Signs That Reveal Who Your Political Enemies Are In Your Neighborhood

Today’s “new left”. In my opinion they are absolutely the enemy within (one of them).

The “new left” seeks to destroy America as it was. Their true colors are bold and in-your-face. Their militant “brownshirts” are violent. The propaganda wing is powerful. Their globalist backed leadership is entwined with Marxist ideals.

This is not the left of yesteryear. No. They are a clear and present danger to the core, in my view. Everything, and I mean everything they say and do is counter to traditional America. They are in the process of ripping it to shreds.

With that said (which I’m sure you already know – unless you’re one of them), I captured a comment here on the blog awhile ago which reads as follows:

This is an election year so pay close attention to which political signs are in front of which houses.

This will give you an idea of how many enemies you have in your vicinity.

And for those that don’t see their neighbors as enemies, just remember, if they are supporting a Democratic Presidential candidate then they are supporting taking away your Constitutional rights by their vote.

My friends don’t vote democrat, only my enemies.

Those who put out political signs are extra-passionate about it. So when you begin to see leftist candidate signs popping up around your neighborhood, your town – you will know who your enemies are. Sooner or later, it might matter.

It’s different this time.

Make a note of it.