T-minus 3 Days to Violence of the Contested Period

Peak Anxiety

We are reaching peak anxiety. The choices could not be more divergent. Barring a clear smashing doubtless victory (by either), the contest will be challenged to the Nth-degree.

T-minus 3 days will be the beginning of a new time period, the length of which we do not know.

We do know that there will be great disruption in the streets of many-a-place. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Rioting. Looting. Personal attacks. Destruction. Fires. And that’s just for starters of what the Left’s street army has planned.

There is even an organized and well planned effort for riots in D.C. to attempt and remove Trump from office (even though these dimwits don’t realize that if he actually loses, he’s there into January anyway, given the Constitution).

We know that there are apparently well organized plans to confront and target Republican members of the House and Senate, even at their homes. They will in essence be “hunted down” and intimidated by the Left’s Mob. Lets hope they don’t go further than that – however I fear the worst, given what’s already happened out there…

There are apparent plans to target popular / influential “right wing” media personalities and reporters – wherever they may be or live.

The mainstream “public square” on the internet — Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have already shut down and silenced “the right”, especially these recent weeks. In T-minus 3 days they may shut off the switch altogether for voices on “the right”.

The Contested Period

We realize that during the immediate and uncertain period after the election — the contested period — Everyone (including your neighbors, family & friends, and most all of those around you at any given moment) will be affected by Peak Anxiety.

During the contested period, the unrest that will be displayed on mainstream news & TV will be clearly focused and purposed towards “Trump Must Go”. The drum beat will be very loud and will bolster the Left’s street army even more.

And let me say this… “If” the deterministic result of the contested period favors a Trump victory, the violence we are about to witness will likely pale in comparison to the Left’s street army meltdown to follow.

Something Ugly This Way Comes

I know that you know and realize this. I am just thinking out loud (actually typing on my keyboard) as we are just a few days away from the start of something. Something ugly.

My initial advice for living through the contested period, is mostly to stay away from crowds. Know this… if you wear your MAGA hat (for example), expect trouble to find you. There are, and will be more anxious emotional angry people. Stressed out.

Keep your cool. Stay grey. There’s a time and a place to pick your battles, so to speak. Let the process run its course. It will anyway – with or without you.

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So if you have something to say that you wish to stay, then don’t reply under an agitator’s comment thread. Reply at the “top level”.

(just a tip)

“Loyalty to the nation all of the time, Loyalty to the government when it deserves it”
Mark Twain

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, probably many times. A celebration of “victory” will look much like a riot over a “loss,” given the personalities in play and what they have already displayed.

No matter who wins, the post election period is going to be interesting.

Hunker down and wait it out, if you can.

If Biden were to legitimately win? If we had some ham we could have ham and eggs If we had some eggs…

If it’s a clear Biden victory without signs of rampant fraud, then I fully expect him to step down in January. If there’s fraud (which I suspect there is…my mail in ballot went missing already, just as an example), then why should he step down until it’s been fully investigated?

Prayer Warriors are on duty across the nation! President Trump wins in a landslide and the leftist crazies go berserk. Fortunately, the temper tantrums and revenge attempts will be put down by the good guys, but it could be ugly for awhile.

I agree that we should vote (early if possible in person) and then hunker down at home and off the streets. Pray and then be at peace. God’s got this!

Read Daniel 2:21.
He’s already set things in motion.

Heck of a time to be taking chemo treatments. Glad I live semi rural and small town. Just the trips every two weeks to the largest city in the state for chemo is troublesome.

TexasGirl how’s the husband doing with his chemo?

Common – right you are, in my 7th month of immunotherapy – treatment every two weeks but very local, just another fight to win. The best to you in your fight.

Ditto brother!

hug hug, VAThom

hug hug, Common Man

My dad gets treatments couple times a month if SHTF it will be interesting as I drive him to/from. Hospital is in the better part of the city. But the city is progressive, hates leo’s, and would defend the criminal in a heartbeat while telling the victim they are wrong. Next appointment morning after election day.

My son has Crohns and goes to the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond every other month for treatment. He has to stay on a strict schedule. His next appointment is November 4. Very worried.

My wife has chemo every 2 weeks in fresno. Last treatment was last friday. I don’t expect things here to be too awful bad, unless they take out the grid.

You’re high if you think he actually has a chance he in Texas. I’m in Wisconsin and it’s solid Trump signs from the north border all the way down to Waukesha. Youth vote might be up, but the Trump supporters will turn out enmasse on Tuesday. My students, largely Biden supporters, are more caught up with the effects of Covid on their classes than the election.

The polls are wrong, Trump supporters either aren’t responding or are lying to the pollsters. I’ve done both at least a dozen times in the past 2 months. 😉

I’m across the border, on the Minnesota Iron Range. We’re seeing the same thing, here. Overwhelming support for the incumbent. We went on a Trump Train, last week, and the number of cars (with multiple occupants), was phenomenal. Someone estimated over 100 cars. In northern Minnesota, of all places.

We don’t expect any shenanigans, up here. But, we’ve made alternative plans, just in case. Stay safe, Wisconsin.

Stay warm!

Per article today by Michael Moore–don’t believe any stories about Biden leading in polls.
Yep–he said it!!

Which side is planning violence?

Would you be afraid to wear a Biden hat shopping? Have a Biden sticker on your car/truck? How many Trump supporters have been mugged!

Look at all of the White Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists looting ?

Why did Walmart remove their guns and ammo from their stores? Because they were expecting a mob of Nuns to loot them?

Civil War 2.0 gets hot November 3rd.

what are you prepared to do?

Police discovered a “car bomb” in Philly the other night. No doubt a bunch of guys from the local VFW put the 14 Police Officers in the hospital in D.C. last night.

Yea, darn whitE suprEmistss

They are saying it was to blow up ATM machines. The munitions were not really for a VBIED. I agree, it was not a bunch of patriots!

The dems would like us to believe the problems are all caused by the Constitutionalists, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the Amish.

This statement is no more outrageous than the lies they keep telling to the public through their media megaphone.

Why did Walmart remove their guns and ammo from their stores? Look up Tampa Walmart Looting. That is why.

Walmart changed their mind and are putting their guns and ammo back on the shelves. Read it in a article this afternoon and also heard it on the radio.


Dont mess with the Amish!

Wal Mart did not remove guns and ammo from their stores. They put them in a secure location and you could still purchase what they had. After a couple of days they reversed the decision and approved restocking them.

Have heard of two caches of explosives and propane tanks being found here in WA. One in Microsoftland and one in a small waterfront community. Bad people are prepping too. Keep away from stores as well as crowds.

Wow 3 days? Coming fast & furious! I’m certainly not ready for the wicked waiting to happen. On a side note question? I have been told I’m crazy about being worried about having water..one friend & a family member said we’re never gonna have to worry about water!

Oklady –

Tell those people that it only takes 3 days without water to kill you. Then see if any of them can accurately lay out for you what will take place in the next 3 days as the election results unfold. If they don’t know the exact details for what life will be, then do not place your trust in them or believe that you are the one who is crazy for having a back-up supply of water on hand, a filter for water you gather from any source you can find and a Sillcock Key to unlock a freshwater reserve from a building.

Sometimes the best friend we can be is telling those we love they are wrong because they’ll thank us in the end for saving them from making a shortsighted mistake.

Thats exactly what I’ve been thinking. At this point anything can happen & whatever it maybe is anyone’s guess. In my opinion some is better than none, so I’ll just keep up what I’m doing. As always thank you for the good advice. You folks always have the answer!! Blessings to everyone!!

I’m not familiar with a “sillcock key” I shall be Googling, lol! Thanks for the info. Stay safe.

That’s just their “Normalcy Bias” coming through. It (the water) has always been there, so they accept the “fact” that it always will be there for them. UNTIL IT ISN’T! We have spoken of this normalcy bias for years here on MSB. You have to be prepared for the possibility that the water will not flow from the tap. JMHO.

loclyokel, or that the electricity will flow from the wires to the receptacle’s in the home. Complacency is gonna get a bunch of folks, they just assume it’s gonna always be like it has been cause that’s all they’ve ever seen

If you had been at our neighbors a few days ago, with HER bumper sticker for the B/H.

Yes, I have seen the enemy and her husband moved her out here. HOLLY cow pies, she is a viper waiting to strike. He should have sent her back east to visit her family during this time, so peace could reign in the valley once more. He did on the last major election and it was nice to have a conversation without being sneered at when we did not lockstep to her dictates…gheezz
Covid has only made her more snarkey in mho. **outlanders**


I get it.

The people who started building next to us in not-suburbia a couple of years ago are the same way. She in particular has already proven to be exceptionally liberal and very snarky and spoiled. As demanding as they come. Due to the high elevation of the neighborhood, they are known as “flatlanders”. She would get on perfectly with your neighbor.

I can only hope they choose to ride out the election in the comfort of their south Orange County mini-mansion.

Some have suggested that Biden not concede until all irregularities are completely investigated.

Does anyone here not believe that any investigation these days will last for years, then appealed to the Court, then State Supreme Court, then SCOTUS.

The citizens must put down their suburban/rural foot politically, and if not resolved then supplies may have to be withheld – for safe keeping of course.

and while it’s all running it’s course they will demand that Trump leave and Nancy take over. : / As Hillary said- Never Concede!

I wonder how the demofools are going to justify their BS when DJT gets 73% of the vote?

kula, I think that will only make them crazier, let’s hope that’s the case so they will all just lose their minds like killery did in 16

The president for conscious thinking men and women!

Sorry I can only give you one thumbs-up! Here’s a few more: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Something ugly this way comes . It has been here awhile and is just becoming much more visible and I think it will get much uglier.A contested period coming for sure.

In my little canyon I have been hearing many sounds of preparation the last couple of weeks, kinda like bangs and booms.

When I meet or see other folks in our community I get a sense of angst,tenseness and a “where the heck” is all this going. A very obvious feeling of uncertainty and discomfort seems to be the prevailing mood.

Stay safe to all.

Bluesman –

There is a patch of neighborhood across the tracks from me where 3 cities overlap, it’s a bit of a lawless no mans land of crap rentals; really just on one dead end street. These fools launch mortar rounds at each other out of shoulder mounted PVC tubes. All in good fun, of course… except when it’s not… then they switch to magazine fed fireworks. This has been going on since March. I can hardly wait for next week.

Our shooters are a bit more friendly and the neighborhood is probably a bit more peaceful.

And you’re still there?

You as well, TY!

Don’t know whether I will stay up on election night or not….not likely to have any definitive answers anyhow…..doubt we ever have declaration of a clear winner….didn’t back in 2016…at least according to the democrats…who thought the could reverse the result using the swamp machine.

If Trump triumphs again…and I believe he will…they will go full beserker.

In an effort to do my part in getting guns out of the hands of criminals…I fervently hope the inner city minions head for my mountain, well armed with the latest and best weaponry they can find…..we will find a place to stack them when our get together is over…already have several hides picked out just for that……

Dennis, gonna start yourself a mountain top used gun dealership ? Lol 😝

Heard, understood, applauded and of the same mindset though in a different area. Stay safe, blessings to the effort!

Step son’s trucking company recalled all of there trucks to home base as of today,haul propane,diesel ,gasoline,,told to take next week off ,embargo on delivery to Seattle and Portland ,
No hazmat per state DOT

Who can blame them – why risk adding their fuel to the literal fires?

A good reminder to everyone to top off all fuel tanks – vehicles and otherwise. Thanks OH!

So Cal Gal,

All vehicles topped off, tractors, mowers, atv’s, utv, motorcycle, and storage tanks. Me? Had two big bowls of butter beans…I’m all gassed up and ready to go…………

That is funny!

That’s hilarious!
Good to know you’re all gassed up!!! 😂

A bean powered methane Flame thrower,good idea I will cook a pot of pintos and try for distance and accuracy this weekend.😷

-Got you beat! Two big bowls of pintos and Cornbread on the side following our “lights-out weekend”. (Ice storm took out area powerlines for around 2K homes)

-Papa S.

Topped off all vehicles, and filled up some gas tanks for the generator. Gonna buy some more food and water. We’ll se what happens here in SoCal next week.

Absolutely! This only reinforces the “survivalist” mentality and preparation!

That sounds like a wise move.

Is this just that area, or is this the, news kinda nation wide?
I know some states are going into preparedness mode, expecting havoc.

spoke to a friend who works for A shipping company that forwards container loads to Hi from the WC, he said many trucking and logistics companies are planning on shutting down any hauling in or around any areas that come unglued, too high a risk to operators and equipment. Not all mind you, but enough that it gives pause.

Update,,,went to town today ,part just for fun ,part top off some things ,three places out of propane,hum, expecting a delivery soon ?you bet,,hum , was going to ship 4 cows ,sale barn was a ghost town ,let them out back at home,saw panick buying at WM,one man had a cart full to overflowing of meat ,,,when we went in there was pallet of 5cf freezers in the aisle in food dept,came back by shortly and one left ,, all the lights in guns and hunting dept were out ,
Asked questions ,,was told was normal to get 15 to 25 trucks a day in receiving,today only got 10 and those were not full ,
Parking lot Was full to overflowing,i don’t recall ever seeing as much traffic in town ever,were did all these people come from ?
John Galt had it figured out ,


Our local Wally’s had two palletts of those 5cuft chest freezers, $169 each as I recall. Started once to pick one up, but decided not to..got plenty of freezers. I noticed them last Tuesday….didn’t even find a place to park Friday…don’t know if they still had any.

Time to harden my weak points and make one more store run. Praying for the best and anticipating the worst. Trump will win and the left will react badly. How badly and for how long is the only real question. If the National Guard is called out, will it be nation wide or confined to places where Antifa is more prevalent? We will lay low and keep our guns close. God bless America.

Blessings! Stay safe! I have been watching this scene closely since March 2020 and not planning to get caught unprepared! Topping off, watching & waiting expectantly in Alabama.

Folks, please heed Ken’s warnings. This is not a game. If you and yours choose to go out during election day or immediately after, make sure you are prepared even if you live in a rural community. If you are comfortable with it, carry a sidearm – concealed. Remember: Focus on your situational awareness. Be familiar and fluent with your sidearm or whatever weapon you choose to carry. Keep time and distance from your adversary in mind. Finally, prepare yourself mentally to use deadly force. The LEO’s and military vets who frequent this site are valuable sources of information. Listen when they speak. BLM and ANTIFA may not be in your area but their actions embolden the weak-minded. The young are especially vulnerable to their rhetoric and may do things that they normally would never do. Pray for a Trump victory but be prepared for the worst.

Eli speaks the truth here. I saw at the week long town square BLM “I can’t breathe” murals and Demonstration many young people I would have NEVER thought leaned that way. Ours remained truly peaceful but it was educational to see how wrong I was about some younger and middle aged folks I knew.

They are weak minded, prone to “Talking Points” and totally unaware they will be used as the “Useful Idiots” of the revolution.

Not a time to go out unless your in a protective grouping IMHO.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Spiritual preps are as important as any others. Not all of us will live to see the next few years.

Well said! In my humble opinion, excellent advice!

A little humor can lower the stress levels – well only on the Trump side

A Trump supporter with an “Official Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector” hearse tailed a Biden campaign bus in Houston on Thursday, leading to the vehicle running at least one red light in an attempt to get away.”

Let us just make fun of the stupid policies the left would implement if elected. Amish transportation of all goods comes to mind.

What’s all this talk about ‘Riots’ ?
Don’t you know there’s no such thing as a ‘Riot’ anymore ?
Now they’re ‘Demonstrations’.
Sounds better.

JustWaitin’ – Tight groups of holes delivered from 50 meters is also a demonstration… Sounds better.

Isnt that “mostly peaceful demonstrations and some flames”

“Mostly peaceful demonstrations with occasional plumbic rain”.

Peaceful people burning down buildings, tearing down monuments, and attacking people.

Fellow posters and Patriots of MSB, ask yourself this simple question. How would our beloved Republic have faired if Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin had gone grey and hunkered down? We can’t run or hide from this.

The time is now! We can not run from the approaching storm. As a great Patriot once wrote, “Give me Liberty or give me death”.

The only answer to this Marxist Revolution is an AMERICAN counter-revolution, plain and simple.


whatever it takes to stay alive

I agree. It is time to stand up and be a voice.

Yes its going full tilt crazy soon.I am very rural in a red county however if violence shows up here then it means all the big cities are probably at war already. I would not be a politician on either party right now for all the tea in China.The world has gone to hell.

If you are forced to open fire to defend your home and family, target the enemy according to each individual’s threat to you, in order of seriousness. This may not be the closest enemy soldier to you. Then use carefully aimed shots to down as many of the enemy, who are within effective range of your weapon and skill with it, as possible. Only stop shooting when no more targets present themselves.

Do not break cover. Do not talk, or reply, to the enemy. Do not venture forth to give aid to the fallen enemy. If a wounded enemy may compromise your position, end their suffering for them.

Retreat before superior forces, who advance regardless of your marksmanship. Advance when the enemy retreats and take advantage of any enemy disorder.

Do not surrender to anyone from that point forward, no matter whom you think they might be, no matter the authority they proclaim. Simply vanish, flank, and observe. If the “authority” presents as an enemy, let them be treated as such.

“Officer, I was afraid for my life.” Not another word.

A section of cow panel, bolt cutters, pliers with a little creativity make great caltrops and spike strips for “area denial”.

Reading your article, it just is unbelievable Our Country has become this, with the push of outside sources.

Had a coworker chat with me awhile, today.
He told me, he’s never been as scared of an election, as this one forth coming. He’s been a demmy for as long as I’ve known him.
He supported Hillary, for crap sakes.
He’s a full blown Trumper this election. But laughed at the idea in ’16.
Proud of the boy….now.

I’m not full of gas, as Dennis, (although I had a couple burritos for lunch) but filled the tanks and the cans. Extra horse feed.

Come what may.

If I don’t like it, I’ll probably die trying, in one way or another….

God be with you and all of us, this coming election.

Just getting back home from Trump Country….elk camp for 2nd time. No elk but saw a lot of moose!

I am heartened by my drive through 2 states to see an abundance of Trump flags and signs. Honestly only 2 Begone/Hagbag signs. But I agree. Lots of angst and lots of prepping. Not afraid for what is to come because I am at peace with my Maker. Only He can make things right, and I pray He does. What will come, will come. And I hope I make Him proud.

From what I just read, the Philadelphia city council has voted to take away non-lethal tools from their LEO’s. So, come next week, Philly will be among the cities where PD has very limited options available to deal with rioters.

Perfect timing.

Saw that also. Maybe the cops will just use lethal tools and end the BS once and for all.


11HE9 – Exactly what I came here to say.

I agree with you both. And I also just read that since Monday, Philly has had 543 looting incidents, 22 ATM “explosions” and 18 police vehicles damaged. And I’m confident they are just getting warmed up.

As Kula reminds us regularly: “Stay away from crowds.”

So Cal Gal
Hopefully you are at BOL…..
If not, get the hell out of So Cal ASAP.
Brother tells me it’s getting…
Well in polite words.. “Bad”

Here for a couple more days due to FIL, but ready to go at a moments notice. Will be safely away before Tuesday. Thank you! 🤗

Thank you to Ole Remus for that, i hope he is settin on his rocker up there watching the entertainment

So Cal Gal, That’s if they show up for work. I think the “BLUE” covid 19 could/should be going around in Philly.

For quite awhile I was “worked up” about what lies ahead for us but I have peace now. I’m fairly confident that Trump will win though I’m sure the Democrats will lie, cheat, steal, and obfuscate in an attempt to steal the election or at least work up their people in to a riotous frenzy. But regardless of who wins I know that God is in control. If Trump wins it will be another 4 years of battling the tech companies and the MSM. If Biden wins he won’t last long and Harris will take over and she will take the country quickly down the road to true Socialism. She’ll try things like confiscating weapons but it won’t work – people will resist. But whatever happens we will survive. We just have to be ready to adjust – but we humans are good at adjusting (most of us anyway). I just want to encourage folks to be positive and look for opportunities to help people. That’s the difference between us and the left – we are good hearted by nature. Peace. And may God pour out His blessings, grace, and mercy on us.

Made last grocery store run today. Feed all stocked up also. Not worried about trouble way out here, but not planning on going anywhere right after election day anyway.

You all be careful out there, hear?

I will be spending my election day in a CT scanner followed by contrast MRI. UGH Then we follow up with the details.

I am ready for whatever may come. but may be in a MUCH meaner mood when it comes. ALL be forewarned!

Then know that our prayers will be with you while you’re doing the imaging. And then they’ll be said for everybody else who may chose to cross you that day as well. 🤓

So very sorry for the Plan B version to the day, but know that you have the strength to face it head on and a wonderful support system surrounding you. Good luck Pioneer Woman. We’ll be praying!

Pioneer Woman,
Sorry to hear about your troubles. You’ll be in our prayers. Let us know how things go for you, and don’t worry about being ornery, we get it.

Pioneer Woman,

I’m saying prayers for a good outcome for you, and peace of mind as well. No matter what, He’s got you. Sometimes, a meaner mood can be useful!

will add you yo my prayers PIOW

Pioneer Woman,

Our prayers are with you – ornery be [email protected]!

-Papa S.

Pio, keeping you in prayer and hope all will be well!

Pioneer Woman,
So sorry to hear about your needing medical imaging and testing! Hoping desperately for your good health! Luv ya’ll, Beach’n

hug hug, Pioneer

El Paso County judge just ordered a two week shutdown of all nonessential services. Like transportation and polling places perhaps? Local law enforcement refusing to enforce shutdown so far. I pray all current officers be brave enough to refuse unlawful orders.

Just issued warning order to family. Fuel all vehicles gas cans etc. Be prepared for disruptions. Mission remains protect family. Submit current inventory. Conduct pre combat checks communication’s observation weapons vehicles. Bob’s. Carry sidearms have rifles available. RLTW DOL

yahoo has shut down ALL comments from anyone which i expect will become permanent
i quit facebook some years ago not that was any great loss
right now we are fairly well prepared we could use another shotgun but we will have to make do with what we have
the sad thing is all these loud mouth turds from the left that are young do NOT have a clue the kinda for lack of a better way that i can think of the kinda pandoras box the are about to open or that those that are out in front of these ATTACKS that are coming will be the first ones that are gonna die not that they will be missed thats for sure i just hope, the country can survive this clusterduck thats coming

I agree 100% Kevin,
they got no idea what they are kicking, personally, the older i get the less i care what happens to me

I have been wearing my winter Trump 2020 hat on calls to customers homes.
We are in a mostly republican area.
I was warned today while heading to a liberal womans home to keep it quiet and turn the hat inside out.

Take the fun out of my day.
I also am not allowed to wear my old “Hillary for prison 2016” t shirt.

This upcoming election is like sitting in a Cat 5 hurricane cone of uncertainty. You know its coming and getting closer. You want it to hurry up and hit but also want another day or two.

A bit stressful but all you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. You can’t stop it just make sure you have all your plans in order and be willing to adapt and overcome. No telling how ugly it will be the next morning.

My dad always told me God will never put troubles on your shoulders if he did not know you can handle them.

Take care all. Be fluid.

Adapt and Overcome.

Its 4 days here in New Zealand. We are now under a Covid Elected Left goverment. Who have the majority to rule but feel they need the greens to help them. Where we end up is too early to say.
Currently no covid in the community only at the border in managed isolation.

Sorry couldn’t edit my comment. Ken, if you want to move this comment please do.

I was going to say current mortage rates are 2.50% for a year and the property market is hot. We have just settled on our property and cannot find a section to buy with a title.(hubby is a builder). Sections in our town are currently going for $335,000 plus for around 750 sqm. We will be buying out of town (to stay in the market) and living in our caravan in a section we already own until we are prepared to build and the child is off to university next year. We will putting storage sheds on the current section for a passive income.

Currently the New Zealand economy is bubbling along except for the tourism market.
There was talk of it slowing down after Christmas, but no one knows. It will depend on how long cash can go around in circles

Following the American election with interest from the South Pacific who may have its own travel bubble and if our current trend continues.

You gotta hand it to people like BidenMyTime, using derivatives of a politician’s name to annoy and bait the readers of this website. In a way it is a compliment to the success of this blog and it’s many contributors that the Socialists continue to desperately try and change our beliefs and our heritage. They can’t stand to see a group of Patriotic Americans working together and helping each other to further this country. Don’t let people like this divide us. Stand up and be counted.

Well said and 100% on point! TY!

I am going to top off my supplies and take a break from a lot of activities for a little while; I hope this site will continue no matter what the outcome of the election ( I have been following and occasional posting on this site for over 10 years now ). It has been a strange year for all of us. I hope to see and hear from many of you on the other side.

Years ago, there was a thread going about what one would do in the face of a pandemic. Would you stay home or go to work. I was one of the people that stated back then that I would suit up and go into work. I will be going into work my assigned shift the day after the election unless the place I work in gets burnt down. Here it is years later and I am holding true to my earlier statement /promise. My wife will be doing the same as me ( working both day of election and day after ).

I was sad to hear of the possible forced retirement of Papa Smurf at his company. I do look forward to hearing from you in the future Papa. Stay safe and healthy out there this election year.