Starve The Beast

Guest article by contributor, “Lauren”, “How To Starve The Beast”

We’ve been seeing a lot of comments about “starving the Beast”, but like the four levels of preparedness it means something different to everyone.

For one it might simply mean cutting back and not buying as much, while for another it might mean a full disconnect from the “beast’s” world.

Some “starve the beast” by pulling out of business and letting productive land lie fallow. Others might put that same land into higher production but sell direct to consumers rather than dealing through the grocery system.

There are a million and one ways to starve the beast, and I can’t honestly say that any one of them are wrong.

The first question asked must be, what do you see as the beast?

The second question, how do you starve it?

Political – Economic – Social

To me the beast is any system that feeds itself first. The political beast is all about power, maintaining that power in any way necessary. The economic beast needs all products (and thus the people who use them) to be under its control. The social beast must have all people enslaved, to the point where “wrongthink” is literally impossible.

The beast will always feed itself first.

It is the ultimate in selfishness, needing to own everything, and to destroy what it cannot control.

Therefore, the political beast will destroy anyone who doesn’t feed it, put them in jail or blackmail them into compliance.

The economic beast will raise taxes and increase bureaucracy to the point where small businesses literally cannot exist, then blame those same businesses for the lack of product on the shelves.

The social beast…well, we’ve all seen what the social beast does, from cancel culture to “lists” of anyone who will not comply. The social beast does not hesitate to destroy lives in the name of the “greater good,” and lies without concern as long as it serves the cause.

Starving the beast is as individual as the people who see it for what it is, and utterly necessary.

How To Starve The Beast

Existing list of ideas:

  • No TV or other media (including sports)
  • Only the most absolutely critical spending
  • Barter
  • Use neighbors and friends for structural work
  • “NO BUY/LOW BUY.” Buy used, garage sales, free cycle, etc.
  • Passive cooking (solar cooker or equivalent)
  • Passive heating.
  • A solar water heater can be created which feeds already hot water into the water heater on warm days, then the water heater doesn’t have to work as hard and use as much gas. Same for radiant heating.
  • Use the heat in your attic.
  • Passive cooling, pulling cool air from an underground cellar or equivalent and pulling it out through the roof vents.
  • Insulate, insulate, insulate.
  • Rocket mass heaters for any outbuildings.
  • Learn dry gardening no matter where you are. Learn to use the water you get.
  • Solar hydronic panels.
  • Methane and biofuel
  • Hydroponics
  • Season extensions for your garden. 
  • Mulch rather than throw away leaves and other waste
  • Collect your own seeds
  • Re-root greens
  • Learn to do your own repairs (vehicles, lawnmowers, home)
  • Reuse/reduce/recycle
  • Make new things out of ragged clothes (quilts, smaller clothes)
  • Book called “Possum Living”
  • Cut your own hair
  • Make gifts rather than buying them
  • Sell unwanted items
  • Learn a new hobby or skill
  • Use independent stores. Stay out of corporate stores and chain stores
  • Shop with cash rather than credit
  • Make your own home products: Cleaners, laundry soap, lotions, etc.
  • Beekeeping

Please remember that this is neither an exhaustive list nor a list of commandments—take it or not, apply those the fit, and leave the rest.

I would like to know your ideas how to starve the beast.

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Good article. Gets you thinking…
The Beast, if you will, has become a multiheaded global monster. Gargantuan.

I look at it as a political/social parasitical behemoth. We all are its hosts.

It appears that the Beast is now sucking more blood from all of us than it should (which would otherwise prohibit most people from noticing too much).

As a result, many have awakened and are seeing the monster for the first time. It’s ugly. It’s insatiably hungry. And it’s coming for all of us. It doesn’t care.

The way I see it, we’re inevitably headed towards some form of another “Great Depression”. Many, and I mean many people right here in the U.S. and around the world are going hungry. Right now. Have you seen the food lines? Miles of cars waiting to get free food? (The mainstream won’t show you this)

It’s just the beginning of the crash. The rich elites will be fine. They’re fat. Many of them work for the Beast. They’ve got their nests feathered quite nicely.

The (former) middle class however? They’re rapidly becoming the poorer class. How many small-medium businesses are gone forever these days? LOTS! There is an increasing huge economic divide. Thanks to the Beast.

How do we starve the Beast? Well, I would suggest that we strive to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient to the extent possible. A byproduct of that will help starve the beast. Though it won’t care. But it will help YOU.

Prepare for the Greater Depression era when there will essentially be two classes. The rich. The poor. That’s where we seem to be headed…

In every downturn-economic crisis there is opportunity. You have to look out six months and see the positive things or needs that need to be filled. Yes the Biden/Harris administration will cause problems with immigration, gun control, green deal and other areas.

But people still need to work and survive. You will not stop the Walmarts of the world, find ways to “work” the system. I will always continue to prep and be prepared, but will always look at the cup half full approach. JUST MY 2 CENTS

Is it escalation, to refuse to pay their game?

I have withdrawn from society as much as I can doing most of the above. The only expenditures are food right now. Even there I have made some changes. I had three pepper plants in a bucket outside. When the weather turned cold, I brought it in. I have finally had success in keeping them alive. They are doing so well that now I have about 7 or 8 peppers with another 25 to 30 blossoms. As things break, I no longer replace them, I simply do without. One exception was a new vacuum as sweeping the carpets was very labor intensive.

Peanut: What kind of flooring is under the carpeting? Someday when the carpet is worn out, you could consider not replacing that either – that will eliminate the need for a vacuum, power for the vacuum, future repairs/replacement of the vacuum, and the vacuum takes up space that two stacked 6-gallon buckets-o-provisions could be stored.

It’s just plywood. When it comes time to replace the carpets, I am considering some sort of laminate. As it is, two carpets already have holes worn into them making them almost dangerous. So I will have to do something.

Peanut if the plywood is a good smooth grade I’ve done two coats good quality latex paint. I prefer to paint one layer, give it two days to dry then do the second layer. If your clever enough you can paint it as artistic as you wish or checkerboard like tiles or…

Easy to keep clean, easy to repaint as needed. Some have done it with the more expensive epoxy based garage type paints but latex is good stuff as long as you give it plenty of time to properly dry. Otherwise the surface is dry but the first layer is rubbery and…

A good friend of mine is in a wheelchair–when she bought her house she deliberately pulled up all the carpet and painted the floor. No need for anything else, and as she says she’s not planning to entertain.

For some reason your comment really made me smile…
Please tell your “good friend” this old fart agrees.
I’m, probably like her, am to old and set in my ways for the “glamorous” stuff anymore, give me comfort and let me relax for a change. The heck with impressing someone who probably don’t give a dang anyways.
Good for her 👍👍👍

I guess it depends on your definitions. She landed in a wheelchair two years ago, she’s in her early thirties. It’s hard to push a wheelchair through carpet.

I did this a number of years ago… If you have a bank account with one of the Too-Big-To-Fail banks, CLOSE IT.

Instead, do two things:

Open an account with a small local bank.
Open an account with a credit union.

We only use the banking system as a place for our retirement checks to be deposited and then it is withdrawn ASAP except for the amount needed to cover
the monthly bills.
Recently banks are making it more difficult to access your money.Then there is the Dodd-Frank Act which allows banks to use your money to stay afloat and give you an I.O.U.
Hacking and cyber attacks on the banking and financial systems are becoming
more frequent and sophisticated.Most banks have no back up power source in
the event of a long term outage.
With the reset that is coming any monetary instrument that is held within the banking system will be at risk.Cash will no longer be king.Tangible assets such as precious metals that are held outside of any system of record will be safe from the prying eyes and sticky fingers of government.
I suppose that I sound like a worry wort. That is because I am.

I changed to a local credit union 2-3 years ago and was very happy with it until about last spring about the time covid hit. They did an upgrade to a digital format. Probably all banks have done this and so may not be by choice. However, have had multiple problems with online banks features that quit working for days or weeks and the bank can’t fix as it is a 3rd party issue. ack!! They turn in a trouble ticket and you can wait for a couple weeks. In the mean time your stuck.

Time to find another credit union or small bank that you interview. Request the type of operation systems they have in their bank. Explain your other bank XYZ, is continually having issues with their soft ware which leaves you basically in the dark. You are tired of not having access to your money.
Other option, take it out of the bank except what you require for bills. Invest in tangibles or pm’s your choice.

I might have to do that. This time I sent a letter to the pres. of the credit union. It is supposed to be fixed (this time) tomorrow but ‘bill pay’ has been stuck for almost 2 weeks.

I happen to agree with ya Ken.

Keep a local bank, yes they are all tied together, but at least “some” of the cash is staying local.

I also agree with Ron, do NOT keep a ton of money in the banking systems.Pay with Cash when you can, and refuse a recipe from the “Locals” Tis up to them if they want to record the sale or not.

I total believe a Banking Crash aka Depression-2.0 is coming, take a look at the photos from days past, people in long lines to get their money out of a bank. Sort of like the Grocery stores right now in some states.

Ok so let me ask a question. Everyone says don’t keep any more money in a bank then needed to pay the bills. SO WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR MONEY? I guess this would work if you had no savings ,no retirement ect but if you do do you just keep 10s or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a safe at home? And yeah I know buy land , food , ect but what do you do with a couple of hundred thousand in food? If you own a lot of land you are paying tax’s on it or feeding the beast right? At some point if you are successful you are going to accumulate more money than you need for day to day survival

poorman I’m not a qualified financial adviser but I am a avid historian and history has a habit of repeating.

Of what value was a million dollars Confederate as the Civil War rolled onward? How about after the war was “Won” by the Union?

What would a smart Southerner put that money to use instead of letting it rot away in a Bank or a Home Safe?

A more recent history thought. In 1994 Mexico had a serious currency crisis. They had to revalue the peso against the US Dollar by 15% at first, later even more.

In America we hold our accounts in US Dollars, a lot of overseas folks hold local currency AND the US Dollar accounts.

What wasn’t so common knowledge was they had a Bank Holiday and Mexicans that Held DOLLARS in Mexican Accounts had them exchanged into Peso’s at the Governments Rate of Exchange. I understand it was QUITE the Haircut.

The Government’s #1 Rule is Protect it’s self. In a US Currency Crisis (AND IT’S A Coming) any electronic digit moneys will become frozen as the Government figures out how to Protect It’s Self.

Why do you THINK President Roosevelt stole Gold From the American Citizens and gave THEM a 20.67 an ounce gold divided by the now 35.00 an ounce gold = almost a 40% hair cut as Families used to store their family wealth in Gold Eagles.

A Wealthy family survives a second Great Depression with Faith, Love, Good Health, A secure Shelter over their head, enough food and maybe the ability to help others.

Poorman, as to your question of what to do with retirement savings. If everything goes bust like the Great Depression, then your money in banks, mutual funds, etc. won’t be worth anything. However, if things don’t go that way, your money will continue to make more money to help you retire. I think you have to diversify. Some of your money should be in your home/land, precious metals, beans, bullets, and band-aids. Some of it should be in your retirement accounts. We know that everything is going to go bust one of these days; it looks like it will be soon. In the 1970s, it looked like it would be soon. In the 1980s, it looked like it would be soon. In 1999, it looked like it would be soon. In 2008, it looked like it would be soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can’t tell you when it will happen. What I would hate, though, is that you take everything out, store it in a safe, and then not have the markets collapse; worse, have your safe broken into or destroyed by fire so that you truly have none of it left. (From what you wrote, I don’t think you were truly contemplating this, merely making a point, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents–or is it worth two dollars now?)

I agree, Ken.

The 7 headed beast will rule for 40 and 2 months:

There is a fine line between starving the beast and starving yourself of happiness. I believe in being as self-reliant as possible and enjoy the benefits of this mindset. But keep in mind we only get one life and it goes by way too soon. Balance and moderation of modern conveniences while retaining and applying traditional knowledge/skills go a long way to improving the overall quality of life.


Romeo Charlie: True. Everyone has their own set-point of what is “suffering” and what is pure joy when it comes to modern conveniences. I’m currently in a studio apartment and I don’t have my own yard anymore. I used to LOVE doing my laundry on my washboard in my yard and hanging it on the clothesline, then sitting and watching it sway in the breeze. I was so happy being outside, hearing the breeze, the birds, watching the clothes sway, etc. Now I have to wash my clothes on the washboard inside the apartment and put them on a drying rack. I do it, but it doesn’t bring joy. During winter when I still had my yard, I could at least use the washboard inside and “freeze dry” the clothes on the line outside for awhile before bringing them in to finish drying on the inside clothesline, but now I can’t even do that. So it’s not a washing machine that I crave, it’s the experience of doing the laundry outside.

My point exactly. Sometimes we have little choice in our situations but retaining the knowledge and ability to perform tasks with minimal machinery will be a huge advantage in the future.

How many people realize you can wash and dry clothes without a machine. We use our washer and dryer but I have two packages of clothespins, clothes line, a washtub and board if needed.

Every home needs a garden, some chickens and a clothes line. It really is the best it can be.

I too use an inside drying rack in winter months. It’s just not the same nor does it smell as good as what comes in off the “wash line”.

grandee: I live in Milwaukee in one of those “woke” neighborhoods where people repurpose, buy washable reusable lunch bags, carry their own washable straws to restaurants, etc. When Spring arrives, I’m thinking of washboarding my clothes at my apartment, then tossing them in my wagon and walking over to one of the parks and stringing a line between two trees 🙂 Maybe nobody will care because I’m “being green” and all. At least I’m hoping.

Nothing too weird about that, unless parks don’t allow that…but you can set up drying in your apartment with cord or an old drying rack from the old days. The smell can be added with burning incense or heated oil scents at the time of drying. I did this with my wood stove drying my clothes for many years to save on electricity so I could pay off my debts and buy food storage.

One doesn’t have to follow “Woke” things… frugality has been commonly used everywhere when in a financial crunch or survival purposes for centuries. When it is used for political purposes, it shouldn’t be forced on anyone and let it be a choice.

Stardust: I just miss hanging laundry outside so much. I already use an indoor rack and could hang a clothesline, but I miss the whole outside experience of it.

Romeo Charlie:
Well said, for myself, I 1000% love living a lifestyle that is conducive to “Starving the Beast”.
Someone mentioned taking garbage to the Dump, and returning with more “Fun Stuff” than you got rid of….. Yes Sir, that’s me.. HAHAHAHA

not the dump for you…the LAKE

The last paragraph is a very good description of the beast .

So true Ken, use it while you got it, just know how to do without if you lose it

Good article, Lauren.
We do alot of what you have suggested….room for more self sufficiency, tho.

I buy alot of my work jeans from Goodwill. I’m still wearing my boy’s high school tshirts. Over 10 yrs, but still in good condition.

When purchasing a vehicle, buy used, preferably from an individual, not a dealership.
No sales/state taxes, on top of the over-exaggerated prices.

Joe c, Goodwill?….Goodwill ! If THAT isn’t a major corp. I don’t know what is.

Goodwill is a tax exempt corp. THAT makes money hand over fist on the backs of people who are desperate! The CEO gets a 10 figure salary!
Not to mention all of the products that they sell are DONATED, which means they get it for FREE!

I need to stop now before I go into a rant.

Oops, my bad.
I guess I should by a $50+ pair of Levi’s, in which none are made in the US 99% are made elsewhere, and who’s CEO plans on contributing a million to Bloomburgs anti gun fund Everytown for Gun Safety

Joe c,
Yes , Levi Strauss is anti 2nd Amendment.

Bluesman well, you want to starve the beast? Maybe you should start right there, with Goodwill.

The ceo of goodwill does make a 7 figure salary–choose Salvation Army. The ceo makes a few thousand.

Yup, tag sales are better.

….and to also reply….BJ22

Goodwill is different from any other corporate, how?

2.3 mil is not a 10 figure salary.

Think about it.

And any down votes ain’t mine

In our state, if you buy from an individual and you go to register the vehicle, they charge you the taxes at the DMV. This is why I still drive a 17 year old car. They tax you on the car yearly as well. The newer the car, the higher the tax.


Is it the registration or the title transfer you paid taxes on?

Someone looked at a $6500 vehicle from an individual. Bought it for $6000. Selling price on title $2500, filled out by…. state taxes paid on $2500 not $6000.

Yes, there is still a yearly added tax to the registration.

14 yr old and 22 yr old vehicle myself.

-yearly added *state* tax, toward registrations-

Someone I know tried showing a receipt for a much lower price than they paid, but the DMV went by the blue book value to access the tax. I guess some states do things differently.

Well, that’s a rip. So your screwed

You pay what is assumed, not out of pocket?

I want to purchase that there swamp land.

Well, the going rate for (farm) land is….x, and as they chuckle, driving all property values up.

I’m purchasing useless land, why am I paying the same tax price as useable land?


And I buy $5 jeans at goodwill.

So Joe c what you are saying is to falsify a state document. Not saying it isn’t done all the time but what you are suggesting IS against the law.

It’s sorta like not reporting capital gains to the IrS.
That profit made selling .22lr on Ebay. Selling that comic book or baseball card collection.

Made a profit, did you report it?
If not, shame, shame.
The tax man wants to know and wants their cut.

My EDD is a 1974 Ford Bronco I bought 25 years ago for $2500. I’ve been chasing an oil leak (replaced oil filter, oil pressure gauge line and oil pan gasket) so today I pulled the drivers side head to replace the head gasket and hopefully that’ll fix it. I like having a vehicle that’s paid for, I can tear apart and put back together, no computer and if the SHTF it will still be rolling.

Yep, still wish I had my 83 4x.
Bad mpg, but easy to work on. Computer distributor crap pulled.
No car ramps needed just to change the oil.
Body looked like swiss cheese.

Like Lauren said, learn and do your own mechanics. I could have spent $2 g’s on changing my car engine, but the boy and I did it.
Took over 4-6 weeks, but…. backyard mechanics

Romeo Charlie,
Cool. For me, it’s a 1975 jeep cj5.

You’re gonna “love” this. Milwaukee County has a $30 wheel tax and the City of Milwaukee adds $20 through its vehicle registration fee. So those living inside the City of Milwaukee get dinged TWICE on wheel tax – once for the county and again for the city.

That’s every year on top of all the usual vehicle fees/taxes.

In NY state, if you use that vehicle for farm purposes, it is not taxable at the point of purchase for you. Saves a lot of money if you seriously farm.

The one very good up side of starving the beast now by doing as many of these things, it will be easier to get along when everything comes unglued and a depression hits.

You got it. Experience is the best teacher, so if i have to go back to 100% eating from the wild, cutting and splitting firewood, heating with my wood stove and cooking, heating bath water, and drying clothes, cutting power use, and making everything again like I did during the great recession, It can be done again.

Yes. Great list. Great article. We can ALL do SOMETHING.

I noticed something… It’s a triune beast.

We have a triune God who will beat that beast !!!

Well I do 13 of the items you list already. But I’ll be darned if I hold a glass to my dogs stinky asses to gather methane biofuels.

Rubber diaper with a hose! Mount containment unit on his back,,,, maybe adapt one for your own use too,,,,
funny stuff

What, for little old me? My farts don’t stink!. 🙂

Ok you got me into a full on belly laugh at that one……
I can just envision when CA was shutting down the Cattle industry because of the Methane. Some actually suggested exactly when you said….. OMG ya gata love it!!!!

come on stardust, go all in on it, lol 😂, just kidding, I wouldn’t do it either. You just made my day

Horde cash? Pay cash for everything possible, that way your money stays out of the greedy banks and away from leech-like credit card companies….🤔

I Highly Recommend The Following:

STOP USING G O O G L E as your search engine!
Use DuckDuckGo!

STOP USING G M A I L as your free email provider!
Use (free and PRIVATE & ENCRYPTED)

Start using Rumble instead of Y O U T U B E when possible.

Use Parler or GAB instead of T W I T T E R & F A C E B O O K

I recently signed up on Parler (a twitter equivalent) in order to put out my opinions and/or link relevant content.
>> Kjorgustin

WeaselZippers had an article yesterday stating that YouTube is going to start deleting videos questioning election results, and, after the inauguration (of Biden), banning people for making them. I’m expecting some of my favorites to be banned, and am switching to watching them on Bitchute or Patreon.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll start with email.

Don’t forget your recommendation of SignalApp. I had been putting that one off for a while, but when I recently returned to my current field of work, it was required by my employers. And they understand security at the absolute highest level. It can be a little slow but it’s a fair trade off for the the security of encryption.

This may not be the best thread to post this on…but will anyhow……….

There is an article this morning on American Thinker-“Trump:….you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple days”……….

Ask yourself……..why would, after the election, during the period of contesting the election, would the following take place? Some of these events are mentioned in the article, some I’ve added on my own………

Trump shook up top leadership at the Pentagon, Bob Barr changed Durham’s status to “Special Prosecutor”, it’s released that Hunter Biden’s dealings with China has been under investigation for two years, the FBI is now admitting that they’ve had Seth Rich’s laptop and thousands of pages of documents in their possession for four years, the announcement that Eric Swalwell and several other lower level democrats had been compromised by a Chinese femme fatale spy………

Why are we finding this out now? Why is every conspiracy theorist’s wet dreams suddenly be made to look not only plausible, but likely to be proven correct?

Could it be that the stage is being set for huge releases of evidence and indictments….just as SCOTUS is agonizing over involving the court in overturning an election? One would have to wonder why the FBI has suddenly released all this damning information that they struggled so long to keep hidden……unless there are folks who are trying to save their own butts……….

Stay tuned…the best may be yet to come…………….

Dennis, excellent post, and maybe lots more to come

Im just hoping that the turncoat J Roberts remembers what the constitution is,,,,
we already know the dems in SCOTUS do not.
And with all the evidence, if they turn against free and fair LAWFUL elections i hope DJT invokes the insurrection act and stomps on all of them, its time, its long long past the time…

have a good day all,



Yes. they are trying to save their own butts. Safe to come out now after the election and saying “we made some mistakes and we admit it” But, under it all is their hidden meaning “we won, you lost, so screw you”

No one will ever be held accountable until the citizens clean house. The one way each of can start this process is, as Lauren has suggested – starve the beast.

Another tidbit……………………………….

” Ric Grenell BOMBSHELL JUST NOW: The Biden story is the tip of the iceberg. Without giving away too much intelligence, I can tell you a lot of other people in Government are under China’s influence— Mayors, Governors. It will all be coming out. We’ve had briefings on this.”

I’ve no doubt that Oregon Gov Brown is the thick of it.

I can only hope that it SHOCKS THE WORLD!
Time to bring down the cabal!
(to the extent possible)


Reporting that Swalwell was targeted while a city council person in California by Chicom spy girl, who helped get him elected to U.S. House…..him and several other up-and-coming dem politicians…..seems their scheme has been to select, groom, and facilitate their (the targeted politicians) rise inside American positions of power, then exercise total control over their actions once they are elected. Interesting that Swalwell was appointed to the Intelligence Committee… convenient….or so ordered?

What i wouldnt give to have a couple rounds with that jerk in an MMA ring,,,,

He has apparently been removed from the Intelligence committee position. Hopefully his removal from Congress follows.

In the history of the HoR only 20 members have been expelled with 17 of those cases related to support of the CSA in 1861. So I expect that won’t happen especially since the House is in D hands right now.

I don’t know California laws on recall of Federal office holders whether they can recall him or not.


My guess is they’re trying to prove that the recently released information is just hot air. Since they had it, and investigated, and nothing came of it, nothing to see here. It was “obviously” released by people who just wanted to smear Biden.

Lauren – Let’s try to avoid using ‘Biden’ and ‘smear’ in the same sentence please. It’s disquieting, not sure why. Depends. ….. ………..

Is that something like using “depends” and “Biden” in the same sentence? Or is it related to the “sniffing” part of the equation?

Cap D. Trademark, Kimberley-Clark Co. And the circle is complete.

Man on foot, “Our nation needs to pull together right now” good luck with that!! After the last four years of liberal temper tantrums I don’t “FEEL” like I can turn the other check or, even “forget” what they have done. Enough said!

I agree with you blackjack22. No way I’m making “nice” and “pulling together” with liberals again. I’ve removed them from my life. Not sorry. I hope they enjoy the socialism they voted for.

Great idea, but those of us willing to do this are a fraction of a fraction of 1% of the population. The Beast won’t even notice… passive resistance like this is a great idea for standing on principle, but to have any effect it would take something larger (kinetic actions as force multipliers) to amplify this to have any effect. Basically, others would have to be forced indirectly into starving it too.

The plans of Slow and Ho will force many into that position.

In the meantime I’ll start the process on my own.

Good article Lauren I always enjoy you perspective.
sigh…. so many Beast to starve in our modern times. Let us also consider starving the evil Beast who desires to take our soul and spirit from us. Who desires to prevent us from from going forward in Gods Plan of resurrection. This is accomplished by love for all in our hearts. Love starves the Beast and in the end of days Love will also transform the Beast into Good. I know, very hard to do in our times. I certainly fail everyday, but perseverance even if just a moment, will add to the the tally in favor of the Trinity. It is my understanding from scripture, that even the most despicable human being has as spark of good. We but need to look. So I expect to be down voted off with this comment. So be it.

Why would you be downvoted over this? I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that people are buying into the trolls propaganda. They come in, scream about being down voted, probably down-vote their own posts so they can scream, and eventually it starts to infect everyone.

Don’t buy into it. You are neither trying to disrupt, nor giving an opinion that the majority are going to object to enough to act on it.

Sometimes when we venture into the spiritual side of life, some folks just go haywire depending on their views.

Wasn’t really thinking of trolls.

Mrs. U very true, we acquire enemies along the way, and they will give you a down vote regardless of the content of your comment. That’s just life. Trekker Out

I take a down vote as a disagreement with something I wrote. If everyone here was a carbon copy of each other it wouldn’t be as much fun and educational. So to be voted down is a badge of courage to speak your mind.

Thanks for the great article!
We started this with selling the business, DH retired, I work a low level job now and I have been converting our buying habits over time to wean away from bigger corporations to local owned smaller businesses.

Now reducing purchasing to essentials only. We are also looking at options for leaving CA and possibly going offshore once our family obligations are fulfilled.

The big companies may be too big to know we are not consuming, but I feel better knowing who our dollars are supporting.

So Cal Gal
I would say come join us in Georgia, it’s an awesome place to be, but I’m not so sure now…

So Cal Gal:
Leaving CA?
Forget about the Four Corners, this is a honorable place to live, the people are azzholes, weather is worse than Antarctica, prices are worse than in CA…. And Taxes… unbelievable high… 😁 🤪 😳 🤪 😳 🤪 😁

NRP – Our most fragrant and memorable support call of the day was from a pair of characters in Tularosa, NM. …. Place sounds like a right little slice of heaven. My left eyelid is still twitching. (shiver)

How do I use the heat in my attic? Guess I could google but I’m sure someone can point me right to it thanks.

There was a discussion about this on the open forum a few weeks back (the open forum gets trimmed down every week so it’s gone now). Heat is heat, and whether it comes from the sun or second hand from the “heat bank” in your attic, it’s still heat. The discussion was on setting up a heating unit (in my mind it’s similar to the black hose in a black box used for solar heating) in the attic to push hot water into the hot water heater, making it so you don’t have to use as much gas. What if you were to do the same to feed hot water directly to the kitchen sink? Lots of possibilities.

One of the cornerstones of guerilla warfare is using the enemies’ weapons against them so they are supplying you with weapons. I’m a moderate investor. I invest in high-tech not just because it is the most lucrative but in the times we live in it is the most stable. The dividends I receive go to the upkeep of my property, prepping duties, and to several conservative causes such as Pro-Life and CCA – Conservative Christians of America, aka, the religious right. The more the Leftist/Socialist corporations make the more I give to the organizations that counter them.
As Ken has stated, the beast has many heads but it’s body is economics. Punish the body and the head(s) will die. My strategy is hypocritical, I admit, but come January 20 Bernie and Kamala are changing the game for people who stand for the flag. I’ll play their game but with my rules and my money.

The beast just grows larger each year. We have all seen how on-line shopping was killing local retailers for the past number of years, most visibly in the number of vacant malls. Now this trend has gone into overdrive because of the fear of the flu virus.

What began as local retail ownership with traveling reps visiting you store several times a year to show you the latest goods for your store evolved into corporate franchising of stores with all the dictates the come with the merchandising benefits.

Then, many were bought out by the corporation or the stores just closed. Super stores forced out many more small operators but even they had to eventually offer on-line shopping.

So, now we see the few large corporations eating each other until we will end up with just one or two – no different than the few social media companies telling us what we must believe. Soon, a handful of corporations will control our entire lives – retail, information, politics, education, pharma, food, energy, entertainment, medical treatment, travel, …

How many of these monsters can the little guy take on? We are being out-flanked every day no matter how much we try to be self-sufficient. Only answer is; a total reset initiated, directed, and completed by the Constitutionalist citizens. This would probably mean a limited civil war and possibly even a hot war with China. But I see no other solution.

Soon, a handful of corporations will control our entire lives – retail, information, politics, education, pharma, food, energy, entertainment, medical treatment, travel,
I believe this is the Great Reset.

Being retired LEO and Veteran, I have learned that the only charity I trust is The Salvation Army.
Way too many have bloated management salaries, with only pennies to the dollar going to the charity they advocate.

Be careful that while your starving the beast, you don’t starve your friends and family that still need a job to make a living. Trekker Out

So, who are you starving if you slow your spending? Are you starving your friends that need a job – maybe not.

This from ZH on wealth distribution changes, which means who controls you

“And there (as we say quarter after quarter) is your “recovery”: the wealthy have never been wealthier, while half of America, some 50% of households, own just 1% of the country’s wealth, down from 3% in 1989. And finally, America’s poor have never been more in debt.”

If you do not spend locally with people that produce locally, you are probably feeding the corporate beasts.

I think a quote from Trump also applies to starving the beast “what the hell do you have to lose” .

Lauren, fantastic article!! You’ve written this better than I could have. As you know, I have been speaking “Starve the Beast” for over a year now. I am so pleased to see many people here open to this discussion. It will be a different process for each of us; depending on our situation, regional differences, age differences, etc.

Wow girl! You are awesome!!!!!

Well written and very thought provoking article, thank you. Starving the beast may have different choices for each of us here.
Some of the ways for us are : shop as local as you can, buy “American ” when possible, grow as much of our food as possible, purchase locally raised meat , barter, no TV or cell phone, minimal dining out and always buy a used vehicle.
Obviously there is a ripple effect and perhaps people may lose work .We are in a tipping situation as a nation. We are poised at the edge of the abyss and it is not a pleasant scenario that we face.
It really is about being as self reliant as we can.

“Need to” and “able to” are two different things, I think. Too many upset deplorables who are now being told they need to come together for the good of the nation. Too many upset liberals who know the election was stolen but don’t care. Too many upset people who have been told by media that they are enemies, and they ate it up.

I’m not sure we can get past that, and certainly it won’t be an easy or short process. Being told that we need to “come together” by people who spent the last four years saying we’re stupid and hateful, bigoted and racist, falls rather flat. Being told “Just get over it. You’ll have another chance in four years” by people who were screaming about violence when Trump was elected and cheering the rioters…falls rather flat.

Sorry Man on foot,

I’ll not pull together with a bunch of communists. No thank you.

Love this post. Check out your local Buy nothing group- unfortunately most run on FB and these days that is literally the only reason I go on there. It’s a great community of people, sharing items they no longer need, that are in great condition, sharing resources and time, and often food. Like borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor, but way on a larger scale. I’ve met several friends this way, that are of a like mind to what is happening in our world today.

TeamCoop: I’m also a member of my neighborhood Buy Nothing group on Facebook and I’ve picked up free items, including food. I’m looking forward to New Years Resolutions time because people will be clearing out their pantries when they go on their New Years diets. (For Facebook anonymity, don’t use your real name – just make up a generic name like William Schmitt or Patty McDougal, etc.)

LeAnne- I’m looking forward to the folks that have decided gardening and canning isn’t for them. I wish people would really understand it takes more than one season and ‘covid’ to Be successful, and they should be growing their own. Yet, I will still put my name in for all the gardening supplies, jars, and particularly lids! 😉

TeamCoop: A few years ago I gave away a good 500+ canning jars. I used to have a lotline-to-lotline garden and grew 65 different items. Now I’m in an apartment without land, but to be honest, I just don’t have the stamina anymore for gardening. I also don’t know that I can maintain a yard, so I doubt I’ll buy another house. My grandmother always said, “It’s no fun getting old” and I’m now beginning to understand exactly what she was saying.

it takes a lot more than one season, heck, even after decades you can still have a year of complete failure or natural occurrence. How many folks have had a garden destroyed by a storm, an oddball frost, animals, bugs, other people, or all of it!

Im with Dookie, screw that pulling together as a nation, ill stick with like minded, like belief peeps thanks, democrats can take a flying leap

Rush Limbaugh said there is talk of succession in his party today. For the first time I totally disagree with Rush whom I have been listening to for 28 years. I took thought of this.

The problem has been here for a long time and got worse. I am not talking about the conservatives, it is the demon-crats that have succeeded from our constitution, succeeded from our laws, from peace, from truth, succeeded from our safety, our independence and self reliance, and from the most prosperous life for everyone.

We are not like the south that succeeded from the Union who fought to keep people as slaves for power and greed, but the demon-crats are now as they were then, wanting to control people with greed, force us to live under their thumb of power, and tax us so high that the working classes would only bring slave wages,.. not to mention the new green deal that would make life too expensive to afford.

Tell me, who is really succeeding from this country?

You misheard Rush (IMO) He reported what he was hearing and reading about secession, not what he wanted. If you have been listening to him for 28 years you know he has always advocated ‘winning’ within the electoral political system that he/we have believed in. <bb

I never said Rush wanted it…He made a mistake identifying republicans as wanting succession when it IS the left who have already done it.

The 1st beast to starve is China. Buy nothing made in China or from businesses or countries that buy China mdse.. & ensembles, label’s made/ensembled in? To avoid tariffs. 2nd industry is the porn sites/ceos, personnel. Billion dollar buz. Arrest all customers,owners, bullet between eyes, can’t fix the morality broken. That’ll take out a lot elites. castrate all rapists, can’t get up, can’t get out. Firing squad for drug dealers, sex traffickers, mad scientists developing bio weapons. Secure all assets of corrupt politicians, strip all pensions, make all pharmaceutical Corp liable for drugs produced with accurate content/side affects. Regulations for tech. providers for public use. Let’s see – that takes care of millions of the corrupt people and billions & billions of $, then we work on illegals, expired visas, foreign aid. Boom, now that’s starving the beasts. Drastic problems require drastic solutions.

GrGrandmom – You have zero comprehension of what you are advocating. It is at once terrifying and profoundly sad to suspect that you probably consider yourself to be a good and patriotic American. It goes a long way to illustrate why we have become generally so hated across the globe.

GrGandmom with respect although tmcgyver is a bit harsh he is correct here.

A HUGE amount of our medicines are MADE in China or are made elsewhere USING China made Base Chemicals. Medicines you probably have to take daily to keep on going?

If I were to translate what you just said into German, I suspect it would sound like a Speech made by some guy with a funny mustache. He hated Porn and Drug Dealers too. We have to retain our Constitution and bill of Rights or we are just the same beast we despise.

Crime needs to be properly dealt with. Who can determine the corrupt politicians/Judges/Lawyers? Making Pharm companies “Responsible”? HAVE you ever read the labels of “OLD Time Meds”?

I suppose the sudden LACK of medicines available to the Neu Republic of Amerika will reduce the medically supported populations pretty quickly given that some 30% of Americans are on Mood Altering Meds to deal with the stressors of “Normal Life”…

I don’t want to find myself under the boot of a Rightist Government either. Right Boot, Left Boot stamping on our faces forever seems less than acceptable.

NH Michael – As always, your stoicism is appreciated. Gotta remember, I’m three hours behind you. Some of my 4am, pre-coffee rants trend lower on the PH scale.

ROTFLMAO (almost literally as my dog looks on with curious eyes)

Priority’s man, Priorities! Coffee Pot starts before I open the internet… 🙂

To address the threat of Starving the Beast, YES, us “little folks” will lose as business dwindles. The BIG DOGS will suffer less IF at ALL because the Powers that BE can simply GIVE them OUR Tax Dollars so they don’t suffer… You know To Big to Fail Businesses and all that.

Starving the beast is a noble thought, much like The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha tilting at Windmills thinking he was slaying Dragons.

However in the real world it’s best to disconnect yourself from the system as much as possible as THE BEAST will USE your dependence to Control you.

A few hundred watts of solar seems a foolish expensive effort today in the age of cheap grid power BUT when THEY choose when you get power OR NOT saving your refrigerator-freezer, some lights, maybe a fan to push the heat around or give you relief in the sweltering heat.. HOW valuable IS that few hundred watts THEY Don’t Control…

Same story about that gardening when cheap food is in every grocery store.. Chickens and so on BUT when THEY choose WHO Eats or Doesn’t eat….

Maybe it’s NOT Starve the Beast but Avoid being CONTROLLED by the Beast eh?

NH Michael: BRAVO! That’s a great comment and a great alternative viewpoint.

Yep,,, sounds about perfect,
we mere pleebs will never starve it, but we can sure as hell decouple from it.

tmc, NH Michael
I agree with both of you to a certain extent, however as individuals we Can find American alternatives to buying from china etc. or starve the beast in other ways.
Corrupt politicians should be held more accountable for their actions and not be allowed to retain their ill gotten gains. I also no not advocate the death penalty for legal business in this country, be it porn or deadly chemicals portrayed and labeled safe when big corp. know they are not. I research and choose what not to partake in. I myself just choose to survive, what better way to beat the beast. This is why I prepare & plan for the safety and continuance of my family and our belief system and ethics. No matter what comes, me and mine will be here to fight the good fight til the Good Lord decides we’re done and takes us home. Now I need some more coffee:)

USADR – You certainly CAN find alternatives to China goods today, right now! North Star generators offers a lovely, Made in the USA, 13kw machine for $3,789.00, FOB their dock. We make a very similar machine, it’s on sale now for $899, with free shipping to your doorstep.

You see, the notion of China as some sort of predatory boogey man, is just patently absurd. The business owners there are opportunistic capitalists for goodness sake; filling a market void. No one FORCES anyone to purchase those goods. People seek them out and demand them at a price point, above all else.

Tmac, I just have to ask…if China is not a “predatory boogeyman,” why do they steal so much of our technology?

Better Question DJ5280 WHY do We the People Keep ELECTING the scum that SELL our Countries secrets and in the case of the Witch Hillary our Nuclear fuel Supplies to the Russians so Cheaply….

Every business in America will “Steal” an competitors secrets. Every business in the world will reverse engineer things to get an edge in their business.

As Pogo said “We have met the enemy and he is US”.

Acceptable quality and Price point drives my shopping, especially when I find out that some “American” businesses are just Drop Shipping Fronts for China. Just add a few screws or a label and POOF “Made in America” with a tiny sub note somewhere in 4 point print “Of American and Chinese parts”.

You’re exactly right. The chinese business man is just a capitalist doing his job for him and his country. I as an American would rather buy here so my neighbors get the jobs to manufacture the products I’m buying. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very poor in my lifetime and bought what I could afford, no matter what country it came from. Fortunately now I can decide and I hope that my decisions keep America as a leader in the world economics theater and we can bring medicine production among others back to this country. Our President is working on that goal and I support the idea. Thats all. God Bless America and all of you here.

Tell that to the people of DeWitt, Nebraska that price is king for opportunistic capitalists and consumers – ” the closing of the Vise-Grip factory, the town’s biggest employer by far and a source of community pride. It fell victim to globalization and closed in 2008, putting 330 people out of work and sending the jobs to China.” Sears bought the rights to the sell the product and then the next year started sourcing knockoffs made in China instead. Today the population of the town is 504. And manufacturing labor in Nebraska is mostly non-union and reasonable if perhaps low hourly rates with modest benefits.

Tell that to a client from a different Midwestern state who held almost 500 patents and trademarks ultimately spent $100,000 or more per year defending those privileges against knock-offs made in China. The stuff he invented and made are products you would recognize if I named them. Eventually many products manufactured in this smaller town were discontinued and jobs lost.

Why is China cheap? – lack of level playing field with regard to environmental laws, labor laws, tariffs, taxation, regulation and failure to treat their non-CCP party workers to decent wages and benefits.

Perhaps your company is the outlier. Watch your back. Unless you’re in cahoots with the CCP, your company could be the next one to be undersold and put out of business.

Yes, our idiotic pad my pocket business leaders have permitted some critical items to only be sourced from China and I buy them, go home, and make a martini to lower my blood pressure. But I never buy Chinese (since Tiananmen) if I have an alternative and if there isn’t an alternative and it isn’t needed, I don’t buy at all.

And I haven’t even gotten into issues of quality control and warranty support. Wasn’t it a plant in China that accidently killed some babies by letting antifreeze get in the formula and causing kidney failure?

i will pay 10 times the cost of a product to NOT buy made in China, do it all the time, USA 1, Japan or European otherwise, Taiwan as last resort. Searching for products has been interesting, everything from nails for my framing nailer to denim and other fabric to make my own clothes. Worth every penny

I too, search for made Anywhere But China! Have been doing that for a long time. Sadly, there are some products that you just cannot find and Chicom made is only option.
FUBAR what I say… 🙁

Dookie! You really ought to look at what allows China to thrive while we wither. 20 feet away from me, right now, I have eleven different Labor Law posters taped to the wall. The Feds, State, County and City all have regulations on such very important matters as how to extract the most entitlements from your employer, about two dozen different ways to report your employer to the government for various issues, and finally an updated set of guidelines on using the correct gender pronouns with those who are confused about their personal plumbing.

You know what I see when visiting China? I see a government that is 100% committed to taking over the world; again. They encourage and subsidize business in every possible way. Employees just effing SHOW UP for work, (a novelty here) put in an honest days effort and are increasingly well compensated for it. Heck they even provide lunch and R/T transportation for their workers.

If you are old enough, you’ll remember that thirty years ago all of these troubles were blamed on Japan.

At this point, the USA is so dependent on China we couldn’t even have a war with them. We’d have to go to China and ask, “Can you finance us? We need the money to go to war with China.” … then we’d need Chinese-made ammunition, Chinese-made uniforms for our soldiers, etc. Meanwhile, our manufacturing workers, tool-n-die, etc. have been mostly eliminated so we can’t quickly gear up again to take care of the USA. I’m from Milwaukee and it’s sad our industries have nearly been wiped off the map over the years. When I graduated in 1980, lots of the guys went straight to work in factories that paid a decent wage – most of those jobs are now long-gone either to China or Mexico.

Manufacturing started to move before NAFTA to Mexico with mixed results. Eventually a productive workforce could be found in some areas and it really paid off for the globalists. What happened next? The Mexican workers started asking for better wages and benefits. When China pretended to join the free market, jobs moved from Mexico to China. Mexican workers were heard to decry globalization just as American workers had. In a NONAUTHORITARIAN country, the concentration of productive human capital will lead to better pay and work conditions for the workers. Businesses may arbitrage international wage differences but these tend to level out over time. But no one stands a chance over time against an AUTHORITARIAN country, except the international banking cabal as long as they grease the hands of the CCP or similar dictators and those dictators themselves and the complicit classes in other countries.

we all know you work for a Chinese company,
but the fact of the matter is you standing up for china is a bit like the MsM standing up for blow and joe,
just sayin is all bub

Kula – It’s all good man. As I mentioned elsewhere a few moments ago, 30 years ago all of this was Japan’s fault; they were cheating. Now it’s China’s fault; because they cheat. Trump fixed that; soon it will be Vietnam’s fault, cuz they cheat. It’s just… at what point do we look inside to address our own problems? I absolutely want to see our great country restored. It’s just not going to happen by blaming everyone else.

the Chinks arent cheating,,, they just dont have the same cost basis for their products, the problem, at least IMHO is the political class in the FUSA has screwed over industry and the people by inflicting ridiculous regs and taxes.

purge DC

term limits

reduce size of gov

get govs nose out of private industry

reduce taxes and fees

Kulafarmer – This is what I have been saying all along! Not only the suffocating, over-reaching and burdensome government interference…. but just look at what the bloody hell a guy has to do to get a job with a US company! Them feckers drag you through a battery of weird tests, culminating with donating samples of urine and possibly blood. You end up discussing the position with some HR drone who doesn’t understand you, or the job description. Assuming you get the job, you go through some weird modern ritual they call “on-boarding”… then ya gotta figure out clock time, over time, time and a half, lunch time, break time, sick time, leave time… just shoot me now (GAAAACK!)

Dude, I was so burned out that I almost died from severe hypertension. So five years ago, I went native. I told my Belgian overloads to kick rocks, bought a work truck and started hustling filthy midnight truck repairs as a wild weasel freelancer. I didn’t give a damn anymore. Ya don’t get more American than that.

The guys I work for now… they found me. It was a short interview… ‘This is what we do, this is what we need and we’ve heard you are very good at it. What is your price?’ I did it just on a lark AND I refused to be an employee. I made them contract through my CA Corp. They went for it. And for the last three years they’ve stayed out of my way and left me the hell alone. You know… kinda like it used to be in America.

Yep, this is why i am unemployable these days, have had it with people who havent got a clue, and barely show up, telling me what to do and when it has to be done then disappearing again. Screw it, im hangin on the homestead bouncing along the bottom. Less of a headache

Ok Kracker
Over here we call em Pake

same smell old kraker

Granny’s view,
Yep, my best bud in high school was a Mexican.
Not all sweatbacks are bad.
I have a mixed Negro for a boss. Not all blacks are slave owners.
I have a FIL that served in Nam. Seen some shit.
Doesn’t really care that much for slant eyes.

But all are welcomed at my house, too.

It’s just that meth head white trash that comes a creepin’ every now and again.

Crap usage is kinda vulgar for a Catholic granny??

I was raised Catholic Joe, didn’t become a nun! LOL. I am not a practicing Catholic, but it gave me good roots.
I just get tired of all the hatred. We’re all in this together and we need everybody to get this country moving forward again. Let’s face it, we’re a mess.
We have meth heads everywhere, plenty are white.
judge the person, not the race.

Grannys view,
thats pretty rich coming from somebody who came here spouting off about genocide against people SHE deemed unacceptable. People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones!
Im not racist, i ridicule all races equally

I never deemed anyone unacceptable. You are crazy n respectfully should seek mental health care if that’s what you read in my post. I am a proud American with many vets in my family that I am extremely proud of. You live how you want, I don’t believe you will ever change. Kulafarmer, you sound like a miserable soul. It’s your life to live. I choose mine to be open to to all people until they give me a reason to shut them out. Many of my friends are “preppers” , none of them think like you do. You are a racist. Grow the hell up.
You better hope you never need a “Chink” doctor or organ donor to save your life one day.
Seriously, as screwed up as things are right now that’s your contribution to making things better? Good luck to you and anyone that thinks like you.
i hope to learn from people on this site, I just have to get past the lack of character in a few.

I’d take a kulafarmer on my side, anyday, grannyknowitall..

Best of LUCK To you

Thanks JC,
whatd i miss,,,
been in the shop today, made new couch frames for our living room, some nice mango wood, slightly curly, put a Rubio pure oil finish on them last week, was cutting all the upholstery fabric panels in my studio so i can assemble covers, using a nice southwestern print fabric, called Ten sleep,
kinda fun, finally seeing progress on this project, the pieces of the frames sat in my shop for about 10 months, work ya know, makes it hard to do stuff i really like.

oh yea bud, dont waste your time on old trolls like this granny beech, just a waste of bandwidth,

go do something fun tomorrow bud

hope everyone is safe, and as happy as can be under the circumstances,


Aloha MSB family

Unfortunately, my one post to Granny, last night didnt go thru.

No never mind, uncle.
Got your back.

Merry Christmas, bud!

Good luck Joe. You n Kulafarmer solve the world’s problems.
I can’t learn anything from people like you. You are closed minded and are looking for trouble.
These are tough days, gonna get a lot worse. I’ll stick with people with strength of character. People with respect for a woman. And by the way, you might have learned some survival skills from this old lady. Did you know we even vote now?

Thanks for the insight, granny.

No, me and kula can’t solve the world’s problems, when there is a boat load of idiots, that follow the tracks of the blind. Just afloat. Bobbing along. Duhhh.

My comment toward you last night was this:
My best friend in high school .. Mexican. I felt bad for him. Over weight and an outcast. Sent him and his lady a Christmas card today.
My current boss.
A cross breed negro. A white slave owner, if you will.
My FIL, served in Nam. Seen shit. And despises slant eyes.

I, on the otherhand, welcome all to my home, as do you.
You, as well as me, know no one here. Cast no stones.

As a catholic granny, I’m surprised at some of your use of language and accusations.

We all don’t hail the halo, we seem to be so endowed.

Thank you,
Good night

How would you even know HOW i think? You dont know me, i have friends of all races, religions, from all over the world, most artists and craftsmen, good down to earth people.
you need to chill old lady, you are sounding like a douche

Sorry Ken
this stuff is all off topic,
delete it, didnt realize where we were

Granny,,,,,,,,,chill out you come over here and put your self out as some saint your going to get push back take a deep breath , the world not perfect ,stick around and contribute. If you do indeed contribute it will be recognized,
Hope hear more from you that has value ,

USADR, excellent post, my feelings exactly

David rcb
Thanks and I think we both deserve some more coffee…

In a compromise between food and poison, only death is the winner.

Maybe time to bite the bullet, pull the plug, look behind the curtain, …. for the future of this country and our kids. A little pain now for freedom.

Why are several of you surprised at the strong push back for justice, when victims of crime are ignored and thousands of criminals are being let out of jail early, only to re-offend.

Many are very angry over the failure of the justice system to prosecute the corruption in government and even more angry when criminal illegals are let out of jail, not deported, and then arrested again and again. And you are surprised at the anger in our communities?

Criminals who are released and try to re-offend should be stopped. then they will no longer be offensive.

If you are a GrG, you are old enough to remember when Pres Nixon engaged China.

That was the beginning of an ever deepening business and political relationship that truly has entangled us to an unbelievable degree. As has been noted by others, you just can’t simply cut off our relationship w/ them without doing great harm to ourselves.

“The operation was a success, but the patient died”

As far as your un-Constitutional approach to due process for people accused of crimes…it likely shows that you haven’t absorbed the essence of what it directly means or you have abandoned your belief in our basic Rights. I hope it is the former.


See ya there Eli. L’Chaim!

You jump on a guy real quick for speaking his mind when you have your buds behind you but you won’t meet a guy one on one out back. Figures. *shrugs*

Eli… dude… really? Meet out back? Buds behind you? Are you serious? Why not meet at the flagpole after the 3pm bell? Fool. I passed 4th grade. You proclaimed yourself to be a “gunman” ready to take an armed stand against someone’s…. opinion. I said I shall see you there, to address your mental illness, if that is indeed your posture. Run along now.

You know tmc I really, seriously, had more respect for you than that. Name-calling? Wow… Tell you what. Look up the word “metaphor”. I won’t insult you as you have insulted others. That’s not my game but I know it’s yours. Have a nice day. Oh, and don’t forget to take your shinebox with you.

Eli – Can’t win them all. Peace and good fortune to you.

Eli is English your Second Language? Are you a product of a poor education system that failed to teach you reading comprehension? Sorry for using such big words then.

If we were to do what GrGrandmom said then WE Become EXACTLY the BEAST we are fighting against.

NH Michael. It’s clearly evident that you mean to put down anyone who stands against you using “intellect” to do so. I believe this is the preferred method used on and other Leftist sites. Anyone speaking against an idea, against a belief, against Marxism is savagely attacked and is accused of being “uneducated”. Stands to reason. It is likely that Ken will delete this conversation for the toxic content. But you and your kind will not sway my beliefs.

…well he does use his intellect, to great effect in this case; I’ll give ya that Eli.


I’m concerned that we might repeat the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.

If we go full animal and truly let our evil/crazy run free, you don’t know where the wheel stops spinning and the magic pointer might just end up pointing to you or someone you love.

The FR was dedicated to the goddess of Reason, while most (not all) of our Founders were Christians and Jews (or at least Deists)

We have the benefit of seeing how they both worked out.

So before we get to that point of no return and start blood letting, I believe we need to work within the Constitutional RoL as long as we can.

It is hard to gauge someone’s intent completely from the written word. I think you might have been jumping to conclusions about some of the other writer’s initial attitude towards you when you took offense.

Once you showed your teeth, others responded in kind. Perhaps, that may have not been the best approach, but each person has to make that judgment for themselves including you and me.

I wish everyone well here and we all need Grace.


Maybe a movie from years ago was more prophetic than anyone realized. The phrase in the movie that may apply more now and be most important was “who run barter town?”

Not the high and mighty sitting in lofty mansions but the people working in the shit. But neither side has fully realized this fact yet. Producers, time to wake up.

Great article.
Some very common and useful strategies to starve the beast.
Thank you

Right now the beasties seem to be starving themselves. There are so many closed businesses, some forever. In our state ,sales tax revenues will be plummeting. state and federal gasoline taxes will decline because we are staying at home much more and unemployment will be going upward.
I think we will see increased taxes all over the place and much more control being used as we move forward.
Being more self reliant is one way to deal with the storm coming our way.

Re-elect Trump, drain the swamp of politicians that have been lining their pockets with tax payer money from both sides of the aisle, eliminate the Democratic party and replace all of the Democratic Governors and mayors with Republicans. Rid the schools and college’s of leftist professors and return the bible and American history to all schools. Keep our borders closed and return our police force to the proper levels. Investigate and prosecute the anti American groups and media overlords. Arrest all anti-American people like George Soros et all for Treason.

Term limits Floyd,,,
term limits on CONgress

FYI: “Supreme Court Rejects Texas Suit Challenging Biden’s Victory”

Oh no…. I just saw this. One of my alt-news sites is blowing right up over it. Well I guess this is it. This is what we prep for. May God have mercy on us all.


5 yrs of pent up white hot anger has been unleashed tonight.

George Carlin was right.. “I don’t condone violence or killings, but I think Bloodshed may be the last straw to this country”. It’s a private club, and WE the People, ain’t in it. Ammo box is next.

Well, my make believe thoughts that this could be settled in court, went right out the window tonight. I never thought I’d live long enough to see this country fail, now, I’m sure it will fail.

80 million voters, voted for Pres Trump, you just can not ignore this. I doubt very seriously they all gonna go silently into the abyss.

I am scared beyond words.

Lots of emotions right now. The choke it down threshold is just about done. We are a country of elites and those that aren’t. Those that aren’t have been tactically and deeply divided by just about everything imaginable between gender, skin color, religion, longitude latitude, and ice cream choice to ensure we don’t “rise up.”

I just voted in my last election unless it involves un-uniting our states. A majority clearly no longer see the Constitution as our guiding foundation for our way of life. So, why the hell are we staying united?

Same here RR
total waste of time,
the FUSA is dying

Yup, thats that

OAN said it’s not over yet, but I don’t believe it.

“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere” (MLK) so after I dull my anger some, I will be preparing against the increase of wickedness that comes this way. It will be the narrow path I take while most of the country takes the wide trampled road to hell.

Stand – As I was leaving tonight all of my late shift co-workers were chattering among themselves about the news. It felt like the day Elvis died, but worse. No one can believe it. No one is amused. And not one ****ing liberal has dared to stick their head up to brag about it yet. Not only do they know this is horse manure, but they are starting to realize the size and scope of the fire they have lit. Like a match to a gasoline soaked structure, it’s >this< close. And they know it.

I am not a fighter by nature. I do not seek trouble and the very thought of violence is abhorrent to my soul. I am not, typically a stand-my-ground kind of guy. I’m more apt to argue my case on the merits and try to get the other guy to see my point of view. But stopping well short of violence. ….. Stand, I have a problem killing bugs.

You mentioned my mentor by proxy, George Carlin. George not only told us what club we weren’t in, but he also taught us the liberation that comes from not giving a shit. I’m at that point. These SOB’s are lower than bugs and three times as efficient. Trump tried to clean up Washington and Washington shellacked Trump. Is that where we are right now?

What more can they take from us Stand, before there is nothing left to lose? At what point in the last nine months did we cross that tipping point?

I know some people. They aren’t like me. .. Thank God for that. .. It’s time to keep our heads down and oil the swivel. The Tree of Liberty is nearly dead now.

Apparently the Trumpers are having a get together in DC on the 12th of December. Not sure where I read the posting but they are not backing down from this fight. This may have been planned a while back I am not sure, but there is standing invitation for those who can travel back to show support for President T.
**(and not the two farts in the wind)**


Its called the Jericho March. Was planned weeks ago. Its a non violent prayer March. Not much was online or reported. But you can find it out there.

I believe there is a counter protest by ANTIFA and BLM scheduled on the same date, same area. I’m sure they will be peaceful also.


BLM & ant I faahh, you and I know that they come with their umbrellas so the baseball bats can be hide inside. Hope the prayer group come with brim stone in their back packs. jic

I’m sure they will be “prayed up” in preparation. Apparently the plan is to march around Congress, White house, and Supreme Court seven times (hence the name, Jericho March). Starts at noon, with some earlier events (Gen Flynn speaking, etc.).

There’s also a veteran group, 1st Praetorian, who has been providing some level of “security” to these marches/demonstrations. In this case, it’s safest to be with the main crowd, and not on the edges where the people looking for trouble can pick you off. Also, best to be doneinside by the time it gets dark.

There are also similar “Stop the Steal” marches planned in several state capitols, especially corrupted swing states..

Watch antifa or BLM make a move to cause chaos and lay the blame on the right,,,,

God will have mercy on his own, but we are gonna be in the thick of it for a while, bad times coming!!

And that had the most support with obvious violations of state laws. It was Alan Dershowitz  that said SCOTUS didn’t want to get involved with the mess of an election, and ruled to do what the majority of the public wanted.

I think if they heard the case, the thugs and criminals would be up in riots and the two new justices didn’t want to get off with this over their heads. I am in my own opinion they are part of the Mob, and ANY justice for fair elections have been denied from now on and fraud rules.

I am an angry American.

You and I along with many many more


Start the count down clock again and hope that we see it run down to zero.

The caravans are already forming in the south. The rich are salivating over the thought of cheap labor. Motels and hotels are not doing so well now but birth tourism will fix that. Gays will be lined up at recruiting centers, all excited about dorms of F buddies. Susan Rice can again cover all the Sunday talk shows, pushing how sorry the US is for the America first stance. The UN again flush with our tax dollars – but it will not dull the hate for us. ….

I can not even begin to list all the crap coming our way.

Let the independent trucker’s shut US down.
Let the US of A show where the power is.
The common man and woman
This would be the start of the Starving of the Beast impact.
Like it or not.

Look at the map of States and see the divide between Constitutionalists and socialist based on the challenge just rejected by SCOTUS.

Now tell me there would not be a benefit to dividing the country into three; the West States, The Central States (Idaho to Arizona and the Dakotas to Florida) and the East States. They would all have Sea ports, agriculture, energy sources, …

And maybe the three prairie Provinces of Canada would join the Central States. Maybe the Yukon could be convince to join as well so a connection would almost be established from Alaska to Texas.

I can not see a down side to this other than it might take a civil war to bring it about – we are almost there anyways. RIP USA.

ps The dems think we will all forget the dirt flung at us for four years and come together now to work even harder, to pay more taxes to make them all rich – not ever is my promise.

hermit us – mmmm. How about, no? California gave rise to Governor Reagan, before he ascended to the presidency. Plan B… Work with the National Guard to set up an offensive line of dozers and armor on the 405 freeway, from say 118 down to 105, flank the north and south boundaries with infantry and push everything in that sector westward, into the pacific ocean. Then we bring in Orkin to sterilize the place. Talk about a reset. AC/ACDH can coordinate NorCal action.


you are asking us to accept 20 million illegals plus the caravans starting this way and you expect us to pay all the benefits. this is just the beginning of the shit show. better to sever the limb to safe the patient.

most of the blue states will never recover from the socialist indoctrination and will protect the nanny state until the very end of their existence. just continue to watch the exodus of money from cali until it become somali 2.

I for one will not forget. Or forgive. Or work towards any type of Communist “unity.” America is gone if Beijing Biden and Horris ars sworn in.

Should it not be the other way around? Jesus said if you are not willing to forgive your worst enemy, then your Father in Heave “may” not forgive you. I say forgive but NEVER forget. For all we do wrong we are forgiven by our Lord. We must. I had to do this with my own bio father and its not easy, but God’s grace is sufficient. Look at all the apostle Paul went through and God poured out his blessing and grace on him. His grace is sufficient no matter what your situation. Nobody wants to overturn this election as bad as I do, but that is a separate issue. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUT COUNTRY NOW. IT IS NOT OVER ALTHOUGH I READ A LOT OF NEG COMMENTS HERE AND THAT IS NEVER A GOOD THING. We fight or we die trying! There are only 2 possibilities. You have to be as tough spiritually as Connor McGregor is physically in the Octagon. I am not going to a soup line and I don’t want anything from govt…nada…nothing…zilch…zero….except to help us keep this democratic experiment going!!!

Thank you for writing this informative article.
Well done.
I hope you write more in the future.

Thank you Lauren for the insightful and informative article. It has many good ideas in addition to introduction to a new way of thinking for many people. This way of thinking is the core of self reliant living within the United States.

My years of working off grid in a low level govt job taught me how to get by in a frugal manner. As time went on and I changed careers into a more lucrative position, those same habits still stay with me as I go to work wearing clothes with home stitched patches and pockets being repaired by myself on days off. If I am at the top of the pay scale, one would never know that by the appearance of my wardrobe or the 3 year old boots I wear on the floor each day.

I do shop at my local grocery store and I enjoy eating out and buying food from local restaurants that are either small businesses/franchises that are locally owned and employ lots of local high schoolers or college students. Eating out is still a guilty pleasure for my wife and myself as we both are still working. I figure that the money spent on my days-off guilty pleasure should go to a local company that employs lots of local people in my community.

In my job I am close to retirement so I am trying to do my best to train my replacement and to reward good people with good recommendations. I have cut back on my hours in the past year even though COVID 19 has made us even busier now than ever. This last aspect is not exactly feeding the beast as it is leaving a legacy before I leave my workplace.

Are Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a the only businesses worth supporting at this time?


Pecora, + others, another one i just thought of… support 2 businesses with one purchase..My Pillow , make a purchase- put in code RSB for Right Side boradcasting. You get a big discount( on wed they said it was 66%) and they get to keep people in America working and My Pillow helps RSB.

We have their pillows…LOVE THEM!! Finally a pillow that can take the abuse I give them. It appears I will order another set for us, and possible other family members.