justice” “We will not be silent any more” “We are listening” “We support you”. Black signs, white lettering. No clue where they came from, nor why a white woman feels the need to line the entire front of her property with them. But I do know that when the SHTF and that grasshopper is shivering in the cold and looking for a hand-out, this anthill will have no scraps to share.


I hear you about the internal struggle of keeping quiet, or adding your visible support for the cause. In the society we used to live in, people could disagree on politics and have a spirited conversation that didn’t turn into a personal attack. There are very few people I would trust to have such a conversation with now, and even then, I’m not sure.

My area is purple on its way to blue as more big city people decide to move to this beautiful place they’ve previously vacationed in. There is a complete lack of understanding about the reason it’s so lovely and peaceful here – that it might have something to do with the people who came before, and their values and practices. Most of the folks I know who are ‘woke’ liberals are white, mostly women though not all, relatively financially comfortable, and very charitable. They just don’t seem like bad people. They’ve been conditioned, though, to see anyone not in line with the liberal agenda as evil. I think they really believe that – like they’ve been brainwashed. And of course we all want to eradicate evil, right?

Since I’m responsible for others that aren’t adults yet, it’s not safe for me to take chances and advertise my political leanings or even some of my values. I do pay attention for moments to slip a good question into a conversation, if only to try to get people to think for themselves.

Yep and that is the price we pay for voicing and yet there is a price to pay for being silenced, also.

How many war heroes that would have said, screw it….not me.
Washington, Patton, Dolittle, Grant, Lee.
Lincoln stating, I’m not giving that address. I’ll get a bullet in the head.
Kennedy, Reagan.

Everyday people.
Desmond Doss. WWII
The Cliven Bundy ranch.
Chris Kyle
The unspoken good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun.

As the band Rush ‘Subdivisions’ song goes:
“Conform or be cast out”


Joe c:

Aww no way man! Subdivisions (and 2112) was the anthem of my adolescence! Reaching for the Bose cans right now. RIP Neal Peart.

Big Horn County Wyoming is 94% Republican, 3% Independent, and 3% mixture of Libertarian, Constitution Party and that other one (Dem). Even big cities like Casper and Cheyenne are 75% Republican. You have to go to the Reservation to find many Democrats.

So all the signs are for some Republican candidate or other. Usually there are only Republican candidates on the county ballot. Sometimes some Republican doesn’t win the primary and runs as an independent. The only controversy we’ve had the last 2 elections was whether or not we should have a swimming pool. We voted it down twice, but the town council decided to build it anyway. This year they finished that beautiful outdoor pool (not paid for) but it is closed because of the China virus.

Sounds like my kind of place 😉
Probably too cold though, just like where I live now!

Well it is warm enough most afternoons to swim in our expensive new outdoor pool 2 months of the year

Excellent. I’ll be right over. Just gotta grab my Floaties… 😉

No, it is full of water, but closed due to the virus

Would love to have you visit, though.

Ken would probably be easy to find at the pool. He would be the guy wearing leopard print speedos with white sunblock on his nose and water wings.

I did a BLM road job by Hyattville a few years back. Nice people and area..I enjoyed the Museum of Flight & Aerial Firefighting museum while I was down there..

I think you meant Bureau of Land Management? 🙂

We called it the BLM long before the other group used the acronym..


Whew – had me worried there for a minute, lol.

Which I personally think is quite amusing. The BLM was called the BLM long before the BLM became a “thing,” but the BLM stands for everything the BLM hates. 🙂

Lauren – Once again your ferocious wit has brought a smile to my face. I was thinking along the same lines but couldn’t stitch it together quite the way you did. :>)

Maybe we should be calling this BLM movement “Bulshevist Lives Matter”. Aren’t the founders avowed Marxists?


Funny story about BLM. This lady I work with was complaining to several us the break room one time. She was saying all these crazy BLM people keep cutting across the grass and ruining it instead of using the sidewalk! At first, some had a surprised face but then she talked more about the bureau of land management who worked below us. Everyone had a good laugh about it. I usually first think bureau of land management when I hear BLM now


Maybe we should start calling the other group CRM for ‘c*mm*n*st revolution matters’.

Criminy! 🙂

Firefighters are now mandated to speak and write Bureau of Land Management instead of their own moniker BLM. Can you say crazy???

The whole point of being gray is a BIG issue. Never let your enemy know who you are or what you got…

You a lib you and try to mess with me… I look unassuming in regular loose clothing very gray very cuckish. I put on a t-shirt and ladies would be swooning for my hot bod 😍 . Been working most of my life and now part time in outdoor construction. I have no problem placing a choke hold on someone. Would not be the first time either. You should see the look on their face when they realize they just bit off more than they can chew.

Guys around me running around with III%er tagging up their trucks. Way to go… I know you have at least a pistol on you possible weapon system can be found in your truck, for certain weapon system inside your home with plenty of ammo.

Ken has once again pointed out the realities of today. I have had life long friends and relatives, “stop talking to me and my family” over politics. Their choice, not mine..Today the left has cultist for members, who support the insurrection and destruction of our Republic. This is not conquer and divide, it is the reality of our world today..If you think for a moment, “your leftist neighbors wouldn’t throw you under the bus for political or material gain during a crisis” then all I can say is good luck…Knowing all potential threats and preparing for them, is the basics of preparedness..

Cultist. Yes, that’s a good comparison. It’s their religion. And they are quite dedicated and serious about where they’re planning to take us (or do to us).

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” – Sun Tzu

It is most important to know who around you thinks like you do, and who thinks radically different. But more importantly, is to understand how those opposed to your way of thinking actually think. From this understanding will come ways to protect yourself from them should they ever come against you.

I bought that book years ago. Very insightful.

Sun Tzu | The Art of War

Yes. Sun Tzu is a classic, and I believe has been studied in all the military schools around the world for millennia.

– minerjim,
I bought a copy of Sun Tzu back in the early 70’s when it appeared on a reading list for my ROTC class. The other book from that list that is still on my shelf is Heinlein’s ‘Starship Troopers’, both for good reason. Don’t bother watching the crappy movie some idiot made by that name. It’s about what a third-grader might have made of the book. Read the book and find out why it made the list.
– Papa S.

Papa Smurf,
Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll See if I can’t find “Starship Troopers” at the used paperback store in town.

The people on your street may be your friends now–
What happens when they turn on you because you do not agree with their beliefs?
Ya know– like they are leftist, socialist, anti cop, anti America??
We are in a new country now.

The thing is, some (or even many) might not be leftist-cult card carrying members. Just because they have a sign, might not mean they wish violence upon us. They might just be part of the fooled flock. On the other hand, sticking a sign in the ground in front of your house does say that you are engaged.

Normally all this would not be a potential problem.

But look what many of them have already done to those on “the right” who may have been wearing a MAGA hat, simply wearing a red hat, bumper stickers, etc… They have beat the daylights out of innocent people, keyed vehicles, burn down houses. On and on.

All I’m saying (and the reason I posted the article) is that some of these people are violent (or could become) and they HATE US. It’s good situational awareness to know who’s who with regards to signage out there. Especially in today’s climate… Because if it continue to descend, it’s going to get interesting out there…

There lies the problem Tango. if they are going to turn on you THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Just because they live on the same street as you and you are civil to each other does not friends make. To be friends ( imho ) you need to have common beliefs and goals

Being cordial or civil towards others is just good manners regardless of political ideology or anything else. Being civil doesn’t mean a person has to be best bids with someone. Plus, being civil by occasionally just chit chatting about the weather, flowers, traffic etc… might help you determine their ideological leanings.

Know your enemy.

And yes, keep in the back of your mind that they might turn you in some day because they saw a couple of food storage buckets in the garage when the door was open one day. Like my dad once said ‘trust, but from a distance’.

Also, to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you should not put up your own signage (which I believe a few of you commenters have eluded to). No that’s not my message. That of course is a personal choice. What I was (am) suggesting is that you might take notice of who’s who around you based on the signs you do see. Make a mental note. That’s what I’m saying…

You want to load up your lawn with Trump signage? Be my guest. Good for you. We need people to do that! To be in “their” face. Again, a personal choice.

Interesting how the perception of written content on a particular article is changed by the comments. 🙂

Indeed. Which is why I may sometimes jump in to clarify my original intent/message so as not to be characterized differently. That’s important (sometimes). Honing the message a bit… (words matter) 😉


Thanks for tending the message. You’re right – found myself responding to comments and going off the rails, so to speak.

The obvious signs are the yard signs, or the BLM signs in the business windows. Then there are the bumper stickers; we have a lot of those around here.

I’ve also noticed that of the people I know who drive hybrid vehicles, every single one is of liberal persuasion. Environmentalism can be a liberal indicator, though it isn’t always. Those who drive said vehicles have followed a trend, without understanding its true environmental impacts. Virtue signaling over substance.

I would not have said these people were my enemies before the Trump era. Something broke in the collective psyche, maybe then or a little bit before, and now it’s just wise to assume they could be. It’s like the agents in The Matrix that can hop into the unawake and become lethal.

Your Matrix reference is coincidental, in that I’ve got a post waiting to fire off next week about it. Can you say, “Agent Smith”? 😉

Mister Aaanderson. 😉

Great movie!

Hold up now Farmgirl!
I drive a Prius and I’m as far from the left as you can get. I don’t drive it to save the planet or any crazy sh🤬t like that, I drive it because f🤬ck OPEC and big oil. I just need to get from point A to point B keeping as much money in my pocket as possible along the way. ❤️

If my Prius also works as a sort of liberal camouflage so be it. 🤣


In my area, your Prius would be great liberal camouflage!

Okay, I formally withdraw my hybrid car comment. Future readers please note. I am chastened, and withdraw to the corner with my eyes downcast. 😉

While I’m in Chicago it seems to fit in just fine. But when I’m in Alabama I sure do get a lot of funny looks. 🤣

I’ve actually considered painting it actual camouflage on several occasions, but then I’ll never be able to sell or trade it when the time comes.


Oh man, a camouflage paint job would be awesome! Veeeerrrry stealthy, what with the quiet engine and all.


Just for the record, I drive a hybrid vehicle, and am decidedly not liberal. I am, however frugal (ok, cheap), and I love how it sips gas. Doesn’t matter as much right now, but it made a BIG difference when gas was pushing $4 per gallon!

It does seem like a lot of the people that drive these things are liberals, though.

Farmgirl –

Stop the car… I bought the very first Hybrid Camry in ’07 (round Gadsden on the rear window – talk about funny looks), followed by the first Ford PEHV in ’13. Liberal??

Can we get a little bit of nerd love here? ;>)


Man, I knew that observation might get me in trouble, lol. Nerds rule, of course! I don’t think I would mistake you for a liberal, no matter what you drove. Around here, it’s a virtue signal.

Farmgirl – Virtue signal? Most liberals can’t even grasp the concept of a turn signal.

Farm girl,

My super conservative parents drive a Tesla and Prius and have for years now. I just don’t think this is true anymore. I get what you’re saying though. Prius and hybrid cars aren’t much better for the environment. That’s why i ride a bike. It also means in a SHTF situation I don’t have to rely on roads!

Not a lot of political signs in this area. The ones with Stop Wild Olympics Land Grab tend to be conservative and the ones with Stop Oil Trains Now libsider. Lots of flags, though, esp on peoples’ cars. On Memorial Day I put small American flags near my mail box in memory of family who served and died. They stay there until some neighbor kid takes them. Otherwise my signage consists of No Trespassing, No Hunting, No Fishing, and Video Cameras In Use. Most folks on the road have some version of all of them.

Going gray is not so much the issue as going green. There’s a saying around here – hold still long enough and moss will grow on your north side. It’s July, mid 50s, heavy overcast, rainy, and windy.

I think I am lucky. I have a neighbor who is driving his truck around with a huge Trump sign. Most of my neighbors would stand together, armed, to prevent any disturbances here, but my state is becoming blue with the influx of CA folks. Pretty silly, they destroy their own state then come with the same ideas thinking things will be different and just make another state destroyed.

I want to fly the flag, paint a pallet as a flag, and fly red, white, and blue…but I have not yet put all that up. Even in my like-minded area, I think being grey is a good thing. BUT, I am more and more thinking I need to DO something to counteract this liberal craziness. The silent majority needs to not be silent anymore or we will lose this country, imo.

There is truth in that.

I’ve only seen a couple Trump Pence signs in my 12 mile drives to town,, no Biden signs. Thinking about getting Trump sign out front but……… I love in an area where everybody with a truck has a gun or 2 and occasionally notice a new bullet hole in a stop sign, not sure I want to add a temptation to the Saturday night beer drinking teenagers.🤔


If you haven’t ditched ditched neighbors, family or so-called “friends” that support democrats you are in for a rude awaking. Whether they are willing to admit it, by supporting democrats they are saying they are opposed to the 2A, your 1A rights, your liberty however they do support BLM which has stated your life doesn’t matter and big government control of your property and family.

Situational awareness extends more than just around your immediate person. It includes your backyard, neighborhood, family members, social acquaintances, friends, enemies, coworkers and friends of friends. I look at anyone that would support democrats they same way I would someone that was willing to give a thief or rapists the keys to my house because essentially that is what they are doing. Endangering me and my family with their vote.

Havent seen any political signs in the neighborhood, but a few bumper stickers here and there. I have never been a yard sign or bumper sticker guy. But it is a good way to see how those people think.

But I do fly the American flag high and with pride. Moved last year and by the 3rd week I installed the pole and the flag was waving in the breeze. I also wear my ball cap with the flag on it and my usual patriotic tshirts every chance I get.

I understand doing the gray man thing but there are times when you have to make a stand on your beliefs. I see it like this, people say if they start coming for your guns bury them…NO. If they are coming for your guns it’s time to use them.


Agreed. I am not going to hide my guns, I will use them. So good point, time to start standing loud and proud.

I am grateful that I was raised by parents who loved our country, were true citizens, taught me right from wrong. I grew up enjoying all the blessings from that period I am retired in my 70s and saddened by the new lows in our society that are tearing our Constitution apart and pushing us to brink of civil war….wonder if Rome saw the same things in their final years of existence. They lasted over a thousand years … wonder if we will last 300.

Ok, back to a seriously more debatable question, since this has become a “well he’s just trying to divide everyone” and just more of the conflict that’s going on in the Country EVERYWHERE one looks.
Seems like a LOT of hate right here in River City… (look it up)

So here is my question.
“Is 600 rolls really enough?”.

PS: How about understanding the Article and it’s meaning rather than shooting the messenger.
Y’all need to understand Ken puts out Articles NOT to be slammed (as a few here ARE doing and continue to do) but to get people thinking….. use your brain for more than being PISSED all the time and offer critical thinking and offer solutions NOT “Yep and Ken happily obliged to divide us further. Nice work Ken.”.

OR do you all just want to talk about Toilet Paper all the time????

PS: One needs to remember this is Kens “house”. Please dont shit on his floor, try adding positive feedback rather than making a mess where we’re back to Toilet Paper again…..

Just my 2cents worth.

NRP, I tried to post something similar to your comment re: Kens house last night.. due to being off by a few minutes it was not to go thru. decided not to further feed the troll. when allowed..
No 600 rolls are NOT enough unless they are triple roll.s.. and there is only one at the house and expected…
NRP what is your recommendation for rolls of paper towels.? Don’t recall you posting on that.

Just Sayin’:
Actually thats is an excellent question.
Personally I have probably around 300 rolls of PT, not to be confused with TP.
Maybe a Poll on how many PT, not to be confused with TP, do a household use per week….
BTW, what does that have to do with “Signs That Reveal Who Your Political Enemies Are In Your Neighborhood” l have no damn idea, but I posted it here anyways LOLOL
Ohhhh I know… Blue made me do it……

NRP, I have been keeping track. I use one roll of paper towels about every 6 weeks. Don’t know how that compares to others. I use about 1 1/2 ounces of dry cat food and one can of cat food per week. One roll of TP lasts about 3 1/2 days — used to be 4+ but they keep making the rolls flimsier and with fewer sheets.

thinking on writing an Article on PT… What the heck, it’s almost like TP, just backwards, HAHAHA
Will add a Poll, as much as we all LOVE Polls, would be interesting to see some input.

We can be divisive alright.
One that could start a nice big debate.

Charmin is better yuan Downy!



Get a bidet and collect rainwater in barrels from your roof. Never use toilet paper again! That’s what I do.

I called Ken out here specifically. This article is clearly meant to divide. He calls liberals enemies. Yesterday article was more in line with what you’re talking about. Ken is wrong today but I know he won’t admit it. We should never see fellow Americans as enemies. If that’s not he definition of divided then what is? What happens if we had to face a real threat and this country was divided? Oh wait we did. The coronavirus is the perfect example of what a divided America will get us. 150k Americans dead and that’s just what’s reported.

How do we know there’s not bigger threats in China, Russia or elsewhere? What if it’s not even a country but a natural disaster? Or an EMP? Or another coronavirus?

TulsaMan you live in Oklahoma where the Democrats vote Republican for the most part. They are only Democrats because their parents where!!! The Dem’s around here don’t even put out signs because they are afraid of what might happen. I live I Oklahoma as well and been here all my life!!! We are definitely not livening in a state that Ken is talking about. People here fly the flag high and proud with no worries. Can’t say that about NY or California. I love this state!!! We had like a 96%vote for Trump in 2016 in my county. I also think we where the most red state in the Presidential election that year. You can’t compare apples to oranges I guess is what I am trying to say!!!

TulsaMan, when you have a political party trying to tear down every facet of our nation, “I for the life of me can not understand how you see these people” as not our enemies.

These people have been attacking, burning, assaulting, murdering people who disagree with them. They have destroyed peoples lives and careers for posting opposing views..What happened to free speech??

The leftist have consistently lied about our president and tried to impeach him with zero evidence.This is called a coup..

They riot in our schools if an opposing speaker is about to present a different narrative..

They want to empty our prisons and eliminate law enforcement, for now…

The left has created a false narrative with skewed revisionist history of racism and hate, with false history and lies to divide the nation..

They hate the 1st 2nd and all of the other Bill of rights, especially when it doesn’t suite them..

They wish to flood the nation with 3rd world leftist votes and cheap labor to destroy what is left of our middle class…

By the way these people are not liberals, but leftist…

Your logic escapes me..

Hey Wolfgar and NRP

You are good guys, and probably engaging just in case this is just a sincere person who’s socially awkward. It isn’t. It’s an honest to goodness troll. It only grows with engagement, and thrives on attempts to reason cause it knows it has hooked you.

Humor is good, if you must. They hate that, because the goal is to unsettle and irritate.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

Ohhhh I’m fully aware of that, not to worry. After all an old fat guy (me) needs something to do…. right?
I mean the rabbits and chickens are feed, the garden is watered, and I shot the TV 4 years ago HAHAHA
Just wait till ya see whats coming up soon, you’ll LOVE it.

So let me first say I very much do think the DNC is trying to hurt this country. I also think the RNc is though. My personal opinion is the problem is they no longer work for the American people and instead serve their own self interest.

I’m not sure how old you are but I am assuming you have lived through several presidents. The people have been saying this same thing for years and it never happens. Don’t you think if the big democratic coup was going to happen, it would have happened during the 8 years Obama was in office? Likewise if trump were some crazy man, I think he would have shown his true colors by now. Instead I think they have us mad at each other while they are all getting richer. It’s why I swing independent. Why did we start arguing over which politician is worse or better instead of arguing over what’s better for America?

Now that being said, I think our 2A right is under attack. I think it’s been for a while even before trump. I always stay vigilant but personally I believe as long as we have 2A, it helps prevent us from losing our 1A.

In the words of George Carlin: It’s a big damn club, and YOU ain’t in it!

Shot the TV 4 years ago.

So you are saying you have not stayed current on The Price is Right episodes?
Ohhhh, the humanity


NRP: Only four years ago? 0_o


And in your on-line neighborhood, you might look for these signs:

Lack of toilet awareness
Multiple IP addresses
Forced familiarity and recruiting
Talks to themselves….and answers

Yes I do talk to myself, and answer.
But what really is concerning is when I get into an argument with myself AND LOSE the argument LOLOLOL


What do you mean keep going on?

No need to be rude friend. I have a wand but wanted to be clear for others. I think you misunderstood my response though. I wasn’t personally telling you to get a bidet and water system. I’m well aware many here probably have a rain water collector. I was just making a general answer to your general question which you openly asked here. No need to get so easily offended.

Tulsaman …and numerous other call names

So what is your ‘beef’, dude?
I’ve read your comments insulting/insinuating.

So is that your calling?

To be like a second grader, running to the teacher, pointing fingers, saying they said this, they did that.
Grow up, get a life, face reality ….
And yep, it SUCKS
but we all have to face it…at one time or another….now is your chance.
Debate from both sides is good, stupidity is intolerable

I’ve bit my tongue offf. I have nothing further to say)

The Internet Arguing Checklist:

Remember that each of these has sub-categories.

Skim until Offended
Disqualify the Opinion
Attack, Attack, Attack
Disregard Inconvenient facts
Make Shit Up
Resort to Moral Equivalency
Concern Trolling (This is where we are)
When all else fails, Racism!

“You don’t defend your beliefs in the hopes of convincing the willfully ignorant. That’s a lost cause. The willfully ignorant aren’t to be convinced, they are to be mocked. Their flaws are to be pointed out until everyone around them realizes how full of crap they are. Remember that argument is theater, and your performance isn’t aimed at your opponent, but rather at the audience.” Larry Correia


Why would you attack people? That’s not how you get people to view your side. Calling me a troll does not a troll make.

I’m not attacking people. I called Ken out on something but there is a huge difference.


I changed my name because Ken was blocking it. He seems to have changed his mind? But I am keeping this tag.

My beef is in the deep freeze in the basement. No beef here though. Just a fellow prepper who leans independent. Do you all not like independents here?

Personal attacking me doesn’t help your points at all. I have not personally attacked anyone so maybe you all could show me some respect? I have called out actions of Ken and that’s it. Feel free to counter my points though. I actually have much more in common with you all than differences. So I guess my end game is to you show you their all preppers of all kind.

Hope this post isnt too far of topic. But since we are discussing ways to identify possible threats in your area. I would like to mention that there are several sources online to help you avoid possible issues and also identify threats.

Without going into too much detail. Most all these groups have social media accounts that are usually open to view even if you dont have a account. These groups are in every state and maybe every county/city. All good Intel available to you free of charge. More research you do more intel. FB and twitter are the big ones, take note in those pages who that group is following and you have more intel. Most times no account needed to view.

Also there is a site called antifawatch. You can do a search for your state that shows those affiliated and arrested. With face pics. More intel.

Bottom line is these groups use social media to promote their protests,etc and can be a good tool to help you possibly avoid a threat or sticky situation. I check them daily to alert my family and friends.


I agree it’s important to be aware. I have always been politically active and have friends from the other side who are just as active. Hopefully you know your neighbors well enough to know whom would be a potential direct threat to you or your property as opposed to being an indirect threat because of the officials or policies they support.

I didn’t campaign at all in 2016 and it made me bitter and miserable. I decided not to hide this year. Congressman sign is up and I ordered a Trump sign. We fly the American flag on our flag pole except on game days when the team flags are up.

Don’t do bumper stickers. I figure my Packers trailer hitch in Vikings and Chiefs country is risky enough. But I am getting a Space Force sticker.

I am relocating in the next year to a rural area where I hopefully won’t have as many worries about opinionated neighbors.

Heading through western Wisconsin this weekend. I count the presidential signs. They’ve been pretty accurate with the candidate with the most signs winning the state. I am worried about the tally this year.

Excellent post, Thank you.

Social media has been enlightening. It’s frightening how many people are advocating for the elimination of the electoral college. They are literally voting to make sure their vote does not matter!

Farmgirl, Thank’s for the heads up about the resident troll…

Reminded me to go vote! 🙂

Thank you Lauren. You are one of only 13 or 14 who vote regularly. Hundreds of people use this site, but most don’t vote for Top Prepper.

Ken – Thank you for all your work. This is a great site and I love all the various lines of conversation. Maybe one thing we should all think about is getting to know our neighbors better and especially if you are in an urban or city environment. Since many of us are working from home or working less, there is more opportunity to do so. It also doesn’t seem as forced these days.

Did anyone see the video of the Trump sign thief? He got a real buzz!!

Ken, I just want to say thank you sir, this blog is truly a lifeline ! I’m a few weeks old to commenting but, have read for years. Honestly, I don’t know what actually led to my commenting at all other than I’m in shock of everything that is happening around us at the moment. I’m seeing and hearing things I never thought would happen in my lifetime. Quite honestly it scares me. But I want you, and all the folks on here to realize that your advice & knowledge is priceless to some of us. As for me, I’ve learned a lot but I know I have a lot more to learn. Thank you

I believe Ken is taking a short break, but he will see your post, guaranteed.
But I will add, thank you for commenting as you did, it means a lot to all of here to know someone was helped, even if a little, or maybe to help fire up the old synapses (I think that means Brain HAHAHAH)
Thanks again for the positive comment.

NRP & Blue , thank you again. As I said I have learned things I wouldn’t have otherwise but through this site.. That being said , still have lots more to learn. Y’all just keep that good advice & suggestions comin’ .

Please note there a LOT of very intelligent and well seasoned people that hang around here, we love to hear from most anyone that has an honest question about most any Preparing subject. And yes TP is a serious Prepper Subject HAHAHA.

Sometimes your question may get lost in the hundreds of comments, if you don’t get an answer within a reasonable amount of time, do not feel bad about asking again. Sometime us old folks here are a little slow, so be patient please.

Blue wants to point out, “yes there are intelligent people here, BUT watch out for that crazy OLD FART NRP, he’s got a strange sense of humor at times and may kinda lead you on a little, but all in all he’s got a good stash of Dog Food for me, so I’m not complaining”.

SEE!!!! there ya go, I have to even put up with a Cantankerous Knot-Head Dog,,, sheeeeesh

NRP & Blue , no worries I am a very patient person & I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions ! And yes, so I hear you are the king of tp around here!! Lol 600 + rolls by now I’m assuming?

I have always enjoyed NRPs humor personally. Reminds me of my dad quite a bit. I do t find it weird!

I’m late to the party, but I’ll still throw my 2c in. In suburbia, I see mostly mostly liberal voters, I rarely see signs (or bumper stickers or hats/shirts) for Republican, Conservative or Libertarian candidates. Sadly, my congressional district was one that swung from R to D in the last election. This time 4 years ago I was surrounded by people proudly proclaiming: “I’m with her” (which brought on an automatic gag reflex with me). I got to where I was actually complimenting the few people who had MAGA signs or gear… I wanted them to know someone else was in their corner.

I have no political signage or gear, I have no desire to attract that kind of attention to my home or vehicle. I know I am in the minority in my area when it comes to politics and beliefs… I live in predominantly enemy territory.

However, when at the not-suburbia location (BOL) the stars and stripes are proudly flown – as is the case with MANY people in that area. Up there, I am in the majority and that is where I actually feel much more at home… lots of like-minded folks who I consider allies up there.

So Cal Gal

I agree, it is such a relief to find people of like-mind, and to be able to speak freely. So glad you have that in at least part of your life!

Thanks, Farmgirl. Although still in CA, there is real value in having a place inside a community totally different from suburbia. Like another world.

When I see a Democrat sign and two foreign shitboxes parked out front I see a nonthreat…. and a fool who is easily parted with his money.

When I see a Republican sign and two foreign cars parked outside their two car garage I see a nonthreat… And another fool that doesn’t care about Americans having jobs and is likely only in it for the bibles, abortions, and all the NIMBYing they can get.

It’s the one of no apparent denomination or political affiliation you have to worry about. They are the Rooftop Koreans of the 2020s. Be aware of them. They are smart enough to not be dumb enough to advertise. They are the silent and effective majority. Do not give them a reason to act.

So heres the thing Pinky
Most cars, ToYotA and NiSSan HoNda, are all assembled in the USA, parts are world wide, but assembly is mostly in the USA.
Ford, GM and Chrysler on the other hand, not so much.
My F350 is assembled in the US but many of yhe passenger cars are assembled in South America or Mexico, not all but a lot of them.

Those assembly jobs are a tiny piece of it. They have very few white collar workers here and they pay less than the domestics and Europeans. HATCI pays so little no one stays except the foreigners.

The Germans, especially the ones from Stuttgart, even don’t like them.

The reason they are assembled here is to get around tariffs.

Jobs get moved around because people are expensive. So if you don’t want to pay for your fellow Americans to have a living wage… What are we?

Pinky –

Yeah. About those tariffs. This is without a doubt the greatest fleecing of the American public in the history of our nation. And our people demanded it. God have mercy on us. Doesn’t anyone realize any more that market forces… DO work?

Economics are difficult for most people to understand. That’s why so many businesses have failed… They didn’t have enough float. The same comes for the individuals that run out of Trumpbucks this month.

Getting paid $600 a week on top of your state’s unemployment benefits is about as liberal as you can get. Throw a $1200+ bonus on top of it… And reduce it based on income… Sounds like a socialist movement to me.

In reality it is a tariff on our future. Most don’t know it yet.

I live in a red state so of course the flags are a flyin’ & proud of it! I live in the country but yesterday I had to drive in town through a neighborhood & I was stunned, I’ve never seen so many flags flying. On house had it entire lawn outlined in small flags & 1 huge one proudly flying! A lot of people wearing their flag shirts & hats.

This new civil war seems to be basically comprised of City Folk, VS, Everyone Else, due to the political density of Cultural Marxist idiots in the population centers.

So, best place oneself in the defensible suburbs and in the non-urban countryside, where your chances are better.

Be sure to remove all traitors from your family and keep the doors locked to them.

Id rather be on a hill

I’ll be voting Democrat for the first time ever (I’ll be 58 years old).

So are all the dead.

Completed our drive up western Wisconsin. Fewer signs and billboards. Final count Trump 8 Biden 0. Couldn’t believe it. There’s no open Biden support in this rural area. Last 2 elections the difference was minimal but the candidate with the most ended up winning the state.


Most of the rural folks I know are Trump supporters. Not every one, but definitely the majority. I believe it’s the rural vs. big city demographic in Wisconsin that makes us such a swing state. We’re purple, slipping into blue as the cities and universities grow, and out-of-state big city people buy rural retreats and influence even the surrounding rural areas. It doesn’t help that a lot of our farmers are struggling. When they go, their vote goes with them.

I hope your observations about the signs bear out. In the larger town near me, there aren’t many Biden signs at all, but there are quite a few BLM signs.

Ken is right. Anyone who wants me in jail, silenced or economically disempowered because I support free speech, gun rights, racial realism, Christianity, traditional family values, less bureaucracy, and individual freedom is a threat. We need to stop pretending that just because people are nice that they are not a threat. Most people are nice. They hide behind it. These are the people who want your kids brainwashed with liberal propaganda in schools. These are the people that consider it a mental disease when you think different than them and don’t bow down to the non white worship. Either it is us or them. I choose us. Stop exposing your kids to liberal friends. Stop spending your time and money benefiting liberals. If you own a small business, don’t hire them.

John Ulrich –

Your line, “don’t hire them”, reminded me that I read the new head of news at NBC-Universal plans to hire 50% women and 50% people of color. So the liberals are clearly articulating that is how they intend to proceed, by canceling out any white male. We can follow suit as you say and not hire them since clearly it is neither racist or sexist to deny them jobs, due to the fact that the precedent has been set by the liberals themselves to place gender and race as ample qualification.

Most liberals want what they think is best for their country. They are not evil. Maybe being emotionally manipulated. To classify them as enemies leads away from the light, towards the darkness.
Time is getting tight. Will we have love in our heart when the end comes?
Or will we succumb to the illusion, and have to repeat the lesson?

Maybe this discussion should be not about how most people are nice or just thoughtless herd followers. Or just unrealistic utopians. Maybe we should focus on when they do cross the line to evil. Is it when they actively support depriving you of your life or liberty? Or if they sit passively aside and don’t speak out when it happens to you? Or others like you?

In either case, how do you prevent nice, shallow or unrealistic neighbors from crossing the line?

We have to challenge them to think, to shake them from the convenience of living life with blinders on, to set the scene for them to have no excuse of “I didn’t know ” or “I didn’t think.”

The liberals I know make statements like “Facts don’t matter. Stick to the talking points.” They argue that THEIR way of thinking is perfectly fine and worthy of protection, while mine is meaningless twaddle with no thought behind it. Only true and correct speech is protected. THEY have every right to defend themselves against the raging right-wing haters, but totally support taking guns away from anyone who disagrees with them. They make statements about taking guns away from white men because “White men are all the mass shooters,” but don’t like it when I point out that they’re also all liberal.

I am evil if I talk about defending myself. They’ll go out and buy another gun so the evil right-wing can’t hurt their families.

I think that’s close enough. Maybe not evil, but one set of rules for them and an entirely different set for me tells me they don’t care about truth, honesty, morality, or freedom.

Another “sign” to find out the political leanings of those whom you may know or be acquainted with is by what they post on social media. If you happen to have facebook and observe what they post, these people just LOVE to post their politics online. It doesn’t take long to figure out “who’s who” out there when you look for it. (just another tip related to this article)

I have gangs,homeless,mentally ill,druggies and skinheads in my area.As much as I love my flag,and fly it in normal times,these arent normal times.Staying gray man right now is prudent.Triggering fools is not wise,its bad planning.Sometimes its best just to keep your mouth shut.Stay vigilant.